Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Saturday Highlights

Veto Day for the Big Brother 17 Houseguests started out slow but nothing like a little delusional level of expectations to set off the tears and drama when things didn’t go the way a particular set of twins thought it might.

Liz isn't having a good day on Big Brother
Liz isn’t having a good day on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, Liz and Julia were back in tears mode today as they struggled with a new reality and that left Austin in the dog house with a bleak chance of escaping anytime soon.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 5, 2015:

10:00 AM BBT – Lights are on, but there’s limited movement.

10:05 AM BBT – Liz and Steve talk briefly. Liz apologizes for being upset. They hug it out.

10:10 AM BBT – Steve talks to himself that Austin was lying to his face earlier. Later Steve adds that Liz is not his target.

12:55 PM BBT – HGs hanging around waiting when Feeds go down for Veto competition.

3:05 PM BBT – Feeds return. Austin won the Veto and is wearing it around his neck. It will stay there for many hours to come.

3:07 PM BBT – Vanessa is playing up the victim role and tells the twins that Austin is to blame and she has much dirt on him. Meanwhile Austin is upset that Vanessa pitted the twins against him in the knockout style challenge. Austin tells John he thinks Vanessa was trying to work with the twins to get him out this week.

3:15 PM BBT – Austin advising Liz to go to Steve, tell him that Vanessa was trying to target him, and get Vanessa up on the Block. Liz says she’s giving up and doesn’t want to try to scheme.

3:25 PM BBT – Austin tells JMac he needs someone to go to the end with and they should bury the hatchet. They hug it out.

3:30 PM BBT – Tears are flowing for Liz as she laments how Austin could have thrown it to Julia and saved all three of them. Austin joins and he starts arguing with Vanessa.

3:35 PM BBT – Steve and John talking upstairs when John mentions maybe they should get out Julia instead of Liz. Steve tells John that Julia will be the renom.

3:45 PM BBT – Austin asks Vanessa to step in to the Lounge. She goes in and tells him she thinks he’s a piece of s**t. Austin is stunned and asks why. Vanessa is upset that he was trying to coordinate with the twins to save all three of them since that would have sent him to the Block. (Yes, how dare he try to play the game too.) Vanessa says she was just giving the girls advice in the competition. Austin trying to smooth things over and wants them to have a F2 still.

4:05 PM BBT – Liz and Julia ranting about Austin and just how terrible they think he really is for not throwing away his game for them.

4:15 PM BBT – Austin has been trying to raise Liz from the dead, but she’s ignoring him. Vanessa comes in to talk and Liz is now responsive. Vanessa speaks on Austin’s behalf but Liz continues to ignore Austin.

4:25 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia she’s sleeping in her bed the rest of the week.

4:45 PM BBT – Vanessa giving the twins a pep talk along with explaining why Austin can’t use the Veto on Liz.

4:55 PM BBT – Julia promises Liz she’ll go after Austin and Steve.

5:10 PM BBT – Austin tries to reconcile with Liz, but she still doesn’t want anything to do with him and continues to ignore Austin who is still wearing the Veto medallion.

5:20 PM BBT – Julia and Liz discussing how Austin lied about his girlfriend back home and how bad that makes him look. Julia takes all of Austin’s things and throws them in a corner of the room.

5:50 PM BBT – Vanessa has promised to help Austin settle things out with the angry twins. She goes in to talk with the twins and tries to explain why Austin is happy he won. Liz cries that Austin had to know that winning it was game ending for the twins.

6:05 PM BBT – Vanessa is trying to encourage the twins to see which of them has a better chance to win. She says Julia is playing for $50K at best while Liz could pull off the win and get $500K. Neither seems to question why someone would encourage the stronger competitor to stay to benefit them against her.

6:15 PM BBT – Austin says he’s still wearing the Veto so the Feedsters know who won. The competition ended over three hours ago. Steve says he’s sure has already published the information for everyone online. (Steve is very generous in his shout outs to us!)

6:30 PM BBT – Liz still complaining to Julia saying she’s disgusted by Austin and can’t look at him.

6:45 PM BBT – Steve mentions he’s not a fan of seeing girl nipples and could live without seeing them. John points out you could live without them “but it wouldn’t be fun.”

Events continued through the night. Read more:



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      • Hahahaha sorry, maybe Liz is acting, I don’t know, maybe Austin could take she out of the block.

    • If Steve had any brains at all he would put up Vanessa and get her out he would have the votes to get her out he only 3 are voting that means 2 votes is all you need to get her out. PS. stupiest season by far.

      • Stupidest season by far?

        By nominating Vanessa, Steve leaves an obvious three person alliance in the game going into the next HOH in which he can’t play!

        If JMac doesn’t win HOH, AT BEST Steve is in final four against the Austwins. In this scenario, if Steve doesn’t win final four HOH he goes home.

        Stupidest season by far? Does that also include forum posts?

      • Up until the last sentence, I was right there with you. I understand it, some people hate Van so much that they can’t see the strategic forest thru the trees. P.S. Worst (or Stupidest) seasons are 9 then 15, then it’s up to debate

      • I think there’s a difference between worst and stupidest.

        Season 15 was by far the worst.

        You final three from the “glorious” season, the biggest rat in the history of BB, an out and out racist AND someone who was making jokes about child pornography.

      • The Rat was Andy, could you please explain the other two. I know a lot of them lost their jobs over that season.

      • GinaMarie said THE most racist things (yes even more than Aryan), and Spencer had a filthy mouth.

      • Thanks, I knew those three were the F3 but didn’t quite make the connection of what wtpvideo said.

      • Noting was as bad as Andy making fun of Alyssa’s step-son who I believe was autistic. There were several really bad people in that house including Spencer, Andy, Aryn, Amanda and Jeremy.

      • it’s not just vanessa. It is everyone! They couldn’t get themselves out of a paperbag.
        Imagine after the whole season is almost over and Julia is confused about the cameras. Amazing she noticed them.
        James doesn’t realize there was a 3 person threat(austwins)…DUH

      • Like they’ve said personally mostly every person she’s had a blowup with has been evicted. The game is to evict people who has a strong game play or someone whos floating there way in the game , sometimes you have to work with that person to go farther in game but When time comes you get rid of those people who can’t win against in final two.

      • I don’t think the Twits want Austin with them anymore, so if Vanessa survives this week, her and the remaining twin may turn against him.

      • I see her point though. This is like last week with Vanessa shooting at James and then having to settle for Meg. It almost seems pointless to evict someone like Liz or Meg who can;t win anything. But at the same time, the Austwins are 3 votes at a point in the season where votes are critical.

      • You know others will have differing opinions from you. You really don’t need to be so condescending.

      • Putting up Vanessa would be the worst move by Steve. She leaves (not that I would hate that) but it leaves the threesome there.

      • By putting up Vanessa it is a big risk but also a huge game move she wouldn’t see coming . I’d rather see anyone win it but Vanessa and Austin , during the whole season Becky was the only one who had the balls to put up Vanessa everyone else is to scared if John and Steve band 2gether they could be final two, and those own veto comps.

      • Bravo Tracy
        I said this weeks ago. Becky read Vanessa and saw
        the raw ambition and did not fall for the I’m looking
        after you nonsense. The sheer gall of these loser
        house guests is astounding. Vanessa is a control
        FREAK! Austin believes he is the second coming.
        Liz you thought Clay giving up his spot was ridiculous. When your “Thing” took care of himself he was no Clay.What colour is the sky in your world?

      • In the final two I predict Steve and John or Austin and a twin or Vanessa and John of it’s them based on who’s in the jury house John may have a shot at winning against Vanessa that’s one of the two reasons he chose to work with her the other make it to the final two.

      • Actually it would be a great move if Steve can get the twins on his side then bring in jmac the when hoh played it would be 3 against ugly A and he goes bye bye

      • Wait…. so now the Austwins are the heels now and not Vanessa? I thought she was more dangerous.

      • HOPING JMAC WINS, RUNNER UP EITHER VAN OR AUSTIN! JULIA WILL just split with Liz…don’t want! Rather see Steve second before either twin come in at all!

    • No she is a big baby and a nasty person she thinks she cute and should get what she wants why do you think she picked the biggest and ugliest to align with and her voice is so annnnoying

  1. Guess Lizten is officially done. Are they the first showmance to break up BEFORE the season ended?

    • I have no doubt that Lizzy will let Lurch back in her bed before the ceremony on Monday, if only to try to get him to use the Veto on her.
      Let’s not forget who’s important here ….. HER!

      • Probably right but why would she allow Vanessa to get in between her and Austin like she did? Vanessa back-peddled but when Austin won POV Vanessa’s first move was to cry and throw Austin under the bus. Austin of course apologizes to Vanessa and doesn’t even realize the advice she game the twins was to get Austin out of the POV comp so he could not save himself!

      • Yep Vanessa does a good job of throwing people under the bus and then getting them to apologize to her. She’s such a hypocrite. I said weeks ago when they had the chance to get her out they should take it or they won’t get her out. And look where she’s sitting now. A final 2 with everyone.

    • Do you mean REAL showmances? The one that comes to mind is Drew & Danielle, He dumped her at the final 3 and then went on to win. Of course there’s always Boogie & Erika from All Stars,He showmanced and dumped her just because he could. Lastly there’s Alison who showmanced a couple of guys (including her ex).

  2. Cry babies who did not get their way….boohooo!
    Vanessa has ruined this season of Big Brother for me. I know she is controlling all of the evictions and has played the best game, but I just do not like her.

    • I think Vanessa might be Bi-polar based on how she can’t control her mood. Either way, being sequestered for 100+ days will turn you into a wreck (78 days today + I’m pretty sure they’re sequestered a couple weeks before the game starts), so I think people are being unfairly harsh on Vanessa. She may not need the money but she has played an incredible game and at this rate she deserves the grand prize she will most likely be winning

      • Ye I said that too bi polar but it’s not always a bad thing a lot of famous successful contributing people have it. She is maniacal, bad souled, does everyone dirty, bullies fear into you with that polar energy onto a corner, then if you lie or defend yourself GOD FORCED she balls and is a nasty mean wicked victim. Bad person straight up. I’ve known enoigh, trust me. Check your self bitc&!….I mean check your self in sister. Or someone bigger and meaner inside will do it one day.

      • If Vanessa gets to the end she deserves it. I am disappointed at the lack of play these people are displaying.

      • Do you think this season is scripted? I often wonder if it’s real cause there’s absolutely no game play. Every now and then you see somewhat a good move like Becky and James did but the idiots always derail the plans. It’s like that’s what their supposed to do.this season is UNBELIEVABLY the worst! !!!!!!

      • I don;t think its scripted but I am curious about the role production plays in the show through the DR session. There were a few situations this season that looked shady after DR situations.

        When James came out of DR talking about how they asked him about Shelli stealing his shirt and then Vanessa asking Steve if he thinks Austin would flip the vote against Julia and blame it on Steve (Meg’s stupid plan to save herself. Meg’s plan was too stupid for anyone else to think it up so Vanessa coming up with the exact plan, even the part about blaming the vote on Steve, is very fishy to me.

      • I agree. Vanessa has played this game 100% all season. She is moody, heck, so am I! She can be aggressive..I have seen many other BB players in the past who were just as aggressive. I think that if she does make it to F2..the jury will be bitter and not give her the win,especially when Jackie and Becky are in the mix

      • If Vanessa gets to the end with Julia, as she is planning she will win. Julia has done nothing all season. Who would vote for her?

      • Every year we say that and every year people in jury vote for the person who took them out. I think the people in jury, after have a chance to decompress let those grudges go. They will again this season.

      • All right then. So, who are the heels supposed to be this year? Vanessa, or the Austwins? Who are we supposed to hate?

      • What does that have to do with anything????? She’s still playing the game better then the others.

      • She does have a girlfriend she said it the show. But being bipolar has nothing to do with her sexuality. Bipolar i won’t call her cus I’m not a doctor, but i will say she has a girlfriend because it came from her mouth. If you watched it all season than you wouldn’t have to assume you wud know!

    • I agree, but James ruined it when he flipped the house to evict Shelli instead of Vanessa. Look who is in the jury house now. Shelli, Jackie, Becky, Meg and James. And yet James and Meg still don;t get what they did wrong!

      • He did exactly what was best for his game and because of that decision, those of us who love him got to enjoy his presence for a couple more weeks. I hope James wins AFP. Smug Shelli needed to go and I was relieved that she didn’t get back in the house during DE. She had very poor strategy from the get-go with getting into a cougar showmance. Glad we didn’t have to watch that all season, too.

      • I don;t think he did was was best for his game. What he did was alienate everyone in teh house except Meg and Jackie. Jackie went the next eviction leaving him alone with Meg who is the worst at comps and the worst at strategy.

        Had James, Meg and Jackie made a deal with Shelli to save her, they could have worked with Becky, Shelli and JMac (who is loosely affiliated with Becky.

        They could have gone after the Austwins then instead of this late in the game and whittled them down so if Vanessa came back in the house should would come back to no one.

        The house never should have let the Austwins and Vanessa get this far but they were so busy fighting each other they wound up hurting only themselves.

      • We’ll never know what would have happened, but I was thrilled when Smug Shelli left the house and I will always believe that he made the right decision. I was never a fan of Smug Shelli and I think she would still be in the house if it wasn’t for James smart gameplay that week. I also think James would have been out sooner. But, like I said, we’ll never know.

      • I agree. And look where Vanessa is sitting. She has a final two with everyone. But Steve is catching on to her and I pray next week JMac wins HOH and puts up Vanessa and Austin. Bad choice James. But then again he went there to play summer camp.

    • I know right?!?! I have no idea! Austin will do whatever Vanessa wants so she may as well be the only voter this week.

    • yeah seems odd. All I can think is that she wants to keep a bigger target in the house to keep John and Steve distracted.

    • So she can use her to get Austin out. She knows Liz is upset with him now so she knows she can influence Liz yet again for her game.

    • I think Vanessa ‘s ultimate goal is to get out Sasquatch. Odds are good for her and Liz against Sasquatch in next HOH. Take him out and it’s a final 3 of Vanessa, Liz and the dimwit. I think she feels more comfortable going against either of them in F2 than butting heads with Sasquatch.

      • Makes sense that final HOH is always pretty brutal. Vanessa is probably worried Austin would easily win the physically demanding challenge.

      • Why would Vanessa think Liz will take her over Austin? Especially if Liz and Austin make up this week? I still think her target is Liz and we will see it play out over the full week. She votes and JMac votes so only her conversations with JMac matter as to who to vote out.

    • She probably doesn’t but, just saying it for the jury vote. With the next HOH coming up after this weeks eviction, it would be Vanessa and Johnny Mac vs Austin, Julia assuming Liz gets evicted. It does not make sense to keep an angry Liz who is good in competitions in the game to possibly win HOH. Steve and Vanessa winds up on the block and assuming they do not get off via POV, Johnny Mac votes to evict Vanessa and Austin votes to evict Vanessa and she is gone.
      If Liz is gone, Vanessa or Johnny Mac probably have a fair chance of winning the next HOH and trying to get Austin out the following week. If they succeed, it would be Julia, Johnny Mac, Steve and Vanessa left in the Big Brother House.

    • Because Liz and Austin will target Steve and JMac. This is how Vanessa has played all along. She pits one side against the other and escapes blame. Ask Shelli and Clay.

  3. If John., Vanessa, and Austin seriously vote out Liz they will have gone to a whole new level of stupidity and I will stop watching, why on earth would they ever target Julia over Liz????

      • I don’t understand what you’re confused about. Mentioned above is speak of targeting Julia instead of Liz which makes absolutely zero sense or benefit to anyone’s game.

      • “If John Vanessa, and Austin seriously vote out Liz they will have gone to a whole new level of stupidity” contradicts “Why on earth would they target Julia over Liz?” hence the confusion. Your original post makes no sense

      • Haha I just noticed that now, I must have been sleepy or something when I wrote that out. I meant to say Julia in the beginning instead.

      • I don’t think that’s true. I think Johnny Mac wants to be seen as the least threatening person in the house. Julia ( who holds that title) is in his way. This is also why he said he was targeting Meg at his eviction interview.

      • Perhaps but I still strongly think Liz, the stronger competitor, should go. Liz isn’t going to work with John or Steve, they need her out so one can sit by Julia in the end and win.

      • I see your confusion now, I typed the initial comment wrong, so flustered over here with their bad game moves I guess lol.

      • Oh wow I see why people are confused now, I meant to say if they vote out Julia they would be dumb. Haha my bad. Liz definitely needs to go home.

  4. Today was great, so glad I didn’t cancel my feeds. I can only hope more is to come, this is actually the best part of the season. they will all have to turn on each other and start playing for themselves.

  5. I think liz’s actions is more strategy than reality cuz she knows austin loves her nd he would probably use the veto on her so that shell be with him again

    • oh yes that’s true love somebody that has known you two months and they’re so in love with you they’re willing to give up a half a million dollars I don’t think so

      • as well as a girlfriend on the outside was educated and quite attractive that you could probably tell that he just played the game with that romance showmance that they have and him and her could get back together with a half a million dollars and start a nice life together

  6. Please tell me WHY Vanessa would want to keep Liz over Julia !? That’s got to be the dumbest move to make at this stage of the game ! Liz is a HUGE threat and sending her out the door would break up the Austwins ! Julia hates Austin and would find no reason to continue there alliance !

    • I agree that Liz should go before Julia. My guess is that the reason Van would like to keep Liz is bc Liz can still win comps and is targeting the boys first. Also if Van ever finds herself on the block with Liz, she can make a strong argument to stay rather than with Useless Julia.

    • I know right?!?! It makes no sense at all!!! Austin will do whatever Vanessa tells him do she may as well be the only voter this week.

    • Depending on whether or not Liz’s anger against Austin is for real or acting, I’d rather keep the strong competitor around to have my back than the shitty player. Vanessa will win against any person left in the house if the Jury isn’t bitter, and if they are, she will lose against anyone in the house. Better to keep the strong player in this situation than the weak player.

      • When is the jury ever bitter? I know from the last five Survivor seasons I watched is that they always vote for the best players regardless. I feel like it would be the same in BB.

      • With BB, it really varies. The claustrophobic isolation inside the Big Brother house amplifies a lot of housemates’ emotions, in contrast to Survivor where everything is always out in the open and every move you make is more game-related than personal.

        Dan burned a lot of jurors because of how he managed to pull off blindside after blindside in BB14. It is something that makes it a little to difficult to see past.

        That is where social game kicks in. No matter how great you are at the game that ended with you being on the final 2 instead of everyone else, if you don’t part ways with a juror after their eviction on a good note, then you can kiss their jury vote goodbye.

        That is why Ian won over Dan. He is friends with the jury, he has allies in there as well. He has the least blood on his hands, won enough comps to stay afloat and had the foresight to switch allegiances in time that could help carry him to reach at least the final 3. And also, he exposed Dan’s duplicity on live TV which probably sealed the deal for him to earn a near unanimous win.

      • I’m still pissed that Dan didn’t win BB14.
        I loved when they brought in the prejury evictees and Janelle said if Dan doesnt win, the jurors didnt vote right. There’s some satisfaction in that at least coming from a great

      • See BB season 3. Of course it didn’t help that in that season Jurors went home and saw the episodes, DR sessions and all. That jury was Bit-ter.

    • For Vanessa’s game it doesn’t matter which twin stays. They will both be loyal to her. But keeping Liz is smarter for Vanessa, since she can use Liz to do her dirty work.

    • Maybe Vanessa is trying to trick Austin into believing that Julia would be her target so that he doesn’t use the veto on Liz.

  7. Watching after dark and was wondering why Austin was not up Liz’s ass….. Vanessa should win… Best game player.

  8. After all her snarky remarks about the actions of others HGs after they have been nominated, you would think Sliz would have a little pride.
    But no, it’s everyone else’s fault.

    • Sure it is…they should be left alone and be able to go to the end untouched and unscathed…we should rename it the Nolan show…how dare they put them up!

    • Yeah, Steve’s fame from making a big move is about to go up in smoke, especially if Julia go out.

      And BTW, isn’t Julia staying a no brainer for the twins? She clearly has the best chance of winning the game. She has 3 HoH wins and a POV I think to Julia’s lucky POV. Julia seems to be okay with Liz going – another selfish POS.

      • Somebody had to take a shot at the threesome–and he would have gone up and out in all likelihood had he not won HOH over Austin. He made the right decision winning it, and he’s making the right decision in his noms. It’s not like there are a bunch of other alternatives out there. The only other one is tossing up Van as the replacement and convincing JMac to evict her instead-which leaves it at 2 on 3. He probably doesn’t like it, but Julia as the renom is the right move

    • It would be a dumb move on Steves part to put up Vanessa. That would leave the threesome still in the game. Steve can’t play in HOH next week and whoever is left from the threesome is coming after him. He thinks he’s safe with Vanessa, but she will turn on him if Austin or Liz/Julia win HOH.

    • They’re horrible to watch but Austin is even worse. Last night on BBAD he was hanging over his plate, with both arms on the table, shoveling food in like a sasquatch who hadn’t eaten in a week. Then he was using his fingers to shove pieces aside that he apparently didn’t like. My German Shepherd has better manners. It was so awful, I actually sat there mesmerized for about five minutes, but then my tiny, tired little brain kicked in and I turned it off.

      • You would think he never saw food before, and it’s all over his mouth when he shovels it in. Farm animals have better manners.

      • I know. Hubby and I were grossed out the other night watching them eat on BBAD. Liz and Austin were just shoveling it in their mouths and barely chewing their food! It gave us a great example why we get after our teenage son! How not to eat! lol

    • Omg i thought it was just me. I absolutely can’t stand to see or hear them eat they really do chew like a cow.i don’t know what’s worse their voices or them eating.

  9. What a fine group we have left in the house. Vanessa tried to break up Austin and Liz, then realizes she is on TV and backtracks. Liz believes the BS Vanessa tells her instead of Austin. Austin has a chance to throw the comp to Julia and he wins instead – to save himself and leave the twins on the block.

    There is no piece of sh*t in the house, there is a whole pile in the house!

    Liz should dump Austin because he is selfish and only worried aobut being on TV. Austin should dump Liz because if she believes Vanessa instead of him its over anyway.

    Now Steve and JMac have to figure what’s best for their game and its not Vanessa who has a plan no matter who stays or goes.

    One note from ealier today. I think Austin mentioned his F2 with Vanessa in front of Steve. Did anyone else catch that? Because Vanessa has a F2 with Steve too – and Julia – and JMac.

  10. Wonder if Austin will turn on the twins if they give him the cold shoulder? Just proves Liz was only interested in him so long as he could benefit her. I bet she’ll be totally grossed out when she watches the season and sees what the camera caught them doing. I don’t know why Vanessa would be put up as replacement nominee – that would keep Austin and the twins safe and they can vote out whomever they want. As badly as I want to see Vanessa gone, I want them gone even more. In fact, I’m feeling so evil tonight I think I’ll make the picture of Liz blubbering one of my screensavers until the season’s over

    • I hope so. They seem to think Vanessa is not playing them and that she will always give them her “unbiased” opinion. Austin should hook up with JMac and Steve and take the witches out of the house. They are all such rotten people.

    • Do you think the cold shoulder will last? Guess she figured that he was her meat shield for as long as possible. Can’t imagine that Vanessa would be put up either, but who knows with these HGs. Enjoy feeling “so evil tonite.” :)

    • Hey English, have you noticed that Liz is a VERY ugly crier? She’s not very pretty to begin with (she thinks she is) but add the crying face into the mix, ewwww!

  11. I disagree with the idea that Austin should have thrown it. The only way to stay safe is to not be on the block. He could have easily been voted out if he had thrown it to the twins and he’s only known them a couple months so I see no reason why he should. The twins are acting like babies imo. They need to mature more. Austin owes them nothing and I know its hard for Liz to realize given her self centered nature but she looks just as bad as Austin does regarding his gf.

    • Its a valid point. Austin was the target although he didn’t know it. Vanessa did and she lied to the twins about it making it seem like Austin lied to them. She is a POS for trying to get between Austin and Liz that way. I think she realized it which is why she backed off.

      • I think you’re right, and just after the comp, I think she was going to try to make sure they broke up so she could take over the twins votes if she were to make F2. I’m not sure if that’s still on her mind. Maybe it is, this is V we are talking about so it probably is. She doesn’t have many votes in jury, so it would be smart on her part to make sure the remaining few that go to jury would vote for her.

    • Absolutely right. Austin want to win and is doing what he can to get to F2. Of course Vanessa is not happy, she’s always worry she might end up on the block.

  12. Did Julia not win anything when she was Liz either? Did they arrange the schedule so she didn’t play in comps?

    • I don’t think so. A lot of the switching happened every three days based on past conversations so it could be coincidental. I seem to remember that the first live switch that they did, Liz switched with Julia so she (Julia) was able to compete in the following Head of Household competition.

  13. This week has become like a remake of “The Crying Game” and did anyone really think this beauty and beast goings on would really last once back out in the real world,after you exit the pond grows much bigger and reality sets in,so no longer a need to sleep with leftovers from BB 17.

  14. As of right now Vanessa has won at least 50,000 and still has a shot at 500,000 and that is because every house guest left would rather take their chances sitting next to her than anything else,game wise makes perfect sense because by far she has been the most polarizing player of the season and who would not want those odds going into the final two,at this point would be a foolish move so late in the game to evict such a unpopular house guest that could help you win the big prize,this is game about moves and thinking ahead,not about the heat of the moment.

  15. Won’t surprise me that if whoever of the twins is left and Austin take Vanessas advice and try to get Steve out next week 2 votes is all it would take hmmmm we shall see

  16. Right now the game pivots on who wins HOH,he or she will control the flow of events that are about to unfold here in the final last gasps of this season

  17. 3:08 AM Steve: I have a 1 in 5 shot at a half million dollars.

    In theory, Steve is correct, he does have a 20% of winning BB17, but in reality, as along as Vanessa is still in that house, he and everyone else have a 0% chance of winning. FACT

    • I agree. Odds based on the number of players don’t matter in this game. Its about skill. And as you say, right now Vanessa is controlling every player left, except maybe JMac. She certainly has every Austwin feeding out of her hands.

  18. they are all playing hard now [except the twins] we may not understand it nor agree with it but they are, we have more info than they do so we can make a ‘wiser’ decision than they can …and of course Van wants to keep liz, julia dont win like liz and either of them would pair up with her, I also think stevie is FINALLY going to get one of the trio out, taking out Vanessa now would be a mistake as far as voting is concerned, he can not leave in a trio to vote together not sure what his thoughts are on who he would like to sit next to in the F2 but can you imagine the speeches that would come from Stevie and JMac?? one talks with the hands the other just says something funny/blunt leaving you scratching your head trying to figure out the punch line??

  19. Boy the twins are stupid. Vanessa tells them to pick Austin in an elimination style POV and they do it without question? What idiots. The right strategy was to pick Vanessa, Steve and JMac every time until they are all eliminated. They should never pick Julia until there is no one left, then pick her and throw it to her. The fact that none of the three of them have realize what she was doing just proves once again how ridiculous this cast is. Come on! Something so basic and they have no idea what to do?

  20. So Liz is pissed! The love affair is over. Will Austin use the veto on Liz to save his showmance? Is Liz hoping to guilt him into it? All these questions and more …..

      • Yes, I think you are probably right. She might also come back to him if he wins the money. :-)

      • I don’t think she will…she doesn’t seem the type for him by her mannerism and her lifestyle…it was only a matter of convenience and protection that she shacked up with him

    • Totally agree John…excellent analysis…people lose sight that this is a game..and get too emotional when a player like Vanessa plays a ruthless and shrewd game..this isn’t “Days of our Lives”

    • Yes, that’s why the other HGs need to get her out.

      Besides, there is no rule (although that is the expectation) that HGs vote for the best player. If I was the evicted Hg, I would vote for who I liked better. If Meg and Vanessa were the last 2, I’d vote Meg.

    • There is one other thing we know about Vanessa. She is the only house guest who doesn’t need the money. She has a few million from her poker playing, and is only on for the love of the game.

      That has nothing to do with whether she deserves to win or not of course. I just thought I would point that out before saying that she is definitely the best game player this season. I think that gets her the win this season, because for the first time outside of Derrick… Nothing has been personal really this entire season, which is a nice change. So yeah, I think this season, we will see the best game play rewarded.

  21. Do i like Vanessa? No. Is she the best player in the house? Yes. No one can seem to think for themselves. It’s like Vanessa does all the thinking for them. She’s a bully, a master manipulator, and someone “who plays the game too hard” (was that a compliment or criticism? lol) – P.S. Vanessa… stop playing the gay card… its the 21st century. You can be a great player without having to be a dbag (look at Derrick from last season). I hope she gets voted out soon… I can’t stand her. Actually can’t stand the rest of them except JMac. This season has been pretty brutal with the exception of James and JMac. Please BB… find better players for next season!!!!!

  22. The twins should of stayed with Vh1and did twinning. So catty talking about how Steve rented a car and how they really think Austin should of threw the comp.unbelievable! Big brother where did you find this disgusting display of players? Ughhhhhhhhh!! #worstcastever. #nogameplay.

    • Hey Michelle, I propose we start a campaign on this and future threads on bbnetwork.
      *To the studio audience members for this Thursday’s live broadcast. BOO the evicted twin! Doesn’t matter which one.
      Like Christine last season, BOO THE EVICTED TWIN when she comes to meet Julie Chen. #boothetwin #BOOtheTWIN #BooTheTwin.

      • Sounds good to me.normally im not mean like this but i don’t like how they trash the house guests. I wish bb had a live reunion with questions from the audience or viewers. I’m still mad about that Jason comment. And also their mean goodbye messages.

      • Christine was a nasty person in my opinion, mainly because her behavior was disrespectful to her husband, Tim(I believe) who seemed to be a very genuinely nice guy. Although he seemed to take it all in jest, I think Christine really had the hots for Cody and it was disgusting. I thought I wanted her to be booed. But when I saw the hurt and shock and embarrassment on her face, I honestly felt a little bad for her. I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I thought I might. It’s a Catch 22 for me. The Twincompoops do not deserve any applause, that is for darn sure.

      • Christine was used by her alliance then tossed aside like dirty laundry,for as Cody goes got a raw deal from the public because she is female,there is a double standard for what guys can do vs. the girls when it comes to flirting.

      • Well they would deserve it. They seem to think they are liked by BB fans. From what I have read on the posts here, and I read a good majority of them, I can’t recall many that actually like the twins. So in case I have totally missed those posts from those of you who like the twins, I apologize to you.

  23. IMO, Vanessa really isn’t a good player. She’s just in cast with either dumbfucks or cowards. The HGs already spotted what Vanessa has been doing, but haven’t took a shot at her yet? If she was in BB16 she would’ve got picked off a long time ago.

    • I have to agree with you. She is playing with people who are generally clueless.

      The twins go to her and ask her what to do all the time. Why would they think they deserve to win the game or even 2nd place when they are not playing their own game they are doing what Vanessa tells them to do.

      When Liz got her first HoH she told Austin, I don;t know what to do. What should I do? Austin took over her HoH and made all the moves for her.

      And what is JMac doing except surviving. Again, what has he won? What plan has he executed? None. Unless he does something soon, why does he deserve a penny of prize money?

      Austin has been playing for TV time and nothing else. I don;t even think he cares anymore.

      Then there is Steve, little wimpy, I want y mommy Steve, who has done nothing be try to be accepted all season. He wins HoH, puts up Austin and Liz and claims he should be famous becaue he made a big move. Yet, he was targeting Austin. Why, when Liz is the obvious target? Because Vanessa and JMac told him to.

      Vanessa is playing everyone right in front of their faces. That’s how stupid they are.

    • The first time that Nessie the Monster tried to raise her voice to Derrick, she would have been gone. I don’t even think she would have dared. An emotionally and mentally abusive person knows who they can and can’t play and Derrick ain’t no player.

      • My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately getting an Austwin out is in Vanessa’s best interest. Vanessa has stated she would take Julia to the end.

      • Getting rid of Austin should be her priority. Vanessa could win the game next to everybody else in the house except for maybe him.

      • I really hope you are wrong about Nessie the Monster winning against anyone. IMO, that would be as bad as if Freaky Frankie had won last season.

      • I think she is the cruelest, most demeaning, entitled HG this season. I think Freaky Frankie was and is one of the lowest of the low.

      • I think it is as bad as Derrick winning since they are both great players. Frankie was not a good player, he was just there to get TV time.
        I was not a Derrick fan, but he played a great game and deserved to win. I think Austin and Vanessa were the best players this season and I dislike them both. I prefer Austin over Vanessa at this point though. I hope John makes it and wins, but I doubt it.

      • I was cheering for Derrick most of the time. He upset me once because I thought his words to Nicole were too harsh. I wish there had been more competition for him last season. He would eat Vanessa alive. She’d probably self-evict from crying so much because he wouldn’t be played, Austin would tap out, and the twins wouldn’t know what hit them. Derrick was a fantastic manipulator and Cody was absolutely nutso for taking him to F2, but I’m glad he did.

    • Can’t say I agree with you but ooooo, Vanessa vs. Derrick. They both are great strategists, but their methods are so completely different.I don’t think it would be as cut and dry as you think. It would be great to see that battle. I’d pay extra for those feeds.

      • Good observation and true,Derrick was ruthless as Vanessa,the only difference he exercised power in a more quiet way vs. her full throttle approach but in the end both methods have wielded the same results.

      • Of course with our luck, they’d team up and we would have the Big Brother version of “Sherman’s March To The Sea” all over again.

      • They definitely have wielded the same results so far, and I think it will probably win her the whole thing as it did Derrick.

        To go a step further, Dan played a similar “mastermind in charge” game in season 14. The only problem was that Dan’s game play was seen as personal (and it was to an extent). That cost him everything. Vanessa’s game play will not be seen as personal at all.

      • Except that Dan’s gameplay was entirely intentional. He was thinking fourteen steps ahead every minute. Van is always flying by the seat of her pants. And she plays from her emotions in the moment. Unreliably at that.

      • Yep, I would definitely agree with you about the difference between Dan and Vanessa. I admired the game play of Dan more, even though it was a tad personal, just because he was thinking that far ahead and manipulating everyone.

        Vanessa has the manipulation down, but she is, as you pointed out, not planning far enough ahead by any means.

      • Really Van vs anybody. Above poster is right. She’s not a good player. She’s just good in THIS house. Put her against Derrick, Dan, mike, Danny, Brittany, janelle. Omg somebody please put her against janelle. Bloodbath.

  24. What i don’t understand is why are these idiots worried about being friends and betrayal. They won’t even see each other when it’s done. Your playing for half a million! The only friends i would be making is with those dead presidents.

      • Evicting Liz will really only make Austin more dangerous. Julia would be the safer move, and then hope someone could nominate both of them again next week.

        I actually like Austin, but I don’t care for Liz. So, while I would love to see Liz go this week… I think the other house guests might not be willing to take the chance.

      • Julia is the weakest of them Liz i s better player to win comps.who cares about Austin’s feelings.

      • Julia is the weakest of the two, but she is also the one everyone wants to take with them to the final two if they were being honest. She would be the single person that everyone else left could beat for the $500K. Liz, Vanessa and I think even Austin would win the votes over Johnny and Steve.

        So, it would make sense to send Liz home and keep Julia. I’m just not sure that will be what happens. Besides, it the twins whose feelings seem to be hurt at this point. Think about some of Austin’s competition wins and how he was focused on winning them (especially the race endurance comp) compared to how carefree he played some of the others. If they send Liz home, I think they would be worried that the focused Austin would be left to deal with. In a pure physical comp, I don’t think there is anyone left to compete with him for HoH this next week.

        That’s what will possibly make them evict Julia.

      • I don’t know because do you really think he likes Liz. You think Austin would win over Steve an jmac? Maybe Vanessa but im not sure about the other two. But i forgot the jury said Steve is a floater you might be right.

      • I think that Austin would probably get the votes over Johnny because he has played a bit better game. Remember that he did have most of the recently evicted house guests trusting in him (all of the Goblins) and even had Johnny and Steve trusting in him. It will all depend on whether the jury is going to vote for game play to win over personalities.

        You’re right about Steve though. I think the only person he might beat right now in the final two is Julia.

    • There is a bigger change of Austin and Liz winning HOH than John.
      I think that getting rid of lIz is the best thing.

    • Putting up Vanessa this week would not be good move at this point in time,would serve no one’s interest to make such a move,in fact most likely prove fatal for the person(s) doing so.

  25. Cause they have not put Austin, Vanessa and jewel up, they are always putting up John mac or someone else but them.

      • Steve will never put up Vanessa because he would have a heart attack before he could get out the words,her stare alone would send him over the edge.

  26. As of today feel no matter what way the winds blow Vanessa is in the catbird seat unless some earthquake even occurs in the BB house and based on the season this far no one really left that could cause such a eruption because in reality Vanessa is only real volcano left in the house.

  27. As much as I dislike Vanessa, she has played the best game and has gotten out everyone she wanted while playing the little girlie who cried everytime she suspected they were putting her up. Did anyone notice how she goes on the defensive and turns everything around to the person accusing her? I don’t want her to win, but she deserves to.

    • Have to agree,love or hate her at least she has played the game with gusto from day one,the one player who has controlled events instead of sitting around reacting after the fact. Popularity contests are for high school,this is BB!

      • Yup and a lot of people would disagree. I can’t stand her voice or those hats but she knows what she’s doing.

  28. Why are these updates so anti Vanessa? I’m not the biggest fan of her, but you can’t deny that she’s the best player there…

      • Yep…she’s the only one (up until now) that has been playing a good BB game—in the sense that she’s a good liar and manipulator. But she’s a big bully.

      • I must agree. Everyone is afraid of Vanessa. She is the definition of a bully, I would like to see some of these houseguests play again MINUS Vanessa.

  29. What does it mean when someone upvoted your comment? I think it means someone read it.pplease tell me.

  30. I mentioned this briefly yesterday but I think this veto comp proves my point that Austin has been throwing a few of the comps along the way (more than he admits at any rate). He and Johnny are playing a smart game from that perspective. They only seem to win the comps that are important to them at the time.

    Vanessa will probably align herself with Austin again because that seems like it might well get her to the end with more certainty. The bad thing about that is… Austin just might bite her in the butt when it comes to voting. Vanessa, Austin and Johnny are definitely the final three in my book.

    • I don;t see how Vanessa can get away with what she is doing now. If they put up Steve or JMac they are going to rat her out to save themselves. JMac will reveal the F2 deal he has with her and that should open Austin and Julia’s eyes since they think they have F2 deals to. So does Steve. When JMac and Steve tell Austin and Julia Vanessa was part of the plan to target them this week that may open their eyes a little too. On the other hand, Austin and Julia have dirt on her as well. At some point this has to come back to bite her. I think she is safer turning on Austin and Julia because they have been unwilling to throw her under the bus this week so most likely they never will.

      And this is why this seas is so bad. If you are Austin Liz and Julia the best way to save yourselves is to make a bigger target out of someone else. Just like Shelli refused to save Clay by giving up Vanessa, the Austwins seem unwilling to do it too. So one of them will go home. Vanessa will continue to play the remaining two while working with Steve and JMac at the same time.

      If these people would think for a minute they would see what’s going on but obviously they are not thinkers.

      • I think Austin knows more of what’s going on then the twins do. I think he’s smarter than he’s acting a lot of the time. This would be the perfect moment to show the WWE that he has charisma by making Johnny and Steve believe him over Vanessa. Having said that, I don’t think he will either because he genuinely seems to like her as a friend.

        Granted, I think there may be a real friendship between them after this season wraps up, this is not the time to be too loyal. Its time for Judas to take over, lol. Seriously though, Liz going home this week instead of Julia would be the best thing for Austin’s game, because it would allow him to focus on himself more. The potential is there, because so many people have liked and believed Austin (Johnny, Steve, James, Meg, etc), but I agree with you that he may not be able to make himself pull the trigger and go after Vanessa.

        Kind of bodes badly for his wrestling career too. I imagine you won’t make it far in that business if you’re not willing to put yourself first.

      • I tend to think that as the numbers dwindle, F2 deals are going to get talked about. My favorites are gone, so at this point I am going to hope Steve and JMAC make F2.

  31. Out of all the seasons this is the first one that I’ve disliked so many people. I don’t know who I want gone more Vanessa the bully, Austin the conceited full of himself idiot or the bitchy, bratty twins.

      • Really??? I mean I know you dislike her as you and I have had some friendly debates over Vanessa but REALLY? you honestly would rather see Austin or a twin win? REALLY? of course you are entitled to your own opinion :-) but, aside from people not liking Vanessa for some things she has done in the house, you can not at all look past some of her mistakes & respect most of her gameplay?? True question :-) you and I have been back and forth all season, and we have kept it fun :-) can you not at all respect her somewhat for her gameplay? I will be the first to admit vanessa has said some outrageous things, and she has not always done the right thing however she has never been cruel to anyone in the house, she truly does care about each and every one of them, I promise you that! She honestly has a heart of gold & to look past some of the things she has done that were not right, at least she has been playing the game. Yes, I agree a little too hard however in her defense, she doesn’t know she is playing a game with people who are not playing a game or with people who finally woke up and are playing a game now so she’s just doing what comes natural in a game like this, playing hard, making stories, manipulating, and what have you but isn’t that what most do to win a game like big brother!? I think if you look past her mistakes and her tears (they really are genuine because she is really a nice person) & her extreme paranoia (alot of it was justifiable because her alliance was turning on her & like A LOT of previous HGs & winners of Big Brother have said the game / house does make you very paranoid!) so if you look past the tears, the paranoia And Vanessa over playing the game, you don’t think she should win??? or at least win over Austin or the twins????
        sorry, so much to read for you lol but I think you know me by now :-) hard for me to sum it up in a short sentence lol ♡♡

      • You are in denial, you might want to stop reading now. Tunnel vision, short-sighted not looking at the entire landscape and here’s why…

        I don’t believe a lot of fans want Austwins over Vanessa, most want Austwins & Vanessa out, that’s my take from what I read.

        LOOK paranoid? Do you not think we don’t know paranoia & that it’s part of the game? Without it you lose this game but you have to use it to you’re advantage, like a 6th sense. I’d have to say she’s beyond normal, but I think that’s just Vanessa, the true/real Vanessa. It does seems she has gotten it somewhat under control but it’s b/c the number of HGs is reduced in my view, she’s not divided having to look at 7 or 8 other HGs.

        You say, “no one else is playing, she’s the only one” this thinking is way off, I can’t comment anymore just b/c it’s so obviously wrong and you’ll see when Vanessa is gone. Here’s good news, not saying she’s 100% going b/c I believe she still could win depending on what the Jury thinks. They may hate her but still vote for her, only they know we’re guessing.

        She was definitely a “bully” against the weak ones, they’re gone now; she’s handling the remaining HGs more with her insight, offering tips on what she thinks is smart play, they know she’s smart so they are listening. The really smart ones, like Steve are asking themselves “how is that advise good for Vanessa?”.

        I don’t doubt & the HGs know Van is intelligent but that does not insure her winning, it’s actually a detriment… think about how much better a smart people playing less smart even stupid can remain a non-target. Take a look at Donny last season, sounded dumb & acted like a hillbilly, once he started winning comps not just physical but mental ones he was gone.

        You repeated she’s the only one playing… maybe you’re only watching her b/c I see the others are playing too, even Julia, don’t underestimate Liz, Austin or JMac and look out for Steve. I can guarantee you Vanessa is watching them and she’s scared, she knows it’s not in the bag.

      • G-MAN your assessment is fair :-) I have to admit most of my comment was loosely based on reading BBN, comments on here & not much else. maybe I am in denial lol :-) its just hard to read some things that are very untrue about her. I obviously know she has clearly done a lot of stupid things based on her popularity in here…….
        I don’t know, I said what I had to say and I stand behind it. I don’t think she’s perfect! Really when it comes down to it I just simply believe she is way more deserving to win than anyone else left in the house. I know JMAC is a fan favorite, & I like him a lot also! He is super funny but aside from that, I don’t think he should win.
        we just can agree to disagree :-) have a great day

      • You do realize how this game is played right? And the social interaction can play a lot into the votes you get, if the other HGs hate the way you played it just saying “I played the game 24/7” doesn’t win, it may work in poker but not in Big Brother. Or Survivor ask Russell Hantz, probably one of the best strategist but dirty/hated player would not win Survivor or Big Brother if he played them a dozen times.

        I’ve yet to see one time where the HGs voted a winner and BigBro stepped in and said “NO, so & so played a better game so we’re nixing the vote and giving the win to him/her”

      • of course I do! :-) lol but, no one ever said people don’t win who played very hard, and there have been several players to win the game that were not very favorite in the house. plus, I don’t think the house guests think Vanessa is a raging lunatic like many fans do therefore a lot of people, more now than ever respect the gameplay and understand the motives, lying and backstabbing so, Vanessa does definitely have a chance. I doubt she will make final – but if she does, and is against Austin or Julia she will definitely win! Everyone else, then I think she will come second :(
        I’m not delusional, and if I did not know her and did not like her and did not fully know what she is like outside of the house then I too would probably, no actually I would for sure not like her. So I completely understand why so many people hate her, well at least dislike her! Honestly I get it! Lol its just hard for me to put my personal feelings aside and cheer on other people I have no interest in cheering for. Make sense?
        and I know my reasoning for her to win are not necessarily going to be hers! ♡
        I think her speech and her questions she gets will be hard for her and she probably will start crying because she is an emotional person and does care about people however the jury will be annoyed if she cries. Trust me, I wish I had the opportunity to talk to her a few weeks ago and tell her to chill lol and to stop bringing the gun to all the knife fights!
        survivor! A lot of people who were dislike one Survivor (I think even last seasons winter was not very popular?! And Boston Rob was very disliked by many but he won! (At least I think he did lol…) just sayin some people respect people for playing too hard, and lying to them and manipulating them and having a part in their evictions them…. on both shows….. And for some Jurors past and present, they understand the game have to be more ruthless then it once was because it’s been on for so long.
        of course big brother is not going to nix the Jurirs decision lol ever. I never said that lol
        anyway, I am just “bias” That is very clear :-) as I have told you a lot of times, I have not agreed with a lot of things vanessa has done in the house, and maybe I am just blinded but, I & Vanessa quickly became a villain, I believe a lot of what people read, take it the wrong way! I’m not saying everything lol I’m just saying! But I am clearly alone on s and that’s okay with me :-) I respect your opinion :-) and I don’t fully disagree with you :-)

      • Boston Rob wasn’t disliked (in my view), his future wife (Amber) won his 1st survivor appearance I believe but he won an all-star one or something, his big win was Amber though.

        Read latest article on BBNet “Cutting to the core of how Vanessa has stayed so long in the game,
        Austin says he’s afraid to piss off Vanessa. Julia points out how
        Vanessa “starts crying and going crazy.” It really is effective with
        these HGs as Vanessa has done it week after week. She’ll even be
        completely safe and start freaking out, guilt tripping HGs, and then
        getting their support to do what she wants”. Name of article is “Austwins & Steve Catching On To Vanessa’s Game”.

        You call her play “hard” whereas some view it “sick/dirty”, I know you’re bias and I probably would be also if I knew her, I just don’t think you “really” know her, at least the ‘real’ Vanessa.

      • I have to admit, I don’t have the best memory anymore lol lol….. But, I saw the first time Boston Rob was on I don’t alwaysr, he was not liked by many!? Anyway, bad example I guess lol
        I’m not going to defend Vanessa auctions in the house anymore for two reasons. One of those reason is because I don’t always agree with what she does or says in the “Game” (mainly over the last couple of weeks!) So, it’s useless to defend one thing and then not defend another and so on. Secondly, it’s obviously useless for me to try and help people understand Vanessa true character and the great person she is outside of the house and how different she is for the most part in the Big Brother house. the haters are going to hate & they are going to judge and not listen to any reasoning I give them. Plus, it doesn’t matter what she does now, absolutely everything she does in the game whether it’s good gameplay or bad gameplay, whether her intentions are good or bad, the haters are never going to agree no matter what! So its a waste of my breath and time :-) I know the true Vanessa, her friends and family know the true Vanessa and her many many fans and friends within the poker community know the real Vanessa so at the end of the day, that’s all that matters!
        I can’t keep beating this to death! I can’t try and help people understand Vanessa moves at this stage of the game. People have made up their mind and, at this point it is a complete waste of time. when I do see people, well I mean read comments attacking Vanessa personal character, for the most part I just laugh it off and only when people on here say something that is very cruel and mean do I get a little bothered by it but, those people is that are immaturely having a debate with me or just posting extremely mean comments are very hypocritical! if it makes them feel better insulting Vanessa big time, then so be it!
        and, I am bias lol… Therefore some of the things Vanessa does I just shake my head, I don’t get all fired up and angry! she’s not perfect, & I certainly have never said she is absolutely perfect because who is!? But at the end of the day, she knows who she is, her family and friends know the real Vanessa and I know her well enough and I know a lot of people who are very good friends of hers so I know she is a good person. I don’t doubt that for a second! I don’t doubt who she really is and I know for a fact she is not like this in person, in real life! She’s playing a game, she’s has just gone too far in certain situations and she will have to deal with that when she is out of the house. I know for a fact she is a very very nice person, I know for a fact she has a heart of gold and I know she wears her heart on her sleeve. so, again like I said its useless for me to keep defending her, especially at this stage of the game.
        I remain team Vanessa, and like I said in another comment if I did not know the real Vanessa then I too would probably feel the way most of you do! this season has been a big eye opener for me because I now can see it for what it is, just a game! And in the future I can understand villains a little more. so unless someone is racist or sexist or verbally abusive and what not, I will give them a little bit more credit. Make sense?
        I’m not saying I’m going away lol I’m just saying I’m done defending her personal character outside the house. it’s not a lot of fun when every single day I get hate messages and / or comments insulting me personally because I “know” Vanessa….. don’t get me wrong, I am a big girl and what people say to me does not hurt my feelings lol they are the ones with the problem if they are going to personally attacked me! I Know Who I am :-) and I am a good person! I am a loving wife, I have 3 beautiful daughters, our own business and lots of family and friends who I love and they love me backwith any drama whatsoever nor do I have hate. so when someone is hiding behind a computer sending me messages of hate, even one death threat, I need to just see the bigger picture and move on.
        I do not live my life

      • True, I believe you Tina. Some people are haters and nothing anyone says is going to change them. I saw somewhere that JMac told his parents there would be haters saying bad things about him and don’t go to those site & don’t read that stuff.

        I’ll say this I’ve never seen you attack anyone personally and for anyone to attack you for how you defend Vanessa is totally wrong & uncalled for, I’d report it if I were you.

        I for one appreciate what you’ve told us about Vanessa but it’s not worth being put through that and get personally attack to relay that info.

      • Thanks G-MAN ♡
        I can handle the personal attacks on my character (& even a death threat lol)
        if these personal attacks bothered me or hurt me in anyway I would have stop defending Vanessa or at least left this chat thing. they don’t, I Know Who I am and people insulting me and saying some pretty nasty things are just hypocrites because they attack Vanessa character because of how she is acting yet they turn around and do the exact same thing! honestly it makes me laugh and with those people I don’t bother replying to, not going to give them the satisfaction! there have been a few people like you that have made this fun :-) with our friendly debates lol and I DO understand where a lot of people (like you) are coming from in regards to not liking Vanessa, I get it! I really really do. I have just felt compelled to at least try and help people understand Vanessa a little more and / or understand her game moves. but mainly, my goal really is just to try and stop all the badmouthing about Vanessa on here. Like I said, I have watched big brother since season 1, and I am no spring chicken lol so I can “see” the difference, well I guess what I mean to say is I can see how much big brother has changed over the years (and survivor plus other reality TV show games like this)
        in the beginning reality shows were actual reality shows! Unscripted, raw and very real! But over the years reality TV has been changing more and more and more. Not only do the people who go on these shows now know how to play, understand it a lot more and so it has changed the dynamics of the games such as less “hanging out/chilling” and “bonding/hookups/drinking and being stupid” (which was always fun for viewers lol) and no real gameplay, they were all having fun! now people who go on these shows know they need to play hard, lie, manipulate, create alliances, create fake alliances and so on! they still offer drama like hookups and maybe drinking too much because, that’s not going to change over time!! Girls and guys are always going to hook up! But now some of those hookups are fake or real but more for game purposes. unlike Austin (LOL) these people are playing hard for the money & that is their top priority, not there “relationships.”
        anyway, I’m getting off track lol I’m just trying to say that people need to not take these shows so seriously because they are not what they used to be. As we know they are highly scripted, producers do manipulate situations and a lot of things are edited to make a person look a certain way…… plus plus plus….. So my main point is lol lol lol Viewers need to just accept it for what it is, A highly scripted reality TV show game manipulated by production! With a lot less reality! the people going into these games know what they need to do to win so I just think every year it gets worse and worse and worse with people doing what they need to do in order to win! and, all the personal attacks on these people’s characters are not always fair, they are just playing a game and doing what they have seen others do to win while being told by production or suggested by production to do this or that. Make sense?
        honestly I just want to delete everything I just wrote lol its not coming out right! lol…..because this season I “know” someone who is playing the game, and it’ has opened my eyes even (wider) to see it for what it is and I now understand a lot more about what this game can do to people. I understand previous players comments about how the game can change you or their extreme paranoia or how they planned on playing Big Brother honestly and with integrity as well as being true to themselves and who they are outside of the house but then they do the opposite, it just makes more sense to me now!
        I do not defend all of Vanessa actions as you know :-) and I do not agree with everything she has said as you know :-) but, at the end of the day she is human, makes mistakes and will have to live with the consequences!
        sorry, I will wrap this up lol lol like I said I want to delete it because I’m not expressing what I want to say properly! But, I know you will get the gist :-)
        Unfortunately other seasons people have been racist, sexist, verying mean/nasty and what not to other house guest so I do not give those people a “get out of jail free card”
        those things are not forgivable! I know a lot of things are said jokingly, but some things previous house guests have said not forgivable and shouldn’t be forgiven or forgotten! Anyway blah blah blah I’m totally not getting out what I’m trying to!! so I’m just going to shut up now lol… :-)

      • Sorry…. my last message cut off & I couldn’t get back to the bottom of the page. I was just going to say I do not live my life with hatred. that’s all :-)

      • Yeah, well obviously we don’t share the same opinion concerning Vanessa. I would rather Johnny Mac, Steve, Austin or the twins win before Vanessa. I have no admiration for an accomplished liar and con artist but feel free to love Vanessa all you want :D

      • fair enough!! and I understand a lot of people not liking her style of play! Trust me, I fully get it. I guess I just can’t move past my blindness because of the Vanessa outside the house I know.

      • After watching Vanessa play the game aren’t you a little bit concerned that the Vanessa you know outside the game is not the real Vanessa at all? Just be careful is all I have to say, be very careful around her.

      • LOL ….. NO! I am NOT concerned for her! LMAO ……
        she is not crazy she is playing a “hame”and “acting”! she’s doing exactly what she is “told to do.”.. Believe it or not, most reality TV shows these days are not reality at all!
        so, no I am NOT con doing everything possibled I and definitely not afraid to be around her lol lol… She is one of the most down to earth, kind, generous, giving, loyal and put together person I have ever met! a lot of what you see is acting, is her doing everything possible to win the game! And that’s right, it’s a game! Nothing more nothing less! And if houseguests can not deal with lying or being manipulated and what not then maybe they should go on a different game!!! she is playing strong and hard and non stop, do you honestly believe when she is hanging out with friends and family she is saying and doing those things? Of course not! It’s a game and she wants to win it! It’s in her blood to want to win! she’s not sitting around with friends trying to win $500,000 lol lol…. And when she is playing poker, she is playing for herself and only herself! She does not rely on anyone else but herself.. The end! ♡

      • You are a good friend to Vanessa, not that she deserves you j/k :D
        Let me ask you then about her usage of the drug Adderall. Does Adderall affect her in real life the way it affects her on BB?
        After taking a dose of Adderall she’s suddenly full of vim and vigor and can’t stop talking, plotting and planning long after all the HG’s are exhausted and can’t take anymore.
        It seems to make her extremely emotional where she goes into rages and has crying jags when she doesn’t get her way.
        Is this how Vanessa behaves in real life when she doesn’t get her way?
        Does Vanessa throw temper tantrums in real life on a daily basis?
        See, I’m not so sure this is just an act by Vanessa but that the drug Adderall causes this behavior since it has affected other HG’s in the past who used Adderall.
        REmember rampaging Amanda Z.?
        Remember Devin from last year who couldn’t stop talking to save his life? After he had exhausted all the other HG’s he would then wake them up to talk more game.
        Vanessa has even admitted that she can’t think clearly until she has her morning Adderall. Why can’t she just drink coffee like everyone else instead of taking Adderal which acts as a performance enhancing drug during the comps?
        Since Adderall gives Vanessa laser like focus in the mental comps do you think this is an unfair advantage?
        Is Vanessa’s bully behavior towards other HG’s just an act or is she also a bully in real life when she doesn’t get her way?
        Do you know if Vanessa’s mother spoiled her rotten when V. was young and this is why Vanessa displays this immature behavior at her stage in life?
        Thanks so much for any light you can shed on Vanessa and her unfair use of the drug Adderall.

      • I am going to be completely honest with you and fair! its not any of my business to discuss Vanessa medical issues however, she married a very good friend of hers who she fell in love with and was a poker player as well. But their marriage did not go well because they just saw it as a friendship. Shortly after her divorce her ex husband was diagnosed with cancer and died quite quickly! She has been devastated since this happened! not only did she lose someone she loves a lot but there was a lot of gossip online from haters! she is a sensitive person & it did end up breaking her down! so, as far as any medication she takes I am unaware of it however, I have anxiety and I take cipralex everyday. I do not judge anyone for taking medication to help them feel better or cope. I do not know the effects of adderall nor do I know its full purpose. I assume you know she is taking this for a fact? I wouldn’t think you would say it if you did not know for sure. so to answer your question, for the past few years she hasn’t been herself, she has been in a relationship with an amazing woman and she is happy now! but, to my knowledge she was not a lesbian or bisexual prior to this. I think she might be a little insecure about this relationship because its something very new to her, and that’s why I think she wants the letters from her girlfriend so badly, for reassurance. I believe it was her last HOH when after she read the letter she says something like she still loves me! So I can only assume she has some insecurities that I did not see and her before. I have not seen her in a while but my friends who are good friends with her so she is doing well and, when I ask them about the way Vanessa is playing and how fans of Big Brother are seeing her they either laugh and tell me to stop watching the show lol or else they tell me, the ones who watch it say she is not like that in real life, as I know her! Plus, a lot of what she does and says is exaggerated by haters so it just makes it that much more worse! make sense? I was really really surprised when I found out she was going on Big Brother! Again, I’m not going to get into a lot of her personal life however I know she has had a tough couple of years & I no a lot of mean things were said about her so I can only assume she went on Big Brother not only to win because winning is in her blood but also to someone give herself a jump start, get back on track! However, I do not think it was a good idea for obvious reasons! I would love to tell everyone on here so much more about Vanessa but, first of all they’re not going to listen because haters are going to hate and second of all a lot of it is absolutely none of my business and definitely not anything I have the right to share

      • I don’t judge anyone either that take medications to help them cope or address any kind of mood disorder. But I do take exception to someone taking medications in order to be able to compete at a higher level on the BB show since I think this is unfair to the other HG’s.
        Since Adderall is given to patients to treat their ADHD disorder it’s supposed to slow and calm them down. For people that don’t have ADHD but are taking Adderall anyway it is the same as taking speed.
        Since taking the Adderall seems to make Vanessa manic at times the pill is not doing its job of calming down a patient with ADHD. So obviously she’s not taking it for ADHD symptoms.
        I’m sure Vanessa grieved heavily when her ex-husband tragically died. But that doesn’t make it excusable for her to cheat at BB by taking the drug Adderall for the wrong reasons.
        Thanks so much for all the info tinalee asit does help explain Vanessa a lot better and I certainly don’t want to see bad things happen in her n real life. I just want her evicted ASAP from the BB house.

      • Not that it’s matters Chad Brown was 20 yr older than Vanessa and from what I read had the cancer diagnosed & had surgery during the end of the marriage but that Vanessa was supportive & their for him.

        “Rousso stayed strong in front of Brown, but according to interviews with friends, Rousso was having trouble dealing with Brown’s cancer battle.
        The battle was causing Rousso to fall apart when she wasn’t with Brown
        and it definitely caused the marriage to struggle in the long run.”

        I’m not sure participating in Big Brother was in her best interest and she may still be grieving & depressed. I just wonder if she’ll bring any of this up, maybe in the end she will donate all the money to cancer research. If she did win, it’s her money to can do what she wants with it.

      • I’m not sure Vanessa was ready to be on BB either since she does seem to be an emotional wreck – but maybe it’s the Adderall…

      • And just to add,no she is not spoiled by her mother lol and no she is not a bully at all!, far from it! As far as adderall goes, I do not know much about it and what it is used for. but I can guarantee you she is not using it to enhance her performance! as far as it helping her mentally during competitions, she is very very very very intelligent, her brains are what’s helping her with those lol… I knew she would be a mental beast in competition! she is not taking it to cheat, Nor should Big Brother allow anyone to take a drug to win! so, as far as I’m concerned if she is really on then it is to help her mentally / emotionally! A lot of people take certain drugs to get high or to perform better however other people take these drugs to help with their pain or there emotions, therefore when taking these drugs that are needed they affect people who really need it where it means to help! You know what I mean? Say for example you broke your back and you were given oxycodone, and you were taking it to help with the pain but a friend of yours who has no pain took one of your pills, that person would get high whereas when you take it, it attacks your pain. i hope i helped you to some degree? :-) :-) like I just said on my comment to someone else, at this stage in the game it’s useless for me to keep defending Vanessa. haters are going to hate and there certainly isn’t anything I can do to change their mind or to see it for what it is, again! I do not agree with a lot of things Vanessa has said and done, mainly over the last few weeks. I am NOT going to continue getting into debate defending her personal character. people just like you and I have no idea what these people are like in real life nor do we know what their mental or emotional state is and after watching this season and knowing someone on it I have a better appreciation for understanding other peoples mindsets while playing the game. I do think big brother should think more about the people they are allowing in the house, and maybe even Vanessa is one of those people because clearly being locked up 24/7 for over 3 months without any interaction with family and friends and constantly playing a game for a lot of money and so much paranoia being rampid in the house is clearly not good for some people! We see people break every season, so do I think Vanessa should be in the house? no, I actually do not! I do not think she is emotionally ready to have played a game like this for so long. big brother needs to do a better job casting! Dig further! And I blame them! it’s all about ratings so drama and breakdowns and all of that mean bigger ratings!

      • I don’t think Audrey was ready to be on BB at all and watching her lose her grip towards the end was difficult. I don’t think BB casting has ever made such a bad choice before and I hope something like that never happens again. I still don’t understand why Audrey wasn’t allowed to self evict.
        If Vanessa wasn’t taking the Adderall I believe she would be much more likable for the audience.
        I wish Vanessa would stop making plans with the winner’s money too, in case she doesn’t actually win. She was talking about the eventual winner staking her in a poker tournament to increase their yield.
        I would suggest that instead of giving Vanessa the money to gamble away, he winning HG should just go to Las Vegas and personally gamble it all away. To me, this is very telling of Vanessa’s real character.

      • well, first of all Vanessa generally doesn’t “pay” her buy-ins, her sponsors do. *I was just corrected by my husband, because online gambling slot poker was made illegal a few years ago in the States, obviously a lot of the poker sites lost a lot of money therefore they do not sponsor a lot of people anymore* (Phew, lucky we are Canadian!) Vanessa has NOT been in the “poker spotlight” as much as she was a few years ago, I am Not sure if she is still being sponsored so, I guess when she does play live she may be paying with her own money but, I still doubt that b/c I can only assume a lot of people would be “staking” her and/or other types of sponsorship TV deals and whatnot.(Staking is huge! A lot of people want to stake you if you are good!)
        If she is really saying to house guests “if you win, pay for my buy in and I will make you more….” (Not a bad idea lol she is a very good player! Haha) but aside from that, is she really really really saying that all the time? Or is she just joking? or it’s just coming up in conversations and they are talking about poker and what not! You know what I mean? Is she really insanely running around the house talking to everyone all the time about if they win they should give her some money so she can play poker and when no more????? (Or maybe people are bringing it up to her!? Lol) And if she is really saying it, is she saying it a lot? or has she just said it once or maybe twice and people are exaggerating because they do not like her?
        I do not doubt she is talking about it, at least talking about poker and what not because it’s her passion and she is really good! So, of course she is going to talk to the other house guests about it because at least it’s something for her to talk about and take her head out of the Big Brother game…. You know what I’m saying? I do not read a lot of the feeds like I said, and I mainly get my updates on Vanessa character and gameplay from people like you who are talking to me about Vanessa. I just wonder how much of it is true. don’t get me wrong, I am not accusing you of lying at all! But, are you telling me actual facts that you know for sure? Or are you sharing information you heard or read from someone else? Does that make sense? Its like the telephone game, one person says one thing, another person says another thing and so on and on and on and by the time it gets to the last person it is grossly exaggerated. I just don’t get where all these people get some of this information from. and I’m not saying it’s a lie, but I do question if it is exaggerated. You telling me today vanessa is on Addrell was news to me, and how would people know that? I mean I guess Vanessa could be saying she is on it, that makes sense! But if not, then it’s just assumed or a big fat rumor. Again, don’t get me wrong, I am not doubting she is on it! I know she has gone through a tough time over the last few years! :(
        Back to the “staking” ………
        I think she honestly just wants to help people lol I know she’s not “looking” for people to “stake” her. She just probably wants to help her friends get more money :-) what’s the harm in that? Lol and yes, they can go to Vegas and gamble it away themselves but wouldn’t it be smarter to put your money down on someone like her? Just a real question lol…but as far as her buy-ins go, she can do that on her own, trust me! I play a lot of Poker, I make a decent amount online, and I have won playing live tables (I do prefer online though lol) but if I had the option of putting Vanessa in my spot, I would in a heartbeat! Lol just saying :-)
        if in fact everything that you are saying is 100% true and she is constantly talking to people about poker, Vegas and staking her then I do agree, she needs to shut that down! sure, ask everyone once but you don’t need to go on and on about it lol (& for the record, I do not think you are lying to me, I just wonder if you are actually reading these conversations word for word or hearing about it or even just getting pieces of it?!)
        as for Audrey, well thats a whole new chapter in my book that I am reading on here lol lol lol but to keep it short as possible, I do agree Audrey did not appear to be ready to “come out” to the world and her small hometown! I think big brother cast Audrey only because of ALL the talk/gossip about Bruce/Caitlin Jenner & the publicity! All for ratings right?! (BB certainly made a very big deal about it didn’t they!?) Sadly, I believe it was too much pressure on Audrey from BB, she just came out guns blazing! whereas oddly enough, Vanessa did the exact opposite! Audrey was just all over the place!
        Audrey was not allowed to self evict? Again, is this a fact? Or just people talking? Because honestly, I just can’t believe that. If someone wants to leave, they can leave! If that is actually true, then I have lost a lot of respect for BB!
        It’s all about the ratings! Sadly, this is what reality shows are all about! Drama! Not reality, everything is scripted now, they manipulate most (sometimes all!) situations! and they do not care who they hurt in the process! But, I am a hypocrite because I love reality shows lol This is what reality TV is all about! at any cost, hurt anyone just to make things more entertaining!
        And, I wouldn’t doubt that in a few years when they bring back previous HGs, Audrey would be one of them! They know they would get probably more drama from her the second time around and she would probably stay longer! Sad!!!
        and, I get that Vanessa brings a lot of this on herself but I stand my ground and I am Telling You Vanessa is not a crazy lunatic lol… Vanessa does have a heart of gold! She is emotional but not in a bad way, in a caring way! She is very down to earth and as I have said she is a little quiet! I know that’s hard for a lot of people to believe but it’s the truth! Again, people need to realize that reality TV is not what it used to be and so many situations are manipulated and production is (more than likely) telling HGs some things to do, manipulating situations and when they see some drama such as Vanessa acting this way, they push it harder! and, in closing lol lol I really do hope people/viewers remember at the end of the day it’s just a game! And even though some people (like Vanessa) say stupid things or do stupid things & appear crazy, mean, look like a bully, (and all of that nasty stuff people have been saying about her) that you can’t always believe everything you see and read, and being in a “game” like Big Brother where you have zero contact with the outside world for over 3 months, 24/7 days a week it can and does make you do stupid things, make you say things you would normally never, ever say or do and affects your personality, not always for the good!
        I’m sorry, I wish my replies to be short and I could just sum it up a lot quicker but, I am a writer! And I just like to throw it all out there. I do appreciate the friendly the beat you and I have had back and forth over the last few months :-) :-) and, I can only hope that with your questions, my answers help you understand Vanessa a little more and can make you not hate her as much as you did because a lot of people love her, and I really like her so reading such hateful things every single day can be hard at times! its like I want to get everyone together who does not like her (at all!!!) and make every single person come with me to see her and have you all hang out with her for a week straight, no gameplay just hanging out and having fun and everyone be their “real selves!!” Help you all know the (true) Vanessa that I know and the Vanessa that is very loved by her family, friends and many many fans! I would enjoy that so much lol because you would all see the real Vanessa, the nice and generous and kind Vanessa! the kind of person you would never forget because they were so positive and upbeat and very likeable! and she could leave a positive imprint forever in your life! ♡♡♡
        I will see what I can do about that lol just kidding
        blah blah blah lol lol… Christina ♡♡♡

      • Yes, Vanessa is really saying to different HG’s that if they win she can increase their yield. I was watching BBAD when she was explaining the concept to Austin so this isn’t something I heard about. I saw it with my own eyes. She was suggesting to Austin that if one of the twins won 1st or 2nd place if one of them gave her half of the money she could double that amount- in other words she was recommending the winner invest part of the winnings in Vanessa’s poker playing skills in order to increase the amount won.
        This is NOT a good investment plan at all. In fact only a con artist would try to bilk some young idiot out of their winnings so Vanessa could gamble it away. What if Vanessa was unlucky and lost all the money?
        What if Vanessa won big but kept all the money instead?
        This is so shady in so many ways I do hope you won’t even try to see the “bright side” of Vanessa conning people out of money in this situation.
        I hope BB producers will learn from this and add new rules to the BB game to prevent a predator preying on the innocent HG that would be foolish enough to trust Vanessa with their money.
        She also told Steve the other night that if he won she would help him invest his money. Yeah, right! Invest in Vanessa’s poker game is her intention I’m sure and I’m glad Steve’s mama is looking out for his interests and won’ let Van close to any of Steve’s winnings.
        So no, I don’t believe for a minute that Vanessa is trying to “help” anyone but herself. Nor do I believe gambling is a good way to invest your money.
        No I don’t think Vanessa is evil by any means but unfortunately being on BB has brought a lot of her faults to the surface.
        A lot of people watching BB have never met or had any interaction with dishonest or conniving people so of course they are horrified to watch some of these HG’s in action.
        I would imagine Audrey signed a contract and if she broke the contract by walking out when things weren’t going her way she might be in big financial trouble. I do know that a psychiatrist was brought in and apparently the Dr. thought A. was emotionally able to finish out the rest of the week. I’m sure it was a ratings ploy on BB part to have Audrey come out on BB but it wasn’t fun to watch Audrey succumb to the pressure for me at least.
        I appreciate your time and effort on Vanessa’s behalf and I’m glad to know in real life she seems to be a nice person.

  32. Omg these Twins are so Frickin immature!! Like it isn’t the end of the world so calm the heck down!! Bad mouthing everyone and crying rivers of tears aren’t going to change anything! -__-

  33. I used to think the twins were OK, but now I see they’re not. *sarcastic gasp* How dare Austin look out for himself in a game for $500K! Liz is his bae (Danish for s**t/poop). He’s not supposed to win! [/sarcasm]

  34. So CBS went to a Twins conference to recruit a set of twins for the show – and THIS is the best they could do?? OhMyLanta!!

  35. Liz’s mother was right about several things regarding Liz…but one of them based on the photo above is that she is an ugly crier! LOLOL

  36. So the smart thing to do would be to keep Vanessa around now? Is that it? I thought we all wanted her out. Is she supposed to be this year’s Derrick, or this year’s Frankie?

  37. #BooTheTwin

    Lets start a trend!!
    I hope the live audience BOOs the twin getting evicted may be then they will get the message how much they are dislike…

  38. Hello my friends, it’s me again… “Team Vanessa”
    let me start off by saying, yes this will probably be pretty long lol so I don’t expect a lot of you to read this however those of you that do, thank you for taking the time :-) (just finished writing this all out, is long lol really really long lol but, I think it’s pretty good, my explanation for Vanessa should be understood a little bit :-) :-) I look forward to your replies! ♡♡♡
    Okay, it’s been very clear that I have been “Team Vanessa” since the very beginning of the season, I haven’t always agreed or defended some of the things she has said or done lately (mainly over the last week or so) but for the most part I do get her and I do understand why she is doing (most) of the things she is doing. I have a question & “comments” lol
    I have been reading over the last day or so that some of you, okay a lot of you would rather see Austin or one of the twins win big brother over Vanessa. For those of you that have said that (or thought) it, do you honestly feel that way?
    Here’s my thing / feelings on what I have been reading.
    1– Vanessa is being accused of bribing her way to the end. Not true! Reassuring someone by way of money yes, and she would have given the money to Julia but only because Vanessa is in fact a very kind person and if Julia went home as Vanessa pawn then I know for a fact Vanessa would have felt horrible! She plays a game for a living, winning is in her blood however buying her way to win is not something she (of all people )would do because she has a respect for games! Vanessa would know she did not truly win the game! (if she won the game by buying people!)
    2- yeah, she cries a lot! Is a lot of it fake?! Yes to some degree but that’s part of manipulation which is a part of trying to win the game. But are most of her tears sincere!? Yes! She is an emotional person, but in a good way! She is a very loyal person and she is a very kind person and I can honestly tell you all she does care what people think of her! Family, friends, acquaintances, Fans and complete strangers!
    3- does she look like a paranoid lunatic at times!? Absofreakinlutely! however, this game called Big Brother is a very difficult game to play especially when your emotions are running high. Every corner you turn someone is whispering therefore they all are paranoid, some people just react in different ways. Vanessa wants to be reassured a lot! and I get she seems hypocritical at times but it’s the God’s honest truth! And, when her paranoia started to show and get worse it was when her “alliance” was considering backdooring her therefore because she can read people so well, she knew something was up hence her paranoia and need for answers and reassurance!
    if you have ever followed up with previous HGs from other seasons, they all have said how paranoid they felt in the house and how hard it was in the house and how they went in with good intentions to play a clean game but realized pretty quickly it was impossible to play that way so they had to change their whole mindset.
    4- I am quoting what someone on her said a few days ago in an awesome comment Vanessa “bought a gun to a knife fight” (totally dead on with that assessment!) but again in her defense she thought everyone else who was coming into the game had a gun as well. She had / has no idea how easy it really was for her because she didn’t need to be fighting so hard, no one was playing, and if they were, they weren’t playing very hard! or they were already in her alliance! So as far as she is concerned, she is playing with a bunch of people who she thinks are playing just as hard as her! So of course she is going to pull out the guns!
    5- Being a bully? seriously?? I myself have not witnessed her being a bully however if she has been then I obviously do not defend those actions. Some things I have read some of the things people are talking about in regards to her being a bully and, I don’t believe she is being a bully at least not in those situations. I think people do throw the word “bully” too loosely. Is she making up stories?! Yes but isn’t that part of the game? Is she “tough” on people maybe a little but she is just being a strong woman & again playing the game. is she bossy sometimes and pushy demanding answers?! Again yes….. she can read people, she wants to read and understand them so she is being demanding just to see what reaction she will get and if it can further her in the game. For example when she was a HOH (the last time) she called up james and Meg (prior to nominations) & really tried to put the pressure on both of them to spill the beans, it didn’t work for her and she ended up obviously putting them up but, she was giving them a chance to help her make the right decision. Make sense? I haven’t read anywhere that she has insulted people and attacked their character outside of the house (Liz, Julia, Austin, James….. As I have heard and read, they have been mean behind people’s backs and insulted people!) two wrongs certainly do not make a right however I have yet to see Vanessa or hear of Vanessa really bully someone.
    at the end of the day its my opinion, your opinion and that’s what’s fun about this! I guess it would be pretty boring if we all agreed with each other all the time lol it’s been nice having friendly debates and only having a handful of people insult me personally because I am team Vanessa!!
    keep in mind, for the first couple of weeks she was flying under the radar, not doing anything and looking like a floater however the fact is what she was doing was assessing everyone, reading them, seeing who she should start working with and then she made her move! She quickly aligned herself with Austin because Vanessa is extremely intelligent and therefore should do well with mental competitions and she saw Austin as being a physical beast in competitions! and then everything just fell into her lap, completely out of nowhere! So, in closing lol at least Vanessa has been playing the game since the very first day, she has been doing a good job, she has talked herself out of a lot of sticky situations and remained safe while on the block, and she has won a lot of HOHs & vetos! Vanessa’s style of play may not be liked by many however at least she is playing the game and she is playing fair! (for the most part.)
    I just think she looks so bad to some people because this season no one else is really playing so Vanessa’s gameplay seems very aggressive, and is somewhat aggressive but put her in a house with a lot of different people than the ones that were/are in there now, she wouldn’t be doing as well, she wouldn’t be saying and doing some of the things she has said and done! Makes sense?
    I hope some people read this lol it took me long enough! & I hope I do not get attacked lol and I truly hope I can somewhat help some of you understand Vanessa and respect her gameplay more.
    thank you so much for reading this! I look forward to your replies, if anyone reads this lol
    thank God for talk to text! you think this took a long time reading!? Imagine how long it has taken me to write it regardless of talk to text lol because talk to text screws up a lot!!! l lol lol thank you♡♡♡

    • ***Holy SH*t*** I didn’t realize how much I was saying until I sent it! Holy crap thats long lol but I think it might be a good read:-) :-) it would be awesome if at least some people read it lol not a complete waste of time!!
      please no personal insults because of my extremely long message, very very very long lol however you do not have to read it lol so please no insults! Like I said, you don’t have to read it and you can just move on :-) but its really good lol and I would love to hear your thoughts on it! take care ♡♡♡

  39. 6:45 PM BBT – Steve mentions he’s not a fan of seeing girl nipples and could live without seeing them. John points out you could live without them “but it wouldn’t be fun.”

    I agree with John on this one.

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