Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 8

Who is your favorite Big Brother 17 Houseguest this week? It’s time to vote and take another look at who is moving up and down the charts in our popularity polls.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

The runaway favorites John and James continue to hold on to their lead in this week’s results analysis, but unsurprisingly they’ve been joined by Becky who looked to shake up the game and get out the season “villain” Vanessa.

Yes, the big climber this past week was Becky who catapulted from 13th in last week’s numbers to 3rd this time around. The next biggest gain was Jeff who went from last to tied for 15th with Audrey. But as for active HGs, Steve had the largest improvement with just one spot increase from 11th to 10th. Looks like Becky was eating up all the gains.

On the falling side of numbers we see Julia going from 8th to 12th, down four spots, and Jason dropping another 3 ranks. Meg also went from 6th to 8th as Becky stepped on a lot of heads to climb far up the charts.

The Austwins alliance remains the least popular with them holding all three of the lowest spots for any active Houseguests and coming in behind long ago evictees like Da’Vonne and Jason. I imagine those numbers meant a lot of fans were disappointed with Liz holding all the power this week and going after two of the three most popular Houseguests in our polls.

Be sure to vote in our new poll for Week 8 of Big Brother 17 and see how your favorites hold up in our next popularity report.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 7 vs Week 6

  1. John McGuire 38.0% (+0)
  2. James Huling 20.6% (+0)
  3. Becky Burgess 12.4% (+10)
  4. Jackie Ibarra 7.6% (-1)
  5. Vanessa Rousso 3.9% (+0)
  6. Shelli Poole 3.3% (+0)
  7. Jason Roy 2.3% (-3)
  8. Meg Maley 2.21% (-2)
  9. Clay Honeycutt 2.2% (+0)
  10. Steve Moses 1.9% (+1)
  11. Da’Vonne Rogers 1.7% (-1)
  12. Julia Nolan 1.5% (-4)
  13. Austin Matelson 1.0% (-1)
  14. Liz Nolan 0.9% (+0)
  15. Audrey Middleton 0.25% (+0)
  16. Jeff Weldon 0.25% (+2)
  17. Jace Agolli 0.05% (+1)


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  1. Vanessa is driving me cray cray! Who acts like that in front of people let alone all of TV land?? She’s coo-coo! Nuts!

    • She is so delousional, I’m so curiuois to know if she beleives her own lies/stories. It’s crazy.

      • Haha alright. I’ve been getting most my info from here, I keep forgetting to watch the episodes, I read so much on here every episode is behind on the drama/info anyway lol

      • She tries to fool America as well. She thinks she’s that good. Well, she’s not but don’t tell her that, or she’ll yell at you and accuse that you must be straight to not like her and you also belong to the mental ward.

      • Yep, she’ll tell on the whole America … to Russia.
        Coz she’ll play Russian Roulette there instead of Poker.

      • At this point I don’t know if she’s trying to “fool” anyone. I think she’s just entirely delusional.

      • Yea and when the show is over and she watches herself she will still think everyone else was crazy. At this point I would prefer to have Audrey back.

  2. John for sure. He is the only person to be fully on to Vanessa, aside from Becky, and have the balls to tell her in her face. She cracks me up with the victim card all the time, I wonder if she truly believes shes played an honest game. She scares me, someone who cannot own up to their mistakes, and someone who believes they are innocent even tho they know (AND ALL OF AMERICA KNOWS TOO) that shes been everything but innocent. I hope she leaves next, and I hope shes followed by one of the freaking twins. I loved them at first, I thought they would make moves and take control and was actually rooting for them to win, but after this mess and seeing how easily manipulated they are im disgusted. Liz all a sudden is in love, Julia has no backbone, and Austin well… hes just a guy in love and aint much you can do about that.

    • Ya, I’ve been wondering how delousional she is, if she beleives her own lies and staries. She acts like everyone owes her, she’s the victim, that she derserves to win, and she cant fathom why anyone would want her out and it’s in everyone best interest to keep her. It’d be funny, if it weren’t so sad… Everyone is either clueless(most see now), or sees it and is deciding to do nothgn about it.

    • Well Austin is perhaps in love but I don’t think Judas is.
      Wait until Judas stabs Liz at the back (and the front just to make sure) to win the half million bucks.

      • Id enjoy James being F2 but Meg… eeeehhhhhh…. I feel like that would be a waste lol… she really hasnt done ANYTHING. I used to like her but after seeing how useless shes been to her alliance (and all us viewers who so many times wished she won something) I quickly changed my tune lol. Poor Meg.

      • You know, everyone likes JohnnyMac, but he has skirted along until now he’s in danger

        Becky has at least been a shield for james and if those two make it to th final 2, it’s a shoe in for james

  3. Well since Vampire Dentist is a runaway favorite we should have a new poll, the most hated contestant.
    Let me start … Judas or Van Van? Not sure, it’s a big tie.
    After that Hickey Liz.

    • I think Vanessa is more hated. I don’t have a real problem with Judas/Austin myself, other than not making any big moves. Vanessa is the only one I don’t like that is still left.

    • For me it comes down to Vanessa and Meg.
      Vanessa is the most annoying and the one I most actively want to see fail.
      Meg is the most boring and honestly just a waste of a houseguest.

      I wish Vanessa & Meg could be DE’d this week instead of Jecky being broken up :(

  4. I wish they would shake thing up one year and give America one vote each week to vote out who we wanted to get out of the house.

    • It’s a big risk you know. People like us who stay update with the feeds know for sure how Van Van is like. But to general viewers they might not get the whole picture.

      • Yeah, having America vote on the overall winner would be a mistake. I like the idea of having an America’s favorite player every week, but that may cause the cast to act even more abnormally than they already do.

      • I think if Julie told them each week who is America’s favorite, then the HG will change their behavior each week.

      • You are right, except there’s no “might” about it! From what I see of the editing, general views absolutely do not get the real picture.

    • I think season 1 or maybe 1 and 2 the fans choose the winner not a jury. But ya fan voting could be a twist, better than the BB take over, I mean did that even happen(yes I know week 1 and 2 and week 3 was just dance when we say monkeys)? It was such crap lol

    • I think its too big a risk now. Too many people don’t watch the feeds or read blogs so they have no idea what really goes on but more than that, there are whole groups out there formed for the purpose of making the most obnoxious voting choice they can. They brag about it for other shows that allow voting. If there was a hated player they’d vote just to spite the rest of us.

    • Wasn’t the first season like that. I remember a show that America chose who left. I think it was BB, then they changed it.

  5. I’ve literally not watched the feeds since Liz won HOH, due to she + Austwinge = GROSS. Pretty sure Van is the actual Devil, like Lucifer, lying and stealing souls and covering it with Bible study. But I’ve listened to some metal music in my time so I might just be unstable and dangerous.

  6. Why is John so popular, please tell me? That guy is seriously one of the most annoying people ever on this show.

    • People like his acting in the DR I guess. Other than that I find him as dull as a box of rocks.

    • He just exudes “nice guy”, he came to win, he appears to listen a lot and try to figure out amidst all these stupid moves how to stay in the game without being mean or ignorant, he actually tries to be funny, he tries to tell the truth, he owns up to what he’s said AND he practices good hygiene and doesn’t make me puke.

      • I get it … to each his own! By the way, I have read many of your comments, KL H, and I always look forward to them and learn something … thanks.

      • That is nice of you to say. This message boards are tricky and sometimes I have to stay away :) They can become very combative! Sometimes posts depend on my mood and occasionally I come back and cringe a little :( lol. Big Brother is a fun show to watch, interesting to see the “human experiment” play out.

      • I know exactly what you mean and sometimes I have to stay away, too. I like debating and humor, but I try to resist taking things personally and exhibiting my own insecurities by responding!

    • I am glad to see someone else think that way!! Seriously, I don’t see how everyone is so “in” to him..Dull, zero personality and annoying!!

  7. i think jmac is hilarious and nice and entertaining, so he wins the “popularity” poll. But if this was a “who’s playing the best game” poll, then he would definitely be towards the middle…not at the top

    • I’ll say the bottom if it was about game play. This week he has been sleeping a lot and talking to Steve who will never betray Vanessa.

    • To me, Although james is swinging here and there, I still feel he’s playing the game. For him to be buddies up with Julia took some skill. But I didn’t like when Liz intentionally threw bacon grease on him.

  8. Just saw the “Austin’s Angels” pose for the first time on Sunday’s show and just read they did it again a few minutes ago on Joker’s. Those with the feeds: Is this a frequent occurrence? (The pose.)

  9. *prays Becky can return*
    Imagine John winning HOH and then Becky returning… That would be amazing! Jackie returning would be good too but she needs to take more control, James is too easily swayed to lead the alliance of her and Meg, Jackie has to step up!

  10. Johnny dropped about 5%. He made a huge mistake keeping steve’s nominations and if he chooses Austin’s side again he will regret it later.

  11. So the twins are not planning to go to the end with Austin, but instead John or meg. That is good news for Johnny. If they follow through with that plan, then I hope they pick John and he wins.

  12. Did you all Steve try to play Vanessa with Steve last night? ????? What a jack a $ s. I wanted to jump through the screen and slap him. He just would not answer JohnnyMac directly and was being very evasive. Then was playing mind games with him. Doesn’t he know that if JohnnyMac stays, he needs his vote?? He’s become full of himself and grew balls, but with the wrong person. It’s as if he worships Vanessa. Ewwwwwwwww.

  13. I would love to see Julia and Liz put up. If Liz went out Austin would go ape schit crazy and be to go with her. For a big man he sure is a wuss!!!

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