Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 36 — Vanessa Again Makes Our Heads Spin

It was typical Big Brother 17 on Sunday as the houseguests continued to do the opposite of what everyone else would be doing. And in typical CBS fashion, they once again got confused about what fans of the show want and invited back a “past houseguest” to present a luxury prize.


We pick up during the Head of Household competition and it’s looking like it’s going to come down to Austin, Vanessa and John. And then Vanessa takes the lead and never lets go. Vanessa wins the competition, which means it’s going to be another week of looking for reasons to nominate and spouting out how much integrity she has and just how evil of a person she’s not. Oh boy.

Oh, and Liz decided to go for the luxury prize during the competition and promised to take the person who wins HOH. So Liz and Vanessa will be going a luxury trip.

So Vanessa, who probably didn’t have to win HOH, now has to pick a side since she’s in the middle of two alliances. Steve, being Steve, is all excited thinking he’s safe this week, but will that be the side Vanessa goes with? We’ll see. Meanwhile, Liz is scared.

It’s time for Vanessa to start looking for her reasons. So she starts her “fact-checking” crusade that includes (for lack of a better term) bullying tactics. She likes to start her conversations with “don’t lie to me.” It’s just the kind of paranoia-fueled attitude that make Vanessa unpopular with a lot of people. No one understands why she’s so abrasive and crazy-acting.

Steve delivers Vanessa some news that seems to put Liz in her crosshairs so it’s time for Vanessa to go grab Austin by the balls a little. In typical Vanessa form, she’s all over the place and has me and probably half of America ready to throw something at my TV.

Next up is Johnny Mac. Vanessa asks him what Austin and Liz had planned. John tells her that Austin said he wouldn’t put him up and that he made a deal with Austin (which Vanessa told him to make) and she acts like she doesn’t remember. So now she has a reason to put just about everyone up, so who is she going to choose? She’s going to just “go with her gut” like she always does. And it’s always wrong. Ugh. It’s always so painful when Vanessa is HOH.

Vanessa decides to go with Austin and Liz, the showmance. She tells Steve she’s going to strike at John and he tells Vanessa how stupid she’s being. Steve, being Steve, still doesn’t realize that he never should have trusted Vanessa and he still isn’t aware that he’s as in danger as John is. Even after she basically refuses to give Steve a hug. For someone who claims to be “not evil,” she sure is hard to like as a viewer.

So it sounds like Vanessa has her decision made, can we please move on to something else? Oh. One should always be careful what they wish for. Looks like it’s time for Liz’s luxury trip and I’d rather go back to watching Vanessa talk in circles looking for a reason to nominate two people.

A “former houseguest” shows up to take Liz and Vanessa out of the house to a concert by a “current pop star.” At that’s enough on that part of the episode. Let’s get back to the game of Big Brother.

Since the editing wasn’t as creative this episode, it comes as no surprise when Vanessa decides to nominate John and Steve for eviction this week.

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  1. I do wish Julia was in the house so she would have gone with Liz instead of Vanessa. Both Ariana and Frankie are extremely obnoxious and he made sure to steal a few minutes of the spotlight and attention while he was there.

    • All I could think of when they showed Frankie and Ariana in the same shot together was that video on the news a while back of Ariana in a public bakery licking and spitting on doughnuts.

      • And hating America! Bringing her on the show was pretty low for bb. I was hoping to see maybe Derrick since he was last years winner. Funny, I only started watching bb at the end of last season but I love it!

    • I had no problem with Ariana. Then again, I didn’t have to watch Ariana throw sparkles around and cry for an entire season.

    • I liked Frankie last season but never expected him to seem to be so Richard Simmons like, it surprised me. I’m also not a fan of his sister and thought that was a waste of time although Liz looked great as a redhead!

      • lol. That is exactly who he resembles, Richard Simmons.
        Frankie is a clown and all he does is for attention because he wants to be famous. He has fans from his youtube shows and some who watched him on BB, but he is ridiculous and hopefully all he’ll get is 15 minutes.
        His sister won’t last either with her stuck up attitude.
        Liz did look cute with short red hair, but better as a blond. I think Vanessa looks better with darker hair.

  2. I only watch eviction night….Hubby came up from the man cave and said he was sick….I asked why…he said “They brought Frankie back”..LOL LOL LOL

  3. Oh thank heavens for DVR. I am so glad I recorded this show. I made it thru Vanessa’s constant ranting and raving and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse ….. IT DID!!! Holy Moses Frankie was beyond annoying, he was totally obnoxious!! I was incentivized to fast forwarded it right thru that crap!

  4. Immediately turned off when I saw Frankie the Clown. Why does BB bring back people the fans dislike? Frankie and Jesse???? Ewwww

    • As bad as Frankie is, seeing him come through the door – after listening to 30 minutes of Vanessa ranting and abusing the other houseguests – Frankie was almost a breath of fresh air. If it wasn’t already so late in the year, I’d bet that Vanessa’s getup and Frankie’s hot pants would be hot Halloween costumes this year.

  5. I’ll never understand why these people tell Vanessa (aka the blank staring, duck faced bully) ANY info. They spill their guts to her. This group of house guests must be idiots bc they act like they’ve never seen BB before.
    And Frankie?! Omg. I think most BB fans dislike him– bring someone else back that we actually enjoy watching.
    I can only hope Vanessa goes next week and Austin doesn’t truly stick to a F2 with her!


    • I know it’s amazing… loved JMac “I gave her the old reverse the reverse psychology” then he’s spinning his hands around all over like that’s Van brain. And he stares right at her, she’s so freaking confused after talking with him.

      When he gives it to her straight she says why would you tell Austin that? He’s like “you told me to go make a deal with him so we could trip him up, don’t you remember?”. Van: “Huh? No I didn’t, wouldn’t, what are you talking about?”. Then BB show her exercising talking with JMac & telling him exactly what he just told her.

      She’s lost it, she can’t keep it all together, she’s not as smart as she thinks and she lies so much she can’t remember it all but she thinks she does.

      • Very true. If you want to be a good liar, you have to have an excellent memory. Vanessa is so paranoid all the time, and she over-analyzes everything so much so that her brain can’t possibly remember all the lies she’s told and to who.

      • Let’s consider the paranoia and the lying and the bullying and the lack of self-awareness that Vanessa possesses and perpetrates here for a moment. It seems that the truth of things can be so threatening to her that her mind has to reconstruct things as a reflex to mitigate her paranoia. Perhaps directing JMac to make a deal with Austin, something that made sense at the time, is now regarded by Vanessa as a bad thing, and her disordered narcissistic personality has to invent a different history for her to contain her paranoia.

        Has Vanessa ever admitted to lying, to another houseguest or in the DR? I don’t believe she has. She may not be able to admit that she lies because she is gravely disconnected from being able to process information that is threatening to her. She turns the screws on anyone she suspects has been disloyal to her, and in so doing she has insulated herself through her bullying from having others confront her. When the threat is a thought or an idea, she can’t very well bully what is in her brain so she reflexively constructs a new history.

        I believe the science relating to multiple personalities tells us that traumatic events can emotionally overwhelm a personality to the extent that another one is adopted on the fly to be able to survive the event(s). Perhaps Vanessa cannot abide threatening information and thus has to invent new narratives to be able to quell rising paranoia.

        JMac is befuddled by Vanessa because he sees that she has a pathology that cannot be explained by game play and is disconnected from rationality. Maybe the houseguests don’t confront her because they don’t see anything to be gained by it. In addition to positioning oneself in her crosshairs, a confrontation does no good. She’ll just start crying and descending into a victim narrative and blame the confronter.

        I’m telling you, Vanessa is a cracked egg. I started to reassess her after her first HOH and then the way she set up Jeff in the bathroom. Not being able to process reality and creating new reality such as we saw with JMac would seem to indicate that egg is not just cracked but scrambled.

      • Thanks for your insight. Good post. On the contrary (about her lying), all she ever brags about is what a straight shooter she is and how she would never lead anyone astray. And every time someone makes a decision – and for some unknown reason feels the need to run it by her – she comes back with “well, I’ll let you do that on three conditions …” and the other person buys it (or now, lately, at least pretends to). Who on earth does she think she is … *letting* someone make their own move and, on top of that, insisting there be three conditions?! That kind of narcissism is just way over my head. I just can’t relate to that at all.

      • I agree and its so manipulative! It makes me so sad to think about how all of those dopes will feel when they get out and watch the season for themselves then they’ll look at her fancy house on you tube and they’ll go back to their everyday lives and spend the rest of their lives in awe that they gave their one big chance away to little miss money bags. This has been so hard to watch.

      • She possesses every symptom of mental illness. Borderline dissociative identity disorder. From her ability to completely distort reality and convince herself of her own lies, to her manipulative persuasiveness, to her manic bipolar mood swings. She’s the first BB guest who is truly mentally ill. And it might just help her win the game. Which is possibly the reason why the producers are trying to change the odds this late in the season. It’s hard to watch at times.

      • She possesses every symptom of mental illness. Borderline dissociative identity disorder. From her ability to completely distort reality and convince herself of her own lies, to her manipulative persuasiveness, to her manic bipolar mood swings. She’s the first BB guest who is truly mentally ill. And it might just help her win the game. Which is possibly the reason why the producers are trying to change the odds this late in the season. It’s hard to watch at times

      • I wondered about that too. Whatever is going on there, she’s a hot mess!! I just can’t believe she’s still there… sad….

      • WOW! Brilliant dissertation on a complex topic of human psychology and it’s applicability to V. You made it understandable … BTW: Are you a professor or instructor?

      • I am neither. I have an older sibling whose NDP has pretty well alienated himself from everyone in our extended family except for our mother, who is co-dependent with him.

      • Vanessa shows classic signs of mental illness: neurosis, psychosis, narcissism, distortion of reality, schizoid personality, high intelligence, mania (extreme emotional swings, bordering on bipolar depression), manipulative psychopathy, OCD, obsessive compulsive analysis of situations, lack of conscious, lack of empathy or compassion. That’s why she’s lasted this long at a game that favors lack of self awareness and moral compass. She would have been a great lawyer. But I can see why she became a poker player, it was easier.

      • I thought she was a DJ? Yea, I know… how has she avoided telling anyone she’s a pro poker player yet has offered HGs to parlay their winnings, at least to Austin she has. Almost missed the lawyer reference and remembered she studied for that… maybe she was having problems at that time figuring her sexual preference.

        Btw, that’s an excellent diagnoses, tell #TeamVanessa. How many times has she said “I never said that”, then BB shows the earlier scene where she did say it. Don’t know why the other HG doesn’t say “you’re lying to me”, she does that to them during interrogations.

        I would love to have a convo w/her after BB and let her try to interrogate me.

    • Yesssss I’m with you. But if jmac don’t win then i want Austin to win don’t shoot me but it’s true.

  6. Vanessa chose the showmance over Steve and John but as we already know, John saved himself from the block and now Judas is on the block and soon hopefully out the door ! #praying

    • I dunno, I think for John, it’s not that simple. He has said he’s thinking about the endgame now, and going with that, this could be a hard decision. With Steve / Van, he has an easier shot of getting to the end, but a nonexistent shot at winning it all. With Austin / Liz, getting to the end will be harder, but if he can pull it off, he actually stands a chance at getting the 500k.

      There’s not as much of a clear cut “right” and “wrong” move for him.

      • John has a better chance than you think at the end. He’ll be the first returning juror to make it all the way to F2, but that’s only if he can get there. So, yeah, he’s stupid to team up with the showmance rather than stay with Van and Steven, as at least one of them would probably take him if he played his cards right.

      • I agree…there are lots of ways to go. I think a good way to go if all the cards fell into place would be JMac/Steve/Liz. The only way to do that is to get Austin out and hope Vanessa doesn’t win the next veto.

      • Murphy and Bay, he decided this the second he was put up with steve. He was pissed at V for the final time and tired of her. Remember he said I know I’m the target.

    • Van has tiebreaker so Steve should be going out the door. Van is exposed next week and should be on the block but if she wins that veto then she has all power

      • I also like Jmac and Steve. Van gives me a headache. I’ve been watching BB since Chicken George and this year rants as one of the worse 3.

      • Wash his feet… that’s hilarious. You see his head the most, what about his hair & beard and that goofy a$$ pony-tail beard?

      • Whenever he’s in bed you can see how black the bottom of his feet are. I laughed so hard when BB called him out for not washing his hands.

      • I bet they never do their laundry, either. Probably been using the same sheets since they left the HOH bedroom.

      • Damn! Once in three months. Kind of hard to not get the message when you push the covers back and they stick.

      • Didn’t think about that
        Your right
        I wonder how Liz is going to react when she gets home and has to face up to her and Austin behavior on TV

      • Well, that would depend on how “the perfect daughter” lives her life at home. Could be she’s actually toned it down for national TV. I’d hate to think, but heck, who knows? Julia’s told her she’s afraid Liz looks like a sl*t on TV, so maybe they do have more decorum outside of the house.

      • My guess is they stripped the HoH bed sheets and put them on their HG bed downstairs … Have-Luv-Stank-will-travel!

      • Lol!! And his hands! Once while he was trying to win Liz over he ate a big green pepper just like it was an apple then he ran his hands through his long hair, beard and mustache, piled his trash on the plate, pushed it aside and proceeded to touch Liz! I could almost smell him from here!! My grandma would have said ye Gods and little fishes!!! Lol!!

      • You’re right about that next PoV, Van can’t play for HoH but she may HAVE to win that PoV to stay in the game.

        I doubt Van has to be the tiebreaker with Liz & JMac voting out Steve.

      • As much as I’d hate to see Steve leave (with all the plans he has going forward), at least if both Liz and JMac vote him out, that takes one more decision out of Vanessa’s hands.

      • Someone in an earlier thread said it would be interesting to see Jmac use his vote to intentionally create a tie; V will have to shoe her hand to break the tie. Can you imagine what a tailspin that would cause in her head?

    • I think Steve’s leaving… got check the vote if one comes out the majority will pick Austin to leave so that means Steve leaves. LOL.

  7. Vanessa was playing so well and made the biggest mistake of her game – winning HOH at F5! I don’t know what she was thinking. Austin wins – three of them agree to take out Steve. JMac wins – they continue to knock out Austwins. More importantly – she’s plays for HOH at F4 and F3.

    Now – all power removed from her. Jmac controls vote, and controls HOH (try to win or throw it to Austwins). Vanessa has to watch from sidelines. She gets nominated, and Austwins are crazy to take her to F3.

    Funny to think an HOH win cost her the game.

    • Yeah that’s what’s going to cost her the game, not her lying and all the interrogations, bullying and the fact she can’t keep up with her lies. Maybe it was her paranoia that make her win that HoH. She’s made a few mistakes and the stupidity of some HGs have let her slide by them.

  8. If production has anything to do with this they are not going to let Vanessa go to the end she does not need the money and also I was thinking what if JMac goes to the end he will be the only player that was voted out then came back and win it all if he doesn’t at least he will win favorite house guest.

    • James is my choice for Fan Favorite… and I don’t plan on changing my mind…JMac is not that likeable and his social games sucks all round..

      • I agree..what is so great about him? He does not play the game follows along..granted says some good lines that are entertaining but he does not deserve to win. Noone does..hate to say it only Van does…not many options left. How exhausting this year has been. Why can’t they STOP telling Van everything she does not disclose it to them…

      • 1. He’s able to stay out of the drama
        2. He’s good at bluffing (saying he’d throw the veto but ended up winning)
        3. Tends to make funny remarks whether in the diary room or in the house
        4. He’s able to become everyone’s friend

      • I agree. He’s also won when he’s had to. Like winning his way back in, like winning this POV when he would of been gone. Also he didn’t have an alliance to protect him. He’s basically played by himself. If he makes it to fînal 2 he deserves the win I don’t care who he’s against.

      • He’s been underestimated the whole time in the house. Against any of HGs left in F2, he can win easily.

      • I loved James and is my fan favorite with Jmac second. At least they wash there hands when done in the bathroom

      • Me too! I lost all respect for johnny mack and Steve when they passed up a good fighting chance by voting meg out. She was harmless and that was a good spot to even out the chances.

    • I think that if production has anything to do with it, it was only about getting her name out there and not about the win or the money, her future is set without bb. I still think she should have been on celebrity bb if it was on the up and up. Who knows for sure.

  9. So bad I have spent the last 2 weeks watching BB seasons 2 and 3… Now it’s looks like it’s time for season 4… Even Julie was more enjoyable back then…Enough said…

  10. Vanessa sure has helped California in their desperate drought. With all of those tears, Cali should be drought free.

    • “I swear on Mel i’m telling the truth” vomitfest. she’s disgusting. won’t be watching her show poker face. gag me me with a spoon.

  11. I not a fan of Jmac…I hate the way he’s always screaming when he speaks…to me there’s something off about him…I was hoping he was going home…would hate to sit in a dentist chair listening to him and his snorting sounds!!

      • Most Michigan fans have a saying.. ” oh how I hate Ohio State”

        I’m far from a Michigan fan, but i am not far from campus

      • Oh no I’m from Michigan. Haha nope hate Ohio State. Hoping this year we will get back to the great team we were under Bo and Lloyd Carr. Now that Harbaugh is back at Michigan!

      • I might move from Ontario to Scranton so I can have him for my dentist. He is the only houseguest left that seems to realize that after the show is over they have to live in the real world. Sucks to be the rest of them. Poor Steve, he got pulled in to this nightmare.

      • But Steve knew better…… one point he said he could hear his mother’s voice telling him to do the right thing but he didn’t…….. I said it before and I’ll say it again, he spent the chance at $500k to buy “friends” and for a smack and tickle with Julia (which I found creepy and scary at the same time).

      • I said poor Steve because he has an obvious social disorder (and that’s just one thing) which he apparently confided to Vanessa, and he was trying to get beyond that by going on the show in the first place. Vanessa, who knows better, uses that and has exacerbated his problem…and with all the house restrictions it has given him no escape and she continues to emotionally abuse and bully him. The show should be careful who they cast. The producers know how tense the show can get but the houseguests, even the super fans, really don’t know what it’s going to like in there. If Steve gets any worse he will end up in the hospital. It’s a serious thing…I’ve worked in mental health. BB needs to be careful…these are real people. Once the casting was done and the game underway, BB should have told Vanessa that she was not allowed to be emotionally abusive, just like she was told that she couldn’t buy herself into the winning circle (a fine line if you ask me).

      • I must have missed that. He is very high strung and I heard him say that he and his mom have been bb fans since he was a child, that’s a lot of pressure on him. I don’t see a good outcome for him when he plays it back once he gets home. I do wish him well tho and I hope he gets much needed support from friends, family and bb. This was a tough one to watch and van and the twins seem cruel and heartless to me. After reading the above from you, I will ditto your “poor Steve” but I’m still disappointed. Thanks Murphy!

  12. Is there any site that follows the HGs once their off the show and learning how they were perceived by America? I’d love to see the reactions on Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa’s faces when they realize that they were, for all intents and purposes, the “villains” this season.

    • I can burst the bubble. Austin will wave it off literally with his hand. The twins are hot girls so they will get 100 x the attention from gius in Miami so they will make the best of it. After all look at the nasty Kardashian and Paris. Did the nastiest filthy estate act recorded and distributed and became 100 as damois. Welcome to the new world people. SociaTy is destroyed by media,tech and more so it won’t matter.

    • Try the Big Brother Sucks forum. They keep up with all the tweets from former HG’s and follows them after they leave the house.

    • Austin is only one who would actually care. He wants to be an entertainer and is really thinking he is adored and is hoping to get wrestling jobs and potential wrestling fans out of this. Liz and Julia will think everyone is just jealous of them. Vanessa was probably horrible all along so being disliked is probably nothing new for her.

  13. Two comps with two big targets came down to 6-1 odds. James and Austin and they both escaped the improbable in the veto comp. Next week when Vanessa is nominated imediately by Mac, Austin and Liz, she has 3 against 1 odds on winning the veto. If production doesn’t bs around, potentially again, I don’t see this happening again and I do see her ass axed. Then I’m placing Jmac as Brad Pitt from Fury, facing imenant death and staying with the tank. Cap going down with his ship. Total respect. Austin, Peterpan and Liz Dorothy and the wicked witch smashed into 1 person. Good luck.

  14. Besides Vanessa’s paranoia, the once in a lifetime opportunity was not one at all. Why would two grown women want to watch a teenybopper jump around on stage? Especially one who hates America. Steve probably would have enjoyed it because the hug from Ariana is the only girl action he’s ever had. What about the NFL experience for last year. CBS should change the tag line from this season to expect the unexpected to expect absolutely nothing!!

    • Don’t see how Ariana can hate America since she was born in America,she’s young and young people often say stuff they don’t mean. I know i do.

      • Too bad her mother didn’t Barbeque her little butt when she was younger; maybe she wouldn’t be so rotten now.

      • The reason I asked was because I don’t remember seeing you here before and I wondered how long you had been posting comments here since I haven’t noticed you before the past few days.

      • A quick little pop on a bare leg with a wooden ruler gets their attention if their butts are too padded.

      • Ha! I can remember my mama hitting me on the leg with a fly swatter when I was misbehaving – that sure got my attention and I promptly got the message.
        How have you been K? I wonder if BBAD will be on tonight?
        Who do you want to go next Austin or Steve?

      • I want Austin to go so I will no longer see him or Judas in the house, and of course, so he doesn’t win. I want Steve to go because I think that will screw with Vanessa’s plans and mess with her head. What do you think, Foxfire? I respect your opinions even when you are hatin’ on my man James and lovin’ on my not so fav Shelli. hehe:D
        BBAD is scheduled for 11-2. I guess they’ll show something but I’m not sure what it will be. I hope to be watching the insides of my eyelids. And thank you for asking. I went to my parents 3 times today and my Dad felt better the 3rd time, but never know about tomorrow. I’m just so happy that we live 2 miles apart and I can be there everyday and prn.
        Hope JMac wins HOH, if not, according to who goes out next week, I’m not wasting any more time with this season. I know you can understand that.:)

      • Ha! Too bad we couldn’t agree on James but I’ll never forgive him for not getting rid of Vanessa when he had the chance. :D
        At this point I just want what’s best for JMac’s game so both of them need to be leaving soon. It would be nice to see Austin walking out the door though.
        I’m not sure I can continue watching either if Vanessa makes it to the finale – so tired of her.
        Great news about your Dad, that should perk both you and your mom up a little bit. Hopefully he’ll continue to improve.
        Hard to believe BB is almost over for another year and I’m ready to watch Survivor next.

      • I’ve watched every year. Second season winner,Tina Wesson is from Knoxville, and from everything I’ve seen and read about her locally,she is a very nice person. She wrote an article that I read a few months ago, it was around Mother’s Day, mainly about the affect losing her son in that car crash had on her life. There has been some heartbreaking events in the lives of a few of these contestants.
        Hope Survivor is so good this year that it helps make up for this lackluster season of BB.

      • There’s always one houseguest that gets your goat every season isn’t there? Even though I don’t understand the James love since I didn’t dislike Clelli, there’s obviously something I’m missing since so many do love him. I think he’s a good guy in real life though.
        Are you going to be commenting on Survivor this season? I’m rooting for Terry and Spencer and I like Keith’s humor for some reason. He’s kind of like JMac, doesn’t know he’s being funny but he still makes me laugh.
        That was so sad about Tina Wesson losing her son, I always thought she seemed like a genuinely nice person too.
        How’s allergy season your way? I haven’t even recovered from the spring allergy season yet and now I have fall to look forward too :D
        They’re crop dusting the cotton crop with pesticides so that also aggravates respiratory problems here.

      • October through December it would be impossible for me to comment. With everything else, I hardly get time to enjoy the holidays. I must need to be a better time scheduler or something. I haven’t even checked my email in days.
        I watched the finale to last season, and I remember the live announcing of the contestants for this season, but I’ve slept since then. I haven’t taken the time to refresh my memory. Maybe I’ll get the chance to do that soon.
        Ragweed season has been really miserable for my husband this year. Funny, not funny, not 5 minutes before I saw your post, he got a package in the mail; 3 each of two different types of nasal sprays, generic Astelin and Flonase. Hope you get some relief soon.

      • I’m retired so I have plenty of time to devote to Survivor, probably too much time :D. Is there some reason you’re so busy in the fall? I don’t know if you work or not but when I was working I didn’t have time for too much TV either.
        I lived in Georgia for a short time and those short needled pine trees were pure havoc as far as allergies go. I’d never been around those kind of pine trees before and had a major reaction. I hope those type of pines aren’t prevalent in the Smoky Mountains too.

      • I never said what she did wasn’t wrong. I’m just stating that she can’t hate america cause she is american.

      • Hey Mel, I’m not sure if your last sentence meant, YOu are young too and say stuff you don’t mean … But no matter the age, all of us say stuff in our lifetime and wish we could unring that bell. But specifically to your comment, I don’t know why (people of any age) hate our country … Or hate their Canada, or their Germany, or their (fill in the name) … Rebelliousness? I know everything because I’m a teenager” is a common syndrome, but Arianna is becoming a raising star and her actions are disgusting and nearly unforgivable. I believe national news reported she was sorry, but I don’t believe; she doesn’t have the maturity to understand National Pride. Hey skank, visit Chad where the women’s breasts or legs are cut off after the woman is raped. The USA (and what I know of Canada), allow us to speak our minds, protest whatever cause we want to protest without being thrown in jail, etc. Just simple things that would get you killed like in, hmmmm, N Korea or the Middle East. (Note to everyone: Iam being very over-simplistic here and my point is we are NOT the shittiest country in the world – far from it. I know there are exceptions.). okay – staying on point … Ariaana can do her skanky thing thanks to our Constitution and Bill of Rights … Oh yeah, those ideals are still in place thanks to our troops today and for the lives that were given over history!!!! Who-ra. (oops, Matt, I kinda got off topic.)

      • First of all, i never said only young people say things they don’t mean. I’m young and i say things i don’t mean. I was just stating my opinion on the subject. Take it as you will but let’s not get carried away…

      • Hey M el: Thanks for your response … Thought my opening couple of sentences made everyone inclusive regarding “age” … And yeah, got kinda carried away. Guess I just saw the opening words about ‘young people (or anybody) hating their country … You are right … Let’s keep it lite. And maybe that’s why I need to lose a few pounds :)

      • Thanks, Margaret, I loved it. I feel many, not all, of our young people are not taught to be responsible but to feel the world owes them a living. What Ariana’s allegedly did was bratty, entitled, irresponsible, and dangerous behavior. Did I read where it was illegal because it dang well should be. I’d say we might find enough Freaky Frankie/Ariana haters(not the person, just the ways) that would be happy to pay for a one way trip for them to a third world country where no one is fat and she can’t lick donuts because there aren’t any. Take away their passports and belongings and tell them to eke it out. Wonder how long it would take before they broke?

    • I thought the same thing, why would 2 grown (but questionably mature) women want to go to a teenybopper concert. And for CBS to bring back the most despised HG from last season just shows they either have no read on the audience or just don’t care. The whole segment was boring and a waste of air time.

    • Agreed and bb should be ashamed for using the show to try and help Ariana drag her reputation out of the toilet.

  15. When Liz was told to pick someone to take with her did Austin point towards Vanessa or did I hallucinate that? It was the obvious choice to keep them in V’s good graces. Austin is definitely the puppet master, not trusting Liz to do much of anything. The crazy thing would be for her to win it all. If Austin goes she will either pick up steam or fall apart. I know JMac didn’t want to give V the power to decide who goes but I hope that doesn’t let him throw common sense out the window because of principles. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be JMac in a house full of whiney children even though as a dentist he deals with them every day.

    • He mentioned that he got stressed from the time Clay Bae was evicted and it’s been a downward spiral since then.

      • It was really obvious that he went down when Clay left, but like a grown up, he pulled himself out of it a couple weeks ago. He has developed the best relationships of all with everyone at a time when it counts the most.

    • Liz not only kept her word in taking her but she got Van away from Steu/Jmac from the day BEFORE nominations.

    • Could be that Austin was just completely uninterested in the “Grande Experience”. Imagine how difficult it would be to muster up any enthusiasm for that particular excursion.

  16. I can’t wait until next year, when BB mistakenly thinks anyone would be interested in Vanessa being a returning houseguest that takes the luxury winner to a World of Poker event.

    • No, they would invite Judas to take the HGs to a wrestling match starring himself fighting himself filmed in his momma’s basement.
      The event will be sponsored by Judas items sold on eBay.
      Or they would invite the twins to take the HGs for a cruise in the Playboy mansion.

  17. Watching Vanessa scamper about while babbling paranoiaedly about things said/done is amazing. JMac has lost a lot of respect from me if this ep’s edit was true. (In fairness to him maybe it wasn’t.) I can’t understand why he didn’t say: “You were on the exercise bike and I was in front of you when you told me to make a deal with Austin and Liz” when she told him she didn’t believe she said that. She’s really starting to fall apart. Price you pay, I guess, when you try to juggle too many balls at the same time instead of having at least ONE rock solid ally. -Special embarrassment? CBS being forced to promote Grande’s new perfume for the right to gain access to and shoot the concert. That was hilarious.

    • She was going to deny it either way. They are all incredibly passive aggressive this season trying to avoid the tear show. It seems he knew she was out to get him, so what’s the point. If he said everything she already knows, it would just “give her a reason” to start the tear show again. And I think he’s over it.

      • Gosh, a change of personality huh?
        I hardly know you at all now! (Not that I have known you better before but that’s beside the point hahaha)

      • Nope. None at all. If you’re wrong, you’re wrong and I was 100%. It was a stupid post on my part. I would’ve deleted it entirely but it was SO stupid it got countered by two people immediately. Fight when you believe in something but if you’re proven wrong, admit so.

      • I believe she was lying too.
        Anyway, after the disagreement those 2 had when JMac admitted he felt bullied by her JMac realized resistance was futile. Remember Vanessa following him around the house saying I never said that when he had caught her red handed?

    • Disagree with your comment about JMac. He did the smart thing, he called her on it but he didn’t push it. He is collecting information from her. Why would he risk alienating her? That is why he is the shrewdest game player there (whether or not he wins). He doesn’t lie to your face, he doesn’t have hissy fits, he doesn’t butt in to conversations, he lies in wait, listens and hopefully pounces. I watched BBAD last night and I listened to all V’s arguments for and against who should go this week. She brought up some very good points that JMac may or may not have been aware of and he can sort them out later. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  18. Austin says he’s never had a live mic on the show. He was hoping this next eviction would have it but then they realize it’s pre-taped.

    And I wonder why. There’s a reason why Julie won’t ask him anything on live tv. It’s Big Brother, not a Judas show.

    • He’s is king of the narcissists. It would be so cool if the tape got “accidentally” messed up and cut out on his speech.

      • I looked up his wrestling history and I didn’t see that he really has any. Not sure why he is considered a professional wrestler.

    • You would think Austin could take a hint that maybe he’s not real popular with the audience this season since he hasn’t been asked a question on the live shows yet.

  19. America’s Favorite should be the person who you would most like to have as a friend. That would be JMac…no contest.

      • Hello ksjb.i was reading your comments about Vanessa bullying and at first i didn’t agree but watching further i totally agree with you. She should be kicked out just for that alone i cus at my tv watching her in action. That’s not game play at all but i just don’t understand why these ppl let her do it .She is not the boss,or is she?

      • There are many who feel she is a bully and those who think not. All I know is that there have been occasions where, if I were in the shoes of a HG, I would have felt bullied. One of those times, JMac affirmed he felt bullied. I think others have felt bullied, also, but are unsure how they would be perceived by the fans if they mentioned it. That’s just my opinion, though. I’ll be anxious to see if any admit to it after the season has ended and they see how it has been a topic of discussion by BB fans many times.

  20. Austin gets evicted. Liz jumps up and down for joy. John wins HOH. Nominates Liz and Vanessa. Steve wins POV and doesn’t use it. Vanessa is sent to jury.

  21. As funny as JMac is to watch I don’t understand why the HG’s don’t appreciate his humor. If I was a HG this summer I think he would have me dying with laughter.
    I guess a sense of humor is not one of Vanessa’s many talents.

    • Actually to her credit she appreciates him more than the trio whatever. She can sort of understand his jokes.

    • I think JMac is funny as hell. He seems to be developing a relationship with Vanessa, I think to steam roll her. Maybe JMac was more interactive than we thought (although I always thought that down playing was part of his strategy)…with less houseguests now we see more of each one whereas before we saw the most dramatic ones. The cameras also have strategies which may have chosen to up play JMac sleeping rather than show him interacting. What we see is what they want us to see.

      • But when we do get JMac interacting, it is great! It’s like you can almost see the wheels turning and him thinking, this is nuts!

      • She knows if Austin stays, she has a 100% chance of being on the block next week. Numbers don’t lie!

      • Good one! (Not to be confused with Good & Plenty … Oh God no, not another scenario to add into the mix of percentages, numbers, odds, paradigms, galatical possibililities, universal quantum physics, OMG, Pluto isn’t a planet, and garbage day pickup changed from
        Monday to Tuesday in Van’s neighborhood. All of these things need to be considered when Van has to make a decision. Okay, I concede, M&m’s are the decisive factor.

      • I have a little bit of hope going on now that JMac won POV. Can our charming Irishman get lucky and win the next comps?
        When will we be able to find out who went home? The suspense is killing me. Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode of BB :D

      • I just watched it. I wanna believe this is true. I would rather have Austin go. Just watching them talk to each other They seemed believable.

      • The call I’m making is John would be wise, at the very last moment to aproach Austin, maybe even in front of Vanessa in hammock room and say “vanessa says she wants to make a big move and spent 2 nights 2 hours trying to convince me to bounce you. Then watch her reaction. Mouth open and then machine gun lies. Without vanessa there he tells Austin the same. He explains if he saves Austin all he wants is a promise to for Vanessa next the 3 of them. Then he has the 3 weaker favs to win all together and 2 bigger threats to win gone.

  22. 10:16 PM Vanessa wants to make a big move. Vanessa: “Let’s leave our mark on Big Brother history…” She wants to take down a big target and says Austin is that.

    I know what big move Vanessa can make and it will definitely leave her mark on BB history, if she self-evicts tomorrow and saves both Steve and Austin!

  23. I yawned through that entire episode. Between watching Vanessa drone on endlessly and harass people and Austin who thinks he is just fascinating in front of the camera it just seemed so slow. I also can’t stand Frankie or his sister. The cast this year is just boring. I want just 1 person to really say it like it is and tell someone, namely Vanessa, off.

    • I don’t think boring is the right word, but I’m not sure what is. Feelings and emotions about this year’s cast are too strong and too intense, and that doesn’t happen when something’s boring. Viewers don’t fall asleep watching BB; instead they get angry and frustrated, or extremely happy when something like JMac winning PoV happens all too rarely. Maybe annoying is a better word. I don’t know. Maybe boring is OK, especially when all we see is same old-same old from Vanessa.

      • I think it was boring when Meg and James were there. It’s pretty good now. I’ve liked JMac from the beginning and understood his game play, some people still haven’t got a clue, but he’s turned this game upside down. Everyone is playing everyone and the houseguests have very strong personalities and play completely different games so I’m always anxious to see what happens. Vanessa is interesting to watch (better than chess and pot ball). She is someone who certainly makes an impact and that is good to watch. If it wasn’t for her bullying, almost abusing, Steve (knowing he has a personality disorder) I would be ok with her game play.

      • For someone who has her own problems (the meds she takes aren’t for headaches) she certainly has no empathy or conscience. As someone who has problems myself I am more accepting and more compassionate of others than I was before…she should know better and for that and that reason alone I find her despicable.

      • I have found myself, off and on throughout the season, trying to relate to V in some way, and I was unable to until the day she had cramps and felt miserable. That I can relate to; sometimes cramps can be so painful they can be almost debilitating. But that’s no cause to start every interaction with someone with a finger in their face followed by “don’t lie to me.” That kind of intimidation is uncalled for, especially because with her, it’s always used offensively and not defensively. There’s just no reason for it other than she’s fueled by her excessive paranoia.

      • “A finger in their face” you say…better than a finger somewhere else.

        Seriously, you’re absolutely right.

      • Johns DR durring tonight’s show was great. He said the only psychology that works against Vanessa is reverse, reverse, reverse reverse psychology. Dead on ballz accurate. Great call. He went on to say that’s how you flip it on her. Her tired strategis that is. “Hopefully her head will explode”. More points for Mac.

      • I agree. I almost wish he was my dentist. I would look forward to my dentist appt. He is probably hilarious on the job.

      • I love watching Johnny Mac holding back his laughter when he’s talking to Vanessa. That smirk on his face that could change to full out belly laughs any second …and then we get him in the DR laughing his butt off. He is so on to her. For me, he is a total riot to watch. The rest, I am a bit indifferent about.

      • My feelings about this years cast are not all that strong though or intense, merely indifferent. In past seasons I had a favorite right away or people I couldn’t stand and wanted out. But this season, most weeks either person could go and I wouldn’t really care. I do find Vanessa highly annoying and its like you said, same-old same-old week after week. Why can’t just 1 person say what the hell Vanessa, you are nuts, knock it off. But instead they say nothing and go along with her. I have enjoyed parts of the last few episodes but not this 1.

      • Disappointing season for me as well. I have watched since season one..always had a favorite pretty quickly, every year..this year..I could care less who wins. Bring on Survivor and TAR!

  24. I kinda feel bad for JMac and Steve(but very little tho) because they are making the right alliances, but the Austwins and Vanessa are just to chicken to make moves. The Austwins and Vanessa aren’t even loyal to each other like the Bragade, their just chicken shits.

  25. Who in heavens name is the latest target for Jmac? Been gone and vanessas Aderol rants, well I just can’t follow nor read anymore.

    • You’re good. It’s confusing because they are playing each other and it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s fake.

    • Wow since i came on her i seemed to enjoy your post cause you articulate it so well. Now even your confused about these ppl.i don’t know what is real or as ppl have said or scripted. One thing im sure of is i can’t stomach Vanessa.

      • Funny and true. It was the most confusing day and night sunday. And thank you kindly. All I know for certain, is your spot on about Vanessa. I am foced to fast forward her bs every time now. She speaks no truth. Her lies are redundant and I like a pinch of morality in my turtle soup.

      • Yes. And i Look foward for your post i can see you on a segment with Julie Chen and giving her your thought. Your one of the best commenter on here. ;)

      • Thanks for your sincerity. Not to mention your ideas are good as well. Keep the mind presenting fresh insights. That’s what it’s all about. Ps if Jmac burns Vanessa today, I’m buying some knee high socks, straight up.

  26. The conversation Mac and Austin had in the bathroom on tonight’s episode was the most honest in weeks. Thier assessment of who they can and can’t beat is accurate. Vanessa knew it was hoing n on,wetter the conspiracy or her paranoia. This is why Jon has been yes manning her to death and going to get Stwve now and her next week he knows they will have all the power and he knows Austin no longer trusts Vanessa. Also he has a shotgun Barrell full of shells for Austin next week. He can tell him Vanessa wanted him out and to make a big move. Enough ammo to assure him in the final 3 with 2 weaker competeters. Yes weaker. Steve and Vanessa won the most and Steve knows all the answers to days and puzzles etc.

  27. The whole segment with Frankie was annoying. We were done with him when last season ended. No one cares about you and your half sister. Oh, and Austin talking to his other personality in the DR, its old and stupid. I’m still not sure why casting thought the Judas persona would be a hit for us fans. Hint to CBS – we hate it !!!

    • I was really curious if Liz and Vanessa were really fans of Arianna Grande. Liz seemed super excited about, and maybe meeting a celebrity is super exciting for her. No judgment there. If you haven’t met a lot of celebrities or been in that back stage situation, it is super exciting. But being a fan going in is another question.

  28. It was against my better judgement to watch last night, especially with Frankie being on. I must say,my favorite line came from Johnnie Mac ” The only psychology that works with Vanessa is Reverse,reverse,reverse. Then hopefully her head will keep spinning around until it explodes.”

  29. I’ve worked in the professional field of mentally disorder for 28 years and i don’t see Steve as being mental. I do think he may just be hypersensitive he needs to be liked and doesn’t want anyone to be mad.He’s so young and he knows how bb is.i don’t think he was really ready. He is very smart but gullible. I like him but him being a super fan should of been ready. Vanessa is a bully i don’t like it and shame on cbs if they planned this!

    • I believe that Vanessa has mental issues. Anxiety is definitely one of them, but Steve is just a dork who doesn’t know how to socialize and believes kissing up to be liked is the way to do it. I think he will take this experience and become more social when he gets out. Vanessa may have a nervous breakdown if she doesn’t win. She will probably spend the rest of her life overthinking why she didn’t win and what she should have done better. Lol. I’m just joking, but with Vanessa it is a possibility.

      • Nope i totally agree with you.some of my client act like Steve and Vanessa but they are super smart .Steve might need Ritalin to calm him down a bit but Vanessa she needs Jesus!

      • I wish
        I knew how to make a link to another’s reply, but Rick Thornton had a fantastic (and easily understandable) 5-paragraph entry regarding Van’s psychological state … It just made everything clear about her “psychosis” … I ‘m tell in’ you from my heart (not trying to be funny), it is Soooo difficult to work with people with psychological disorders; Steve truly is socially stunted and Van is probably suffering NDP. Please find Mr. Thornton’s entry … It really opened my eyes! BTW: although someone is ‘mentally ill’, they are NOT stupid! My mom was mentally ill, but boy oh boy, it took me and my siblings YEARS to realize she was really manipulating us! :) … Sound familiar?

    • I agree; I don’t think Steve’s issues are psychological, but more at socially stunted – and that can have a lot to do with early year development; I certainly have no certification in this area other than what I ‘ve been exposed to in my life. Having said that, I think he is intellectually brilliant – anyone read his very lengthy HOH blog? It was well written, thoughtful, intelligent – he even delineated all of van’s strategies, end games, who’s doing what, etc. He know’s what’s going on, he just cannot implement or react effectively with social skills. Did anyone notice how animated, relaxed, and intelligently well-spoken he was in this past Sunday’s DR? I’m thinking – hey you, where have you been this whole game? Well at least he got BB houseguest bucket list thing-to-do done in his early lifetime. BTW: There was something on Joker’s documenting Steve ca talking about him and John being F2 … It was almost like a Coach’s “rah-rah” speech to his team. Either Steve got an absolute confirmation he is not being voted out (wouldn’t dare speculate how/who/what brought him to that conclusion) or maybe he was working on Positive Visualization … Hey, crazier things have happened!?!

      • I love your post and i was thinking the same thing when i seen him in DR.I was like okay now your playing this game and maybe just maybe your playing Vanessa. Cause all these ppl can’t possibly afraid of this woman.

  30. I am not a fan of Ariana. After hearing about her hatred of America and the doughnut licking stupidity, she has no respect from me and neither does CBS for obviously endorsing her actions by their support for her. It’s a shame what these corporations will do for money anymore. They have no shame.

  31. So…I get it that people don’t like Vanessa I do. I’m not sure I understand the hatred all that much but personally I’ve enjoyed her game this season.

    One thing about her “reasons” for getting rid of people. She basically said in the diary room last night that it’s not that SHE needs a reason to want someone gone – she just wants justification for what she did in the end.

    The thing that DOES annoy me about Vanessa is allowing everyone to see her paranoia. I think the paranoia is because she a game theorist and every move creates more/different scenarios which makes her a little crazed. But maybe she intentionally lets everyone see how paranoid she is.

    • She is fake and has mental issues.
      She is a great player, but does it in an annoying way and many viewers don’t care for that. Manipulating people even if they allow you to do it is a form of abuse and she is doing it to those who she believes are weaker and will win this game. Derrick played his game very manipulative as well, but he was nice to people and never insulted their intelligence.

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