Big Brother Spoilers: Week 2 – Battle Of The Block

More Big Brother spoilers this morning with an early arrival of the Battle of the Block competition thanks to the holiday weekend coming up. The Big Brother 17 Houseguests got a 5AM wake-up call and the action was on.

Battle of the Block
Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

Nominations were made just hours earlier in the dark of the night and there was plenty of excitement and drama there as the house was split over Audrey. HGs knew this Battle of the Block could end up deciding whether Audrey stayed or was evicted this week. Ready for some spoilers? Read on.

Becky has been dethroned as HoH which means Steve & Jason won the Battle of the Block.

Shelli nominated Da’Vonne & John while Becky put Jason & Steve on the Block. Shelli was targeting Day while Becky was going for Audrey.

John and Da’Vonne remain on the Block and will fight for the Veto next. Shelli will be this week’s official Head of Household and her target is Da’Vonne. This could be a crazy week so stick with us and we’re expecting the Veto spoilers soon as well.

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  1. My ideal scenario…
    JMac wins POV. House convinces Shell-shocked to put up Audrey against Da for the final block duo. House explodes with Da vs. Aud in time for 4th of July!

  2. Stupid Shelli is playing for Clay who has a special kinda hate for Da.
    Jmac had to throw it because his back was against a wall and trying to protect Da would not be good for his game.

    • Does anyone remember what caused the rift between Clay and Da’? So much has happened so fast I can’t remember what caused this kerfuffle.

      • It probably started pre-feeds and we only got a glimpse of it during Wednesday’s episode.

        Clay clearly is threatened by Day from the get-go.

      • From what I saw there was not. Please correct me if I missed something from the feeds

      • I don’t have the feeds either, but I do remember during Audrey’s reign of terror that she didn’t want Clay to have anyone else and she particularly wanted to break him apart from Shelli. Perhaps Audrey was behind the initial problems between Clay and Da’?

      • I thought Audrey played matchmaker to Clay and Shelli since that was part of her strategy pre-show to have a showmance to be her meatshield?

        Clearly, if Shelli still trusts Audrey at this point after all has been said and done, at least Audrey got something right.

      • I do remember Audrey being matchmaker for Clay and Shelli vaguely, but then a few hours or days later Audrey felt threatened because she was afraid Shelli would become more important to Clay than Audrey and A. certainly couldn’t have that happening. Da’ was one of the first to figure out that Audrey was the puppet master.

      • Audrey has always wanted a showmance to hide behind. She is sneaky with Da and others too, but not with Shelli and Clay!

      • I’m pretty sure that Audrey told lies about Clay and Shelli too. It took them awhile to find this out though but once they did they cut bait – although they still like her as a person. Neither one of them can trust her anymore.

      • Clay & Shelli don’t trust Audrey as a person but they still do what she tells them to do even when they don’t realize it. Audrey is the reason Clay & Shelli were suspicious of Da’ to begin with and their suspicion of Da’ is what caused them to question why she was going in to the HN room.

      • Audrey is sneaking with Shelli & Clay. Clay doesn’t know that Audrey is the reason Austin and Jeff don’t trust him. Shelli doesn’t know that Audrey and Clay have an F2

      • That’s what she said…but she changes her mind like her underwear!

      • Seems like it, but I haven’t actually watched how often…not interested in bushes! LOLOL

      • OH dear me ~ I can’t hide from you, can I? KarenDeer is a sweet little innocent tyke, but YOU! WOWSER … i’ll be more careful with my ‘wording’ from now on.

      • Cuz he’s the type who’s used to girls going GA GA over him & she ain’t into him

      • YES! Now that you mention it he certainly does resemble RR too. I am enjoying my eye candy this summer so I hope he’ll stay around a lot longer.

      • I just want to shave that mullet! hahaha I’m a burr hair-cut kind of woman! hahaha

      • I got your point, but I still like the new shaved sides cut ~ very sleek and sexy.

      • Like I said Cuddles, it’s going to take me a little time to get over this haircut as I was quite fond of his manly locks.

      • When it’s time to change, then it’s time to change
        Don’t fight the tide, come along for the ride, don’t you see
        When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange
        who you are into what you’re gonna be.
        Sha na na na, na na na na na, sha na na na na
        Sha na na na, na na na na na, sha na na na na

      • I watched that series when I was young but I sure don’t remember the words to their theme song, so thank you very much Joni. :D

      • Hehehe.

        Remember that episode where Peter lost his voice right before he and his sibs have a recording session for some record deal that led to their downfall? Well, this was it. :D

      • HA! 40 years ago is a pretty long time I’m afraid and I must have missed that episode. But I did see the one with Davy Jones (my childhood crush) as the guest star.

      • Nick at Nite frequently air them back in the day. That’s where I first got wind of it back when I was living in VA for a time (although Brady Bunch reruns used to air on my side of the pond before as well).

      • I lived in Fredericksburg for about 18 mos and worked in D.C. then too!

      • Me ~ 1992 to 2003 ~~ worked for Prince William County Government in Public Works.

      • Where’d u work in DC. My gal Sue lives in Fredericksburg and worked in DC. She’s retired now.

      • IRS! haha That was about 29 years ago, though! I live in Southern Maryland now going on 19 years.

      • Didn’t have that kind of power…I typed the IRS codes, though, that that power provided to me!

      • I lived in Falls Church for a year and spent 5th grade in a nearby Fairfax County school.

        Wish I could have stayed there longer but my visa was only good for that given period before coming back to the Philippines and stayed there since.

      • Wow ~ Falls Church ~ just down the block and around the corner~ So you’re in the Philippines now?

      • Yep, right across the nearby railway station. And yep, been back in the PH for 14 years now.

        How I wish I knew about BB back when I was there. BB2 was airing when I was there. Heck, I’m a year older than Ian and he got hooked on the show the year before.

      • I have so many beautiful memories of my time in Prince William County.

        You’re so knowledgeable about BB ~~ I always read your comments 1st to see what’s really happening in the house.

      • Thanks. I try my best to be in the loop despite being unable to legally get feeds to know what’s really happening. Even if I probably do, I lack the dedication many of the fans have in knowing the details 24/7 as they come and go.


      • They are. I was also a big fan of the parody movies. They were a hoot.

        And I didn’t know until recently that the lady in the pool scene was actually RuPaul dressed in drag. :D

      • Let’s cross fingers he’ll be one of the Takeover guests and have the houseguests lipsync for their lives in the game. :D

      • No..40 is a cougar..before that is plain ol younger cradle robber! hahaha

      • Da was walking around counting things. Clay questioned why she went in his room. Da lost it because “Clay does not own the house. He is a houseguest too.” Clay ended up apologizing to Da to get her to stop being dramatic.

      • Da’ know this which is why she didn’t believe his apology and why she doesn’t trust him and Shelli. Clay is always yelling at folks not to question his “integrity” in the game as if he is above lying and scheming like every other HG.

      • I didn’t think it was fake. Audrey may have told him to apologize but she didn’t tell him what to say. He sounded sincere and his body language made me believe it. Da is a biatch and needs to control and boss everyone. She acts entitled. She’s the fake one. She talks about all she wants is an apology and she gets one and acts all nice. Then acts like a biatch to the cameras when he walks out.

      • Clay started to go in the room where Day was counting, she went all ABW when he stammered because in her mind the only reason for stammering is because one is trying to think of a lie.

      • It was Jeff who started to go into the room, not Clay. Clay & Shelli sent Jeff in there to find out what she was doing and she heard them tell Jeff to do it that is why she was pissed.

      • It wasn’t a good idea for Da’ to give them even more reason to feel paranoid.

      • Da walked into Jeffs room and Clay and Shelli were in the other room and when Jeff came in Clay told him Da’s in your room. Then Jeff questioned Da asking her what’s up. They didn’t know she was counting things and thought it looked sketchy. Da blew it way up and flipped out like she always does. She needs to go!

      • I agree Lavendargirl – Da’ needs to go if she’s unable to keep her emotions under control. She only able to play the game in one mode and that isn’t working for her unfortunately.

      • Well MommaDay really attacked Clay pretty bad and kept accusing more and more people that got involved… First she was only ticked off with Shelli, then it spread to Jeff, then it went to Clay, then it went to Audrey… She was prepared to hate the whole house that day if she had to! I think poor MommaDay has an unfortunate combination of strengths & weaknesses. She’s a super strong observer (she was actually correct each time she accused somebody new of talking to her because somebody else told them to) – BUT – she is far too opinionated and angry to keep information to herself and far too accusatory to make any meaningful allies… Look for her to be gone within a week or two UNLESS people want to carry her to the end.

      • Thanks Matt as this certainly clarifies the situation. Da’ has lots of personality but unfortunately she thinks being chronically angry at everyone is somehow playing a good game. I believe she’s down to 2 supporters now unless that changed overnight.

      • Yeah it’s a shame because I was so impressed with her observation skills at the beginning… but then she just got… well… angry and mouthy. I’m hoping that a showdown between her & Audrey is coming up soon before either of them gets backdoored!

      • The real Da’ was revealed and it wasn’t very pretty. Too bad she became so unfocused instead of keeping her eye on the prize.

    • Shelli is playing for herself. Sure she wants Clay safe just like others that want each other safe. Da is a time bomb and a controlling biatch. And she’s after Shelli. This is a smart move for Shelli. I hope Da goes this week. Then Audrey next week.

      • Da’ is a much larger threat to Shelli than Audrey so I’m hoping Da’ won’t win POV. With the KG twist though Da’ might survive and become even more of a bada$$ .

      • I know. That twist is going to be a big one if it gets in the wrong hands! All we will know is that whoever is on the block eviction night one of them will be going. But who? Only CBS knows for sure. Lol.

  3. I just saw a clip of Steve and Austin discussing game play. These two know the game better than anyone else in the house. Should be interesting what they will be able to do together, if they can both stay in the house a few more weeks.

    • They are both in love with Clay and will not go against him. They will attack each other to get on Clay’s good great gamers there.

      • That’s what they want to happen so that Clay gets it back to Audrey and/or Shelli and then they can strategize on doing the opposite of what has been told to others!

      • I don’t think Steve or Austin love Clay. They just know they can’t get to Audrey unless they go through Clay so Clay is an obstacle to getting Audrey out of the game. Steve and Austin have been being sent on reconnaissance missions by Audrey all week, even when she took to her bed for 2 days she had Steve running in and out gathering info and spreading stories to her liking. Austin knows this but for some reason they don’t think they can get rid of Audrey directly without taking down Clay first and they are trying to keep Clay close to keep the information flowing.

        It’s bizarre because none of them say they trust Audrey but she’s behind nearly every move they make.

    • Austin is going to be on the block if he doesn’t shut up. He runs and tells everything.

  4. OK..I am confused again! I am watching Jeff in the HN room with Meg and he really with Clay and just playing both sides and giving info to Clay and Shelli..or is he playing Clay and Shelli? This is what drives me nuts about this game..until these alliances are head spins!! Especially this season!

    • I don’t trust Jeff and I have been on both sides of the fence with Clay. This AM, Clay is on the wrong side of my fence and the gate is closed.

      • He went to Audrey and told her that Day is the target and they were going to try to turn the house against her. He assures John that he(John) won’t go anywhere this week by saying he would sacrifice his own game if necessary. Clay feels too safe and in control. I’m not a fan.

      • Oh..I kinda said the same thing yesterday..that IMO, Clay was getting a little too comfortable and that he feels as though he is above being nominated right now. I still like him..Jeff..I don’t trust that guy at all..He told Clay that he was his “ride or die” but, I’m not feeling that at all with him!

      • I might would have given him another chance if he had stayed away from Audrey. I agree totally about Jeff.

      • Last night Clay promised Shelli on BBAD that he would not tell anybody anything about Da’ being the target. AARRGGHH! And why Audrey of all people?

      • I’ve found it hard to trust him from the beginning for some reason and have been keeping a watchful eye out. He had me hanging by a thread, but I snipped it.

      • LOL I spotted Clay as the rat as soon as he started repeating conversations to everyone. The only side I’ve seen him on is Shelli’s and he’s not that loyal to her.

      • With all the drama going on I didn’t realize that Clay was the rat. I don’t think I will ever figure out what all was happening last week.
        Could you tell me anything in particular that Clay has done since this is all news to me.

      • This is just my perception, but from the beginning, there has been an odd attachment, not attraction, to Audrey that Clay just seems to not be able to break free of. I don’t like how he seems to be so comfortable like he can’t be touched and thinks he has the ability to make whatever he wants to happen, happen. It’s just an uneasy feeling I have. He has been a big disappointment to me. I had high hopes for the southern boy charmer.

      • I thought he was just another polite, naïve country boy (like Donnie) but Clay is running with the big dogs apparently. I haven’t made up my mind about a lot of them though, I need more time to observe them before I can figure things out.

      • I’m liking James, and if I had to choose, this very minute, who I would like to see win, it would be him.

      • Are we watching the same feeds? Clay is done with Audrey. They are nice to her in case she doesn’t go this week and gets HOH. Jeff and Austin are the rats.

      • No, we are not, Miss Lavendar, LOL, I don’t have the feeds, although on a day like today, I wish I did, terrible weather. You have a lot of info I don’t have. Jokers is it for me. So Clay is playing Audrey and you think if she was put on the block that he would vote her out? Seriously, I don’t know.

      • Oh sorry. Hahaha. I thought you had the feeds. I was being a little sarcastic but not in a mean way. I really think Clay and Shelli will vote her out if she’s on the block. Now if she’s up there against Da no they will vote Da out because Da is after them. Shelli was saying last night she likes Audrey but doesn’t trust her. She said she’s too dangerous to keep in the game so she does want her gone. But the longer Audrey stays in who knows if she can sway them back to her.

      • BB season is already a thorn in the flesh for my husband, if I ordered the feeds it would be grounds for divorce. He’s sleeping today and working tonight which gave me a little more time for BBN, plus it has been raining cats and dogs.
        That’s the thing about Audrey, her ability of persuasion. It’s entertaining in a way but according to who she is gunning to persuade, it can be scary just listening to her. The stuff she can come up with off the top of her head, just wow!

      • There’s Jeff highlights on the feeds now so I think they’re playing the POV. Playing are Steve, Meg, Clay, Shelli, John and Da. I just started watching the feeds two seasons ago and I’m hooked. Since I’m a widow and retired and my son is grown and married I don’t have to worry about anyone. The only bad thing is I get fired up and can’t go to sleep. Or there’s so much drama I don’t want to go to sleep. Haha.

      • I probably need to go over to Jokers and read everything from the beginning so I can finally (maybe) understand what went on last week.

      • I do love how Audrey can lie with a straight face. Clay stammers when he tries to lie! :-)

      • My little assisted-opening pearl-handled pocket knife comes in really handy sometimes.

      • Clay is inextricably linked to Audrey. They may be the only F2 that is actually real. LOL. Shelli is a means to an end for Clay and Audrey practically betrothed Shelli to Clay as soon as she could manage it. Clay is Audrey’s canary in the coal mine.

      • I like Jeff and Austin playing together and how they’re manipulating Clay right now! :-)

      • As a person Clay may seem nicer and have better behavior but from what I’ve see Jeff is more a man of his word than Clay and Jeff has more distance from Audrey’s mind control than Clay. Clay says Audrey’s word means nothing to him but he still jumps when she says jump.

      • That’s how I’ve been seeing it too! Aud knows how to brainwash well!

      • Hahaha are you serious about Jeff? He makes alliances with everyone and then goes and throws them under the bus to someone else.

      • Audrey already knew Da was the target if Shelli stayed HOH. Austin told her last night. Like I said before Austin has a big mouth and it’s going to bite him.

      • I guess having a big mouth is a requirement to be a wrestler or whatever he does, but he should have switched gears before he entered the BB house.

      • It’s funny because I didn’t like Austin after his interview and then after watching him on the feeds the first few days I started to like him. Now I’m back to not liking him. Lol I need to be in the BB house with all the other crazies that keep changing their minds about alliances.

      • I stopped trying to keep up with alliances, When it gets real, I’ll try again. Austin will never make it to the end.

      • I agree. They all keep saying we need a real alliance but nobody does it. This season is sure crazier then previous ones. I think once a few people clear out maybe we’ll start seeing some real alliances.

      • Well, good. haha I’m sure you are much younger than me so I don’t feel as bad for giving up trying to keep up with that. LOL I joke a lot, queenbrat, never anything bad intended, I hope you know.

      • I’m 45 but watching this group, all their energy and then trying to remember names and alliances I feel old as hell. And I know you never mean anything bad for me. I joke a lot too. :)

      • Your maturity shows but the attitude says younger. I’m 59 and have a voice disorder that has kept me tongued-tied, in a way, for years, so BBN has been freeing. I’m like some of these HGs, talking too much at times. I always read your posts when I see one.

      • I always read yours as well. I get tongue-tied too, more so as I have gotten older. Its just easier to speak my mind in written form. My philosophy for life at times is, old enough to know better but young enough not to care.

      • I think whatever your personality is when you add boredom and paranoia to it, bad stuff can come out. Its a shame they can’t remember to keep their mouths shut, the same as on survivor. How many times do people make themselves a target or make people notice them because they don’t stay quiet when they need to? They could all learn from Jackie, she was on the block and kept calm and quiet. Let other people make themselves a target and then sit back and watch.

      • True that about Jackie. Not having feeds, watching a little BBAD, and reading Jokers at times, I wouldn’t even have known she was in the house.

    • I think it’s more that Jeff has his alliance with Meg and James, but he’s also trying to work with Clay because he has a direct hold on Shelli (the HoH). Ultimately, I think his loyalty is to his alliance with Meg and James.

    • I went to bed last night not knowing if there’s a consensus on who the real target is. They are still divided, am I right?

      • As far as I can tell, Da is still Shay’s (Shelli/Clay) target. I’m hoping Audrey stirs up more crap before POV meeting and she sits next to Da on the final block.

      • you want Audrey gone? or you just want more craziness in the house .It’s good TV though seeing both of them on the block. lol

      • I just want to see the fireworks with Da and Aud both in the final hot seat! LOL I don’t care which one goes first.

      • I’m with you on that one. Would love to see them campaign against each other. Drama for the feeds!

      • I would like to see that too. Either 1 can go. And it has nothing to do with the status of either 1. I just don’t like how they play.

      • Since Shelli is the final HOH she’s targeting Da. Which is a smart move since Da is after her. Then she said they can try to get rid of Audrey next week. She thinks Da is more of a danger to her game. Although she doesn’t trust Audrey. But who knows with the POV and the twist still to be played.

      • I would rather have Dayday go, On the other hand, these are two villainous of the house.They should stay for a while lol Anybody else?

      • I want Da gone. She’s just a bitch. Audrey on the other hand stirs the pot and causes drama. Drama I like. Lol

      • I’d rather see Audrey go. It’s embarassing watching her so-called game play.

    • He’s another one playing too hard. He’s going to get caught. He keeps throwing Clay under the bus and Clay will eventually find out.

  5. But, we feeders love those crazy s**t shows!! You may be right about him covering his rump with Jason..maybe it will become more clear as the day goes on..if Jeff goes and give info to Clay and Shelli today..then I guess we have our answer..that is, IF he gives the right info!

    • It’s been so difficult this year to figure out how the HG’s really feel about each other, a few confessionals in the DR is a MUST in the next episode so we can finally figure out who’s good and who’s bad and who’s FOS. I have no idea what they are really thinking or who they really want to be in an alliance with. Too many lies to keep count of.

  6. I haven’t watched feeds & been too busy to read blogs too much but Da seems so funny in diary room;I’d hate to see her go. I still have to learn the HG name, esp all the J guys. How often do the twins switch? It would be hard if one got into a showmance.

    • I think they have already switched at least five times. I don’t see either one of them getting into a showmance at all. Liz and Julia kinda keep to themselves..they hang out with Austin alot..but, you don’t hear alot of game talk from them. I am not a fan of Day. She can be very explosive and IMO she is very condescending, a trait that I can’t stand in a person.

    • Once a day they switch to which they have 10 minutes to update each other during DR sessions!

      • It hasn’t been every day. Julie said that they had switched 4 times + last night makes 5 times.

      • Awww gotcha…at least I have the 10 min time frame down, which Liz said during the show!

  7. The “twin twist” are slowly spreading in the house. Wrong suspect though, but I have to say, these group of players are smart.

  8. Have the fireworks started? I think Shelli’s got more of a grip on the game than Becky (altho’ I do like Becky, just not as much as Shelli). I’ve got my fingers crossed that somehow, someway (when u least expect it …) Audrey is the 2nd evicted hg.

    • With Shelli in command, I don’t think it will be Audrey, but rather Da she wants evicted. She and Clay have been in Audrey’s back pocket so to speak. They rely on her! haha

  9. What caused the argument between Clay and Davonne in a nutshell:

    Audrey told Clay & Shelli to keep a watch on Davonne.

    Davonne had been walking around the house counting things out loud for days in preparation for if they had a comp that required knowing how many of what was in the house. Everyone knew she was doing this cuz they had just finished teasing her about it in the back yard.

    Clay & Shelli were in the open bedroom strategizing with Jeff when Da’ walked through the open bedroom (counting out loud as she was walking) and they stopped talking suddenly and Davonne continued through and went into the Have Not room to count things in there.

    As Davonne was going in to the HN room, Davonne heard Jeff, Shelli & Clay say they wondered what Davonne was doing and Shelli told Jeff to run into the HN room and pretend he needed hair gel so he could see what Davonne was doing in there and make sure she couldn’t hear them.

    Jeff jumps up to do as Shelli says but instead of just going into the room he asks Davonne what she’s doing in “HIS” room (the HN room).

    Davonne rightfully responded that the HN room wasn’t Jeff’s room as it is lived in by Davonne, Jeff, Vanessa & Austin and none of the rooms belong to any of the HGs. They are all guests.

    Davonne also said that if they wanted to know what she was doing they could have asked her directly since Jeff, Clay & Shelli at that point were SUPPOSED to be in an alliance with her, not against her. Instead they acted like she was doing something suspicious to cover the fact that the 3 of them were plotting.

    Audrey decided she could use this riff to her advantage and made things worse but obviously sending Clay up to make a fake apology to Davonne without ever actually admitting any wrong doing on his own part.. This just pissed Davonne off further because, again, these were supposed to be her alliance members.

    • I thought they said that to her when she was getting ready to go in the other bedroom..not the HN room.

    • What a shame that Da’ was more interested in that BR than winning BB. Da’ can’t see the forest for the trees I’m afraid.

  10. Day didn’t trust half people in the group from minute it formed and wanted to blow it up. She has no trust in anyone hardly. So when the Clay thing happened she overreacted. All sjhe had do was tell truth hy she was in room. Not blow up cause they was wondering who was “possibly” listening in on them. She let her hot head start something that got out of control. For those saying clay has no reason to put her up and doing it based on race have you forgot day all last week before Audrey went bat crap crazy said clay and Shelli had to go? Like I said on twitter if BB had an all black cast the light skinned players would end up being called racist by some you out there. Wake up people the object is eliminate 15 people or 16 if Julia makes it into the game before they eliminate you.

    • That’s not true. Da’ trusted Audrey & Shelli until Clay completely turned Shelli’s brain off (at Audrey’s direction).
      I agree that Da’ has a hot head but literally all her suspicions are on point and the reason Audrey & Clay are so aggressive with Da is BECAUSE she sees them for what they are actually doing. Shelli is just to misted by Clay & Audrey (who have a secret F2) to see what Da’ is telling her is true.

      Why should Davonne have to explain why she is walking into her own room? Also they didn’t ask her outright. Davonne heard them whispering wondering what she was doing then instead of one of them just saying “Hey Da’ what you doin/” Shelli tells Jeff to run to the HN room, pretend he’s looking for hair gel and check up on Davonne who is in the room where she’s living.

      Davonne hears all of this then Jeff literally asks her what she’d doing in HIS room.

      Sorry that is ridiculous.

      I agree that Da should keep her cool but these folks are supposed to be her alliance members and they are treating her like she’s in THEIR house.

      • Who hasn’t lied? And Clay and Shelli had an attraction and started talking from the beginning. Nobody forced it. Also they cut ties with Audrey after everything came out. Shelli and Clay want her gone but after Da is gone because Da is after Shelli! They are being nice only for the simple fact is if she stays and gets HOH they won’t be a target. There playing the game. And did you not here Clay say his final 2 with Audrey is fake?

      • I like Day, but she is not helping her cause. She constantly holes herself up in the bedrooms/backyard with Jason and James and shoots daggers at ANYONE who comes into the room, especially Steve, whom she is convinced is “Audrey’s rat” despite not having any evidence. She lets her emotions get the best of her, and with Audrey having gone off the rails, the rest of the HGs are now wary of anyone showing any signs of volatility.

        She needs to learn to swallow her pride and let things slide, even if she is in the right. If she did that, she would have been able to tweak things so that HGs see Jeff and Clay the way they see her now.

    • I think people are far too quick to make race the only factor. Why is it that if I don’t like someone’s personality it must be racial? I don’t think D’av has the temperament for the game. She blows up too quickly and she is completely wrong in many of her assessments of people. I agree, why not just say what she was doing? She looked crazy wandering around like she did. If I heard people whispering about me and wondering about what I was doing, I would just say what I was doing. That fight was entirely on her. I would think communication is key to this game and not overreacting to things if you want to win.

  11. Thankful for you Matt. I stayed up until 3am ET and couldn’t stay awake any longer. I knew who they were nominating but the nominations hadn’t happened yet. Haven’t been on the feeds today yet. Knew I could count on you to fill me in.

  12. Just kinda surprised (mildly) that the women cant get along with the women. With an alpha male gone in week 1 and 2 women as HOH this was their chance to get another AM out.
    Surprising amount of short sightedness.

    • They’re wanting a fair playing field I suppose. Who knows how these women think other than they want to be the only women left in the game! Geesh!

    • Come on don’t you know how women are by now. Lol. All the drama they cause with each other.

    • Too true, right away these 2 female HOH’S are going after who…two more females.

  13. I kinda am rooting for Da’V. In my little black book, there’s no hope for Audrey.

  14. Hopefully DA or Jason wins POV and takes her off, so that Audrey could be backdoored and John would stay! Audrey has no chance against John over staying

  15. Funniest thing that could happen is Audrey winning POV and taking down Da’vonne. What would the house do?

    • Hmm now you have me thinking, watching them scramble would be good tv and so would D’av and Audrey being nominated. Thats a great thought Kenny.

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