Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother 17 spoilers are in revealing which Houseguest won the Power of Veto competition today in Week 11 as this week’s nominees were hoping for a perfect scenario to make sure their trio could press on for at least one more week.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Everyone was fighting hard for this week’s Veto with such limited options for renoms should anything change while those on the Block were hoping to force just such a scenario. Find out who pulled off the win and what that could mean for this week’s HoH’s plans.

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results:

  • Austin won the Power of Veto!

Feeds returned to Vanessa in tears as she’s freaking out and trying to blame things on him, but Austin is holding his ground and told John he thinks Vanessa was trying to get him out this week. Yeah, maybe she was, but can’t now.

All remaining Houseguests participated since we’re down to the final six players of the Big Brother season so everyone had a shot at the Veto today. Jessie Godderz hosted the competition which was a repeat from BB15 where HGs spun and then had to bowl. It was in a knockout style and Julia challenged Austin per directions from Vanessa which has caused plenty of fallout drama and accusations.

Now that Austin will be using the Veto on himself Steve will have to put someone up and that’s most likely Julia unless there’s a crazy plan to get out Vanessa this week. Would Steve do that? Nah, probably not.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday afternoon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. This is good for everyone. Although, I cannot stand Austin, Liz leaving makes 100% more sense if Vanessa/Steve/John want to get to final 3. Liz has shown time and time again that she’s the most capable of the 3 and she’s the glue holding Austin and Julia together!

    There’s a chance Austin may take Liz off the block in hopes that he has the twins votes but Vanessa is one crafty player and Julia likes her way more than Austin. Now that I think about it, either way would be fun to watch :)

    • How taking off Lizzie equals to have twins’ votes if Lil Stevie puts Julia as a renom?
      Actually I really hope he’s that cocky and does that, so he can be evicted once and for all !!!

      • In his mind he think he can convince Steve to put up Vanessa which would keep the twins off to vote him to stay. I said “in hopes” as in if he were to use the veto on Liz he could get it to happen, it obviously isn’t going to though. Vanessa is way closer to Steve than Austin thinks.

    • Liz is the best competitor among Austin, Liz and Julia and it makes 100% perfect sense to evict her ahead of the next HOH. If Johnny Mac or Vanessa win the next HOH, they can put up Austin and Julia both on the block. Target should be to evict Austin.

      • Right! Without Liz, Austin and Julia have nothing connecting them and Julia goes straight to Vanessa so everyone would be against Austin which is the best target for next week for Vanessa/Johnny Mac/Steve to get rid of any competition left since Julia sucks.

        Vanessa/John/Steve make finale 3 and fight to the death with Vanessa winning because even though I love to complain about her she played an incredible game.

    • If he took Liz off the block he’d only have Liz’s vote because Julia would be put up as replacement.

      • I’m speaking in terms of what Austin would want to happen ideally. He said he could convince Steve to put John up to Vanessa even though he was going to convince him to put Vanessa up so in his ideal world Vanessa or John would have went up and he would have had the twins votes. In his skewed, delusion of a world he actually believed it could happen. But not anymore.

        This is obviously not going to happen because Steve is not that stupid! Although, John and Steve actually had a conversation contemplating whether or not to keep Liz?!?! Insane.

      • Not me, seeing as I didn’t think he would. He did contemplate doing it because he thought he could convince Steve to put up either Vanessa or John.

      • Yeh, but I was referring to Liz being delusional now that the scenario didn’t end up like that..LOLOL

      • Austin said time and time again he would do anything for Liz and that he just wanted to get to jury so I don’t see her as delusional as much as she was expecting it because of how he acted towards her and things he’s said time and time again.

      • She used to win a lot (4.7mil) not lately though. IMO she fell apart when she divorced her husband. She got a lot of negative backlash with him being sick. She has gone down hill since in playing and controling her emotions.

      • If Steve puts up Vanessa he would be the biggest idiot to ever play the game! I can’t believe that JMac actually told Steve that they should take out Julia instead of Liz! Is he really that big of a dumbass or someone please tell me what i am missing here

      • JMac has disappointed me too many times. I don’t think you are missing anything. It’s just another one of those “things” that caused me to become very disenchanted with JMac because I expected more from him than I did from others. I read where he feels Julia and V are closer than Liz and V. Not smart reasoning at all.

      • Thank you, his decisions have me thinking i am nuts. I want to root for him and Steve but man they are some kinda special stupid

      • It’s a shame when the pickins are so bad that you have to resort to rooting for those two. That’s just the way I feel about this season.

      • All I have to say is as long as Vanessa is in the house she will win it based only on game play .I don’t like the 7,8 alliance when you get down to the 5-8 people in the house it’s time to break ties that means getting out your strong players.I would only have a little four person ally.

      • It’s kind of like recent presidential elections – more voting against someone than for the other option.

      • Me too, I was rooting for him, back when Becky was still in and when Becky was going to BD Vanessa I switched to her. Then the next week (after DE) Becky got ousted and JMac went down hill from there. But heck I only got him & Steve now, Steve is rising b/c he finally seems like he’s ready to play.

      • We see eye to eye on that, G-Man. I don’t know which of us should be the more scared of that fact. :(

      • True, lol… I remember asking you IF you even watched the show. Hah

        But I’m sure over the course of the season I’ve said a few nutso things but this season has it’s share of Weirdos, I mean in the House.

      • Was that your sneaky way of calling me a weirdo, G-Man? lol It’s all good. I’ve really enjoyed your comments. I’m still thinking you might be the G-Man referenced in Austin’s HOH letter.

      • I did say “Weirdos in the House”, it’s in writing. Plus I probably wouldn’t enjoy your comments if you were a weirdo but I do.

        I’m still not aware of his letter, wonder if there’s a site that has the HoH letters. I have no wrestler friends and definitely no friend that wears a ponytail in his beard or has a beard. Though my son will grow one during deer season but no pony-tail.

        I totally recall Austin reign as HoH, Austwins & Van got lots of face time and Austy was in his glory showing off and lots of hump-time too.

      • I think you get my sarcasm by now and that is one reason why I enjoy your posts so much. It’s good to be serious when necessary, but life is too short, right?
        Seriously, haha, if I’m not mistaken, Austin said the G-Man mentioned in his letter was his Dad. I know something was posted on Joker’s about “G-Man”. I’m sure it’s a big coinkydink, but I enjoy messing with ya’. hehe

      • Probably the same reason for taking out Meg-anyone sitting next to her would automatically be eliminated because she’s not a threat.

      • Bill Dawson jmac is a dumbass and so is that idiot steve .did you see what julie Chen about steve for chicken out on voting out julia over meg

      • Well considering Steve and Bobcat goldthwait cant figure out the smartest move would be to get rid of Vanessa of course getting rid of julia sounds amazing…If the 3 losers were intelligent they would ban together and get Vanessa, Sasquatch and his whiney girlfriend out of the game….

        Vanessa has NO loyalty to them she just needs a loser to take to the end, so there is nobody to vote for but her…

      • I think most everyone will agree with you that Vanessa needs to go but i really question your timing. It’s all about numbers and it’s 3 against 3 right now. Why would you want to make it 3 against 2?

      • You have to remember that Steve can’t play for HOH so if you get rid of Vanessa it will all come down to John. 3 against 1

      • I know Vanessa is all over the board but they have put their self in a position of having to trust her for at least 1 more week

      • one more week and it will at least be 2 against 2 if they get rid of Liz this week and Vanessa next week or even another twin

      • He really IS that big of a DUMBASS! I thought he might be smarter than that but, again I was wrong!

      • Not a chance–not yet anyway. F4 or F3, absolutely–and I think he ultimately sends her packing. But it would be suicidal now, even if he could convince Austin and JMac to do it

      • I totally agree. I want JMac to win but I dont know. Would be interesting if the guys decided to form an alliance!!

      • Mac told Steve they could target Julia…He is the ultimate dumbs if he thinks that is the right move

      • I am not a Vanessa fan either but i would at least like to watch some gameplay here. If they don’t at least get rid of Liz then they will definitely loose

      • Well if Jmac took out JuliaVanessa may realize she needs to stay with Steve and Jmac well if they take out Liz that will bring Vanessa closer to Julia and Austin to where she may be more willing to take out Jmac and Steve

      • Ashley , i never gave what you said any consideration but you do make a good point although i firmly believe the best move is to take out Liz…..They are both nasty bitches

      • Exactly Ashley! Although I do agree getting Liz out is a big move and a good move, it may not necessarily be good for Johnny Mac, like you said. That was his sole purpose for wanting Austin out, he’s too close to Vanessa. So the other person she’s close to is Julia so of course Johnny Mac would want her out as well. He’s just looking at his odds of going further and with Austin and Julia still in there he knows he and Steve are expendable now.

      • And that’s exactly what JMac was talking to Austin about. If they get rid of Julia then next week Austin and Liz will target Vanessa. Vanessa will target Austin, Steve can’t play and JMac rides the middle. He’s not stupid like everyone thinks. He’s trying to stay safe with both sides.

      • What makes you so sure that Austin and Liz would target Vanessa? If Liz or Austin win HOH and they are much stronger competitors than Julia then Jmac and Steve will be on the block and 1 of them will be going if they don’t win the veto

      • Because of everything that happened today on the feeds. Austin knows Vanessa threw him under the bus to Liz. Steve doesn’t trust Vanessa and I think a lot of them are catching on to Vanessa’s game.

      • I hope you are right……It makes a lot of sense what you’re saying but i just don’t trust 4 with Vanessa against 1

      • He really said that? Wow that would be idiotic..I believe they will come to thier senses and take out Liz…it’s a long few days and I’m sure they will see that Liz has to go

      • Who really said what? I missed it…Austin didnT go to highschool, he didn’t need to and skipped it. He is not stupid he just didn’t have the experiences around students friends etc and doesn’t know how to act in many situations y o u or I would blink as second nature.

      • There is no universe where Bobcat even has a chance at winning unless the brain dead losers ban together and get Vanessa, sasquatch and his whiny girlfriend out and have a losers finale.

        the 3 of them really didn’t win anything, didn’t do anything and that is the exact reason why Vanessa wants to take Steve, Julia or Bobcat to the finale…

      • Alicia so you want jmac to win bb17 he is a joke of a player plus a cheater which production let happen when it should be shelli in the house not jmac the only reason jmac is in the house is because he I popular with the viewers as a game player he sucks and so does that idiot supefan joke steve

      • Amen. I’ve never seen witnessed heard about a bigger liar. Anywhere, really. Austin back against the wall pulled off a Jane’s 6-1 odds. Good for him. Now expose everyones true colorrsss

      • With her ex husbands death, the backlash from the divorce, and her not making any money, but still having all these expenses she is an emotional wreck. It makes sense, but she is still a bad person, so I don’t feel too bad.

      • How exactly do you know she’s a bad person? I don’t understand how you can judge a person you’ve never met.

      • I don’t. But it seems likely seeing how she has acted. How you act inside the house is similar to how you act outside of it. Also divorcing your husband after he is diagnosed with cancer is not the greatest move. I don’t know her personally but from what I have seen and read she is not the best person out there.

      • So staying with a person she didn’t want to be with because he was sick was a better move? Seems like staying in a bad marriage isn’t what a person fighting cancer should be dealing with.

      • So you’re saying Vanessa didn’t want to be with him and it was a bad marriage… we don’t know that do we?

      • Also would you like it if people judged you off stuff that other people who don’t know you wrote? I sure wouldn’t.

      • I would not mind at all. I would expect it both for people to like me and people to hate me. If I chose to go on national television where every single thing I do for 100 days was shown to the world I would expect people to judge me. Those judgements would also probably be correct.

      • I think she was 10 or more years younger than him, guessing but could be he said you need to start a new life, I’m not going to be around that much longer.

        Saw where he didn’t tell her of his cancer until the day of his surgery and she was headed out on a business trip which she cancelled to stay & be with him.

        Seems they did remain friends I read where she spoke at his memorial as did a lot of his/her friends.

        Now this is gleaned from the internet so who knows what’s true or not.

      • Bill is going by her actions in the house in case you didn’t know. However it is a game and in this game, you can’t really be too nice to everyone – you gotta lie, cheat and manipulate and she does that very well, but I don’t like her either. BTW Triston, you sound like you’re judging Bill for judging Vanessa (jus sayin)!

      • I agree about this house coz if I was playing this game I’d be manipulating each and every person lie cheat back stab, where in real life of I’m kind empathetic and caring but this is ultimately a game

      • My biggest issue with her is how she used intimidation and bullying to nice people like james. She even said to jmac that the cast this year are a bunch of wimps. I don’t care if she lies and goes against her word because that’s the way the game goes but she is still a terrible person.

      • It doesn’t mean anything to you or me, but Vanessa is the one who keeps bringing it up. And I didn’t know you could switch from being gay to straight and back again whenever you chose; I thought you were one or the other. But here’s she had a husband and now a girlfriend … I’d accept her saying she’s bi-sexual, but not gay, as she keeps claiming.

      • And how is any of this your business? geez that’s y i bought tried the feeds . This watching ppl on camera 24/7 didn’t interest me, except to hear hgs game play. So i watched before HoH, Veto and of course VTE. i have a wonderful real life wit family/friends. A fast pace career wit gr8 overtime opportunities. Frankly, i dont have time to watch strangers, then make rude comments/judgements bcuz whose completely that pathetic.

      • I’d say b/c Vanessa has said that it’s been tougher on her in the House b/c she is gay, said that to Meg I’m pretty sure… to me it seems that works well in her playing a victim so in a way Janet is correct, it may be she is a convenient lesbian.

      • OK, I get what you’re saying, G-man. I just couldn’t understand why being a lesbian mattered. I don’t get the feeds, so I miss a lot of things. I’ve never heard of a ‘convenient lesbian’ before. Still not sure why it matters, but thank you so much for the explanation! I appreciate it. :)

      • I answered. What’s up with you?You asked the.question I answered . Apparently not well enough for you. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Its not that big a deal.

      • Janet, I asked that question the 2nd time waaay before you answered me…Then G-man gave me an answer (see below)….I DID ask the question twice, But they mere many comments apart. It’s hard to read these threads in the real sequence in which they were made, because so many comment in between the original comment. Does that make sense? I’m sorry this turned into such a screwed up situation!

      • Being a lesbian I just wanted to point out that on Vanessa’s last HOH she badly wanted to see a pic of her girlfriend. Then I read about her being married and divorced. Not that I have to explain what I meant lol. Or not that I am judging either.

      • Thank you Janet, for helping me to understand what you meant. You’re absolutely right about not having to explain…but I do appreciate it. :)

      • I remember someone else commenting on this site saying that they’ve seen her play and she wasn’t very good….

      • Vanessa’s ex-husband got cancer after their divorce and they remained very good friends until his passing. That’s a fact! Don’t believe everything you read online

    • to answer your question, she is one of the best pro female poker players in the world. She doesn’t cry playing poker LOL it’s a very different situation!

    • I have watched poker on TV and Vanessa was a pretty good player. Her poker personna is sure not her as a BB houseguest.

    • Fake Tears.” Its a Big Game to her.” Sure let me Cry to the houseguest so That Way I Can Get My Way.” Boo Who. See My Fake Tears. Dream On Folks.” She’s here to Win $500,00 She’ll Lie To your Face.” And then turn around And Talk Behind your Back.”

  2. Does anyone think that Steve has it in him to put Vanessa up as a replacement ? I’m not sure because he is doing all that mumbling to the camera. I think he may have gone crazy or is this part of his game. We know that Austin will use the veto on himself.

    • Putting Vanessa up guarantees Vanessa goes home and the Austwins will be still intact because they would have the votes. Putting 2 of them on the block reduces their votes to just 1 vote. Julia has to be the replacement otherwise, the Austwins will win easily! Vanessa and Johnny Mac and vote to evict Liz and Austin’s 1 vote cannot save her. It also, pits Vanessa, Johnny Mac vs Austin, Julia for the next HOH. If Vanessa or Johnny Mac win the next HOH, they can target Austin next week for eviction.

    • She has a final 2 with everyone left in the house and she’s creating so much drama between everyone there’s no way I can see her going at this point. Even jmac who is supposed to hate her wants her in a final 3 with Steve! I hate her but I’m left rooting for her to win because despite everyone being on to her tricks she still manages to deflect attention to everywhere but her. She really is a genius at managing people

    • If not, he keeps the Austwins intact and it will be Austin, Liz and Julia vs Johnny Mac for the next HOH and both, Johnny Mac and Steve will be on the block and it is over for both of them! That is a pretty dumb move. Stick with Vanessa until you get Austin out then, go after Vanessa, right after!

  3. If they would have voted out JULIA on Thursday they wouldn’t be in this position now. I hope Steve realizes this now. Liz need to go.

    • If they would have done that, James would still be here this week! Lil Stevie or Vampire Dentist would have been evicted instead!

    • I’m sorry, I don’t see that it is a bad position. Steve’s goal was to break up the showmance. That’s gonna happen,(if you listen to Liz the romance is over) whether Julia is there or not

  4. How utterly dramatic, Vanessa threatening to tell everything she knows. Austin has veto, he isn’t going anywhere. How does she think that would help her? Of course, unless she…lies? Vanessa, lie? NEVER!!!!! I wonder if she is worried about the twins loyalty to her or worried about going up as renom, or both?

      • I still want them to break up the twins, i just said that because Vanessa deserves to be put up and paranoid cause it makes drama for the live feeds and i like drama.

      • If Vanessa is on the block, you strip one vote from that side. That would leave Johnny Mac vs Austin, Julia and Vanessa is evicted. The problem is the next HOH wherein Steve cannot play and you have Johnny Mac playing against the trio of Liz, Austin and Julia and problem and probably the end as Steve and Johnny Mac would be on the block.

  5. I might be mistaken but perhaps Van Van being upset must have something to do with the veto comp, Judas did something that really upset her. He did said that he’s overreacted but IT MADE GOOD TV! Yeah, everything is good tv for this guy!

  6. I’m sooo excited. this is gonna be so much fun reading all the updates and comments. I would think he’d put up Julia for the numbers, wouldn’t he?

  7. Its a shame so many have given up on the feeds. Because the blowup going on right now is GOLD!

  8. I hope Austin uses it on Liz thinking he has the votes to stay, but Julia, Vanessa and Johnny Mack vote Austin out. Oh won’t that be a shocker for Creepy Austin. I want him Gone!

    • as fun as that would be I doubt he’d do it, it sounds like Julia is pissed because he could of let her win and potentially save all three of them but he instead won and guaranteed his own safety, which I think is way smarter because I would not put it passed Julia to take out Austin instead of Vanessa. By his immediate demeanor he seems pretty solid on save himself and try to talk Jmac into saving liz this week.

  9. Remember when Jonny said that Vanessa will get into a fight with who she wants evicted, we’ll she is doing it and covering her butt at the same time. I sure hope Steve sees through her and puts her up!

  10. Good for you Austin! Stand up for yourself. Vanessa is a bitch, and she’s pulling that same stunt again. It’s ridiculous how often these people fall for it. Liz is really mad because he didn’t let JUlia win, or because he wont use it on liz? Really? He WAS going home!

    • while its rather early and it will most likely flop back and forth a thousand times, Jmac did just tell steve that they should keep liz over Julia because they know how tight Vanessa and Julia are and liz is on a “I hate Austin” mood at the moment.

  11. WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Julia will go up as a pawn and Liz will finally leave!!!!! I can’t imange Austin pulling a Brendan so adios bitchacho!

  12. Vanessa Logic: Yells at Austin for winning Veto, “You weren’t the target, you didn’t need to win it!”

    • I wish I did right now :( I’m afraid jokers updates isn’t getting it all. Maybe someone can later write down the exact convo.

  13. John tells Steve they should get Julia out instead of Liz. Some one call John to the DR before he goes messing things u this week please.

  14. Since there has been no game play this season, I do not care about it anymore. I just wanted to see Austin gone because I can’t stand him as a person. I guess Liz leaving isn’t bad either though, she and Julia aren’t much better…

  15. Either way if he uses it on himself (which he will) the twins will both be on the block and Liz goes home.

  16. Rofl oh this is just too good, Vanessa totally freaking out. Steve is looking at her like she has problems. can’t help her game at all, considering Austin is onto her and so are the twins, this is getting good.

  17. Now all my peeps are gone, I think it would be cool if Austin wins it all, without the twins. I never thought I would go with Austin!

  18. 3:37 PM Vanessa, tears down cheeks, talking speedily about how if they knew her life story & how much money she’s turned down to pursue art, and…

    Oh it must be really hard being worth $4 million and deciding to become a DJ. Cry me a river Vanessa! Professional poker players play well into their 70’s, she has another 40 years to make 10’s of millions.

    • except based on how she has played the last few years she would make $15,000 a year. Her fault, but she is not good anymore.

      • Absolutely if she is as smart as she says she is there are plenty of other options because her days as a poker player ended years ago

      • She hasn’t won over 4,000,000 I hear on a website
        And I will do a flashback
        When Zingbot was saying to Vancrit about she was playing a good game, did you see her like flinch or acted surprised or she was putting her hands on her face before Zingbot said is that good game the crying game then she forgot about it I can’t be the only one

  19. The best move for Austin is to take Liz off the block. If he does this he will be up against Julia. They will all keep him in the game because they will think he is a love blind idiot.

    If the 2 twins are on the block then Liz goes and Julia will flip over to Vanessa.

    • Really? C’mon. If he goes up he’ll go home, bottom line. They wont have any sympathy for him. They’ll use it as a reason to kick him out when they wanted to anyway.

      • you do realize that the only reason Austin was kept safe was because everyone though he was just looking for love. Saving Liz would just reinstate that.

      • Then answer me this- why did they want him out this week? Because they just figured out he wouldn’t use it, today.

      • Yeah I really do because think about it he is a big player that could win any purely physical comp if he needed to. They kept him causr they thought he didn’t want to win.

      • It’s a nice story, but n o. If he used it on her, he would go home. End of story. Unless some other big argument came out etc. Or Vanessa changed her mind.

      • That is suicide for Judas, and the reason to keep him is to reinstate that he’s looking for love?..Not at this stage of the game. lol

      • If Liz get evicted, you think he will volunter (as he said before) for the next one, so he can join Liz in the jury house ?

      • Maybe, but I hope not. I hope this week taught him a lesson, and maybe he’ll see how quickly people were ready to turn on him. Flashback to that week he almost got kicked out.

      • It’s easier for him to follow Liz, once she’s out. Right now I feel like he’s serious with the game. It seemed like he played hard to win the Veto. There’s a lot of angles he can work on for renom in 4 days.

      • Right..I know he likes publicity, but if he does that, that would be a terrible publicity. He starts playing the game seriously, maybe he can redeem know..

  20. Nessie the Monster may accidentally show too many cards here. Since she is playing both sides, I’m sure she is planning to go with whichever side wins HOH. And if she plays this wrong, she might not get a choice in the matter. So it will either be :
    Nessie, Austin, and one of the Twincompoops or
    Nessie, Steve, and JMac
    But if Nessie acts up, Austin could decide to go with Steve and JMac especially if Liz is the one evicted. That would leave V out in the cold unless she wins HOH.
    As long as a twin, Nessie, nor Austin win, I’m going to enjoy the wrestling matches coming up, courtesy this week of the one, the only….JUUUUUUDAS!!!!!!

  21. Jessie Godderz is the host. He is the reason why I watch Big Brother. I love watching him in Big Brother and TNA (wrestling promotion).

  22. Vanessa is more worked up than the nominees. All I hear is her distressed voice on all cams. lol

  23. Oh yes Julia did not win! One of the Austwins is going to jury this week!
    Why anyone would hope for a Van’s backdoor this week is beyond me… Cuz that would mean the 3-headed monster would go all the way to F3…

    • The absolute most idiotic move this season was allowing Julia to enter the house in the first place.

      • I think allowing Julia to enter is not as idiotic as James emotionally and stupidly voting out Shelli over Van when Becky was HoH. Since that disastrous move, his alliance has been picked off 1 by 1 until no one is left…

      • Smug Shelli being evicted was absolutely the correct choice for James and he did a great job getting it to happen. It was the best thing to happen this season, IMO, better than when Audrey was evicted. But we all have our favs. James just happens to be mine and getting Smug Shelli out meant I got to be entertained by him for a couple more weeks. Entertainment has been hard to come by this season. lol

      • I’m with you on that one! Who knew the same outcome wouldn’t have happened by either her or Van?

      • She can go next week. If the 3some is not broken up this week, they will become almost invincible…

  24. Steve still needs Vanessa because he cannot play for the next HOH. The plan should be still be to get rid of Liz. Put Julia next to Liz and evict Liz. The votes will be Austin, Johnny Mac and Vanessa. Johnny Mac and Vanessa will control the votes. Austin votes to evict Julia, while, Johnny Mac and Vanessa vote to evict Liz. Liz is evicted. It will be Johnny Mac, Vanessa versus Austin, Julia for the next HOH.

      • Seriously, Julia will stick with Liz because they are twins and sisters too. No way will she choose Vanessa over Liz if they were in Final 3. That would be dumb.

  25. Austin could be a little smart and save himself of the block, Steve puts Julia or Vanessa like the replacement nominee, and Liz (hopefully) it’s evicted.
    Or Austin could be very naive, save Liz, and Steve puts Julia like the replacement nominee, and maybe Austin it’s send to the jury house.

  26. Hey live feedsters! What was the context of Vanessa’s meltdown with Austin? Was she blaming him for not throwing the comp to Julia? Was V feigning a cry session to show ‘loyalty’ for Austin’s Angels? Or was it something different?

  27. Austin screwed up bad. Vanessa is trying to throw a target on Austin to breakup his team because she will jump to Liz or Julia for support. She probably wants Liz to go, because she can work with Julia to get rid of Austin. Austin was her target, but she could always play the, we were going to backdoor John. Anything to keep the target off herself. Finally, Vanessa wants to F2 with Steve, Austin or Julia. She really doesn’t care which because she can beat those three in the end.

  28. Big brother 17 is going to give me a heart attack! Can’t believe this mess.wth is going on.and watch Steve put up jmac. I can’t deal right now! Im going to happy hour this truly is the worst bb ever! !!!!!!!!

  29. Liz should tell him that she will marry him if he takes her off the block. Bet he would be stupid enough to fall for it.

      • I don’t get why they don’t like the showmance its just a cute as the Haydn and Nicole showmance from season 16 LOL

      • yep so the girl who is in love with the guy 10 years younger then her in like 1 week is better then the guy who is in love with a girl around the same age.

      • Clay and Shelli were not the least bit cute to me. I hope Clay has moved on for his and Shelli’s sake. She started being a little bossy mama to Clay. But if he is into that, I could tell by the way Smug Shelli was dishing it, that there would be lots more of it coming down the poop chute. But I would bet that Clay’s real mom has already put a Texas-sized wedge between those two having any future.

      • I’m anxious to see what happens when they first see each other after BB. Will it be love at second sight?

      • MmmmmmYEP. (Hey, Still think I’m a jewel?!: You’re a gem too, my friend! Thanks again for that comment.) How’s the hubby today? Wish I could help you juggle everything you’ve got going on right now. :)

      • He’s a VERY active person so you can imagine that he is already a little down in the dumps. He’s at that stage where I need to back away a little and give him space, but still be close at all times. I’m starting to go cook his favorite meal which will hopefully cheer him up a little. Then I’m going to my parents’ home for a short visit. Enjoy your day and thanks for asking. You are a the rarest of jewels. :)

      • Yeah, rotator cuff surgery keeps you down for a while…it sucks. I remember it well. Have a safe trip, my lovely friend! And don’t forget to take care of YOU. :)

      • atleast he is not instantly in love with a girl 10 years younger. Shelli if anyone was the weirder one.

      • Right, like Dr. Hickey. The whole letter was coded. I am surprised that BB let her have that letter. It was so clearly coded but I’m not sure Liz got it.

      • I think you were the one who brought the letter to my attention. Also, reference to her “ponytail” (ponybeard) was mentioned. Uhhhh…nope I don’t think Liz got.

      • Exactly, but Liz never got it. I don’t think there was any discussion at all about the letter.

      • I meant “got it.” Seemed to go over her head. She did read the letter more than once. Don’t recall any discussions either.

      • There was a peculiar statement at the end where Liz or Julia didn’t think would have ever come from their mother. Julia said, “that is not our mother!” or something to that effect.

  30. Liz: “The fakeness is real. Fake, fake, fake!” Not sure whom she was referring to…Austin or Van! LOL

      • Not the fish fingers again! My grandchildren love these tilapia fish sticks that I make. I will never be able to cook them without thinking about this and I will never be able to eat them again.

      • You smell it, too. Every time he is on my TV, I get a whiff of something, although I know it’s all in my head, it seems real. Austin appears…bammm, odor! Austin disappears…bammm, odor gone. I just can’t seem to put my finger on where I have smelled that before, but he triggers that memory odor. Ohhhhhhh, wait a minute!! There was this guy that use to come to our house to sell Avon. He always stopped at the neighbors house before coming to our house and seemed to linger there a while. When he got to our house, he always had this funky smell. I remember what my Mom said he smelled like so I asked him if he had any Pussygalore. You can’t imagine how that turned out. That’s what I smell when I see Austin.

      • Oh my gaawddd-uuuh! K, your ability to paint pictures with your words has always been amazing…but now you have created the ability to allow us to actually SMELL what you’re talking about. I applaud you, oh brilliant one! Clap-clap-clap! You never cease to amaze me! (Now, excuse me while I get the bucket from Emma.) I’ll never be able to watch another James Bond movie again, as long as I live, without thinking of you! Genius, my dear, pure genius!

      • That was a fabricated story, Sharona, but it fit the moment and I have been in a moment lately. I have never heard my sweet mother say anything even close that in my whole life. She would whip me now if she it.

      • My sarcasm is beginning to slip. I knew that not even YOU would have said that…nor your sweet mother. Yep…I’m slipping.

      • It’s hard to tell about me. Sometimes I surprise myself when I go back to read things. It’s like, I could not have said that. My sarcasm needs a sarcastic reminder of what kind of sarcasm truly is sarcastic. :(

      • Out of the mouths of babes.I had a similar experience when I was 5. My mom always called the local male hairdresser “Sissy Don” (his name was Don, obviously) and back in those days in a small town everyone knew a person was gay, but it wasn’t talked about except behind closed doors. My mom evidently forgot that little pitchers have big ears. Don always cut my hair in a pixie cut, and I adored him. One day, my mom and I were driving down the street of downtown, and Don was standing on the sidewalk in front of his shop. I was so excited to see him, I yelled out “Hi Sissy Don”. My mother nearly wrecked the car while jerking me away from the window! I didn’t understand for the longest time what I did wrong! Now my story absolutely does not compare to yours, K, about Pussygalore, but boy, did your story bring back memories! I guess, moral of the story is, watch what one says around children, ha, ha!

      • LOL, yes, children seem to hear all and always retain what you wish that wouldn’t. Although my little story was drawn from a joke I heard way back when, I’m sure most parents have been in a very similar predicament at one time or another.

      • Joni Maria!!!!! lol Since my Mom used both our first and middle names when she was calling us out for something, I had to make one up for you. You licky , licky?

  31. Trust an believe Vanessa ain’t going nowhere. We are in the twilight zone of big brother 17.

  32. I keep waiting for somebody anybody come an say we all been punked.this is a complete disappointment.

  33. Apparently, this week on big brother is the Liz show.This is SO exciting(roll eyes).
    Liz emotional wreck self, constantly bitching with Julia,
    hating/gossiping about everyone, and spoiled brat( not getting whatever
    she wants).
    stay tune on Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  34. I can’t do this tonight. I’m going to have a stroke. I don’t understand why people can’t see that many of the moves that don’t make sense to us are strategic. We don’t see every second of every conversation. I will try not to look back on this site until tomorrow. Don’t reply to me or I will get a notification and be tempted to respond. Cheers!

  35. wow, i am soooo mad right now. this show has been over for a long time. im so sick of austin. liz, i hope you go now.

  36. How would taking out Vanessa out be the best thing that could happen? ohhhh you must be an austwins fan…

    • It would be a dumb move for Steve. People just blindly want Vanessa gone. And I don’t think the Austwins have any fans.

      • You are right…..I wanted Vanessa out when Becky was HOH but James and Meg Fixed that and in her exit interview with Julie she said she didn’t regret that….R you kidding me?

      • I agree with voting Shelli out. Vanessa kept them in the game for several more weeks. James was Shelli’s public enemy number one.

      • Their lack of winning was what caused their demise though. They weren’t too bright, so vanessa could have easily manipulated them. They would be at her side instead of steve and John right now.
        If Shelli stayed Meg would have probably still been here, but that would be pretty useless.

      • Maybe so but i didn’t like how they all was on board with Becky to get Vanessa out and then flipped on her. Had they not done that and got Vanessa out when they had the chance then who knows… thing for sure is we never WILL know what could have been

      • Vanessa is running roughshod over everyone but Becky had the balls to get rid of her but look what Meg and the Midget Man did

      • No we will not. But to be fair that move ONLY benefited James at the time. He was thinking of himself. Getting rid of Vanessa at the time would have been the best for everyone else’s game, not his.

        One would be crazy to leave a person in the house who is smelling the shirt of her “boyfriend” that they just evicted.

    • It would be the best thing for the Austwins and people who just can’t take her anymore I imagine.

  37. Taking Vanessa out wouldn’t be the best choice at this point to me. Yes she’s a threat, but there’s still a three headed monster in the house, and with only John and Steve, it’s a bigger chance for one of those three to make it to F2. They need to get them out, or at least Liz and Austin out. Julia can stick around only because she’s a easy F2 deal.

  38. Im not sure if is the right gotta break up those three idiots to go further. Ppl don’t like nessa i think who she is next to as far as the austwins she will win.nobody wants the twins or disgusting austin to win.

  39. Fudge! If Steve put up either Vanessa or Julia works. It would be best to get Liz, hope, Steve is thinking. ..

  40. Vanessa stop acting like a clown, just because you look like one. doesn’t mean you have to be one.

      • I’m sorry! oh wait… I was preparing for a Vanessa fan. just her sad clown act, its getting old.

      • she wouldn’t like look a clown anyways, because she would cry all of her makeup off.
        And she a bully. Clown are fun and entertaining, Vanessa is too emotional(cries) and she boring to be a clown.

  41. Hahaha put Julia up vote Liz out would be best. Even though Vanessa would be a good one too. But smarter to gey rid of liz

  42. Liz just broke up with Austin on t.v. Best news ever this season when it comes to those two! :-)

  43. This is so nerve wracking…I can’t believe I’m so hyped up over this PoV tonight! And the drama with Austin and Liz! Can’t wait for BBAD. Before I go for the evening, I must say this to my dear, sweet (but goofy) Steve: “Split up those twins, baby! You’ve got this game, now KEEP IT!! ” Peace and love, my friends!

  44. Liz to Austin: “You so full off *****.(in your beard) Get out of here. You can’t stop bragging.”…it’s a loony bin. lol

  45. Guys, there drama between Liz and Austin.( mind: YES! finally! about time!)
    new flash: two catty raccoons are bitching about Austin. Must save him from evil! HA! xD

  46. Liz has literally said that she wants to amicably split from Austin and that he clearly isn’t for her. In other words, she wants a Clay or Brendan but she got stuck with a sasquatch!

  47. Liz going over how embarassing it is this week and how horrible it is to go up on the block with Austin first and then Julia now. NT…this is the game you signed up for!

  48. Steve has been so unpredictable that I bet he’s gunning for Vanessa. She was downright mean to him at times. So putting her against Liz would reveal a lot about the Austwins+V’messa and how to proceed next week.

    • You right. But i don’t think his scary tail will go against vi. ? Where is the real bb players this is a absolute joke

  49. Aww, gee, I almost feel sorry for Austin (note: I said ‘almost’). He “ruined his life for Liz” (tough tookies there) but now – is he sure he wants someone who absolutely has to have it her way all the time? Hey, so your romance lasted 3 months and it’s over. Not so much fun for it to take place on national TV, but that was your call. Meh!

    • I’m just happy he’s not pulling a Clay. Screw that. Play the game for yourself, not your showmance partner.

  50. Vanessa is so crazy. She wanted Austin out for who knows what sort of plan she had with the twins, and now that Austin isn’t going anywhere- and after her emotional explosion, shes trying to clean up. Head is thinking clearly now so hmmm, let’s make twins and Austin okay again so that whoever stays and Austin will be on one side, and jmac and steve on the other. Unless they compare notes I’m nice and snug in the middle with f2 deals to go around, and they are going to try to get one another out, not me, so whoever come out victorious I’m there to be f3 with.

  51. well steve made a comment on jokers that vanessas story just doesnt add up..he may be onto her and if everyone starts talking and comparing notes oops

    • Steve kinda did give props to Vanessa 2 weeks ago for being able to manipulate Austin to getting him nominated so he’s very well aware how dangerous a player she is.

      Which is probably why if Van asks for his inputs on scenarios, he doesn’t say anything that she could use as ammo against him.

  52. Feed goes to Liz and Austin in bed with her rubbing him before it goes to fish for a second. -Thunderclap

    What What are you kidding me???

  53. Now Vanessa is like a relationship expert/Therapist for Judas and Liz…Tomorrow she’ll be a patient again.

  54. If Steve does not get Vanessa out this week HE IS GONE NEXT WEEK That is part of Vanessas plan

    • Steve would still be taken out because he is one of 2 against a stronger three, whether Vanessa is still there or not.

    • No way. He’s gone next week if he DOES take Vanessa out. It would be the threesome against 2, and 1 of those two can’t play in the HoH comp.

    • Actually I think she’s already setting up Jmac to go. She keeps bringing him up to the twins. She knows if Liz goes she has austin to herself and won’t need Jmac anymore.

  55. To the people asking to backdoor Vanessa, that’s a terrible idea.

    The Austwins are in lockstep.
    Vanessa has never been further from them so far this game.
    If they vote out Liz, Julia and Austin can be turned against each other and that entire alliance could be dead.

    One of the twins must go this week.

    • Well said, Alexander. People need to put the hate for Vanessa aside. It’s not in Steve’s best interest to backdoor her. There’s still a trio in the house and that’s effectively half of the remaining 6 players. There’s no chance you can pass up a chance to break that up. Julia up and Liz out, and if Austin should lose his mind and take Liz off the block, then Julia up and Austin out. Even Julia evicted gets something done, makes some ground.

      There is however, a chance that if Vanessa really feels she can pull in a lone Austin and a lone Julia, she may instead turn around and target Steve or John if she’s HoH. I’m not sure and I hope I don’t have to find out by her winning HoH.

      • Vanessa as next hoh is my worst nightmare. She’d toss Jmac for sure. She’s already started throwing him utb to the twins. She’s never liked him because she can’t get a read on him and therefore can’t control him.

      • I agree with you, Vanessa’s the last one I want to win the next HoH and I also fear she’d go after John. I always saw her alignment with him as one of convenience, using each other while they can gain from it, but never sincere. They talk about a final two together but I find that hard to put faith in.

  56. THis is great , Liz needs to go it throws austin and julia into a spin, and as far as next week, V or steve have the biggest targets on their backs, and the results are going to be very interesting,
    V tears are not real ,, She uses them to deflect and devert attention away from herself, JUst observe when she uses them you can see straight through it,
    Next week is either going to be a week of big moves or dumbass moves,
    If they can they need to break austwins again, hammer it home, send the other twin to the house, Austin is nothing without them,
    V needs to worry, she can win if she can rid herself of another twin, or austin, Jmac and steve are weak, iF austin or julia win next week they can walk through to the end if they get V out, easy , We will have three strong players and two weak ones, and nobody in their right mind would want to take strong players to the final three, the two in a deal want the weak one with them, Or in Vs case if she is smart two weak ones, Jmac and steve,

  57. I want to see V’messa go like the Wicked Witch in THE Wizard of Oz…melting into a cloud of smoke, she already has the voice.

  58. Steve is alone and talking to cams, telling us that Van is doing something shady! Glad he’s seeing it!

    • He’s so much more aware than the audience is giving him credit for. I’m really pulling for the guy. If he wins, he earned it.

      • He’s absolutely dialed in to what’s happening–and he’s playing Vanessa. She talks down to him and thinks she controls him, but she absolutely doesn’t. He’s been acting like a scared kid to everyone in there but JMac, and the act–especially with the teddy bear–is hysterical to watch. Van is so in your face, and Steve is much more subtle. Quite a contrast in styles.

        I think he’s our winner. He’ll prob have to evict Van at F4 or F3 to get there, and that puts him over the top with the jury

      • It all depends on veto wins now. Who knows how that plays out? But I think he realizes he needs to get rid of her soon if he can. First order of business is Liz and Austin though. If he can get rid of Vanessa at final 4, he should. Conversely, if Vanessa can get rid of Steve at the final 4, she too should.
        It will be interesting!

      • I don’t think she will, because she underestimates him–as much of the remaining house still does. They probably think he’s an easy person to beat. By the time they realize it’s all been an act, it will be too late

      • I’m not so sure she underestimates him. She already told Austin that they need to get rid of Steve at some point because she’s sure he’ll win in the final 2.

      • We shall see. I think he does whatever he needs to the rest of the way to guarantee his safety. Don’t be shocked if he wins the last 2 HOH’s if they aren’t ridiculous endurance comps

      • Part 1 of the final HoH will be endurance, and anyone who bets on Steve to win that round could stand to make a lot of money. He has a good shot in rounds 2 and 3 though.

      • He might not need veto. JMac is overdue–way overdue–to win something. If he finally gets an HOH, Steve is locked in to F4.

        Speaking of which, JMac is a pretty easy guy to beat at F2. The jury may like him, but he hasn’t done much of anything. Zero HOH’s, and one or two veto wins isn’t much of a resume. No big moves either

      • Other players have referred to John as this season’s Veto king. I’m not saying that’s deserving, I’m just saying they don’t necessarily see him as a weak player who hasn’t won anything. I’m not sure but I do think he has more than one total win though, between Veto’s and Battle of the Block wins (if you don’t count those, just remember Steve definitely was counting them, when he was worried his “win count” was too high he kept mentioning his BoB wins). John also won the returning juror competition, aka won when he absolutely needed to win. He won that Veto with the human dice rolling and he won a Veto in the first DE. Won a BoB alongside Becky early in the game. That’s just off the top of my head.

      • We all should see who Steve’s replacement nom is before we start talking about what a stellar player he is. He’s been playing Vanessa’s game up until now, that’s why he’s still there, that’s why all of them are still there. We will see what he does now that the ball is in his court.

      • Vanessa is somebody everybody should be looking to eliminate, even Steve who is “aligned” with her. But first up has to be separating a trio left in the house. Not a duo, a trio, when there are only 6 players left total. They simply can’t leave that alone and allow said trio to be in the final 5.

        I’m not exactly in the Vanessa fan club, but she shouldn’t be targeted this week ahead of the Austwins.

      • Of course not…..though it would be entertaining….it would be dumb for his game. I’m just saying let’s see if he makes the right the decision in putting up the other twin and doesn’t put up Jmac. I think we all know he isn’t going to put up Vanessa anyways.

        If you look at everyone who is left in that house, it was the people who were always most loyal to Vanessa. Except John, but he got evicted and had no choice but to align with her.

        I suppose it was “smart” on their part to align with the most manipulative player. But are they realizing too late that they are being played?

      • It’s kind of funny, people were onto Vanessa, then things change and they seem less anxious to go after her now. Things change on a dime it seems, especially with the almost bipolar twins attitude of how they go back and forth from loving and hating opponents.

        I think Steve sees John as his closest ally so I not only hope he doesn’t but I actually don’t think he will put up John. It would be even dumber for himself than putting up Vanessa, because Steve is the last guy in that house right now John would go after. Steve also seems to think John is an easy win if he’s against him in final 2.

      • lol Well he is right about that. Keeping John is an easy win for Steve. The people inside the house don’t/didn’t view him the same way the audience does. They see him as a goofy guy who sleeps a lot and rarely talks game.
        The one thing he has going for him is that he came back from eviction, and I’m not sure the jury would give him the win on that alone

      • I think he’s been playing his own game, but his game also happens to be connected to Vanessa’s game. For now, at least.

  59. I just don’t think that Steve will put up JMac and waste is HOH that would be the stupid move he will make if he does.

  60. I can’t stand Vanessa!!! She lies to everyone & then tells them that they are the liars. Evict this bitch!!

    • Its her fault that they all believe where with question? When she tells Liz Austin knew who the target was and also told Liz she has lots of dirt on Austin and Liz blieves her without even talking to Austin, her boyfriend, that’s Vanessa’s fault. The twins are as gullible as any human being can be. Vanessa is playing with them the way a cat plays with a captured mouse.

  61. I stopped watching about a month ago, I have been updated thanks to BBN , this season has been set to be win by one of the twins ….horrible cast

    I hope ratings are bad and producers realize they are killing the show, little by little will continue to lose fans….


    • I enjoy the show, so I think I’ll continue to watch. I’ve watched all but one of my favourite players leave the game, and I’m still willingly sticking around. Thanks though for your input.

    • I haven’t watched the feeds at all in the last month either because of the twins. I think this season would be better watched in a marathon after the fact.

  62. Disgusting Austin Disgusting Austin Disgusting Austin
    Disgusting Austin Disgusting Austin Disgusting Austin
    Disgusting Austin Disgusting Austin Disgusting Austin

    From Biiiiig Brotheeeeer

    That should be his “promo name”

  63. I’m convinced that Steve is a huge idiot. Why would he vote evict Meg? That’s the only chance he has to actually win. His mom was on a podast, and she said distinctly, “Steve woud never do what Cody did, he would’ve picked Victoria over Derrick.” Well Steve did exactly what Cody did by voting out Meg.Steve doesn’t realize that he is a Cody.

  64. Well the twins wanted to play together. Now they have succeeded. They will be on the block together

  65. On Vanessa… How many times does it take for a person backed in a corner to say, while bawling “I’m not an evil person” before everyone’s like, wait, who says that? Unless………scratch,scratch,scratch.. idiots.

  66. Hehe liz showed herself on the feeds. I don’t mind the twins together. Two sisters is fun. But julia told liz, you have to stop being mean. Liz broke up with austin in a fight feeders have been waiting for. We knew she was using him, and he her. But the fight was epic.

    Slight paraphrase, cause this whipped guy was really not understsnding her anger. Shes mad at herself for being a used girl on the feeds, thst he told her wete off. She should never have set with him…
    We knew cause he gave away he was never throwing the pov to her or julia.

    Austin: “you made me ruin my life”
    Liz: “how dId i do that? You said you AND ur gf were on the outs..”
    Austin: ” no, I mean I covered you and julia for weeks”

    Then he kept talking and crowing about his win and wore his veto tag for 3 hours.

  67. I really don’t care who out of the remaining HGs win the 500K as long as Vanessa does not win it, once James left the house. Vanessa, has been vicious in the way she’s been playing the game which to some extent I don’t blame her, I blame the other HGs for not able to see through her manipulative ways and evicting her a long time ago.
    Personally, I don’t think she will win the game even if she ends up as one of the F2 because, she has managed to make all the evicted HGs hate her and I don’t see any of them voting for her to win the 500K, strategically, it will be a smart move for any of the remaining HGs to take her to the F2 and then watch her cry her eyes off when the evicted HGs in Jury pays her back for what she did to each one of them by voting for the other person to win the big prize.

  68. If they keep Liz this week, they are the dumbest people to ever play BB, she has to go or her and Austin will join forces again, If Liz leaves Julia and Austin will be on there own because Julia cant stand Austin.

  69. Finally Steve grew a pair. I have yet to see if the same can be said for Jonnymac. Austin simply has to take himself off the block. Steve had better show some gumption again and put up Julia as replacement.


  71. Steve is the Only one in The House. Not afraid to put vannessa up at all.” She needs to Go ASAP Out The Door.” No Questions Asked.” So Long Vannessa. ” You Can Have The Last Laugh On Her.”

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