Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 11

Time to vote for your favorite Big Brother 17 Houseguest as we prepare for the season’s America’s Favorite Player poll from CBS to determine which HG will earn an extra $25K prize. Right now that looks like a lock for one of two players, but it’s getting closer and closer.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

Johnny Mac has held the top spot for weeks now but after last week’s dip in numbers from James we’re seeing a huge come back from the new Juror who could end up with the consolation prize money after all. Remember that if John gets to the F2 then he won’t be eligible for this particular prize and that’d likely make it a sure thing for James.

The top six players held steady in this week’s poll and it wasn’t until we reached Clay at #7 that we found someone making a shift. Clay swapped spots with Jackie who dropped down one and then Jason swapped with Becky leaving us with the same range of HGs in the #6-10 spots even if they were in different ranks.

The Austwins continue to struggle to find popularity with our readers as none of them broke the 1% mark and all three come in at the bottom half of the poll. This time around Austin fell two spots to become the least popular member of the Austwins while Julia edged out her sister Liz for the honor of most popular for the trio.

Check out all the results below comparing last week’s results to the previous round and then scroll below to vote in this week’s “Who is your Favorite Houseguest?” poll.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 10 vs Week 9

  1. John McGuire 41.9% (+0)
  2. James Huling 39.0% (+0)
  3. Vanessa Rousso 7.6% (+0)
  4. Shelli Poole 2% (+0)
  5. Meg Maley 1.8% (+0)
  6. Steve Moses 1.6% (+0)
  7. Clay Honeycutt 1% (+1)
  8. Jackie Ibarra 0.91% (-1)
  9. Jason Roy 0.86% (+1)
  10. Becky Burgess 0.77% (-1)
  11. Julia Nolan 0.68% (+1)
  12. Liz Nolan 0.67% (+2)
  13. Austin Matelson 0.57% (-2)
  14. Da’Vonne Rogers 0.53% (-1)
  15. Jace Agolli 0.09% (+2)
  16. Audrey Middleton 0.05% (-1)
  17. Jeff Weldon 0.04% (-1)

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    • Yeah something about this “poll” is jacked up. I’m sorry but first of all there is NO WAY Vanessa is that popular to be 3rd. And John has some fan but no where near the amount James does. Even the comments say as much….BS poll…Sorry not sorry…

  1. I voted for JMac, because he fought his way back in and has yet to be put on the block or evicted again.

  2. LOL Julia, Loz and Austin are numbers 11, 12 and 13 respectively. Yet in their own minds they are the top 3 and they think America loves them. They are in for quite a shock once this is all over!

    • I personally don’t mind Julia (although she tends to sound ridiculous at times) but Austin and Liz have gone from my week one favorites to my least favorite houseguests this season.

      • Yep, Julia seems cool but since she’s affiliated with her twin and Austin people tend to not like her.

      • I thought I didn’t mind Julia for a while but then she started to get just as mean as Liz and now I really don’t like her either. Maybe I’m missing something.

    • I love that they’re so low on the poll when they think they’re adored. Oh, the irony. Really makes me smile :P

      I wish we could see their faces when they find out how disliked they are. Gosh, I would seriously pay for a front row seat to that!

  3. Anyone who likes the twins or AUSTIN CREEPER is not watching or clueless
    about watching BIG Brother 17 this year! You can tell just by watching
    the 3 hour shows on tv! After dark feeds the past 5-6 weeks turned my
    tolerance for pure hatred as they don’t care about anyone and are super
    annoying FAKE mean hypocrites and think they should get everything
    handed to them including the game! They say bad things about EVERYONE
    even Austin! This week is a great example of this! They say Steve
    betrayed them! He did not! He put them up before they could put him up!
    The twins stated Steve had to go next after James! With only Austin the
    twins and Vanessa as backdoor renom possibility his options were limited
    and finally he did what I was hoping for the past 6 weeks! Put up
    Austin and LIZ!!! What should he do help the 3 headed creeper/bitches
    and go after Vanessa or John who is mostly alone? That would be dumb!
    The twins and Austin were already coming after him so why go after
    Vanessa when he still needs to work with her! People from their couches
    sometimes smart moves are not always exciting big moves like James or
    Becky! Steve finally made a big move predictable or not! You need
    friends or alliance members who can help you! Going after Vanessa would
    be suicide until two thirds of Austwins are gone! Steve is way smarter
    than people realize! I have watched 90 percent of after dark feeds and
    know all the lies and future back stabs and why the right move was
    keeping Julia and not Meg sadly! Have faith in Johnny Mac and Steve!
    They are why i still watch! Any questions just ask! The twins remind me
    of Natalie season 11 and Austin reminds me of RUSSELL from that same
    season! I look forward to all the hate emails and media letting know how
    disgusting and fake and worse the evil trio is!!!!! Todd from CT

    • Austin literally told the twins tonight they would win Americas vote…..yeah being the meanest nastiest B****es on TV behind everyone’s back is not a way for that to happen

    • The twins are from Miami. Austin’s a pro wrestler and Vanessa’s a pro card player. Johnny Mac has his own practice. None of these people NEED money!
      I don’t like the way Vanessa plays the game – running around throwing crocodile tears at everybody. It’s a manipulation tactic, I understand how some people respect that because it’s obviously working in her favor; but as you mentioned “FAKE.” I think the only REAL person left in the house is John.

      • I agree with you that none of these people need money, but how does being from Miami mean you don’t need money. Miami is one of the poorest cities in the US.

      • It doesn’t but there is a serious VEGAS attitude like I am better than you because we live here attitude! I was confident in week 1 I would not like the twins for their better than everyone way of life! They are so fake mean lying hypocrites etc! They get what they deserve tears and eviction!

      • I. Think. Big brother. Should never. Had. Vansana. Or. The. Twins. Onthe.


      • I agree and Steve too although Steve is playing and acting a lot more than people realize! Behind closed doors alone watching after dark feeds you learn the real STEVE! He is pretending a lot what he says publicly except maybe John!

      • I found this on Wikipedia: Austin Matelson is an American professional wrestler. He was signed to World Wrestling Entertainment where he wrestled under the ring name Judas Devlin….

      • Austin was only with WWE for a hot minute. I dont even think he did a prime time event even once. If you consider mexico back ally bars and USA tiny town high school gyms as “professional” than I guess so. IMO he is an amature not a professional. I mean one of his latest matches was in this tiny little bar up against a woman with a gorilla as his their ref. And every time they played a certain music during the match (the tango I believe) they had to dance the tango. Neither one of them even looked realistic with their hits or reactions to being hit. He is just as much a a sucky wrestler as he is a BB player..

      • He did fought Adrian Neville in that one match in NXT but I don’t know what date it was though but I think it have been before Neville won the belt. But other than that I don’t think he did much. But I did heard that before he got injured and released he was planned to be one of the members of the Wyatt Family so maybe his creepiness with his Judas’ character that he does in this show may have been a hint of what he was going to do on the wrestling show but never got the chance to do so and now he’s doing it on Big Brother now so that he can get a chance back in the company (Or so he thinks but it’s highly unlucky that he will ever be back in the company after the whole Bill Demott thing).

      • I totally agree with you. And honestly I think the fact that Vanessa is a multi millionaire and playing this game like a desperate entitled cut throat bitch. Not giving two shits who she booted. Is why so many people hate her. Sure people can say “who cares who has money” all they want. But the bottom line is that us human beings get tired of snakes like her getting everything. And by being a nasty vile human being while getting it. America wants to see regular every day people play the game like the old days. Production has really started to turn a LOT of people away with all of their changes. Im guessing they will be using a celebrity again next year. Which will be the year I am finally done with this show. Its almost as if they know they are going to be ending the show very soon. So they are taking out the fans most beloved parts of it (lux comps, reg people, more america involvement ONE HOH and the list goes on and on. ALL stuff America loves. Doing it all to start weaning us from big brother. if that makes sense lol

  4. I find it hard to believe Vanessa is in 3rd place, even if she is 40 percentage points behind JMac and James. I bet her 3 supporters are voting multiple times.

    • I think there are probably people who are voting for her because it is funny to see her name anywhere close to the top of a popularity poll

    • I so agree. I find it hard to believe that John is still winning so much ahead of James. Considering most of the ppl here love James and everyone everywhere else loves james. I suspect someone has bots or something is off w this poll…

      • The reason people should pick the most popular is to pick the person who would like to invite to your house for supper. John is going to laugh at all your jokes. Funny or not.

      • Exactly!! James would actually be REAL and be so much fun naturally. I could see akward silence with John

    • I think she’s up there because she causes drama that’s interesting to watch, not because she’s actually liked. I know some people do actually like her, but they are totally the minority so that’s my guess.

  5. Meg was useless and only stayed in the house beacuse she posed no threat other than to Becky, Jackie and James

    • I dont think Meg was as useless as people say she was. Meg was a GREAT manipulator when she had to be. She is MUCH better than Julia. And Julia even won a comp. Julia has sat back this and relied on her sisters fingerbanging to ger her through the game. And John is right behind her. Which is why I do not get why ev1 is so in love with him.

  6. Some think James should get the “fan favorite” because he “needs” the money more than Johnny Mac. But you can bet that Johnny Mac has a ton of eduction debt not to mention the start up costs on his own dental practice. But “Big Brother” isn’t supposed to be about who “needs” the money but who “deserves” (and earns) the money. If it was about need, rather than game play, then they should choose people who all have equal “need” when they choose the players.

    I don’t much care for Vanessa but she was wise not to inform the others of her multi-million dollar success as a professional poker player because some players honestly believe that someone who they don’t perceive as “needing” the money is a valid reason for eviction. If you’re desperate for money I don’t think giving up your summer to play “Big Brother” in hopes of winning $500K is the smartest move you can make.

      • That’s my reasoning. He entertained me this season more than anyone else did. As far as needing the money, I don’t pay any attention to that when voting for AFP.

    • Me either. However he still has AFP hands down. Even if this botched poll says otherwise…He made the best moves of the season. And with no help. Stayed true to himself the entire game. While making us laugh. And still had fun even when the odds were so against them. Sorry but doing nothing all game long. Then deciding at the last minute you need someone so you go with the person who was the biggest reason you were evicted the first time. And allow her to use you as a puppet. Oh I forgot how he allowed Clay and Shelli to use and manipulate him SO badly. That the one person he could have kicked ass with became like satan in his eyes. Yeah he may still be in the house. But IMO not for long considering he has no one. EVen steve will choose Vanessa over him. So if all that and screaming in DRs all season is how ppl want to vote then I respect that. However I do NOT see him as “deserving” of the title.

  7. Why is John the first? He doesn’t do anything, he hasn’t done anything, he’s just riding on Van’s coattails. He’s a male Victoria! He doesn’t even try to do anything. He will not make any moves at all. He is not entertaining unless you like to see him sleep.

    • Honestly I think someone has been using a bot. No way this poll is legit. Id bet my house on it…

      • I guess we will find out when James is crowned AFP wont we ;)…Ill be sure to rem this post when the time comes…

      • I agree. There’s no way James should have that many votes. He is annoying…what a relief that he is gone.

      • Haha! Yeah Im glad he is gone too. That way he is eligible for AFP. A prize that in a lot of way even tho less money. Is WAY BETTER than winning and being hated so badly! ;) So Ill see ya back here finale night K?? Mmmmk…

    • Reason has nothing to do with Big Brother play. He’s gotta be the one person in the whole cast that you know you could invite to your house for dinner and will laugh at all your jokes funny or not.

      James would be okay but he wouldn’t get and or laugh at the unfunny jokes. So…. plan B

    • John is the whole package. He’s riding on no one’s coat tails and is the smartest player in the game.

  8. voting for james … he is more fun in the whole show. john just slept all season.

    • I guess we all different idea of what fun is. Fun, to me, doesn’t mean telling the same old jokes for days and days and days…and stalking someone who is not interested. He takes over the house and there is no place to get away from him. He was funny for about two minutes.

      • I don’t consider the whole house against you and 1 friend to talk too.stalking . But guess it’s hete nor there now. This season HG we’re badly cast but James was sincere more than I can say for some

      • James is a great guy…I meant the stalking as part of him trying to be humorous but it just got tired fast. I have no problem with him but I just don’t think he should get AFP.

  9. I vote James as America’s Most Annoying. At first I liked him but it got tired real fast. Poor Meg, with all her friends leaving she had to put up with him and then he followed her into the jury house. Gum on your shoe or what?

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