Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Comp Plans In Week 11

The Power of Veto competition is coming up later today in the Big Brother 17 house as we’re down to the point of the season when every remaining Houseguest is guaranteed a spot in the battle for an impact on this week’s nominations.

Steve Moses celebrates his plan on Big Brother 17
Steve Moses celebrates his plan on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

The nominations came as an upsetting shock to one half of the selected Houseguests even after a quick glance at the numbers reveal very few options. Meanwhile the other half knows to play it cool and try to escape this week without any bruises. But what if there’s another plan below the surface?

Heading in to today’s competition everyone knows their butt could be on the line. Austin and Liz are on the Block but Liz seems to feel she’s the target since she sees how she’s in the pivot position between Austin and Julia. Add to that Steve has mentioned to Austin he’s not the target and that leaves one side feeling a lot more comfortable heading toward eviction.

Austin’s fear is that Liz wins the Veto and Julia goes up in her place leaving him as a very big target in comparison come Thursday night. There’s no chance that Austin won’t be trying his hardest to win and has said that with his back against the wall he can’t be blamed for competing against his showmance for survival.

Liz’s fear is that she wins the Veto. Yep, she’s worried that if she wins and uses it then Julia will go up in her place. Liz’s preferred outcome is a situation where she could throw the comp to her sister and then they’re both safe and Steve is forced to find a renom who isn’t a Nolan.

If the Julia win situation comes up then we’ll get some more interesting debates and likely tears and freak outs as a defense mechanism from Vanessa. Steve would have to choose between John and Vanessa at that point and could really be our biggest chance for drama this week. But what are the chances of Julia winning the Veto again after her victory on Thursday was her first of the season? Possible, but it could be a long shot.

Okay, so what about this other mystery plan that could be going on here. Last week I discussed how removing Liz from the equation would be the best option for Vanessa as she could then straddle the line between Austin and Julia both of which are close allies for her, but instead we saw Meg bumped followed by a confusing method this round of seemingly working to get Austin out the door next. Vanessa might not be the only one with that idea in mind.

While Steve has repeatedly promised Austin to his face that he’s not the target we’ve been getting mixed messages from Steve behind closed doors. At least twice on Friday we heard Steve say out loud that Liz was not his target. Hmm, okay, so who does that leave us with as the possible target?

Well I don’t think it’s John since Steve sees him as a reliable ally and possibly an easy defeat at the end. So it’d either by Austin or Vanessa and I’m leaning more toward thinking it’s gotta be Austin. Austin did send Steve to the Block last week but they’ve also had a long running hidden alliance of sorts. Austin is a big player, but is he really a trophy eviction?

Keeping Liz over Austin doesn’t seem like the best idea to me, but we’re working with more information than Steve has available. Without Liz I’d think Steve had a chance of working with Austin, but without Austin I don’t see Liz going to Steve in the same way. She’d have her sister and Vanessa way before him and her bitter raging yesterday suggests she might not be quick to forgive and forget as Steve seems to expect.

The Veto competition will be coming up later on Saturday and there’s no need for picking players. Construction sounds like it wrapped up last night so things should be ready to go before too long. Who do you hope will win the Veto? Would it be best for Steve’s game to keep the noms the same or send someone else to the Block and make a new target?

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  1. Delusional, are we?? Gross and disgusting think we will quit watching the live feeds if they’re broken up. Honey, I quit watching because YOU WERE STILL THERE! I can’t imagine what the Twins’ momma thinks. She really MUST be proud!!

    • Mama Nolan may be a wonderful person for all we know…. but I doubt it. Raising girls that are this catty, rude, slutty, stupid and arrogant takes someone who is a real piece of work themselves…

      • I thought the same. First I was thinking she must be embarrassed by them but then this could be what they learned and was raised to do/be. She could be cheering her on “use what you have get what you want”.

      • How can you possibly be insulting someones parents? You don’t know them, and you have nothing to insult them for.
        Grow up.

      • Pete, face reality. The parents didn’t correct that behavior.

        How insensitive is a mother who writes a letter to 1 daughter basically saying you’re the best daughter knowing the other daughter’s going to hear that?

        I agree she may not have known Julia would witness that letter when she wrote it but at some point Julia’s going to know about that letter.

      • How can they correct it? How people behave in this house is an entirely different thing.
        Parents can’t change your children, they can hope to mold them, and inspire them to make good decisions, but it’s not so simple. People will do what they want. And I know for a fact that it can be incredibly hurtful to see your kids do something you don’t agree with.
        They are in a house, televised 24/7, and they can’t do a thing about it.
        I don’t know why she did the letter, who knows. Maybe to inspire competition between them? You don’t know either. Maybe she’s a bitch. But either way, if you judge parents because of their children then you are incredibly small minded- and petty. Like I said: grow up.
        And who the hell is Georgia? She doesn’t know them. THAT’s my point.

      • The real point is, and question- why are we talking about people that are not on this show? And this is from what- your assumptions? Has the show become so boring that we’ve stooped this slow already?

      • Did you ever hear the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? We don’t make this stuff up.

      • I agree! Lots of people with wonderful parents grow up to be different. Hell lots of wonderful people try there best to raise great children and they have children to grow up and be serial killers. There are lots of outside situations that influence people and then some are just born and naturally have a different brain balance. I think it’s just wrong to bash Nolan mama when you don’t know even 1 thing about her besides the fact that she had twins. Personalities are intensified in the BB house also.

      • They definitely are. I think people are always going to see the worst of you in that house as well, because everything is magnified. Maybe even the worst in people comes out. Either way it’s not right to assume.

      • In addition to twins, she also had housekeepers and other outside help, so that may tell you something. Conclude what you want from that.


      • I don’t have the feeds either, and I’m glad I don’t! The thought of those two….just, ICK.

      • Not a pretty sight, that’s for sure…I have the feeds, but I keep switching to a different camera when those two are going to town on each other!

      • I went to town today. But my husband is on some fairly potent drugs (surgical procedure) so he didn’t even know it. :D

      • To your husband: “Get well soon” So he didn’t even know it. That’s the key..That means he’s comfortable.

      • I am really trying not to give a punchline to that statement….oh how I wish I wasn’t such a delicate flower.

      • LOL… I thought what are you talking about? Then I realized you didn’t drive to town. LOL, truthfully it was probably even funnier b/c it snuck up on me.

      • No it’s true…sick. I was watching feeds and it was when Steve and JMac were playing chess and I thought boring so I switched cameras and I almost gagged. Yep turned the feeds off. It was either watch that or chess. Of course they didn’t show but you knew what was going on with her under the covers and Austin just laying there. Bet her Mom is real proud.

      • Holy crap. Where’s Emma when we need her? BTW, Go Blue! My whole family are U of M graduates.

      • Awe thanks. Too bad we lost Thursday. But I’m sure Harbaugh will rebuild are team to what it used to be when Bo and Lloyd Carr were coaching. I went there also. Are you from Michigan?

      • That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Yes, I’m in the Mitten. I grew up here, moved to NC after college…my ex went to UNC and I started leaning toward the Tarheels. Then I realized how crazy that was—and came back to revive myself with Wolverine blood! My eldest brother is actually friends with Jim Harbaugh. I’ve never met him, but because of my brother, I’m like, “Yeah, I know Jim.” LOL! Have a good night LG!

      • I’ve noticed this year that many people make statements about what they will and will not do in the house romantically. Shelli and Clay said they wanted their first kiss to be away from cameras, but when they were on the block they changed their minds pretty quick.
        And I think I remember Liz saying something like she wasn’t going to be with someone with a girlfriend but that certainly didn’t last long.

    • I’ll be the outsider, from reading the following comments about the parents below. it is possible that they were raised right and the twins’ behavior is learned from outside their home. back in my wild days, I behaved one way in front of my parents and lived a different way when I wasn’t around them.

      • true never been on TV or w cameras. I just hated reading all the unkind comments about their parents.

      • Doesn’t mean they are bad people just bad parents. Some parents want to give their kids everything and they don’t mean to hurt their kids, they just don’t know how to parent… it’s easy as a parent to spoil your children, it doesn’t mean they won’t grow out of it. Obviously these 2 young women still have some growing to do.

      • i see ur side. I have no idea if these girls still live at home or not, but from my own experience w a child who moved out for freedom at 18, ended up doing things that made me smh once I found out. he sat at the same dinner table as my others, but just made different choices from how he was raised once out of the house. I totally agree-young and they will hopefully grow out of it

      • The parents seem to overstate things a bit, but that’s all. I don’t blame their parents for their children’s actions…it really has a lot to do with the company they were keeping outside the BB house and bringing it to the widescreen, so to speak, than how their parents might have raised them.

      • yes and ty. what I went thru w my son makes me very sensitive to the “blame the parents”. I was shunned bc of his actions. it wasn’t fair and it was very hurtful.

    • Nana is very upset and tried to say it in the letter without being too blunt, but seems Liz didn’t grasp the significance of that clue…it went right over her head. She believed her Nana really did get ill from fish fingers.

    • I think he’s an idiot. Does he want to be the new Austin? Stevtwins? Why wouldn’t he get out Liz? he’s a fool if he thinks he’ll have them on his side after…

      • He’s pretty much gunning for either of them. JMac and Van will vote out Liz anyway so it really doesn’t matter

  2. Austin and Liz are quite delusional. This is the kind of stuff that they wonder and worry about? Wow. From Jokers:

    Fri 7:30 PM BBT Austin thinks they are definitely on the feeds. He and Liz talk to the cameras about being on the block and Liz says she’s a baby. NT – HumanFrailty
    Fri 7:28 PM BBT Austin: “If they take me out of this game, it’s gonna get REALLY boring for people to watch.” Liz: “No one would watch it.” NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:24 PM BBT Austin: “You’re not officially a showmance in Big Brother until you’ve been on the block together.” NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:23 PM BBT Austin: “You’re not offically a showmance on Big Brother unless you’re on the block togehter.” NT – jellyfisher
    Fri 7:22 PM BBT Austin offers to play Liz in chess without his queen. “Because you’re my queen!” NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:20 PM BBT Austin wonders how much his Judas hat will sell for on eBay. NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:17 PM BBT Liz: “We evicted the person with a child.” Austin: “James should’ve come to us when Meg was up to make a deal with us & he didn’t” NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:16 PM BBT Liz worries James hates her now. Austin says when they see James, they’ll tell him: “We’re idiots. We f*cked up.” NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:15 PM BBT Austin says they’ll fight for veto & go through their romantic drama together. That’s what makes a good story. NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:15 PM BBT Austin says jury house is probably fun now with James there unfiltered. He says if he joins jury w/ James it’ll be so entertaining – AdamAndEvel
    they’ll need to put cameras in there.

    Fri 7:12 PM BBT Liz tearing up again. Austin says she’s a delicate flower. Liz: “A crybaby flower.” Austin: “I want to take care of you so you – AdamAndEvel
    never cry again.”
    Fri 7:11 PM BBT Austin: “Thanks for being here with me.” Liz: “Shut uppppp!” NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:08 PM BBT Austin to Liz: “We’ll be well-known together! People will want us to go places and make appearances together.” More suction ensues NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:07 PM BBT Austin says this summer has been stressful as f*ck – he’s totally lost all his gymnastic skills! NT – AdamAndEvel
    Fri 7:05 PM BBT Liz/Austin are once again in the purple room experimenting with the suction their mouths can create. Lots of lip-smackin’. NT – AdamAndEvel

    • Lol. This is really funny.
      I know that BB cast members are recognized once they leave the house, but all of these things he swears will happen may not. There is still a big possibility that once they leave the BB house Liz will no longer be into him. Right now Clay is home and I think Shelli is the last thing on his mind. Some couples do make it outside, but Austin is to conceited and hopefully his 15 minutes will only last that long.

      • Hey, Austin might end up being popular to the people that don’t know who he is. Nah, that’s not going to happen either.

        Can you belief that Austin thinks his Judas’s hat will be worth something on ebay… I guess if he’s willing to take less than he paid.

        Look at how famous & loved Frankie Grande is, he’s getting bigger than his sister… oh, wait that’s only in FRANKIE’S DREAMS!!!

      • lol, Fakie Grande actually got some sort of MTV show (because of his sister), which flopped like no other… lmao

    • I always find it funny when house guests think they will be famous outside the house. The big players after they leave they are famous for a week or two and then their life goes back to normal, unless you are one that is really well liked. For anyone left in this house other than the money they get their life wont change.

      • I remember reading early on that Becky’s reason for wanting to be on the show was to become a web-celebrity after the show and do podcasts and stuff.
        They don’t realize that they really won’t be anyone at all. It’s their 15 minutes of fame – literally.

        I’m one of those people who forget everyone by the time the next season starts. I might remember the winner if I liked them or sometimes if I see their names with their faces, but everything else is wiped out of my mind.

      • Thank you, I thought I was one of the only ones who can’t recall most of the people who have played this game. :)

      • I often have to use Wikipedia to remember former HGs names. The only ones I truly admire are the ones who keep their DAY JOBS.

      • Yeah, I know a one-legged guy won the first one but don’t recall his name I’d have to go look it up… it was Eddie McGee.

      • I will always remember eddie mcgee won season one and what he looks like. It is the only season I didn’t watch, but he was the lead actor in a terrible movie I saw and I was so shocked it was him I will never forget him.

      • Not that Becky will but I thinks she’s pretty sharp though it’s a tough world out there and she may not be sharp enough. We know she’s tough enough, not too many get hit by train and survive. She’s got brains but then again she did get hit by a train. LOL

      • There are definitely some former house guests that I’d remember, but most I would wonder why they look familiar.

      • Some I don’t even remember them when I see a pic of them from the BB Season they were in and there are others I’ll never forget and some of those I WANT to forget.

    • Austin has been PLAYING good guy, even to the cameras and the diary room, I think he wants to win Americas favorite in case he doesn’t make it to the end. Him and Liz are too much alike to stay together. Both conceited, both users, both fakes. There is no showmance going on there, just a usemance if you ask me.

      • I’ve thought for a while that they definitely won’t survive outside the house. I personally believe that he’s going to lose it when they watch the show start to finish and he sees how she was just using him at first. If seeing one of the twins with Jeff made him “feel dirty” then he is NOT going to handle what Liz did well at all.

      • I’d guess Austin even thinks he’s going to win it. He is so full of himself.

        I think the LiveFeed crew says Liz told sis, she’ll probably move in with Austin, of course this might be part of plan to get him to fall on the sword for her.

    • I kind of hope he puts the hat up on ebay so he gets the slap in the face that no one wants it at all. And even if he does have a lone fan out there who buys it, they’d probably regret it because there’s no way it can smell good. Yuck.

      • I think I am going to set an item watch on my EBay account so that if he does put the hat up I can keep an eye on it. Should be fun. :)

      • I think I’d be okay with that :P As long as they also give him negative feedback on ebay for it smelling so awful haha

    • These two are a piece of work. Yes, they will get attention but not the kind they expect. After you insulted the live feeders you expect them to admire you? Mmmmkhay! I hope there is after BB therapy, they are going to need it.

    • When I read that yesterday I was too gob smacked to fully comment. That will go down in history as BB’s most preposterous moment…and he wasn’t even on slop. Too many hand stands affects the flow of blood to the brain.

    • I wonder what his reaction will be when (if?) he realizes he was always waaaaaaay down on the popularity polls? He’s going to be shocked. A nauseating thought just came to me though. Can’t you just see them both going on a show like Celebrity Couples Bootcamp to “work on their relationship”?

      • Oh, EnglishRose, quick! Throw some salt over your shoulder—whatever you’re supposed to do to keep what you’ve said from coming true! There will be one less reality show watcher if that happens. I don’t really like that show, but just knowing they COULD be on it…UUGGHH (shivers)

  3. I’m to the point where I’m rooting for Julia to win the veto and save Liz. Then Steve is forced to put up Vanessa. Vanessa is then voted out by Liz and Julia to save Austin.

    I’m just so done with the players of this season and how f’n stupid they are!! Voting out Meg and James over Julie needs to bite Steve and JMac in the ass. Even Julie the host commented that it was a stupid move on Steve’s part to vote out Meg over Julia. Steve needs to stop wearing Vanessa’s panties already!

    At this point I don’t even care who wins this season! No longer watching the show, just coming here for updates…

    • I agree that Julia should win, but I think he will put up John instead. It is unfortunate, but Steve has been playing Vanessa’s game from the very beginning and she has kept him safe the whole time.
      He also had mentioned that John thinks they have a F2 deal, but they don’t.

      • That would be the dumbest move in bb history if he puts John up…talk about hate that move just might put him ahead of Vanessa as Americas most hated..that would be an awful move and he has to be smart enough to know the only reason van has helped keep him safe is so he could do her dirty work. Think about it. With john gone and he can’t play next week do you think he would think he’d have any chance at staying. I don’t think he will do this at all..but who knows

      • I don’t want Steve to stay much longer, but for someone who claims to be a BB super fan should know that going to the F2 with Vanessa will be a huge mistake.
        I have noticed though, that many delusional HGs think that they are playing a superb game and could actually win this game. Julia and Liz will lose against any of the remaining players if they are F2. Julia is the biggest floater left and I think Vanessa wants to take her.

      • I agree that they are completely delusional about their abilities, but the sad truth is that one of them is going to win, even though their games suck.
        I think that’s the reason jury members aren’t allowed to abstain from the vote lol

      • Taking Julia to F2 would be everyone’s choice and Vanessa has made a F2 deal with her (also with Steve as well as Austin). I think Vanessa would hate to see Julia go more than anyone.

      • Steve might put up Johnny Mac because he needs a good competitor for the next HOH against Austin, Liz and Julia and it will only be Vanessa on his side and Steve cannot compete for HOH. That is the worst case scenario for them. They can avoid it by winning POV outright and keeping the nominations the same.

      • I think he will go for the whole enchilada and give Vanessa up at this stage of the game. Johnny Mac is the one most likely to keep him safe.

      • I agree that steve would likely put up jmac if Julie wins. It would be an unbelievable stupid move – as he would be the main austwin target. He would be unable to compete in HOH and even if van won HOH she would be hard pressed not to nominate him. Basically he would have to win veto to stay. As long as he keeps jmac, the austwins have to code between steve and jmac to target. And jmac would be way more loyal to steve than van would be. But I still think van would get steve to do what she wants.

        Not getting Julia out last week was such a bad move. So far, things have worked out as ideally as possible for steve since voting out Meg. And even with that he will have to thread a needle to make it to the end.

    • If Jmac doesn’t win the game, then Andy The Rat will no longer hold the title of WORST BB WINNER EVER!

    • After being a loyal fan for years, I’ve been watching on and off the past few weeks, and even then I’m not checking for updates like I used to. I’m so sick of nearly all these people.
      Until this year, the idea of just skipping an episode was totally crazy.

      I think that really says something about this season and I hope the producers get their heads out of their asses and do better casting and better twists next year. I think they are taking their viewers for granted and being lazy about it all, and that won’t work forever.

      • Excellent. I used so rush to watch this show. Now… fast forward to the end. This seems to be the theme for everyone. Do the producers monitor this? Julie Chen seems
        to be on camera less this year. She appears to very intelligent this must be torture for her. I am looking forward
        to the Nolan twins interviews Julie start drinking you will need it.

      • Wow i used to get excited and have everything done so i can watch bb.even when i would record it i would ff when they did something stupid. I stayed on that ff button. Im so ready for it to be done. Only reason i might watch is to see the jury house go after certain ppl.other than that its a snoooooooozer.

      • The ff button is my saving grace but the best is yet to come. Anyone who stopped watching because it was boring or tedious or predictable should tune back in.

    • That’s what i do.i don’t remember watching a full episode since about a month ago.i come on here and the spoiler alert cause it’s more exciting then watching these ridiculous ppl.

    • Speaking of Vanessa’s panties.Why does she dress like an old timey newspaper boy,like from back in the 40’s???She looks silly.At times she looks like one of the Little people from Snow White.

      • She looks fine to me. I don’t see what her wardrobe has to do with anything. Wardrobe comments would be appropriate for the cleavage/butt crack crew however because they are using their sexuality as game play.

    • me too I tape it and then ff to the end just to see who is nominated who wins the veto and who gets eliminated I never watch the whole show

  4. I love this because no matter who wins either stinky Austin or Vanessa the ugly idiot or poor cry baby liz are gone lol and take that pathetic shomance with you losers yuck,great job steve,

  5. If Liz goes home it breaks up the 3 some. Austin and Julia don’t like each other. It makes sense

  6. Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa need to play hard for POV and win it to keep the nominations the same. If not, the Austwins will control the votes and end up intact! Removing Liz this week is the smart move coming before the next HOH where Johnny Mac, Vanessa vs Austin, Julia would be the match up. Go get the job done and win that POV!

  7. I really hope Julia sucks at the veto comp! Cause if she wins obviously her and Liz are safe and probably Austin. The only other big target they could take out is Vanessa. But I’d still prefer that Liz go home since she is a HUGE competitor and keeping her is really bad for Steve’s game. So hopefully we will see Liz out the door !

      • Julia might have only won one comp, but she did really good at the HOH that Liz won and she did really good on the one Becky won.
        As far as I remember, Austin has won exactly the same amount of comps that Julia has won, yet nobody makes fun of him, and he has played more comps than Julia^^

      • I do know what you mean, I don’t think it’s fair to pick on Julia exclusively. I think the difference lies in the fact that Austin claims to have thrown all these comps (though I don’t believe that’s true). He’s a big dude and athletic, so even though he hasn’t actually won much he still seems like a decent competitor to those in the house, because the potential is there.

      • Not only is Austin physically strong but he’s very intelligent. He has definitely thrown a few comps…he could do that because he had the twins votes sealed up and he has never been on the block and has never had that taste of fear in his hairy mouth. There’ll be no comp throwing now. It won’t look good on his wannabe celebrity resume.

      • I’m not saying he didn’t throw any comps, just that he hasn’t thrown them all like he says. It seems like a “oh yeah, I totally meant to do that” kind of thing to me. And I have trouble believing he’s intelligent at all after watching him all this time.

      • Agree about the comps but disagree about the intelligence. He is very intelligent, doesn’t mean he is smart. He can be book read, have a good memory, be well educated, but he needs to keep it in his pants. Still not convinced that isn’t part of a cooperative game play but it wasn’t the smartest thing to do once he/they leave the house. The damage is done.

        “Matelson is very much taken and a believer in true romance. “I have my princess in the castle out there waiting for me to return from my crusade,” Matelson told Big Brother Net in a video interview. He is very much taken, and he’s in the house to play the game not to cheat on his girlfriend.”

        Yikes! The Queen just crapped on the princess. Checkmate!

      • She has as much a chance of winning as anyone else at this point…we don’t even know what the comp is. Hopefully if she does take Liz off the block Steve will tell Vanessa that he must use her as a pawn…after all she has repeatedly said that she would have no problem being a pawn “except this isn’t the right time” seems to be her slogan.

      • In that situation I think it’s clear to everyone that the pawn would be walking out the door so if that happens I can’t blame her for being upset.

  8. If Steve fails to get rid of either Liz or Vanessa this week, I will consider this HOH as pathetic as his first one.

  9. The only one who really deserves to win big brother is vanessa has played from the start where was steve the first 50 days and John did not start playing until the week he was evited and came back and then you have austin and the twins who are a joke .anyone wins besides vanessa is a wasted season

    • Steve has been “playing” everyone this entire season. His pre-game interview reveals a while lot about his strategy going in. Although I do think he allowed the poker joker to intimidate him at times, he has also played her and used her greatly to his advantage. Since my fav, James, is gone, and JMac disappointed me too many times, I am hoping Steve wins. Nessie the Monster, IMO, is emotionally disturbed and also emotionally and mentally abusive. No one who uses the kind of bullying tactics she has used deserves to be perceived as or declared to be a”winner”. As for the others in the house, they are really not worth mentioning by name.

      • Steve and Johnny are both playing very good games with very different tactics. Steve knows everything that is going on and has used Vanessa accordingly. Johnny intentionally played it low and is now presenting himself as a fresh new pal to the Austwins which they are finding refreshing. He let Steve take the hit and hopefully he can carry on next week. Right move at the right time.

        Sorry, but James was annoying and I feel for them all in the jury house. Throwing his daughter in during his save me speech was tacky. They should have had more married people with and without families to make this a true BB and the daughter thing wouldn’t have been an issue.

      • We all have our favorites for different reasons. I’m sure James doesn’t appeal to everyone but he entertained me greatly. I don’t blame the guy for reminding people that he is a father.
        JMac was my fav for a while but I expected way more from him. I thought he would play a more strategic game but he let me down over and over. I really don’t the bad game play(IMO) was intentional. But, if Steve doesn’t win, JMac is the best of the worst left in the house.

      • I think Johnny Mac has been very strategic. Laying low and now when it counts endearing himself to everyone. Everyone seems to like to talk to him now (they are bored and suspicious of each other) so that works socially. The twins react to social stimuli rather than game play and he can see this. He watched and waited and avoided the drama. Doesn’t mean he’ll win but I think he’s been playing the game better than anyone…and how nice that he can leave the show with his integrity no matter what. He is very believable…when he told Vanessa that his goal was to get to F2 it sounded very genuine. His happy go lucky persona makes him less in your face threatening. If only we could see inside their heads…would be too scary for some.

      • Lord, help, Murphy, are you a glutton for punishment? lol Thank goodness no one can see inside my head. :D

      • I’m betting on JMac/Steve. We’re on the end game, and I’m hoping those two will have a sudden surge and win important HoH/Veto comps at this stage of the game.

        Things are coming together…Don’t you think this is the best time for Frankie Grande to enter the house? lol.

      • He has started to make little statements to her that seem to have her questioning him at times wondering “who is THIS guy”, or maybe “who does he think he is”. She may be becoming a little leery of him.

      • Love the suspense he provides. I really think he may be targeting Van as a BD method, since he’s said Liz is not his target over and over…and isn’t sure Austin is either.

      • That’s always a possibility. I don’t see how that would benefit his game, at this point, but Steve has kept me confused during this entire season.

      • Then Freaky Frankie could give the lowdown to Austin about how much being a big BB star has helped his career, how famous he has become, and how well he is loved by the public. ;)

      • omg! Judas from the beginning he was branding himself. Selling this “Judas character”. Everything he did was just so bad that he became a laughing stock…he’s in for a shock of his life when he gets out of BB house.

      • And the sooner the better!
        Cyril, I’m having difficulty reading Nessie on this one. For her strategy, who does she want to leave? I haven’t read anything that has given me a true indication of how she feels. I know she told Steve that she would vote the way Steve wants her to, but who does she really want out?
        I think if Austin or Liz win veto, Julia goes up. If Julia wins veto, Nessie would go up. If Austin and Vanessa are on the block together, who will the twins vote out, because they will have the power to do so? I really can’t see Steve putting JMac up as a renom. What do ya’ think?

      • You and a lot of BB Podcasters wanted to see more of her DR session. Nobody can pin point her true plan. Ian Terry said JMac/Steve are in good position, but Van has the best, because she’s good with both sides. Yesterday the twins are already talking about Vans ugly game play. lol so who knows? It could be an exciting finish. I think JMac/Steve trust each other..

        Nessie is hard to read?..what about Steve? lol

      • Right! I like it though, because he actually talks to the viewer and update us and also confuse us at the same time..seriously. lol..he knows what he’s doing.

      • K, did I ever tell you that Frankie has his own show on the Oxygen Network? I can’t remember if I let you in on that news. ;)

      • Yes…he could ejaculate his pink glitter. (Who said that last year? Philly Cat? Lavendar Girl? Maybe it was me. No, WHO said that? Anyone? Anyone? (sound of crickets) )

      • Not agreeing on Johnny he started playing when he was goin to be evicted…Steve has been touted a brilliant player and that’s further from the truth…he been protected by the real player of the game….Vanessa…and the only way he going to come across brilliant is if he wins HOH one more time then this will give credence to his supposedly smart game play….otherwise he’s not an Ian and only wishes he was….he gun shy.

      • James will love it in the jury house..all of those women to gaze at..he was a horny little toad in the BB house…and don’t attack me because I said “toad,” just a figure of speech!!

      • It’s fine to say “toad”…no attack necessary…lol, He is deliberately acting like one (unless he is a sex addict)…lol

      • Don’t think Steve will win…he’s been played the socially challenged recluse for half of the game…if that’s was his plan then he’s up of an Oscar…he aligned himself with the best player who took him under her wing and kept him safe and when he had a chance to pull the trigger he drew blanks…Steve is a good player only in his own mind not in the real game.

      • I think Steve is very self aware and has admitted his social awkwardness. What the other houseguests don’t know is that he’s intentionally incorporated it into his game play and has gotten quite far. We see his cheering behind closed doors and then walks into the group with sad face. It’s a strategy like any other…better than potball that’s for sure.

  10. Unfortunately CBS is not going to change until they get enough negative feedback. If everyone here that doesn’t like cast would use their “contact us” and tell them, they just might change back to the way they used to be.

    • I just want the “old” BB back. I have said this so many times on here..bring back DPOV, Pandora’s Box, playing for HN’s, there hardly seem to be any luxury comps anymore..I liked the big wheel when each HG who was safe got a key. Coup ‘d recruits, I am sure if production looks hard enough, they can find people who really know the game..not like Clay..who was found at a b-ball game and then thought he was going on a show about Big Brothers and Big Sisters. How about season 18..which may be the an all-star season?

      • When BB had all the above mentioned, people screamed production interference. BB is loving this season because everyone hates these contestants and they generate a lot of talk. BB doesn’t care if it’s negative as long as people are watching.

      • Giving keys one by one is what I really miss. It is a little part that has no affect on the game, but was always enjoyable to watch the potential nominees get narrowed down 1 by 1

      • I miss the keys, too! I was just talking about that the other day. If I had been in thee house last year or this year, I’d be totally bummed out…because I would want that key to put around my neck. I miss the ritual.

  11. As far as Austin thinks still famous after they leave. Only if end up on survivor, or returns to Big Brother 2nd try. Otherwise few interviews, that’s it. Well unless they get arrested making news

  12. This is game of odds and right now the odds do not favor Julia winning the POV,just too many other options working against her here,Steve most likely will get out who he wants the week without having to risk a pawn nod.

      • Nope, Austin is like Clay. He would use the veto on Liz if he won it and would rather her use it on herself. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that he really didn’t even care about the game. he just wanted to spend time with Liz in the jury house.

      • Yeah, but now, as we’ve seen, he’s had his time in the HoH room with her so he’s over that. Now he’s out for himself once again!

      • I’d like to see him back trying to play the game like he wants to win rather than just protecting others. I don’t think anyone beats Vanessa if they don’t take her out before the final three though.

      • He got his cookie from the cookie jar..had a glass of milk so he’s okay now…it’s time to play the game for him.

  13. Here is my take on what happens the rest of the way…

    Liz goes home this week. Then we will see the team of Vanessa and Austin start to plot and plan again. Next week, Julia will be going home with it being arranged that Austin is the lone vote to keep her so he looks good to Liz. The week after, Vanessa and Judas will show their master plan and eliminate either John or Steve (I’m thinking John since he has friends in jury). Then the finale comes, Steve is sent packing and Austin and Vanessa face the jurors.

    This season, playing the game is rewarded and Vanessa wins Big Brother 17. Austin is thrilled just to be back with Liz and $50,000 richer.

    Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m expecting the rest of the way.

  14. I heard the other day when Vanessa was talking to Austin that she wanted
    Steve out before JMac so why doesn’t he tell Steve what Vanessa said to him and maybe he will put up Vanessa eveybody votes off Vanessa but I am not holding my breath if he doesn’t he has wasted his HOH getting out
    the people that needs to get out instead getting out JMac hopefully JMac
    wins Veto and doesn’t use it but if he does put up Vanessa.

    • Vanessa can go next time. Austin or Liz has to go and I await the veto challenge with the anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve.

      • Vanessa can be the pawn if necessary…drastic times call for drastic measures and it would be good for Steve to face adversity in the face because she will be livid…it would gain him respect in the jury house as well.

      • I agree that Liz probably needs to go, but Vanessa is the most dangerous person left in the house after Liz leaves.

      • My order of choice to go would be… Austin…Vanessa…Liz…Julia…Steve/Johnny. I like Johnny best but would have no problem with Steve winning.

      • I like the way Vanessa has been able to play the game and really not be targeted (except for that one week). So, I have respect for her game, but don’t really want her to win. I’m not a big fan of the twins or Steve all that much.

        I’m one of the weird ones that actually kind of likes Austin, but I would rather see Johnny win personally as well.

      • Vanessa’s played a good game and I have no problem with how she played it…it’s a game and she intended to play it like a game. She used Steve and Steve used her…even Steven.

        Austin’s played a good game but I don’t like how or why he played it…I think he played it for the camera which takes away from the actual game…which to me is people who want to play the game for the sake of the game and of course the money (regardless of whether or not they already have money). I like to see the game play out as a game not as a photo op (which shot him in the foot personally and professionally I think).

        The twins…thumbs down on all levels. They will reap what they sow.

        Steve and Johnny…good casting. I prefer Johnny but if Steve wins I won’t go into hospice.

        I wish they had had more variety of ages, lifestyles, physical characteristics, morals, etc. Nobody’s forcing me to watch, just an observation.

        Bottom line, everyone has a right to play as they see fit, the casting should be more selective and representative of people in general (there is a whole country to choose from), and it is easy enough to turn off the tv if I don’t like it.

      • I would agree about Austin to an extent as far as using it to try to upgrade his fame as an attempt to make the WWE television shows (I’m guessing that’s probably his motive). The twins are basically trying to do the same by using the publicity to further their modelling careers. As odd as Austin’s hair and beard choices may be… I still think he could probably do better, lol.

        Another thought about Austin could also be said about Johnny. I’m not sure that either really give the comps their all unless its an important one. The way Austin went through that relay race endurance comp… Well, you would think he could have probably won a few others. Johnny owning those veto comps makes me think he might not be giving every comp his all either. Not that its a bad thing, its just another game play decision.

        I would agree with the casting, but I’m afraid a moderator might pop up and tell me I’m not allowed to type about production! Seriously though, I do like the cast better than last season. Outside of Nicole (ah my poor sweet and cute Nicole), Zack and Derrick, I didn’t really care about any of them.

      • Johnny is definitely throwing comps as well, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing or wrong, it’s smart. I’m just pointing out that Austin should not be underestimated and that is why he should go. Add the twin connection and he’s got the perfect set up unless he goes now. Austin and Johnny have played the comp throwing perfectly (obviously they are still here).

        “Do not type about production”…good one…you get my vote!

      • I think you’re right. I don’t believe the twins can survive without Austin, but I think he possibly could without the twins (he’d probably get Vanessa back). Yeah, if anyone in the house wants to win, then they probably need to get Austin out now.

      • They have a modelling career. They are not bad looking, but I wouldn’t consider them model material.

    • If Steve gets Vanessa out this week, Steve is out next week as it’s 3 vs 2 and Steve can’t play in the HoH comps. That makes no sense.

    • Not this time. Not beneficial for his game. Maybe two weeks ago. Asstwins need to be taken down.(that also should have been done months ago)

  15. I hope Julia wins POV, not because I want her to succeed. It’s because I want to see drama. I want to see Vanessa get out of this situation.

  16. I’ve seen a lot of comments about the HGs’ table manners, and after watching the beginning of BBAD last night, I fully understand! Grrrrossss.
    Austin was shoveling food in his mouth with his head hanging over the plate and both arms on the table, and one of the twins was using her fork in her right hand and using her knife in her left hand to push the food around. It was nasty to watch, but especially Austin. I saw a comment yesterday where someone called them Lurch and his Skank Girlfriend. Perfect. After watching Austin last night though, I think Lurch would be highly insulted by the comparison! I can’t remember a season where BBAD was so excruciatingly boring.

  17. Vanessa will throw the POV for sure, unless she gets paranoid about Steve.

    The other HGs will play to win…

    JMac/Steve will leave Noms unchanged.
    Austin off – replacement option Julia, JMac & Van. I think Julia.
    Liz off – opt Julia, JMac & Van. I think Julia.

    Worse scenario, Julia wins & removes Liz, replacements options – JMac & Van. I think JMac the trusty pawn-pro.

  18. Personally I’m not worry about who can go home this week, I prefer see Liz evicted (along with Vanessa she’s the most dangerous remaining houseguest), but if Julia or Austin are evicted it will be a good week and a good move from Steve.

  19. Having watched Vanessa on BBAD many a night now… Can anyone even begin to imagine her playing at The World Series of Poker on ESPN? How could anyone put up with her? Vanessa would be accusing everyone of lying to her every time she thought someone was bluffing. She would start crying if someone raised her. Not to mention it would take her 30 minutes to decide what to do every time it came to her to raise, call or fold!

    I think I would actually tune in to see that! I think ESPN has found their next star, lol.

    • You know what? I think I actually HAVE seen her play on TV. I have a friend who used to play in the World Series of Poker (he’s won a couple of times—maybe 5 or so years ago), but I swear I’ve seen her play.

      • I would bet she probably has played in it before. I have watched it a few times, but I don’t recall seeing her particularly. I say she has probably been in it before because they made a bid deal about her having won a few million dollars in her career. I guess that could be another reason for not rooting for her to win… She doesn’t need the money.

      • Yeah, I wish the money would go to someone that ISN’T well off. I mean, it’s not “Big Brother: We Give The Prize To The Most Needy”, but, you know what I mean.

      • It’s not about the money for her, it’s all about the game and the competition. I think I’ve seen her on TV in some tournaments years ago, way before I knew she was going to be on BB. She actually was very quiet and reserve, like most poker players. Almost all female poker players are like that, never in your face flamboyant, very little emotion, unless they win a huge tournament.

      • I agree 100% that its just about the game for Vanessa. If she’s playing a bit more of a character for BB than she is in real life… Well, its no wonder I might have missed her in the tournament. Tiffany Michelle would be the only female poker player that jumps to mind, and having not watched the WSoP lately… I’m not sure she still plays.

      • The only female poker player I would know and recognize is Annie Duke, who is Howard Lederer’s (another poker player) sister.

      • Yeah, I know Annie Duke now that you mention her. I recognized her name as soon as I read your post. I can’t believe I’d forgotten her.

  20. Steve can’t get rid of Vanessa this week if he is wanting to survive next week. He is now gonna be the target if both Julia and Liz are saved. Next week without Vanessa it will be 3 vs. 2. The trio has to split up this week.

      • I know. It’s ridiculous how anxious I am to see what happens. It’s damn hot outside (heat warning and 40 humidity) where I live so I’ll use that as an excuse…been like that for a long time and forecast shows no end in sight so I’m good right here. My dog’s annoyed though.

      • LOL! It’s incredibly hot and humid here, too. So I am using the same excuse to stay inside. I don’t want the heat stroke. BB is protecting me!

  21. The only drama left this week is whether John has to go up as a replacement nod or not,my guess the nods will stay the same.

    • I’m not sure what a nod is but it will also be interesting to see how Vanessa pans out in this.

  22. The suspense is killing me—but I’ve got to get some things done around the house. :( See you all soon.

  23. So glad to see someone finally found a pair of balls to do something that should have been done long ago. Split that 3sum goon squad up. Maybe Lizzy can give sasquatch another BJ in Jury house.

      • Hopefully Liz gets the boot this week. Then Austin. Put the 2 pigs together in Jury and who knows what will happen. Just hoping that 3 way group gets the ax.

      • Austin can vote to keep her over Julia (for appearances) but Johnny won’t. Watcha gonna do now ‘nessa? Keep the stronger twin Liz as an ally or get rid of a bigger threat? More drama!!

      • That’s only if Austin comes off the block or he can’t vote for anyone. You’re right Vanessa should go and should have been gone long ago. Except the Goblins stepped in. Now they (the goblins) are gone and Van still remains.
        Just want to see one of the arrogant sluts gone this week.

      • Hey what’s the other Bill’s opinion? You’ll have to number us 1 & 2. Hopefully the veto contest is soon. There’s a good Bette Davis movie on at 8 o’clock.

    • Very easily. In fact on BBAD when I saw the three of them sitting around the table I thought that might be a good idea depending on how Austin did today. It’s a smart move. Austin doesn’t see the threat of JM and Steve as being favoured over him in the jury house because he is so freaking full of himself.

      • I agree completely. I think it makes sense for all three of them. JMac, Steve, and Austin will have numbers. They all don’t want Vanessa in the finals because they think they will lose to her. JMac and Steve should see this as a good chance for the two of them to make the finals. Austin will think this guarantees him the win because as you said he thinks he can crush JMac and Steve in the final HOH comp and in jury votes.

      • The only problem is…will Vanessa decide to keep the stronger ally close and send Julia a packin’ which will put Austin in the soup?

        Every single win now is crucial. Go Johnny go!

      • It would make more sense for her to split up Austin and Liz so she can have Julia to herself. But, how this season has gone you never know.

      • But if she has or thinks she still has Austin in her alliance she might put Steve and Johnny on the outside and take her chances at final three.

      • Looking at it from Vanessa’s point of view and a numbers view, which she says she does, but doesn’t always do, taking out Liz makes the most sense. Vanessa believes if Julia stays everyone would take her to final 2. If Liz stays she would know that Liz and Austin would take each other leaving only JMac and Steve to take her to final 2. Personally I think for Vanessa to get to final 2 she has to win the final HOH comp because no one is taking her to the finals, but she will see this as a better chance at winning with Julia in the game.

  24. Don’t know what happened in the veto comp other than he won it, but again Austin said ” he over reacted but it was good for tv”. Gag me.

  25. Jokers:
    Liz crying now: “Honestly, I’m over this. I’m over this game. I’m over these plots. If it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go!”
    Hopefully she self evicts

  26. Liz to Julia in purple room: “He’s not the one. And with that behavior, the end is near!”

    Seriously, just because Austin didn’t throw the veto to u, Ur considering to break up with him.
    u know what just her stupid bitchy ass out of here already.
    i can not wait till she gets evicted. >.>

    • SpoilingEntitledBitchyBratsthatareUglyontheoutsideandespeciallyontheoutsideandnastymeanhorribletwinsthatdeserveallthehatetheyaregonnagetwhentheygetoutofthebb17house….IcouldgoonbutthereisjusttoomuchmuchreallytruemeanthingstosayaboutthoseAssholetwins! There is your one word run on sentence about the horrible twins and horrible Austin in season 17. …p.s. those !d10t twins and Vanessa think James and now Johnny Mac are bullies…..what?? Really?? No no no…..the Twins, Vanessa, and Austin are the bullies…and the worst!

  27. Apparently, this week on big brother is the Liz show.This is SO exciting(roll eyes).
    Featuring Liz emotional wreck self, constantly bitching with Julia, hating/gossiping about everyone, and spoiled brat( not getting whatever she wants).
    stay tune on Saturday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  28. but looks like Steve might go next week if he don’t get Vanessa out this week She set him good…

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