Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother 17 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the spoiler results. After last night’s rush of nominations and Battle of the Block there was that must extra exhaustion and adrenaline mixed in to this battle.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

The BotB results pushed one HoH’s agenda while derailing a major plan in the house. Now the Power of Veto might be all that’s stopping the surviving HoH from her big target this week.

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Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 2 Veto Competition Results:

  • John McGuire won the Power of Veto!

John’s win is a bad situation for Shelli since she’s worried about having to set a renom and now she will. Though Shelli thinks she could ask John to not use the Veto. Hilarious.

Of course John declined Shelli’s idea that he not use the Veto. After much debate and consideration of Meg going up, Meg deflected this responsibility to Liz as the renom. Give it 30 mins and Shelli will probably have a different plan.

Players today were Shelli as HoH, Da’Vonne and John as noms and Meg, Steve, and Clay who were selected to play along. Shortly before the comp we got several seconds of a production leak that showed us a duel arrangement and a few different rooms set up. Here’s the image again in case you missed it or Flashback to 1PM 7/3 Cam 3 to see it in action:

click image to see full-size view

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. John comes off of course and nominate Audrey and watch Audrey and D’av battle it out. I would never take the chance and not use it. Although I am not a big fan of the pawn idea anyway.

    • What an excellent idea! I wonder if Shelly has had enough of Audrey’s tactics to finally cut ties with her. She seems to be a bit like a moth drawn to the flame where Audrey is concerned….

  2. Hilarious is right Matt! Why would John not use that veto to remove himself from the block. Get a grip Shelli, and exercise your HOH duties and responsibilities.

    • Surely he owes her respect as the HOH and should therefore make it easy on her and not use it so that she makes no possible enemies.

      • Have you lost your mind? Google Marcellus, I believe it was Season 4 or 5. Not using the veto is ridiculous stupid.

      • I was joking. Of course he should use it. I was kidding because of the things they say when they get HOH as if you have to do everything that is good for them only.

    • John to Shelli and Clay: “I think anyone going up against Day is going to stay and I think we’re going to be outed if I don’t use it.”

      Translation: You want me to pull a Marcellas? LOLNO.

  3. I really really cant understand what Shelli and -i guess, her co-HoH and cuddlebuddy, Clay wants. I mean, it’s week 2, and Audrey is on everybody’s bad side. I mean, address the whale in the room already, why is she and Clay so afraid of Audrey? Why God, why? Renoming someone else other than Audrey will get more blood on their hands.

    • Watch the feeds. Da is after Shelli big time and she’s more dangerous to Shelli’s game then Audrey. Why wouldn’t Shelli want Da gone first? It would be stupid if Shelli didn’t get her out. They said this week Da then they would go after Audrey. And they are surely not afraid of Audrey.

      • I get your point. What I am saying is, with so many people in the house and so many weeks to play, wouldn’t it be more logical to renom Audrey for these two simple reasons: 1) everyone else wants her out 2) if Shelli does not renom her, everybody else will think they are *still* in alliance with Audrey like the week prior. Think of next week if Audrey manages to escape again, and someone else in power, who would be targeted in replace? For sure people who are close to her, i.e. Shelli or Clay. I get your point I am not saying it’s wrong, it’s just two different perspectives. By the way, I watch the feeds.

      • its pretty simple davonne wants shelli/clay out and audrey doesn’t. Also keeping audrey in keeps a meet shield in front of you. Why keep some1 who wants you out and get rid of some1 who doesn’t?

      • With her being so much of a wildcard, I do not think everyone is safe when Audrey is in power, including Shelli and Clay.

      • Audrey wants Jeff gone big time so I think he would be her target. Which I wouldn’t mind seeing. He’s another snake. He’s the male Audrey.

      • Yes that’s fine..Just one snake at a time. Leave one snake in the house all the time….

      • Lol I think we’re going to see quite a few snakes before the seasons over.

      • What If keeping the one that wants you out results in 4 or 5 others then wanting you out?

      • If they have actual power, like say one of them is HOH. There’s no reason for Shelli to worry about if she has a showmance and an ally with a bigger target shielding her.

      • All good points. There are so many ifs, buts, ands with any strategy used and possible consequences with all the decisions made. Pretty good game, huh?

      • I noticed too, the stress level of the players this season are high and that was evident from Jace, during his exit interview…I mean he looked

      • Wearing a helmet while skateboarding might have prevented some of that. He’s always had that dazed and confused look.

      • don’t like the guy! Wasn’t he a changed man after the game, during the interview?

      • Really? The site that I go to watch it is so unstable it freezes all the time, So I must have missed it……that’s a villain I don’t care for…Frankie

      • I know you had tickets to his tour “The Loco Diva”. Did you get your refund?

      • That’s because he hit his head too hard on the floor when he did a summersault.

      • not sure who tho would suddenly want you out by keeping audrey?
        Liz, austin, steve, jmac, jackie, clay, vanessa, Audrey no
        Davonne and jason already want you out
        So really only leaves becky who should be grateful for not being backdoored herself and meg who is not a threat it seems, and really that only gets on james bad side.
        Also don’t see any1 using an hoh to target shelli anytime soon.

      • I don’t presume to know how or what these HGs are thinking at this moment in time. They have managed to keep me confused as all get out.:(

      • I get it, and I think John winning and using the veto on himself, which he’d be nuts not to do, put her in a precarious position. Meg was worried about this very scenario before the comp today and tried to get Shelli to tell the others about Audrey not going up if this happened.

      • Looks like she is going to put Liz up as a pawn since John will use the POV. Liz said she would do it but she’s crying now to Austin. I feel bad for her but I think she’s safe. It all rests on the twist though. Depends who gets that 7th call.

      • I think it’s highly possible that the twist would no longer matter since you would still get 7 enough votes to evict someone out of the 9 eligible housemates voting.

        Depending on who becomes the replacement, if there’s already a clear target (Da’Vonne) sitting next to a pawn that’s not much of a threat (Liz/Julia) then the odds of the target going home is great.

        My ideal scenario would be for someone to get that power and is smart enought to prevent Jason to vote because he is close to Dae. Because he’s an ally’s target, he could flip the house against the pawn. (although it would save everyone the trouble if Jason gets nominated instead of Liz).

      • That’s what I would do. Put up Jason and break those two up. But say DaVonne wins the power. She controls 3 votes and Jason would be a sure 4th vote. All they would need is 3 more to keep her. I don’t know if James would keep her after his talk with Clay and Jeff last night. All I know is I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

      • And I love how we could theorize about twists like this. Looks like Grodner got something right for once.

      • No kidding. So far this has been a great season. And we’re only 2 weeks in.

      • Duh that’s right I forgot about that. I forgot Becky put him up. Well there goes that idea. Lol

      • Right. Him and Steve are safe. I forgot Jason was already nominated and won BOB.

      • Well…who shouldn’t get the 7th call? Man..this is too much!’s like a soap “Telemundo” lol

      • Haha well of course I don’t want Da to. Maybe Audrey should get it. Lol

      • I don’t think so. They haven’t showed it on the feeds. When the feeds were down during the POV it could have. But nobody has talked about it yet.

      • Thanks! I don’t get the live feeds so I come here to get the lowdown…it’s always a fun read!

      • Ian Terry gave her 20% chance to get the 7th call. 30% booted out. He said, she’ll be lazy and stay in bed during the first few calls and will start answering on the 6th or 7th….Interesting huh?lol

      • That’s a terrific question, Cyril, but I can’t ask my brain to think that hard. I’ll think about what is most likely to happen after the stupid phone rings and all hell breaks loose.

      • I don’t know about this season. I feel like I’m strategizing all the time…

      • Shouldn’t? Hmmm … everyone except Steve. Do you know/speak Spanish David? My curious mind would like to know ~

      • “El Telefono de Gran Hermano”, a new daily soap opera from the people who brought us “La Mirada de Grodner”.

      • Da cant win anything all she can do is vote plus shes not a liar is shelli keeps her it will most likely squash the beef between eliminating her as a target but she cannot trust Audrey at all Audrey of the snake and will bite anybody Shelly has to be smarter than that

      • I didn’t say you didn’t watch the feeds. Sorry it was just a figure of speech. I also get where your coming from too. I could see how people would think that if Audrey doesn’t go up. The only thing if Da doesn’t go and she wins HOH next week I think Shelli will be in trouble. I would like to see Audrey go up just for the drama. Lol. But I would like Da to go home first. She’s just nasty with an attitude. Guess will have to see how it plays out. And with the twist who knows who will go. Guess that’s what’s exciting we never know what’s going to happen.

      • If Shelli and Clay would leave aside their personal feelings they would see that their biggest threats are actually Jeff and Jackie: two players who are just as close to each other as they are. I mean, do they really believe Jeff and Jackie are not working together? If they do, then Shelli and Clay are either really dumb or incredibly vain. That’s just one obvious threat to their game the other is Austin and Liz! (And that’s not even counting Liz’s twin!) Day is horrible at challenges and Jason doesn’t have the votes to save Davonne from going home. In fact, Davonne is the least biggest threat in the house. She’s all talk and no action.

      • They know Jeff and Jackie are close. But there working together for now. Jeff for now won’t go against them even though he’s a snake and a male version of Audrey. And you never know with HOH comps. It could be just a luck one like rolling the ball into a number. DaVonne could win and then Shelli will be in trouble. Why keep someone in the house that’s after you. That’s just stupid. And Da and Jason are also a pair.

      • Jeff complains about Audrey talking game 24/7..he does the same thing. I agree..he is a snake..I don’t like him at all..wasn’t he the one the other day who did plant the seed in everyone’s ear about Audrey and that comment she made about him and Meg that got that whole fight started? He said he wasn’t. And Day just lied about the way Julie said the vote..Day said that Julie said “by a vote of 13-1..she did no such thing..she said with 12 votes to evict. Day is no saint.

      • Yes Jeff has been spreading lies also. I get so fired up watching him on the feeds. He throws everyone under the bus.

      • ….and he is playing both sides right now..but, now that Clay and Shelli are getting so close..I think he will eventually jump ship on them and side with Jason and that bunch..whoever that bunch is..I still don’t know! Where does Meg stand?

      • Your guess is as good as mine. I know she’s close to Jeff. There’s a different alliance every hour so who knows.

      • I think Jeff will jump ship too. He wants to work with Clay but not Shelli. And Shelli trusts him. Hope she finds out he’s throwing her under the bus.

      • Audrey is a number, HG’s that wants her out have their own agenda. Audrey is not after Shelli, but Dayday is.

      • Why is it so difficult for fans to see what THEY want might not be the best for that hg’s particular game. Just shows what fans have NO game.

      • I honestly think that Audrey will be the one to go if she is the renom. I’ll bet Shell feels the same reason. For sake of her game, she really wants Da out this week. I can’t decide which one of those women is more poisonous….Da or Audrey. What a cool showdown that will make (unless Audrey just continues to hide in her room and spin lies). We have surely seen enough of that to last the rest of the season……

      • I’m laying low this season. I’m not reading any forums starting next week because I don’t want to read any Survivor Second Chance spoilers. People can be pricks sometimes. I suggest everyone who watches Survivor be extremely careful from now on.

      • There’s already spoilers? That doesn’t start for a couple months right?

      • Second Chances is filming right now and I think they’re around the final 5 right now. Some people claim to have spoilers about early pre-merge boots, but what I’m really afraid of is when the cast returns home. Survivor Caramoan was spoiled the second the cast returned because half the cast was returnees and returnees talk. Not only that but it’s much easier gathering information when you know who the cast is and how to follow them on social media. I can only imagine how bad it will be with a full cast of returnees.

        I was spoiled for Survivor Caramoan because someone’s username was “Cochran, Sherri, and Dawn Make Final 3” on a tv ratings sight, so I sadly can’t really read any comments for Survivor/Big Brother until mid-December. :(

      • I forgot about taping. So that’s right it’s getting close to the end. I don’t want to know anything either. It’s funny I watch the feeds on BB and find out things before they air but it’s a little different because you still don’t know who’s going on eviction night. And you also don’t know who wins the game until the end so it’s a little different. Just finding out bits and pieces a week at a time and not the entire game.

    • If she nominates Day and Audrey, one of them stays. The one that stays will target her. Shelli originally had some kind of alliance with Audrey and clay, so she may just be thinking she’ll get out a bigger target and let someone else handle Audrey later.

      The nominee against Day needs to be someone that nobody would vote out, assuming Shelli wants Day out. Anything else is causing unnecessary enemies.

    • Why in the world would Shelli use her HoH this week to get out Audrey? Sure, they might not be working together anymore but Audrey would NEVER target Shelli and keeping Audrey in the game past this week just means another week safe for Shelli when the next HoH uses their HoH to get Audrey out.

      Just because YOU personally want Audrey out doesn’t mean it’s the best move for Shelli, you know.

      • Just because YOU personally want Audrey to stay, does not also mean it’s the best move for Shelli, given the way Audrey plays the game and just because she said Shelli is not her target does not mean she is not trying BD her or Clay, you know

      • Huh? I don’t want Audrey to stay. I think she’s playing a really bad game.

        What game are you watching? Audrey is public enemy number 1. Audrey still thinks Shelli and Clay are her only two allies in the house. She is not going to try and backdoor them. It perplexes me why you don’t know that.

      • I made the kind of statement that it’s better for Shelli to oust Audrey this week for merely simple reason: that I don’t trust Audrey at all. Just because she (Audrey) publicly says that Shelli & Clay aren’t her target, does not mean that whenever she is in power, she is not going to after them, given how she acted i.e. attacking people who were supposedly in alliance with her prior. Second of all, it is obvious that the whole house want Audrey out. It’s so many weeks left to play, and as you could see, many HGs question the decision of Shelli and I guess, Clay to BD Da’Vonne instead of Audrey. Lastly, I am entitled to my own opinion, and YOU do not know what will happen in the game, whether Shelli and Clay have ramifications in the game later for keeping Audrey. You do not live in the future, so stop saying as if I am wrong, I have my own thinking and perspective, and it is not necessarily wrong, and it may not be right, don’t make yourself be the one who knows the game the most, you are just a fan, same like I am. You have your own opinion, I have my own, you know.

      • Whoa whoa whoa, who is challenging your right to an opinion? This is the forums of BigBrotherNetwork. This is where we DISCUSS Big Brother. You know this because you posted in it.

        You say there’s no way of knowing Audrey wouldn’t go after Shelli and Clay. I say while there is never any “true” way of knowing something in the Big Brother House, there is an extremely low likelihood of Audrey going after the 2 allies she has remaining in the house over the 13 other people in the house first. It’s obvious to most of us and it’s clearly obvious to Shelli because, hey, she didn’t put Audrey up.

        But more importantly than any of that, you keep saying that practically the whole house wants Audrey out. I agree with you. So wouldn’t it be wise for Shelli to KEEP Audrey this week so there’s a bigger target for the house to get out next week when Shelli can’t play for HoH? Again, this is all obvious to Shelli which is why she’s not putting Audrey up in the first place.

        It’s okay to disagree! That’s what this site is here for. There is a difference between discussion on a big brother live feed forum and your right to free speech being taken away. It’s July 4th for goodness sake!

  4. Bless her heart. Shelli’s got a wee bit of a dilemma going on. Risk playing the Aubrey card and face the craziness that will unfold or make another enemy, possibly a few, by noming someone else.

    • Bless her heart. Lol isn’t that what southerners say when they mean something different?

      • Did you ever watch the show The Closer? Kyra Sedgwick would say “thank you” sweet as pie when it really always sounded like “screw you” to me in my head. Not really relevant just reminded me of that.Southerners can make anything sound good.

      • Yes, Lavendar….to put it in the language of today…it basically means “F-Her!”

    • Do you think Shelli is testing Da to see how she plays the game under pressure as opposed to a pawn like Juliz is to her?

  5. I think it would be fun to see Da and Audrey on the block together. But then Shelli takes a risk in Da not going home. Unless Shelli or Clay win the twist. Then they would control 4 votes. If Shelli was smart she would put up someone that nobody wants gone like Meg. Then Da would go for sure.

  6. Yeeeeeeees! I was so worried that he might be going home this week if things go wrong…. Which can happen, considering Shelli is the HOH. Ain’t nobody gonna mess with my boy

  7. Are the two nominees eligible to participate in the twist this week? This twist could really mess up the vote…3 people not getting to cast a vote is huge!

  8. I am still waiting to see if anyone in this house knows how to play this game. Its early but this move by Shelli was a tactical error.

    One interesting point though, the BB takeover may be very relevant depending on who goes on the block and who is the 7th person to answer the phone. If Da answers the phone she can take 3 votes against her out.

  9. Y’all better recognize that the Dentist is threat. Da Da is going home.

  10. I think Lavendergirl is a bit prejudice against black people. Because we all not Da is about but nobody knows whatAudrey will do.

    • Excuse me. You don’t even know me so shut the hell up. I don’t base my opinion on the color of someone’s skin. I base it on their actions. Sounds like your a bit prejudice against me and my opinions. See ya!

      • You called me rude last night and now I witness you being an bully towards others on here. Keep your nasty comments to yourself you Honey-boo looking boxtroll. Smh. Go ahead & flag me again. I’m so tired of you thinking you know every aspect of this show and you don’t know jack. Truth hurts. Again. I’m glad the pawns keep winning.

      • Colonel Sanders..were you on this site last season, because I don’t recognize your name?

    • You obviously haven’t followed Lavendergirl on these posts like the rest of us have. She has never made even one tiny comment that could be considered racist. I’m the least racist person you could know and I can’t stand Da. She’s sneaky and whiny, and that has nothing to do with the color of her skin. For the record, I don’t like Aubrey either, and that has nothing to do with her being transgender or white. I’d be just fine with either one of them gone.

      • Awe thanks. I’m glad my friends here have my back. I don’t like Audrey either. Hope people don’t think it’s because she’s a transgender. Lol. I don’t like Jeff either and he’s white. Ha ha.

      • I’ve got your back because you and I agree on just about every aspect of this game..and I enjoy reading your comments!

      • Thanks Lynn I like reading yours too. Even if we don’t like the same people it’s fun to debate. Sometimes people change my mind. But I don’t take things to a personal level. I’ll argue about the game but not the person. I have fun with almost everyone on this site.

      • Go find a fight..I like reading your comments when you’re brawling with somebody. ..seriously! lol

      • You can always handle it, but I did the other day. One thing hate is when some one corrects your spelling/grammar when they can’t win the argument. I called him something

      • Did he tell you to mind your own business? Ha ha he yelled at Captain too. Did you see the girl (I think it’s a girl) that said I was prejudice because I want Da gone? Why do people always come after me? Oh well I say my peace with them then I ignore them. One thing they won’t do is intimidate me.

      • I remember last year, a poster argued with me about Derrick. Why don’t I like him? I never denied he was good. Half of the season, I already predicted he was gonna win. I just said I don’t particularly like his game play, and I just said he’s no fun to watch. (Dan G fanatic) He just kept arguing, Finally I just said. “It’s not really about his game, I just hate cops. lol (not true lol) He stopped.

      • See what he wrote to me after I thanked someone. He was pretty nasty. Said all my friends sniff bath salts and on and on…..

      • Nasty man! I was cracking up though, cuz I can see him talking. He looks like Paul senior from American Chopper. lol

      • I saw the girls comment about you. I was shocked! How she reached that conclusion was mind boggling.

      • Hey yourself! My puter screen won’t stand still for me to read or type. I’m on disqus. Hope to see you later ~

      • I agree with your posts too and even if I didn’t since we all have the right to our viewpoints, its cool. I don’t know why people have to get personal. I do not understand the need to make it a race thing either.

      • Watch it because he attacks anyone that has my back. I don’t even respond to him anymore. And if he makes filthy comments I just flag him. Maybe eventually Matt will kick him off. Some of the people that I’ve become close to from this site we have carried that friendship on after BB is done and we argue about the game. It’s all in good fun.

      • I believe he is new to the site this year, I didn’t recognize his name from last season..did anyone else?

  11. They got some good pawns this year, Steve won last week and John won this week. Now, let’s put Audrey up and see if we lose the try hard or the over reactive sassy woman.

      • I just hope people don’t play safe and replace a pawn with a pawn. They need to start thinking about the takeover twist, you can’t promise anything anymore.

      • Shelli already told Liz she was going to be a pawn and she would be safe. Let’s hope so. I really want to see the twins play out.

  12. Liz will likely be the renom to go on the block when John uses the veto. This was said by Austin on the feeds earlier today…

  13. Here’s a scenario. What if Da, James or Jason was the 7th caller of the twist and then use it to nullify three of the anti-Da allinaces’ votes. That would dramatically increase Da’s chance of staying and she could perhaps swing the whole thing, leaving Liz to go home. You know Audrey may vote liz anyways like she did with Jackie last week just to stir up trouble.

    • That’s what I was thinking. But I think after last night James is with Jeff, Clay and that group. He also said he wanted to break up Jason and Da.

      • Well personally I believe he was just saying that in front of them and that he really doesn’t trust them. I think if he finds out that 3 of them cant vote, he would be willing to save Da if her chances appear to be a whole lot better

      • I think he was just saying that in front of them and that he really doesn’t trust them either. I think if 3 of that fake shelli-clay lead alliance couldn’t vote and he realizes her chances are better, he might be willing to try to save her as an ally. I just want this whole shelli and clay thing to blow up in their faces.

      • I don’t. I like Shelli and Clay. And James has said before that about playing with Jason without DaVonne.

      • So you don’t think that clay and shelli are using everyone else to further their ow game and then ditch them later on???

      • I think everyone is using everyone. All the alliances are a joke. But I do know that Clay and Shelli want to make a serious alliance that they can play with until they have to break up.

  14. What would be really cool as before the eviction the next BB takeover someone hit the reset button and it reset the week. I really don’t want Liz to go(If they aren’t smart they should send a guy home or put Audrey there.)

      • Watching the feeds now Shelli is going to put Meg up. She thinks with Liz it’s too risky. With Meg everyone from her old alliance except maybe Jason will vote Da out.

  15. With the takeover in play is there really such a thing as a “pawn” this week? If day answers the phone the pawn could go home. Put another strong player up and see what happens.

    • Right..if she does answer the phone..she will more than likely nullify Clay, Vanessa and Austin’s vote..those are sure ones for Liz.

  16. What’s going on with the Kathy Griffin twist? Will it really have an impact on the veto this week?

  17. No Excuse me !!!! I didn’t curse at you ,so please do not curse at me. I’m allowed my opinion , Lavendergirl!!!!

    • You spelled that disgusting and annoying taint’s name wrong, Coon.

    • You’re slandering me by calling me prejudice when you don’t even know me. You started this by name calling instead of keeping it to game talk. There’s always a couple of trolls that come to this site every year and try to start trouble. Why don’t you find a site that likes to argue about personnel things instead of debating game play and take the Chicken with you.

  18. I just realized that Austin is a filthy dude…he went tothe bathroom about a hour to two ago and didn’t wash his dirty hands after he uses the restroom. ill…

  19. Shelli should put Clay up to insure Days inevitable departure. Surely No one would vote him out

  20. I think that Becky might win this whole thing. She keeping calm and winning comps, that’s the way you win this game. I like how she handled Audrey today.

    • I was thinking the same thing. She won 2 comps and got herself off the block already lol

    • I wish there could be another Darrick, now he earned his win! What a great player. He’s the best observer I’ve ever seen play and he did it without being a jerk.

      • Derrick was the best player ever. Never on the block not even one time. Total puppet master of the BB domain. Just wish Donny beat him because he was really nice. I cried when my boy got sent home that night.

  21. Boring night on the feeds so far. Probably because they were up all night. Hopefully the game talk will start after they sleep a few hours. Maybe the phone should ring…..

      • You crack me up. Do you know most of the time when I read your comments I laugh out loud. Always can count on you to put a smile on my face.

    • You’re right. They are sleeping way too much tonight’s feed. Since it’s a 3 hour difference on the west coast, maybe some of them will give us some drama stir up the pot when they wake up later :)

  22. No way is shelli going to put up Audrey she should but she won’t. If she wants Day out then she needs to put someone very likable up on the block that nobody will want to vote out. Even though Day is in an alliance with a few HG she is a huge threat and it would be wise to get her out sooner than later ….i would love her to stay . The problem is we have no idea who will get to choose three players who can’t vote for eviction. Say Jason-James -Meg gets to then they will pick those who they think will against Day and since HG are not aware of the takeover twist it is going to possibly going to mess with shelli and clay plan to get day out and if she stay than she going to be coming after her …well she going to go after her either way but if she just puts Audrey up than Day will be good to go and will maybe be a little less harsh toward shelli. Bottom line if shelli doesn’t want the wrath of Momma Day she should just put her big girl panties on and renom Audrey !!! It would be amazing to watch those two go head to head to stay in the house !!!

  23. Wonder what’s gonna be on the phone calls? The first six I mean?
    Hang ups…Chilltown….wrong number??? Irene the weather lady, robocall, Happy Fourth of July????

  24. Who is going to vote to keep Da’?? 12 viters this week.. She has Jason and who else? Even if she wins the twist she would still need 5 votes..
    Becky-Da’. Clay-Da’. Vanessa-Da’. Jeff-Da’. John-Da’.
    Austin-Da’ Meg-Da’. Jackie-Da’.
    Steve, James, and Audrey could go either way..
    Jason-Liz. I dont think she has a chance even with the twist

  25. My question is, why is it on BB every single season they want people out that are no threat in anyway, shape, or form?! This season its Day…Smh.

  26. Da’Vonne I really hope goes home! Audrey can go next week or something, she’s entertainment! Love watching her scramble!d “Day” was too confident from the beginning! I don’t like her attitude. I hope Vanessa goes far, I am a fan of hers! I have been since he started playing poker! she seemed so different on Big Brother.I don’t know if it’s an act or if she is just totally out of her element and insecure! Its like she never leaves certain areas like the bathroom or the bedroom! is she ever upstairs in the HOH room talking gaher socks, get some she needs to pull up her socks, get some confidence or she will not last sadly! She needs to Vamp up her social game. I knew immediately she was bond with Austin! come on Vanessa step it up! You are not very entertaining right & not only will it affect her with the house guests but also the viewers, they are not seeing the Vanessa I have already seen for many years! I am honestly surprised how she is playig, or at least acting! I don’t want her to win, only because she is already well off, but I would like to see her come in second! of course I want her to win however I always like to see the winner of any of these types of shows actually NEED the money!

  27. what I also find it very very strange is that not 1 person on Big Brother knows who Vanessa is or recognizes her! very surprised! Da’Vonne is a poker dealer & she doesn’t recognize her?! It’s just very strange to me! I understand she isn’t a movie star or anything, but she is a very popular poker player, probably the most famous female poker player currently! Her ex husband (who she divorced, later he got cancer and passed away! He was also a Pro Poker player, I’m very surprised! Unless I am wrong and someone does know?
    also, no disrespect towards single mothers at all, I used to be a single mother! but for the life of me I cannot understand how Da’Vonne can leave her 7 month old daughter and play this game potentially for 3 months and risk missing out on major events such as walking and talking, breastfeeding, introducing her to food and so on! Yes $500,000 is a lot of money,( even after your country takes half) but her chances are very slim, and I just could not imagine missing out on those things. to each their own! And I’m not saying she’s a bad person for doing it, I’m just surprised especially the first child lol

    • I’m not at all.. I’m part of the poker community too and there are tons of people who play poker or deal poker who don’t watch poker on tv. They don’t care about watching the game because for some people watching dry paper dry is more exciting.. You would probably be surprised how many people who play or deal poker who doesn’t know much about the famous players

      • I get it! But I wasn’t implying poker dealers & poker players only. I actually meant not one person in the house recognizes her. I’m from Canada, and I know who she is, well! So I just am surprised no one, at all recognizes her. No big deal :-) I’m glad no one does! And BB 17 production probably set it up that way

      • I definitely agree for the most part! I worked at a casino about 10 years ago and the poker dealers werent necessarily even poker players, just a job! And I do understand not everyone who plays poker watches TV, but I still AM surprised not just because she is a pro poker player, she is also in the spotlight for other things. My husband plays poker online professionally, (& I play for fun, not free rolls lol I just mean I don’t play professionally, for a living…… and as you know it’s a lot easier for us to play because we live in Canada) so I am pretty involved in poker, I enjoy watching the WSOP++ I do find it interesting, and helpful and a free learning tool :-) but I totally agree, again just because you play poker either online or live does not mean you watch poker on TV. :-)
        but I still AM surprised that not one person recognizes her!♡

  28. You and your friends suck. You guys have no lives and snort bath salts for a living. All of you cunts that support Lavendargirl get on my damn nerves. All nasty taints and twats think a lot in common I notice. Sorry Matt but this trifling asshole had it coming.

  29. If liz goes on the block n goes home it’d mean the model curse is real

  30. With Shelli as the HOH, DaVonne is toast, “she gone” as the White Sox play caller will say.

  31. Would like to see Audry and D’av up together and see who would be left standing. Next week take out the one left this week. Rid of two problems who believe they are the “big” puppet masters of the game…NOT!

  32. If I were in this house I would vote shelli out…like next week….split up this couple already, its always best to keep showmances apart.

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