Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Sunday Highlights

Sunday funday in the Big Brother 17 house thanks to Audrey and her former allies building their case to send her home this week. If she’s going out then she’s doing it in grand fashion.

Meg Maley excited to be on Big Brother 17
Meg Maley excited to be on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Things started out slow, but by lunch we had fireworks with Audrey, Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa that lasted for over two hours and set the stage for a big storm as Audrey threw everyone in to the fire.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 19, 2015:

9:15 AM BBT – Jason and John out in the backyard following another Wackstreet Boys performance, but both head back to sleep after John lingers awhile.

10:50 AM BBT – John asks Clay what’s their plan. Clay says they’ll BD Audrey this week.

12:51 PM BBT – Audrey arrives outside to commence arguing with Clay. Things elevate as they accuse one another of causing problems. This goes on for nearly an hour before continuing elsewhere.

1:40 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa she wants her to use the Veto on Jason since it’d be easier to campaign for JMac against Audrey.

1:45 PM BBT – Clay is upstairs in HoH after Audrey fight telling Shelli & Vanessa what’s been going on. Audrey tries to come in but Clay blocks her and tells her to go away.

1:52 PM BBT – Audrey finally gets in the HoH room. Clay and Vanessa duke it out with her while Shelli sits silently and watches.

2:38 PM BBT – Clay gives up and yells his way out of the room. Vanessa soon follows and they commiserate on the events.

3:05 PM BBT – Audrey and Shelli remain in the HoH room. Audrey tells Shelli she’s not dumb and knows there could only be one outcome from this.

3:35 PM BBT – Becky points out to HGs that if they don’t do this soon then Audrey will be in Jury House with them and drive them nuts with constant paranoia.

3:50 PM BBT – Vanessa trying to make a deal with Jackie that would also encompass her for safety if she used the Veto on John or Jason. Jackie declines saying she’s already good with both of those guys.

4:10 PM BBT – Audrey is working on James. She tells them there’s a six-person alliance and names names. He believes her and agrees to start spreading the word. Audrey wants him to flip the vote to keep her over JMac.

5:00 PM BBT – James brings Jackie to Audrey so she can tell her the same story.

5:30 PM BBT  – James tells Clay and Meg what Audrey just told him.

6:05 PM BBT – Meg and Jason decide they don’t really care if there’s a six-person alliance because Audrey can’t get them anywhere in the game anyway.

6:36 PM BBT – Vanessa has heard what Audrey has said and she is telling James that it’s a lie. She asks him if he wants Audrey to be backdoored this week. He says yes.

6:55 PM BBT – BB opens up the Photo Booth. HGs start taking photos.

7:00 PM BBT – Clay tells Shelli about Audrey exposing them but no one seems to care. Shelli gets mad at Audrey.

7:21 PM BBT – Shelli and Vanessa start talking about the latest thing with Audrey. They agree that it would be smarter to take Jason off the block and leave John up so that they definitely have the votes to get Audrey out this week.

7:23 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Shelli to pull her back when she gets really wound up.

8:01 PM BBT – Shelli, Clay, Jason, James and Meg go to the HOH room to discuss what Audrey told James. They all start comparing notes and explaining how they aren’t interested in anything Audrey has to say.

8:39 PM BBT – The entire house is now in the HOH room and they’re all trashing Audrey’s game. They’re all on the same page about Audrey going up this week and they all vote her out.

8:45 PM BBT – Shelli wants everyone to agree that it won’t be her putting Audrey up but “the house.”

9:11 PM BBT – HOH meeting still going on. Vanessa and Shelli stress that they do not want people to be mean to Audrey. They don’t want any kind of mob mentality or mistreatment going on this week because it’s all a game. They all agree that Audrey is fun and they like her but her game play is why she has to go.

9:20 PM BBT – The HOH meeting has broken up.

10:00 PM BBT – House has calmed down for a bit. Game talk pauses as people eat and chit chat.

11:00 PM BBT – Everyone but Audrey playing charades.

11:40 PM BBT – HGs are wondering why they haven’t seen Audrey in a while. Speculation starts that she’s gone to the DR to leave the game. They think she’s been the DR for two hours.

12:00 AM BBT – Feeds are having technical issues, so no one can see what’s going on.

12:02 AM BBT – Audrey is out of the DR and back in the have-not room. Self-eviction speculation can stop.

12:40 AM BBT – James and Jackie agree that Audrey’s mistake was coming to the two of them with this information. Jackie wants to put up Liz and Vanessa or Austin if she gets HoH.

12:45 AM BBT – Austin tells Julia he wanted to see Jason gone this week and Audrey another week. He thinks they may need to bring in John to their alliance and tell him about the twins.

2:05 AM BBT – Vanessa is with Audrey trying to help her relax and talk her down from being stressed out. Vanessa talking her out of quitting the game.

2:30 AM BBT – Jackie and Becky talking. Jackie tells her she was told Liz nom’d her over jealousy with Austin. Jackie doesn’t think the 6-HG alliance story from Audrey is true (it is).

3:05 AM BBT – Audrey is curled up in bed. Vanessa, James, and Meg are trying to help calm her down.

Note: Feed times have jumped by about 20 mins overnight. These are the clock times they appeared vs Feed times in case that’s a glitch.

There’s little doubt as to what will happen at Monday’s Veto meeting and once she’s there her former alliance won’t have the votes to stop it. We’ve got Audrey marching toward the door this week, but I doubt we’ll see her go out quietly.

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  1. What else can happen to prevent Audrey to go up on the block ?
    I don’t think much can happen.

    • The BB Production Take Over Twist has yet to be played / announced for this week .. Ha !! :) :P

      • Jason this morning in the BY, “If a frikkin telephone booth shows up Monday, we got problems!” LMAO I LOVE HIM!!!

      • That was funny. He’s starting to grow on me. He’s much better with Da gone.

    • Shelli/Vanessa… one needs to use the veto and the other needs to get a backbone….

  2. Well there was never any doubt that Audrey was gonna “F” herself in this game….glad it happened sooner than later.

  3. These houseguests don’t believe the 6 person alliance? IS THIS REAL? *in Shelli’s singing voice* What is wrong with these houseguest?

    • I know this is ridiculous. Its been in there face for so long: Shelli, liz, vanessa, and austin have all been hoh’s and not put each other up, you think they would realize, but nope. You would think they would realize clay, vanessa, liz, shelli, austin all spend a lot of time together, but nope. You would think john would realize he is just a pawn they don’t really care about, but nope. Becki still wants to target steve, steve still wants to target james and meg. These people are clueless. Jackie while she doesn’t care about the alliance would at least still target alliance so hoping for her as next hoh.

  4. Audrey has to be the worst player ever, she got a new lease on life after her first screw-up, and then she does it again! How in the world did she not learn her lesson!

    • All she did this time was tell the truth. She outed Clay Shellie and Vanessa. Those 3 are doing the most lying and deals than Audrey is. Audrey just don’t know when to shut up. That’s her only fault. And F*** Becky for calling Audrey a different breed. What a low down person Becky is.

      • Exactly. Becky has EVERY right to want nothing to do with Audrey! She said directly to Vanessa in the bathroom last evening, “She didn’t just try to f*** up my game, she tried to f*** up my LIFE!”

    • Devin still has my vote for worst player ever. Audrey should have been out weeks ago and has gotten by so I have to give her points for that.

  5. Why not mention the horrible things Becky had to say about Audrey on a personal level? Such as ” Audrey is a different breed ” and ” let’s not go out of our way to make her comfortable” she bashed Audrey and the LGBT community by calling her a “different breed”

    Becky is obviously a bigot and a sorry piece of dog crap.

    • Yeah! And while we’re at it, the White House is racist! White Castle also! Anything with a color in it is racist! There’s no way in the world that “Audrey is a different breed” could be ANYTHING but a slam on LGBT!!!!!!!!

      Lighten up, Francis. It’s an expression, not bigotry.

      • This has nothing to do with politics or race. This is simply showing common courtesy and respect on a personal level. She obviously is ignorant and not sensitive to others who are differ from her. She is probably the worst person on this cast for more reasons than that.

      • “This has nothing to do with politics or race.” EXACTLY!! Her comment had nothing to do with LGBT. That was my point.

      • When you are calling someone a different breed based on who they are which she clearly meant because she is transgendered, yes it does. You are ignorant and probably haven’t even seen the discussion. It’s only $5.99 a month. Get the feeds and see

      • I watch the feeds and maybe you need to rewind to see all the hateful things Audrey says. She also called Becky a racists week one. Becky can’t stand her since. She won’t even talk to her.

      • The point people are trying to make is that calling someone with a pathlogical obsession with lying and starting rumors a “different breed” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sexuality. That is a common phrase.

      • She was discussing her as a transgender when she said different breed than “all the other house guest” meaning, she is transgender and they aren’t. They all are lying, it’s the game, but to attack someone personally when the world is watching is a mistake.

      • What don’t you get? It was a figure of speech. She never mentioned transgender. She was talking about how she plays the game, how it’s different from everyone in the house. You heard Becky describing how she finds out each persons weakness and uses that and pulls on that one heart string. Once again she was talking personality and game play. Transgender was NOT mentioned.

      • I have to say that using the term a different breed is a common term,and not meant as a put down in many places.

      • I have a right to my opinion. It was clearly a shot at who she was as a transgender woman, and nothing else

    • Come on now a bigot for saying she’s a different breed now that’s a reach…Audrey is a terrible player who only has herself to blame if she goes home after getting a new lease on life in the game

    • Perhaps Becky doesn’t like Audrey because Audrey spread false rumors to the house that Becky was a racist bigot. That’s why Becky can’t stand her, and I don’t blame her. She’s not transphobic!

    • The way I took it “she’s a different breed” was an expression much like “she’s in a league all her own”. Nothing to do with LGBT but just calling a person different because they don’t handle situations the same way most do. Why do people always have to assume the worst about others, why go automatically to she’s prejudiced? How about some kindness and benefit of the doubt instead of taking ONE thing a person said and blowing it up?

    • Yo everyones been coddling this horrible game playing trannie since the start and people have talked about not wanting to get rid of her because of who she is like wtf

  6. Poor Audrey even when she is telling the truth and giving valid information (even if not true, something to think about), they don’t believe her. She outed her final two alliance with Vanessa and they still didn’t believe her.

    These folks talk too much and not enough thinking.

    • Yes, and remember why: for the first 2 weeks she lied, then she lied, and after that she lied. And to top it off, she lied! She’s the girl who cried wolf and now nobody believes anything she says.

      • LOL! Yes, she is liar, lair and now her pants is on fire. BUT, at least one from the other side should pay attention to what she said, they see the same people ALWAYS together in the HOH room. They are not thinking at all.

        In this instance, this is good because it is saving either Jason or John from being evicted this week.

  7. Audrey is not going to survive this eviction. I’m more interested to see how they (the minorities) are responding to all these information in terms of game strategy….so far NOTHING!

    • From what I saw on Twitter this AM, Jackie is WELL aware of the recent noms AND the alliance. PLUS, remember that Jeff told Meg, James, & Jackie NOT to trust Shelli/Clay going forward. They’re playing smart & their “I don’t care about the 6” comments yesterday were, IMO, in regards to this week. They want Audrey gone THIS week & then they can focus on winning HoH and taking out the alliance.

      • Mine too since I’m very much Team Meg/Jason/James! Hahaha If they blow the opportunity to win HoH & target any of those 6, then I’m done with them.

      • It’s sad. These people need to start playing. If they don’t and soon, I really will have no other alternative than to hope there is an unlivable, close-the-house-down type ant infestation.
        “Oops there goes another rubber tree plant”.

      • ” ‘Cause he had high hopes, he had high hopes
        He had high apple pie, in the sky hopes”
        Come on, Cyril, remember that ant. LOL

    • James did say that after the next ones put up on the block he will know if they are in an alliance like Audrey said

  8. Wow. This is some display of how much political correctness has effected out society. These people are so concerned about how they will look when they evict Audrey, obviously because she is transgender. Yet no one deserves to be evicted more than Audrey. Its a game and every one is afraid of the backlash.

    This is a example of why we as a society need to get back to common sense.

    • When I read your first sentence, “This is some display of how much political correctness has effected our society …” you really could be talking about not just the game, but these posts/discussions and real life … it’s actually hard to say anything anymore without someone taking offense because THEY decided what you meant. It’s gone too far. You are right, common sense is not common anymore.

  9. Anyone have any idea what would happen if Audrey quit? Would it probably be treated as this weeks eviction and nothing else?

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