Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 4

After Shelli Poole returned to power as one of this week’s Heads of Household along with first-timer Liz Nolan we knew things were likely to work out as a repeat of the past few weeks. Then again… hubris!

Heads of Household debate next round of nominations
Heads of Household debate next round of nominations – Source: CBS All Access

These weren’t to be individual HoHs but rather a group effort as Shelli remains clumped with Clay, Austin thinks he owns Liz, and Vanessa is pretty sure she’s calling all the shots. This should work out perfectly, right?

Trying to catch up on all the discussions overnight would give you whiplash. Everyone was throwing in their suggestions from the outside, but it was that core of five players who were working overtime to be ready for Friday’s upcoming nominations ceremony.

As the night wound down one of the more interesting ideas being floated was for Liz to nominate Jason with either Jackie or Steve while Shelli would nominated Audrey and Becky. Hang on, don’t get too excited. Shelli’s idea is then for Steve/Jackie (whoever it ended up being) to throw Battle of the Block so Audrey could be safe for the week. Right, because Steve and Jackie feel an obligation to save Audrey at risk of their own game.

It’s utter nonsense for Shelli to be so arrogant in her plans that she can get someone to throw Battle of the Block to protect someone else. Not to get someone else BD’d, but for the purpose of protecting a third party. Are you [expletive] kidding me, Shelli? Clay asks why someone would be willing to do that and Austin is quick to explain they’d do it because they’re not the real target this week.

Flashback to 4:35AM BBT 7/17 Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds with a Free Trial if you haven’t yet. Vanessa is about to give her summary of what she wants them to do, unless she thinks of a better plan, she explains. The HoHs should put up Jackie & Becky on one side with Jason and Steve on the other. Their renom pawn would be Meg.

Vanessa says this could be their hands-free HoH week because they wouldn’t care what happened at BotB or Veto. Let them play it out, says Vanessa. Where was this idea last week?? Well, it actually seems to be a lesson learned from her flip flop week. This way they don’t have to try and control the votes, just let things fall where they may and walk away happy either way.


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  1. I don’t understand why throwing competitions is such theme this year. I’d like to see some competitions where we don’t know who’s going to win until the end. I’m ready for BOTB to be over!

    • This is what happens on a Battle of the Block season. I’m right there with you, Pamela! Until battle of the block is over be prepared to see the exact same people being nominated every single week and the the real target will be backdoored every single week after the veto ceremony. It’s not the houseguest’s fault- that’s how they have to play in a BotB season.

    • I agree…………no one is “winning” on their own………they are manipulating losses. I hope the rest of the house realizes the manipulation, the throwing of the comps, done by John…….he’s been nothing but Judas’ puppet.

  2. I prefer the single HOH also. The double HOH would be fun if they both actually tried to win, same with BoTB. But the way the HOHs always plan together, it’s just not that exciting. And the comp throwing is getting old. Leave Jmac alone! :)

  3. So Shelli doesn’t know what to do. She’s so stressed out.”Should I get dethroned? Who should I put up?” …Yes! you should be dethroned, so you and Clay could be could be on the block. lol…………leave JMac alone!

  4. I wish one of the takeover twists was an actual takeover where another houseguest got the power to overthrow the HoH and be the new one.

    But then, with the way this season has been doing, Austin or Vanessa or Clay would probably win that it and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  5. Clay is currently trying to convince Shelli to put John up and ask him to throw it again. That is a seriously risky move. Didn’t they promise him weeks of safety?

    • John is a good competitor. Would love to see John or Steve win HOH so that, we can have the other side take their own shots at the other alliance.

    • I wish Shelli would stuff a football in Clay’s mouth and JMac would kick both of them out of the stadium. I really hope Jmac gets a chance to have some kind of power soon, because I love the guy and as of now he is my fav. But I don’t want to put all my eggs in his basket if he isn’t going to do something to go against this bunch if they keep using and abusing him.

      • I thought your fav was Audrey. lol…so you’re back? I’m sure you had a good time…welcome back!.

      • Haha, as bad as I wanted Audrey gone a couple of weeks ago, I’m now liking the idea of her being HOH. I want to see what is really going on in that mind of hers. I wish Vanessa, the internal lie detective, would share some of her wisdom, intellect, and intuitiveness on the issue.
        We ziplined the Goliath to the David, I kidd you not. It was GREAT!

      • Well of course! Who doesn’t wanna see the craziest player win HOH. She will be running that place like a mental ward.

      • Your right…it’s time J-Mac stood up and told them…i’ve done enough of your dirty work…time to get someone else.

      • I’m sure he is doing what he feels will keep him safe for the time being. I hope he doesn’t agree one too many times. I’m ready to see him take the crown and drill them. Get to the root of the problems. Cap it off with a n extraction that brings a little pain to the big alliance.

  6. The last BB takeover was pretty lame with the winner going on a cruise with Gronkoski and his family? While, that may be a treat for Meg, it does nothing to stir the pot. I hope this week’s BB takeover is better. How about a diamond power of veto to take out one of the final 2 nominees on the block and the winner of that diamond power of veto able to put someone else on the hot seat. BB takeover is a good addition to Big Brother if they use it wisely. The first two BB takeover twists of being able to keep a house guest safe and getting to nullify 3 votes are pretty good twists. Let us have more of those twists please.

    • I want DPOV, Coup ‘d tat, comps for HN’s., more Pandora’s Box..let’s bring back the oldies but goodies!

      • There is a great summary about it online…just type in Big Brother Coup D’etat.

      • Coup d’état is a power granted to a houseguest that can overthrow the HOH’s current nominations, and that houseguest can nominate two different houseguests he/she want on the block. This was used in Season 11, where Chima’s nominations were overthrown by Jeff, and he nominated two different houseguests.

      • comps for have nots can’t happen while there is still BOB. They only do one comp per show except fro double eviction.

    • Is there even a twist this week? All Julie said was that it was 90s week in the house? This summer of takeovers had so much potential but it has already gotten lame.

  7. I hope shelli nominates jason and steve against audrey and becky like you were talking about and tells steve to throw it. Then steve agrees, but actually wins as jason and steve work well together. Steve then goes up to the HOH group they get mad at him and he just says “Shelli and Vanessa you can suck my dick” and then walks out as they sit there stunned. That would be the best reality moment in history.

  8. If Vanessa and Austin think they know all why dont they go up and throw the BOB. idiots

    • Exactly! If they want to control it so bad, they have enough on their side to be pawns and throw the competition.

      • Eh. all the floaters would probably vote the person that stays on the block after the veto out. they would be sent home by a vote of 7-3 or 8-2. Van and austin have a target on their backs right now and with them going up, it would be obvious they are throwing it.

        unless you mean only one goes up, but it would still probably obvious they are throwing it and they aren’t certain to get the veto.

  9. Uuugh Shelly is HOH again, I am so sick of Clay thinking he is in charge. Johnny Mac deserves to be left along. This is a boring group.

  10. Since this week’s HOHs are already set. I would like to see Shelli do something Vanessa doesn’t like. I think that would make for an interesting few weeks. Maybe backdoor Audrey with Vanessa trying to talk her out of it. If Shelli goes after James, Jason or Meg, there is no going back to that group. But if she targets Audrey, it keeps options open for Clay and Shelli.

    • That would require Shelli to be doing her own thinking, which I’m 100% confident she would do if she didn’t allow Clay to control her HoH’s.

  11. Maybe if losers of comps had to go into 24 hour isolation they would be a bit more hesitant to throw the comps.

    • Great idea. Along with the takeover each week they could have a small losers penalty that changes each week but they won’t know what it is until they lose. No one would throw anything so easily again.

  12. If these people do not hurry up and get Audrey out of that house..she will coast to the end. She is back to planting those seeds again…she never stopped with the lies. Good Grief..this cast is the most undecisive bunch I have seen. Poor Johnny Mac..looks like he may be asked to throw another one. I hate this throwing of comps…that is all BotB is good for. It needs to go away after this season.

    • I mentioned earlier that along with the takeovers they should have a small losers penalty that changes each week and remains a mystery to the houseguests until a BotB pair loses. The uncertainty of the penalty would ensure no one throws or mentions throwing comps with such ease each week.

      • I say put Jason & Austin up for eviction on one side and Vanessa & Audrey up for eviction on the other side. Hopefully whichever side would win wouldn’t win the POV, then who would care who goes home.
        Unfortunately no one would have the b@!!$.

    • I don’t mind that but I’d rather that happen to Clay since Clay is the brains behind that pairs operations. I actually think Shelli would be tolerable without him around.

      • Maybe… but I think she’d spend her entire remaining time in the house whining about much she missed him and not doing anything else.

    • The only salvation for Battle of the Block would be a Double Elimination so that noms, BOB, veto and voting would happen so fast it would shake up the house. These people should not be given extra time to think because they are not good at it.

      • 100% correct…they are all screwed up when they are given too much time…production needs to shake these clowns up and get them to start worrying if they are going home soon.

  13. let america take over the house, we vote on who to put up on the block and who to back door if needed., we decide who will be the have not’s

    • That will definitely upset the pickle barrel…that group is getting to cozy and the power is going to their heads.

    • how about we don’t, that twist ruined season 2 of BB Canada and its complete BS, just because we don’t like some peoples games doesn’t mean they should get totally screwed over because there not fan favorites, this game isn’t American idol. If we just start throwing diamond power of vetoes every week to protecte fan favs then it becomes season 13 all over again and we all know how that blew over.

    • I love it! I would love to put Clay and Shelli and Vanessa and Liz on the block and if needed back door Austin! I’d love to see all 4 of the nominees on slop and for Steve to walk around in a humiliating suit (like poor Enzo had to) i’m thinking a donkey will do! And for a twist I’d have Audrey vow not to speak for a week or she’s eliminated!

  14. How about they have real physical comps again and also make them play for their food for the week as well.

  15. I cannot wait for the Shelli/Clay/Vanessa/Austin mess to get a dose of their own medicine. It would be hilarious if John won HOH and told Clay to go up and throw BOTB. I’d love to see his reaction!

    • Just the thought of that makes me smile. But I really do wish JMac wouldn’t throw it if it comes to that this time.

      • I’m with you! John has so much potential. He’s good at comps, well-liked and doesn’t have a target on him. Here’s to hoping he fights for himself in BOTB from now on.

  16. I’m genuinely creeped out by this ownership of Liz by Austin. He acts so possessive over a girl he hasn’t even known for half a month yet. Just weird… scary… creepy. I don’t like it.

  17. I have never liked BOTB, and I really wish BB would stop speaking for me as a fan, because as a fan, I have NEVER BEEN a fan of BOTB. iT REALLY REALLY SUCKS.

  18. Just want to say I am so glad I”m not watching BB this year. Sounds like one group is once again having total control. My summer is so much better this year!!!

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