Big Brother 17: Clay & Vanessa Turn On Audrey Ahead Of Veto Ceremony

Fight! Here we go with a fantastic battle on the Big Brother Feeds this afternoon thanks to Audrey and her former allies plotting to set her up for Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

Clay battles with Audrey on Big Brother Feeds
Clay battles with Audrey on Big Brother Feeds – Source: CBS All Access

After a quiet morning Audrey found her way outside to Clay and Austin in the backyard where things kicked off what’s been going on for more than two hours at the time I write this. It’s only going to build up to and beyond Monday’s Veto meeting.

This is highly worth watching and you can rewind to the events on the Live Feeds by using Flashback which works like a DVR so you can go to any minute of any day on any of the four cams. It’s glorious.

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Flashback to 12:52PM BBT as Audrey arrives and starts to slowly build up an argument with Clay. Clay is antagonizing her and she’s letting things escalate by feeding back in to it. Clay questions her trust of Shelli. Audrey says she’s been helping their game by bringing info but Clay denies its usefulness. They continue to circle around, climbing the tower of angry.

Meanwhile upstairs, Flashback 1:35PM BBT, Vanessa and Shelli are planning to have the Veto used on Jason because they thing JMac will have more ammo against Audrey to campaign. They’re not backing down yet and in a few minutes they definitely won’t change their minds.

Clay & Audrey’s fight boils over at 1:44PM BBT and he gets up to leave and goes straight to the HoH room where he begins his retell of events. Audrey comes up and tries to enter the room. She was probably hoping to get there first. Clay won’t let her in. She says she doesn’t care if he’s there, but Clay says he sure does care if she’s there.

Audrey finally gets in to the HoH room and things take off here at 1:52PM BBT. Audrey starts to choke up while Shelli sits back and watches the fireworks while Clay and Vanessa lay in to Audrey. Clay is upset saying he can’t stand liars as he continues to argue with Audrey.


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  1. “Climbing the tower of angry” ~ I like that Matthew! Please use the veto on John, he’s earned the reprieve. I like Jason also, but with Audrey by his side, he’s sure to be saved. And Clay ~ again, who’s HOH is this? I’m aching to see Clay up on the block next week.

    • I agree, but using the Veto on either with Audrey next to either should be fine too. They’ll both survive this week!

      • I would rather see Austin go before Jason. Jason will still remain a target but the creepiness of Austin over ALL the girls would be terminated.

      • I’d like to see Austin go before Jason. We’re on the same track Jeannie Crawford. I like your new avatar. Would you mind telling me what it represents?

      • I was going to say military, but was reluctant to catagorize. Is that a new arm patch? It’s not what I remember. My dad had his own small plane, wanted to go in the AF for WWII, but was told he had to continue farming to feed the country. So you’re serving our country in the USAF??

      • No not me. I have family who have served. Not sure if it’s the new arm patch. I grew up and still live in TN. It’s to honor the 5 serviceman killed in Chattanooga.

      • Whooo Rahh! Semper Fi! My son and daughter-in-law served in the Marine Corps. How thoughtful of you to honor those Marines shot down in Chattanooga. Thank you to your family members who have served.

      • Thank you Cuddles. I will pass on the thank you. Please thank your son and daughter in law for their service.

  2. Can you hear that?… That’s the sound of Grodner frantically stomping throughout the halls of CBS Studios, trying to find her creative team to figure out how to get Audrey out of this mess.

  3. I completely understand why Audrey deserves to go on the block, she lied and manipulated and got caught while doing it but Clay and Vanessa are acting holier than thou like they haven’t lied and manipulated also! Plus, they knew how Audrey was since week one when Da’vonne outed her so they only have themselves to be upset at as they kept someone safe who they knew was a pathological liar and manipulator. It’s their fault and I’m just laughing them.

    Oh, and Audrey had a right to be paranoid about being backdoored because she was about to be backdoored yet Clay got mad that she would think that they would backdoor her???? Ummmm, okay.

    • Yeah, for all Clay keeps proclaiming how much he hates liars, he sure lies a lot. Vanessa’s crocodile tears when she was so “hurt” by Audrey were pretty funny as well. How dare someone insinuate that she is a liar — even though she is one of the biggest ones in the house. Audrey was probably more honest today than Clay, Shellie, or Vanessa, but she had such a horrible track record that it didn’t matter. I wonder if Clay and Shellie picked up on Vanessa’s lies about a final 2 with Audrey, because it seemed pretty obvious she was lying.

      • It’s Audrey’s own fault that no one believes her now that she’s not lying but it’s driving me crazy that Shelli/Clay/Vanessa are being seen as saints who never lie though they’ve done the absolute most today! Vanessa’s one lie that was really disgusting was she said Audrey used her (Vanessa) being gay to stay safe!

        At this point, I think all of their heads are just in bash Audrey mode so they didn’t notice but I think Jackie (of all people, this is a surprise) did realize some contradictions in Vanessa’s lies. So, hopefully Jackie comes out of hiding and starts work on the other side of the house!

      • Van’s not holding back now that she is a threat to her game. Last week she was saying Audrey was just misunderstood and had been railroaded. So much for her stand alongside Audrey.

        I think Jackie is a little smarter than she let’s on, but not sure about her actually doing something. Will be interesting if/when Julia gets in the game. Maybe she will give Austin and Liz their space and she’ll make some new bonds. Would be funny if Austin were evicted before then.

      • Haha, Vanessa is playing the game and she’s doing it well. No one else is seeing her as a threat and she has to meat shields (Clay/Shelli and Liz/Austin). She’s also really good at lying and not getting caught.

        I would love for Austin to go soon! I also believe Julia like John/Steve better than Austin/Vanessa and she interacts with everyone rather than just the two like Liz so I have high hopes for Julia!

      • But, wasn’t that a convo that Aud and Van actually had? I seem to recall their final two agreement being form around their gay/trans identities and what a great story it would make. But, to someone who is straight that kind of convo sounds so threatening. So, it being out there as a weapon against Aud is clever on Van’s part.

      • Vanessa brought it up though. Audrey never said anything about her being trans being a part of it. Vanessa said she wanted a women’s chilltown and a couple times said she wouldn’t go after Audrey because they’re in the same community. I think it’s unnecessary on Vanessa’s part to put that on Audrey like she’s using her being trans to make people keep her there. It wasn’t needed as she’s already a hated target.

  4. I see that Steve is trying to shift target to Meg–tell me that DR production didn’t put him up for that! Has he had any game so far? Production needs to feed the tv viewers something so that it looks like there is really a dogfight on the eviction. It is time for Audrey to go–weeks ago.

    • I don’t think DR put him up to it, or else he would have said about it to US himself during his conversations to feedsters whenever he’s alone.

  5. I don’t think this was planned like it was with Jeff. Especially since Audrey started the entire thing when she went out to the yard and started an argument with Clay. Clay goes up to HOH and of course Audrey follows. They didn’t need to plan a reason or blow-up because Audrey always digs her own grave. If she would of just kept her mouth shut after the first week I think she could of went a long way. But she still could. Just have to wait until tomorrow’s POV ceremony.

  6. …and now Audrey is talking to James to try and flip the votes. I am all for a house flip, I love me some Johnny Mac but I love entertainment and drama more so JMac can go over Audrey.
    Also I want a divided house and some power shifts… is that too much to ask?

    • I love John, but if Audrey is what it takes to get a house flip, then I’m all for Audrey staying…I’m not convinced that John isn’t just gonna continue to be their puppet or doormat…but Audrey almost has no option than to work with the minority…if Audrey stays…I hope her and James (or Jason, Meg etc.) get that HoH and finally get some of these people out…

    • I also want a divided house but if it means Audrey going away I’m all for a united eviction vote….

    • No, keep JMac, he is well liked by the viewers, and Audrey is hated. Plus, Jason is WAY less annoying than Frankie. I like him.

  7. We call him “Gay Honeybutt.” Just throwing that out there.
    I would like to see Audrey go over Jason, for sure.

  8. this is not fair just because she’s transgender it’s just not right you’re supposed to lie in big brother that’s part of the game.

    • It has nothing to do with her being transgender, you moron. Good grief, do you even watch the show? Audrey’s been a serial liar since the first day and is the most untrustworthy and likely despicable person in the game!

  9. Audrey just exposed the 6th sense alliance (Vanessa/Austin/Clay/Shelli/Liz/Julia) to James and she said John has been throwing BOTB for them!! I am here for this! This is Big Brother!! Obviously, Audrey won’t be able to get the votes to stay but waking up the other side of the house against Vanessa/Austin/Clay/Shelli (I like Liz/Julia so hopefully they slip by) is everything and I hope it works.

    • Yay! It’s about time that the other house guests realize there is a huge power alliance in the house that needs to be taken down!!!

      • In actuality, the rest of the house is filled with complete idiots. They don’t believe it! Lol, I get that Audrey is a liar but how have they not realized that Vanessa/Austin/Clay/Shelli/Liz haven’t been on the block and it’s been a repeat of the same people. Meg said that even if there is a 6 person alliance it doesn’t matter. My hope for the other side of the house is diminishing.

      • Haha, I wish but nope, not as of yet. I think, maybe, Jackie is starting to put two and two together but everyone else (minus John and Steve) are in and anti-Audrey bash fest.

      • You have to read between the lines and listen to what Jason & Meg say when they are NOT with James or the other HGs. They are going to tell The Alliance whatever is best for their game. Jason & Meg know a lot that they don’t admit to because they don’t trust Vanessa, Austin & LIz. They probably trust Shelli & Clay more and they don’t trust Audrey at all.

      • Trusting Shelli and Clay who lie and put them on the block week after week is a dumb move though. Using Audrey to their benefit whether they believe her or not at least to get out the two power duos in the long run makes much more sense than taking out a huge target. Once, Audrey is gone Jason is next on their list, then James, then Meg. They need to band together more intensely then the small talks here and there.

      • The only person who doesn’t believe the alliance exists is Jackie. James, Meg, Jason already suspected the alliance existed last Thur. They talked about the fact that Van, Aud, Liz, Shelli & Clay are always huddled in the HOH together for hours. Right now they can’t do anything about it so they need The Alliance to not target them. They are going along to get along. Anything they say to Audrey can be used against them that is why they are not acting as though they believe it and why the are making Clay, Shelli and Vanessa know what Audrey is saying. They aren’t in power and Jason’s on the block. It would be stupid to make a big deal about the alliance while Jason is still vulnerable.

      • You don’t have to be an idiot to not believe something Audrey says. Having said that, you are wrong. James, Meg & Jason had a long conversation the night after Jeff left about the fact that they KNOW Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Austin & Liz are working together. They also suspected that they are protecting the twins. They aren’t admitting it now because it’s not relevant and it can’t help them. Knowing it is one thing, doing something about it is not something they can do until they are in power. That is SMART. The only idiot is Jackie who refuses to believe there are twins despite incontrovertible evidence like scars & teeth.
        Meg & Jason a doing the right thing for their game. There is no benefit to them acknowleding the alliance at this point.

      • Jason in the DR where they speak their truth said there is no reason for him to go after Clay/Shelli. That is ridiculous. They are two of the most threatening people in the house game wise and they should be on his radar. I think you’re giving way to much credit to Meg and I don’t really know where her head is at. All of the other side continue to appease the other side one by one every week and that’s only giving the other side more power each week. Honestly, if they don’t start seeing Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin as the huge targets they are and start going after them now, it’ll be too little too late.

  10. vanesa trying to make a deal with jackie and told her jmac has been throwing botbs.

    really hoping grod makes some bs twist to save audrey and jmac.

  11. Audrey is going to try and flip the house now by working with James and that crew to take out Clay and his crew..I can’t figure out if James believes her or not.

    • Can’t blame him if he doesn’t, but at least putting the info out there will plant seeds of distrust.

  12. People, join us for the show on this thread:
    bigbrothernetwork dot com/tonight-on-big-brother-17-nominations-battle-block-week-4/

  13. When all your lies catch up with you and all else fails, trying crying for sympathy. Bye bye Audrey

  14. Audrey is screwed big time ! I honestly rather see Jason go home because he’s actually won something,while Audrey has won none. She is just a major liar and manipulator. Which is what your suppose to do. But again. These house guests are scaredy cats.

    • Wait that makes no sense. Why would you want to keep a known liar and manipulator in the house? Jason won like one competition. Yeah he’s a beast.

      • I’m talking from a player perspective. If you like her that’s fine but you said the players are scaredy cats because they want to get rid of someone who could mess up their game. I mean Audrey told one simple lie and got Jason on the block. I as a player would be trying to get rid of her. She kind of reminds me of Devin though, so if she stayed it would be funny to see what happens.

      • From a game perspective,if i was HOH. Yes I’d want her gone because i know i couldn’t trust her.i know they are scared to renom her based on her being transgender and there afraid of backlash. But from a viewers point. I enjoy seeing the drama from Audrey.

      • As long as Audrey’s in the house not only can’t anyone trust her or work with her but the HGs are having difficulty trusting each other because she always sprinkles some truth with her lies which is good strategy if you do it subtly but Audrey is not subtle. If she was really talented at lying and manipulation, no one would suspect her. That’s the way to play the game. Always have plausible deniability.

    • But Audrey is very BAD at lying and manipulating which makes her a liability. You can ally with her or rely on her. She is so unpredictable that you can never really work with her. That for me would be reason to get her out of the game.

  15. Bahaha love your representation of the fight Matt! And yes of course here we go again with Audrey digging out her own grave SMH you would think after the first week that she would idk learn what not to do!?! But I guess some people just can’t change their ways ^__^ good bye Audrey and please don’t let the backdoor hit ya I gotta admit it’s a bit unstable ha-ha ^_^

  16. Austin needs to go now….he is physically fit…he will go in “Beast Mode” for physical comps….and he is just downright creepy….big mistake getting rid of Audrey….he is a threat…Audrey is just entertainment…..

    • Austin is smart and a physical threat and he has been throwing a lot of comps to play that down but he’s not actually creepy. He isn’t any more affectionate with anyone than any other HG. He just likes Liz and she is pretending to like him so he had no reason to think his attention to her is unwanted. She is using him as her personal guard dog for her own game. That’s not his fault. If she just told him she’s not interested in him he would back off.
      These are all adults, they can use their words.

  17. HG’s are mentally collapse right now. Perfect time for Aud to call a house meeting…I think she’s doing it tonight.

    • I thought they were talking about having a house meeting with everyone except her. Get ready for some tears! LOL

      • You know who’s really, really hysterical here?……Guess who? Vanessa…stfu Van!

      • I guess I’ll just start having to use my mute bu’on this year when Van speaks like I did last year on Frankie. I had it smokin’ hot last year. Just added batteries to my to buy list. All that mutin’ will use some energy.

      • She maybe evicted but she’s exposing a lot of players. In a way setting it up for the minorities. They better start winning and change the course of the game.

      • They had better start playing then maybe they could win. It’s like they came for a summer retreat. Where are Andy, David, and Jerry? lol

  18. I’m happy that they’ve cast a Transgender this year. Reserches has proven that 40% of the transgender community attempted/might attemptcsucide at least once during their time on earth, and having some people like Audrey on shows like Big Brother is a HUGE deal for them because it might give a few a taste of how life can be great for them as well and prove to them that their dreams can come true if they hold on. I REALLY wanted to root for her since day 1! She is such a strong woman and she absolutly deserved to be cast, but let’s be real here… Her gameplay SUCK! #YouBroughtThisOnYourself :(

    • There are a few transgender reality shows on TV now: Becoming Us (2 families sharing the same experiences, but with different reactions), and I Am Jazz (a boy from the age of 3 saying he’s a girl ~ she’s now 14). And then there’s Cait’s upcoming TV series. I’m just pointing out that there are other TV programs that are interesting and informative. BB is not the place to think you’re going to be enlightened and/or learn about what it means to be a transgender. .

      • Did you catch Austin talking to someone last week on BBAD? He was talking about how Audrey wasn’t going to say anything about being Transgender. He then went on to say CBS told her she had to come clean. Then camera went to someone else. I just wonder with the way she is playing, if she had kept quiet about her “secret” would she have been evicted earlier? I heard somewhere, I think it was Van, say she didn’t want to be the person who evicts the first Transgender. The reason I want her gone, it’s not because of who she is, but the horrible way she is playing. People who play like that end up staying for a long time. Most end up winning Andy?

  19. Charles, how can you judge someone by their pic? I personally love Austin. I don’t like some of the things he is doing and I don’t think he will make it to the end, that said he is my type with the long hair and buff.Just sayin.

  20. If Audrey had just stayed quiet this week she might have made it through, but she didn’t. When she started crying on the show about how Shelli didn’t trust her I mean boohoo, you did it yourself with lies.

  21. maybe this week they will finally get her out! but….this was said every week, so who knows. i mean, this is big brother, so expect the unexpected (:

  22. Audrey has been in the clear for 3 weeks. All she had to do is lay low. Instead she has been up Shelli’s butt since Thur night. Shelli has had one night’s sleep since Wed night because Audrey is in the HOH every waking moment spinning and spinning (even when she was in no danger or even on anyone’s radar.) Jason & John couldn’t even get in to see Shelli and they are OTB because Audrey literally wouldn’t let them in. Shelli was up for 72 hours straight before she was able to go to sleep finally then Clay comes and wakes her up again and it’s Audrey. Shelli is not my fave player but she has been unduly loyal to Audrey and Audrey just can’t relax and be safe for the week, this is her own doing.

  23. Aud’s meltdown with Clay in the yard yesterday is really hard to bear watching. She is the master of martyrdom.

    • Poor Clay doesnt realize that he is dealing with someone living in a parallel universe. She is living in a circus mirror and in no way can carry a conversation about real things. So, he tries and tries to convo with her as if she will have a moment of clarity. She will not.

  24. When I see Shelli pushed to her absolute limits by Aud, it really makes me mad. Shelli is basically begging Aud not to infuriate her. Shelli keeps saying she never wants to raise her voice with Aud or get angry with her. It is clear that Shelli is terrified of a public backlash if she is perceived as being unfair to Aud because is the current pet cause of the social engineers. It is so unfair for CBS to put these HGs in this position. They are are decent people living in terror that anything they say about Aud will end up ruining their life after BB. Aud is exploiting this to the maximum by acting like others are virtually torturing her. All her tears are a veiled threat to the other HGs that in the real world she has the power to do them great harm. There is something really sinister going on under the surface of this game.

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