Big Brother 17: Austin Tries To Convince Liz To Stay

Despite the upcoming eviction being entirely out of the hands of the BB17 nominees we’ve seen a peculiar discussion between them over who should be the one to stay as though it’s their choice to make. Overnight we listened in as Austin tried to convince Liz that she should be the one to stay.

Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson on Big Brother
Liz Nolan and Austin Matelson on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Having practically resigned herself to eviction there doesn’t seem to be much fight left in Liz as she’s even gone back to letting Austin smother her in bed, but they better get their time in now before Thursday.

With Veto Ceremony wrapped up from earlier today the final noms are set as Julia and Liz Nolan and there’s no escaping that one will be evicted, but who should it be? Neither sister wants to tell the other they want to be the one to stay which has left us with sniffle parties of insisting you should stay, no you should stay. Well someone’s gotta stay.

Liz told Austin last night, Flashback to 12:20 AM BBT 9/7, that if she stays she’ll remain the bigger target not only because of her competitive record but also for their showmance. She’s sure they can’t make it to the end, but Austin wants to “die trying.” Austin pushes back that if Julia stay she’s likely to be a big target next week since no one wants to let her slide through to F4 since she’ll be a hot pick to take along for an easy win. Liz disagrees and thinks Julia will last longer.

Complicating matters for Liz a little is her belief that Austin has a F2 deal with Vanessa. Get in line. Austin doesn’t deny that he has a deal with Vanessa but says that’s what everyone has been doing all Big Brother 17 season to help their games. Liz points out she hasn’t done that. Oh well.

Liz gets up and walks away leaving Austin confused and alone. He soon follows her inside as Liz curls up in their bed. She tells Austin she’s torn between throwing in the towel and staying to fight. He tells Liz he wants her to stay and that he loves her. Liz says she loves him too.

So is Liz willing to stay and fight alongside Austin? Well I’m still fully expecting Liz to get voted out no matter what control they think they have which makes today’s discussion better for the twins.

This afternoon the twins sat down by the pool and had another sniffle cry session. Just after 1:30 PM BBT 9/7 Liz reaffirmed to Julia that she wants Julia to stay. Liz tells her it’s Julia’s time to shine though Julia says Liz deserves to be there more because of all her wins. Well, sometimes that doesn’t help you stay and just makes you a bigger target.

Liz jokes that maybe she’ll win America’s Favorite Player which will make up for her not winning the big prize. Liz doesn’t actually think that’ll happen as she told Austin last night, but Austin suggested he does think Liz will win AFP. Nah. At least not according to our fan favorite polling.

We’re still a few days away from the next eviction and any crazy theories could come up to try and shift the vote, but as of now it looks like everyone is on board to evict Liz except Austin. We can expect him to vote to keep her on Thursday, but it’s more likely we’ll have Julia in the Big Brother 17 Final Five.

What do you think of the twin’s situation? If it was up to the twins who do you think should stay?


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    • Maybe Austin will be distracted not having his cuddle bug next to him and Julia will be forlorn not having her twin near-by, so they’ll each be evicted one after the other, like dominoes! :-) Julia won’t make it to F3 with that estimation!

      • I thought Austin would pull a Clay and want to go instead of and/or after Liz. He’s smarter than I thought.

      • That’s one of those things you never do, but have to offer.
        It was never likely, in my opinion. From what I’ve seen, the only thing he loves more than Liz is himself.

      • I’ll agree with you there. For a long time I thought he’d beg to follow if she was evicted, now I see I was clearly wrong.

    • I’m in, plus I need to see how low Austin will stoop and see if he’ll try a move on Julia. LOL. Hey, he grew on Liz and once Liz is gone maybe Julia will get drunk, she’ll be alone, vulnerable, looking just like Liz.

  1. Liz staying is not the best for Austin’s game. It would place a larger target on him plus if he felt the need to consider her feelings in decisions he makes, it could negatively affect his game. I don’t think he would have as much of an issue in regards to Julia. I’m wondering if he is just saying what Liz wants to hear or if he really does hope she stays. I bet he is hoping that she is evicted.

    • Time to bid farewell to his cuddle bug! :-) Although you won’t hear Van say it, Austin is the one that stands in the way of her going to F3 or F2..LOL

    • Liz staying is best for Austin’s game…Liz is more of a target than Julia and he wants to win no matter what. He must also think that Liz has a better shot at HOH than Julia and that helps him…Julia is likely to throw him out the door if they are playing him after conning them in the POV. Therefore, Liz must go.

      I would still love a twist where the twins go as a two for one, the same way they came in. Kind of impossible to do that now unless they get offered some kind of game twist where they could try to win a chance to come off the block together or leave together which may or may not result in renoms. That would never happen but would be awesome.

      • You have valid points and I can see the good and the bad of Liz staying. Mostly bad because we’d have to suffer through more of Austiz shenanigans.
        Hey, Murphy, if you “will it” and get a twisty twist that could result in both twins leaving together, there would be a few of us twinsick posters who would be forever grateful to you.:)

      • There is an off button on my remote that I have had to use a few times for BBAD and a FF for the DVR that has come in very handy. That has been my ignore, but it just keeps coming back.

      • You guys are hilarious! I thought I may be the only person bothered by Austwins. The twins act so entitled constantly putting people down, have mouths like sailors, whine about everything, order John and Steve around making them look spineless ( more making themselves look narssistic!) and their selfishness with food. And Austin ? Well
        need I really say more? Three disfunctioal people for sire! Thanks for the chuckles guys!!!!!!

    • Austin is just upset that once his cuddle muffin is gone,he’ll have no one to give him a bl#w job! That’s good for us cause we don’t want to see that anymore !

    • At this stage of the game it doesn’t really matter does it? With Julia in the house everyone will want to take her to F2 or at least F3. So either way Austin is in a bad spot. I think he is better off with Liz because she can wins comps.

      • Yes, Austin is in a bad spot whether she stays or goes. I’m wishing for JMac to win next HOH to even out the playing field just a little more by targeting and getting Vanessa evicted. I’d rather have two against two than Vanessa playing hanging around any longer playing both sides.

  2. Thursday can’t get here fast enough. the week woulda been more entertaining had the “after POV” fighting continued.

  3. I LOVE that Vanessa actually has the people on the block thinking that they have a choice in whether they stay or go. I look forward to a time when I can watch the show and not see Austin and her going at it.

  4. Vanessa is not just older, but more matured and wiser than the rest of the HGs. She was able to manipulate the majority because of it. John and Becky were the only ones on to her, but had to bow down to her anyway. John still has a chance to turn things around and hopefully he’ll get to it next week or the following. The way she talks to people and says “i am so proud of you blah, blah”. She told Jason this and he was like whatever B***.

  5. I wish it was possible to vote out Austin and the twins at the same time. I am sick of all three of them

  6. Quote from Liz in the DR on Sunday’s BB. ” …my sister and I have been nothing but nice to him and make him feel he is not such a socially awkward nerd.”
    Just get the Hell out

  7. So loving BB behind the cameras this year. Last night Austin didn’t remember the twins’ sister’s name and BB said, “You’ve got to be kidding!” Later after Austin said you need to use your foot, then elbow, BB said, “That’s what she said!” And today, he’s in the BA brushing his teeth, then combing his beard and turns away from the sink and BB said, “You’re not going to wash your hands?” Talk about epic moments!

  8. Lizard can visit Auuuustiiiinnnnnuh in Vegas when he is there with Vanessa after they split the prize money and go gambling with it. Then they can all go see a Sigmund and Freud show on the Strip! :)

  9. Up to the twins or not up to the twins, Liz should go. The only reason Austin wants Liz to stay is … uhhhhhh … self-evident.

  10. Only thing worse than watching a Sasquatch mate with a Lizard is watching the Twits eat like pigs feeding at a trough and snorting.

    • It will do wonders for their mother’s catering business…a new logo with twin pigs in a trough. (Sorry, but they do have a choice in how they eat, it’s not like they have a disability or something.)

      • They pretty much never shut up anyway. Sasquatch just shovels the food in and it’s all over his mouth and hanging off that facial hair. Plus, he’s talks with a full mouth. I’m making myself sick!

      • I’d sit across the room from that “garbage disposal”style of eating, too! In order to eat anywhere near that trio, one would need to drape themselves in a tarp! GAG..

      • Eats meat with his hand instead of cutting it. He also picks the food that fell out of the plate and sticks it in his mouth. The girls eat and talk, but he doesn’t breathe until he is done.

  11. Well, considering there is virtually no competition left in the house, that could happen. But no, nothing interesting or different there. Julia’s so duuuuuhmb she’d just put up who Vanessa told her to.

    • Exactly. She would go to Vanessa and ask her what she should do. Vanessa would tell her put up Austin and Steve and she would do it.

  12. Did anyone else notice how the Austwins are well into their meals before the others show up or actually sit at the table with them. Three months of eating with those guys would be painful. I know it’s the three of them who do most of the cooking but you would think the others would come round to eat sooner rather than later. In BBAD yesterday Vanessa sat at the counter for a long while before coming to the table. From what I’ve seen the others eat like regular people.

    • Well, it’s pretty easy to lose your appetite watching Sasquatch and the Ladies eat/talk/eat/talk. Better to wait till they’re almost done. And Vanessa was asking for pain meds for her cramps yesterday, so she’s just not feeling well right now.

    • Three months? I couldn’t make three meals at a table with them.. Aside from the eating, it’s the lack of cleanliness and hygiene that we’ve seen in the kitchen.

      • The other night one of the Ladies was flicking ants off her food onto the counter – then just kept eating the food anyway. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little added protein.

      • Oh my gosh yes. From picking nose, lacking fingers, unwashed hands when walking in the kitchen, etc., etc.

        I’m with you on this. Just gross and disgusting.

    • Has anyone noticed that Vanessa has not touched a broom, nor picked up a dish to clean? IA she a prima Donna or what?

  13. I’m sure Austin will be please to read this from Big Brother Network when he gets home…and Liz’s mom and nanna will be so proud…

    “Liz admits that she knows Austin likes her “a lot more” than she likes him, but she knows he’s looking out for her game and that’s why she’s going along with it. We had already seen her tell Julia in the DR that she was “whoring herself out” with him. So yes, this is game play by Liz and it’s at least working in one aspect, but is she creating a monster?”

    • Which makes her behavior all the more appalling. If she was really into him, you could just figure OK, so they’re into each other. But knowing she’s doing it and leading him on for potential financial benefit is pretty trashy.

    • My bet is that their “relationship” doesn’t last till the finale. Once Liz is out of the house, Austin has no further use to her. Austin most likely waste any time getting over her, since he has a new-found popularity from being on the show. There are plenty of women who dig that “missing link” kinda thing……

      • I can’t wait to see what their separate responses will be when Julie Chen asks them if they have found lasting love in the BB house….

  14. Austin or Tarzan as i like to call him. Stop trying to save your cuddle muffin ! I’m pretty sure she’s going out the door either way !

  15. Maybe Liz and Julia will switch places so that when Liz gets evicted, she really stays in the house and starts winning things! And suddenly develops an attraction for Austen. Of course she’d have to keep her mouth closed so Johnny Mac can’t see her teeth. Might help with her (the twins’) eating habits.

  16. “Neither sister wants to tell the other they want to be the one to stay”
    Liz-ah can be voted out & Julia-ah can self evict!
    Sound like a plan to me!

    • Austin being so upset about the “lack of Nolan” in his life retreats to the have-not room, pulling a blanket over his head, checks out of the game.

  17. Really? Im soooo done with the twins with their racoon face. Austin is here to promote himself

  18. Okay, can someone tell me if the house guests are seriously considering allowing the twins to decide which of them stays? Really? Come on.

  19. Wouldn’t it be funny if the twins really were identical, and impossible to tell apart, and they could just swamp the bad out the door and keep the better one without anyone being the wiser? Now that would be a kind of interesting twist.

    • Do you really believe that Julia would allow austin to touch her the way he does Liz, Hella to the no ooooooooo ah

      • Well that would be the dead giving away that Liz did not go out the door as they all thought. They would have to play it full out and that would be hard for them to pull off. Or maybe not. Apparently, Austins amazing charm and physique are too much for any twin to avoid. Maybe Julia has just waiting to get Liz out.

  20. Can’t wait until both of those crying baby twins get booted out, like they treated others they had a part in evicting. Let the sniffling continue. Shed those tears you sluts.

      • You can say that again. I never did understand why the nitwit that knew twins were around, they actually wanted to keep them. My view was, everyone in the house is fighting for the money per a household. But the twins, are 2 players for the same household. I never did understand why the house guests didn’t look to cut this up earlier.

      • Guys, I think we should stop the twin bashing. I fear for their mental health when they read all of the comments or impressions that they have indelibly left in our brains!

      • Personally, I think they should know how obnoxious they have been. Maybe one day they will grow up to realize they are not the center of the universe. Their old lady and man should have made that clear and obviously hadn’t. But the same could be said of the Svengoolie loolalike, the idiot acting Austin. If he left the hair and hat off his fat head, he might actually look civilized.

      • Oh yeah. If they are such big fans as they claim to be of the program, they know they are being watched and only want to make a name (slut) for themselves so they can be remembered for years to come.

      • And since you are a woman, I take it, you agree with the behavior they show. Especially Liz laying in bed with the Neanderthal Man.

      • Ohhhhhhhhh hell ll ah to the no! LOL.

        if they were my children, I’d make them break that CBS contract, and dare CBS to sue me.

  21. Sluts? They are using the same stradegy that the men come into the house with; hook up and manipulate. Austin even SAID out loud over a month ago that he wantagoo get Liz into jury to have sex with her. I’m no fan of the twins but calling them ‘sluts’ is harsh and absolutely misogynistic. You should have more self respect than to say something as ignorant as that about a game show contestant.

  22. OK BB superfans! Wanted to make my final post for the season. With one of the twins going home Thursday it has gotten to the point where it is every HG for themselves. Looking forward to the gameplay on the comfort of my couch. Michelle, Matt S. and all of you out there too numerous to mention, except Joni, the most committed BB superfan out there! Just wanted to say I enjoyed a great summer chatting with you about BB, best wishes to you all, and hope to find you this fall when Survivor is aired. Thanks again, everyone. Had a total blast sharing are thoughts about BB this summer.
    P.S. So sorry ;-( Pulling for Vanessa. Best gameplay by far! If John, Steve or Austin wins, can’t be mad). Take care!

    • I agree. Vanessa has been like a hurricane of tornados of game play from day 1, even down to that awful, green hat. Steve is blossoming nicely and Jmac is great (except for his stroke inducing shouting in DR). But, if Austin wins this, I cannot guarantee that I won’t lose faith in life just a littlr bit.

    • Just hope that if JMac gets to the F2 that he prepares a decent speech rather than go for a laugh. That won’t go over well with the Jury. He needs to get serious for part of it or he loses for sure

  23. On the next episode of The Lame and Unwatchable Liz gets evicted, Austin and Julia self-evict, Steve joins a band, and John installs braces in Vaneesa mouth so she can shut the hell up.

  24. Liz will stay.
    Liz will throw HOH to Austin or Vanessa.
    Austin and Vanessa will target each other and one will win HOH and one will be sent packing. Steve will be the pawn.
    Liz will go back up on the block next week as a pawn with Vanessa or Austin (whoever’s left) as the target.
    Johnny Mac will win F4 HOH.
    Johnny, Liz and Steve will go to F3.
    Johnny Mac will win F3 HOH and take Steve with him to F2.
    (Johnny Mac and Steve will alternate winning POVs and not change the nominations.)
    Johnny Mac will WIN BB 17!!!!!!
    I will wake up from my daydream and have another couple glasses of wine.

  25. I used to think Austin was decent playing this game but this week I have no idea what his strategy is. He seemed to want his own alliance wit the twins to be broken up. I don’t see the sense in that at all.

    • He just fd up by not calling Vanessa out. Letting her eek by as innocent bystander. He is smart and knows alot more than we see but is conflicted internally as he stated, at times. May have played into it. But I think he believes Vanessa has best chance to make finals clearly and wants to coatail on that filthy ride. Who knows.

  26. Question: if Vanessa wins this HOH wouldn’t it be in her best interest to dump Steve? He’s the clear favorite for votes and can win hoh. And if this is true, then really it’s Austin and Julia/Liz vs John for final 4. I don’t see any other smart play. Am I off?

  27. You don’t think she likes how he makes her feel. Like a queen. Also he is pissed funny one on one. She’s lying if she says she doesn’t like being with him. I know lots of girls out there, in fact psychology states almost all are with thier guy for a pathological need. That guy fills a void or lost father or lack of power in family or protector, security blanket. $$$ what’s your need. Scary to think about I know.

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