Big Brother 17 Live Feeds: Houseguests Catch On To Audrey’s Puppet Master Game – Update

Since the Feeds launched on Thursday night we’ve seen Big Brother 17 Houseguest Audrey Middleton in a power position with surprisingly quick control over players and moves, but has she played too hard and too fast?

Jason Roy on Big Brother 17
Jason Roy on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Friday’s events in the Big Brother house were fantastic as Audrey scrambled to run down murmurs and whispering. Once that was settled Audrey had isolated Austin Matelson and Jace Agolli while seemingly calming the trouble she sensed from Da’Vonne Rogers. All was calm on Saturday until Audrey cranked it up again and that got some Houseguests catching on to her game.

Flashback last night to 4:45AM BBT on your Live Feeds as Audrey starts to grill Jeff with accusations that he’s working with Austin despite Jeff focusing his target on that very player. Jeff isn’t having anything to do with it and fires back that she’s crazy.

Jeff and Jason head outside for a break from the chaos when they start to discuss what Audrey is doing. Flashback to 5:35AM BBT as the guys start to share notes about Audrey’s behavior. They both agree that Audrey is playing the role of the puppet master and has been pitting players against one another so she’s not the target.

Jason says that Audrey’s behavior has pushed him and Da’Vonne even closer together after she tried to drive them apart and put the spotlight on Da’Vonne. Jeff agrees that it’s not going to work on him either.

Jason suggests that some of the guys in the game are afraid to go after Audrey because of her backstory, but he won’t let that stop him. They agree that Audrey needs to go sooner than later.

Jump forward to 9:10AM BBT this morning as Austin and Vanessa Rousso settle in for some game talk. They compare notes and similarly realize that Audrey is running the game with Clay as her closest ally while trying to make Da’Vonne appear as the ringmaster.

Austin asks if they should just roll over and let Audrey continue to do this or should they rally and fight back. Vanessa thinks it’d be too soon to take action. Sigh.

That leaves us with Audrey still in a strong position, but her game has been exposed to enough players that she’s less insulated than she was when the Feeds began for us. But don’t forget, we’re on Day 10 of Big Brother 17. Day 10 out of nearly 100. Settle in for a long, fun season.

Update: Jeff went to Austin and they shared notes to determine Audrey is playing them against each other. Jeff took that knowledge to Da’Vonne and she agrees that Audrey needs to go. The trap could soon be set for Audrey as more and more HGs wise up to what’s going on.


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  1. I’m not the least bit surprised that the BB house is finally aware that Audrey is the Puppet Master. Will James want to backdoor her instead of Jace?

      • Interesting… So James has been a bit too narrow in how he’s started? (Thankfully for him that only seems to work at the beginning of the season… later on that would be a huge detriment to his game)…

    • I hope so. I don’t like how she pits people against each other, is snarky.

  2. I hope that since they know that Audrey is running everything and trying to blame it on Da’Vonne, they backdoor Audrey and evict her, or at least keep Da’Vonne around.

    • Usually when someone make themselves such a big target, everybody want to keep them, so that there’s a bigger target than them.

    • It’s not that easy. She’s still influential. They’re usually afraid to even start plan if they don’t have the numbers. Even talking about it can put you in a s**t hole.

  3. Hey folks I’m back (family getaway for a few days)… Ok so from what I’m reading of your comments and seeing here from Matthew, it would appear the early front runners for ”rat of the season” awards would go to Audrey & possibly Jason… Is that correct?

    • I would say Audrey is way too dominant to be considered a “rat”. Rats aren’t aggressive. Audrey is the ringleader.

      As for who the readers of this site would believe is a”rat”, I would have to say Meg. Meg is playing an amazing game so far. She gets information from one side and then shares it with the other, while playing dumber than she really is. I don’t see her leaving any time soon and she is doing a great job.

  4. Jace may be obnoxious but he does stir the pot and brings some levity to the hgs. I’d like to see him say for awhile (maybe a week or two more ~ that’d be enough for me).

      • Me too ~ I’ve watched her flipping her hair enough, and stretching like she’s going to hurt herself.

      • As annoying as he is, Jace adds much more to the dynamics of the house. Plus, it would really mess with the “big” alliance if the others could gather enough steam to keep Jace. Much more entertaining scenario.

    • I like him. He’s funny and determined. I would like to see someone who really needs the money (he looks broke and it’d take years for him to move out of his parents basement in this low paying job limited economy.) Everyone else seems to have better economic setups.
      I like his Boston accent too.

      • I’d like to see the person win who plays the best game, wins challenges, is HOH at least once, and considers other peoples’ input into her/his decisions.

  5. Audrey ~ oh dear me ~ watcha doin’ lady??? You’re playin’ so hard you’re not seeing the writin’ on the wall! Lighten up Hon!

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