Big Brother 17: Becky & Jackie Discuss Target Plans

Last night on the Feeds we got a glimpse of what might happen if either Becky Burgess or Jackie Ibarra were to win the upcoming Head of Household competition. I’m a little worried.

Becky plays peekaboo with Big Brother 17
Becky plays peekaboo with Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Sitting alone in the hammock Jackie and Becky compared notes on the upcoming HoH competition that I thought would be extremely high stakes after lines were clearly drawn on Monday and the pressure was on to take control and go after a big threat. Becky thinks otherwise.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to 8:23PM BBT 7/27 Cams 3/4. Becky tells Jackie she feels like “every single person is going to throw this HoH [comp].” Jackie sounds surprised. Becky explains too many people are nervous going in to a possible Double Eviction. She says the outgoing HoH will be a sitting duck and everyone goes after big targets during that event.

So what’s Becky’s plan? “This one, I want to win and go for an easy target.” And who would that be? Steve. Becky wants to target Steve if she wins HoH as she suggests “you can’t go for a big target the week before [a Double Eviction].”

Let’s back up. Becky is on the Block. She’s been used as a pawn to the point that she was crying when Vanessa chose Shelli to help rescue Clay instead of her. Becky must know she means nothing to that side more than a seat warmer. Her response? She’d go for Steve to avoid rocking the boat. Becky is already seen as fully expendable and yet she’s afraid she might make herself a target.

Jackie says she wants to go for a bigger target and if she can do it during the DE then all the better since there won’t be any time for questions asked.

Jump forward a few minutes to 8:31PM BBT as they discuss again the upcoming comps. Becky says it’s up to Jackie whether or not she wants to try and win this next one, but she’s going to go for it. Jackie says she wants to play to win all of them. Considering there are two HoH spots maybe both of you ladies should try to win, huh?

Becky continues with her plans, telling Jackie that if she wins HoH she just can’t go after a big target. She isn’t willing to try and get out a player like Vanessa. “I just couldn’t do it. I know it’s the move we want but…” Jackie sighs and looks to the side. Perhaps she’s checking to see if there’s a better ally available.

With Shelli and Clay left in the game Becky thinks it’s just too dangerous to try and take out Vanessa. I’m at a complete loss here and hopefully Jackie is too. HGs have speculated Jackie would vote to keep Becky over Jason, but I do not know why you’d want an ally too afraid to try and regularly win comps and if she did would then be too afraid to take out a major threat.

I really don’t get Becky’s strategy here which seems to make herself expendable cannon fodder on both sides of the house. I’d much rather see her than Jason go on Thursday, but without a fifth vote readily available I’m not sure how they could make it happen. Then again, that’s their job, not mine.


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    • Becky is a waste including anyone else contemplating targeting the stragglers. So, she wants to help the sixth sense alliance so that, they can evict her? I hope the target ships to Becky because maybe, just maybe, Jason might just target the alliance members. Get a clue people. You are being picked apart one by one and your solution is to get rid of other stragglers who are not a threat to you?
      It seems every season, Big Brother is picking the worst house guests. Anyone playing Big Brother should have to pass an IQ test atleast!

      • Some of them are smart, its more of a lack of awareness or just not paying attention. All the people that dont talk game to you, are against you. Like omg

    • Yes if only Jason could get that 5th vote and stay and possibly win the next HOH the feeds would be epic! And Vanessa would piss her pants ^_^

      • Votes to evict Becky home if these players choose to do so: James, Meg, Jackie, Shelli and Clay. Shelli is afraid that Becky will target her so why not just put that out there and of course Clay will follow her to the end.

        Votes to evict Jason home if these players choose to do so: John (he likes Becky), Steve (wants to to stay on Vanessa’s good side), Austin and Liz.

        I see Shelli and Clay as the two votes that could swing either way and send one of them home. Of course all of this would send Vanessa into full paranoia, crazy bitch talk, mental break down mode plus send her back to the purple room with her head spinning coming up with God knows what other full break down crazy over thinking. Still it will be funny as hell to watch this all unfold real quick, real fast Thursday night.

  1. Julia is more connected with the other side of the house, I wonder if she will be in the house for he vote.

    • Technically, they need to survive 5 evictions and they haven’t yet. I don’t think Julia will join until after the eviction. Unless production sends her in early just to cause panic. Which I suppose I wouldn’t put past them..

  2. If nothing else, Jackie should now KNOW that Becky is not someone she needs on her side moving forward! If she’s not willing to go after big targets & will allow Jackie to do the hard work & take all the heat, she’s less than useless. Jackie needs to dump her quick if she doesn’t want to be gone sooner rather than later!!

    • Even so, Jackie should realize that a number is a number and that if she loses Becky then she’s only left presumably with Meg and James to work with, as Jason is most likely leaving this week, John isn’t attached to either side, and Steve is closer to the Sixth Sense. Everyone else is a member of the Sixth Sense, although she may benefit if they turn on each other as their is distrust within that alliance.

      • I’m pretty sure the whole point of Heather’s comment was that Jackie should target Becky instead of Jason. Not get rid of them both…

    • Nobody knew Jackie was even in the house until she won this last HOH. She’ll probably go back to hiding in the background like before. Funniest comment was when Julie asked Brittney about Jackie and Brittney said who’s Jackie.

  3. I think Becky actually buys all their “I’ll save you” bs! At least Jackie has the backbone to stand up to them! I didn’t like her at all to start with but she has shown a lack of fear that impresses me.

    Come on Jason, It’s time to get busy!!!!

      • She may have just had a slow start to the game rather than Jeff’s eviction triggering her current attitude.

      • True. That could be it. But before he went, on the live feeds, you would never see her. But now she is everywhere. I am a big Jackie fan so I like her new attitude

  4. Becky is a worthless character this season. I never thought someone found on tinder would be terrible for the game.

    • Becky just needs to grow a pair because she is a very intuitive person. She figured out Da had the last laugh power buy reasoning that no one came to campaign for her vote and therefor Da had to know Becky’s vote was going to be nullified. She also figured out that Liz and Steve were the two mystery votes to save Jeff. That tells me she is no dummy. But unless she uses her knowledge she can;t win anything.

  5. Please find Becky a rocker and put her on it. I hope she leaves, but if she stays, I hope she never wins a competition of any type.

  6. Aaaaaand her goal for today is “to tan.” As Da’ would say, “Bah, girl. Bah!” Hahahahaha

  7. I think Becky is smarter than we give her credit for but at this point there is no reason not to go for big targets. The alliance has been exposed. They are coming for all of the others one by one if they win. Its a numbers game now, especially with Julia coming into the house.

    You put four of them up with two as replacement nominees. It does not matter who goes home at this point but if they both win that can be assured of sending at least on partner of one couple home. If someone is taken off the block then they can back door Vanessa or the other twin.

    I would put up Shelli and Austin and Clay and Liz. That way at least one of them has to remain on the block. and no matter what, either Julia or Vanessa would be there for a replacement nominee.

  8. There are leaders and there are followers. In this season the leaders are upstairs because they have tried to win every single comp and the followers are downstairs talking about throwing comps. At least Becky is trying to move up by talking about winning a comp even though her strategy is a bit dim. I’d give her some credit for figuring out that if you want to win you have to try actually winning. That sets her apart from the other Hobbits.

    • Until this week, I think Jason and Meg were more interested in partying and having fun than playing the game. I guess this is a rude awakening for them.

      • I don’t think you can even say that much, Meg still thinks Clay is an ally. She asked him why he keeps sending up her people and if they’re going to backdoor someone to warn her next time. She is really hopeless

  9. Although I dislike all the HG’s but JohnnyMac, I will continue to watch, just to see if he will grow a pair. Its apparent that no one in the house has any, ,

    • You know what I was going to post earlier? “This is the first season I have liked everyone in the house” lol Probably because the live feeds :) I do like JMac, but you never see him on the feeds. And if you do, he is just staring out into space lmao. He is by far one of my favorite houseguests though.

    • John saw my light on. He brought his portable dental tools and started working. He told me he’s growing a pair and is going to try his very hardest to win HOH Thursday and give Austin or Shelli or Clay or Vanessa the old heave ho.

    • Something I’ve noticed about myself over the years: I love seeing people get what they have coming.

      Even if one of the ones you don’t like wins, you’ll still see all the others go down eventually. That’s fun, right?

      • Anddddd? I don’t care that she’s been evicted, I’ll always be a fan of hers. :)

      • Why? Just curious how someone could have liked her. Yeah we get it, she’s the first trans person on BB. My best friend is trans but people don’t care about her. Audrey played an AWFUL game and anytime on the feeds all she did was game talk (or sleep). No one got to know the real her because she was cold to everyone sadly :( but hey, that’s your opinion :D Have a good one!!

    • Please stop. You doing this on every single article is annoying. Audrey is out of the house, and isn’t coming back. You can be “Team Audrey” all you want, but it’s both annoying and obnoxious of you (and any others) to keep posting this over and over again. You can have an opinion, but it doesn’t make you any less stupid for doing this. Yes, I’m sure out of the game, Audrey is a very nice person. In the game? She deserved what she got. Now deal with it already. Jesus Christ.

      • Josh, you are quick to call others “stupid, annoying & obnoxious”. Don’t you realize that in doing so, you are displaying exactly that “stupid, annoying & obnoxious”. behavior yourself?

      • I stated in an article the day she was evicted that i have every intention in being team Audrey until the end and was going to say so for the rest of the season….if you don’t like that then just hide my comments until September buddy :)

      • Never mind about team Audrey I want to know why his name is “My Vagina Hurts” ? Lol

      • I do too. I was thinking of changing my name to My Bottomless Pit Hurts!

      • You go on being Team Audrey. Make tshirts for all I care. But doing this all over the place is just spamming.

      • I’m sad I can’t upvote this twice :'(

        Guys, he’s saying your love of Audrey is irrelevant. And it is. Chill.

    • I’m trying to make a joke out of your love of Audrey and your posting name but frankly I’m too tired. I’m sure someone will fill in for me on this one.

  10. “Jackie sighs and looks to the side. Perhaps she’s checking to see if there’s a better ally available.” This killed me, hahahahaha! I want Jason to stay :(((((

  11. Who is this Becky and Jackie again? I didn’t even know they were apart of the house, wow isn’t that the chick from the amazing race? I think she might be in the wrong show.

    • Knock it off. Jackie is a smart player and knows what she’s doing. Hate on Becky if you want, but not Jackie.

      • Jackie has done nothing for five weeks until she won HOH. And she’ll probably go right back to doing nothing. Didn’t you hear what Britney said to Julie. “Who’s Jackie”. It was very funny and so true.

  12. Does anyone know how production might be doing jury this season? We’re getting close (couple of weeks, tops) but since Julia is coming in that’s 17 hgs. So either one more prejuror…..orrrrr maybe they’ll have 10 jurors and vote one off at the end like in BBCAN 3. Perhaps in the speculated upcoming double eviction the first boot will go home and the second will be juror number 1 like in BB 14 with boogie going home 10th and Ashley being juror number 1??….???…????? Thoughts?

  13. I honestly think jason could easily stay in a landslide vote if he just played his cards right.

    He already easily has meg and james.
    He could just tell steve that becky wants him out and get him pretty easily, would also force john to ally with steve.

    He could tell shelli/Clay that becky is looking to target them next week and he would just go after austin

    Similarly he could tell Austin liz becky is planning to target liz next week and he would just target shelli/clay

    Jackie he would just have to convince he has better shot at winning hoh next week then becky and he could better protect her.

    The only one almost definitely keeping becky is john.

    Sadly he just seems to be laying down and dying atm.

    • If Jason goes home, I will be so sad. Yes he is annoying and talks a ton and curses a ton, but at least he is playing the game!!! I don’t get why people would want someone who knows the game well and actually deserves to play go home :( He could swing anyone but Austin, Steve and JMac. Actually, he may beable to get Austin but def not steve or JMac. He is mean to steve and Jmac like loves Becky lol

  14. Another reason why I never liked Becky. She’s the TRUE floated, and a really stupid one, too. She’s the true Victoria this season, not Jackie. Jackie is proving to be rather smart and fierce; she was only being “a floater” to avoid being a target. We saw what happened to Jeff. So, Brittney or whoever it was can stuff her floater talk, as can all the stupid “fans” who insulted Jackie. I really hope Jackie can win HOH and nominate Clay and Shelli. If she gets dethroned…well, at least she went for it. Going for Steve is so stupid and Becky needs to be hit by another train to get her head back in gear.

    • I’m waiting for this to happen too…but up until Brittney made that comment, she really was playing well at being invisible to keep from putting a target on her back. That too is smart playing with the hgs she’s had to choose from to work with.

  15. Weak season with weak players. Of those in the house, only Vanessa and Shelli have any brains, and even they agonize over making the big moves. Liz/Julia, Austin & Clay are puppets for them. And the others sit around all day and then are surprised as they’re picked off.

  16. I think Jackie has a stronger, smarter side to her that we haven’t seen yet. Yes, she has been floating and laying low for the first few weeks. But that’s exactly what she needed to do because there was already a huge target on her the minute she stepped into that house. By coasting threw so far, she isn’t on anyone’s radar. Now all she needs to do is start forming some strong relationships with people in the house, win a couple competitions (which she’s totally capable of doing), and start pulling a couple strings!

    • I agree because coming from another show it put a big target on her back.

    • Austin and Liz hate her and want her out of the house next. Same with Clay and Shelli.

      I like Jackie too but I think she overplayed her hand this week with Vanessa. It was fine to go after her about why she changed the plan but 5 or 10 minutes would have been enough. Then she should have said, maybe we should have gotten Steve out instead and left it at that. What Jackie needs to do now is remind Austin that while she wanted to put him up because he was responsible for Jeff going home, his alliance was just as gung-ho about back dooring him as she was. Let him know that Shelli did not trust him and neither did Vanessa and that is why he was a target. In fact, had James been successful in throwing the BOB comp, which Clay was a party to, Austin would be sitting on the block right now instead of Jason.

      She has to let Austin know that she had a reason to go after him and she was not stabbing him in the back in doing so. But his alliance betrayed his trust, not her.

      • You’re right, Jackie should definitely let Austin know that there was a whole alliance of 8 (dark moon) including members of his direct alliance that wanted him gone, namely Vanessa. That’ll take the attention off of Jackie and she can sit back and watch the bickering happen. I think there’s two main ways Jackie can improve her position this next week. She wins HOH again, and targets Shelli/Clay/Austin, or she throws it and helps Meg/James win because they’ll probably go after a big target and that’ll take the attention off of Jackie.

      • I would not trust anyone in this house. She is right when she said she has to try to win every HOH. Meg is delusional still.

      • They want Jackie out because she’s competition for them and may not beat her in a comp…that’s my feeling on that.

  17. BB always has a few who have no idea what’s going, but this year it’s ridiculous that the majority have no idea. Very disappointed in production. I was last year at the beginning until people started showing their game. These people have no game!

    • Dan G. has been tweeting since Aud’s pre-eviction..”There’s always ways to get out of it. There’s always a move”….they shouldn’t stop playing.

    • I think a majority of them know what’s going on. It’s just 3 of them that are lost, the rest (and by rest I mean Meg, James, Jason, Jackie) took this long (Week 5) to figure out what’s up since Vanessa stabbed them in the back.

  18. What about a twist, Austin’s girlfriend coming to the house……ta–dah!!! “Judas, Is there something you wanna tell me?” want drama? that’s it!

    • I was actually thinking about this after someone said that all is fair in BB. I was thinking of how Austin’s girlfriend feels watching him chase after Liz. This has to be incredibly painful and humiliating for his girlfriend. This is something Liz should have considered before leading him on like she has. Julia is smarter than Liz in this regard – and a better person too.

      Also, its one thing to lie and back stab in the BB house. That is part of the game as long as its not mean spirited – like Andy was. But what Liz is doing to Austin is making him look really stupid and foolish. She is taking advantage of his emotions which exist because she is pretending to be interested. But what happens when Austin is out of the house? This humiliation is something he will take with him after he is gone from BB. People will remember him for how silly and ridiculous he looked inside the house.

      Caleb was guilty of stalking but Amber did not lead him on. In fact, she tried to stay away from him. Liz did lead Austin on and she continues to do so. I have no idea how this is going to end for her but Austin is already ruined. When he finds out how she really feels about him I cannot even imagine how he will react.

      • She’ll tell him when he’s about to be backdoored! You know it’ll happen soon! Plus she’ll have her sister there to disrupt her being alone with him.

    • That would be soooo sweet!!! Good way for the other hgs, bad for Austin/lost-in-translation-Judas!

  19. I don’t want to get blood on my hands, its too early, they are going to come after me … Blah blah blah….wake up people… Every single year, these quotes come out of people’s mouth… It’s week 6 now..or next week it is… It isn’t week 1 anymore…week 1 is too early, not week 6…grow some balls and make some real moves…on the other hand, I don’t really care for Steve…he is another one of Vanessa’s doormat, so I don’t care…Im just mad at people who can’t make moves in week 6…if Becky stays, just throw the competition and let Jackie and James win it…thanks… You suck…

    • I guess all these house guests learned from Helen in Amanda’s season. Now, is not the week to make the big move. She kept saying that until she got evicted. Amanda lasted way longer than she did. And those talking about making a big move NEVER make the big move. Big talkers are just that. All talk and no action!

      • Helen was more strategic than these people. ..most of them anyways. …Becky, Steve etc. continue to do nothing without one real ally….John is too…they are content on being people’s doormat…at least Helen actually got rid of some people…Jeremy and Nick come to mind.. Helen peaked too early. .when she got rid of Howard…her game started to go downhill…that was someone she shouldn’t have gotten rid of…back to this season, those three need to wake up and stop being their doormats…at least the others have sorta woken up and are going to target Clay and Shelli now …

      • Helen went home because she failed to heed warnings that Andy could not be trusted. Helen thought she was smarter than Alyssa so when Alyssa told her Andy was playing both sides Helen disregarded what she was told. Then Andy had her evicted.

      • And Johnnymac fell from grace last night in my eyes when he said something about kinda wanting to go home before getting stuck in Jury…. REALLY???

  20. I like Becky. She’s the type of person I would hangout with in real life, but she doesn’t win anything and doesn’t contribute much to game talk. I would rather see Jason survive and take his vengance on Vanessa! Also I don’t want to see Meg cry anymore :( it makes me sad ._.

  21. Well after reading this I think they should evict Becky. And I can see why she’s not normally shown on tv. She’s adding nothing to the show. Every HOH is a chance to get out someone who threatens your game but they have too many justifications and bs rationales for getting out a weaker player instead. I just don’t get it.

    • Shes is just plain dumb, at least as far as playing this game (or lack thereof)

  22. This season is really annoying because it’s clear that most of these players are mostly unaware of the game. And even Jason who is, is just making really dumb decisions. Also, James’ lack of care for being there is so frustrating to watch!

  23. Lets get to the point: There is absolutely no hope of the non-allied side of the house doing anything. The next few boring weeks will be Jackie, Becky, Meg, John, Steve, and James going home. The BOTB BS assures it. Everyone should come back in 6 weeks to see what happens. The only one who may turn on the allied side before that is Austin — because he is self-proclaimed Judas but every one of his allies don’t really get that he will turn on everyone (Remember Jesus?! Hello??) even though that is what being Judas means.

    • I sadly have to agree with you. I think we are in for another season of ducks on a pond getting picked off one by one. Meg and Jackie are talking about getting Shelli out on double eviction night. Uh, earth to dimwits, what makes you think you will even be around after next week?

      They will never realize that they are really only one week away from the tipping point and if one more of them goes home after Jason the alliance can control every week by winning either HOH or the veto.

  24. I thought Becky said she doesn’t even talk game to those that aren’t HoHs? So why now when she’s still on the block for crying out loud. Why not wait until she’s completely safe? Dumb move, especially talking strategy with Jackie of all people who would love to make a big move in spite of not being able to keep the throne.

  25. Listening to these floaters in the house I just get the feeling we fans are not going to be happy this season. It looks like the Unholy Alliance is going to control things right to the end. The floaters have no idea what to do next. Plus, guys lie John and Steve continue to collaborate with the enemy not realizing they are expendable and will be back doored just like Jason once the alliance is done with them – which will be very soon.

    This coming HOH is so important to them and my heart wants Meg and Jackie to win but my brain is telling me BB will disappoint me like it has so often and two of the alliance will win. Good-bye Jackie. At least you tried, girl.

    I just wish BB would intervene and give the fans a shot at controlling the house for just one week. Let us put up the noms and cast an eviction vote. Give us a chance to make this a more interesting season. We”ll make th big move that needs to be made.

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