Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 12 – Shelli, Liz And The 90s Take Over

It’s 90s week in the Big Brother 17 house, and while Shelli and Liz were no doubt in sync with their initial nominations, Audrey spewed more of her garbage, causing Shelli to have faith no more in her. So Audrey could easily find herself hitting the pavement during the next live show.

Sorry about all those 90s bands references. I just had to do it.

Clay does his best grunge while hosting the Battle of the Block comp – Source: CBS

The episode picks up right after Shelli and Liz won the Heads of Household titles. So the Sixth Sense alliance is happy. Audrey is happy because neither of them are gunning for her. Jackie is feeling alone and a little nervous because Jeff left and now she’s vulnerable.

But the first matter at hand is to decide who those four votes to evict Jeff were. And Austin is the first to bring it up to Liz, who happened to be among the four. Liz explains to us in the Diary Room that she’s never going to reveal she was one of the votes. And at the moment that vote is being blamed on Audrey. But it was Steve.

Elsewhere Jason is prepared to go up on the block because he’s alone in the game and there’s no one to make mad by sending Jason home.

Back to the wonky votes. Clay and Shelli are now discussing them and Clay thinks one of the votes may have been from Becky.

Now it’s time for Shelli and Liz to start talking about what they’re going to do this week. And since they can’t think for themselves, let’s check in with Clay and Austin. They both think that Jason needs to be the target this week because he is the most likely person to come for the twins. But the plan turns into one that means four people could go up and it doesn’t matter who goes home.

But there’s still that weird vote for Jeff. They’re concluding that one of the stray votes was from Becky. So maybe she goes up along with Jason and maybe Jackie.

Speaking of Jackie, Austin makes a dumb move and talks to Jackie about the possibility of her being a pawn. Hey Austin, last time I checked you were not HOH. Jackie tells Shelli this and Shelli is not happy. So Shelli takes this information to Vanessa and tells her that they have to be careful with Austin. And Vanessa isn’t exactly pleased he went rogue either.


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  1. Jackie, James, Steve, Jason, Meg, John and Becky need to wake up. How can they not know their is a 5 person alliances (Liz/Julia being 1 right now)? As soon as Liz won HOH and came in the house she took Vanessa aside to talk. A sure sign they are working together. You know Shelli and Clay are working together and Liz/Austin are together so they must all be working together. When Shelli nominated Jason and John she said her pool of people to nominate was getting smaller. So she nominated the same people that have been getting nominated from the beginning. In the meantime, Steve is going after Meg, James is running to tell Shelli what Jackie is saying, Jason is talking about getting Steve out, blah, blah, blah.

    Did they watch the BB 16 shows? Did they not see the sheep go to the slaughter week after week until everyone was gone but Derrick, Cody and Victoria? Even Donny, the house favorite went home eventually – Meg should keep that in mind.

    They have the numbers now but in a few weeks they will be at a huge disadvantage. They need to allow this Audrey eviction to happen then they need to win HOH and band together to take out Liz, Vanessa, Shelli or Austin.

    • steve and john both think they are in the alliance.
      meg can’t win anything
      becky and jackie are in lala land
      James or jason have to lead the charge

  2. John has such a sweet disposition ~ His laugh tonite was music to my ears. I’ve made up my mind: JOHN for the WIN!

      • I’ll hop on! Annoying voice aside, I really like the guy. I’d love to see him win HOH and put up Shelli and Clay, with his explanation just being flipping them both off at the same time.

      • Actually what would be even better than that is if he pulls them aside in the HoH room and explains to them: ”Ok you’re NOT the target this week, I just need the both of you to throw the BotB, and then you can battle it out for Veto, but don’t worry, even if you don’t win, we’ll make sure somebody else goes home this week! …If you’re uncomfortable with that just let me know because I really need you both to be team players.”

      • The funny thing is, if John did win HOH he basically HAS to put up Shelli and Clay because they kept putting him up, if he didn’t put them up then that would show for sure they are working together!

  3. Does Becky think we’re playing hide and seek? Come out, come out! Seriously, who is Becky? Are we ever going to get to know her? I hope she is more visible on the feeds than she is on the program, BBAD, BBN, and Jokers. She did get accused of a hinky vote, though, but she didn’t even give us that.

    • Well let’s see now, she’s cute, with a nice personality, and a great body on top of all that… Get the feeling she’s just there to be a ratings grabber? ;)

      • You are definitely all man, Matt. That’s not a complaint. LOL And we have seen enough of her body to know you are correct about two out of three. I have no idea about her personality, but I would like to.

      • Yeah it would be nice for her to get more camera time than simply seeing her bounce around in the background with her big smile and (ahem) friendly personality… Again, my guess is that she (like most people on reality tv nowadays) isn’t there for her theories on quantum physics nor her philosophies on the historical precedence of poverty in our society.

      • Matt, take this as a compliment. You so very much remind me of my intellectual, sarcastically witty husband. Still, at times, after 20 yrs of marriage and 5 yrs of dating, I have to be looking at him to know if he is serious and I sometimes feel sorry for those he “plays” with.

      • I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying, but you told me to take it as a compliment and so I will (mostly because compliments are rare in a negative and judgemental society such as ours)… ;)

      • I should have said, your intelligence is obvious, your good-natured sarcasm is appreciated, your wit is entertaining, and your insight is genuine and unique.Better? lol

      • Could you dumb it down a bit more for me? You see I’m not all that bright, I’m pretty grumpy, I’m fairly bland and I find I’m far too often following the crowd… ;)

        Ok ok, in all seriousness, thank you my dear, you remain incredibly generous and kind, which as I said, is a rare gift and blessing in today’s world! :)

    • I saw someone mention awhile back that she hadn’t even been called into DR all that week. If that’s true, is the show intentionally not showing her or talking to her? Surely she has to do something all day, every day, talk to someone.

  4. Steve to JMac: “Do I make you feel uncomfortable when I talk game to you?..please tell me..JMac..”No! you’re cool to me, You’re completely different from anybody in the house that I talk to”.lol..JMac is really nice.

    ….then I go to another Cam..and guess who’s talking? Van!..stfu!

  5. I know Audrey is a liar but these HGs should be able to figure it out… Why are the same people nominated every week? Why are the same people in the HOH room every day, multiple times a day? Why was Audrey kept safe? I really want to fly to the BB house and yell over the wall!!!

  6. I thought the competition was really clever, I loved the 90s references! Although I definitely never heard of the Screaming Trees before.

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