Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 7

Another week, another popularity poll for Big Brother 17 as the Houseguests make their moves in the game and viewers make their own moves in our polls. Time to see how they all did this week.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

Yes, once again Johnny Mac has held the top spot in the past week’s poll results but he was nearly bested by James Huling for his reign that broke up the Big Brother season’s showmance between Clay and Shelli. Readers here rewarded him with a big chunk of the votes.

Rounding out the Top 5 with John and James were Jackie in third, up one, Jason at fourth, down one, and Vanessa at fifth, down two. Not a bad top section of players for their contributions to the game in recent weeks.

Running the middle of the pack for this past week is Meg, Shelli, Julia, Clay and Da’Vonne. Despite having been voted out in Week 2, Da’Vonne manages to keep a strong place in the popularity results.

Rounding up the bottom we’ve got Jeff, Jace, and Audrey as the Bottom 3 in the poll. As for active players at the bottom, that’s Liz, the lowest ranked active player, with Becky, Austin, and Steve stacked above her. I’m guessing that Becky will see a big bounce in this week’s poll for her big moves.

The biggest gain this week goes to Meg Maley who climbed 5 spots to #6 while the biggest loss goes to Liz who fell 8 spots to #14. I’m kinda surprised that Julia did better than Liz, but maybe that whole Austin + Liz thing is what’s pulling her down.

Be sure to vote in our new poll for Week 7 of Big Brother 17 and see how your favorites hold up in our next popularity report.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 6 vs Week 5

  1. John McGuire 32.1% (+0)
  2. James Huling 29.7% (+2)
  3. Jackie Ibarra 7.1% (+1)
  4. Jason Roy 6.3% (-2)
  5. Vanessa Rousso 6% (-2)
  6. Meg Maley 3.6% (+5)
  7. Shelli Poole 3.2% (+0)
  8. Julia Nolan 3.1% (+0)
  9. Clay Honeycutt 1.8% (+3)
  10. Da’Vonne Rogers 1.7% (-1)
  11. Steve Moses 1.6% (-1)
  12. Austin Matelson 1.2% (+1)
  13. Becky Burgess 1.1% (+1)
  14. Liz Nolan 0.8% (-8)
  15. Audrey Middleton 0.3% (+0)
  16. Jace Agolli 0.2% (+1)
  17. Jeff Weldon 0.1% (-1)


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  1. Same here. I want JMac to win but if anyone from the James Gang (including Becky) wins I will be pretty content.

  2. I gave my vote to Becky this week…gave it to James last week. Next week it may go to someone else! But I had to give props to Becky this week because she made the game move James wouldn’t when he could have…remove a bigger threat and split up a showmance. Becky is now doing what James couldn’t or wouldn’t.

    • James opened the the door to get Van out by putting Clay & Shellie up and keeping it the same to get the the whole thing started. First one of the power couple OUT, then VAN, then hopefully Austin, then Shellie. I think James really pulled it out, and gave his side of the house the incentive to DO SOMETHING!

      • Not saying he didn’t make a big move…just wished he’d put Van up to replace Clay and BDed Van. But it was hard for him to guarantee that would be a sure bet due to the numbers going against them then. I just glad Becky was able to help this transpire this week!

      • I agree. James made a big move but in the end, his plan failed and the weaker half of Clelli left. Out of the 3 options, the least-optimal version happened.

        I’m kinda scared that J/J/M will vote out Shelli over Vanessa. Jackie and Meg didn’t vote out Shelli last week despite that being James’ goal….

      • I agree. Finally, someone had the guts to remove one of the biggest pot-stirrers in the game.

  3. I like johnny mac for lulz. vanessa and audrey for drama. James for opposing the other alliance and lulz. Becky just too basic. Also don’t get meg love? don’t see her having much of a game or personality

  4. Like Johnnymac for 2 reasons. Funny as hell and winning the veto and bob. He saved himself 3 times. Now he needs an hoh.

  5. Can we vote for more than 1 person? Coz my No 1 vote will always go to Vampire Dentist. But I would like to vote for Becky this week as well if I can and also for my other fave players Meg and James. Perhaps squeeze a vote for Clay just because.

  6. Occasionally, there is a Big Bro player who actually goes through the summer without a lot of back-stabbing. They don’t spend their time trying to remember which houseguest they’ve told the biggest lie to, and they actually hold true to any alliance they’ve made. James is one of those players. Obviously, the viewers must appreciate that type of honesty because his popularity is right up there at the top. Johnny Mac is great, but he’s pretty relied on his personality to get him by up to this point.

  7. It’s always so baffling when the players get in the diary room and start the ‘I’m innocent. Haven’t lied to anyone. Haven’t tried to undermine anyone.’… (referring to Shelli, Vanessa, even Audrey.) Don’t they know we, the viewers, have been privy to all their backstabbing?

  8. James is doing what he has to, to win the game. As far as promises go, two of the most popular players, lied to advance in the game–and they both won, Dan and my favorite, Dr. Will. James is playing the game–and playing it well. James is a great player. He and Johnny Mac are my favorites this season! Austin and his twins make me sick, as do Vanessa, who I think is borderline crazy! I will be glad to see them go. Austwins need to be broken up, FAST! A block of 3 votes is dangerous, plus they are skanky!

    • Right with you on each of those. Dr. Will was great, because he stood up and told people right to their face that he would lie to them. LOL. He stated many times, “I don’t like any of you.” And he won!

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