Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 10 Nominations

Big Brother spoilers are in for the Week 10 nominations as the new Head of Household is ready to take on the other side with no Backdoor plans in sight this time around.

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

We heard the quickly drawn up plans for this week’s targets in late night talks and there were no surprise shifts today as two HGs were about to be surprised.

Big Brother 17 Week 10 Nominations:

  • Vanessa nominated: James & Meg

Right after the Ceremony ended Vanessa told James she did not have a “particular target in mind” but that’s not true. She’s expressed that James is her target.

Last night Vanessa made it clear that she wouldn’t go after John as the Goblins were expecting. Instead she seems to be building up a deal with John and Steve to come after the Austwins, or at least that’s what she’s telling them.

James and Meg thought they’d be safe this week and maybe even get an opportunity to flip the vote if Vanessa put Austin up as a pawn. Sometimes I’m not too sure if they’ve been paying too much attention this season.

Now the Veto competition is coming up with Saturday’s events inside the BB17 house and if neither James nor Meg get their hands on that medallion then we’re likely to say goodbye to James in a few more days. What do you think of Vanessa’s nomination choices? Should she have gone after the Austwins this week?

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  1. I know a lot of people are going to whine about this, but it was honestly the best move for Vanessa. Who is she SUPPOSED to trust in there? James & Meg are idiots and can’t do anything right, John is useless, Steve is a snake, and Austin & The Twins are…well, yeah. So, what she’s supposed to do? She wants to make sure she tries to keep the numbers on her side, and that’s Austin & The Twins plus John and maybe Steve. She had no choice but to put up James & Meg. If she were to go after Austin and his girls, then two of them still survive and that’s two more enemies Vanessa just made. Why do that? So, be angry all you want, but Vanessa did the smart thing.

    • She can trust John (who updated her about the alliance) and Steve (who wants to make amends with her.

      James and Meg don’t really do much for her game.

      And Austwins are pretty much a strong trio anyway. Atleast she’s letting John/Steve go after them

      • Plus James and meg wanted to flip the vote on Vanessa and not take out her target if she didn’t put them up

      • James and meg are useless tools anyways, so glad they’re gonna get what’s been coming to them for screwing over Becky, and essential screwing their own game, good riddance to really bad rubbish…

      • How exactly did they screw Becky over? Becky screwed herself over for being so vocal about wanting Vanessa gone. James and Meg did not damage her game.. SHE did.

      • I agree with you! I don’t read all of the feeds so I don’t know exactly what is going on with Vanessa and John, and Vanessa and Steve? does she have final two with both of them? Are they planning on going after the trio? I mean Steve and / or John? are they being truthful and want to align with her or are they just saying what she wants to hear because she is HOH? I know John told her about the Alliance he had with the trio (& Steve) but he didn’t tell her that to make amends, he told her because he was trying to save himself! And of course that’s exactly what he should have said :-) so, I question how strong the alliances are with Steve, John and Vanessa? I honestly have no idea lol I am actually really asking :-)
        I do hope Vanessa, Steve and John are a solid alliance and do target Austin and his twins! someone needs to! I can’t believe how long they have managed to stay and when the other side of the house was in power, they were going after Vanessa! is she really more of a threat than a trio? Obviously not! It’s time for that trio to be broken up :-) and, I am hoping Liz is the one to go because I would like to see what Austin and Julia do once Liz is gone. I personally think they will go their separate ways & I think Julia & Vanessa will align and take each other to the end if they can.

      • & I completely agree that James/Meg do nothing good for Vanessa game therefore Vanessa hopefully having james evicted this week will only strengthen her game even more. If everything goes according to plan, (my plan LOL) and Liz goes during the double eviction, I think Vanessa, Julia and Meg may become an Alliance, and stay strong until the end. (whether it is Julia or Meg with Vanessa in the final 2, hopefully she (Vanessa) wins the game!) I don’t think Julia will play hard for Austin, she will do what she needs to do for only herself. I just truly hope if it is those 3 in the end, Vanessa makes it to final 2 because if it is Meg and Julia final two, that would be horrible! Neither of them deserves to win the game! Unless one of them starts making big moves and also starts winning EVERY competition until the end but I don’t see that happening, or I still would not be happy seeing either of them win! nothing against them personally! I just would not want to see either of them win!

    • I couldn’t disagree more, Vanessa absolutely did not do the smart thing, the whole “numbers” argument is becoming obsolete because those numbers that are supposedly on your side are going to turn on you soon. Austwins don’t really need Vanessa after the next week or so.

      This was the perfect time to try to establish a relationship with the other side of the house and agree to a truce in order to take out the power trio, create an F3 with John and Steve and nominate Liz and Austin.

      If Vanessa keeps putting them off, they’re eventually going to take her out, I guarantee it.

      • I’d also like to add, that if she took out Liz this week, she’d actually be in a pretty great position because every side would only have 2 people and no matter where she went, she’d be creating the majority. She becomes the swing vote in any scenario, but no, let’s take out Meg or James, brilliant.

      • Yes. It is brilleant. I hate meg and james. Megs a perve and james is a pig. I cant believe hes not fat already. He tookk out shelli so im glad hes going home. What a doush

      • So since you dont like him get him out? You have no idea how to play the game and u cant spell duche

      • Do you agree with the NOM’s or like everyone else seems to think, would you have gone after Austwins now? With a double eviction coming this week?

      • I totally agree with you, I think in the history of this game, there hasn’t been two more useless tools ever in the house, not to mention traitors, ooh baby bye bye bye, to either one…

      • I agree. I also think by getting Liz out, Austin will soon follow. It’s his sole mission to spend time with her, and he doesn’t care if it’s in the house or in jury. Plus, Julia and Austin aren’t likely to work together without Liz there.

      • EXACTLY! You take out Liz, you cripple that alliance and render them obsolete.

        Oh, let’s not forget that Austin and Julia have both yet to be nominated.

      • I agree! Even weeks ago when Vanessa was HOH and they were thinking about backdooring Austin because he lied to her, when he begged her not to do ijury with please let me make it to jury with Liz! and honestly, aside from a few players everyone in the house was acting as though they were at summer camp! Even James, he only plays the game when he is HOH. it’s been very predictable this season, and super boring to watch! Everyone just wants to make it to jury aside from people like Vanessa and maybe Julia, and clay + Shellie!!

      • For me I never understood why no one picked up on the twins being a double problem. I would have never let them get in. this year it seems as if no one has understood about the the couples or the or the romance teams. The twins should have never been allowed to get into the house. This has definitely been a season of disappointment in the integrity and the way this house plays this game! I realize there are no set rules, but come on the only one that has any game is Vanessa and that is soooo sad! :-(

      • I definitely agree! This season has been a strange one! I understand why the Alliance let Juliia enter the house, another number on their side but, I believe if Austin wasn’t so far up Liz’s butt, Vanessa and Austin would have stayed strong, and maybe picked players who were already in the house to align with and not allowedJulia in!
        vanessa is smart, I know she was thinking it might be a bad idea for Julia to enter but at the same time her hands were tied because of Austin, she was never going to get him to flip on the twins! So she just had to play along.

      • She did make a smart move. She knows the Austwins were getting close and working with James and Meg. Therefore she takes them out and is still in an alliance with Austwins and JMac and Steve.

      • She’s just mean…that’s all I can come up with. She doesn’t need the money, so why pick on those less fortunate than her?

      • No shez not mean. Shes actually the smartest one in the house. The best player diserves the win even if there rich. Its only fair

      • Omg. She has never picked on anyone. Whats wrong with u. James went after her. And now shes going after him. What comes around goes around. So happy the pigs out of there

      • James went after her? Not even. He was the one who initially went on to help take Shelli out when Vanessa and Shelli were on the block. Plus Vanessa went after James twice and AGAIN james never went after her.

      • I do agree with you that Vanessa is making a risky move by not putting up Austin or the twins however at this point with the double eviction on Thursday, I think what she did was smart and she can only hope, (just like the rest of the HGs) that Austin and the twins do not win HOH after the double eviction because then they will be the targets!!
        it will be their last chance to break up the trio, so if they do not then they are pretty much handing the money over to Austin/twins.

      • whoever makes it to final 2 and the jury votes to win :-)
        who should win? I strongly believe Vanessa! not because I am a fan of hers, but because she has been playing the game since the second she walked in the door, she has talked her way out of sticky situations, she was able to swing the vote to keep her over Shellie…. & so on!
        who do you think should win? Who do you think is deserving?
        To break it down for you in my opinion…..
        Austin and the twins, they have not played a terrible game, first and foremost they have managed to stay in the game even though they are a solid three! (I guess that doesn’t necessarily make them good game players and deserving to win, it makes other people in the house look bad for allowing them to remain untouched thus far! aside from Vanessa because they have been her shield to some degree! & they have had her back to some degree) also half the time they are playing the game! And most importantly they have stayed solid since the very beginning! Do they deserve to win over Vanessa? No!
        Do they deserve to win over Meg, Jmac & maybe Steve -yes (unless Jmac and Steve really pick up their game and play very hard over the next few weeks then I would have to get back to you on that answer lol)
        do they deserve to win over james? probably not! But James has not been a great game player either. Aside from being very likeable and making some big moves when he has been HOH, he really hasn’t done much.
        so I hope that answer your question lol lol ♡
        of course your question, well my answers may be different next week but, my mind will not be changed in regards to Vanessa unless she does something extremely stupid over the next week or two. Sorry, I can never just answer something with a short reply lol

      • in a way thats true but in my opinion she cant fix anything with most of the house and jury because they all hate her game underneath it all and are just tolerating her. she may go out in double eviction

    • If she brought in James and Meg on her side as well she could have got out Liz first, then Austin would be begging to go to the jury house to be with Liz. She would have numbers on her side. James or John can win comps to keep them in power. The twins need to be busted up, Julia is useless and so is Meg both can be easily gotten out if Van/ Steve/JMac/James join together. If Vanessa sticks with the Austwins she is done for, the 3 headed monster will get her out to be in F3.

      • The POV will determine the next two individuals going to the Jury house. If nominations stay the same, James goes to Jury. Vanessa can’t play for HOH and she goes to Jury following James.

    • I agree, she didnt play smart at all, but she’ll be wishing she had made a smarter move when she is eliminated.

      • If that happens, I’d love to hear another say, “Shoulda, woulda, coulda!” just like she said to Shelli! hahahaa

    • The problem with the move she made is that a powerful (and utterly obvious) 3-person alliance is still untouched and looking like it’s going to railroad it’s way to the end…but then it’s the exact same mistake every previous hoh has made this season. Not touching the Austwins is dangerous for everyone’s game (except of course for the Austwins).

      • Agree …. however I believe their time is up! I may be very wrong but I think on Thursday during the double eviction unless Austin or one of the twins wins HOH, one of them will be gone on Thursday. if one of them wins HOH during the double eviction, then they will be gone, (hopefully Liz b/c I want to see if Austin & Julia remain loyal to one another) the following Thursday! & if I am wrong and after the double eviction Austin and his twins are still all in the house and Vanessa, Jmac, Steve, Meg (or, James if he gets veto & remains in the house!) if one of them gets HOH and do not nominate and evict one of the 3 then they are all fools and Austin or one of the twins should win! Lol the entire house would be complete fools to not evict one of them next week!

      • Time is up. Next HOH after this week’s eviction will determine who will win Big Brother. It is a good move to remove a big competitive threat like James who has won HOH twice. That would give Steve and Johnny Mac a chance to win HOH. With Vanessa, hopefully, they can finish off Austin, Liz and Julia in next week’s double eviction week. Finally, we will get excitement after a largely very boring season!

    • Agreed, Right move. Let Steve or John do the dirty work. They both need a big move and know what a threat the austwins are. If she’s lucky James goes home this week and she can float by next week with the deals she makes this week.

    • First James is not stupid he is playing the game just around wrong person right now which is Meg

      • Yep, Meg is ruining his game, BB wise, but he’s made a lifelong friend, which I believe he’ll value more over any game! :-)

      • I do agree Meg is ruining James game.. But , I think Vanessa messed up..She isn’t thinking about the jury votes.. Vanessa won’t win unless she takes Julia.. I know Austin is not a liked person, but I have this crazy feeling he is going to win.. He is playing the best game ( just my opinion).. Vanessa is going to be like Dan and make too many enemies and she won’t get the votes to win.. She is making up too many stories to make her case to get rid of people

      • She even mentioned to them that she didn’t have nearly as much to lose by doing this as they will because she knows no one in jury likes her!

      • i know people want to think Vanessa is so smart… She is defiantly NO Derrick, at least he made sure he was cool with the people that went to Jury.. Vanessa doesn’t care.. James said a couple of days ago that if Aus/john or Steve make it to the final 2, he’s voting for them.. I think everyone in the jury house will vote for them too..She just reminds me more of Amanda/ Frankie then Derrick..

      • If vanessa goes to final 2. She will win anyway. Because they usually vote for who played the best game even if its someone who she took out

      • Not always..Austin is playing a better game than her.. Her delusional stories of why she does what she does, may backfire on her.. Dan is a perfect example.. He made it to the final but because he was so hated, Ian won

      • I read a some interviews with some of the jury members after that season and they said the reason they didn’t give it to Dan is because they didn’t want him to win twice. It was a money thing, not a game play thing. So frustrating when people base it on factors other than game play. Kind of like this season with people saying Vanessa shouldn’t win because she doesn’t need the money.

      • If Vanessa winds up in Final 2, she will still win Big Brother. Nobody has played a better game. That said, Steve and Johnny Mac have an opportunity to reach Final 2 and evicting Vanessa in the process. However, first thing first. Evict James. Go win HOH next and evict Austin, Liz and Julia in order. If they do that, they can then, take out Vanessa and go to Last 3 with Meg. If one of them wins the final HOH, they can take each other to Final 2. I think Steve wins Big Brother in that case and the $500,000, Johnny Mac takes 2nd and that $50,000 2nd prize.

      • She is thinking about jury votes, that’s why she won’t put up the austwins. She knows if she puts up any one of the three of them, she loses all 3 of their jury votes. Those 3 won’t vote for the best player, they’ll vote for who they hate the least. If she ruins their game, they absolutely will not vote for her no matter who she’s sitting next to.
        The only reason Dan didn’t win against Ian is because the jury agreed not to give it to him because he already won before. Not because they were bitter. Well, a couple of them were bitter, but not the majority.

      • How is meg running his game. She cant even win. Neither can he. He won a couple time thats all. They got to go there week. Megs a perve and all james is. Is a pig who loves food. He just wants the free food

    • I’m not angry about the move she made…just the aftermath of her actions. She and the twins are kicking them now while they’re down. Not nice.

    • Can’t stand the way Vanesa plays the game, but, yes, this was her best move. It’s just another example of how stupid Meg and James have been all year. The only ones with brains in their group — Becky and Jackie — were ignored when they fingered Vanessa as the problemo.

    • However, most of the year it has been clueless moves by the other HGs and not brilliance on Vanessa’s part. She, as being the one in power, foolishly let the twins into the game…now, she has to fight her three-headed creation. Sorry, not smart, Vanessa.

      • how was it a dumb move for Vanessa to be apart of an alliance that was bringing in another Alliance member? And making them a bigger target then she?
        & she did not orchestrate and “let” Julia in the house alone! Every single one of the house guests (who were still in the game) played a part in allowing Julia to enter the house. the entire other side of the house just SAT back and allowed it! and they’re still allowing it! they have taken out players like clay and Shellie instead of targeting Austin and his twins. how Vanessa can be blamed for that is beyond me? so unless I missed something, Vanessa was a part of an alliance with Austin & Liz as well as Clay & Shellie that very strong and was about to gain another strong Alliance member. And by strong I don’t mean physically lol

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!
      I completely agree! I think it was the best game of for her! can it be dangerous? Yes! But, I think targeting the trio when Thursday is double eviction would not be a smart move at this time. if all goes well for her and James gets evicted, she really only has to “worry” about Meg (& even if Meg got lucky and won HOH, I don’t think she would go after Vanessa! I don’t believe she is spiteful and would go looking for revenge! I think, at least hope she would have enough sense to target and the twins!) & I believe if one of the trio was to win HOH they would not target Vanessa, they might! Anything is possible but I think because she kept them safe, it would be so fresh in their memory that they would probably target Steve or Jmac & if Steve or Jmac win HOH they are both smart enough, (I think) lol and they would target the trio and get one of them out, (preferably Liz) during the double eviction! And then next week if Liz is gone as well as James, I believe the whole house will be shaken up and there will be new alliances! I don’t even know if Austin and Julia would stay loyal to each other if Liz goes. so, I totally agree with you that Vanessa did the best thing for her game, and her game only! Now she just has to rely on her Alliance with the trio and rely on her alliances with Steve and John. and I really think next week’s Target, after the double eviction will be Austin and the twins! It’s time!

    • She SHOULD go after the Austwins. Split them up!!!! The twins without Austin at least would fall apart, or without Liz. She should have put Liz and Austin up if she had a backbone and wanted to make a real power move. She could have made an alliance with John, Steve, Meg and James. Anyone who keeps the Austwins around will only make it to the final 4, so they need to leave now.

    • Steve is sneaky but he playing the game great but really vanessa and her Austin angels need to go also meg also cause she look like a dumb. Boxs of rocks with that goofy look on her face

  2. Well if she wants to remain good with the austwins I can see why she’d nominate James and Meg. And then next week John would nominate them.

    I think John said Meg during his interview just so he can throw people off. At least I think so.

    • I think he really did plan to split Meg and James up because he recognized they were working with the Austwins, and he knew Meg would probably be the easier of the two to get rid of since she can’t win anything.

  3. I wonder if Vanessa realizes that she can’t win Big Brother if she goes up against Austin & the twins? This would have been the week to go after them especially Liz, but James is a pretty good target as well.

  4. Well for us it is so hard to watch that she’s not targeting the Pansy Clan.
    But not defending her (oh gosh hell no), she’s still part of the Troll’s Angels and they DID keep her safe for the last two evictions (she’s not even on the block!) so that must count for something for her. This is her gameplay, not ours.
    I am just happy that my fave player is still there, that’s all.

  5. I am happy it’s not John and Steve again. As far as Meg and James. I hope James gets the Veto, or it’s bye. I wish it would be Meg the wall paper to leave. But, Vanessa should put Liz up as the replacement, if James gets the veto. It cripples Austin if she goes. Her sister hasn’t done much in the house like Meg.

    • She mentioned before if James wins the veto, Lil Stevie will be up as a pawn (a lil revenge there hehe).

      • Ugh. She need to pull her head outta looney tunes cartoon. I swear cue an anvil being dropped on her. Seriously, she needs to leave Steve and John alone. She needs to look at the big picture. I am tired of hearing her say she does not need the money too.

    • I hope James wins POV and then Vanessa has to put up one of her own angels or maybe Meg goes home then maybe James will get his head back in the game and takes out Vanessa in the DE. I hope John is smart enough to not trust Vanessa as far as he can throw her.

      • John and Steve will stick with Vanessa. Austin and the twins already threw John and Steve under the bus and made their bed with James and Meg. No good reason to trust Austin and the twins not to put them on the block. If John or Steve win the next HOH, they will go after Austin, Liz and Julia which should be payback for them. Which ever side wins the next HOH will win Big Brother as they will control the game.

      • She’ll put up Steve and say “it’s not personal” but that her options were limited.

      • I don’t give them permission to make me crazy anymore! I’ll just kill them in my dreams and call it a day! :-)

  6. She should backdoor the AusTwins, and if she can put up a twin, she should put up Liz. This will rock Austin and Julia’s game tremendously!

  7. Besides, I am kinda excited for a big showdown.
    Take out the clueless duo then it’s a 3 vs 3 showdown, that should be one hell of a fight!

  8. Good, safe nominations by Vanessa. All she needs to do now is tell her alliance to play hard to win POV but, not to use POV if they win it. I am sure Steve and Johnny Mac also, has motivation to make sure they win POV if given the choice. They want the nominations to stay the same. This also, removes 2 votes from the Goblin-Austwins alliance. They just need one more vote to evict James. Keep James on the block and evict him. That is one competitor on the side of Goblins-Austwins alliance that is gone for good. If John or Steve win the next HOH, they can break up the trio of Austin, Liz and Julia.

    • I want Vanessa to get blood on her hands, if she don’t she deserves what she gets and she don’t deserve the 500k by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Vanessa might not even be there at the end of the game. However, Austin, Liz and Julia could also, get evicted as well. I am rooting for Steve and Johnny Mac for Final 2 if they make it that far.

  9. I’m just coming in to remind everyone that said it was smart to keep Vanessa just how stupid James and Meg were for doing that. I’ve been waiting for weeks for them to begin the water works, saying how they should’ve kept Shelli, well here you go, idiots.

    • Hear hear. Vampire Dentist might get over it, but I certainly don’t. Becky here is your revenge!

      • I certainly feel bad for Becky because she put her neck out on the line to form an alliance taking in the stragglers and James, Jackie and Meg reward her by blowing up her game and Johnny Mac’s game as well. If James gets evicted, Becky can get a measure of justice. And James would have fully deserved eviction because of his bad game moves.

    • Shelli would have kept James safe. She would have totally sacrificed her vendetta and her fame for him.


      • Shelli explicitly said on multiple occasions that she was against Vanessa and would have gone after her if she got back in, whether that would have changed is irrelevant. Vanessa had a way better chance of reintegrating with Austwins (which she did).

      • Shelli had no place to go after the SS turned on her since she couldn’t trust them anymore.
        So instead of the Goblins trying to increase their numbers by trying to work with Shelli and Becky, James decides that Shelli is going to seek revenge over Clay and was way more dangerous than Vanessa. I like James but I still think that is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever seen on BB.

      • Was this before or after she chose Vanessa as HG choice in the POV. Definitely sounds like they weren’t aligned.

      • Not to mention that Vanessa is hands down a better player and a stronger threat than Shelli.

    • I’m with you 100 percent. All the idiotic strategy and general cluelessness as to what’s really happening in the house has finally come home to roost.

    • It was a bad move because they gave up the chance to get majority control of the game. Even if Shelli stuck with Austin, Liz and Julia, that would only be 4 on Vanessa’s alliance but, they would face Johnny Mack, Becky, James, Jackie, Meg and possibly Steve. That would be 6 on their side with good competitors in Steve, Becky, James and Jackie. Even a one for one tit for tat eviction would favor them. This game is still about numbers. If you do not have the numbers, you cannot win or evict who you want.

    • I also thought at the time that Meg/James/Jackie has just lost the game by keeping Vanessa since they were giving up superior numbers to the SS alliance. Instead of worrying about numbers they decide to stab ally Becky in the back and she’s next to go for having crossed Vanessa.
      I hate to see James and Meg picked off one by one but it’s their own fault.

  10. Should have been Austin and Julia, with Liz as a BD option. She would have had the numbers.

  11. From Jokers: Julia is happy Meg is on the block. “Sorry Meg, you’re not a good person to align with. You don’t win anything.”

    Look who’s calling the kettle black. Meg would have never pointed this out to others about why she wouldn’t align with Julia…geesh Twins are now saying mean stuff about Meg and James, just like they did about JMac. I dare them to say these things to the one its intended for to their face. Of course they, being two faced and all, apologized later to JMac. Did their parents ever teach them that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Whatever!

    • They are both still young and already have boob jobs done. I would never ever ever never ever ever never never ever LET my daughters have their boobs done for whatever reason!

      • My daughter needed a breast reduction, but because she hadn’t had children at that time and it was considered cosmetic and since there wasn’t a good enough medical reason to, we declined to do this. She’s glad for that now that she’s 28 with a child. She was told she may have had milk duct problems had she had that procedure done years before. HA!! But, no I wouldn’t have let her have a boob job if she felt she needed one. I was adamant about her not getting a tiny tattoo on her ankle! hahaha

      • My daughter wanted me to pay for it, though. I didn’t tell her she couldn’t get a tat if she was to pay for it and didn’t live under my roof! LOLOL

      • And btw: I am also someone’s mom but have no big issue with tats or boob jobs; Its all in the way you present yourself and treat others…

      • Exactly! That is by far the most important reasons and having my daughter do stuff to flaunt her body off…it would have sent the wrong message from me!

      • Thats true, but when your an adult you make your own decisions. The twins are 21, they are not children, at least not to me.

      • Yep, so whenever my daughter got into a situation she couldn’t get out of and called us, rather than to have thought it out more before making that choice, we told her she was too far for us to bail her out…that she was an adult and needed to figure it out like an adult! hahaha

      • If I ever saw my daughters flaunt their bodies like that, I might run 500 miles to cover them with towel, blanket or even rugs. Yep, I am that kind of parents.

      • Yea, I hear you, I have no kids so I guess when I do, I’ll understand. I didnt know the twins had a boob job :/ good for them I guess *shrugs*

      • Not against women with enhanced boobs … sorry if it’s read wrong. They are still young and they probably asked their parents to pay for those melons, sorry mangoes (because they said there were small). I just assume here of course, I might be wrong, but as a parent I would never ever pay for that for my daughters. I’d rather pay for dental surgeries or eye laser treatment. But if they want the boobs, they need to earn it themselves, besides they are still young, at least wait a few years.

      • Lukin3n, LOL! No, I was referring to the fact that you said, “I would never ever ever never ever ever never never ever let my daughters have their boobs done! I was teasing that you really, really feel strongly about the boob jobs! I totally get what you’re saying…I thought it was funny how many times you said, ‘never, ever’!

      • Oh I know…but what can they do about it since they’re both now adults? I think a lot of their trash talk has to do with the company they decide to keep.

      • Didn’t Liz say she forgets about the cameras? I have daughters in their 20’s, I can’t tell them how to behave anymore, just hope I taught them well. There are 2 of them playing in the bed, each responsible for their actions.

      • Well not to blame it on their parents since they are both adults, but if you have a good foundation at home, you should know how to behave better.

      • I disagree, I think some parents do their best to raise their children. Once a child becomes an adult they are responsible for what they do. If I walked in a store and killed someone, my mom can’t be held responsible for that because I am grown. As adults it falls back on the company you keep. We are talk about people in their 20s here not teenagers so Im not understanding the comparison

      • I think that if you don’t correct ill behavior in your children’s youth, that they’ll act out in their adulthood even more so!

      • I agree but who are we to say whether or not their parents did not/ did raise them the right way. When your an adult its time to grow up on your own. Some people don’t have parents and they act better than some who do, so I think its up to the individual

      • I agree with that too! I told both my kids, if you don’t know right from wrong by the time you’re 17, then I’ve not done my job. I know I had done the best I could and provided a stable environment for them. So I told them they better have a good excuse once they’re adults if they get caught doing illegal things or being disrespectful to others, because we won’t be able to support your cause then.

      • I agree :) thats what parents ought to do, because I plan to say the same thing to my children, if I ever become a mother one day

      • I’ll give an example, I know a mother who raise two adult children and gave them both the same rules and everything, except one chose to listen and obey her mother and the other one did not, now she got pregnant and is learning from her own consequences. So I think that every person is different. Every child is different and so is every situation.

      • To a degree you are correct, nurture vs. nature. But these girls still have a huge place in the parent’s lives and vice versa according to them. One still lives at home and the other stays there every weekend and one works at the mother’s company etc. As such, I would expect their to be a great amount of influence from the parent’s showing up in these girls’ personality.

      • True, but you know how it is, some siblings try to copy the other. Its no different, I have two younger brothers and my youngest brother tries to do everything my other brother does even when he was living in my mother’s house and the other was not. Nothing bad though. Just a copy cat.

      • If you have a good foundation at home you would not walk in a store and just kill someone without thinking all the consequences and how it’s gonna affect your family. Unless you are a psychopath I don’t understand the comparison.

      • If she was my daughter, I’d put a grocery bag over her head every time we went out together. Talk about being inappropriate and sleazy. She needs to learn a little class – be discreet, Liz, no one want to watch you doing stuff on live TV, or anywhere come to that. She acts and sounds trashy.

      • They should air on national tv how they trash Vampire Dentist like he’s the biggest xxxxx in the world then their fake goodbye messages to him. Should serve them right. Well it’s right coz they actually did say all those things!

      • My daughter called me stupid once. Key word = “once”. I didn’t react the way she expected. I went and took masking tape, wrote Stupid backwards on it, then took her clothes shopping. Right before we entered the store, I pasted it on my forehead. When she saw it she asked, “why did you do that? you’re crazy!” I steered her toward a mirror and explained it. “If I’m going to be called stupid, I might as well wear it!”

      • Nope. She never dialed Child Abuse hotline either. Told her that before she dialed it, that there would be an amputation if she did. Not going to jail for 6 mos for a red padded butt! LOL

      • Your daughter is very lucky, my mother would’ve slapped my face and grounded me for a long time.
        We weren’t allowed to talk back to our parents at all.

      • Mine too…but different times called for different measures! I found ways around the new rules is all!

      • Things would’ve been a lot different if we’d had a child abuse hotline back then Joni and good for you for figuring a way around the rules :D

    • Now they say they will be “mean” to both Meg and James and “Hate” them. I mean really??? Of all the shallow, trashy people… Yes indeed mommy and daddy must be so proud…

  12. If James, Meg, Liz, Austin, Julia or Vanessa go home this week it doesn’t matter to me, I hope see JMac & Steve in the F2.

  13. What is Vanessa thinking? Why target James and Meg? If she had a half a brain at this stage of the game she would form a secret alliance with Steve, JMac, Meg and James and try to take Liz out, followed by Austin. No running backwards and forwards clearing everything with the Austwins – to hell with them. Does she really think she stands a chance of going to F4 with them, unless she keeps on winning HOH whenever she can? They’ll dump her like a rotten potato because they know she’ll win against any one of them when it comes down to F4. We’re way, way, way past the stage of the game where they should be thinking in terms of “friends”. I don’t get the power The King of Creeps, Austin, Queen of Sleaziness, Liz, and Fortunate Floater, Julia, have. They should have been separated the minute Julia came in the game. It was already obvious Austin had the hots for Liz, and they became an automatic alliance. Stupid game play this year.

    • Well evidently she has been trying to make deals with the Austwins to split prize money and/or cover the 2nd place fee with her own money??? Or even have them sponsor/stake her to gamble the prize money and split the winnings??? So she has a plan…

    • James and Meg are already allies with Austin, Liz and Julia. Vanessa is only thinning the herd on their side before the next HOH. If she manages to remove James, that is one good competitor for HOH removed for the next HOH so, a smart move considering James would target Vanessa given a chance. If Steve or Johnny Mac win the next HOH, they can target Austin, Liz and Julia and destroy that group for good.

    • I agree, I am not feeling Big Brother this season at all! I dont like the people play period. The game is whack! No smart plays and power moves after Shelli got evicted. So boring. Big Brother is getting poor ratings from me for this season.

  14. I like Johnny Mac but the truth is he is playing a dumb game he is only good at throwing the comps

    • He’s good at a lot of things. He’s still there even tho he was just evicted. Give him credits coz he deserves all the credits. Never ever underestimate him. He could end up winning the whole thing!

  15. How could they not see that they were prime meat for the block. I think gullibility has blinded them from the obvious

  16. I’m done with this show ! I can’t stand Vanessa and the twins. Is everyone else brain dead why are these people still here. If I have to hear Vanessa cry one more time , I’m gonna stick a pen in my eardrum!!!!!! She is so damn annoying , Some get your head out of their a.. Get rid of the twins and Vanessa!

  17. Maybe I am blinded by their ugly ways…..but I do not think Liz or Julia are very good looking..could be a case of “pretty is as pretty does”….but just not seeing the “hottness” they seem to think they posses…

    • Guess they have faces only a mother can love and told them often they were pretty! I would have said, “if you’re not pretty on the inside, then it won’t matter how pretty you are on the outside! Brains before beauty and all that jazz!”

    • I agree. They are a couple of bitches. Especially Julia she is so hateful with the things that come out of her mouth. Wow when they both got in the house together did they ever change. I can’t believe all those weeks ago I wanted them to make it in the house.

      • What really disgusting is how they talk hate about JMac one week then love him the next while they hate on James and Meg. Every weeks its the same thing with those two.

        At this point I hope JMac and Steve get to the end. I want the chance to see Julia, Liz, Austin and especially Vanessa out the door.

        Whoever is in the audience, you do not have to boo, just don’t applaud. Give them silence when they leave.

      • Well I love JMac so probably him. But I’m not the jury. I think it could be split with the jury. Shelli, Jackie and Becky love JMac so I’m sure they would vote for him. As for the rest I have no idea.

      • I have noticed that as well Prince. They rip him and talk about him like a dog. It’s immature and obnoxious behavior by those tools.

    • You’re colored by their ugly personalities. They are beautiful women physically, but their personalities kill it for them.

    • I don’t see it either – to me, without their makeup, boob jobs and dyed hair, they’re border-line plain.

    • They are decent looking, but no where near as attractive as they think they are. Steve(when cleaned up and not acting weird) and Meg are the best looking male and female left in that house.

      • Lil Stevie is adorable.
        Meg the best looking? A younger Shelli could be the best looking … she’s good looking but her face can’t lie her age.

  18. Listening to Julia talk about Meg makes me want to vomit. What a very ugly hurtful person. She and LIz talking about how Meg is riding coattails? Julia, what exactly have you done in this game except say nasty things about people?

    I cannot wait until these cretins are out of the house and find out how America thinks of them. Their parents must be embarrassed as heck watching their two daughters behave like nasty hating brats.

    I cannot stand Vanessa and her BS and I cannot stand the twins another minute. If these people go much further I am going to turn off my TV and just read the articles on this site. I am so disappointed with the cast this year. CBS/BB need to figure out a way to make sure the jackasses in the house do not win or make it to final 4.

    Meg is really bad a BB but they are making it personal for no reason at all. It is shameful behavior and these people do no deserve out applause not matter how much further they get in the game.

    • absolutely agree….they seem to think they are entitled….wish Day was still in the house, pretty sure she would have called them “White Trash” right to their mean little faces!

    • I agree, Vanessa is stupid and annoying and the twins are stupid and extremely annoying. I wish Vanessa was smart and back door Liz. Then I would have some respect for her.

      • still a chance….James wins Veto….she puts Liz up saying “we got the votes” and then let JMAC, Steve and James vote her sorry butt out!

      • Its not going to happen. These people are making this personal for some reason I cannot fathom. If James saves himself they will evict Meg.

        But then maybe James wins the next HoH and gets revenge? We can always hope but I think James is going home.

      • Prince…quit squashing my dreams! My head knows the above is true…my heart doesn’t want it to be!

      • If James won the veto, I wonder if he’d be REALLY stupid and use it on Meg. It’s a shame that I even consider that a possibility with him.

      • The only time I felt Vanessa was remotely tolerable was when she lightened up as Meg’s lawyer in the trial. She’s self-appointed Commander in Charge of Inquisitions.

    • Well said. I agree 100%. I didn’t even watch the last episode – just came here to find out what was going on.

    • You always cast heroes and villains in a show, in the hope that the heroes will rise and the villains fall. But sometimes the villains do win because this is real life.
      But don’t lose hope tho, it ain’t over till the Vampire Dentist laughs his awkward laugh!

  19. If they keep putting off big moves,there never gonna make it ! Vanessa is taking the safe way. just like all the others and it will bite her later.
    I promise you that.

  20. I just find this funny how Liz is going on about how James and Meg talking crap about Vanessa after last time when she was in power she did the very same thing. Vanessa is seriously stupid, I honestly pray that Steve and Johnny Mac make it to final two because they deserve it. Everyone else plays the game sooo stupidly. I hope that Jmac and Steve wins.

      • Perhaps that’s why they were recruited.
        They could recruit millions of nicer twins but they chose them, perhaps that is their strong suit!

  21. Vanessa just set herself up to lose the game. Eventually, she was going to make a mistake and it finally happened. She won’t have any chance at numbers after next week. She thinks she has control of the Austwins, but there is no reason for them to work with her after James and Meg are gone. Any hope of worthwhile characters remaining is long gone. Time to start watching football anyway.

    • It looks to me like she does have control of Austin and the twins. They have fallen right back in line for Vanessa with nothing more than a few stories, mostly untrue.

      It is hopeless. The people in this house seem determined to give Vanessa the game.

      • If there is any control after James and Meg or one of John and Steve are gone, then the Austwins are beyond stupid. There is no reason to follow her lead after that. She loses control of a majority vote.

      • we have to remember she is HoH so everyone is going to kiss her flat behind. We have to wait until after the veto ceremony to get their real feelings. I think Austin is worried about Vanessa. I think he wants JMac gone. The twins are idiots and don;t realize if JMac wins HoH he is going to put them up on the block for DE. If James goes home, JMac and Steve are not going to waste time on Meg. They can get her out any time.

    • I would agree, I stopped pulling for anyone awhile ago. I’m only sticking around for the drama, so long Vanessa leaves the house. I won’t consider this season a complete loss.

    • You are speaking the truth. Vanessa just dug her grave. John will take her teeth and the Austn the adulterer will be pleased. When a woman has a discharge, if her discharge in her body is blood, she shall continue in her menstrual impurity for seven days; and whoever touches her shall be unclean until evening. Everything also on which she lies during her menstrual impurity shall be unclean, and everything on which she sits shall be unclean. I’m referring to those Nae Nae disgusting and filthy twins. Praise be to Steve.

      • I love that this Burgess fellow liked this comment. Clearly his PhD did not teach him anything about sarcasm.

      • Listen Isaiah, you’re crossing a line. I’ve been snarky about Van, the twins and Austin, but it’s in jest. I love to joke with my friends, and like I said, make snarky and sometimes (more that not) mean things. But, what you just said about a woman—even one that I despise—is truly offensive to me, and I would hope that other people—not just women–should also take offense to your junior high school remark.

      • Listen you. It seems unfair that you criticize Diskus and myself for our comments. I got my quote from the bible to exact. I was directing my sentiments towards the houseguests and not to your ignorant and classless self. Now, just like this dumb game, you put a target on your back. People of your nature make me sick. Who died and made you the voice of reason and sensibility on here. Are you the taint that was pretending to be Austin’s mom on here??? You need to keep your idiotic and lame thoughts to your damn self. By the way, I have a PhD.

      • I would direct that question right back to you. Who died and made your the voice of reason and sensibility? And how do the practices of Orthodox Hasidic Judaism (re: women and menstruation) have anything to do with Big Brother? And what exactly is the target on Sharona’s back? (As she asked, did you just threaten her?) Misogyny is hate and something that all the PhDs I know (including myself) recognize and strive to break down. Your position vis-a-vis women is not only unenlightened, but also unintelligent. You may wish to examine your frame of relevance. I have no idea what your PhD is in, if in fact you possess one, but if you do, I suspect it is in a very narrow field that does not question identity or the marginalization of others. That said, that you so readily chose to marginalize yourself by uttering hate speech is rather amusing. To all others reading this, I apologize for feeding the trolls.

      • Thank you, AllNewSophie. You have no idea how much I appreciate what you said. I’m a little surprised that more people aren’t as offended as we are. I’m VERY surprised that Matthew hasn’t deleted his filthy, ignorant comments. And yes—he DID threaten me.

      • Sharona, I’m rather astounded at what this guy posted and I suspect he is nothing more than a 12 year old troll who has no flippin’ idea about anything, let alone women’s menstruation. I mean really? He may be quoting the bible, but he is quoting ancient scripture and has so f’ing clue what it actually means in the real world. The guy is clearly an idiot (and I say that in the kindest of ways). But I did flag his previous comment, which was clearly beyond reason and/or the scope of this forum, and is hateful and misogynistic, But I also know, from past experience, that Matt has quite the job in policing these posts and given that this one is already a bit old, he might not get to it. On the bright side, we know, as do all the other women and awesome men who frequent BB Network, that this douche bag has shown his hand and it’s a bad one.

      • I knew he was quoting the Bible–which made it even more offensive to me. I shouldn’t even have wasted my time responding to that ignoramus, but I was so put off by his last couple of posts, that I actually went to everything he had written that evening and made a sarcastic remark. I felt stupid later for having let that kid provoke me into a pissing match. I flagged all of his comments that night—but I realize that Matt has a huge job in trying to keep all of the troublemakers off of our site—so I really don’t blame him. Thank you again for defending me…and ALL women!

  22. Twins discussing there Twinkini line of swimwear they will start and be PAID to go places and model!!! They really think they’re all that!!!

  23. Julia is worthless at comps..i want to see austwirp and liz on the block and if one comes down (VETO) put up Julia.. i want to see the twins or austwirp scared

  24. Vanessa attacking her own numbers, sooner or later she will be expendable to the Austwins, they are just waiting for Meg or James to go home and V will be next, she won’t have the numbers to swing anymore votes in her favor, I thought she was smart. but she made a mistake in her strategy, disappointing game wise. but absolutely not surprising, given how these people have been playing.

  25. I think once James is evicted, Steve and JMac are going to take Meg under their wing. I think they will want to keep her around for F3, like Victoria last year. All Meg has to do is vote their way each week.

    If Steve or JMac win the next HOH watch them put up Austin and Liz with Vanessa or Julia as a backup plan.

    JMac is not falling for anyone’s BS and neither is Steve. I think they both has the same idea.

  26. Well, well, well… The twinions are starting to throw their almighty meat shield under the bus… Seems he is “hurting” their game now and only in it for the “fame”

  27. The only reason i want Vanessa to win is because the rest of these idiots are doing nothing to further their game. They really don’t realize they are in a game. They talk about betrayal ,breaking their word,he say she say and this and that . It’s big brother not bosom buddy. So i think she has them right where she wants. If it can’t be John then Vanessa is my only choice.

  28. OMG why is Meg crying did she actually think she would win..shes one of the biggest floaters in history

    • She’s not that delusional. She’s crying because she doesn’t want to lose James this soon!

      • She’s just a nice person that wasn’t cut out for the cruelty of BB and losing all her friends… Give her a break. The twins and Vanessa are being mean enough. Sorry Joni that was meant for Aceman 1

      • Vanessa and the twins are doing their fair share of Meg bashing. The three of them seem to think they are perfect. Wait till either Liz.Julia is on the block, I think we will see some crying from them and it won’t be pretty. Vanessa cries at the drop of a hat.

    • She’s always crying about something. I would give her a Kleenex but I need it for purposes. Never mind. I would just wipe it off just like Jeff did earlier in the season. Praise be to Steve.

      • Isaiah, you’re just full of witty remarks! Oh my gosh! My sides are killing me—from laughing so hard at your comments! SO funny!!

      • LOL ……. that’s the funniest thing I have read all season! and so true! Meg is a sweetheart and gotta love how she tries but knows she will fail! certainly an easy win at the end no matter who takes her! Lol

  29. I sort of feel like James had this coming. Had he not led the charge to flip the votes to save Vanessa (knowing the type of player she is) when Becky wanted her gone, he probably wouldn’t be in this situation…

    • yes he screwed up if Becky was still there she would go after the twins she wasn’t afraid to make big moves

  30. Vanessa is bringing in JMac and Steve to do the job of getting out Liz and or Austin or Julia..that way, her hands won’t get dirty if that eviction happens in the very near future.

    • which is a smart move for Vanessa because then she will keep their trust and have their vote if she makes it to the end!

  31. Who is winning the Jacksonville Jaguars game? Is Bortles playing?? I’m so stoked that football is back. Screw that crybaby Vanessa. Screw those vulgar and disgusting twat Austwins. Finally. My middle finger goes up to their adulterous and bipolar Oscar the Grouch Sasquatch known as Judas. I’m tired. Praise be to Steve.

    • Class, pure class! You called the twins the ‘t’ word. My, once again you’ve shown how clever you are! Ha-ha! Oh, gosh–how you do make me laugh!

      • Are you sucking Sharona’s teats? Look in the mirror and you will see the real troll Quasimodo. Get a life.

      • You’re so right, dcrunnergal…I NEVER should let people like that get to me. Thanks for bringing back to reality!

    Lets fight for a better show next seasons to come!!!

    • That’ll show them! If this scheme were actually successful, you are aware it would result in cancellation, right?

      • I don’t think so – not if they know we’re big-time BB fans and want to have better contestants next season. We expect more than they’ve given us in BB17.

      • I think this was a huge improvement over the previous couple of seasons, but I’m only one person. I can’t speak for everyone.

    • Diskus, Firstly, if you read the guidelines for this site, it clearly says not to comment in all caps. Secondly, you have a right to your opinion, but do you honestly think boycotting CBS is really going to teach the Network a lesson? If you don’t enjoy the show, don’t watch it. BTW, if you really want a true boycott, you wouldn’t even bother reading and/or commenting on any BB site.

  33. Vanessa is playing for jury votes right now. She probably thinks she’s already lost Jackie and Becky’s vote and if she puts up one of the twins or Austin, she’s afraid she’ll lose those three votes as well. Then it’s basically game over for her. So she’s betting on either JMac or Steve winning the next HoH and taking one of them out for her.


  35. Boycott CBS! Fire Julie Chen! Austin burn in Hell! Plus the twins too. They are infidels!

    • Boycott Isaiah Burgess. Fire his mommy. Isaiah burn in hell! Plus the family too. They are infidels!

      • Pray for Amber!! Support her mommy so she can quit the strip club with her saggy 32A cups. Little Amber needs diapers and braces. Pray for Amber and her family because they are in Hell already with the infidels!

  36. Mr. Burgess u see what happen when u cast two vile and vain twinnies…bad examples Ms Amber please be nice!!

  37. What I’d like to see is someone using the power of veto on James and Vanessa putting up Liz in his place. That would be perfect.

  38. How’s come Liz’s picture is greyed out on the bbnetwork home page? August Fools (instead of April Fools)!!! hahahaha

  39. well, there we have it! She made a good move, getting rid of james is huge! He is not only a strong competitor but very liked by everyone! I like him a lot, and I would have been happy to see him win the game, and he still can get the veto! I think it was a very good game move!
    keeping herself aligned with the trio is not a dumb move, they are all a huge target Plus they are all not trying to get her out, yet! And with Thursday being a double eviction, I don’t think this week was the week she should have turned on the trio because there is a good chance one of them could win on Thursday and she would be gone if she targeted them this week, plus if anyone else in the house wins HOH during the double eviction, hopefully they are not stupid and they break up the trio. so I think what Vanessa did with putting up james and Meg with hopes that James goes home was the best game move she could do for this week. if it was not a double eviction on Thursday, then I think she might have targeted the trio. but, things change so quickly in the house and james could get veto and taking out Meg this week would be a waste of an HOH…. if James does leave on Thursday, anyone in the house could still target Vanessa during the double eviction! Who knows?! Lol it’s quite complicated and hard to predict what any one of them would do at this point. the game has been very predictable thus far for the most part, so much flip flopping and no one trusting Vanessa so who knows lol
    in my humble opinion :-)

  40. The final 3 should be james, shelli and vanessa . James great social game ,nothing else, shelli great competitor nothing else . Vanessa great strategic player

      • If always look at the people coming back it’s never the better player but a fan favorite look at bb 15 judd ,bb 16 nicole, now bb 17 john

      • Wrong answer and he probably cheated by seating on the platform of that challenge

      • If he cheated, then Vanessa did also. Have we heard Big Brother address this at all? Did they tell the rules to the HGs?

    • I have accidently flagged and threatened to be flagged because they didn’t like what I had said.

      • I wasn’t flagged. My comment, although not even controversial, was being reviewed for some reason. No idea. Wasn’t important, just kind of ticked me off ya know?

      • Yep, me too. I wasn’t the one who started negative. Earlier poster who remains on thread

      • Banitap, and JenniJ, I can’t believe that YOU two were flagged, when that IDIOT troll (with his fake PhD—whose name I will not mention) was allowed to keep his filthy comments…I’m very surprised that Matthew hasn’t deleted any of them. You two always have intelligent and fun comments, and I enjoy both of you very much.

      • Thanks for that. I’ve been on less and less because I no longer enjoy the show and the sometimes racial/negative comments.

      • You’re welcome. I hate that this site has become so unpleasant. I do hope to see you again though. I hope you have a great day! :)

      • Thank you, you as well.

        Some people hide behind the screen and think it is okay to say whatever no matter who they offend. I think they’re trying to play vanessa like Vanessa is playing Audrey! LOL

        Hugs and kisses everyone .


  41. I hate to say this but I absolutely love Vanessa… I hated her in the beginning…. But she has won me over she’s playing the most amazing game I seen on big brother ever

    • I wouldn’t call it best, but top 5 for me so far. Of course she needs to keep making the right moves to stay there.

      My top 5 ever are (in no order):

      Vanessa (so far)
      Dr. Will
      Rachel/Janelle tie (Rachel won but Janelle may have been a better all around player)

      • I don’t think she is top 5. She is playing the same game as Audrey. Vanessa is more of a bully than a game player.

        I think the last few years have had bad casts otherwise players like Vanessa would have been gone a long time ago.

        I cannot even imagine Vanessa surviving this long with some of the casts from previous seasons. Derrick did it because people liked him so much they wouldn’t put him up. No one like Vanessa and its very unusual for a player to be like her and survive.

  42. Christina (me) & my silly questions lol…… However, I am very curious why so many people want to boycott CBS/Big Brother?????
    I admit I am NOT a huge follower of all the feeds, & a lot of info I get is from this website and our chats ♡
    but I do not understand why people want to boycott. It’s a fair question! aside from HGs that viewers (fans/some of us) are not fans of still being in the house & this season being very predictable and because a lot of the house guests are not making really good moves, taking the easy way out and what not……. why the hate so much for this season?
    a couple of seasons ago, I forget their names (I am a huge fan big brother since the very beginning, but I have a terrible memory lol) that season was very racist! but there was so much racism and whatnot going on in the house but no one boycotted that season, or at least there was not a huge impact on the ratings. I just don’t understand, & I really would like to understand so if people can enlighten me that would be wonderful :-) why aside from people not liking the house guest for the most part this season, why boycott?
    the thing about Big Brother and the same can be said for Survivor and other shows like these……
    when big brother season one aired, and quite a few seasons after it was just about watching a bunch of young people get drunk, hook up and sort of play a game without big alliances and quick alliances, now big brother has been on 17 seasons (so what is at 15 years? Is there were one or two winter seasons aside from BB Canada) so let’s just say big brother has been on for 15 years, so much has changed and now when people come into the Big Brother house or go on Survivor, they know what they need to do and say! it’s just the way it is now. reality TV! But now players go into the house to play and to win! There is far less drama and hookups than there used to be, it’s a lot more of a game now than it was years ago. so, big brother got it wrong this season and picked a lot of useless people to play the game, and it’s not super entertaining and is very predictable for the most part but it’s just the way shows like this have evolved. So unless I am missing something huge such as racism and/or sexism and what not! why boycott? Because we don’t like the houseguests this season? Because it’s predictable? Because the house guest are not doing the things we as viewers want them to do? because production picked a boring group? because production can manipulate more? because if those are the reasons, then get ready for next year to be possibly the same scenario. they, big brother need to make big changes if we want the dynamic of the show/game to be played differently.
    & I am actually VERY sorry, (and I truly mean it!) That my comments are so long lol ……I Drive myself crazy so I can imagine how some of you must feel when you see my name lol….. Thank God for talk to text! But truly, I wish I could sum up what I have to say but, I can’t so I don’t ♡♡♡♡ ♥♥♥♥

      • LOL …. fair enough :-) but I wasn’t referencing the one guy or girl talking about boycotting today, I have seen it a lot….

      • I don’t know where you’re seeing them, but ratings now doesn’t correlate what you’re talking about.

      • No, I am NOT talking about the ratings. I have seen on chats here and other chats/blogs and what not people talking about boycotting. especially for the last week I have seen it mentioned several times and many comments following it agreeing.
        honestly, just what I am seeing so that is why I am asking :-)
        I am NOT trying to debate whether this is true or not lol… It’s an honest question because I am seeing it and I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. :p

      • I got it! . I don’t even pay attention to them. They’re minority….maybe about 67 of them nationwide. lol

      • LOL…. I know right!?…… But only when I’m on here reading things! I promise you that I do have a life lol lol ♡♡ I really enjoy reading some of the feeds and I also enjoy reading what people have to say and their thoughts :-) as long as it is clean and in good fun, not attacking people personally and not attacking me personally (which I have had happen several times now for the past few weeks because I defend Vanessa for the most part!) & I will continue to do so! Trollers are not going to scare me away! And personal attacks on my character do not bother me at all! I Know Who I am, I know I am a good person :-) I just really enjoy being able to talk to people about the game and seeing the game from other people’s perspective.
        HOWEVER, I really do need to learn how to express myself and my share my opinions with MUCH shorter replies or comments lol ….. I promise you, I do have a life lol

  43. I like it…this way she can bs both the Austwins and J-mac & steve and go with whatever side wins HOH

    • She got caught peddling too much crap once before. No one trusts her so getting away with it now gets more difficult.

      In any case, she is a marked person in the house. Everyone will gun for her before final 5.

  44. Tinalee
    I’m a reality tv junky and LOVE reality TV
    The past 2 seasons of BB have been HORRIBLE and it has to do with poor casting skills and “seeming” from the producers.

    The Cast is what makes BB so casting is the MOST important part for the show to be successful or not.

    Survivor has keep its pace and has been able to adapt through the years, BB has been deteriorating in the last couple of years.

    Totally Love Amazing Rce and they have also progress with time.

    In the past years BB has become a cheap Sumer camp where the popular “click group” bully they way out to the finals and smart people is getting tired of that.

    We as the audience have the voice to decide what we want to watch on TV and lets be honest the casting these Past seasons totally suck!!

    So lets turn off the TV and show them ER as BB fans are not happy with their decisions, we have the power!!!

    • Its not just the cast. Its also the rules. From what I understand the rules say HGs cannot discuss nominations. I think that’s something they should enforce strictly. By not allowing HoHs to talk about noms or tell people who is safe every week will be a blindside. Paranoia will run deep and the game will be more exciting. It will force everyone to play the game more from HoH to POV.

      The could also use more twists when it comes to things like the veto. Perhaps more frewunt twists like Diamond POV would give HoHs something else to think about when they make their noms.

      The game gets boring because the nons are discussed and discussed and them communicated and it gets old.

      • I used to hate when the HGs will spend each week talking about putting one person up and how they need to go and choose someone else. A little mystery is great for the viewers, but not too much.

  45. The big troll thinks Jason was portrayed as a villain. Really butch? This is from the guy who thinks he got a clown nose because he’s the joker of the season, arranged a date and a proposal which wasn’t aired on national tv, talked in circle about his wrestling career because he thought we really dug him, left his girlfriend and hooked up with a girl on a national tv and thought that they were America’s sweethearts, yep … that is the guy!

  46. Personally I don’t think this was a good game move. Obviously there’s a strong trio in the house that was gonna backdoor Vanessa(which she knows). Basically the HOH can alternate between Liz and Austin, I’m not sure Julia can win anything. James and Meg may be a duo but they have only each other that’s 2 votes and then Steve and John are 2 votes. In my mind Vanessa had the opportunity to put Austin and Liz up, replacement option could be Julia unless she won the veto. Basically there’s gonna be an Austwin member in the final 4 or 3. I just hope Vanessa knows that she’s still going to be public enemy number 1 and honestly this is the HOH she needs to make a bigger move. She could have done James and Austin if she really wanted to put James up. Putting up Meg isn’t a smart idea, she goes and Vanessa just wasted an HOH. Double eviction I just see Vanessa going up and most likely getting evicted.
    Hopefully she realizes her game and nominates someone from Austwins, it be best for her game and then that would just leave 2 of them.

    • I agree. The duo of Meg and James is not as strong because Meg cannot win anything. If she winds up going home this week, Vanessa’s gun will have fired a blank.

  47. James is letting Meg talk for him. He needs to stop that. He needs to go and talk to Austin and the twins himself and tell them Vanessa was lying about him and Meg. Repeat this is how she operates getting everyone against each other while she slides by. I think they can convince Austin she is setting up to come after him be getting his votes out of the game.

      • JMac is the only one she did not promise safety to. JMac is also one of her allies and someone would would go after the Austwins. James or Meg has to win the POV though and I think that is a long shot.

    • Truth. James is so inconsistent though,he’s like a rabbit in the house. Then when he has the power he makes such bold moves.

  48. Its a fact, if none of the austwins go in this weeks eviction or double eviction, the probability of 2/3 of them will be final 3 is a fact. And then its a 100% chance that 1 of them will sit in the finale. Of course stats isnt Always right, but this muct be what Vanessa should be thiking. I Think she Thinks that she has to gamble that she can win the last comps because she got photographic memory and tha austwins are kinda useless and beatable on that… she could win over all of the austwins, thats my assessment. (sorry for the bad Spelling)

  49. James and Meg are now awake and may actually go back to playing the game. trusting Austin was not a big mistake since he didn’t put James or Meg up, but trust and back stab him.

  50. Oh, Isaiah…you’re so clever! Look–you made a pile of poo and labeled it ‘Sharona’. You’re hysterical!

  51. All I can say is go Johnny Mac go! So glad he got back in the game. Vanessa should have gone after Austin and the twins I agree but I’m so happy John so far is ok :)

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