‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother spoilers reveal what happened with the Veto this week on BB17 as Steve Moses’s nominees Austin and Liz had battled it out against the house to win a chance at their safety.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Now with these results in we know who will be sitting in the hot seat during Thursday’s live vote before a house decision to send one of the nominees out the door to meet Julie Chen before heading off to the Jury House.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 11:

Austin Matelson used the Veto on himself. Julia Nolan was named as the renom.

This week’s final noms are Julia and Liz Nolan and will face the eviction vote on Thursday night. Yes, the twins twist will finally come to a close in Week 11. They made a heck of a run with it, but Steve has finally brought that to a close. Well, Austin did by winning the Veto, but you know.

Austin would like to keep Liz around since she’s the stronger player and his girlfriend, but I think we can expect a push Vanessa to keep Julia instead. She should be able to easily convince John and Steve of her plan and with just two votes to control the outcome that’ll be that.

What do you think of Steve’s renom choice? Should he have done put up Vanessa or John instead?



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  1. Vanessa and John will VTE Liz and Austin will VTE Julia. Can we skip to thursday night please.

  2. I wasn’t a fan of the twin twist maybe it was this set of twins that’s why, glad it’s coming to the end .

    • No they didn’t. They played most whinny and bratty. And Liz is totally using Austin but they are both stupid so its okay. Why did Austin and the twins never have to sleep in the have not room? Were they ever on slop? And it should be a rule they have to wear shirts…I get tired of seeing gorilla man…he is gross…I want them three gone gone gone….

      • You sure? I thought Austin has never been a HN. Maybe Liz as well, I could be wrong about this too but I thought I heard either James or JMAC say that Austin has never been a HN too.

      • Look it up on BB wiki..Austin and Liz were Have Nots week 1 and week 6. Julia was Have Not week 6 and week 10.

    • Seriously Sarah? Look at the way Vanessa has manipulated the house this entire season. She even talked, (lied), her way out of eviction. I don’t really like her and don’t want to see her win, but she has played the best game so far. She’s pretty good at reading people.

      • I want her or Johnny Mac to win, Vanessa has played the best game even when she doesn’t win. They all listen to her. Poor JOHNNY DID ALL THEIR DIRTY WORK FOR THEM IN THE begining. Had to be their pawn and throw veto even if he didn’t want to. Left the house came back. Love him.

    • No they didn’t as much as I do not like Vanessa especially what she did to her husband Vanessa Steve or John should win this game and I’m actually hoping John wins he’s been hysterical

      • Yes, John could have a career in comedy if he wanted to. I can’t get enough of that guy. He probably won’t since he already has a solid career to go back to. Even that will be something. No doubt at all that he will have way more bookings than he could possibly ever handle due to his being on Big Brother.

    • Holly Guacamole, Sarah, oh hell no, the twins sucks and your post sucks too!!!!!! what have you been watching, I am about to run into a tree.

  3. Steve would have been stupid to put Van up, because then he would have 3 coming after him as opposed to one or two. I think Julia will side with JMac, Steve and Van to get Austin out next week, and it will most likely be another DE next week too, bringing it to the Final 3 going into the final week of BB!

    • I don’t think DE. Julie didn’t announce anything. What I don’t get is why has there been no twists? No special POV, no rewind, no Pandora’s box. Usually every season has something to switch up the game. And it’s kind of late to do something now. I like a good twist.

      • 9/9 – Wednesday 8/7c
        9/10 – Thursday 9/8c – Live Eviction
        9/13 – Sunday 8/7c
        9/15 – Tuesday 8/7c
        9/16 – Wednesday 8/7c – Special Live Eviction
        9/17 – No episode – Thursday night NFL
        9/20 – Sunday 8/7c
        9/23 – Wednesday 9:30/8:30c – Season Finale, 90 minutes

      • There will still be 4 players in the game or are they planning on having an eviction on Sunday the 20th ?

      • Thanks…6 will become 5 this Thurs and 5 will become 4 on the 16th…so 4 will compete in Finale??

      • Julie said it was too much to have both the Takeover twist and Twin Twist together once Julia made it in the house.

      • Yeah, almost all of the promised twists have not come to pass. I wonder what happened behind the scenes to where they promised weekly twists and the did not follow through on– NOW OCCUPY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTION!

        Oh, sorry. My bad.

      • I totally agree. Perhaps they did not think Julia would enter the house or would not stay long if she did, as Mama Dae and Jason had figured it out, and JMAC was scrutinizing tooth #9. LOL They did not plan welI in the event she stayed for a while. I enjoy the twists, especially Pandora ‘ s Box.

    • If John could pull out a HOH win that would be awesome….He could put up JUDAS and Vanessa with Julia as a last option..Target Vanessa 1st -Judas 2nd Julia 3rd

  4. Both twins are crude b*these. Hope to hell it’s Liz that goes. Neither of them has done much besides whine. So annoying both of them. Yes Liz won a few hoh’s. Big deal. But Liz is still a poor example of humanity

  5. I am going to try out a joke I saw on BORAT years ago. Here goes.

    “The twins are on the block against one another, and they are crying hysterically. Vanessa assures them that America thinks they are adorable and that we love them, and to be completely honest, I am actually kinda sad to see one of them go…


  6. It’s starting to look more and more like it’s going to be Norman Bates and Mother for the final 2. I hope Steve wakes up and takes John. But Steve will probably gamble that Vanessa having a hand in the evictions of the jury will make Vanessa pretty disliked.

    • So you blame the jury, if I was one of the members of the jury, I will certainly not vote for her, she has been a bully in the house with fakes tears to make herself look like the victim.
      To some extent, I don’t blame her, I blame the other HGs for not evicting her when they had the chance to have done so.

    • I think she should win too, and I have seen juries where an alienated jury still voted for someone because their game play was head and shoulders above the other person. You just never know.

    • Vanessa may well be in the jury house too, we don’t know whether she will or not…but I am not going to assume that she will be in the finals

  7. This has really been BB Vanessa style! She had controlled the whole season as the puppeteer but most recently bully. I can’t wait to see her face when she’s evicted bc it’s coming. The twins parents must be so proud that the raised trashy ho, whinninguh brats. WORST SEASON EVER!!!!

  8. What I can never get over is how ignorant the twins are for supposedly being college graduates. They come off as being women who would have barely managed a High School certificate. Even Austin rolled his eyes at them last night. I can’t stand watching him, but he does at least come off as being fairly articulate and intelligent. Why would he want to mix his gene pool with something like Liz? What on earth did they get degrees in, “Undercover Activities 101″? ” How To Sicken and Irritate People Without Even Meeting Them”? I get the feeling they were very spoiled kids, even more so because of being twin girls, who aren’t used to not getting their way. I can’t figure out where they picked up their speech habits, although the way they sound definitely ties in with being whiny, entitled brats. “Mommmmmmmm-ah!” “I want thahhhhhhhhht-ah!” I will be so very, very, very happy to see Liz (hopefully) walk out that door.

  9. With Van giving her permission for the twins to choose who goes, what is Van going to do when the twins pick Julia to go and Liz goes anyway? Is the idea to get them to fight & get bad blood between them? Or will Vanessa say to Liz as she’s leaving, “that 1 vote was mine, the boys were against you not me, I was supporting you’re decision”.

    • Why is Vanessa giving her permission anyways? lol that woman is bold. Anyways, I’m sure her reasoning is to pretend like she is supporting them. She needs those jury votes.

      • Thought the same thing… I’m anxious to see her clear that with the other HGs. I think she was handing out her campaign flyers at the time so yeah Vote For Vanessa.

  10. Someone please enlighten me. Why did JMac throw an HOH competition this late in the game. I know at times he can be very funny, but what else has he done in the game but allow himself to be used and throw comps. Why do so many people want to vote him AFP? It’s not that I dislike him because I don’t but sometimes I get confused about the love affair fans have with him. I really hope James wins AFP.

    • He threw it bc he knew he was safe this week since he and Steve were last and so he’ll be able to play and be safe next week, I would have done the same thing if I were him, he’s much better at endurance than Steve.

    • This late you have to be careful. Depending on your position in the house it can be better to throw the comp to be able to play next week.

    • 1. Which one? If you’re talking about the recent one then it didn’t really matter who won since it was between him and Steve (his number #1 ally). The one between him and Van is hard to explain. I don’t know if he did or not.
      2. People love JMac because of a few things
      a) He gets people to like him
      b) He is a comp threat
      c) He is the underdog of the season
      d) He’s a really nice guy
      e) He’s really funny
      But I’d be happy if either James or John win

      • I get it Dan because I like JMac also, but just not as AFP. I hope he makes it to F2 and wins. I think it would be horrible to leave Liz in the game, which JMac was entertaining at one point, because if they do and she wins HOH next week, JMac or Steve are history. Van is a wild card. Ps he has deals with everyone, so I think although it may be a very bad move, she has to lose as HOH, or will be forced to have her game finally blow up. I’m glad Steve is basically on to her. At this point, it’s her game to lose.

    • Because Steve would win and he felt Steve would not nominate him. More importantly, as he said, he needed to play in the next HoH — which means he knows not to trust Vanessa to keep him around

  11. Id have taken Vanessa out, shes tough and this way she couldnt pull herself off, but I will admit Im sick of the twins voice so I can be happy with liz or Julia going, def. not John, hes my pick to win

  12. I didn’t feel one way or the other about Liz until her goodbye message to Jason. She is a classic mean girl. A bit of a slut too.

      • Yeah. Bedding down with a smelly, unshowered, ponytail bearded Sasquatch is pretty disgusting. They are all in for a rude awakening once back to the real world.

    • As for Liz now on the eviction line, I could not be happier to see her almost out of the house, she has shown no empathy to the HGs whom have been evicted before her, she has been very disrespectful with her exit comments to them, laughing and making fun of them, now it is her turn and big karma is waiting for her slutty behind, and by the way Liz, Austin sent a telegram to his girlfriend that he will be coming home soon so they can get married, Liz in my count you loose again, 0-2, how sweet it is, O’ how sweet it is, the nest one should be Vanessa

      • How do you know about this telegram? And how could he send it?

        By the way, there are tweets and articles from his now EX girlfriend and even her sister that are very upset with Austin and full of disgust. I would link to examples but I do not think that we are allowed to post links here.

  13. Does anyone know how happy the BB nation will be glad to see Vanessa shown the door, I know I will, she would have been okay if she would have played a very clean social game instead of being a domestic bully. She sure does not deserve the 500K.
    I just want her to feel the same pain the other evicted HGs felt when they were shown the door but if she happens to survive and make it to the F2, I don’t think she will win the 500K because all the juror’s are probably mad at her because she has her hand in all of their evictions, and will not want to reward her with the big enchilada.

  14. He made the right choice, now they got to get Liz out, she is the stronger player, and I think if she is gone Julia will self-destruct and Austin should be alone unless Vanessa changes her plans, now is the time when they should all be looking out for themselves, but JMACK needs to win HOH or if he’s up on the block win veto.

    • I think I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but when Liz goes out the door this week… Vanessa will be rejoining with Austin and Julia to take out Steve and Johnny. She can’t make the final 2 with Steve and Johnny because they won’t turn on each other.

      If she sides with Austin and Julia, then she will at least have an easier time trying to win the last HoH. She’ll only have Austin as competition.

      What she really needs to do though is side with Austin and Julia for one week and get rid of either Johnny or Steve, and then try to find a way to make sure Julia goes home the next eviction. Then she doesn’t have to worry about loyalties keeping her out of the final 2!

      A best case for Vanessa would be a final three of Austin, herself and either Johnny or Steve. Then, she can rely on her friendship with Austin to take her to the final 2.

      • I think I am the only one who thinks keeping liz might not be so bad for jamc and steve. As chase says (assuming Liz leaves), “Vanessa will be rejoining with Austin and Julia to take out Steve and Johnny.” If Liz stays – than this option is removed. Vanessa rejoining Austin and Liz wont look to be such a great option for Vanessa. So I expect Vanessa, to try and make sure that the twins don’t “pick” for Liz to stay.

      • I agree and to go a step further, Liz staying only benefits Johnny and Steve! Austin is just starting to show that he is a true threat now that he is concentrating on his own game. If Liz stays, that will no longer be the case as he’ll keep trying to protect her. As we have both stated, Vanessa will also be hurt by Liz staying and she will indeed try to make sure the votes are for her to go.

        Like you said, Vanessa joining Liz and Austin would only put her in another situation where she’ll be the one left behind when final three comes.

  15. I totally agree with Scott. Someone finally used the balls they were born with to do what should have been done long ago. Hopefully the hairy Sasquatch , stupid Judas hat and all, will go next. Or Vanessa. Just give the axe to Lizzy (and not Borden).

  16. Just hoping Steve does not take Austin ‘ s handshake bait that he won’t try to put Steve up next week. Especially since Steve can’t play in the HOH. But hopefully they will vote out Judas ‘ s (POA), and I don’t mean power of attorney, then you know he will gun for Steve.

  17. After this eviction, its going to be a bad time for Steve to not be able to play in a HoH competition. Austin will be gunning for him, and as he has proven on a few occasions now… When he really wants to win a comp, he has a lot higher success rate than when he doesn’t care all that much.

    Basically, I’m saying that its pretty obvious that Austin has been throwing a few of these HoH comps along the way. Now that its time to get serious, its going to be a rough week for Steve. If anyone but John becomes the new HoH… Well, Steve better start practicing for every veto comp he can think of!

    • People keep complaining about Vanessa, but at the moment, she’s the one sitting pretty in this game.
      Austin will target Steve with JMac as a plan B, same goes for Julia. JMac will target Austin or Julia, so will Steve.
      See whose name isn’t there right now? Vanessa.
      For the HGs there are bigger targets atm, Vanessa did a great job these past few weeks.

      • I agree. Though I can’t stand Vanessa! But this house has had plenty of opportunity before to take her out. I knew a few weeks back when they had the clear chance and didn’t that they missed that boat. As much as I dislike her, it’s the others fault….

      • I don’t know, she’s sitting pretty only if she wins HOH.

        But if not, guess who’s the renom/pawn?

        I gotta sneaking suspicion she’ll end up as everybody’s target this week, cuz it’s close to endgame and with Liz gone there’s no doubt who the biggest threat is. And she’s the trophy they all want to brag about on finale night.

      • I have nothing but respect for Vanessa’s game play and I actually kinda like her to be honest. The two players I actually like (Austin and Vanessa) are the two most hated, lol.

      • Vanessa made a few critical errors lately. One in particular very dumb: when she told Steve that he would win over her 100% in a F2 scenario. Steve busted her by replying, “so why would you want to take me then?”

        ANY attempt by Vanessa to smooth that one over at this point will fail.

        There is more but I don’t have time to type it all out right now. I am in “hit and run” mode right now as I do other things also today. :)

  18. You know, I think it is funny how Liz is billed as a “marketing coordinator” (which in reality is a title they give to someone who pretty much just answers the phoooone-uh) while Julia, who “got her boob job on the same day as her sister” is billed as a “marketing intern”.

    For the life of me, I cannot figure this out. What the heck is a “marketing intern”???

  19. With John and Austin voting. It looks likely that Julia is going home. I hope Vanessa is working on John to evict Liz.

    • I truly believe that Vanessa and Austin have a F2 deal and perhaps even a split the pot deal. Austin DOES keep talking about Vegas… too much. Also, early in the season when Vanessa won the fast forward she used it on Austin. I truly believe that they have a pre-game deal going.

  20. I hope we’re not getting to ahead of ourselves. Because those idiots may keep Liz.

    • It’s looking likely that they will keep Liz. These guys always find a way to mess up a power play.

      • I know. Right when you see it’s about to get interesting they let us down. It’s been this way since day one this season. Im so ready for it to be done. Bb please pick players who r worth watching next time. PLEASE! !!!!!!!

    • Major blunder if so,Liz is a better player and more revengeful,not a good combo to face next week when you just sent her sister to the jury house,if this happens will be the most costly mistake of the season since Shelli sent Jason home and look what happened there,she paid for it the very next week by being evicted.

  21. This was not Steve best move this week but most likely his safest..of course next week is a different ballgame and we all know in BB when you are this close one is standing on shifting sands,not concrete..not being HOH next week leaves his fate exposed to others,not always a good thing this late in the game because at this point out of the two Vanessa leans more friendly toward Jmac than him and that could prove to be very dangerous in the days ahead.

    • The safest he could have done was nominate John and nominate any of the Austwins as a pawn.

      This is already a best move he could have done that will help break up a strong trio.

    • Steve tends to think JMac or Van and maybe Austin b/c I think Austin made a deal with him for next week… doesn’t mean he won’t go OTB, one of those have to but seems only Julia is competition (that might be the wrong word) against them next HoH comp.

      Julia should be afraid w/o Austin (there but maybe not for her but for himself) & Liz there to protect her, she is left alone and maybe only her weakness in the game might protect her and get her dragged along.

  22. Whew!!!FINALLY! This needed to be done weeks ago and Julia should’ve never been allowed to enter the game. Whether this makes sense or not, as a viewer, I would PERSONALLY be grateful to not see Austin on TV anymore. He is just unbearable and the dual personality thing just isn’t working. Let him go to jury next; didn’t he disgustingly say that he wanted to be in jury with Liz so that they could finally have sex? Let him go…

      • From what the live-feed peeps say they’ve had sex six-ways or more and all of it with sound effects. Maybe BigBro can make a pkg of that and get nominated for an Emmy for Best Sound Effects of a Reality Show.

  23. I constantly am trying to figure out who is Vanessas true final 2? Although she has had one with most of the house, I really believe that Steve is the one she really has her loyalty with. Having said that I am not sure that would be best for her to win. Granted Steve isn’t a favorite but hopefully the other house guest will be upset once they compare notes and discover what a snake Vanessa really was and that will out weigh all of the sentiments that she played the best game.

    • Vanessa doesn’t care as long as she is F2. She has F2 deal with all. Truth be known she would prefer Julia because she is not a BB fan. Steve and John (and to a degree Austin) know more about BB so they know what sort of things to study, Julia doesn’t unless someone tells her.

      • That’s my thought that she has the best chance if winning if she goes to final two with Julia

    • But shouldn’t the person who played the best game win? Clearly, it is Vanessa, like it or not.

      • It should be but like I said before we have to depend an BB fans to tell the other jurors that because they don’t know. They came to get noticed. Shellie, Liz, Julia, Meg. If they don’t these girls will vote feelings.

      • And you’re the judge of that? And you’re calling it before it’s over.

        Best Player, Most Liked Player… combination of both, who deserves it? It’s somewhat arbitrary… last time I looked you had to live & play in the House to have the right to vote who you think is the Winner!!!

    • Vanessa doesn’t have a “true final 2”. She is going to drift week to week to whoever is HoH and work that angle. She has no loyalty to anyone, she will play whoever gets her to the next round.

      • I think she knows that she doesn’t have a good F2 with that jury so she’s just playing with what she’s got week to week like you said. That jury is packed with Vhaters.

  24. Hurrah, Julia and Liz are crying right now, We must notify that the Kleenex Box Company called that they are running out of tissues.

  25. It’s been painfully obvious the whole season that Van has been working with Austin which means a trio. The depth of the stupidity by Steve and for that matter the entire cast is overwhelming. I can’t fathom walking on this earth and being this dumb. Of course Van is playing both sides. Why not destroy her obvious relentless in your face game? I enjoy a good ruthless human chess game. But this isn’t a competition, it’s a complete an unequivocal surrender. CBS you must cast intelligent ruthless players to keep us interested. There is just no excuse for such a horrific season!

  26. Steve is letting vanessa call the shots. He should have nominated her instead of julia. If one of them don’t get rid of vanessa none of them will win. She will. Steve your decision will bite you in the butt.

    • Seriously? You must be hoping that the Austwins go to F3 then. Steve has been playing Vanessa along with his own game. Keeping her as a target for another round is a good move.

      • Exactly! Some people are just too blinded by their hatred for Van to realise that putting Van up this week would be a terrible move for Steve’s game!

      • Even Austin is better to go before Vanessa because of kissy face again with Liz so that’s 2 votes right there unless she’s playing him which could be the case. Vanessa should have gone long ago but it didn’t happen so time to regroup.

      • Not with Lizzz-uh leaving this week, next week Van, week after Austin. What’s that leave Steve, JMac & Julia… that would truly be amazing considering JMac was evicted.

        Then when Julia starts crying just say “we’re in it to win it”. I would advise JMac to stick close to Steve if those 3 go F3 b/c Steve might want Julia in F2. They could shake on it, no hard feelings whoever wins that final comp can pick Julia if they want. Or they can both have a big payday and let the Jury decide who gets top prize. I like to see Steve & JMac in F2.

        But can’t count our chickens quite yet, except you knows there’s 2 and 1’s worth $500K and the other is $50K.

      • I would be shocked if Liz goes. The twins can say they want Julia to stay right now but it’s a long way till Thursday and they’re in it to win it. Since Austin and Vanessa said they would go along with whatever the twins decide they have to stick to that or they alienate both twins in jury and the remaining one going forward. Van and Austin are assuming that Julia is staying right now and are scheming accordingly. Who would go up as a pawn if needed if Liz stays…they have been saying that Julia would be ok as a pawn moving forward because of the numbers…Liz would alter that plan big time. If Liz stays it is much worse for Van and Austin. The twins should have figured this out but I doubt it but it could be Liz staying anyway. Kaboom!

      • Obviously Austin will vote to keep Liz so Liz’s fate is in the hands of JMac & Van, since Austin/Liz are the strong part of the 3some the other HGs would be crazy to oust Julia over Liz from a strategy standpoint.

        From my standpoint I wouldn’t care what the twins decide they are not in a position to demand or chose anything and I don’t think Steve/JMac care either, they can’t take a chance Austin or Liz wins HoH.

        Tell me what the reaction of the House would be if Liz stayed & won HoH, Steve & JMac would run to the hills… so who is Vanessa going to listen to Steve & JMac or Austwins? She needs Austwins out more.

      • The problem for Van and Austin is that they told the twins they would vote whichever they decided. They said that after hearing Liz said Julia should stay in a moment of emotion. If Liz decides to stay they have shot themselves in the foot. Of course Van will spin it to the twins somehow to get the outcome she desires. This may be where Van has to fold. Can’t wait to see what happens.

      • I wouldn’t be shocked but I would be happy, Liz is the keystone of that 3some. The Sixth Sense made the mistake of letting Julia in, now at least they can get rid of the stronger player of the two but will still need to deal with Julia which could cost someone $50K, if Julia is dragged to F2.

      • Yeah, you can’t play a good game like that, look at Becky, look at James, kind of look at Jackie.

  27. Bye liz and take that nasal problem with you, hopefully dirty Austin or idiot Vanessa will join u soon

    • I would take the twins talking any day rather than seeing them fixate and chow down like vultures at every meal…wait they do both at the same time!

  28. This is the first time that I’m more anxious to see who wins the next HOH than to see who gets out. Still hope it’s Dizzy Lizzy thought.

    • Not really…saved JMac from doing this and placing an even bigger target on him if it didn’t work out this way.

      • That was the best move and the best way to execute even though it was Vanessa’s idea/plan.

        Next week I’d like to hear Julie say “By a vote of 2 – 0, Vanessa, you have been evicted from the House. You go girl”.

  29. I would like to see JMac, Steve and Austen in the F3. Let Vanessa stew in the Jury house over that!

    • Wait, I thought Vanessa was saying a girl needs to win to the twins, she just didn’t mention one that’s gay and who’s name is Vanessa.

  30. Does anyone remember bb3 when Marcel trusted Daniel and didn’t use the veto on himself and she turned on him and evicted his ass. That’s win the veto first came out.maybe something like that will happen in this boring season.

  31. Bobcat Goldthwait and John Green need to get Vanessa out during the final 5. So Bobcat Goldthwait needs to pull off and HoH to nominate Gorilla Man and Vanessa.

  32. Alrighty, who’s willing to catch me up with the nitty gritty? I’ve only been loosely paying attention (at best) over the past month…

      • Big Brother 17 (U.S.), you’ll get the whole picture and it’s being updated so it’s current that way you get an unbiased view of what’s happened. I noticed you’re skeptical (“thanks?”)? LOL.

      • No no, I was teasing because I’m a little more informed than that (to read it through Wikipedia)… In truth I was actually hoping to get everyone’s biased opinions so that I can know what the masses (on here) are feeling, thinking, and hoping. ;)

      • Ha, and be subject to the slings & arrows people dish out? There’s a handful of people who’ve encouraged me to use my skills on the show, but wisdom informs me only a fool would think there’s a ”way” to win the show and come out unscathed in public image… I’ll leave it to the experts who have the answers while l stand off to the side trying to calm the masses from casting the first stone. :)

  33. Now that it’s guaranteed that the twins will be broken up! Can they all agree to evict Liz and make Austin sad that he doesn’t get to have his little love muffin to suck face with on the live feeds !

    • Expect the Unexpected. Good news is Steve is HoH so Pandora’s Box won’t trip up his plan or is it’s Vanessa’s plan? But a Rewind (BB wouldn’t, would they?) might screw it all up.

  34. MG DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT AWFUL CORRUPT WOMAN.. ROBYN KASS… The Big Brother Casting Director who everyone in Vegas is tweeting has been A CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND OF VANESSA’S IN LAS VEGAS for YEARS!!! She brought her Vegas friend Vanessa into the BB house to Win This Season and has done everything possible to help it happen.. EVEN TODAY when Vanessa was going overboard making Steve angry with her lies about everyone.. THE DR CALLED VANESSA INSIDE IT… a few minutes later Vanessa just started complimenting Steve how good he looked in his clothes!!! Talk about ROBYN KASS’S orders for the DR to watch out for Vanessa.. I JUST SEEN THIS ON THE INTERNET BUT NOT SURE IF ITS TURE OR NOT…..

  35. the bachelor and bachelorette have after shows so we can see everyone’s reaction, i wish bb would do the same thing. would love to see everybody’s reaction to end results and how they react to what fans have been saying!

  36. Nessa is going to win.she outwit outplayed these idiots. Very clever she played thia game. She desew to win cus look at them idiots !

      • Are you sure? Listen i don’t like Vanessa at all but this girl managed to play with this group of idiots. She really deserves to win cause She played the game an got this for. The rest are non mucker factors. They r obvious to what is going on.

      • I disagree. I think the remaining male players know exactly what she is doing. Each one is trying to use it to their advantage in different ways. In the last 24 hours alone Steve has talked about it to the cameras and Austin said it to someone (can’t remember who). JMac sees all and knows all…doesn’t mean it will work. If Vanessa wins then she wins because circumstances allowed it not because they didn’t know what was going on. There are idiots in the house right now but the guys aren’t included in that group. Everyone plays differently…why can’t people see that? Vanessa could as easily go out next week as any of them. In fact, her chances are good to go. Actually this argument is getting tedious. If people don’t get it by now they never will.

  37. Austin’s already trying to get Van to let him be the HOH and have her close behind if something goes wrong. That’s her worst nightmare. With him trying to push her there she may try harder and he will go.

  38. Johnny Mac, Vanessa, and Julia to the final 3 is a better choice for ratings like 3s Company sitcom. Liz (Mrs. Roper), then Austin (Mr. Roper), and Steve (Larry) better do landlord jobs at the jury. Johnny Mac (Jack Tripper) and Julia (Chrissy) would be my final two as Vanessa (Janet) finishes third. That is a perfect name on a new alliance.

  39. Listen i watched bb since it started. I love will boogie and evil dick.these ppl r sickening. All i want is to see one game move in this season.

  40. Vanessa talks faster than a speeding bullet. She also says um a lot. I can’t stand her voice. I can’t stand the whiny twins voices. I can’t stand Johnny Mac’s voice nor Austin’s. So, you ask why do I even watch the show? I’m hearing impaired and can hardly understand what they are saying. Austin looks nasty. He is nasty. Always picking his teeth. How can Liz let him touch her? The comments you guys leave are hilarious. I hope Steve wins. He should pull an Ian on her. Remember Ian’s move against Boogie?

  41. Do do you think Liz will cry when she comes out of the BB house and gets booed by the audience?!!!

    • Do you really think they will boo? I thought the audience was full of CBS employees and they aren’t allowed to boo. I would LOVE to see her face if she is boo’ed.

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