Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 2: Friday Highlights

The line was blurred between Friday and the crazy night before it thanks to Big Brother 17 Houseguest who never want to go to sleep! These crazies were up into the morning as their adrenaline pumped from nominations and Battle of the Block, but more was yet to come.

John McGuire likes teeth this much
John McGuire likes teeth this much – Source: CBS All Access

Jumping ahead of the usual schedule we got Friday’s usual events overnight and Saturday’s Power of Veto comp moved up a day early. That leaves us with a lot of time to kill before Thursday’s eviction, but I think these HGs have proven their ability to crack under time and pressure.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 3, 2015:

7:00 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay are still up having some pillow talk. She worries her pawn, John, could get evicted instead of Da’Vonne, but Clay doesn’t see how that could happen. Shelli promises she’ll never be the one to get Audrey evicted.
7:10 AM BBT – Da’Vonne crying along in the bathroom. She tells herself, “get your life” and tries to pull herself together.

7:30 AM BBT – Jason says he’d never bring Steve to F2 since he’s too likable.

7:35 AM BBT – Meg and Jeff have a long talk in Storage over the current situation. Jeff wants to split off from Clay and Meg trusts James more. They worry Shelli will draw the line by not targeting Audrey this week.

10:30 AM BBT – HGs got their wake-up call and are slowly, slowly getting up after just a few short hours of rest. Lots of naps ahead of them today.

11:42 AM BBT – Shelli gets annoyed by Clay for telling John they’d use the veto on him. Shelli doesn’t want to have to worry about naming a replacement. She even says she’d rather John not use the veto on himself.

12:31 PM BBT – Feeds cut for a bit to pick players for the veto competition.

12:55 PM BBT – Feeds return.

1:08 PM BBT – Da’Vonne asks Shelli when the target transferred from Audrey to herself. Shelli tells her that she didn’t fell a trust with Day. Shelli says that she feels like Day would’ve put her up if she was HOH.

1:15 PM BBT – Day asks James if he knew she was the target. He says no. She mentions the house is very split and her only hope is to win the veto.

1:42 PM BBT – Da and Jeff are talking now. He tells her that if John comes off the block and they put Audrey up, Day has nothing to worry about. Day says she doesn’t think Shelli will do that. She thinks she’ll put up someone like Becky or Jackie.

2:13 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto time.

3:55 PM BBT – Feeds back. John won the veto.

3:59 PM BBT – Shelli lets Becky know that Audrey won’t be targeted this week. She tells Becky that it’s better for her game if Da’Vonne goes and that Audrey can go the following week.

4:07 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay are talking to John and Vanessa about what is going to go down. Shelli actually has the nerve to ask John to consider not using the veto on himself just so she doesn’t have to make a replacement nominee. John, of course, says no because it will look too obvious that they’re working together. Shelli and Clay seem annoyed but tell John they understand. They start talking about who they can nominate in John’s place. Clay volunteers, but Shelli says absolutely not. It’s sounding like Liz will be the replacement.

4:36 PM BBT – John tells Vanessa and Austin that there’s no way he’s not using the veto on himself. He says he has no idea what this week’s twist will do and he’s not risking. Vanessa says she wouldn’t do it either.

4:42 PM BBT – HGs are playing with a blow-up giraffe snagged from the veto competition.

4:57 PM BBT – Shelli tells Liz and Austin that she probably has to name Liz as the replacement nominee. Liz isn’t super happy but says she’ll take one for the team.

5:13 PM BBT – Liz is upset talking to Becky about going up as a pawn. Becky is still confused as to why Audrey isn’t going up. Liz is afraid she’s going to go home week 2 and that’s not OK, she says. Becky tells her she’s pretty sure that Da’Vonne is the target and that they have the numbers to keep Liz safe.

5:40 PM BBT – Meg and James are annoyed by Clay acting like he’s HOH. They say that it’s pretty clear Shelli and Clay are together now

6:20 PM BBT – House has gotten pretty quiet. People are resting or doing house chores. Some HGs are deciding to take a nap after the exhausting night and day they’ve had.

6:45 PM BBT – And the entire house is basically asleep.

8:15 PM BBT – HGs are starting to wake up now.

8:40 PM BBT – Jason and James wonder who Shelli will put up. Jason thinks it will be Audrey.

8:50 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin she doesn’t like the idea of being up against Day. She feels like she’s going to get backdoored. Austin assures her that is not the case and that Da’Vonne is the target. He goes over the votes they have to keep her.

9:30 PM BBT – Nothing is going on.

10:46 PM BBT – Back yard is open, but the HGs aren’t aware yet. Cameras keep showing that it’s open.

11:07 PM BBT – Steve tells Shelli he will vote out Day for her.

11:15 PM BBT – HGs have finally realized the back yard is open so they’re outside enjoying the night.

12:45 AM BBT – Clay worried about winning HoH next week and having the pressure to send home Audrey. He wants to let Audrey know they are saving her this week despite the pressure to evict.

1:15 AM BBT – Becky and Jackie discuss Shelli’s shift to target Da’Vonne instead of Audrey. Jeff thinks it’s a bad idea, but Jackie is confident Audrey will remain the target next week.

It sounds like unless the twist can work in her favor, Da’Vonne’s days in the Big Brother 17 house are numbered. Her being on the block should result in some exciting Live Feeds, however as we get closer to the next eviction. So stay tuned for that.

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  1. For Liz/Julia’s sake, I hope she doesn’t get put up or if she does, doesn’t get evicted.

    I wonder how the votes will fall on the live vote minus the twist. Day likely has Meg, James, Jace and possibly Jeff and Jackie. Liz/Julia has Clay, Steve, and Austin for sure.

    Becky, John and Vanessa are wildcards.

    • It’ll be very interesting to start breaking down the votes & then applying the 3 cancels out and see how it goes.

      Liz could be in real trouble as a renom, but since production wants their newly minted and revealed twin twist to last then they can easily make sure it happens.

      • I don’t understand why BB acts like this twist hasn’t been done before

      • They never said that it was new though. However it is something that they haven’t rehashed it for 10 seasons so it’d make sense to have it in play this year given that theme for this season.

      • Maybe not, but we all know how it worked out last time…it might repeat itself again, or maybe they won’t even get a chance since I keep reading that Liz might be a renom as a pawn. Also, Audrey already thinks there is a twin (I’m not sure if anyone else thinks that besides her)

      • Several of them think there is a twin twist. I think that production has been putting a bug in their ear by reminding them of season 5’s twin twist. Jason, Meg and James think that it is JMac. There discussion is quite humorous. Afterwards, James walked right by Liz/Julia to go take another look at John. LOL

      • How funny! I didn’t know all of that. I would think being aware that there is a HG in the house known to have a twin, would have ignited their suspicions about a twin twist. Too logical?

      • If anyone would have thought that logically, it would have been Steve, since he knows the game and every season inside and out. Yet, he’s not the one that brought it up. I think the first one that mentioned it was Shell-shocked, who is clueless about the game.

      • You don’t think Shelli is playing a decent game? I think she is. By sticking to who she wants gone and not listening to everyone else I think she’s doing alright for herself. She won the second HOH and she wants Da gone for her game, not Audrey who everyone else wants.

      • I think she finally took her head out of Clay’s arse and is playing the game as it’s supposed to be played. Getting rid of one of her threats…Da!

      • Liz isn’t the only hg that has a twin. But I think the others are of the opposite sex…I think, I could be wrong.

      • So nobody thinks it might be Liz then? I figured at least the poker players would probably think it could be her…although if Liz does get put up and voted out, no more twist. I don’t subscribe to the feeds, but it is easy for the audience to figure out the difference between Liz and Julia?

      • As far as I know, it hasn’t cross their minds yet.

        When I saw them sisters together for the first during the live show, I honestly couldn’t tell them apart. if there are any physical differences, they might be too subtle for anyone to notice.

        Personality-wise, it could be an issue but so far, Liz has never been too involved with other HG’s so far apart from her own circle within the house.

      • I haven’t seen anyone talking about it being Liz. Even though someone said to Julia that she doesn’t look like her picture. Also, Julia messed up and referred to Liz. I am really shocked that they haven’t caught on.

      • Type in “BB17 Feeds Highlights Julia Liz” on Youtube. There should be one out there showing Julia talking to Austin and suddenly blurting out Liz.

      • I saw it…like someone else has said, she could have been talking about herself in third person (which btw it bugs me when people do that) Austin probably didn’t catch on, because he probably talks about himself in third person as well, I know Day “Mama Day” does. I think that is stupid too that the houseguests refer to her as Mama Day

      • Mama Day isn’t the only parent on BB17. How about they call James Papa James?

        And considering Audrey’s personal/private history, much of which has probably been carefully hidden, plus her penchant for twisting the truth, it wouldn’t surprise me if she turned out to be a 40-year old father/mother of 6! She certainly acts a lot older than her stated age of 25. Most 20-somethings don’t talk like her. Really, Audrey?

      • I thought so too. Not only that but the surgery is very expensive. She would have been 22 or 23 when done and her family was not for it then so she didn’t get it from them.

      • But what surgery has Audrey had? It’s never been that clear as far as what I’ve read.

      • She had male parts removed and they somehow make the female part. Saw it on CSI once or I wouldn’t have any idea.

      • I wonder if that has anything to do with why Audrey is never seen in a swimsuit, or at least I haven’t seen her in a swimsuit. Anyone know how long it’s been since she had the surgery to remove male parts? Maybe she is a little self-conscious, I don’t know.

      • Which would have made her 21 when the started because its more than 1 surgery.

      • Just because you saw what transgender surgery is all about on CSI does NOT mean that Audrey has had all of that surgery.

      • I goofed on my first try posting this. I’ll try again.
        OK, so I was a nurse for many years. I was very interested to know how this is possible to achieve. It is not for everyone, but anyone who would like to see an actual gender reassignment surgical procedure can go to www(dot)surgerytheater(dot)com
        enter-gender reassignment
        This is a male to female procedure.

      • Sexual reassignment surgery is usually the one being done on those who wants to be of the opposite sex, aside from injecting hormones. The actual transition takes a very long time.

        If there is someone with knowledge on the subject, please do try to shed some info about this. Thanks!

      • There are cases where kids who knew they were born on the wrong body undergo transition at an early age.

        Degrassi addressed that before with its first transgendered character a few years ago (who has since been killed off seasons later).

      • Jazz … a new broadcast show about an eleven (or so) year old transgender girl starts (I think) around the end of July.

      • Surgery is done in stages and she will be on hormones the rest of her life.

      • In Tijuana Mexico, I heard they do it all at once as an Outpatient…and you can also have your car painted.

      • GM to you, Cyril, Happy Fourth of July!
        Sorry for the delay, I used my last tissue and had to run to my basement “store” for another box. Still wet here in East Tn. How’s BB weather?

      • It’s hot here! We’ll watch Americafest/fireworks at the Rose bowl.I live close by..I think I’ll be wasted tonight. lol Happy 4th my friend .Appendectomy? .no I just made that up..sorry. lol

      • The fireworks started last night and they continue to thrill us out of our much needed sleep. It’s a great day to reflect … Have a great day David and take care …

      • Many people do. We wanted a place with a smooth surface where the children could ride bikes, ripsticks, and all of their 3 wheeled low riding toys.That is the place to be in bad or cold weather. They love it. Hope you’re feeling well after the big explosive day.

      • So you’re in Cali ~~~ I lived in the San Fernando Valley in the 70’s . Are you a native Californian?

      • When they first went in and introduced themselves she said she completely transitioned over 3 yrs ago. Which means all the surgeries needed to become a female.

      • She said at the beginning she completed her transition two years ago…whatever that means.

      • But it’s been so long ago. I’m kind of excited about it. I want to see it play out so I sure hope Liz stays. She’s another one I didn’t care for in the interviews but now I’m really starting to like her.

    • Jace is gone. Pretty sure Vanessa and John would vote to keep Liz/Julia. Becky..she is a tough one for me to figure out.

    • I think Meg wants Da gone and James wants to work with Jason without Da. But we’ll see. Jeff and Jackie will also vote Liz out. Jackie is close to Becky and Becky loves Liz. I think the only votes Da would have is Jason.

    • From what I’ve noticed, Vanessa and Austin are pretty tight. Becky seems to be on Liz’s side, she’s a pretty straight shooter and she said she’s with Liz on this. Lastly, John will probably vote which ever way that Becky votes, they seem to be becoming a pair.

      I would be shocked if Day made it out of the week. She’s going to blow up at some point, she’s just too emotional and it’ll probably be the nail in her coffin.

  2. I have a weakness for nice folks. I like to see them win. I have been routing for Clay-Shelli. But, their fidelity to evil Aud, their hubris in asking John not to take himself off the block, and Clay’s arrogance and acting like he is the HoH have finally turned me off to Clelli or Shlay, whatever we are calling them.

    Frankly, this has to be the most vapid cast I’ve seen. No one inspires me.

      • All the more reason for Shay to not trust her. They are such enormous fools!

      • Neither one of Shay knows the game. They are both there for eye-candy. Clay strikes me as someone who has gone through life skating by on his looks and athletics. It’d never occur to him that someone wouldn’t love him.

      • Well, he could learn a lifetime’s worth of life lessons on BB, but it wont be pretty. haha

      • I think the wisdom there is that Shelli knows Audrey is a target but she wants to keep her as a shield alongside Clay. If I remember it right, Shelli herself insisted on targeting Day because Day will target Slay once Audrey is out.

        Audrey will always stay a target who can be dealt with on another week.

      • I understand that rationale, but it is risky to ignore the will of the house. Everyone is scratching their heads which cant be good for Shay.

      • I know. This is a situation where you can’t afford to use a pawn when the target has a potential sway in votes, especially if one of them got saved by BOTB and can vouch for Day as the better option to keep.

        If it wouldn’t be Audrey, I’d like to see Meg, or James be up as replacement noms. I think that would at least divide the house on who to vote.

        The only deal breaker would be the twist on eviction night. If it falls on Shelli’s side, he/she would no doubt use it to remove voting powers from three of Day’s allies, with Jason being the most logical option out of the three. But if it’s Jeff going up then it would make things easier for the house to vote who to evict near-unanimously, which would make the twist essentially useless.

        Liz/Julia needs to work hard on Shelli in order to be put up. Her giving the HOH that one strong scenaio would allow Shelli to rethink her decision and hopefully make the right call.

      • I know. We still don’t have details if the seventh housemate to answer the phone will be given the details ahead of Thursday or will only know about it by then.

        But I’m talking about the context of how the votes will fall without the twist. As mentioned, we have wildcards among the voters. So it would be difficult to determine who will have majority of the votes if Liz were to go up because Day could easily have the house flip in her favor. But if it’s a close ally, then that’s where we may have a fair idea on who might get most of the votes to stay prior to the twist taking effect on Thursday.

        As for the twist, I think it would be more fair to the housemates if they were told about it prior to the live vote. That would allow some last-minute scrambling.

      • As soon as CBS is confident they have everything tweaked to go the way they want it to, details of the 7th call twist will be revealed.

    • I’d like to see them give the call to someone who has been laying low. That would force them to join the game. ;)

  3. We will see how it plays out, but I dont like this kind of a twist. It is too much of an intrusion into the game and is too transparently a tool for CBS social propaganda.

      • I think they are and it always bugs me. I can just imagine some pompous network exec barking at producers to do whatever it take to make sure X person gets lots of face time and goes all the way. Im sure its not that crude, but I bet its close.

      • That is true. Whoever answers that 7th call could totally change up who goes home..and it could very possibly send a pawn home this week. i.e. L/J

  4. This week’s twist could really backfire on Shay. If Liz/Julia do go home, Aud might slip by for a couple of weeks as Shay become the targets. If Da goes home, then Aud will still be the primary target. Either way, Shay is putting a huge target on themselves. I know that Shay thinks Aud is their ally, but with the rest of the house gunning for her, it’s a bad idea not putting her up for the BD.

    • I agree. They really arent playing their cards right. Putting their very narrow self interest above the overwhelming will of the house will only serve to isolate them.

      Also, I hate to think this way, but isnt it unfortunate that the two blonde blue eyed pretty Southerners are targeting the only black–right out of the gate. Even if there is strategy behind it, it comes across to me as unseemly.

      • Let’s not invole race into this. Clay & Shelli aren’t racist. Clay wants Day gone maybe because of the argument they had.

      • Im not saying they are racist. I hate the accusation. But, it still comes across to me as unseemly. Being from the South originally, I cant help but see this pattern.

      • Two well coiffed, pretty blonde Southerners from the comfortable class who target the only black in the house fits a narrative. It’s not a pretty narrative. Im not saying they are racist, but millions across the nation and in the South will pick up on this.

      • about not going there on these threads. Alot of people will over-react and we are all just here to have a good time with other fans Your comments are coming across as saying that Shelli and Clay could be racists. Let’s not go there..sound like a plan, Jason?.

      • You remembered my former name!! Not much here in good ole’ Indiana. Happy 4th to you as well, Cyril!

      • Sometimes, it takes away from the actual discussions related to the show here in the forum especially if your concerns don’t affect gameplay the way it did in BB15.

      • I’m with you Jason. Thought police have no place here or anywhere else. Feel free to speak your mind! And there certainly has been a pattern on BB. The very few black players each season are almost always targeted very early in the game. It’s obvious and ugly.

      • And now the witch hunt is gaining ground! Stay tuned for further developments!

      • I don’t think it’s racial, either. Prior to that really stupid scene when Da walked by Shay & Jeff plotting, they were getting along with Da.

      • I first typed it yesterday. I don’t know if it’s original or not, though. I can’t remember seeing it before I typed it, but I could be wrong. This ol’ brain goes on the fritz too often! LOL

  5. I’m conflicted, I don’t want Day to go but I want the twin twist to succeed. Hopefully Clay convinces Shelli to put him up as a pawn. He can go.

    • I think Clay is bluffing in order to make Shelli feel she is running her reign as HOH when in fact it has been him. No way does he want to go up as pawn! The house guests would vote him out over Day.

      But I do wish he would be nominated as well :-).

  6. My offer stands. If any of you who comments on Big Brother Network has feeds and wants to chat over there, let me know your screenname on feeds and I will send you an invite. So far, BHFan and I have been chatting over there, and its much better than trying to sip from the firehose of those crowded rooms over there.

    • Are you saying Big Brother Network has a general BB chat room? I may be interested. My BB chat name (currently) is TransChatter but you should try our BB chat room on BB live feeds. It’s a public room but is not crowded, just a nice room with polite people, Big Brother Group. Drop in anytime and try us out!

  7. Happy Fourth to all!
    I’m a little bewildered by the fact that Clay felt he could take the liberty, without running it by Shelli, his gal pal and the HOH, to tell John that they would use the veto on him if they won it. Then Shelli asks John not to use the veto on himself. As I said yesterday, why would you be more concerned about one person(Audrey), than possibly putting a target on your back with 4 or 5 others, or even 2 or 3 others? It doesn’t seem rational to me. Of course, I never think it is a wise or rational decision to start a showmance in the BB house.

      • I don’t get why anyone would ask someone to not use the veto on themselves, smh. It sounds so ridiculous when it’s ever mentioned, when someone looks to be considering it is even more ridiculous.

      • I read where Shelli and Clay seemed annoyed that John wouldn’t do what they wanted.That’s so ridiculous. THEY may be the HOH, but it’s HIS win, not their win.

      • I don’t like those two. I want Austin/Vanessa, they’re a very educated pair. If you’re on the block & have the POV, its pretty simple. Always save yourself.

      • If Shelli doesn’t put Audrey up, and she probably won’t, I hope the house comes after at least one of them, preferably Clay, next week. Justice for not going with the house.

      • In the good old days of BB, people never went “with the house.” They did what as best for their own game. I see nothing wrong with Shelli playing her own game and not going along with “the house.” The house is made up of a lot of individuals who have different angles and axes to grind. I like them playing as individuals and not as a block. Going with the house makes for a very boring summer, when you know how all votes will turn out. I’d rather see the vote be 7-6 (for example).

      • I stated in another post today that sometimes it is a wise thing to go with the house and sometimes not. So I agree with you on that. In this particular situation, I would go with the house. That’s why I love this forum so much. Getting to read different viewpoints and strategical moves is so entertaining and then seeing how it plays out.

      • We’ve been over on another thread and I just saw a new comment on this thread and it was my dear friend Cuddledud.

      • I’ve been over on the newer thread and I just saw your comment ~~ I prefer CuddleBUD … I’m not a ‘dud’ … thanx!

  8. I think it is sad that Shelli is wasting her HOH on evicting Day. There were 2female HOHs this week, the should have targeted one of the boys. Doesn’t matter which one. Because eventually they will pick off the girls one by one. Ladies stop playing with your emotions and start playing with your heads please.

    • Personally, I would like to see Jeff go..he is a schemer and cannot be trusted at all. I don’t like him.

  9. Looking at votes I think Austin, John, Vanessa, Steve, Clay, Becky, Audrey would vote out Day, Jackie would probably go along with them as well which is 8 votes, Jason, Meg, James, and Jeff might want to save Day but I think ultimately they will go along with the numbers. Even with votes canceling I think Day is gone this week. I like Liz/Julia so I want them to stay. I’m hoping Day goes this week and then Audrey soon after.

    • I think one of Audreys people will win next week and she will be safe again. CBS wants her to stay awhile. They think it will help their ratings. I don’t think they have a problem with ratings myself.

  10. Off-topic: BB17’s eviction went back to back with the eviction shows of both BBUK and our version of BB in the Philippines.

    I just had to let it out that I felt delightfully surprised that the stripper who was a beneficiary of twists from the UK version got evicted ona 4-way split vote to evict. I thought the selfish man-child is getting the boot but turned out he’s not.

    On the other side of the pond, it’s a sad day for international BB fans as our version have decided to shut down the feeds because people are abusing social media to create screencaps of housemates (who are all teenagers as part of the current season’s theme twist) from the feeds that suggests things taken out of context. Such a shame.

    Good thing BB17 feed updates are keeping me sane.

    • Who thought that live feeds of a BB house with TEENS was a good idea?

      • Well it got us four great teen seasons though.


  11. If Day goes home….we can kiss the entertainment value of the DR goodbye. I don’t know if I can get into anyone else…unless some hidden personalities start to show. #TeamMommaDay

    • I dunno… Johnny Mac’s DR sessions are pretty entertaining, but yeah I get you. It sucks that Day is going so soon. I’m hoping Clay, Shelli, and Audrey are the next ones to go.

  12. Happy 4th everyone! I can’t stay on here any longer gotta get moving. Yes I do have a life other than BB. Lol Happy 4th to you and your family also Matt.

  13. I just love how everyone seems to forget the object is to send home everyone but you. So of course clay and Shelli want get out someone the feel can hurt their game more than Audrey. Audrey helps them by being a target next week. Day is someone who didn’t like clay and would for sure come at him if she was there next week. This donwhat house wants is so stupid. Strike when you can is the best. As for the production will save so and so. You guys do realize this game falls under the game show law since it has a $ prize at end? So if they were to do so and bet caught manipulating the game then CBS would be fined heavily and Big Brother be gone. Yeah show with no cash prize at the end maybe they can play around with but when money is involved they come under close FCC scrunity.

    • Standards and practices rules dictate that they can’t outright rig a competition so someone wins, but the twists offer a loophole by giving an HG a convenient advantage (e.g. Rachel and Jordan saving themselves through Pandora’s Box in BB13). They can also manipulate players by making them second guess themselves with DR questioning.

      Not to mention the infamous moment when production forced Eric in BB8 to not use the veto so Jessica couldn’t backdoor Dick.

    • You can also look at it from the aspect ofShelli making one enemy or unpredictable(maybe, who knows)ally of Aubrey, or definitely putting herself on the radar of a few HGs that will be targeting her for eviction because of this decision. Hey, it goes both ways. Sometimes it is wise and good gameplay to go with the house. Sometimes it isn’t. In this case, I think she is making the wrong choice and I hope either she or Clay are voted out next week over Audrey. It would be awesome to see Clay and Shelli both nomd. hehe

  14. I REALLY hope that this causes a divide in the house. Haven’t seen that since BB11, way too long. Just hopefully production doesn’t screw with it and give someone a coup d’etat.

  15. Three things that were entertaining while reading Jokers from last night:
    1) Austin thinks James has short-man syndrome.
    2) Liz slipped up again, saying that her Mom waited until late in life to have us, she then paused and said me and my older sister
    3) Jason saying that they have to get Becky out. Bitch is superhuman. She got hit by a train and lived.

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