Big Brother 17: Shelli & Clay Exposed After Backdoor Lies

Big Brother 17 showmance Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt had been riding high with a strategy that put them right down the middle of the house, but all that might have been thrown away after Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

Shelli Poole might have a few regrets
Shelli Poole might have a few regrets – Source: CBS All Access

As members of an 8-person deal to send Austin out the door Clay and Shelli continued to put on a front that they were with the underdogs and ready to send the lovelorn wrestler home even while working to under that very plan.

When the Veto Ceremony ended the underdogs (Meg, James, Jason, and Jackie) were left in shock and wanted answers. Shelli and Clay sat down with Meg, Jackie, and Jason in the backyard just after the meeting and assured them they had no idea this was happening. Clay said he knew nothing about it while Shelli said she had her worries that something was up.

Keep in mind that Vanessa had earlier made sure her allies, including Shelli and Clay, were going to back this plan and her decision. Imagine Vanessa’s surprise when Meg informed Vanessa that Clay and Shelli denied any awareness of the Jason renom. Flashback to 2:55PM BBT 7/27 to watch. Oh Vanessa wasn’t happy and makes sure Meg knows the power couple is lying to her.

Back downstairs Meg is quick to tell James, Jason, and Jackie that Clay and Shelli have been deceiving them and may have been not only been aware but actually instrumental in it happening. Oops. Meanwhile upstairs Shelli realizes she might be in trouble here after being caught in an obvious lie after trying to appeal both sides of the house.

Jackie and Meg agree that they must not let on to Clay and Shelli. They’ll need to play it cool with them now and figure out what to do next. Later we saw Meg saying she’d continue to trust Clay which I’m hoping was all part of the plan with Jackie as they plot their next move.


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  1. I can’t decide if I want Shelli, Van or Austin gone first. I just want them to be the next 3.

    • I think I would like Vanessa gone first, so that maybe the twins would start playing their own game, then Shelli, so Clay would play his own game and then Austin.

      • Vanessa is nothing without her cards, meaning Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz/Julia. She needs them to even out the numbers to get the easier opponents out the door first before tackling the higher cards.

  2. Vanessa made it very clear to both of them that making this move was going to “draw a line in the sand.” They accepted it and decided to move forward with the plan. They were warned that it was going to get messy, but they still lied to everyone to make it even worse.

    • ..which I predicted would happen yesterday. As soon as the veto meeting was over, there was Shelli and Clay out in the backyard with Meg, Jason and Jackie sitting there not saying one word..and then when they were asked if they knew..they lied..which, by the way, Vanessa now knows about because Meg told her. I would like to see a power struggle between Shelli and Clay and Vanessa and someone!

      • It will happen. I think sooner rather than later. I think it will be Clay, Shelli, Johnny and Becky vs Vanessa, Austin and the twins.

      • I don’t think Shelli would want to align with another possible duo that is stronger than they are. They will take someone like Meg and Steve. Plus John and Becky have untrustworthy feelings towards Clay and Shelli

      • Not according to the feeds last night. Clay and JMac were talking about them two and Shelli and Becky. They have something going on together.

      • Last week, Becky and John were talking how they are starting to have a mistrust with Clay and Shelli. So John may just be going along with it.

      • JMac doesn’t like that group of James, Jason, Jackie and Meg he told Becky he would put up Meg and Jason.

      • Hey LG, I didn’t watch the feeds last night. What’s your take on JMack? Who is he inclined to aligned with?

      • He really likes Clay and Shelli. Also of course Becky. He talks game with Clay which he doesn’t do with many people. He was talking with Clay yesterday about the four of them. So I think they are trying to work together. I also know he really likes Julia. I guess we’ll have to see where everyone stands after Thursday’s HOH. People are finally going to have to show where they stand. Oh I also know JMac said if he won HOH he would put up Jason and Meg. That was before Jason went up. I don’t think he likes that group. (Jason, Meg, James and Jackie)

      • Oh…wow!..ok thanks.I get tired of watching them on feeds, and sometimes “perspective” is all I need.

      • He wants to stay where it’s familiar and safe to him…the 6th sense have kept their word to him that he’d be safe whether or not he won comps. They’ve not put him on the block again either. But I’d think he be a better fit if he aligned with the “outsiders” alliance and maybe even help them more than the 6th sense really needs.

      • I think John would be a better fit with the Sixth Sense alliance since they all seem to be of above average intelligence
        I’ve been gone all day so I’m trying to catch up. I hate to hear that Shelli is getting all the blame while Austin and Vanessa are getting a pass.
        I would like to see Shay form an alliance with John and Becky and once they whittle down the numbers they need to get rid of Vanessa. For such a loyal person Vanessa doesn’t seem to be loyal to anybody.

      • I agree. Jason said something to Clay about Vanessa said it was Clay and Shelli that wanted Jason put up. Jason needs to talk more. I hope Clay and Shelli find out Vanessa was throwing them under the bus big time. I also think they should stick with John and Becky. I think it would be fun if John and Clay got HOH.

    • But like they told Vanessa last night they should of decided what they were all going to say after the veto ceremony. Shelli said that’s one thing we didn’t talk about and they were caught off guard. And what Clay said was true when he said it wasn’t up to me to tell you it was not my HOH. Vanessa is throwing just them under the bus and Shelli said everyone knew. That’s where “Shay” should be saying Becky, Steve, John also knew. Becky is crying pretending she knew nothing and she was in on it.

      • Vanessa is starting to make me mad. Not only has she turned against the other side of the house but now she’s turned against her own alliance. Shay need to win HOH and get her out next.

      • Yep and it cracks me up because she preaches loyalty and she’s the biggest hypocrite. The other side thinks she’s alone and then her own alliance has no clue she’s throwing them under the bus. Jackie was up in the HOH last night for hours talking to Vanessa. Now Shelli wants to target Jackie and Vanessa’s saying no Becky needs to go first. That’s because she lied to Jackie. Nobody is going to target Vanessa. She created this entire mess and she came out of it smelling like a rose.

      • I’m still trying to catch up as to what happened last night too, but before I get to that I needed to know what Vanessa was up to. Just as I figured she has turned on her own alliance and throwing Shay UTB to save her own skin. Sadly the SS alliance is falling apart because of Vanessa’s disloyalty while innocent Shay has no idea this is happening. Does Liz or Austin know she’s throw them UTB? Because I thought Shelli and the twins were connecting with each other over the sorority thing and getting alone fine.
        Right now I’m wishing and hoping that Shay discover what the perfidious Vanessa has done because their game might be over if they don’t soon discover what deep trouble they are in due to V.

  3. So often in life, some big thing comes along and blows everything up, and you think it is the very end of the world. But then you realise that it cleared the air to let other things happen.

  4. “Blood on my hands” seemed to be the catch phrase of this season. So tired of hearing it!…Can they change it to “crap on my shoe?”

    • 100%, at the end of the day BUT there’s a target line in the sand, in a pool of blood.
      Edited: And now someone is in deep doody

    • Oh we should make a list of overused sayings: ”Blood On My Hands”… ”What The House Wants” (more used in BBCan)… ”He/she is coming after you!”… ”We have to BD them now!”… and I’d argue this season’s runner up for overused bad clichés for people in their 20’s –> “I’m not going down without a fight!” lol… Oh Brother…It’s the cliché-est summer of Biiiiiig Brother ever! ;)

  5. The members of the alliance know they are in deep doody, and I’m hoping that a twist will occur that mires them even deeper. One thing is for sure, they will have to win and retain the HOH or one of them will be gone. Hopefully, they’ll ALL be fighting tooth and nail. This may be the competition where someone literally, and yes, I’m gonna’ say it, “Get’s blood on their hands”:. LOL

    • I really don’t want a twist to be the sixth senses undoing. It’s harder to root for the underdogs when they’re not doing anything and need to have the power handed to them. Hopefully Jason stays and they can win Hoh and flip the house.

      • IF it takes a twist to help the outsiders evict one of the SS gang, then by all means, let’s do a twist! Whatever it takes to help open their eyes and see the “real” Shelli, who I feel has a hidden mean girl persona, and cause Vanessa more rampant paranoia, and result in the members of SS turning against one another.

  6. I’m happy with anything I’m just glad Austin is staying and Jason is going along with Liz and Julia will be coming into the house!! Oh happy sunshine day!

  7. While I think keeping Austin was best for Vanessa’s game, it was horrible for Shelli and Clay’s game. They were very trusted by both sides of the house and arguably safe from whoever won HOH in the next few weeks. But now they have been exposed to playing both sides and given legitimacy to what Audrey said about the alliance.
    To me the players that are the most disappointing are Becky, since she was part of the 8 person alliance that Vanessa, Clay and Shelli betrayed, but them believed that she is part of their new alliance (not to mention cast through Tinder). Steve because he wasn’t even part of that 8 person alliance with only 12 people in the house, but thinks that they have his back. And I hate to say this, but Johnny Mac, because he has done so much for Clay and Shelli, but has yet to solidify a true alliance with them.

    • If you’re Becky and you’re thrown a bone that you’re “with us” (big alliance) on Week 5 – even if it’s true, you’re at the bottom of that big totem pole. Not safe. Steve – flying under the radar with a big alliance may get you halfway through the game at best.

      • Any alliance have tier. You have to know what level you’re in. I’ve seen Survivor players flip their votes when they realized they’re at the bottom of totem pole, and this happens all the time in the tribal.

      • It would help if the “other” side had more than 1 HoH Week (final HoH)…But maybe that’s coming. Meh. We’ll see. Let’s the do the catch a ball challenge again! Yeah!

      • Yes, there actually are (as you said) certain advantages to be the last 1 or 2 people to go before the alliance feeds on itself. The biggest advantage is that you can help the alliance strike against itself FIRST before they get voted out. So if the alliance were 6 people, I’d be ok with being an outside #7 because I’m now the ”flip vote” that starts the new dominant (and usually last) alliance before the end…

      • Shelli was so ridiculous yesterday..while she was cuddling with her boytoy outside..she says “Look at Becky..she’s so happy now, she tapping her foot..she has a place!”

      • I know! Isn’t it weird how when the game first starts after about the first 10 days or so you figure out your favorites and then those favorites become the ones you can’t stand now! i.e. Clay, Shelli, Austin and Vanessa.

      • Yes, because I wasn’t too sure about JMac at first, but now, he’s the tootie patootie in DR.

      • Liz said Austin has food in his beard when they kissed. ………….you still eating? lol

      • Lol. Well, If Liz had eaten the food out of his beard, he’d self evict so he could go buy the ring. She’s just not thinking. What’s the vomit icon – Control V?

      • I keep saying, Shelli is a little bit of a creep if she said that about Becky. She reminds me of that female jurist from the Trayvon Martin trial that was all over the tv after the trial. Just saying.

      • This!!!!!! Yes! People have been saying Becky is being so smart to be joining the 666 sense but she’s at the bottom and always will be plus she’s isolating her one true ally in the house, John! I hope she realizes this soon or is just using the 666 sense in case they get into power but ends up being their ultimate demise.

  8. Finally. ..BUSTED!!!…now that they have proof the whole other side are liars…they could maybe work on some other people…I mean, John being put up again and again should be a hint…hopefully, they could work on him and Becky before Jason leaves…

      • Probably not…the whole Vanessa ‘ s crew just got busted by his crew…John will not vote against Becky and Steve is Steve. ..the best he could do is work on John and Becky to help his people put…any chance of Shelli not wanting Jason to go just went out the window….

  9. Maybe Steve and Liz can throw a hinky vote…No, because they are blaming the two votes for Jeff on Meg and Jason. Liz and/r Austin can throw the hinky vote and still blame Meg. If Austin keeps Jason, that can be a target they can still concentrate on. Vanessa, Shelli and Clay will be after him while Jason, James, and Jackie (Triple J) will be after them. Problem is, no one knows how to keep their mouths closed.

    • Austin should not be putting his trust in anyone in his alliance that was willing to backdoor him this week. He should be making a deal with Jason to keep him and work together against Vanessa, Shellie and Clay. But unfortunately for Jason, Austin has the emotionally maturity a 14 year old and hates Jason for outing his plan to get Liz alone.

      • Like you said, Austin has “other” things on his mind so Jason MAY be able to spin that, tie it in to Vanessa trying to BD Austin at all, and getting the whole house on board, etc. HOPE!!!

      • Maybe even let Steve know he was the original back up plan if Austin won the veto.

      • Jason is not a player he’s a gossip. Nothing comes in his ears that doesn’t go out his mouth in five seconds flat. He sank that deal with Austin.

  10. I have been rooting for Clay/Shelli up to this point. But, they were total idiots this week. I didnt like Jason at first with his PeeWee routine which was just obnoxious. I would have sent him home week one instead of Jace. But, that has all changed for me. Pee Wee disappeared weeks ago, and Jason is a quirky and likeable and entertaining little guy/underdog.

    Shelli and Clay to my mind were dragon slayers working to get rid of the bad attitudes in the house, Day, Jeff, Audrey and hopefully Austin.

    That narrative is done. Shelli and Clay have played the dumbest hand this season. First, they set up the house-wide evict Austin campaign. Then they undermine it and then deny it. Then they screw their best ally, Van. Dumb, dumb and dumber.

    • For the most part you have completely described my observations also Jason! Clay/Shelli were (in my opinion) the ”good guys” getting rid of the bad attitudes before, but now they seem far too dominant and controlling to be considered the good guys anymore – I’m cheering for the ”little guys” like JMac, James, Becky & Meg (I’m still ok with getting rid of Jason)… ;)

      • Thanks, Matt. I think I’ll join you in cheering for the underdogs. I cant root for Van anymore as her gameplay is horrific. Austin is revolting. And, the twins have hitched their wagon to Van and Austin. My real concern is that the underdogs are, well, underdogs for a reason. They dont win comps. It’s awful hard to last in this game as the perpetual floater that never wins a comp. They are easily expendable to the Titans. But, if Shelli and Clay would switch to the underdogs, some big things could happen! Sorry to see Jason gone this week. The Titans clashed and he got stepped on.

  11. This season doesn’t have a villain. Sure, everyone lies, which we’ve seen. But no one is truly evil in my eyes. I’m wondering if they cast Austin to be that bad guy with his stupid Judas personality. If they did, he’s a very bad bad guy in that he whines more than anything.

    • I think Austin likes to thing he’s bad. And, he likes to think he is smarter than he is. This doesnt make him evil, just a really dumb and clueless player–and besides, he’s just gross. Wish he were going home this week.

      • One of his wrestling opponents said that too and that he can’t fight to save his life with those who are his size. He has to pick on the little ones to get his point across. And said he has a chip on his shoulder. Not sure if that was all for show, but having watched him on BB, I’m starting to see he’s nothing but a lover, not a fighter at all, which matches what the wrestling opponent said. IOW, he’s a big wussy! hahaha

      • Does anyone else want to reach through the TV with a pair of scissors and hack off that stupid ponytail beard?

    • Vanessa is bordering on that to me. I don’t think she should be using her deceased ex husband as leverage in this game. And I feel she did that when she told Jason nominating him was the hardest thing she has done since losing him.

    • Shelli is the quiet evil so far in the house…I think. I knew girls like this in high school…it’s a condescending type evil at play here.

      • Yes Chelli may be like the cheerleader from high school, but now she is in her 30s- which unbeknownst to her means when people in their 20s talk about “the old lady” they are in fact referring to her. You have to grow up or grow old, and she is just getting old!

      • Exactly. She doesn’t know what to do to keep her “popularity” alive so now she’s dust in the wind to all the ones her age and is now with the younger ones she has to prove herself to! :-)

  12. Well, here’s to Jason. May he be able to blow up Vanessa’s game so much that he can make a deal with Austin/Liz (and Julia since she will enter the game after Thurs): if Austin/twins wins HoH, They has J/J/J/M votes to take out Vanessa. If Austin/twins is nominated, they have J/J/J/M votes to save them. Long shot from heck. But in that house, expect the unexpected. And Austin ain’t that bright. Smart but not that bright. 2 days in that house is dog years. Look at this week.

  13. Don’t fall for any of this. In 24 hours everyone’s ADD will kick in and it’ll be someone else they all point to and accuse of being mean because they got their precious little feelings hurt….sniff sniff

  14. I hope we see Jason try to make some deals. I think yesterday he was in shock, but I think today he will try to rally some votes.

  15. Doesn’t anyone else think it is odd Julie did not reveal the twin twist to Audrey? Thinking it may mean some people have a chance to renter the game. Maybe Julia, Audrey and this weeks evictee has to battle it out for a chance to enter. What are your thoughts?

    • Yes, I thought that was very odd, but Audrey said she didn’t know for sure before everything went to the editing board for the live show and was told to her by production.

    • Audrey is not re entering she was with davonne the other day. I think the plan was to start the sequester for the one re entry spot with her, but after how she acted they decided to move it back a week. I doubt they will want Jason to fully leave so they will keep him and the next 3 in sequester and then give them a chance to get back in the game with a comp designed for jason.

      • That would be sublime if it works out that way! Audrey doesn’t want to re-enter based on her exit interview with Jeff S.

    • don’t think she will be back she is not sequestered from what I heard she has been social media with mama day

  16. Shelli is that former cheerleader we all would like to hate. Remember her home has no color on the walls. She has to add color to spice it up!!! Too pristine for me. She needs more than one dog to mess it up! :-)

    • Shelli reminds me of head cheerleader and Clay is the captain of the football team. They treat John like the kid they pretend to be friends with to get him to do their homework.

      • Maybe he’s doing their homework just good enough to play them along and he “graduates with honors”.

      • Lol yes! And Vanessa is the bully, the twins are the Karen and Gretchen to Shelli’s Regina George, Austin is the class clown (only he doesn’t know it), Becky is the desperate to be popular girl, Steve is the awkward nerd, Meg is the nice girl who just wants to get along with everyone, Jason I guess is the outcast (in Clay and Shellis eyes), and Jackie is just there.

      • Hilarious. Now I’m thinking he is more of our Gretchen Wieners. And Liz is perfect in the role of Karen.

      • Overhearing Liz call him gross to her sister. Then he will ask everyone else if they know anything about it. He will get the same response from everyone, “She’s just not that into you.”

  17. Clay and Shelli screwed up big time by letting Vanessa nominate Jason. They were in such a great spot in the house with no real enemies, and they should have done WHATEVER it took to make sure Steve or Jackie were the renoms once the backdooring Austin plan fell through.

    Shay had just made a Final 4 deal with Jason and Meg (which seemed kind of legit), and to blow that up so quickly looks real bad for their game. Think about it, if Steve or Jackie get nominated, they get evicted, and Shelli and Clay are STILL tight with Jason, Meg, the Sixth Sense, Becky whom they saved, and John. Now, they got some serious enemies coming after em.

    Matt is absolutely right, Shelli and Clay are the real losers here. If their side doesn’t win at least 1 HOH this week, they could be in some serious trouble next week.

    • Totally agree. Bad for Clelli’s game and not necessarily bad for Van, she has the injured Judas plus twins.

  18. I am so glad that Clay and Shelli are exposed. Talk about big egos. Especially Clay; he thinks the universe revolves around him. Kick the two of them out so they can get a room, pretend the motel is their kingdom and order room service around. I hope the other house guests wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to those two.
    What is up with Vanessa? I actually started out liking her but, geez. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk…. blood on my hands… talk, talk, talk, etc. Then she puts Jason on the block for no reason. I thought she seemed smart, but she is turning out to be a spastic flake. Hope she pulls it together soon.
    Can’t help but like John. He could deliver the worst news on the diary room cameras and make me laugh.
    Jason needs to calm down enough to work out a plan. I mean, he is up on the block with Becky, come on! He would be an asset to other people’s game strategies. When Becky got nominated, the house guests were looking at each other thinking, “Who is that?”
    I like Jason and hope the other house guests are smart enough to keep him around.

  19. That was Vanessa’s worst move, aside from NOT backdooring Austin! Why would you rat out your alliance to “the other side”??? You just lost 2 votes. Where do you think all your info was coming from??? They had to play both sides but were obviously loyal to Vanessa. Dumb move Vanessa. You and Austin need to go.

    • She didn’t exactly rat out her alliance…she planted the seed! hahaha

      • Think she was referring to Vanessa calling Shelli out in front of Meg, after Shelli told Meg she had no idea about the Jason plan. Shelli had to backtrack after that. Now J/J/J/M don’t trust her/Clay. That was where I was coming from anyway. :)

    • Agree. She could have protected them and took the hit. It isn’t like they’re likely to win HoH and as long as you have Shelli/Clay on your side, that’s 2 votes to keep you and campaign (well) for you if the other side did win/retain HoH.

      • Exactly! Now she’s screwed. I really hope Clay or Shelli or both of them somehow win HoH. That way they can put up Austin and Vanessa and really draw a line. I’m still just shocked she didn’t protect them. Oh and I really hope by some miracle, that when Julia comes into the house that she sides with Clay & Shelli.

  20. Tired of all the back door crap, whomever wins HOH needs to come at them head on and get everything out in the open and start all over again with a DE. Hopefully break up Clay and Shellie and Austin and Liz. Or get rid of Vanessa, cut the head off the snake. If I to sit and listen to Vanessa talk one more minute I would have to stick pencils in my ears. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    • The head of the snake is Shelli, not Vanessa. Vanessa didn’t want to be in power. She works best behind the scenes.

      • I think she loves it, she can help herself. I wish John, Becky, James, Meg would form an alliance and maybe pull in Cly and Shellie for one week just to get out Austin or Liz, if Liz is gone they might be able to sway Julia their way. Then the tables would be flipped in their favor an d they could pick them off one at a time.

      • That was Clay and Shelli’s silent plan without informing Vanessa…now they’ve exposed themselves to the other side with backdooring Jason. Now it’s a war to win! hahaha

  21. I know this is off the subject, but if John is your favorite player, you will want to go to youtube and search for: airtap John Maguire … you will see him play guitar and you will like him even more.

  22. This next HOH is crucial. If two floaters get it (jackie, becky, john, james,meg, or steve) then this game could take a huge turn. I wonder if they would actually have the guts to put up shelli, clay, vanessa, or austin. While its quite impressive that shelli and vanessa have been able to run the house the past four weeks, it gets boring pretty fast. Its time for a power shift!

    • Don’t count on Becky or John for anything. Both think they have an alliance with Shelli and Clay. Not to mention Becky was telling Jackie that if she gets HOH, she will just make a deal to get through the DE coming up. That is not how you play a lasting game.

      • Jackie James and Meg will put up Clay Shelli and Vanessa I dont think anyone else would but expect the unexpected.

      • I don’t think anyone else will either. So the three of them would have to win both spots. And sometimes James seems blinded by Clay and Shelli too.

      • I never have counted on either of those two since they don’t seem to mind doing the dirty work of others.

  23. The other side only needs to win one, control the BoB..then possibly control the house.

    • I think all they need to do is put either Clay or Shelli against Vanessa. Those three seem primed to turn on each other.

    • Exactly! Jackie will turn the tables since Vanessa can’t compete in the HoH if she can grab it this time and have an alliance member that isn’t in the sixth sense next to her!

  24. Vanessa is the puppet master, she doesn’t want to be HOH cause she likes pulling the strings from behind the curtain. You can’t get “blood on your hands” when you got everybody else doing your dirty work for you.

  25. We all love polls so here is the Jokers poll today big shifts in ratings after yesterday. 0 (Hate) – 5 (Love)

    1. Jason 3.72
    2. JMac 3.33
    3. Jackie 3.08
    4. Meg 3.06
    5. Julia 2.88
    6. Da’Vonne 2.81
    7. James 2.67
    8. Steve 2.24
    9. Becky 2.21
    10. Audrey 2.08
    11. Liz+Julia 1.82
    12. Jeff 1.46
    13.Vanessa 1.46
    14. Liz 1.36
    15. Jace 1.20
    16. Clay 1.19
    17. Shelli 1.16
    18. Austin 0.69

    • Pretty much on the mark! Of course Vanessa will say it was all her idea in getting these ratings! LOLOL

      • Haha. The jokers poll is great for an overall opinion of america so I check it everyday. I must say that a season 6 is possible here. The question is will a sovereign 6 form to take on the friendship.

  26. Even though I don’t like Vanessa because she keeps talking in circles, she is smart. She build big targets around herself, two showmances and a duo, that’s why she kept pushing Austin towards Liz. I believe Audrey was doing the same thing with Clay and Shelli. I just wonder if she will be pushing Julia towards Steve.

    • Vanessa is very smart outside of the house, but she will eventually collapse inside due to her gameplay so far. Also Stefan gets all the ladies so Julia may go to him anyway, although she has already kissed JMac.

    • That’s great until those duos decide to target her. She will be left with no one willing to protect her. I still think she is waiting until the numbers get to a certain point and then will gather up all the nonaligned HGs and create the alliance to go after the duos.

      • She is good at deflecting blame. To Meg and James, Clay and Shelli are the turncoats, not Vanessa.

      • Clay and Shelli more than Vanessa but they still know Vanessa had something to do with it.

      • But they also know that Vanessa doesn’t like playing with a large power alliance…she likes it better playing one on one like she told Becky!

      • That’s the plan I’ve formed in my own head! But it’ll be harder convincing some because you’ll have to rely on their emotions having been so long in the house rather than strategy alone!

      • They will never believe her after this week. She shook their hands and then betrayed them. What can she offer now that they will take.

        Vanessa is thinking she has Steve. But I think Steve is playing Andy’s game. He goes from one couple to another pretending to be with them. When it gets down to final 7 or 8 he will quickly flip to whoever he thinks has the power to take out one of the other couples. He is the snake in the house and Jason was right to target him but wrong to think Steve was the biggest threat.

    • I don;t get this Vanessa is smart thing. She may be book smart but look at how she is playing the game. This latest plan by her blew up her game and the alliance she is in. For what? To save someone who has lied to her repeatedly? She let’s Shelli and Austin manipulate her in their best interests.

      Plus, she claimed she could figure out who voted to save Jeff and she still has not idea it is two people she is close to. She claimed Da could not have had the Last Laugh power – which in Vanessa’s case Da really did get the last laugh.

      Believe it or not Becky came up with who had the LL power by rational thinking. Vanessa’s thought processes are mostly irrational, emotional and illogical with a bit of arrogance just to make sure her conclusions are wrong. Becky also figure out by deduction who voted to save Jeff and she told Vanessa but again Vanessa being the smartest person she know refused to believe it because if Vanessa can;t figure it out then no one else can either.

  27. I hope the nominees can be Shelli and Austin on one side and Clay and Vanessa on the other. Time for shelli and Vanessa to see what it feels like.

    • But if you want to send Shelli or Clay home, need to put them up together on same side. That way if one wins POV, he/she can only save him/herself. The other one stays in danger/on the block.
      If Shelli wins safety on BoB, then she could play/win POV and save Clay and both are safe. And vice versa.

      • Maybe they won’t have BoB next week. I mean they cancelled the Takeover twist. Production saw that it was a mistake to have both at the same time going on???

      • I understand the thought process but, if they win battle of the block then there is no chance that either one of them go home. I would take my chances with the POV rather than having no shot at all after BOB. This way you would have Austin or Vanessa competing in the POV to save themselves or possibly each other. An HOH that doesn’t like any of them and hope for James, John, Becky, Meg or Jackie to get picked. This way lets say Shelli wins POV saves clay Vanessa goes home. Clay wins and saves Shelli, Austin goes home. Any reasoning that an HOH(s) would have to nominate these 4 would be justified as they all now know that Clay and Shelli have been lying (not to mention being HOH multiple times she has had to put people on the block, same for Vanessa). then clay and Austin guilt by association. You would need 6 votes to evict with the HOH as the tie breaker. They would at most have the other two nominees that one BOB the two twins and then lets say one of the four comes off at Veto that’s only 5 the HOH breaks the tie and evicts. I just would want to send home one of those 4. it’s time. no more brigades

    • Not Vanessa, but Liz. Austin will throw it if Liz is on the other side. But I rather have Liz and Austin in one side and Clay and Shelli on the other side so there is a bigger chance a showmance goes home. Because If one Clay or Liz are safe and gets picked for veto and wins they will take down their showmance.

      • You put up Shelli and Austin on one side and Clay and Liz on the other. That separates the couples ensuring at least one person from one couple goes home.

        Yes, Austin might try to throw it to save Liz, especially if he thinks Shelli is the bigger target. But that would make Shelli and Clay really, really angry. It would create a huge split in the alliance. Not only that, once the BOB is won by someone, there is the veto. Imagine the drama there regardless of who win BOB. Imagine if Vanessa wins the veto and has to choose who to save from her own alliance? Imaging if Liz wins BOB then veto and she has a choice of saving Shelli or Austin.

        If I was running the BB house I would make this happen. It would be the greatest week in BB history and may even restore the fans faith in the entire BOB concept.

      • that’s an interesting take on the side of Liz, Shelli and clay would be furious if Austin threw it so she was safe.

      • i like the way you think because thats the way i was thinking great minds think alike lol

      • I don’t want to hold Liz responsible for Austin. She doesn’t even like him and that would be unfair. Austin, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa those are my four nominees. Just would have to think long and hard about how I pair them up

    • Hopefully Austin would be the one to go home and hopefully go home and not to jury like he hopes and thinks he will.

      • I would love for him to not be in the jury. I would be fine to never see him again.

      • If Liz goes to jury, Austin will get himself evicted to go there with her. I am certain of that.

    • That’s the way I felt about Derek last season. I was fine with him winning but I doubt you really have to play this game if you are consistently in power and never have to fight to stay in the game.

    • You’re making the assumption that the floaters will win both HoH spots. Why would you ever assume that based on the track record thus far?

      • Jackie has already won HOH once, James has been HOH once. John has one all but maybe one or two comps he has been in, and its big brother, expect the unexpected.

      • John has won exactly 0 HoH comps. Jackie won 1 (was dethroned), Becky won 1 (was dethroned) and James won 1 and held the position. Those statistics are not very good for the other side of the house! Yes, it’s possible what you’re saying, but the odds are heavily stacked against them winning and retaining 3 HoH’s in a row.

  28. I think it will be funny if Shelli and Clay both get HOH. Then watch all the a$$ kissing.

      • Good call, we haven’t had one of those yet. Last season they were paired up randomly. Lets hope that happens again. I wonder if any of the 6th sense would throw it if they are partnered with Meg, James or Jackie.

      • I don’t think so. Either way they will make sure Meg and James or Jackie don’t stay HOH.

      • Now that could be interesting. Since this last BOTB plan failed, it would be hard to come up with a pawn willing to throw the comp. We could potentially have our first legit BOTB this season.

      • I don’t care, but I kinda want to see a power shift. I don’t mind seeing Jackie aka Medussa win again for the other side. lol…only 1 fav right now JMac.

      • JMac is my favorite also. I can’t stand Jackie. I’d like JMac and Steve to get HOH. Then we’d finally see where everyone is at. Oh I also love David.

      • Oh that surfer dude from a past Big Brother season not long ago (15 I think)? I sense this is an inside joke I’m not in on, so I’ll just step away lol.

      • Haha yep it is. We’ve been doing this for the past two seasons. You don’t have to step away. You’re more than welcome to join us.

  29. It was dumb for Sheli and Clay to deny knowing and showed their hand very clearly. Problem for the other side though is they are losing a member while Sheli and Clay’s side is gaining a member. Jackie or Meg or James has to win HOH and stay in power if they even want a chance to take Sheli out. Good news for Vanessa Sheli is getting the blame for this.

  30. While I’ll hate to see Jason go this week, at least the rest aren’t blind to the Vanessa/Shelli/Clay/Liz & Julia/Austin alliance now. Really hoping/expecting/relishing in a shift of power this HOH Thursday. It’s been really too one-sided. Because they’ve been calling the shots for 4 straight weeks now, it’ll be interesting to see when they’re the ones nominated and put under eviction stress. Just hope Johnny Mac and Becky wise up and realize they’re really on the outs with Clay and Shelli and it’s only out of convenience and strategy (in case either get HOH) to say “final 4” between them. And don’t get me started on Steve…

  31. geez this season BB is the worst everyone needs to go except Meg ,Steve ,Jason anyone of these houseguest should Win. Vanessa is the worst at first I liked her now not so much she is a fickle she says one thing than changes her mind at the last minute making people believe that was her intention the whole time, she knows how to talk and Sound smart and the funny and sad thing is no one has caught on.soooo guess that makes them not really paying attention ,I guess nobody learn anything watch BB over the years Funny Thing The House guests Seems to be Chasing their own tail.

  32. Truly Next Ones Out Should Be AUSTIN,TWINS,VANESSA,JAMES THEY ALL NEED TO GO!!!!!!!!

    • What did James do? I don’t care who wins but James seems fairly innocent.

  33. I can’t stand Austin , he is just creepy. I would love it if they could find a way of sending Becky home this week just to screw up the plans.

  34. Ok, going from Low to Medium heat now, Shelli/Clay. Let’s see how you do now. You’ll either make like a potato and get mushy or like an egg and get hard! :)

  35. Jackie or James need to win, put one of the love birds up. If they are going to go, go out fighting instead of waiting to be voted out.

  36. We know both twins can enter the house now but do we actually know the rules on how this will work? I thought it was said if the make it past the 5th eviction they will have the chance or ability to play the game together. That leads me to think there may be a twist involved here. I know its probably just wishful thinking but maybe in order to enter and play the twin will have to battle out with this weeks evicted hg. Things aren’t always as them seem and just ringing the door bell to release the second twin in the game sounds to easy.

    • I believe that they would both be playing the game as Individuals, should they make it past the first 5 evictions ??

      And, unless either Austin and/or Steve gets between the Twins, they will likely be working as a Dual ??

  37. I do not get the Live Feeds, but what have the Twins done this week, game-wise to get all this wrath? From my recollection, they were, on the bubble, and haven’t been really part of any of the plans with Vanessa/Clay/Shelli ?? Or, am I missing something ??

  38. When Vanessa started waffling on bding Austin, this scenario was written on the wall. She had enlisted the whole house in this scheme and then turned on one of the enlistees. This fall out was inevitable and only shows these people are as short sighted about the impact of their actions as our wonderful politicians in DC. Vanessa should have stuck to the plan she sold everyone on and sent Austin packing.

    • Agreed. There was no reason to involve so many people in the plan before the veto was even played. She could have just nominated Becky and Clay, since they both were trying to win anyway. Then wait out veto and see if it worked out. Not to mention at least 7 other people heard her say that Steve was the back up target. These things have a way of getting out, especially in this house.

    • Vanessa’s mistake was agreeing to the Austin backdoor plan to begin with. When she realized how stupid that plan was for her game, she rightly backed out of the agreement. As did Clay and Shelli. Better to admit you’re wrong and go ahead to fix the mistake than to follow through on the initial wrong decision and shoot yourself in the foot.

  39. some one may have already said this but IMO C/S should make a one week deal with J/J/J/M they vote to keep Jason and they stay another week and help get out Van/Austin

      • *Speachless*—– her gameplay was sloppy (I’ll give you that) but to target her personally is really low…you should really check yourself and your flaws before pinpointing other’s.I must say that I’m above ignorance and inequality so I have nothing else to say to you….

      • lol im just saying shes a dude. other than that, i have nothing against you or your comments.

  40. Does anyone know how production might be doing jury this season? We’re getting close (couple of weeks, tops) but since Julia is coming in that’s 17 hgs. So either one more prejuror….orrrr idk maybe they’ll have 10 jury members and vote one off at the end like in BBCAN 3 (fav. Season of bbcan)

  41. That’s what happens when you try to play the entire house and become too cocky with your position in the house. It was bound to happen eventually. Being in an alliance with the entire house is not a good game move, ever.

    I think Vanessa might come out of this unscathed. Jason said he didn’t blame her because he knew people influenced her so honestly, even though she’s unbearable as HOH, I think she’s the most likely to make it to the end. Pairs get picked off first when they get caught lying and Clay/Shelli are going to go down for it before Vanessa.

  42. Finally the house is waking up to the lameness known as ‘Shay’ I am actually invested now, I’m really looking forward to seeing how long they can last, when everyone is starting to become paranoid and looking for targets more than ever, with the extra twin showing up. things should get chaotic for a bit. now now, I do love it when the house is freaking out, much better than watching a house full of rabbits in the proverbial headlights known as BB, so don’t fail me now drama. I’m starting to crush on you.

  43. I still don’t understand why the 666 sense thought it was smart to keep the twins safe… Blood relatives in the house means that they’re always going to keep each other safe over everyone and anyone. No one will be able to split them up. I’ve been dying for Julia to come in the house and I’m glad they kept Liz safe just for that fact but the houseguests really don’t get the numbers game only helps them to a certain point and if you’re a single person in an alliance filled with pairs you’re going to be outnumbered when you’re on the block against the person who has that other person who would never vote them out.

  44. It don’t matter , Shelli will probably win HOH, if not her Clay could win and it would be the same old crap, somebody else needs the power next week, and they need to rock that house, Send Shelli packing then Clay can think for himself (maybe) .

  45. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! The Outsiders need to win HOH next week and get these sixth sense members out! It would be smart if James, Meg, and Jackie tried to pull John and Becky on with them. I don’t think they can work on Steve because he is totally useless in this game.

  46. I think Austin needs to go now, the way he acts is one thing along with all the lies he tells, he basically is like a big bully especially the way he talks about Jason. He did say how he didn’t care about Julia only Liz was all he cared about and was going to protect her not her sister.

  47. I hope Jason stays and then him meg James and Jackie can flip this house if not they will keep picking people off one by one

  48. I always thought it was a terribly risky strategy for Shelli and Clay to try to play down the middle. Sooner or later you get caught in a lie. Its also a shame it happened because of paranoia. I still don’t even think nominating Austin was a bad thing for Vanessa. I think it was a good move and had she done it, alliances would still be in tact.

  49. IMO Vanessa is a damn fool. She takes everything so literally it prevents her from being good at this game and it will catch up with her. She’s turned on so many people in that house including her own alliance that she has a huge target on her back now. I seriously don’t see her lasting much longer.

  50. Note to future BB players: NEVER PLAY BOTH SIDES OF THE HOUSE. That is the easiest way to tank your game. Something will always go down and then you will get exposed for playing both sides.

    I think the best way to get rid of Shelli or Clay is to have 2 outsiders win HOH. Than put up Clelli separately with both of the twins. (Shelli & Liz and Clay & Julia). That way if one of the pairs are the post veto nominees than you will have 2 locked in votes + the outsider’s vote to get rid of Shelli or Clay (Austin & Lizulia would vote off Clay or Shelli against the Liz or Julia).

  51. Meg is so adorable, in fact, I adore her but she’s way out of their league even with the fact that the alliance group is probably the dumbest alliance ever in BB history.

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