Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Monday Daytime Highlights

The fireworks took off in the Big Brother 17 house today after the Veto Ceremony where Becky was forced to make a renom and her big target finally took her turn on the Block.

Vanessa Rousso reacts to her nomination on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso reacts to her nomination on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

It was a calm and quiet morning building up to the action, but now we’ve got three more days of maneuvering from one of the sneakiest players this season. I don’t think she’s going to disappoint.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 10, 2015:

9:15 AM BBT – HGs getting up for the day and are on the move. John and Becky chatting up the upcoming craziness.

9:35 AM BBT – John waited for Vanessa to take a shower then sent Austin up to see Becky. Becky warns him what she’s about to do with the Vanessa renom.

9:45 AM BBT – Becky tells Austin she doesn’t need their votes to evict Vanessa so he should do what’s best for him and the twins. She says he can deny he knew and she’ll cover for him.

10:10 AM BBT – Austin is back downstairs. He tells Meg then Jackie that he knows what’s going on. Austin gives Liz a heads up that something is going to go down.

11:02 AM BBT – Feeds return. Vanessa accusing Shelli of knowing. Shelli is the only one there to comfort Vanessa as she suggests Shelli knew and hid it from her. Well, yeah, but still.

11:05 AM BBT – Becky talking to the Austwins upstairs and explaining her decision.

11:10 AM BBT – Vanessa says she knew there would be a BD because production woke them up early. (It wasn’t that early for this season.)

11:20 AM BBT – Tears have arrived for Vanessa as Shelli continues to console her.

11:30 AM BBT – Vanessa is so upset that Becky lied to her in that conversation where Vanessa was lying to Becky.

11:35 AM BBT – Austwins have arrived. They all immediately deny knowing. At least 2 of the 3 did.

11:40 AM BBT – Moments after promising not to campaign against Shelli, Vanessa says she’s going to campaign really hard but won’t say anything bad about Shelli.

11:45 AM BBT – Austin and Steve run through the vote and realize Vanessa has no shot with the tie going to Becky. Vanessa is done.

11:52 AM BBT – Vanessa goes to find Becky. She wants answers. Becky says she’ll tell her why, but that’s it then she’s done. Becky explains how Vanessa was forcing loyalty in group settings by pointing at each of them and demanding their loyalty to her plans. Becky gets up and leaves as Vanessa starts crying.

11:55 AM BBT – Vaness goes inside and cries telling HGs that Becky was pointing and yelling at her. Both were elevated in their talk, but there was no yelling by either of them.

12:00 PM BBT – Vanessa goes to the HN room to find James, Meg, and Becky. There are no sympathetic ears in that room. She cries and says Becky attacked her. No one gets up or pays much attention. Vanessa escalates her game. She starts to tell them all the things Becky did and said over the past few weeks. Jackie shuts her down saying they already knew and they’re close now.

12:10 PM BBT – Vanessa has left, but James is actually thinking about what she just said and how Becky was considering making James a target. It seems that Vanessa got her hooks in him, but just how deep?

12:12 PM BBT – James is still thinking about Becky. Jackie tells him not to get hung up on that because they were trying to turn Becky against them and Becky was vulnerable. James agrees, but still seems to be worried about Becky.

12:16 PM BBT – Becky goes into the Have-Not room to tell James, Jackie and Meg her side of the story about her talk with Vanessa. Becky retells it more accurately than Vanessa did. They tell Becky that Vanessa said she yelled at her and pointed her finger at her. Becky laughs at Vanessa’s exaggerations. Becky explains that she pointed her finger at Vanessa to show her how Vanessa had pointed her finger at her when they were all forced into the target Shelli and John agreement. Liz is in on the conversation, laughing and making fun of the situation.

12:20 PM BBT – Vanessa has been called to the Diary Room so even Austin joins the Vanessa talk in the have-not room.

12:29 PM BBT – Austin talking to Liz in the storage room. They talk about breaking their plan with that side of the house during the double eviction. They don’t want to target Shelli. Austin says since Becky broke her plan with Vanessa, then they won’t feel bad about breaking theirs.

12:39 PM BBT – Becky about Vanessa: “It sucks being next to your friends on the block. Thanks for teaching me that trick!”

12:48 PM BBT – HGs talking about Steve hiding out in the lounge to avoid drama. John says he’s playing it smart.

1:08 PM BBT – Jackie tells Meg that they have to play it smart. They have to law low this week, then target Shelli and then they’ll have all the numbers they need.

1:35 PM BBT – Vanessa breaks out the Bible and is reading in bed.

2:15 PM BBT – HGs are just hanging out outside in the pool. No game talk at the moment.

2:38 PM BBT – Johnny Mac and Shelli talking game. John says he feels expendable because no one talks game with him. He feels like he might be taken out before the two sides go for each other.

2:44 PM BBT – John explains to Shelli why he doesn’t trust Vanessa. He also tells her he would nominated the twins and backdoor Austin.

3:10 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa that everyone, including her, was going to put her on the block. Vanessa says, yeah, but they would’ve had the votes to keep her.

3:12 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa that people don’t care about breaking their word in the house (including Vanessa). Vanessa agrees, ignoring that she has broken her word in the house. Vanessa tells Shelli that everything she agreed to and did this week was to ensure that Shelli would stay and John would go.

3:17 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Shelli if she really thinks Austin and the twins didn’t know. Vanessa thinks they did. Shelli says she doesn’t think so, but has to wonder herself.

3:30 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Austin and Liz if they think she forced Becky to give her word last week? They say know that Becky willingly agreed. Vanessa says that Becky just had to come up with a reason to put her up over John (that sounds familiar, Vanessa).

3:33 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that he is next and if he shouldn’t think otherwise.

3:37 PM BBT – Vanessa says to Austin “I made it happen for you” when he was against the wall and tells him to do the same for her. She tells Liz that she’s protected her also, so she needs to help her. They know they need one more person to make sure it’s not a tie.

3:45 PM BBT – Vanessa says she was fine until Becky was mean to her and now her feelings are hurt. Austin and Liz leave to figure out a way to save Vanessa.

3:47 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that he doesn’t think he is the next target. He thinks they’ll still be going for Shelli or Steve next. Liz says that she’s not sticking to the plan if she wins during the DE. She says she’ll target Becky, James and company. Liz also says she’s not doing Vanessa’s dirty work for her. She and Austin agree that she got herself into this mess and she can get her out. They talk about why she thinks they owe her.

3:49 PM BBT – Austin: “I understand why Becky did it.” Liz talks about all the reasons Becky gave them for why she decided to target Vanessa. Austin says Vanessa should have just kept quiet. He says she talked to much. They talk about how annoying it is that she’s reading and quoting the Bible.

3:54 PM BBT – James says he would nominate a twin and Shelli so that they’d be forced to vote out Shelli. Jackie and Meg talk about winning the HOH after the double eviction and hope Steve wins the won before it (not sure why they want Steve to).

4:00 PM BBT – Jackie, Meg and James go to check on Becky. They say they have to have her back after the huge move she made today.

So Vanessa is scrambling and Shelli is feeling more and more safe. It’s sounding like Vanessa doesn’t stand a chance this week. Meanwhile, Austin and the twins are preparing to turn on their deal during the double eviction coming up this week. Expect a lot more drama this week as it all unfolds.

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  1. Oh Vanessa, don’t disappoint me now. If anyone can make some interesting twists happen in this game it’s you… I’m also enjoying the potential showdown of Austin, Shelli & The Twins vs. KegMeg, James, Jackie & Becky (with JMac & Steve kinda blowin’ in the wind right now)…

    • I don’t think she will go like Audrey, I expect to spend lots of time in DR getting medicated.

      • Now now Capt be nice. There’s a big difference in the type of social & mental illnesses that production cast in these two people. Audrey truly should never have been on the show because she definitely shows the signs & symptoms of some scary big mental health issues (just an opinion as I’m not an M.D). Vanessa on the other hand seems to be somewhat ”predictable” in her manic sessions where she can’t control the amount of energy and paranoia she displays…. Both are being exploited in a very immoral way, but I’m personally bothered at how exploited Audrey was.

      • Medication in most cases is designed to deal with the severity of symptoms, it’s not a ”cure” for the illness itself… That’s why I do feel bad for Audrey & Vanessa (or many who appear on reality shows), because it’s a shame people assume them to be ”bad” people when in fact they are (I suspect) just seeking their 15min of fame and being exploited for their potential to ”react”…

      • Seems to be. But more than that they took advantage of somebody who is obviously still struggling with some serious mental health issues – and whether they’re as a result of his/her change isn’t all that important to me, it’s that Audrey wanted her 15min so badly she didn’t seem to notice they were putting her into circumstances that would make things worse. I feel bad for the family and friends of Audrey who probably knew ahead of time this was a bad idea…

      • Well it is like how 10 years ago it was having gay people on reality shows that was the hot button issue. Now it is transgender…they are doing the same thing on many reality shows now haha.

      • She exploited herself. She did what she did. I liked Audrey until she started pouting because she couldn’t continue to manipulate anymore. It was all for show.

      • I agree in the fact that Audrey did it to herself. I personally know my mental state, and I am sure after hours of therapy Audrey knows hers. There are medical professionals on big brother who determine good personalities to go on big brother, and I am sure it was a shock to everyone when Audrey just shut down.

    • I’ve been looking forward to this time all season long. Vanessa has been blind sided…and she will do/say anything…ANYTHING…to remain alive. This is gonna be good.

  2. I for one, will miss Vanessa’s drama if she goes. She sure makes things interesting.

      • I for one like Shelly dont care about Vanessa but I cant stand James and Jackye sorry Steve who is he? Love Johnny Mac Becky is growing on me Meg meh big floater Astwins can go at any time and this is just my opinion

      • Oh goodness no. I actually respect Vanessa’s mind and her ability to read people and strategy… What I think is her downfall is more a function of her seeming medical condition of hyper-activity, paranoia, and possible manic episodes… I know people don’t commonly understand how people with mental & social issues are exploited for entertainment, but in this case, I try to look beyond what people mistake as her ”character”. It’s a shame we never get to really know the people who they are…

      • I agree with you my ex is manic and my uncle had schizophrenia their “character” was not their mental state

      • i so agree with Vanessa being bipolar she reminds me a lot of my son! He gets super talkative when he gets manic and her talking reminds me of him! There are just times when they talk and talk just to talk and i have trouble dealing with that in him sometimes! I don’t see how the house just doesn’t say be quite Vanessa! I am going to love to see what her mind comes up with now that her backs against the wall!

      • She’s a professional poker player. I wonder how she acts when she’s actually playing a game. How can she not be manic and paranoid then?

      • she plays poker the same way she is rude and nasty to everyone at the table including the dealer, i know because i have dealt poker to her,most of the dealers i know can,t stand her because of her attitude.and her paranoia.

      • Not sure if I would diagnose her as bi-polar, but there definitely seems to be enough there to suspect that there are manic episodes… Now in fairness even healthy normal functioning people have manic episodes, but in Vanessa’s case I suspect she is unable to control her impulse towards them. So what does it mean she has? I can’t say I know (I’m neither her psychologist, nor somebody that knows her outside of a reality tv show)…

      • Not any of us are Matt but having lived with my bipolar son I know what to look for!! You are so right that normal people can have manic episodes sometimes but looking at Vanessa you are also right when you say it seems she wants to say something boom she says it like there is no filter from her mouth to her brain! The stress of the house must be making her feel worse!

      • totally agreed… I’d be curious (as always) to know what most of these people are really like outside of the house in their normal circumstances… And yes, being a former counselor, I too have seen many who’ve been bi-polar and/or having an array of mental health issues…

      • I was thinking today how Vanessa is either “way up,’ or “way down.” I was wondering if maybe she is bi-polar. Vanessa’s paranoia in the game for sure got the best of her and she kept on talking when she shouldn’t have..she made mountains out of molehills when it was so unnecessary. I like Vanessa..she brings drama, for sure. Becky told Austin and the twins today that she renom’d Vanessa for personal reasons..I don’t agree with that. I have watched Becky today on the feeds and I think she has acted like a catty bitch. Every season HG’s play the game in the way they think is best for, I have witnessed Jackie and Meg laughing behind Vanessa’s back, Vanessa played the game in a way she thought would take her didn’t..but, don’t kick the girl when she is already down. I hope Becky goes next.

      • Don’t forget how sheely, clay and Vanessa laughed at the other side of the group when they hadC control if Vanessa had kept to the ploans evicted theb person the group including James meg etc in th loop things would be different. Vanessa is too strong a player to keep in the game.whoever wins Hoh this week goes after the opposite side. Either Austin s group wins and Becky’s group goes or vIsa versa

      • I know that HG’s laugh back and forth..the way Becky was acting today was what pissed me off. I think she is my least favorite HG.

    • Many said the same thing when Audrey and Jason were evicted but I think the game has been even better without them and I expect it will still be interesting and full of drama without Vanessa.

  3. Honestly, would anyone expect Austin and the twins to honor the deal at this point? Nobody wanted that deal to begin with really. It was all lip service to keep Vanessa happy.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks there’ll be a lot of sad, slow songs played at Vanessa’s next DJ gig?

  5. I wonder if James and Jackie (Meg doesn’t really matter) realize that Shelli is more of a threat to them than Vanessa at this very moment. The only people’s game they are really HELPING by getting rid of Vanessa is John’s, Becky’s, and Shelli’s…….

    • Not true. Shelli is far less dangerous than Vanessa. Vanessa is a master puppet master. Without her, Shelli might easily be convinced to join Becky and the others.

      • True she’s far less dangerous than vanessa when it comes to the rest of the house. But not for James, Shelli hates him on a personal and game level. He is her number one target.

      • Definitely. I think Shelli is more capable of becoming the competition beast that is hard to get rid of so she’ll pose a challenge there, but by getting rid of Vanessa they’re getting rid of the master mind behind that side of the house. It is easier to deal with one competition beast than a unified alliance.

    • Yeah its a big mistake in my opinion. They are helping Becky’s game and she will turn on them as soon as it suits her.

      • She must have gotten bored and started doing that. I have watched her play many times on world poker tour and poker after dark. She has won a good bit of money. She seems like a person who is always into something.

  6. When Vanessa goes, it will be a more interesting fight. I think Steve wants to target Becky and Johnny Mac is on Becky’s side and we have James, Jackie, Meg, Becky on one side versus Shelli, Austin, Liz and Julia. Looks pretty even. Now, who will win HOH next? I hope Johnny Mac wins HOH next. Want to see what he does with it.

    • I would hope he would sink Steve, he’s another snake in the grass.
      Thanks to James having the Gaul to take out this season’s super couple, he flipped the house from a typical NEXT, to a game that will be talked about for awhile.

      • Steve is too smart to attack James’ side. You realize he’s a master manipulator like Vanessa, just much more subtle? He’s playing the feeds just like he’s playing the house. Plus, he knows the Austwins have to be cracked before they get much deeper, and he might as well get help from JMac, James, and company. I think he wins HOH for DE and takes the first shot at the twins.

    • I don’t know. I think the line has been drawn so I’m not sure Johnny Mac is much of a target in the DE. I think I’d rather see him win the second HOH this week.

  7. I saw quite a few of these feeds today….What I saw from Vanessa was crocodile tears, attempting emotional black mail (to no avail) and someone who was never made to accept no as a kid and is still in disbelief she was told no.Spoiled brat. Trying to come off like an undeserving victim and blamed Shelli instead of owning up to her bad decisions. Vanessa is a character but doesn’t have character. There is a difference.

    • I tend to see her ”character” and her ”weakness” (most likely a mental health issue) as completely different… but I can understand why most people would want to associate the two… Same with Audrey. She was exploited for her mental health issues and in a very scary way…

      • I don’t know….I see Vanessa coming off with the maturity of a sixth grade girl. As far as her mental issues…she plays the victim so well and makes people feel guilty, and manipulates fights so well…..I don’t think she’s hindered by it in the least

      • Oh my, well, if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, I’d love to show ya some real life examples of people like Vanessa… I hope you will come to see that reality shows aren’t ”real”. They are edited pieces of footage (and the live feeds are laden with rules, regulations and false scenarios), for us to believe there’s ”truth” in who these people are. Grodner is very good at what she does – she sells viability enough so that we feel we actually ”know” these people inside and out… But for the most part, we really only know bits and pieces of these people.

      • They can only use what she gives them. In the feeds she’s giving people hell for not checking on her, trying to pick fights, and doing a lot of finger pointing. She’s displaying the same behavior for hours going into days….I think she’s representing herself truthfully.

    • Her character comes off as shoddy, I won’t disagree there. But man she makes for good TV, wouldn’t you agree? The rest of the cast doesn’t strike me as intense and manic as Vanessa and Audrey. Thus, I like Vanessa being around. I truly can’t tell if she believes the nonsense that comes out of her mouth, but it’s so fun to watch. She probably wasn’t told no as a kid, yet there is something really intriguing about a spoiled brat/con artist hybrid…it’s so rare and unique. The fact that the other house guests have to use a buddy system to prevent being duped by her is absolutely hilarious to me. She is easily the most entertaining character (other than JMac and his DR sessions) this year on the show!

      • Yeah….I just reread my comment and its a tad more personal then I intended but some of her game play has just went outside of Big Brother and hits other people on a personal level. And then Liz messing with Austins emotions…..There’s great tv then there’s tv where you feel bad for people and start despising the people messing with them…

      • I. again, agree with you. Austin said in a diary room once that he’d give up the money if it meant filling the void in his heart. That’s a bit intense, obviously, but he’s pretty infatuated with Liz. For Liz to be completely uninterested is certain strategic (all is fair in love and war) but kind of mean-spirited. At one point, Julia clarified to the house that she was shocked the thought she was interested in Steve (how could a girl like me go out with a guy like him) so the twins, in my opinion, epitomize the people who are just crappy altogether and don’t add much entertainment value to the show.

        They are in a completely different realm than Vanessa, who is trying her hardest (probably trying to hard) to win yet her manic personality causes chaos and good TV.

      • Fair enough! I see where you’re coming from. As far as the twins…I can’t wait to see the veto comp. I read it was the comic book event and Liz freaked out when she saw she was cast as the evil twin…I like it when people are made to look in a mirror and then see what they take from it…

  8. Again I really really hope that JMac win the next HoH comp, I think that now he gonna play an interesting game, if he goes with Becky to the F2, i’m gonna so happy (they are my favorites). And about Vanessa, maybe now she’s trying to play her cards for see Becky in the jury house soon, but I don’t think that it could happen so fast, the houseguests are trying to vote out other big targets (Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia). This is one of my favorite weeks of the season so far!

  9. It’s called “Becky’s Revenge” and you only need to look at DJ ‘Nessa’s face to see how “burned” she is! Nobody 4 NOW!!!

    • Well it all started when Mama Day sat on that chair. Then it finally shook them to demand a change after Jason’s dreams were shattered. Now it became reality after James stood ground against the dictators and broke that damn wall and Becky became an independent woman.
      It had histories all written about it, really.

  10. If Vanessa survives this eviction, then I’m pretty sure the whole thing is fixed. Either that or the HGs are so dumb that I no longer want to watch them.
    I can’t stand Vanessa anymore. I can’t believe that two weeks ago, she was one of my favorites. Now everytime she opens her mouth, I cringe. She needs to go.

  11. I’m laughing at the idiot that is Julia. She told Shelli that she thinks America hates James for breaking up Clelli. lol she’s so delusional! She also says he has no heart! She and Liz also say they hate James, even though James hasn’t blown up their game, tried to back door them, nominate them or said anything bad about them.

    I really hope J/J/M or John win Hoh next and nominate tweedle dee and tweedle dumb aka the twins.

    • A couple of weeks ago they were all talking about how they think that Clelli is America’s sweethearts, like JeJo. So, it makes sense that they’d think James was hated for breaking it up.

    • They appear to be the Incompetwins. Another couple of ladies relying on Ausdaddy to make their decisions for them. I’d like to see them play the game without his sizeable shoulders to lean on.

      • Some of the nicknames on here are really inventive! Did you make this one? I like it! I stole another from a fellow commenter ”KegMeg”… ;)

    • I started out liking the twins and Vanessa but I now can’t wait for all of them to go.

    • I love the idea of these people getting out of the house and seeing their popularity ratings from the summer. Clay and Shelli will be shocked to see how much people hated them, and John will probably be surprised to see how much people love him.

  12. Bleh, Austin is annoying me. He’d been talking about turning on the DE deal since last week, I’m so tired of people coming up with these on the spot excuses to justify their sleazy gameplay. I’m fine with being cutthroat, I encourage it actually, just own up to it and don’t be coward.

  13. Oh Vanessa. Sigh. You silly tool, you’re the only one who needs to make up a “reason” to put someone up and target them. Anyone else just… does it… because it’s good for their game.

  14. To the Austwins: She doesn’t need their votes to evict Vanessa so he should do what’s best for him and the twins…lol…OK!..Iron Lady.

  15. Shelli and tweedle dee and tweedle dumb are now planning to take back Clays shirts as they claim James is wearing them and he’s doing it on purpose. Shelli said quote: “Now it doesn’t even Smell like Clay anymore Because it has James juice all over it.”

    My question is why would Shelli care if Clays shirts are on someone else? is she really that self centered to think James was doing it to purposefully hurt her? Also why would she even care about Clays shirt smelling like him or not? Weird. Just plain weird.

    • Wait what? Clay knew he was going home so did he leave the shirts on purpose to be nice? Is it possible he gave them to James.

      • No. He was looking for that exact shirt when he was packing. So I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t just give it to James. They even said James claimed the blue/grey comp shirt without asking Clay.

    • More like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. Yes, Shelli is that self-centered and very immature for her age.

      • I think that’s why she fell for an extremely immature 23 year old, but his age will be the excuse for the behavior. Hers is pathetic. She does need to grow up. I do think that hanging out with the twins and clay who are so young make her act like that so she will be welcomed in their clique.

      • My initial thought about Shelli was that she reeked of desperation. I agree with everything you stated. I believe Shelli will be in for a rude awakening once BB is over.

    • She’s finding things around the house that belongs to Clay so she starts building a shrine in his memory. (like a dead person) Like what GinaMarie did in her season(Nick)…I guess it’s normal in Big Brother. lol

    • It’s really not weird at all. It’s actually quite common for people to cling to something that belongs to someone they are seeing especially if they’re away for awhile. And it has nothing to do with maturity. It’s sad when people judge other people just for missing someone and wanting to make sure some random person isn’t stealing their stuff. If it truly wasn’t a big deal to James and he just found it, then naturally he should have given it to Shelli just like he gave her the other shirt. But no, he found it and said oh well its mine now thinking no one would notice. It’s totally plausible to believe he’s doing it on purpose especially because he already gave her one shirt he found. Why keep the other?? There is no reason for him to keep it.

      • Actually it is weird. Why you think it isn’t, I don’t get. Shelli hasn’t known Clay all of her life. He’s not related to her or someone who she has even had a chance to date.

        And the chances of a 23 year old man settling down with a mature woman who he met briefly on a tv show is highly unlikely.

        As for James, to me he gives off a care free kind of attitude. I suspect he hasn’t even really thought about clays clothes. Plus, I would think that was something he and Clay should discuss not Shelli and James.

  16. I find it hard to believe CBS would exploit somebody’s mental issues for ratings. But Vanessa knew what she was getting into on BB is she a great actress, or is she just not a decent human being. I would never want to hang out with someone like her on a daily basis. The woman is certifiable and should check herself into a mental institution after the show.

      • lol. Vanessa has mental issues and you do not need to be certified to know this. Just by observation, especially for those who watch the feeds and BB after dark. There is definitely something wrong with her.

      • lol Sorry, but based on feeds as a viewer. I can’t diagnose conclusively….not my line.. Maybe you can,

      • Alyce, I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ”Common sense isn’t always common, and from the mouth of some, it often doesn’t make sense.” …I think what Cyril & I would be saying is maaaybe it’s best to let the professionals who spend decades studying this stuff stick with the conclusions on what is a common sense diagnosis… Having said that, I do think that reality shows frequently take advantage of people with mental health issues. This is however just my opinion as I’m not an M.D.

      • If you knew her in real life you would feel he same way Alyce does .and i know her in real life.

      • i have dealt cards to her ,she used tohave amillion dollar home in Vegas but i don,t know if she still lives there or not becu i moved out of Nevada 5 yrs ago

  17. Vanessa is such a great manipulator. People like that are thought to be verbal and mental abusers. I wonder if there is domestic violence in her relationship in a non physical way. Only idiots will fall for her crying and dramatizations. I thought James was smarter than that. she is a bully.

    • Oh my jello… I would never venture to guess something of this magnitude about somebody based on a reality tv show… Could she be absusive? Of course. Could she be an amazing human being that feeds hungry people on the street? Possibly. I don’t know because I recognize that I only know her ”persona” on the show. :)

      • I wasn’t accusing her of anything, just wondering since this is a game and she seems to be acting insane. Even though they do script the show, it is not entirely scripted since it it supposed to be reality. I do believe that their personalities are real and Vanessa seems to have some kind of mental problem. The way she speaks to people and tears just naturally come out is so manipulative and I don’t believe she is faking it.

      • Of course she’s not faking it … she’s forcing it. For example, before she entered the HN Room to tell the JCrew how “venomous” Becky was, the camera showed her standing in front of a mirror or something, composed herself and gathered her thoughts before she calmly walked into the room. Then the hell broke loose.
        She’s a master of manipulator as you said. A great manipulator manipulates feelings. When she needs to cry, she cries. When she needs to lie, she lies. When she needs to shoot without closing her eyes, she will gladly do it gangster-style.
        In her real life tho, we don’t know for sure. She can be lovely, who knows.
        Never judge a person in a fishbowl. If I were one of the contestants I might blow it on night one and got sent one in first eviction.

  18. By the way–watching the live feeds for a bit today showed Shelli talking strategy with the same group of people voting to send her to the jury house on Thursday. Maybe it’s just me, but anybody find that odd?

    • Well she’s not going to cut them off. She has to act like everything is still ok with them so they don’t find out she’s working with Johnny Mac and Steve. She’s basically doing what Becky’s doing, be in a group while secretly being in the floaters group. It’s a good strategy as long as the groups don’t find out. Notice how both main groups think they have Steve and Johnny Mac? They have no clue that there’s a third group. Basically the floaters group has all the info which is why I hope they win HoH for DE so they can break up both sides. Oh that would be GREAT!! No one would see it coming.

  19. Vanessa has serious issues beyond the house. She showed little mercy toward Jeff, not even allowing Jeff to speak in his defense totally yelled at him for even trying

    She is now on the block, and a waterfall of tears pour out, is this some kind of crybaby strategy for pity votes to stay?

    • I agree. Vanessa’s lies are not just BB lies. She really does believe what she is saying. She changes stories in a way that is indicative of a pathological liar. A good example is the incident with Becky today.

  20. I think the biggest regret that Vanessa will have once she’s out to the real world will not about the way she plays the games, because she plays it well, too well perhaps that’s why it causes her to be sent home. I think her biggest regret will be how she’s perceived by the world, I said the world coz not only Americans are watching this, it’s up on youtube and people around the world are watching it and discussing it.
    How many mental asylum patient remarks get thrown in when talking about her. I for once is also guilty for this coz I said she’s really suitable for Eichen House haha, but I said it with tongue in cheek. But many are serious tho. Hopefully she would have a strong support in her family when she goes home and she can come out the better person after this experience.

    • She is not playing it well. As Austin said, she is talking too much, pulling too many stunts and it got her in the trouble she is in. Does that sound like someone else who already went home? Austin called her “Audrey” and that’s how she has been playing the game, the last few weeks.

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