Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 18 – The Power Finally Shifts

After weeks of the same alliance being in power in the Big Brother 17 house, not even someone with a sixth sense could’ve seen what was heading their way after the latest Head of Household competition resulted in a power shift.

James is about to shake things up with his nominations – Source: CBS

The episode picks up during the first endurance competition since the season premiere. Everyone is still hanging on to the wall as they start getting blasted with water.

Meg tells us in the Diary Room that she just lost her best friend in the game and there are now twins in the house and it is more important than ever for one of her allies to win this competition. And Vanessa knows that neither Meg nor her allies can win because she’s afraid she’ll go up since she sent Jason home.

It looks like Austin has more initiative than anyone to win, though. Because Liz has promised him a kiss if he wins so we can expect him to stay up there all night. Or not. Austin only outlasts Steve as they’re the first two to fall. Sorry, Austin. But Liz can now spare herself some agony. Julia is the next person down.

James, like Meg, knows that he can’t fall because his alliance will be in the line of fire and he could possibly be the main target. And since Meg and Jackie have both fallen off the wall, he knows it’s all up to him.

Liz falls and Vanessa is starting to panic. Only Shelli and Clay remain from the Sixth Sense and since Becky is out soon, it’ll all be up to Vanessa’s core alliance. So it’s James, Clay, Shelli and John left. Oh, wait, Clay is out. Looks like it’s all up to Shelli, because let’s face it, John isn’t going to let himself win. So technically it’s Shelli vs. James. And James throws out a deal to the other two.

Shelli is pretty tired and decides to offer James a deal. She tells him he can’t put up or backdoor her or Clay. She does not mention Vanessa’s name and Vanessa is not happy. James agrees to Shelli’s offer and throws in some to John too just so he will drop as well. John drops then Shelli drops.

James is the new Head of Household and a power shift can finally be set in motion. And James has said he’s seeking revenge, so it’s a good thing Shelli cut that deal with him. Because he won’t go back on it it. Or will he?

Vanessa is especially worried since he made that deal with James that didn’t include her. Elsewhere, Julia wants to be caught up on why Austin is still in the house. Liz tells Julia that Jason made everything up and that Austin has their back. Julia does not believe her and does not pretend she likes Austin. And when he comes in, Julia actually confronts Austin and it becomes even more clear she does not care for Julia in the least.

Cue said music. Shelli needs to talk to Vanessa. She’s upset that she gave up on the wall. She says she went into the competition thinking someone from their team would win and that she didn’t want it to be her. She could not win a third HOH and that she can’t keep holding up the alliance by herself. She also explains to Vanessa that it would have been weird to ask for Vanessa’s safety.

Vanessa tells her and Clay that she thinks it’ll be herself or the twins that go up. And Shelli and Clay are only a little worried. They truly believe that James will stick to his word. After Vanessa leaves they decide they should help James decide by throwing Austin and the twins under the bus. They know one of their side will go up so as long as it’s not them or Vanessa, they’ll deal with it.


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  1. James is really playing this game the way it should be played. But that will put a huge target on his back.

    • Oh James is gone next week unless…
      A: Jackie wins hoh against the 8 other houseguest remaining (because let’s face it meg ain’t winning crap).
      B: James wins pov once he’s nominated.

      That’s it. Breaking up clelli will be a big deal for one week. Next week will roll around and James is gonna realize that everyone who told him they “had his back” don’t give a rip about him.

      • Not having fear of getting blood on his hands makes him interesting for us to watch as an audience, but it does nothing to ensure his safety next week. His only hope now is Jackie winning HoH against 5th Sense, Steve, JMac and Becky. Meg is irrelevant. These are not good odds for him.

      • or he can explain to Steve/Becky/JMac, that they are 3 and the other side is 5(after this eviction) and that siding with them will put them in a better place to take it all….

      • He’s not doing that. Not to mention JMac, Steve, and Becky wouldn’t be interested in that deal anyways. Well, maybe Becky, but definitely not Steve or JMac. They have their own side deals with Sixth Sense.

      • and the 6th sense will ditch them 7th 8th and 9th lol they have a better chance 4th 5th or 6th

      • 6th Sense isn’t that tight of an alliance. Honestly I think Becky and John are in excellent positions right now if they lay low and let SS cannibalize themselves. I bet you anything they will not be out 7th, 8th, and 9th. After James and Jackie are gone, the first major target will be Liz.

      • it depends on who wins next week – this could be one from my side one from you side with Becky -Steve- JMac left standing.

      • I agree. People seem to forget that once an alliance has no major threats, it turns on itself (by puling in one or two people to help)… In this case I think Austin

      • Wait til they find out they no longer do if James does decide to use the Veto, save Clay and put up someone that he knows will be the right one to go home and who won’t interfere with putting James, Meg or Jackie up if they were to win HoH.

      • Thank you!! It’s refreshing to hear someone that’s no afraid to get “blood on their hands.” Vanessa was driving me crazy with this for the past 3 weeks.

      • There’s a CHANCE that Johnny Mac might give him a break if he were to win. Not only did James promise his safety this week, but he should have a lot of bitterness towards being forced to be a pawn and being told to throw competitions for weeks on end.

      • I don’t know that Jmac will step up for HoH yet. He’s no ones target. Let them pick off each other. But I do think if Shelli goes this week and Vanessa next week, he might go for it.

      • The numbers were against Dr. Will on both of the seasons he played. (James = Dr. Will)…. okay, maybe not the same kinda player.

      • He knew the risk making this move. Now let’s see what the other hgs do with him. It’s not over til the fat lady sings as they say! Will the 6th Sense be able to recover after throwing some members under the bus? If they have any hope of getting to the end, they’ll need to either realign with other hgs that don’t have huge targets on their backs or rally back together. Time will tell.

      • Imagine though if Jackie actually does pull off this HOH win next week. Not only would the 5th sense be pissed, but John, Becky, and Steve would also be really scared, and Meg and James would be thrilled and safe another week. That would be amazing. I know the odds are small, but I’m really hoping Jackie can pull this off. And I’m really starting to like her as a player.

      • I don’t think John or Steve have anything to be afraid of. Not yet, anyway. Jackie, Meg and James have to know now that their primary goal is to kill the alliance beast I’m sure they suspect is sneaking around, or if nothing else get whichever half of Clelli doesn’t leave this week and Vanessa.

        Sadly, though, whether it’s week 7 or 8, I have a feeling Sixth (or Fifth) Sense will get some power and begin picking apart our small band of underdogs.

      • Sort of the coward’s way out instead of making big moves like James just did. That’s what the 6th or 5th Sense was doing anyway. If they don’t get out the power hitters in house, they will go back to the ol drawing board and keep doing what they were doing.

      • It may only get rid of one 6th Sense member, but as that episode shown, the 6th Sense alliance is a mess. Julia distrusts Austin, Vanessa tries to throw Shelli/Clay under the bus, and Shelli threw Vanessa under… The small underdogs just need to survive and let the wheels come off the alliance.

      • That would be against the other 9 remaining house guests their will be 11 people in the house next week. In the hoh comp James can’t play that’s 1 playing will be the twins (liz&julia), Austin, Vanessa, Meg, Jackie, Becky, Steve, Jmac, and finally either clay or shelli depending who voted out so that makes 10 playing in comp plus James is 11 left in house. I think you forgot to add a player due to twin twist as even though 5 have been voted out already there are still 12 players this week

      • LOVE JAMES
        Can’t wait until one of the showmance is gone, can’t stand either one, especially Shelli talking about you can’t trust James is she for real
        If Vanessa keeps her word and doesn’t go back with Clay, then one of other side of the house wins HOH and puts up Julia & Liza and back doors Austin can’t stand him either makes me sick to look at him any more, to actually think that Liz likes him is beyond the ridiculous
        I wouldn’t mind Liz to leave especially after what she said to Jason, that was seriously horrible, shows what kind of person she really is and it’s not a GOOD ONE either

      • It isn’t the usual way, but James really had no choice after they’d betrayed him.

    • Take Clay off now and put Vanessa as replacement nominee. James has to make his HOH count by taking out a major threat, Shelli or Vanessa from the game. One less good competitor for the next HOH. Maybe, Jackie and Meg may have a better chance atleast.

  2. Guess maybe they should have stuck to the plan to oust Austin last week. Sure they’d be down a number, but at least they wouldn’t be on the block together. Shellie got drunk on the power and now she’s chocking on it.

    • Chelli might have had a part in last week, but it was Vanessa who chickened out when Austin found out.

      • Not really,Vanessa would have never gone with Jason without Clay and Chelli on board,they are knee deep in BD Jason.

      • Exactly! And they didn’t have to vote to evict Jason either…but then they would have lost Becky who’s their mole.

      • All I’m saying is that Vanessa had more to do with evicting Jason (which I thought was a good move), than Chelli.

      • I have never understood the fear of “going against the hoh”. . Once the veto ceremony is over the hoh has no power and you can vote however you want. The current hoh can’t be hoh the next week so who cares? It’s just an excuse.

    • EXACTLY!!,got cocky and overplayed their hand,suddenly the King and Queen of BB look a little shaky on their thrones,that what happens with paper crowns.

      • So glad to see both of those liars up on the block. Hopefully Clay won’t get his wish to leave by asking the house guests to vote him out over Shellie.
        That snake queen needs to go.

      • Hey, I’m so glad they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Love to see that side crumble at least for this week. I’ve seen updates saying Clay was going around the house to vote him out so Shellie gets to stay. Want an idiot.

      • That fake, hypocritical lying, self-entitled b***h. Clay is running her as his shield, he’s probably used to flashing that smile and getting anything honey-butt wants.

      • I doubt very much if Clay will ask to be voted out, instead of Shelli, he is no knight in shining armor no matter what he believes
        Also they should have take Austin out he is annoying running around sniffing after Liz (makes me sick to watch) if they can get Julia to work with them they could get him out next week

      • I agree with hoping Austin is taken out. He’s a Svengoolie lookalike. He’s another one I can’t stand. But when I was checking out the spoilers they gave you the idea that Clay would sacrifice himself. What an idiot. Hard to believe he’s in college with his puppy dog crush. I also heard he’s going to suggest backdooring Steve. What a creep. Just get Shellie out this week. Then 3 guys and 3 girls are gone. Even steven.

    • Worst move of the season so far,really backfired and in the end may break the sixth sense alliance apart.

      • I’m still not sold that it was a bad move. Yes, it was a bad move for either Shelli or Clay, but the 5 remaining from 6th Sense are all in a very good position right now. Meg and James are so stupid that they STILL haven’t figured out that Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay are working with the twins and Austin. James and Meg are dumb as doorknobs. There are neon signs indicating what the alliance is, but they’re just that bad at this game.

      • Blatant in your face lies won’t matter once they’re voted out and the other person sitting next to you in the finale told the same exact big blatant lie. SS only made that move once the numbers were greatly in their favor. This week is a setback for them, but make no mistake, they will outlast James, Meg, and Jackie.

      • You’re right, it’s possible that one of those three will make it further, but the odds are very heavily against it.

      • Depends how calm Shelli stays,her bitterness has caused an overall divide. And in the past that causes leaks in alliances. To save herself and Clay,she’d sell the whole alliance. She made that clear when she said,anyone that wants to know what really happened come ask me…

      • Whoever is left from Clelli still has Vanessa, which by definition means he or she still has Austin and the twins. Becky is sucking up to the majority alliance. Steve is Vanessa’s puppet. JMac is playing along doing whatever the majority wants, and the majority will still be 5th Sense.

      • The only chance Clelli have of staying in the game is turning on their alliance. They are so out of their depth and I don’t think they will be able to beat Vanessa in the end.

      • I don’t think the house fully realizes how good Vanessa’s game has been. They’re not seeing what we’re seeing. Did you notice how good Vanessa was with James in the HoH room? Compare that to Clelli haphazardly throwing out names without a great deal of logic. Vanessa was saying “here’s what I did to screw you the last two weeks. Sorry. I know you probably hate me. But here’s what I can offer you.” Clelli are still abdicating responsibility for the Jason and not giving James anything dealwise he can sink his teeth into. Vanessa is darn good at this.

      • Nobody but the audience knows how good Vanessa is playing this season and I don’t think Clay or Shelli can play the game at that level. Time to sell her out and join the other side of the house. I doubt the DR will let this happen though. I wish Jackie would turn on Vanessa too.

      • Now that’s an interesting move. i don’t see Clay or Shelli doing that, and they only have a few more hours to get that deal into effect. It would be interesting though. I still think their best play is to ride it out with 6th Sense Minus One, but yours is an interesting play.

      • The SS alliance has turned its back on Clelli and they can’t help but notice this. If Clay survives who will he work with from now on? I think it’s time for him or Shelli to go over to the other side depending on which one survives.

      • I think I see where you’re going with this, but the other side would never trust him. I think Clay’s best move is to stick with Sixth Sense Minus One. They still have Steve, Becky and JMac in the fold. The odds are heavily in their favor.
        Even if he did flip to the other side, he’d end up in the minority. That wouldn’t be a well thought out flip.

      • The SS is planning on voting out Clay and keeping Shelli and I want Clay to stay even if he doesn’t want to stay.

      • That makes sense. If I were Liz, Julia, Austin and Vanessa, I’d vote to keep Shelli too over Clay. Which is exactly the reason Shelli will go and Vanessa will stay because they realize Shelli is the bigger threat. It would be pretty funny watching Vanessa and Shelli stomp through the rest of the game together, but I doubt that will happen now.

      • I actually don’t see Vanessa playing very well. She’s gobbled up a ton of camera time because of her HOH wins, but I think both of her weeks were a waste of a houseguest. She makes too many deals and breaks them, and flips out way to easily.

        She’s a loose wheel on the car. Its only a matter before it flies off.

      • Only because she’s in a stupid deal with everyone. Which is why I don’t think she can win. She can’t spend a week NOT being involved in everything.

      • How is she involved in anything this week? James is running the show and she’s letting him while doing her best to make sure she’s not in his line of fire. That’s called “playing the game.” If you’re not doing that, you’re someone else’s tool and probably shouldn’t be playing BB.

      • How good is Vanessa? Last week she formed an eight person alliance to get rid of Austin then changed her mind and backdoored Jason instead turning on her new 8 member alliance.
        James wins HOH and Vanessa is able to make deals with him while Shelli and Clay are on the block. Now James really thinks he’s going to be working with Vanessa in the future. That’s pretty good if you ask me.

      • Vanessa, the girl that in her second HOH almost backdoored her own alliance member because of a discussion? Yeah, that’s a smart move…. Shelli was responsible for the Jason eviction in my eyes. And James knows it.

      • At first,I thought that too…she was strong early on. But she has shown weakness,for one being so easily swayed by Austin. Like she should’ve closed the deal,instead of sending him to Clay and Shelli. It showed she lost her power. On top of that,it wasn’t as though Vanessa really made an amazing deal. James never had her as his target,so when she came in he basically just used her concern to strike a deal for himself next week. She thinks she made a deal,she doesn’t realize that she was safe either way. Also she failed to realize that Clay/Shelli never put her on their league. Duh,Vanessa! Did you really think they cared about you? Shelli has stated many times,this plan better not effect Clay. Vanessa needs to re-evaluate somethings because her game is declining.

      • Whether James had her as a target or not is irrelevant. All I’m saying is Vanessa handled him far better than Clelli did.

        I don’t think Vanessa’s game is declining at all. She wasn’t swayed at all by Austin. I think she finally came to her senses (thanks to Liz) that the original plan to bd Austin was ineffably stupid. It wasn’t hesitation. It was her admitting that her original plan was silly.

      • There was no way to handle James worse than Clay n Shelli. So I’ll give you that,but that’s no victory. Huh? You watching the same show as me? She was swayed,she was crying and everything! She wasn’t swayed by Liz. Liz flat out said she didn’t agree with their plan,she believed what Austin told her. And Liz said that because A. She knows Austin will always save her. B. She likes Austin despite saying she doesn’t like him. It was absolute emotion and not a smart game
        Move. The other side of the house never would’ve known anything different if she’d let Judas go…who has shown many times he’s not above flipping to save Liz. Now she has “blood” all over her hands and no strong alliance. As the Twins have Austin and Clay has Shelli…and Becky is doing her own little thing. And then Shelli clearly just told her she blew off the HoH so she wouldn’t have “blood” on her hands but cared not at all the previous week when Vanessa was telling her that’s why she had to let Austin go. Shame,Vanessa was doing so great. Now she’s all depressed and more emotional. Hopefully she gets everything together…and hopefully Becky gets caught.

      • She’s a master manipulator and thinks really quickly on her feet. She gets on my nerves but I have to admire her for her game play.

      • They won’t need to turn on their alliance, but get their other alliance members to turn on themselves! It’s getting more and more exciting to see how this rolls by the hour!

      • All depends on positioning,because Vanessa had clearly stated that she sees that Clay and Shelli were never playing for her. Also after the announcement that Shelli made,paired with Shelli not hugging Vanessa. Seems as though it’s very possible Shelli could sale the Alliance out for any possible deal. If James is smart,he’ll go to Austin and tell him that Clay n Shelli tried to get him and the Twins out. It’s all about rolling with this shift. This was a big move that Hames made,if he’s smart enough to capitalize is what I’m waiting for..

      • If he was smart enough James would be sowing seeds of doubt right now in the alliance just like you said but he is already squandering it. On BBAD James and John talking and James won’t even try suggesting to Jon to vote his way. Telling him you do what’s best for you. How does he think his target shelli will go home if he doesn’t campaign to vote her out

      • And what other lies will she feed them ?? Ken & Barbie r getting old, someone needed to stir the pot or should I say if I were Julia burn the kettle

      • According to the feeds today, Meg and James believe Austin or the twins would target Becky if they win HoH. Meg and James are the worst I think I’ve ever seen in the 5 seasons I’ve watched this show.

      • Did you see the feeds today Joni? I said it elsewhere, but I’ll say it again that Meg and James were guessing who the twins or Austin would nominate, and they said they’d nominate Becky. Doh! They’re not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

      • I saw BBAD and I have to tell ya, Clay and Shelli gave a compelling narrative on what they’d do for James and Meg if he were to keep both of them in the game. As for who the twins or Austin would nominate, of course they’d choose someone that wasn’t in their alliance. They’ve been under the cloak of safety from Van, Shelli and Clay for so long, that it’s given them a false sense of security. They too got too comfortable. I think it’s time for them to feel what James got Clay and Shelli to feel. Getting Clay and Shelli to work with them over the Austwins would certainly help James and Meg over the long term than they’d ever get from the Austwins for sure, because they’re stronger competitors and play a better social game as well. Think James will take them up on it today? Guess we’ll have to watch/wait and see!

      • Hmm. Is that a good move for James? Leaving both Shelli and Clay in there to target one of the twins or Austin? I can’t see how this would help his game. The first time Shelli won an HoH James immediately goes on the block. I watched part of the discussion, and it was very clear to me that both of them were lying through their teeth, but I’m curious if James bought it. Meg sure wasn’t buying it.

      • They did lie, but they also want to start with a clean slate too without throwing any of their alliance members under the bus…that’s a very sticky slope they’re expecting James to risk walking. That’s why James needs them to come clean with him and provide strong enough evidence to help his decision than just his and Shelli’s word. Do they have to be selfish to save their butts, yes, but they also have to prove they’re reliable as well. They should have been willing to give this talk earlier than now, but that’s neither here nor there. But I do believe James, Meg and Jackie would go further in the game if they were teamed with Clay and Shelli (since they know their other alliance members better and what they’re capable of) than with other members. This game should be played week by week, making changes as you go that will benefit one another. Loved when James told Shelli and Clay that they were playing with people with no morals and why they would choose them over him (I sort of laughed over that one)….well that told me what their true character was and wouldn’t cause me to trust them, but being in a rock and a hard place like James, Meg and Jackie are…that’s a decision they’d best make with both their eyes wide open than always having to have just one open moving forward.

      • She still doesn’t realize that Austin and the twins are working with Shelli, Clay, and Van. She’s dense and oblivious.

  3. You have to give James credit. When he wants to get something done, he doesn’t let anything stand in his way and goes right for it.

    And boy, Clay and Shelli can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it.

  4. James isn’t playing BB like it should be played. If you’re gonna go after the big targets you make sure you already have an alliance with the numbers to protect you. He CLEARLY doesn’t have that and is taken the word of people that, he should know, were against him just a few days ago. That’s not smart and that’s not safe. James, Meg & Jackie are still clueless to everything going on especially since they are in power now. HoH-itus is clearly present right now in all 3 of them. James better be next to go!

    • I couldn’t stop laughing watching Meg’s and Jackie’s reaction to James’ win. I wouldn’t get too excited ladies. You three are next. They do not have any clue what they are doing, and I hate to admit it’s funny watching how silly they look right now.

    • You’re probably right, but he was heading out soon anyway with the sixth sense winning streak. Might as well go out swinging.

    • He’s playing the Game exactly how he’s suppose’s causing loyalty to split between the “6 Sense” and either way it goes he forced the other side to loose a vote. All is necessary is his allies to win next week…BB is all about positioning. He would’ve been stupid to put up anyone else but 2 of the Alliance Members. If Clay or Shelli save themselves.. He should just nominate Vanessa. Take out the Queens.

      • Yep, especially since the King can only move one square at a time after even the pawns are gone!

    • James has big enough balls to make a huge game play and accept the consequences. No matter what happens to him in the future of the game, he’ll go down in BB history for making one of the biggest moves.

      • Can’t wait until Wednesday – this game is aging me and I don’t need any help with that! It’s also making me “nervous snack”, and I don’t need any extra pounds either!

      • I had to start grabbing the celery instead of the chocolate or I would be sinking in the proverbial pool instead of floating! LOLOL

      • LOL back at ya! That’s what I have to do – stock up on celery and other raw veggies, instead of eating leftover roasted potatoes from my Sunday dinner! Have a nice rest of the evening, Joni!

      • I understand that but for someone who is playing to win for his daughter that wasn’t very smart. Derrick could have taught him that. You get rid of the floaters and the big competitors first WHILE you have the numbers on your side. If you’re there just to make waves then yeah fine go for it. But if you’re really trying to win then that move was one of the stupidest moves you can make at this point in the game when you only have 2 people that are truly backing you up.

      • That’s not what my point was at all. I was saying he’s dumb for going after them when he only has 2 people truly backing him up. He’s next to go since he is everyone’s target. If he’s there to make waves and not care if he leaves then yeah go for it. But he’s made it clear he’s playing to win for his daughter so again that was obviously a stupid move.

  5. Wouldn’t it have been so much better if BB had recruited Julia instead of Liz? Julia seems more focus in the game and would have never gotten involved with a guy like Austin. She hates him with a passion now and I am loving it! Hopefully she can manage to separate from her twin and go to the other side!!

      • Eeeww…. there is no Austin and Liz. She doesn’t like him like that and is only hanging with him for her own personal gain. She’s into herself so much she doesn’t see he will send her sis up the river. He is creepy with feelings towards her.

    • Look for Julia to come up with a plan to expell and evict Austin from the house. She just can’t until Veto ceremony is over, though.

  6. I have a feeling that James realized he’s playing with a bunch of wusses and realized how he became one for awhile and that’s why he couldn’t sleep. I think his nominations are more about remembering who he is and in that house he’s been something he’s not. I’ve seen that look in his eyes and that “enough is enough” tone of voice in people before. And again I say…no matter who goes up as hoh next ….they better go after he 3 headed snake next. With all three of them on jury ..they will all vote the same.

    • You’ve made a great point. Everyone is worried abt the three in house controlling who goes home. They better worry about them controlling who wins from the jury

    • Too late. After this week they all go to jury. James cannot change the plan now or he will have no one next week. At least now there is a chance Austwins will leave him alone for a week since he did them a huge favor.

    • The fact that Clay & Shelli were smiling while stabbing James’s friends in the back was probably the last straw. There’s nothing worse than a false friend.

      • Their only chance of survival is to stop lying to James and tell him the truth. Too bad they’re unaware that Vanessa made a deal with James.

      • Yep, and I think that’s what they’re going to do, but they have to be strategic with their approach!

      • That’ll be their last resort as Van is really their only link if they both get to play and keep them safe moving forward.

  7. Liz has no judgement,so desperate for attention she has allowed herself to roll around in the bed with Bigfoot.

  8. Clay and Shelli telling the house that James cannot be trusted because he broke a public deal with them is a joke. They had not problem telling Vanessa to break her handshake deal with Jason, James and Meg. It was fine for Vanessa to break the deal with others but when it comes to someone breaking a deal with them they are outraged? LOL.

    Poor Clay. He is so caught up in a fake showmance he is about to get himself evicted for Shelli who seems to care less he is giving up a lifetime experience for her.

      • He wasn’t that great a football player at A&M…even though he won a football scholarship there.

      • He’s skinny by elite football standards. He’s got more of a swimmer or gymnast body. I was surprised he played football with his build.

      • He does look pretty good and I won’t even try to compare him to the other guys in the house! That would be stretching it way too far. Ahahaha

      • He’s a very handsome young man. I would never claim that he wasn’t. All I’m saying is his build isn’t big enough by elite football standards. Saying someone has the body of an elite swimmer or elite gymnast is not an insult. ;-)

      • I wasn’t insulted at all – I don’t even know how tall he is or what he weighs but just by looking at him on TV I thought he was a big guy. Didn’t he play cornerback at A&M though? That position requires more than size definitely. :D

      • Abs like his are unusual in football. They can happen, but usually abs like his come from having a tiny waist. Next to Austin he looks like a little man, so I’m assuming he’s not that big. Austin looks much more like a football player. I just want to reiterate that Clay is a hot young man. I’m not arguing that he’s not.

    • IT is worse than a joke,it is insanity considering the whole sixth sense alliance not only lied but also betrayed the whole house last week by not keeping their word.

  9. Meg tonight in the DR: “I got tired of deciding to vote out my best friend, or my other best friend, each and every week.”
    Did it ever occur to you, my dear, that maybe you should start playing the game to make that stop happening? Nice girl, but really dumb.

  10. While James has this power in his hands he should be collecting information and making deals. . I know I would be threatening everyone with the veto . I’d be definitely feeding others info to see who is loyal and I’d be controlling Becky mouth by telling her she’s about to be sitting next to shellie hmmmm

    • He has been collecting information…maybe he’ll make deals eventually, but right now he’s decided not to as he doesn’t want to cause a ruckus.

    • He has zero foresight. It’s frustrating to watch. As bad as Shelli and Clay were tonight, James was right up there for making me cringe.

      • Well I’m not giving up on him yet. He knows how the military drills and strategic planning work. He doesn’t want to do what Vanessa has done. He wants to have a solid plan in place and won’t until he’s gathered enough intel. You just gotta be patient. I’m willing to wait him out.

      • He’s got until the veto tomorrow. I’m not hopeful.
        His nomination speech was really bad. Throwing down the gauntlet like that when you have a momentary blip of power and can’t even play in next week’s HoH was stupid beyond comprehension.

      • Things change on a flip of a coin, though, this season. It’s best to wait til the very last moment to say what one will do. Sad, but that’s my observation.

      • We’ll see but if the 6th Sense is dissolved because of this them this week will have been wildly successful.

        What were they to do? If they took out Steve, they would be up on the block next week anyway. Last week the 6th Sense was talking about the order of eviction and it was Jackie, James, Becky, JMac, Steve then Meg.

        James preempted that with is HOH this week.

      • I know…it would be different if he had a big alliance to go against the bigger alliance. He didn’t, so he went with his gut to do whatever he could to at least put a dent in their armor (figuratively)! :-)

      • I am not sure you are right. I think the plan is shallow. They are relying on people who have no reason to go along with them except for self-interest and James is not thinking about that.

        He, Jackie and Meg should be making sure that Austin and the twins vote out Shelli. They should be reinforcing Austins distrust for Shelli.

        One thing they can do is wait for Clelli to approach James then go back to Austin and Liz and tell them Shelli wants him to backdoor Liz while Clay wants him to backdoor Steve.

  11. Clay and Shelli talking about making a deal with James, Jackie and Meg. They are saying they need to admit their mistakes to James and tell them they will work with them. But, Shelli says they cannot mention any names to James! So why would James makes this deal if you are not willing to throw someone under the bus to show you are telling the truth.

    • They’re halfway there at least but of course they’re going to have to throw a few people UTB.

      • If CHelli decide to throw Vanessa under the bus to James, I would make sure Vanessa hears about it. That may stop her campaign to try to save Shelli.

        As far as Chelli trying to make a deal with James, remember this James…You went back on your word to Shelli and they will do the same to you. Don’t fall for it.

      • But that’s the point! It shows they have not broken their loyalty to their alliance and therefore cannot be trusted.

        In any case, Liz warned James what Clay and Shelli are going to say so he is prepared and their plan will not work.

      • Clelli have nothing to lose a this point – throw the SS UTB and if James does decide to save them the game will be more exciting to watch as 2 sides battle it out.

      • It could be a successful HoH if he takes down Clay and puts up Vanessa and proceed to BD her by aligning the rest up to vote her out! I sure hope that happens…but we’ll see.

  12. I think whatever Audrey was on, Clay must of tried some of it. he can’t really make out any coherent sentences and acts like he is on a dating show instead of Big Brother, he has no game. I honestly want Shelli gone the most, so I can see the meathead ‘try’ to play the game for a change, but if he goes home thursday, equally satisfying. since it would be fun to see Shelli handle more drama, without Clay for a shield. somehow when such a lying and devious person truly loses their composure, it just never gets old and I want to see some more. please? ;)

      • I lost at it Meg saying “you realize how many twisted words are going on this house?” and Clay “Yeah! but I’m a furless bat”. that look on Meg’s face afterwards, I died. rofl

  13. did anybody else catch julia saying she “wouldn’t trust him with a ten foot pole” uhhh… i don’t think that’s exactly how the saying goes sweetie

    • Yep, it’s “I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole” and the other goes like this, “I wouldn’t trust him as far I can throw him!” She got the two mixed up together! hahahaha

    • She majorly screwed up another saying a few weeks ago. The saying she meant to say was “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” but she butchered it hilariously. I wish I can remember what she said.

      • She can’t help it. At first I thought she was keeping him close for a game move, but now I think she just likes the attention.

  14. I have to admit it was funny when Shelli basically tried to call up James on integrity. Um,this is BB..a game. As though “6 Sense” has been playing with all integrity.

    • Oh my gosh yes. It’s so sad (and hilarious) to see their reactions afterwards, like they seriously feel entitled to just stay in power and have the rest of the HGs carry them to glory just because they’re so in love.

      • You can tell completely by their reactions. If they were smart, they would have simply nodded at their nom announcement and gone off to make plans. They just don’t realize that there’s NO trust in the house for them, and a weak plea of “but James went back on his word!” won’t help because NO ONE CARES. Everything they accuse James of doing, they did last week.

      • Right…they’re grabbing at straws. No one pulled their arm to evict Jason either, but if they evicted Becky, they’d lose their mole. So they have no one to blame but themselves for being where they are. They thought he would keep his word…even though they wouldn’t have if in the same situation.

      • That’s why its OK in their minds to try to backdoor Steve because they are more worthy. He’s there to serve their game.

  15. Well, this is nice and all but if the power shifts back next week…oh boy there’ll be **** to pay. I’m assuming one of Clelli goes (you never know until it’s evict night and both their butts are in those chairs) and if the other wins HoH, or Van, or Austin/twins, if nothing else they’ll be scared of a possible “revolution” against the Sixth Sense reign and clamp down hard on the underdogs, which are just Meg, Jackie and James at this point. If anything, Becky has sadly decided to play the role of SS’s local rat.

    I just don’t think SS will implode. If anything, fear will cause them to group closer together after this week for protection, and if any of them get power week 7…it’ll be all about retribution.

  16. It annoyed me when chelli brought up how the house can’t trust James anymore and they had nothing to do with Jason leaving. I really hopes shelli goes home over clay and gets booed on eviction night so sick of her

    • Don’t worry, not a soul in the house believes them. Even their own alliance knows they’re full of it. Clelli, I think, are so naive that they think everyone will rally to them just because, you know, they’re Barbie and Ken. I don’t think they realize they have little to no support when the fire gets hot.

  17. 6 Sense may close ranks..but either way it goes they lose a member this week. And I don’t think they’ll be as loyal to each other going forth,this has shown then mini-Alliances inside of 6 Sense. I hope Vanessa realizes she needs a partner.

    • If they get power week 7, I have a bad feeling they’ll rally and start targeting the underdogs. Yes, right now Sixth Sense is scared but when (if) they regain HoH, they’ll remember the terrifying underdogs are just three people.

  18. I am so team Underdogs but I know they are not going to last long in the BB house. James just bought his alliance an extra week, but the moment the other side wins, James and Jacky go up.

    There are no deals they can offer.

    • I know…which is sad….and James knew this might happen when he made that big move. What did he have to lose, really when he was already a stalemate?

  19. If Steve is supposedly held in such high regard by everyone. why won’t someone clue him in that Clay/Shelli are trying to maneuver him into the backdoor? He’s ready to go to the mat for them while they are trying to sell him out.

    • He is just on the pecking board for me…no high or even low regard…he’s a pawn for the 6th Alliance just as they see JMac as.

      • And people rip Meg for trusting people that want to cut her. Steve thinks he’s playing, but he’s getting played. He’s at the bottom of everybody’s list. Useful idiot.

  20. Vanessa trying to seem supportive of of Shelli and Clay by pretending to help them come up with a plan but what she is really doing is trying to convince them that they shouldn’t throw her under the bus because it wouldn’t work anyway.

    • She’s a sneaky one!!! She’s gathering info to take back to James or use for a later time for herself!

  21. I don’t get why ppl call them Barbie and Ken. Clay is attractive but Shelli isn’t the hottest. It’s very clear whom controls that relationship..and I’m not sure Clay is fully functioning with his brain. I’m curious on how his game would go without Shelli

    • I agree when they showed how he mumbled and the words he used something like a hairless bat I do think he is a bit slow. Shelley talks to him like he is a manchild. I wonder what his family and friends think when they watch him. I would slap him. I don’t think he would do well trying to be a model. He really isn’t very bright and shelley needs to act her age she doesn’t do well acting like a twenty year old. I pray she goes home.

  22. I don’t want James to go home after this. He’s the only one willing to make big game moves like players from years past (not the punks in recent years). It’s selfish of me to say that I’m happy he did this even though it puts a target on him, because I want shelli and clay to go home. Hope they don’t win the veto and for some random reason and first time in Big Brother history both nominees go home just cuz!!! I don’t like how she came in the house alone but playing for a guy she just met. RIDICULOUS. They’ve knocked people out of the game each week and when they are nominated they cry about it. Pull them panties up and realize your in a game and you can’t always be winning.

    • You summed up what I have been thinking about clay and shelli all along this week. Thanks for putting it into words for ne

  23. Watching After Dark and I can only shake my head at Clay and Shelli buttering James up. They just called his world they’re saying outside they’ll always be friends

    • Did they forget he was in the military? They’re dishonoring him by telling him that.

    • Watching to them talk is so nauseating, I had to turn the channel for a bit. It all sounds like a bunch of lies. I do have to say it’s funny how frazzled shelli has become since she’s been placed on the block.

      • Clay and Shelli are telling James nothing. They keep saying there are “other people” but they never name who they are. James, Meg! Ask them!!! Who are you talking about, Shelli? Give us a name so we know you are not full of crap!

        I am screaming at my monitor! LOL.

  24. Hoping the houseguests realize Shelli is the brains of Clelli and needs to go first. Also think Vanessa could go far at this rate – she’s still pretty much avoiding being a target. She’s like a combo of Dan and Derrick.

  25. Damn! My feeds crapped out right in the middle of Clelli talking with James and Meg.

    I hope Meg and James see what going on here. They are saying keep them and get rid of someone else. But James! Ask them who they had in mind? Ask them who they put up next week if they win HOH. Don’t let them get away with saying nothing!

    They are basically offering nothing.

  26. Jackie is not up in the HOH talking with Shellli and Clay, James and Meg. She should be. She is downstairs talking with Vanessa and Vanessa is working on Jackie.

    This is bad play guys.

  27. I was originally going to vote for Jason and Davonne as America’s Favorite Player (I still will). But now I know for a fact that James deserves it more than anybody. What James did was amazing.

    I knew that he put Clelli on the block. But after watching this episode, I’ve come to the conclusion that Shelli is the most pathetic person in the house. I had no idea that she demanded James to not put her and on the block. Why should he do any favors for you? You’ve done nothing for him this entire game, and America at large hates you and Clay.

    And the fact that he went against that, and did exactly what America at large wanted him to do, deserves him that AFP prize. His chances of winning Big Brother are slim-to-none, but I will campaign hard for James to win AFP.

    • How exactly do you know what “America at large” thinks and feels? I’m honestly curious. It’s probably better to just stick to stating your own opinions and thoughts. If you’re basing it off of these boards or other online boards, consider how many fans don’t go online to voice opinions. There are a lot of them.

      • I never said you were wrong, and I never said “for a fact”. I’m not Vanessa.

        Interesting that you seem defensive and like you wanted a comeback where it wasn’t necessary. You just have no way of knowing, and neither do I. Unless you have statistician skills and you want to go through the effort of polling the entire nation’s worth of homes that tune into Big Brother.

      • You know what America at large means right? It doesn’t mean all of America. Just a large portion of America. And all of America doesn’t even watch the show. Less than 2% of the American population watches Big Brother. And out of that 2% most of them don’t like them. Of course there is a small population that likes them.

      • Yes, I know what it means. But you don’t even know if a large portion of America feels that way. Obviously not all of America watches the show, as you can see I said “the entire nation’s worth of homes that tune into Big Brother”. You would have to poll every home who watches the show to find out how many of them like Shelli and Clay. Even that number is too big — even 2% of nearly 320-million is a lot to poll. Speaking of which, I’m not even sure where you got that 2% from. Did you make it up or did you get it from somewhere? Let’s say you’re right though, 2% of 320 million is 6.4 million. You don’t even know that a large portion of 6.4-million viewers don’t like Shelli and Clay. And neither do I.

      • Yes you can figure out how America at large feels about something. Whenever you see polls about anything (most of the time for elections), they just take a sample size, and that represents America at large. The same thing with Q Scores, test markets, Nielsen ratings, box office predictions, Family Feud questions, etc. There is no way that you can ask everybody how they feel. But you can come to a pretty valid conclusion with sample sizes.

      • Not really I can pick 50 or 100 people out of a thousand and those I pick might all have the same opinion and the other 900-950 people might have a different opinion. But who cares what everybody else thinks this comment board is for personal opinions. Who cares whose opinion matches a majority of others

      • That is exactly what companies do all the time. And their finding are considered valid, and used by a lot legitimate news sources and valid source material.

      • Like I said but who cares how they poll people I was pointing out a obvious flaw in both of your theories. You can deny it all you want doesn’t make it less true. Who cares what anyone else thinks it shouldn’t matter what other people’s opinions are when forming your own opinion

      • Its not an opinion, its a fact. When you see presedential polls, they are valid. And they are posted by legitamate news sources like CNN, The New York Times, Newsweek, etc. and when a candidate is leading in the polls, that is an accurate representation of America at large. And they use sample sizes as well. You can’t deny it.

      • Right that’s why they always use the disclaimer that they are poll results. If it is such an accurate representation then why are there almost always descrepancies between polling data and election results. Polling is a token sampling of a small percentage of population. Sometimes it can be pretty accurate but more often it is not accurate. I’m not trying to discredit polling I am trying to point out that polling isn’t 100% accurate like you seem to think. If I’m misunderstood you then I apologize

  28. I can’t believe I ever wanted James to go over Jeff. He’s one of the most amazing players I’ve ever seen. With that being said, I still wish Jeff was still in the game over Clelli, Austin, The Evil Twins, Vanessa, and Steve.

    • Amazing because he won HoH, is taking out a big target, and will be going home next week? It’s exciting to watch, but it’s far from amazing gameplay.

      • He would’ve been going home this week otherwise. You think Shelli would’ve worked to save him if she won HOH?

      • You have an interesting definition of “most amazing players I’ve ever seen” if you’re giving that award to someone who is imminently going home because he didn’t play the social game well.
        If he was so amazing, why isn’t he striking deals to extend his stay far beyond the next week?

      • Vanessa was going to do that later in the game. So too would Austin and the twins. Lots of people had their eyes on doing it. You’re giving James way too much credit.

      • Nobody from this season so far has made the cut of being an AMAZING player this season IMHO anyway. They have all been to afraid of getting blood on their hands and picking people to throw comps. James is just going for the big move as he pretty much knows that barring him winning veto or one of his allies remaining in power after this week he is going home next so he is making a big move. There are a few good players this season but not “amazing”

      • That remains to be seen. I think Vanessa and JMac have a lot of potential depending on how things shake out. Those are the two who have their eyes on the prize. Ironically those are also the two who need the money the least.

      • No s**t Sherlock. But this is something that should’ve happened weeks ago. Finally I can get one of those vomits off my feeds.

      • I’m confused. You tell me James is the only one with the “ballz” to make this move, I tell you that other players were going to make the same exact move later, and you tell me “no **** Sherlock”? You are making no sense. Which I suppose I should be accustomed to at this point.

      • This needed to happen weeks ago. And James was the only person brave enough to do it.

        I said no **** because yeah, when there’s 4 people left, you have to put them on the block at some point. It’s not rocket science.

      • Let’s not mistake bravery with stupidity. Most people are playing to win. James is playing to make a big move and to not win.

        It’s always a pleasure conversing with you Yo.

      • Agreed. Way too soon to be giving James that much praise. Forgetting or just disrespecting players of the past to already put James in such elite company. James is acting on emotion, wanting to seek revenge, and not thinking long-term; something he admitted himself when conceding he’ll be the next one out. Not exactly “best ever” material.

      • It’s surprising to see how many superfans here are not seeing that James’ move was a terrible one. Assuming Jackie or Meg don’t win the next HoH, he will be quickly forgotten.

  29. Clay and Shelli still talking to Meg and James. They have given James absolutely nothing. Why he hasn’t kicked them out of the HOH room is beyond me. I hope he is not falling for their BS. Meg might be! :>)

  30. Ha. Shelli and Clay left the HOH and James says,”Shelli and clay didn’t wanna crack and giving me no information.”

  31. Shelli claiming that “she can’t keep carrying her alliance” is a load of crap as she hasn’t carried them yet Vanessa is putting just as much if not more effort than her and the others in the alliance have also been helping out as much as they can with maybe the exception of Austin sticking his foot in his mouth repeatedly and doing bone headed things but he has also contributed a little to the alliance

    • What alliance??? They all stab each other in the back. They can’t keep their stories straight. Its “Do unto me and do my bidding but don’t expect me to return the favor” . Favorite saying ” I had nothing to do with it”. These people are idiots..

  32. I really hope the nominations stays the same. Let’s see how far Shelli will last without her boytoy… I give her 3 weeks of survival (if she survives this week)…. she’s burned too many bridges the past 2 weeks.

  33. Everyone keeps talking about what a bad move James made (won the battle, but lost the war, etc.) but what else would you suggest he have done instead? Is there any other move this week that would have kept him safe? Not really. He’s on the losing side of a numbers game; he was screwed next week no matter who he nominated. He’s in a tiny alliance and he can’t play for HOH. Unless Jackie or Meg win next week, he was ALWAYS going to be in trouble. Let’s say James played it safe this week and went for Steve. He’d still be screwed next week because anyone who wins HOH (Becky, Jmac, 6th Sense) is likely still coming after him and his alliance. He was in a horrible position whether he went for a big target or not. The only better move (IMHO) would have been to take our Vanessa, but hiw is he supposed to know that? He’s looking at two big couples (Clelli/Austwins) and it would certainly appear smarter to break up a couple rather than take out a single player. We at home know Vanessa is a dangerous gamer, but she’s playing it smart and coming off as non-threatening.

    • I agree. His opponents were taking out his friends every week, so his chances of winning are very small. At least he can take out the top competition winner and break up a couple.

  34. Yeah, oh boo hoo for Shellie and Clay. They are playing a really slimy game & Clay wouldn’t be such a punk if James was 6″2. James is playing the game. His friends are being lied to and sent home one by one. Screw Clellie & the not so sixth sense. Vanessa is SO screwed, she alligned herself with complete liars and they will stab her in the back with her own knife.

    • The crazy thing is that so many people are still running back to them with information, like Becky. Everyone is acting as if Clay and Shelli are the homecoming king and queen.

      • Yeah, Becky is hella dumb! She is just a vote & isn’t doing much. Shellie has been nothing but annoying & the puppets are pulling their own strings for them. Vanessa would be wise to jump ship asap. The others outside of six sense need to step up.

  35. Chellie + Lying = one going home this week!!! bwahahahahahahaahaha it’s amazing how she is still holding on to the lie that she and clay had nothing to do with Jason going home…. I’ve meet some dillusional people in the past but wow… WOW.

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