Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Friday Night Highlights

Friday night’s Big Brother 17 Live Feeds had a different feel than usual because we saw the twins — well mostly Liz — really sweat for the first time in the game.

Liz struggles with her nomination
Liz struggles with her nomination – Source: CBS All Access

Of course it was Steve who was making them feel the heat after his nominations this week, and even though there haven’t been any actual blow-ups, there’s been a lot of catty banter directed at the resident trombonist.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 4, 2015:

5:00 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Nominations Ceremony. Liz is in tears and choking up as Austin consoles her. Both were nominated.

5:10 PM BBT – Liz alternates between raging against Steve to sniffling tears. Austin reminds her that if Julia wins then they all stay safe. Liz says it’s too hard to rely on Julia.

5:15 PM BBT – Austin and Steve have a nice, polite talk. Austin says twins are just worked up and Liz is emotional because she’s young. Steve points out he’s one year younger than Liz. Steve wishes Austin luck in the Veto and they shake hands.

5:20 PM BBT – Steve goes to HoH room, lets the door shut, and then does a happy dance and says “suckers!” He’s very pleased.

5:45 PM BBT – Steve talks to himself upstairs and is excited to have made a big move and a name for himself in the season.

5:55 PM BBT – Vanessa and Steve are talking about his move and what’s next. Vanessa is looking to avoid becoming the renom by suggesting they can make a deal with Julia for her to not use the Veto if she wins. That was already the deal Steve made to keep Julia off the Block.

6:45 PM BBT – Vanessa has moved on to talking with Liz. Liz is worried that if she wins Veto then Julia will go up on the Block. She recognizes she is the connecting point between Austin and Julia which makes her the big target.

7:05 PM BBT – Austin comforting Liz. He tells her they’ll be a famous showmance couple from Big Brother and will be invited to things.

7:15 PM BBT – Liz and Austin are frustrated that they evicted James since he has a kid. They wish he had tried to make a deal with them.

7:30 PM BBT – Austin thinks viewers will leave in droves if he is evicted. Liz says no one will watch if he (or they) get evicted.

7:40 PM BBT – Liz and Austin strolling down memory lane, reminiscing about their long, long 80-some day relationship.

7:50 PM BBT – And now they’re making out. And now she’s straddling him.

8:10 PM BBT – Liz goes to make dinner.

8:20 PM BBT – Liz and Austin are preparing dinner. Everyone else is sleeping or somewhere being very quiet.

8:45 PM BBT – Vanessa, Austin and Liz talking about the veto competition. Vanessa says it sounds like they stopped building. Liz wonders if it’s a how bad do you want it competition. Liz and Austin both say they won’t shave their heads.

8:56 PM BBT – Liz, Austin, Vanessa and John sit down for dinner. Julia is sleeping.

8:58 PM BBT – Liz is being mopey over her nomination and say she needs 24 hours to just be weird and then she’ll be OK. She references Audrey.

9:36 PM BBT – Twins being catty over Steve asking for a turkey burger.

10:11 PM BBT – Liz and Julia regret not taking Steve out. Liz thinks it’s a good idea to throw the veto to Julia so she can use the veto on her and they’re both safe.

10:20 PM BBT – Liz has been ignoring Steve so now he’s talking to himself about how he doesn’t like hurting her, but he will make it up to her.

10:45 PM BBT – Julia explains to Steve why Liz is so upset. She tells him there are so few of them left and they’re all friends, so now is when people start taking nominations personally.

11:15 PM BBT – Houseguests continue to lounge around. Austin has dressed up like Blanket Audrey and is goofing around.

11:30 PM BBT – Austin, Jmac, and Steve talking about relationships and past Houseguests. Austin still thinks Jason was there to be the villain.

12:00 AM BBT – Steve is enjoying a bubble bath. Has anyone else used the tub this season?

1:00 AM BBT – Houseguests call it a night early and go to bed. They’ve got an important day ahead of them.

There was plenty of drama on Friday and that could just be the start of it. Steve has something up his sleeve and it appears to be with shifting the target. Who does he want out? It could be Austin so we’ll need to see what happens with Saturday’s Veto competition.

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  1. 1. I think if Steve shifts the target he deserves to be evicted next, and I hope when he gets out he reads up on all this and realizes what a devastating game hes played. As a super fan myself I would be ashamed of the game he has played. Liz has won more comps than Austin or Julia has. Taking the twins to the end is BB Suicide, Steve… Grow up and wear your big boy pants dammit.

    2. “7:30 PM BBT – Austin thinks viewers will leave in droves if he is evicted. Liz says no one will watch if he (or they) get evicted.” OOOOOOOh the Irony, if they only knew people will only watch now because they ARE on the verge of being evicted lol. People left in droves because you guys remain in the house idiot! Go make some porn!

    • I think taking out Austin or Liz would have its own, separate benefits to Steve’s game, seeing as Liz is more of an immediate threat but Austin is much more likely to win than Liz.

    • I thought the same thing LOL – the people who quit watching because they were still there will now come back to watch them get separated. Heh. And as far as being a “famous showmance couple” …? Not likely. They’ll be remembered as the guy with the ratty hair and his bimbo-uhhhhhhh.

    • With respect to #1: I said in the beginning that they NEVER should have let Julia come into the game. If Vanessa is as smart as she thinks is, she would have thought through the fact that getting one more person out at this stage in the game is tricky at best and that the twins would never vote as anything other than a block.

      • Oh I absolutely agree with that because I also thought they were foolish to get her in the house without thinking for one second about the natural alliance that the twins have…

      • Van sucks at playing this game she has yet to make a big move on her own she has let everyone make the decisions ugly and the twins are definitely a reason not to watch especially when those two kiss makes me sick

  2. They are so full of themselves. No one is inviting you to anything and viewers are eagerly waiting for you to leave.

    Steve needs to win the veto (or John), keep the nominations the same .

    • In a way I almost kind of want Liz to win the veto. We’ll get to see her conflicted because she knows Julia would go up in her place. And she’ll probably vote to keep Julia anyway, so Austin would be upset. It’s still entertaining at least.

  3. That fool Steve makes 1 move and thinks he made a name for himself in the game. This moron has some serious problems .

      • Right…but at this point he doesn’t many to choose from …so basically the move is automatic…no major scheming involved here..5 year old can figure it out.

      • Yeah, right. Truly educated move. Makes him brilliant, right? Another delusional person in the house. .. must be something in the water they’re driving or maybe they’re getting good drugs or something s in the alcohol! . £:^)

      • He can’t afford to do it beforehand if the probability of an Austwin getting power the following HOH competition is greater, which was the case for three of the five HOH’s, and he was in an alliance that did carry him further to his current position at final 5. Remember, the remnants of the Sixth Sense are still there and have clearly decimated one side of the house. By aligning with them, Steve and most especially John would not have outlived everyone else. And John’s devil deal with Vanessa helped kept him afloat after he returned to the game.

        Does Steve have a strong set of allies from the other side? I don’t think so. Jackie would definitely drop him in favor of her own allies in Meg and James. Shelli would still clung on to Austwins if she stayed over Vanessa. Him and John would be at the bottom of the totem pole with Steve more of an asset vote-wise than John but won’t get further if Vanessa is no longer there to paint targets on the back of everyone else over him (who are more threatenng than him).

        His only allies are John and Vanessa, even if both turned the tables on him at one time a couple of weeks ago. Vanessa can get him to final 3, him and John can take each other to final 2. By next week, the odds of either side winning head of household would have become even (and it would be of Vanessa’s best interest to take out another Austwin if she were to be head of household again).

        Nominating two out of three members of the majority alliance this week may not seem to be as great a move at this point, it is still big enough of a hit to put that alliance finally at risk.

      • I agree. He didn’t want to do it earlier when he evicted Jackie because he was in an alliance with them and it was helping him get further in the game. If he would of targeted them during his DE reign he not only would of had his alliance after him but he wasn’t in with James and Meg.

    • I’ve said he plays his game in his head…he thinks he is a player but he isn’t…he didn’t get where he is on his own…especially when you played a chair in the corner for half a season.

    • Atleast, he made a good move that benefited him. A lot of the evicted ninnies deserve to be in the jury house because they did not use their heads. He also, had to deal with the trio of Austin, Liz and Julia and in addition to Vanessa. He may be the one to send Vanessa packing and getting to Final 2 if he survives the following week.

      • He blew it when he wasted the first double eviction on Jackie….the time to have broken the VanAustwin alliance was then. Steve is just a massive whimp.

      • That would of been so stupid. He wasn’t in the alliance with James, Meg and Jackie. But he was in an alliance with the Austwins and Vanessa. If he would of targeted them then he would of had his alliance plus J/M/J coming after him. You just think he wasted his HOH because he got someone out that you liked. It was the right move for his game. That’s how you have to look at it. But hey I feel like that too when someone I like is targeted.

    • Not many people have been willing to do what he’s done here. This season has been all about playing it safe and he’s finally targeted a group no one else has had the guts to go against. I think he should be at least a little proud of himself.

      • He had no choice in his move. Wasn’t about to put his best bud Jmac or his m other figure Vanessa on the block.

      • He still could have taken the easy road and put up those 2 and told them that he wants to backdoor one of the others. But he was direct and went for exactly who he wants to target and seems pretty unapologetic about it. Maybe it’s not a huge move, but compared to the rest of this “no blood on my hands” season, he was willing to do what he wanted and not just dance around the idea making excuses.

      • James had the guts, he just wasn’t able to get back in power. Before you say he should have got Vanessa out, I agree, but I saw where he was coming from with Shelli.

    • I wouldn’t call him a moron..he is a unique individual, that is for sure. He sleeps with a teddy bear. He acts very childish at times.

      • Hey, Lynn. If you go back and read/watch his pre-game interview, he explains the childish act and teddy bear as part of his strategy. It is very interesting.

      • I guess I’m still a child then lol
        I have a stuffed rabbit I sleep with because otherwise I curl my wrists under my chin and I was starting to have muscle problems.
        Okay maybe that was TMI but I don’t like it when people pick on Steve when other players are much worse :P

  4. In a f2 of Steve and Jmac, who wins? IMO I don’t think Jmac has the jury votes to win if he’s up against any of the remaining HG in F2. Sadly I think he’s playing for 2 nd place

    • JMac would win against anyone, not from game play but personal grudges against other house guests from the jurors.

    • JMac can win still but he has to do something! If he win HoH and evict Vanessa he will get some votes I think.

    • It should be Steve hands down. He has played a very good game compared to Johnny Mac. Not good enough compared to Vanessa but, way, way better than Shelli, Becky, James, Jackie and Meg, Austin, Liz and Julia.

      • His game has been crap. He hides behind Vanessa’s skirt and wasted an opportunity on the first double eviction. One big puss

      • Richie if you think steve is a better player then shellI you must be on drugs where was steve the first 50 days and putting up austin and liz was really his only choice not really a game move . If he would have did that instead of getting rid of jackie then big game move he is just a whimp player ask julie the host

      • I would hope, but while they are friends with Jmac , I think theyed vote on gameplay and that’d be anyone except for maybe Julia

  5. Well Steve can’t play in next hoh so it won’t be a surprise who the target will be as he will be making safety deals..reading the twins have finally woke up to van and how things have been to benefit her game not Thiers and they are hoping to win hoh to get her out. I think Steve will end up making a deal that keeps the twins safe in return for their votes to evict van. I think jmac will be in on this so unless van wins veto I think she may be this point people are looking to the end and nobody wants to be sitting next to her. I think Steve knows he can beat Austin in the end so he us not to worried about him this week. If he saves Austin and the twins this week look to see john being the target next week and if John wins hoh he won’t GI after Steve next week so axing van would be a safe move for Steve this week and in fact if this plays out he has actually done austwins a favor putting them up as van would have to understand their vte given who she is next to leaving a potential jury vote in tact. If Steve had of put van next to jmac and they voted van out (if they would even do that) she would be one bitter jury member. I think Steve will tell them look I had to have one if you twins preferably Liz in the block next to van to ensure van goes home..that’s all the end lol

      • Has Vanessa’s name even come up while they were trying to pick a nom if one came down? I hate her with the fire of 100 suns but she deserves to win for the work she did on these people.

      • If Julia wins the veto, then you could see Vanessa get evicted this week as Steve has a really close bond with John. (He’s said that he’d rather make F2 with John than Vanessa.) Otherwise, it’ll be Austin or Liz. Should be good either way though :)

      • Plus I think he knows van wins against any if them so u don’t want to be next to her f2. Unless the jury votes with bitterness instead of who played the game best.

      • I can see her on Survivor, similar but different than BB. She will probably end up on Amazing Race with her girlfriend though, where alliances aren’t really the same as Survivor and Big Brother and nobody gets voted off.

      • I think I heard Liz say something to Van yesterday about that possibility and when she did..Vanessa’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!! Her wheels were spinning!

      • I’m sure Vanessa knows all of the possibilities and their percentages that can happen after the PoV this afternoon and figures it’s such a low probability that she would be the renom that she is not too worried.

        Because if Julia does win the PoV and takes her sister down and Steve has to renom, you know that Vanessa is going to be on him like white on rice to not put her up and put John up instead, even if Steve doesn’t want to do that.

    • Everyone left in the house is under Vanessa’s spell so I fully expect her to make it to final 2 now. I can’t stand it but the way she is openly manipulating each and every HG I don;t see anyone turning on her. the only way she goes is if Julia wins POV today and Steve puts up Vanessa to replace Liz. But I think he puts up JMac if that happens. Why? Because Vanessa will badger him relentlessly until he does.

      • I don’t know I think he may for a couple reasons he is close with john..he knows van beats him in f2..he can’t play next hoh and is at the bottom for sure with van and austwins so if john isn’t around next week he will have no hope at all and for sure will go

  6. Austin n liz think viewers will stop watching if they get evicted lol,omg now I wanna watch I’m dancing on my bed lol,and they think they will b remembered for their showmanse,yuck,poor little girl cry cry cry you had it coming boo who ha ha ha and stinky Austin can just go away yuck, finally the Autwins on the block,bye losers,ha ha.

  7. Austin is creepy and really not that attractive. I am amazed he thinks he will have soooo many fans when the show ends. Liz acts like a skank. I hope Johnny Mac lays low and has a chance, but I don’t know. Steve is odd, I don’t know what to think of him. This season is pretty crappy, all in all. Where do they find these people?

  8. She was so mean and catty about anyone who was upset if they were on the block (“OMGGGGG-UH why do they caaaaare-uh sorry not sorry it’s your time boo just goooooo-uh”) but nobody had a complete mental and emotional breakdown like she did. Am I a bad person if I laughed a bit?

    • Imagine if John did that every time he got nominated, the guy probably would have decided to self-evict. Hasn’t he been nominated like six times this season.

    • If you’re a bad person for that then I’ve been a bad person for a very long time lol

      I think Audrey had a bit of a breakdown but other than that it’s true, they can dish it out but just cry and feel sorry for themselves when it happens to them.

  9. The best thing for Austin would be for the Veto comp to be How bad do you want it” and he agrees to shave off all his hair….including Manscapibg.

    They could end up finding Jimmy Hoffa.

  10. To Matthew, Do you think Steve’s plan is to get out Vanessa? I am starting to think that is what he may have up his sleeve.

      • Yes but the point is if he has to choose a renom if Julia wins veto its between John and Vanessa and austwins have all the votes so whoever is renommed will be the one to go so if that is john then john wont be around next week it would have to be van that goes. Or someone else wins veto and leaves noms the same. Hopefully Steve makes a safety deal with austwins so if Liz especially wins it she will use it and not be afraid if Julia going up if she knows van will be the renom I am wondering why we haven’t heard him say anything to anyone yet. Maybe he wants to wait till after veto so van doesn’t catch onto the plan. Imagine if he told austwins now and all of a sudden Liz isn’t crying anymore. Van would catch on real quick

      • We see how Becky’s plan of not saying anything about Vanessa being the target worked out. Vanessa is like a bloodhound, she sniffs out conspiracies against her at the first sign of suspicion.

        Better to keep that close to the chest until last minute, can’t give her any time to work people over.

      • He wants Austin out this week. I believe he thinks the twins are unable to think for themselves. He’s just waiting until the right time to wind them up and set them off against Vanessa.

      • I agree Vanessa has to be taken out, but if he does the backdoor with Vanessa this week, then it’s John/Steve vs. Julia/Austin/Liz, and 3 is always greater than 2!

        Steve is in a great position (going to final 5) and a horrible position if he has to renom someone. I feel he wants Venessa out, but can’t do it this week. He needs John to do it next week, after he wins HoH, which is easier said than done.

      • Vanessa wants to end up in the final 3 with one person from each side. Like Julia & John, that way they will each want to take her to final 2.

      • Of course she does, she’s the only one that has the next two and half weeks already planned out, with every possible scenario imaginable. She has backup plans to her backup plans!

      • Steve is to scared to make that big that would make him famous not so much with the austwins but we will be happy to see them go.

    • Much as I don’t like Vanessa, I hope that he sticks with his target of Austin or Liz. The threesome has to be broken up now or at least two of them will make the final three. Get rid of one of them this week and hopefully JMac can target Vanessa next week.

      • Exactly. You take out the Austwins who are a solid 3. When the threat from them is gone, then, focus on getting Vanessa out next. That is the smart way to do is because the Austwins will go after Johnny Mac and Steve given half a chance.

      • I’d take out Austin, twins don’t plan for tomorrow like Austin does, and they can be easily manipulated.

  11. I can’t believe Austin and Liz really think they are a famous showmance couple. Everyone wants them out.He struts around on his tiptoes
    and chest poked out like he’s auditioning for networks. Soooo disgusting both of them.i only watch to see if the austwins are leaving. Can’t wait to they see what viewers really think of them.

    • I do love seeing how low they are on the popularity polls. I wish I could see their faces when they discover how disliked they were by viewers. That would be epic.

    • Once they are off of the show, we will never hear of them again. They don’t have the “staying power” like Jeff and Jordan or Brendon and Rachel.

      • Yes sooo true. Jeff and Jordan r getting married in October .i liked them cause they were genuine and nice looking. I did
        n’t care for bren and Rachel. This austwins thing makes me sick.

      • I was always a Jeff and Jordan fan. I’ve seen how they fight so I hope they’ve gotten it together if they’re finally getting married.
        If anything, Brendan and Rachel are more infamous than actually famous. Maybe that’s what Liz and Austin will be. If they expect to be loved they are in for a shock.

      • Plus, everyone’s reaction to Austin and Liz is pretty much the same – “gross”, “yuck”, “nasty” – they’re far from appealing.

      • That would be awesome. I was talking about that with my mom this morning and she mentioned how Christine got some boos form the audience last year when she got evicted. I don’t really remember it, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they get a different welcome than what they are clearly expecting.

      • The “boos” that Christine got last season was the worst I have ever heard from an audience. I was embarrassed for her.

      • I don’t think BB will ever allow an audience to boo an evictee like Christine was, although it would make for much more interesting evictions if they were.

      • Christines Eviction walk is going to be hard to top I must admit lol. She got it realllly bad!!! I can only hope the Austwits will get the same reaction!

  12. Liz believes her and Austin could be “invited to do other things”.

    That girl puts the D-UUHH, in Duhhlusional.

    “Thank you, thank you.” I’ll be performing all week at The Laugh Trax….”

    (Hey, at least I’m entertains myself..hehe).

  13. There are two types of superfans. One’s like the majority of you who think they know the game oh so well and actually don’t: example Ronnie and Jason. Then there are superfans who do know what they are doing, but receive so much crap: Those would the Ians and Steves. Then there are the gamers, this stuff just comes naturally: The Derricks, Dans, Wills and Vanessas of the world. Thinking you know how to play is completely different thank actually playing the game

    • It’s funny how they all are playing plenty of chess this season, because it seems like Vanessa is the only gamer thinking 3 steps ahead.

    • The main things I didn’t like about this season were: NO body could keep theirmouth shut; Austin not wearing a shirt. The season has not been that bad. IMO Vanessa is the only one who has consistently played the game.

    • She has driven us crazy this season with her paranoia and in your face confrontations..but, she has played a helluva of a have to give her that!

    • Hellz yeah! Vanessa is awesome!

      When I watch movies, I root for the bad guy. I need to see the villain win for once!

    • I still feel pretty strongly that I don’t want her to win. It’s more of a lesser of two evils thing, but I wouldn’t call it wanting her to win.

      I’ve said here that if Van makes it to the final 2 I wouldn’t watch the finale. I’ll probably still watch, because even if it’s a final 2 I don’t like, at least I’ll see one of them lose. That’s pretty much as good as it can be at this point.

  14. This site is run by a bunch of babies. My correct observations are quickly deleted, while the narrow mindedness is encouraged and allowed to grow like wild fire. So you either fall in line with the sheep or you slaughtered. Ok ok, this is the worst season ever and nobody knows how to play, there are you happy.

    • This season has been great. Last season was awful. And stop crying, we get enough of that with the show.

    • Umm, I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure all your observations are not always correct:) And not everyone is narrow-minded, don’t just generalize like that. Oh, but maybe you are?
      And this season has been so entertaining.

    • Wow…. I’ve never seen any of your “correct observations” but that seems a bit over-dramatic, don’t you think?

    • I’ve seen every kind of comment you could imagine on this site, so I can’t imagine why you’d be singled out unless you’re being completely inappropriate. Like your last sentence though, although things are definitely more entertaining recently..

  15. Earlier like about a week or two, Steve was alone talking to the cam and stating that Vanessa had lied to him. He seemed frustrated with Vanessa and for that reason I think his next target is Vanessa.

    • Steve’s target this week is Austin. That’s what he meant when he said to himself, “Liz, you are not my target”. He talked to JMac about this before the noms and JMac told him to Austin should be the target. I just can’t figure out why JMac feels that way.

      In any case it all comes down to who wins veto from here on out. If Julia wins veto this week, her and her sister will be two votes which is enough to decide who goes home and unless they are the dumbest people on the planet, it won’t be Austin. It will be whoever Steve puts up as a replacement.

  16. Austin and Liz are so full of themselves. Some fans I have talked to will flock back to watching since the won’t have to watch them together.

  17. Liz & IT think their going to be a famous showmance and they are very much correct about this !!! Wait till they figure out why .Power Nut Shot Austin & Liz America just Don’t like you not even a little bit !!!!

  18. Famous couple what a stupid repulsive freak Austin is!! Wow!! Austin you’re so unattractive you make Howard Stern a heartthrob. Your tiny ugly eyes hiding behind your lame glasses make me vomit. Ewwwwww,what a weirdo! Liz you’re a straight whore with NO self respect. Big Brother All-stars no Redemption Liz needs to beg the show to be on. John is normal compared to hideous Austin. Austin’s has no game in&out of the house really Austin we know you pay whores for sex in the REAL WORLD,let’s be honest. Anyway,Steve&John final 2 with Vanessa on the way out.

  19. Steve No Balls thinks he’s made a big move. Which shows how clueless this supposed superfan is. A big move would have been Austwuss/Liz Ho on the block during your DE HOH. What Mommy Van wants Mommy Van gets and Little Steve No Balls is happy to give it to her.

    • To me a big move is flipping the house and changing sides when it matters. With 6 people left in the game, 3 of which are together, its not a big move to go after them. Its a necessary and obvious move. But there people are all cowards so even the slightest shift from wimpiness seems like a big move.

      A big more right now would be Steve turning on Vanessa or John. THAT would be a big more. A stupid move, but it would be huge.

  20. If I could choose to have a “super power” for the next 6 weeks, I would choose to be invisible. Then I could stand behind Austin, Liz and Julia when they get home and they sit down with their computers to read how America really feels about them!!! LMAO!!

  21. Wow, so much to work with… please test us on this one… please, pretty please… “7:30 PM BBT – Austin thinks viewers will leave in droves if he is evicted. Liz says no one will watch if he (or they) get evicted.” LOL.

    This wrestler/Sasquatch is SO FULL of HIMSELF.

  22. 7:40 PM BBT – Liz and Austin strolling down memory lane, reminiscing about their long, long 80-some day relationship.
    7:50 PM BBT – And now they’re making out. And now she’s straddling him.
    8:10 PM BBT – Liz goes to make dinner.

    LOL… check the time lapses here. Gosh, I hope that included washing her hands at 8:05.

  23. Is Liz that stupid? Don’t answer, that’s a rhetorical question.

    10:11 PM BBT – Liz and Julia regret not taking Steve out. Liz thinks it’s a good idea to throw the veto to Julia so she can use the veto on her and they’re both safe.

  24. I think that big brother should change it’s name to the Vanessa show that girl is seek she is running the show.I would like to see her get nominated and get evicted ,then it would be a toatlaay different game

  25. ” Austin thinks viewers will leave in droves if he is evicted. Liz says no one will watch if he (or they) get evicted.”Again nope

  26. I’m sure people stopped watching because THEY evicted James. Austin is very narcissistic. I can’t wait for the show to be over and they (including Vanessa) can see how much the fans HATED them.

  27. A lot of funny stuff here. I like how Steve pointed out hes younger than Liz. I’m sure its hard to take being nominated but its been done, many times really. They should ask JMac how he handles it so well.

  28. Austin is in for a rude awakening when he exits this game. So freakin delusional it’s not even funny anymore. If he only knew his little cheatmance is actually driving viewers away from the show…

  29. This is the first BB season I’m watching, and I realized over the past two months how toxic, hateful, and obnoxious the fandom is, at least on this website. You people really need to grow up. Survivor has got so much better fans.

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