The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 1

After a very long and dramatic week one in the Big Brother 17 house, we said goodbye to Jace and are finally looking ahead at the official second week in the house.

Audrey has played a little too hard – Source: All Access

But before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s time for the second edition of our Big Brother 17 “Ewws and Ahhs.” This is our cheers/jeers thumbs up/thumbs down list that we’ll be doing at the end of every week. So let’s get to it.

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber)

Ahh: Audrey’s willingness to play the game hard. It’s refreshing to see someone going all in for a change. It made for very exciting Live Feeds and even though the episode narrative didn’t really get into, it still showed where her game could be headed.

Eww: Audrey’s willingness to play the game TOO hard. So just as soon as we thought “WOW, Audrey is going to rule this game, she doesn’t stop with the game play. She starts playing so many he said/she said games and most of the things that came up in the twisted game of telephone weren’t even true.

Julia & Liz Nolan on BB17

Ahh. The Twin Twist. OK, this has already been on the list, but I have to bring it up again since we know who the twins are for sure now. And I think Liz and Julia deserve some kudos. I was skeptical over how they were going to pull it off because I didn’t think they looked enough alike. But they do, apparently because no one suspects a thing. And it’s so cool to watch the swaps happen. I like twists like this because they don’t really change the game. They just add some extra entertainment value.

Eww. James and Jeff. The guys have said a lot of gross stuff about the girls. I’m not one to go all crazy and compare anything to Big Brother 15, but I will say it would be a lot less cringe-worthy if they’d both pull back a bit.

Ahh. The Last Laugh Takeover. We didn’t learn about this takeover until Thursday night’s episode, but I’m so into it, I had to mention it here. I love little twists like this. They aren’t huge enough to seem unfair or change the game that much. I like that these twists feel more like foreign versions of Big Brother, which are really heavy on the entertainment value. Good job, Grodner. Credit where credit is due.

Jace is counting his votes to stay on Big Brother - Source: CBS All Access

Eww. Jace and that whole surfer dude character. OK, can Big Brother just stop trying to make that character happen. This is the third time that the skater/surfer dude has gone first. It’s not a player that’s every going to be a thing, so just stop trying it, BB.

Ahh. Da’Vonne’s DRs. Not since Britney Haynes has someone been so good at Diary Room delivery. I’m a big fan of Mama Day and her sass. Get your life.

Eww. Fan sensitivity. I’m not going to get into this too deep because not all of our readers are on social media. But if you are on social media then you may have noticed that BB fans are hypersensitive following Big Brother 15. But I just want to say, not everyone is out to attack someone’s gender, race, ethnicity, sexual identity or sexual orientation. Some fans are reacting at the slightest things the houseguests say and do and it’s frustrating. I’d never condone bad behavior, but I also can’t stand the lynch mob mentality. Let’s not look for things to hate or protest. They come to us on their own enough as it is.

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      • One definition of bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior. There are other definitions, but that one fits, I think.

      • Playing devil’s advocate here. Had Jace had the EXACT same conversation with Austin, would it still be considered bullying? People want to call Jace a bully because he has an aggressive personality and Steve is sensitive and innocent. Jace was just expressing his opinion in an aggressive manner. In my opinion, that wasn’t bullying. Steve even said “my dear friend” as he was evicting Jace, so obviously Steve didn’t feel bullied.

      • The definition also says”a person who uses strength or power to intimidate those who are weaker”. So in the scenario with Austin, it most likely would not be considered bullying. Austin, being perceived, by me anyway, as the stronger, would have turned Jace upside down and held him there for a count of 10. Steve being perceived the weaker, makes it a complete different scenario. Bullies are picky about whom they choose to use their tactics on. JMO, but in any case, the behavior from Jase was disgusting, unnecessary, and meant to be demeaning to Steve.

      • What strength or power does Jace have to make Steve do what he wants. Physical violence isn’t allowed, Jace doesn’t have any power in the house, so what does Jace have to gain by “bullying” Steve. Steve fits the profile of a person who would get bullied so after Jace’s conversation with Steve, everyone wants to call it bullying. Jace was just expressing his opinion in an aggressive manner that’s it. Steve didn’t feel intimidated after the conversation. Again not trying to defend Jace’s character or whatever but I’m just trying to play devil’s advocate.

      • It’s my opinion, Jace’s strength or power comes from Steve’s weakness, which is obviously present. Bullying and physical violence do not always go hand in hand. I’ve read stats on that before and they can be easily found online. It’s the mental aspect of bullying which does the harm. Why are you so sure that Steve didn’t feel intimidated after the conversation?

      • I never said bullying comes with physical violence, I was just asking what power does Jace have, and I listed some examples. Steve didn’t feel intimidated because he continued to talk to Jace after their conversation and even called Jace a “good friend” during his eviction vote. Anyways I respect your opinion and we can agree to disagree.

      • Joey, I’m probably a little too close to this issue to be unbiased about it. Thanks for the back and forth. It made me think about it all a little more in depth.

      • I had a different take on the “Jace/Steve exchange”….From the moment Jace started, he sounded rehearsed. My one, continuous thought while the entire uncomfortable thing went on, was that Jace had probably already realized he was going to be leaving. In one last ditch effort to make his BB experience pay, I think he laid out the heavily drama-filled exchange in hopes he could land some acting gig after BB17. Steve, being a nice guy and seeing no harm in it may have even agreed to the idea. Everything about Jace’s delivery….from the dialog to his facial expression….screamed ACTING to me. Maybe I’m wrong but weirder things have happened on BB. If we didn’t already know what a goof Jace was, his excitement at seeing his hero “Frankie” in the audience was the final seal for me!

      • Hey, JeanJeannie! You could be right about that. Anything is possible as this is BB, afterall. Definitely gives pause to think. Jace seemed to be trying to portray desperation at the possibility of no job or place to stay. I’m sure we’ll find out if we were duped or not. Maybe he wants to be the next long-haired guy on the cover of those romance novels. Good to see you again.:)

      • Sure makes you think doesn’t it. However, Frankie in the front row, decked out in pink made me want to puke!!!! Over and Over, never could stand the little piss ant.

      • I can tell you have lots of experience playing ‘devil’s advocate’ ~~~ BYE!

      • Yeah because I like to analyze situations instead of jumping to conclusions. It’s what I do.

      • I think Steve was being sarcastic when he said “my dear friend”??

      • Jace wouldn’t have had that conversation with anyone he thought might punch his lights out, he’s a bully because he picked on the people he thought couldn’t or wouldn’t fight back. So yes, he’s a bully.

        On the other hand, maybe Steve was timid, or maybe he thought in case Jace stays, he’s going to wait it out and think about Plan B.

        Whether you like Steve or not, he’s very intelligent, Jace is not, Jace is used to pushing people around and hounding them until he gets what he wants. Now see Dick Donato knew how to be a bully and get things to go his way, hate him, sure, but he was good at being a bully. Jace, just a dipwad. So for me it’s not about Jace being a bully so he is a bad player, or Steve being a nice guy so he’s a good player, it’s about Jace’s game play being impotent.

      • Oh shut up, it is the same. It makes you feel bad, threatened and hurt.

      • So I can say you telling me to shut up is bullying. I’m just saying my opinion on the conversation and your trying to make me feel bad about it.

      • I call it shaming. He wasn’t threatening him so much as shaming him and trying to make him feel guilty for something that he had not done.

      • Perfect, that’s what I would call it. Steve wasn’t bullied. He was trying to make Steve feel guilty about the situation which PLENTY of past BB players did, but people don’t call bullying.

    • What an ass, he kept pushing and pushing his venom and poooooo,r feel sorry for what you did to me, face on poor Steve. I would have gotten up and walked out on the drama creep. Steve, get some guts, don’t let the nobodies walk over you.

  1. Yeah, James cracks me up. He’s blatantly starring at their boobs while talking to them. People are noticing it. “Here James, eyes up here !” lol He’s very little so it’s eye level…He also wants to align with Meg..she looks like Taylor Swift. lol

  2. Loved your last two sentences, Branden.
    Thanks for posting the pic of the twins. It makes it very easy to detect differences between them. The one on the left has wider shoulders and a wider face. Their faces are really shaped differently. The one on the right has a smaller nose and her eyebrows look a little higher.
    I’m wondering how production would handle a situation, for example, if one got a scrape or bruise somehow. That would be difficult to duplicate.

    • Wow, I’m so impressed ~ are you a forensic expert? Makeup is ideal to cover up a scrape or bruise ~ I’m sure production has some tricks up their sleeves for such mishaps.

    • Wow so true never thought about if one of the twins gets a cut or sprained ankle and can’t compete. Oh well this is were the acting skills come into play.

    • I thought the same too. But since the houseguests don’t see them side by side they probably don’t even notice it.

      • The twins might make it if they don’t flub up in some other way. Anyone that can pull that off deserves an acting credit. There is no way I could do it.

  3. I agree 100% with the fans sensitivity sentence. Ever since BB15, I feel like some of the fans are just looking for a reason to hate somebody or are overreacting to minor stuff that isn’t even that serious.

    • I actually do find that Liz (on quick comparisons mind you) looks a bit more attractive… Her ”body language” also seems a bit more sexy & provocative…

  4. I actually felt the Jace speech to Steven was brilliant. Steven could have turned his game around by admitting to Jace that alot of what Jace was saying was true. he could have also told Jace about how he was pressured into going up as a pawn.this would have possibly turned week 1 into a totally different game as Jace could have possibly used this information to gather more votes and Steven could have found himself in a group instead of an outsider. was the conversation a little heavy handed sure but at that point it kind of needed to be to maybe sway Steven to reveal some information. also let’s not forget that it was Audrey that sent Jace into the room to have that conversation with Steven.

  5. Branden: “They come to us on their own enough as it is.” I agree. Some of us may be reacting to what’s going on outside the BB house and the feelings intensify when hgs exhibit the same or similar negative remarks/statements.

    • I felt horrible about Jace leaving, and I don’t think he was bullying Steve at all. He was ranting at him– he was hurt. And yes, Steve could have told him that he was put up as a pawn and that he didn’t like it at all. What happened to truth? Nothing that Jace did was going to change his fate, and perhaps Steve being truthful at that point may have made a difference in how betrayed Jace felt. Yes, it is a game. But at the end of the day, people have hearts too.

      • I was not referring to bullying in my comment above. I was referring to negative gender/sex remarks. BYE

      • There was actually a Tumblr petition going around after the Jace/Steve incident that was trying to get Jace fired from his job for what he did. Thankfully, it was shut down.

        BB15 really did some damage to this show. So many fans are just waiting for a reason to come after these HGs’ real lives.

  6. Kind of disapointed audrey didn’t get a more negative edit.
    Also hate that any1 that is going after audrey day jason or james is automatically perceived as a trans hater, homophobic or racist. you could just not like those people.

    • Yeah but it’s weird how 3 out of 4 of those houseguests you mentioned are the main targets in the house.

  7. i don’t think anyone is looking for things the houseguest say about race in order to hate on them! that’s a bit far fetched! we don’t even know them personally to want to attack them. if any of the house guests say something racist or homophobic it’s only human nature to debate about it. if they didnt want to be openly critiqued then they shouldn’t have signed up for a game where they knew they’d be filmed 24/7. why does race or someone’s sexual orientation have to come up in a mean or joking way in BB anyway? like, seriously. people can’t talk or make jokes w/o bringing up sensitive subjects?!?! Smh.

    • I don’t like Audrey because of how many lies she’s told or how much she denies stuff…at least she’s toned it downed (she called it exiling herself) but only because she doesn’t want to be BD’d which I’m sure she’s more afraid of than going on the block before becoming an HoH.

  8. BBN friends. I dont know how many of you are on the feeds. This is my first year with them. I really like our conversations on this BBN site. Would any of you like to have a BBN chat room on the feeds? I find that universe of strangers a bit overwhelming, it would be great to have a smaller group of ppl who already converse over here to also chat on feeds over there. Whadaya think?

    • Sounds great Jason ~ I don’t have the feeds, I watch BBAD. I was a regular resident in an AOL chatroom for many years and that was lots of fun. Many of us met outside the chatroom and continue to be friends. I know lots of fans are on the feeds, but wouldn’t an internet BB chatroom include more of us fans? Just wondering.

    • I’m there all the time but chat only for a minute maxed..You’re right it’s packed..I don’t like it.

      • There are some smaller rooms over there, but they seem to have known each other for years. It’s hard to break in and be part of the convo.

      • On the feeds. Click on rooms. Then on the Public tab. Then scroll down. There are lots of rooms. But you can find it. Its one word.

      • Oh David, you’re such a sweetheart, but no, i need my sleep. Thanx so much,, you’re very kind.

      • Your David is a keeper. Witty and charming and I don’t think he is armed with a sling and rocks. Haha

      • David certainly is a keeper. He’s my handsome brown-eyed sweet friend … ((just threw all those nasty styrofoam rocks out the window))

      • I don’t care. Their FAQs don’t have my question. So I submitted one. “Can you sign up a friend?” I’m curious to know, myself..don’t worry

      • Cyril, you just made my heart melt a little.:)
        That is the best thing I have ever seen happen on BBN. I’m serious.

      • Really? Oh, that’s nice! You know I would be hugging you already If I can see you lol

        …so Is it a toy train that hit her head? lol

      • Play it off, but you’re a good guy. Yes, the caboose…walked right into it.

      • AOL had limits on the amount of people in their chatrooms. Makes sense to me.

      • Goliath, the fun part of the BB/live feeds chat rm is you chat while watching the looney bin,

      • My desktop is in my bedroom, the TV is in the living room ~~ I can’t watch and type at the same time. Do you have a solution?

      • No. You watch the feeds on your desktop. The reg show on tv. ..or move your bed into your living room. or your living rm into your what the?!

      • I am seriously laughing so hard I’m jumping up and down in my chair ~~ Silly ?, how do I watch the feeds on my desktop and type in our forum???

      • I have to say nitey-nite My Cyril. My aged puter won’t let me into BBN so I’m writing this from DISQUS. See you Monday.

      • Cyril, if you are interested, let me know your screen name over there and I will invite you.

      • I’ll ask Lavendar too. I change my screen name all the time because I like to annoy those people. lol

      • No wonder I could not find you … Dan! Well, you know where to find us. BHFan and I have been chatting this evening. We’d be happy with more company!

  9. I dislike anything that has an effect on the house vote. The last laugh will do just that. I’m not in favor at all, and not at all amused. I guess I’m missing something. How can three votes not counting not have an effect?

  10. I really like the last part of what you said Branden.Great recap. I stay off of social media other than FB so I miss a lot of the fan drama thankfully. My husband hates the takeover this week and I am not sure I like it yet. I like the fun stuff like messing with the house and they win money more than some power they win just by answering the phone and it can change the game entirely.

  11. It’s kinda obvious that Audrey’s mind games and trouble causing are so much a part of her personality that she is unable to stop herself, even after being caught, shamed, and avoided. I like the drama she lends to the game, but now-a-days she just comes off as looking pathetic and pathalogical. I don’t see her being long for this game….

  12. I am going to have to agree with the social media comment. I was extremely offended when someone had previously said the LGBT community would be super upset if Audrey went home early…why bring her status into it at all? I think it is great what she is doing, but her game play is terrible and she does deserve to go home for it. I really hope the houseguests do not have the mentality of “we cannot get rid of her because she is transgender”…it needs to be based on her game, not her background!!!

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