Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers are here thanks to the Live Feeds returning after tonight’s eviction and latest Head of Household competition. Want to know who is on the block?

Nominations are in on Big Brother
Nominations are in on Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

Remember that we’ll have four noms each week instead of just two thanks to the return of that “fan favorite” twist, Battle of the Block. So get ready for another season of overload of nominees each week.

Big Brother 17 Week 2 Nominations:

  • Becky: Jason & Steve
  • Shelli: Da’Vonne & John

Shortly after the HoH comp, Becky spoke with several allies and said the decision for her was not who was the target, but who would be the pawns. Becky is set on evicting Audrey and for cause.

Audrey was making claims that Becky was a bigot and had made racist statements in the house. According to other HGs, Becky did not. She was having a discussion about her family being worried that anything you might say could be taken out of context including accusations of racism. Audrey heard that and tried to use it like actual racist comments.

Becky says that’s way beyond game and is personal to the point that it could destroy her life outside the game. (Remember the HGs in BB15 who lost their jobs?) Flashback to 8:51PM BBT 7/2 Cams 3/4 to find Becky telling Shelli about this issue to her surprise.

Feeds cut & when they returned both Shelli and Becky were scrambling to quickly pick their noms. They had just a few short hours between HoH and the nominations ceremony and it was chaos filled with more chaos. This is what makes the Feeds so great!

As for targets, Shelli wants Da’Vonne out because she’s convinced Day wants her and Clay out. She decided to so straight for the nomination with Jason as her backup if Day won the Veto. Then for Becky, well I think we’ve established her target.

Battle of the Block and Power of Veto comps are coming up fast so get ready for more Big Brother 17 spoilers soon! With the holiday weekend here they’ll try and compress everything to avoid events on Saturday. Keep checking back with us to get the latest all weekend.


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  1. Interesting choice of pawns, Jason and Da’Vonne.

    I’m hoping Shelli wins BOTB just so that, not only would she likely keep Audrey for another week, but if she or Clay wins POV, they won’t use it to save Dae.

    Dae is in terrible need of some grounding down while I just hope Audrey stays low-key this week.

    Fingers crossed however that John keeps doing what he’s doing to keep himself safe, especially with the twist coming up that could potentially nullify three houseguests’ ability to vote for the week which is still up in the air as to who will receive that kind of power to pull it off.

    • Its funny you think that Da is in need of some “grounding down” but Audrey the liar and malicious person does not. Are you seeing something that I am not?

      • Both of them do, I probably could have worded it better. Audrey already made a mess of her own game and got the house turned on her as a result. That alone already pulled her down from heaven’s grace.

        Dae is already going on a similar path, much cutthroat but not as as obviously bad as Audrey has done the past 2 weeks.

      • It is pure strategy. If Shelli doesnt put Aud at risk maybe Aud will honor Clay and Shelli’s loyalty.

  2. is there any validity to Audrey’s claims, or is she just making stuff up?

    • Audrey is making it up. Becky was discussing being worried about having her words taken out of context and edited for the show to sound bad. Audrey heard that and tried to use it like Becky was saying them for real.

      That was a good question. I’ve updated the article to include more details with a better explanation.

    • Its pretty obvious that in today’s world you have to strictly go PC or risk being called a bigot and lose more than just a game. Shelli appears to have not said anything about anyone, but being branded a bigot is thrown around so loosely anymore that Im not surprised. Free speech is dying in the outside world, so it surely is dead in the BB world, too.

      • In this case there’s no issue of being PC. Becky didn’t say anything that was up to PC interpretation. Audrey was trying to manipulate things, of course, to paint someone in a very bad light but with a dangerous subject.

        Becky’s concern was she could lose her job back home & have real world impact over Audrey making a bad game move.

      • I thought Audrey’s web of lies over reached from game to personal last week. There were more than a few times that I thought she went too far.

      • She told another lie last night to Jeff about her vote to keep Jackie. She told him that now everyone would think she was the one who went against the house, which we all know she was, and that they would blame her instead of her plan was to set Austin up..but, it failed miserably. She is such a darn good liar..she didn’t even flinch when she was saying this to Jeff. But, when you start putting things out there like what she said about Becky..that is dangerous gameplay that could affect someone’s life outside of the house..not cool. I want Day to go this week, and Audrey needs to go next week.

      • I don’t understand why everyone is against Dae? She is not the biggest threat at this point.

  3. Well feeds just cut for BoB so now we wait to see what happens. I don’t really care who goes between Audrey or Day this week. I want Steve to win BoB so he’ll be safe this week. So far this season makes it hard to know what to expect. The live feeds are great this year.

  4. I really don’t enjoy when the HOHs get into a pattern of using the same HGs as pawns. Steve shouldn’t have to keep fighting for his safety just because he isn’t going to be confrontational or bitter when used as a pawn. Spread the love.

      • That guy worries me. He looks sickly to me. That dark around his eyes, so pale and thin. I hope he is ok.

    • It’s exactly what happened last season. There was always collusion between the HOH’s and there was never any real surprise or “twist” at what happened…with several matches being thrown by one pawn or another. Honestly I was a bit shocked that they brought this back. I thought it failed miserably last year.

      • It’s the easy way and probably most logical way to play.But I would love to see Steve and JMac try and succeed winning HOH together. Slim chance, I know, but at least we would be watching a few different HGs squirming for a few days, deservedly.

    • I wonder how many doubted Annie would ever found herself evicted on Week 1 back in BB12 just because she was designated as the Saboteur by production.

      • And I almost forgot, the secret turned not-so secret pair of lovers from BB9. That was clearly a bust and Jenn got evicted on Week 1 as well, leaving Ryan to fend on his own.

        She’s lucky that another pair were evicted earlier.

      • Very true. Hmmm…Maybe Im looking to secretly veil my support for Audrey by throwing it to production.

      • I think being a “production pet” in BBUS is more of a curse than a blessing as production cannot completely protect a “favorite” the same way that BBUK does with theirs since the latter has more leeway and control in screwing their housemates over and saving ratings-drawers week in and week out.

    • Now we just need to see JMac win POV, have the house convince Shell-shocked to put up Audrey, and watch the house explode with Da and Audrey on the final block!

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that I was SO wrong in my first impressions! I liked Audrey, because she was strong and intelligent, Da, because she was sassy and cunning and Jace, because he’d provide comic relief. My top 3 went to my bottom 3 by last night!

    I’m now rooting for JMac, home state boy, and Meg, for her spunk. These were 2 that I didn’t care for after their interviews.

    3 tofus to me for getting it so wrong! LOL

  6. They need to back door Audrey and get the house back..the longer Audrey stays in there she WILL be running the house and everyone will b her puppets. .just saying

  7. I know this won’t be a popular comment, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone who is rooting for her, but personally I find Shelli to be so fake. I think she’s angry with Day for not exposing their all girls alliance and using the save on her the first week. And also because she knows that Clay can’t stand Davonne probably because she looks different from the rest of the house. Also, she knows Davonne is not good at competitions and thus she is eliminating a person based on resentment, severe dislike/prejudice, and because she’s an easy target who’s virtually alone in the house. Once Davonne is gone (whom I do not like as a player) I suspect the house will scramble and even more arguments will arise as, with the exception of Audrey (who BB is going to likely save), they will no longer have a common enemy in Davonne.

    As for Becky, as long as she doesn’t discuss someone’s racial background what does she and her family have to worry about? Not discussing race isn’t really that hard. Nor is it really necessary.

    • You lost any credibility when you said: “Clay can’t stand Davonne probably because she looks different than the rest of the house.”

      • Wasn’t looking for your credibility. That’s my opinion. And based on Clays remarks on black peoples skin colors and what his preferences were, his racist tweet that was exposed on another former I formed my opinion. Clay said those things not me. Since he is now decided to be a public person he’s made the decision to have his words and actions scrutinized and judged.

      • K. Well I’ll be forming my opinions on the actual actions of a person, and not a comment they may or may not have made. Clay was close allies with her from the start and due to drama they became enemies. But Clay has been a genuinely friendly guy on a personal level. He was BFFs with the transgendered HG for goodness sake haha

      • What does Clay and Audrey’s relationship have to do with Davonne? If you dont think what Clay says in the house and posts on his Twitter account dont reflect on what he thinks then that’s your opinion and I feel the opposite. If you’re a fan of his and chose to ignore his faults that’s fine too.

        Again I don’t like Dayvonne as an individual and I am not rooting for her but I am able to view situations and people objectively.

        I’m rooting for Steve, John, Jackie, Jeff or James.

      • I’m not a Clay fan but not for the reasons you spoke of. I haven’t heard about any of that and hope it is a bad rumor. Any proof?

  8. Shelli’s nomination is based on emotion because of the fall out between Day and Clay whom she is trying to forge a romance with, she is also upset because Day did not save her the first week, I agree with Terri’s post. I thought Clay was a stand up guy but after the spat with Day, he has lost his credibility, he was caught lying and what did he do, he attacked Day and showed his true person, a hot head showing a machismo bravado to a lady, talking down to Day as to who is she to challenge him after he was caught lying.
    Clay is another McCrea, a punk tying to hide by using Shelli as his shield, hey dude play your game and don’t disrespect other HG’s. DaVonne need to keep her temper in check and find some trust worthy people to align with. Now, it’s up to the nominees to fight hard to get off the hot seat, good luck to each and every one of them, so far, I am rooting for James, Jackie, Meg, one of the twins and Vanessa.

  9. now jeff is a Player! a really good one!
    Clay does not know how to keep his mouth shut
    austin a good egg
    john is a sleep wake up
    steve (scary guy)
    jason not a nice person
    James <<PIG!!!!!!!!!!!
    shelly grown up he way to young for you you need a man not a boy
    becky now she can play this game
    Day, she a stupid girl with a Big fat mouth
    audrey Let not go there what a MORON
    LlZ & julia Loved them two
    Vanessia playing a good dame
    Meg adorable remind me of christine from last year
    Jackie .;look like a slut with her boobs alway hanging out
    she riding on jeff coattail
    do I hear victoria

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