Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Monday Night Highlights

It was an emotional night in the Big Brother 17 house as Jason and Meg kept the tears flowing and even Shelli had to drum up a few to try and maintain that whole playing with integrity facade she and Clay have been aiming for.

Jason Roy feels defeated after getting nominated - Source: CBS All Access
Jason Roy feels defeated after getting nominated – Source: CBS All Access

The tears weren’t the only steady flow going on. Vanessa’s retelling of why she did what she did has been going on for about 18 hours or more, mostly to Jackie.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 27, 2015:

4:45 PM BBT – Meg & Clay talking game. Meg tells him Vanessa blamed Clay for creating the 8-person alliance. Clay is shocked.

5:30 PM BBT – Vanessa & Liz talking in HoH room. They’re patting each other on the back and justifying the Jason renom. They agree Jason should have hidden his super fandom and just been the “funny gay guy.”

6:45 PM BBT – Jackie interrogating Clay about Jason’s renom. She wants to know why he didn’t tell them, but Clay says it wasn’t his information to share.

6:50 PM BBT – Becky is crying that she didn’t ask for all this. She did volunteer to go up.

7:00 PM BBT – HGs discussing recruiting. Clay says he met the casting director at a Lakers game. When she offered him Big Brother he thought it was the Big Brothers Big Sisters youth organization.

7:03 PM BBT – Vanessa and Jackie are talking about the events of the day again. Vanessa tells her that she would not blame her if she comes after her. Vanessa is really pushing this line in the sand. Jackie says she’s not a target for her and Vanessa says the same to her.

7:08 PM BBT – James calls Shelli evil to Meg and Jason.

7:15 PM BBT – Meg, Jason and James still talking. They say someone needs to split up Shelli and Clay and think Shelli needs to go first because she’s sort of running the house. Jason starts making jokes about walking around the house calling people names this week since he’s going home.

7:23 PM BBT – Vanessa is AGAIN explaining to Jackie why Jason and not Austin went up on the block.

7:28 PM BBT – Becky and Jason discuss votes. He tells her there are five people voting against him so she has nothing to worry about. They talk a little about who is to blame for all of this (Shelli more than Vanessa) and Jason says he is just going to enjoy his time left in the house.

7:45 PM BBT – James has been biting his tongue all day and tells Jason he is about to blow up on people. Jason tells him to keep his cool and to not make himself a bigger target than he already is.

8:04 PM BBT – Clay spewing lies at James over all that happened during the day. James doesn’t seem to be buying it.

8:09 PM BBT – Jason is in bed crying. He says he had the chance to change his life but wasn’t able to do it.

8:08 PM BBT – Clay still trying to explain to James they aren’t why Jason is up. Shelli tells James she’s offended by the way he’s been looking at her.

8:12 PM BBT – Shelli goes to Jason and Meg. She tells Meg she doesn’t want her to think she lied to her face (she did). And she tells Jason she did not put his name out there. He tells her it’s all OK.

8:25 PM BBT – Shelli tells Jason not to give up and is crying.

10:35 PM BBT – Jason tells Meg he should have asked Vanessa why she was so against going after the transgender girl but going after the gay guy was just fine.

10:50 PM BBT – Clay tells John he wanted Jackie to go this week, but Vanessa wanted to stick to the deal she and Jackie made to not backdoor each other.

10:55 PM BBT – Jackie and Vanessa still talking about everything. Jackie wants to know why they were so hard-pressed to draw lines. Vanessa says no one was that the lines were already drawn.

11:25 PM BBT – Jackie and Vanessa still going.

11:55 PM BBT – Vanessa says they keep taking out the interesting players so the season is going to be so boring soon.

12:20 AM BBT – Austin and Liz discuss if they’re in danger of being targeted. Austin thinks Jackie will be a bigger target now. Once Julia arrives Austin says he can be a tagalong for them.

2:40 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to Steve who the two votes for Jeff had to be. She’s sure it was Meg and Jason. Steve happily agrees.

2:50 AM BBT – Steve would like to have a showmance with Julia, but he might wait until Jury house.

4:00 AM BBT – Jason and James hanging out in the backyard talking game. Jason trying to pass along any info he has.

Jason seems to have given up, but let’s hope he decides to have some fun on his way out instead of sleeping away the next few days.

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  1. If only “Shay” would make the move this week and just vote Becky out… ahhhh one can dream…

    • I’m still hoping that Jason pulls a miracle and drives a wedge between Shay and Van. If Van explodes at Shelli, that wish may come true!

      • That’s what I hope too, but it’ll never happen. I felt sooo bad for Jason last night. He doesn’t feel it’s worth campaigning at all because the numbers just wouldn’t be there for him over Becky.

      • And that’s where it ticks me off. Don’t lay down and give up play the friggin game. He’s such a big fan well

      • I hate to see him lie down, too. But, I think he is just demoralized. I didnt like the PeeWee version of Jason, but now I really feel for him. I think he is dreading the life that awaits him at home. So sad…

    • I would like that too. And Shay really like Jason and Meg. Shelli even tried to get Vanessa to put up Jackie. She didn’t want Jason nominated. This entire thing started by Vanessa agreeing to backdoor one of her own alliance members to Jackie. Then she realized she screwed up. She even admitted to Shay and Liz that she screwed up. Now Shelli and Clay need to find out how Vanessa is throwing them under the bus big time. Flip the votes and team up to get her out. Tell Austin and the twins how can you trust her when she almost backdoored you.

      • unreal, SHAY have been running that house since day one manipulating people. The wrong people won power of the block and that put vanessa in a bad situation. What else was she suppose to do? She could not get shirtless nasty Austin out. he would throw a fit o
        n her

    • If all of you remember, Shelli wants to get Becky out over Jason. This is where Shelli and Clay need to step up and get the number’s to send Becky home (not really a factor in the game now) and build an alliance with Jason, Jackie, Meg and James. They have the number’s if only Shay would see it.

  2. I hope Jason stays, I think in order for Jason to stay he needs to convince Shelli and Clay. Jason can argue that Vanessa was throwing them UTB and that Jason wouldn’t target Clelli. (But in reality if Jason stays Clelli should be his first targets.) I hope Jason doesn’t give up. If Clelli doesn’t vote for Jason than Jason should drag them in his eviction speech.

  3. I don’t understand why jason doesn’t just tell clay and shelli if they want him to stay so bad, then vote that way. Tell them he knows that would keep him in the game, so they can’t use the voting with the house excuse.
    I would also confront vanessa who keeps saying its what the house wanted, since he knows that at least 5 out of 12 didn’t want it.

    • Jason doesn’t seem to want to campaign against Becky.I’m surprised at the low-key behavior by Jason, but it might be a good thing. Maybe he is wisely soaking it in for a while before he decides the best tactic for going forward.

    • I’m surprised that as a Super Fan he hasn’t used the information he has as it could serve to be beneficial to stay in the house. “Shay” already have seeds of doubt in their heads towards Becky, and making them see how manipulative Vanessa has been would help too.

  4. I have never seen so many wussies under one roof…..all talk, all tears,and no game. I am now one of those people who will threaten to quit watching but won’t. It’s not about wondering who’s going to win the money…it’s about slowly watching the ship sink by moonlight with the band playing.

    • We said the same thing the other’s like watching a slow motion car accident – you don’t want to watch but you can’t help yourself. NO one is getting out of the way and they’re legit just sitting there on the fence allowing themselves to be picked off. So frustrating and confusing. I’m disappointed Jason won’t stand up and fight back. Becky has done what? Won ONE comp? And even then she barely won it.. ugh. What a waste.

  5. I’m still speechless over Steve wanting a showmance with Julia …
    Having said that, it would make a great 4-Some Alliance of Liz, Austin, Julia and Steve … You’d Have Beauties and The Beast and The Nerd .. They’d Be Unbeatable … Ha !!! :)

    • I was just going to make a comment about how sad this update was, until I got the laugh about Steve wanting to showmance Julia. Doesn’t he realize how far out of his league she is? At least it provided me with a much needed laugh this morning! LOL

      • “out of his league”? Why? Because he wears glasses and she’s a stuck-up big-titted self-righteous b? At least he has a human-sounding voice. He’s the real person this season. Everybody else is an exaggerated stereotype.

      • Ouch…or maybe because he’s SUPER introverted and she’s obviously not. I can think of several reasons why they wouldn’t be good together – as an alliance yes, a couple…they make as much a sense as Liz and Austin. YURK!

      • Although one *could* make the argument that normal is abnormal in a BB houseguest. He’s not a musclebound jerk, he’s not a movie-quality hunk, he’s not gay, he’s not “cool”. He’s a normal person. Anyone who believes that houseguests are a representative cross-section of America is deluded.

      • usually guys like Steve graduate from College, Get their Masters, get a job, become successful and then get their trophy Blonde Bimbo…..

  6. Is it possible that Vanessa is now vying to be the Goat of this Season? Making so many enemies that she would be brought to the F2/F3? She would argue that with all the blood on her hands that nobody would vote for her ??
    Have to admit, however, it is kinda entertaining watching her digest everything, and talking to the cameras on the Pros & Cons before making her decisions … And, spending hours defending her decision to all her Servants that she had just betrayed…

  7. Steve is so kwute wanting a showmance with Julia.

    I wish Jason wasn’t giving up so easily, he has very valid reasons why they should keep him (lots why he should go also). I would definitely ask Vanessa why it was okay to put him up and not Audrey. He could promise Clay and Shelli that he will not target them and that their deal with him and Meg is still good, that will help protect them from James and Jackie.

  8. Shelli is scary. I watched her facial expressions, I could only imagine what she is saying her head. Her fake tears, fake laughter, but her face tells it all.

    • BBN and Jokers have pointed out twice where Shelli had “scolded” her boytoy. And as you have said, her expessions need no words at times. Hope Clay gets the “writing on the wall”. That relationship will definitely be heading south. LOL

      • Except that Clay likes being with Mommy. He even asked if he could call her “mama.” The scolding probably solidifies his allegiance to her, more than detracts from it. “At the end of the day” Clay is just a big baby.

      • I feel like this is HS all over again.

        Van = bully
        Shelli = fake cheerleader
        Clay = football star, prom king, led through the nose by the cheerleader
        Steve = nerd
        Austin = that creep you don’t want to mess with
        Lulia = thinks they’re the cool kids

      • I see Shelli as the soccer/PTA mom who smiles in your face and speak to you in that high pitched happy go lucky voice while sabotaging everything so little Clay can be the star.

      • At my HS, Austin would have to be the guy who had long hair and tattoos that hung around the AG building behind the school, smoking pot and making lewd gestures to the girls as they passed…or “creep you don’t want to mess with” will work.

    • She does make some evil facial expressions not a very good poker face! She is so fake and crying on que!

  9. Jason is so pathetic. He had a chance to change his life? He can do that by not being a happy minimum wage worker and learning some skills. Why does he think he is entitled to a chance at winning the lottery? The probability of getting into the game is already near impossible. If he improves himself, then he will change his own life.

    • Isn’t that the “in thing”? A quick fix, reality television, 15 minutes of fame…. As far as the game, he still has a chance to stay but he is not even fighting for it.

      Jason is young, he has plenty of time to change his life, school, a trade, etc….

    • Sadly, Jason does not have the flamboyant personality, as some of previous Big Brother contestants, aka Frankie from last season and Gary from BBC 1 …

      • Thank the good Lord for that I say too! I don’t think I’d have been able to take another season of Frankie and/or Andy!

  10. If you are a Jason fan you have to have faith that he can flip things just in time. The key would be to get Shelli/Clay but that is less likely to happen than Steve but Jackie would also need to choose him over her “friend”. The thing is Becky hasn’t given any reason to believe she is powerful or even cares to be in the game to this point. All I know is that I have quite enjoyed listening to Jason and James shoot the shi%% in the back yard this morning. They know Shelli is the head of the snake but it might have to be up to Meg, James and Jackie to win HOH before we see anything truly happen that will save this season. That is, unless production finally makes a real BB Takeover and brings back the REWIND this week.

    • I’d prefer for Jason to get the coup d’etat twist this week. That would throw the 6th sense into a tail spin.

      • I’m confused. Did I miss something, because I don’t remember seeing Pandora’s Box yet. Isn’t it usually later in the season?

    • Jackie messed up her HOH, she nominated the people who she should be aligning with against the alliance in the house. She totally screwed up…

  11. Is it me or has it been the last few seasons that everyone votes with the house, there is never any surprises on live eviction night, and nobody wants to campaign. I used to enjoy that people on the show had minds of their own and eviction night was exciting but since the Amanda run house it has changed and lost much of its appeal. I miss the campaigning, the last minute secret deals, and houseguests not caring what the hoh wants and voting how they want. I have quit watching mid season in prior years because it got boring and this year seems to be going down the same road. And please get rid of the 2 how thing. It is the worst thing that could ever happen to this game.

    • Yep and BoB magnifies that sad turn of events. The attitude now is more “the HoH targeted me, so I’m going home no matter what.”

    • Part if the fun for me was guessing how they were going to vote. Not anymore, no one wants to get blood on their hands.

    • BB needs to change the rules a little to make the game more interesting. Get rid of BOB. Enforce the rule where HOHs cannot tell who is going on the block and make the veto good for only 1 person. In other words, if you use it on someone else, you cannot save yourself too.

      They can also make it against the rules for the HOH to discuss or agree to nominees with anyone else in the house. Make the HOHs make their own decisions.

      • I agree with everything except I’m not so sure about the veto idea. For the veto to be effective, one of the two on the block would have to win. Or, the person who won it would be taking a very huge risk by using it, and would need to have “complete” trust in the HOH. That would make a huge difference if that is your intention.

    • Yes I totally agree, it’s like one season everyone voted with the house and now every season they just copy what the last season did. I think they tried to change things up with the weekly twists but they are really not creating any effect in the game. Maybe if you win HOH you are locked away in the HOH room watching the cameras but not able to talk to anyone, then it would be a double edge sword, yes you are safe and you have the power to nominate who you want but you can’t strategize for that week until after Veto. That’s would for sure change things up.

    • It is so much better to see the potential nominees slowly get smaller and smaller. Just another thing that battle of the block has ruined.

  12. I just hope Meg, James, Jackie and Becky don’t fall ofr the BS that Clay and Shelli are throwing at them. I do not like Austin, Liz, Shelli, Clay and Vanessa at all. They are all so full of themselves, not just as players, but as people.

    At the same time the other side of the house has no one to blame but themselves. While they are in t backyard laughing it up and have a party the alliance is in the house plotting their next moves and working on their social games. The alliances has managed to cultivate working relationships with almost everyone in the house even though they are using all the floaters for votes.

    Even now that the alliance is exposed the floaters are too busy asking why instead of getting together and plotting next moves. The alliance is showing them nothing but contempt and yet the floaters are still having doubts about who is up to what.

    Jason, Shelli is not HOH. Vanessa is. She put you up. No one made her do it. Yes, Shelli and Clay knew and they have to be dealt with but do not lose sight of the fact that there is an alliance that is getting you out of the house. Count the votes and figure it out.

    • No one believes Clay and Shelli even James who will believe anyone. The issue isn’t will they know they are lying, but will they do anything about it.

  13. ” Jason tells Meg he should have asked Vanessa why she was so against going after the transgender girl but going after the gay guy was just fine.”

    I’ve been wondering just that all week. I really hope someone points it out because I want answers about that – and the drama that would come with it ;)

  14. It shouldn’t be that hard for Jason to stay. He has 3 votes in Jackie, Meg, and James. What he should be doing is working on John and Steve to flip them. He has a ton of info, between Shay’s lies, Dark Moon, etc. Hell, he could even expose the Austin BD plan, and let Steve and Liz/Julia know they were plans B and C. But giving up is awful, and not what BB is about. I expect a “superfan” would be fighting to stay.

    • Maybe after he’s had a few hours sleep his gumption will kick in…he was still in shock being renommed.

      • I sure hope so. There’s a clear strategy sitting there, and I just hope he seizes it, instead of quietly bowing out. He’s being nice to Becky, but come on man, there’s 500K at stake, and this is supposedly your dream opportunity. Plus, Becky?? She know’s nothing about the show anyway.
        The real bummer is he would have dominated an endurance comp, and because of the stupid BoB, it seems they don’t have those anymore, until after BoB is gone.

    • Will Jackie vote to evict Becky? They are pretty close so I am not sure about that.

      Steve, Austin, Liz, Shelli and Clay are strong votes for Becky. They cannot afford to keep Jason in the game because doing so would expose Vanessa to Jason if he wins HOH. I do not think Jason has a chance to stay unless BB comes up with some power to save him at the last minute.

      Look at the witch hunt Vanessa launched to find the two who voted to save Jeff even though Jeff was still evicted. If Jason stays she will go batstuff crazy looking for who double crossed her.

      The rest of the alliance should start thinking of how to attack the Sixth Sense now before the next HOH comp. I think they need to start spinning rumors to sow distrust. Shelli and Clay are giving them some ammo to start by lying that it was all Vanessa’s doing. Meg has given that info back to Vanessa. Now its time to spin a rumor about how that has angered Austin and the twins who are scheming about how to take out Shelli.

      They can use John and Steve to pass this info to the alliance since those two are trusted by Shelli and Vanessa.

      • I agree that Jason will most likely go home even if he fights to stay. But Jason has votes in stone to keep him Meg and James. Becky has JMac. Steve, Austin, Liz, Shelli, and Clay are not strong votes for Becky. The cracks are there in the sixth sense and 3 days is a lot of time for them to turn on each other and save Jason especially with all of them talking bad about each other. It is unlikely, but far from the unlikeliest thing big brother has had.

  15. Right now there’s only two people playing Big Brother, Vanessa and Shelli, so it’s no wonder why everyone else is getting steam rolled. The real sad part is that Vanessa and Shelli aren’t even good players! Both are way too paranoid and easily swayed. Could you imagine what someone like Derrick, Will, Boogie, Dan, Danielle R., etc. what do with these clowns? it would be a field day.

    Jackie? She just realized BB started, and has no read on anything in the house.

    Becky? She believes anything that is said to her and knows nothing about the game of BB.

    Austin? The guy is a complete moron, and now is lovestruck. His intuition is so bad he doesn’t even realize that’s fake too.

    James? Another guy who is incredibly naïve. And he’s really bad about throwing comps. Could have made the HoH throw a little less obvious

    Meg? Only here to be on camera, and expects everyone should be nice to her.

    Jason? A superfan? Come on dude, you haven’t sniffed out any of the 100 alliances until it was too late, and now he’s giving up.

    Liz/Julia? Two twins, one brain cell between them both.

    Steve? Another superfan that is awful at this game. Has zero social game, and is so clueless about it that he thinks he can hook up with Julia.

    John? I love the guy, but he’s another one that has the wool pulled over his eyes too easily. Trusts Clay way to easily, has so much info on each eviction plan, yet still can’t piece together who is running the house and that he’s not a part of it.
    Clay? Guy is super cocky, and is being run over by Shelli.
    It’s so obvious that there is a power alliance in the house, yet none of the fools on the other side seem to care. If they banded together, like they should, maybe this season could get interesting. Instead we have Meg just sit around crying and saying things like “they keep evicting my people.” Well if you think there’s a “they” and they are going after your people, that means “they” have an alliance, and you should do something about it!

    • Two things. First, Yes these players all suck and would be steamrolled by past players probably even BB15 players which I never thought I would say. The problem is that only a few of the players this season have actually seen the show before the week long sequester before the start. Each season there are more recuits will will lower overall gameplay. Second, Vanessa and Shelli are the only ones playing the game hard which any fan will know is a strategy that most likely ends up getting you evicted. Just because other houseguests are not making any moves does not mean they are not playing floating for a few weeks and then attacking is generally the best strategy ask Ian of 14 for just one example. Something someone like John is doing very well.

      • Agree, but I really feel most of them are not floating on purpose (Meg, Becky), but more because they just stink. John is hard to tell, on one hand he did exactly what he needed to do, but I just hope he realizes his position in the house before he gets screwed over. Hopefully he does.

    • Hard to say with Clay, as he may appear to be Shelli’s lap dog, but, not having won any HOH’s, he has had a (in)direct impact on both Shelli’s and Vanessa’s decision making process, from my perspective, without actually getting his hands dirty, err bloodied …
      He has done a good job, so far, in the social game, and, only won the comp that really mattered, (ie POV) ..
      Shelli’s facial expression is so obvious that she is acting, dry tears, the whole sha-bang ..
      Vanessa, indicated early on that she was going to play to win, and really void of emotion once she has made her decision … Yes, she will obsess / stress herself and everyone else in looking for validation before making her decision, but, at least she is playing the game hard .. And, yes, she is also winning the comps that matter, despite saying she does not want the blood on her hands, blah blah blah …

  16. I realize that they have been cooped up together 24/7 for the past 5 weeks or so, but, seriously .. this is just a game .. and, everyone eventually will be evicted .. some earlier from the game, and some will end up in the Jury House … It is not the HG being evicted is dying or something .. you will see them again after the season ends … So, always find it interesting that they are crying and/or in tears … real or not … it is just a game …

    Watching the tail end of AD this morning, if I recall, Meg and Jason were crying a lot last night, about his possible departure this week …
    As for Austin and the Twins … unlike Caleb and Amber last season, Amber did not lead him on, like Liz has been this season, in particularly when she told Julia that she was “whoring” herself with Austin just to get further into the game … and, apparently, may or may not have led Austin to believing something else … Yes, “No” means “No”, but Liz has not really said/done anything to Austin that she really is not interested in moving it to the next step, at least publicly in the episodes/feeds, etc…. Yes, I don’t have feed, and only hear/read what has been posted on these updates ….

  17. Why is it that this season it seems to be that as far as Shelly and Vanessa are concerned that is “So much harder on them” when they are sending someone home than it is on their poor victims.I do not like the dinamics of this season.They are being all nice and sweet all the time, and the minute one tells the other something they go running to the HOH they can’t even seem to have an all out argument. I also find that the comps this year are crap. I also want Jason to stay!!!!!!

  18. Vanessa’s game play reminds me a little of Derricks from last season. Listening to her talk to Meg, Jason, James, and Jackie last night was unbelievable. She just didn’t want to do it but everyone else did. Throwing Shelli and Clay under the bus big time. But wait she doesn’t lie remember. And she confronts liars. Oh and she’s loyal too. But she’s the only one besides Austin and Liz that wanted Jason up. Nobody else did. So the three people that wanted Jason backdoored are sitting pretty and Shelli and Clay are on everyone’s sh#t list. She seems to gotten out of this one with her hands pretty clean. Just like Derrick. Only I liked Derrick a lot more.

  19. Why doesn’t he campaign?! Becky was recruited on tinder! Why doesn’t he spread that around more? She has no credibility. She’s boring to watch. Come on Jason, you know how to pull this out.

  20. Im ready for Austin to go and they need to break up clay and shellie ! The others needs to team up against the six since are what ever they are, if the others could beat them easily. What the heck is wrong with this brunch of idiots????

  21. Why should Jason hide that he’s a super fan? Steve doesn’t hide it. Also did Shelli really throw Jason’s name out there to Vanessa or not? Or was this all Vanessa’s idea?

  22. I really hope Becky leaves this week – leaving Jason to stir up the house. We need some entertainment!!! Its getting old and boring… FAST

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