Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers are in thanks to the Live Feeds today and we have our initial round of nominations for the week. Want to know who is on the block?

Big Brother nominations memory wall
Big Brother nomination spoilers revealed – Source: CBS

These plans were much messier in round three of the same HGs holding all the power. They are running out of extra options and Shelli and Clay have made too many partnerships in the house leaving them with few options. Shelli was in absolute panic mode leading up to the ceremony today.

Remember that we’ll have four noms each week instead of just two thanks to the return of that “fan favorite” twist, Battle of the Block. So get ready for another season of overload of nominees each week.

Big Brother 17 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Liz: James & Jackie
  • Shelli: Jason & John

Clay had been pushing Shelli to nominate John and ask him to throw the BotB yet again. Right now Shelli has told John not to throw the BotB and has mentioned Audrey could be the BD target. Hmm. Well, at least no one is trying to throw it this time around, but I still don’t like the twist one bit. It’s drained the life of half of Big Brother and left us with limp, pointless competitions. Speaking of, Battle of the Block will be coming up later today so we’ll watch for the next round of spoilers.

While BotB is an utter bust, the drama in the house is actually pretty good as a result of these noms. Shelli told Jason that Audrey was dragging him and that she was a BD option. That’s got Jason fired up. Meanwhile we’ve got Jackie checking if she’s the target, she’s not, but the “balls” she has to ask that has Liz very upset.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. Silly cheap.


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  1. I am so tired of BotB..please, away with this waste of a competition next season!

    • I agree. They always try to manipulate it instead of just letting the four fight it out. I don’t think CBS intended for it to be like this. That’s why I don’t know why they brought it back again after that’s what they tried to do every time last year.

    • That is if there is a next season. Also, last year the HG’s was half the house was on one team and the other half was unevenly split. The BOB should, in theory be about the HG’s fighting to get off the block to save themselve’s NOT throwing it because the HOH want’s to stay in power and lie to them to have them throw it to begin with.

      • If they could stay on the air after last year, I don’t see this season putting them out to pasture. I like the outside people in the house, or should I say in the foam, and dancing. The whole Gronk thing. I think it will stop that vacuum effect that happens every year. I just wish they would lay off of JohnneyMac. So far he my favorite, but All these wins might be his downfall in the end:(

      • I only said that because sometime last year it was announced that Big Brother would return for the Summer of 2015. It didn’t say anything about anytime past that. I agree that if it not only survived 2013 or 2014, it should come back again next year but I will wait to see if it does.

  2. BotB is the worst thing production has ever thought of. I hope it does not come back next year..please!

    • It was good at first, until the players figured out how to nominate pawns and have them throw the comp. Now it’s just a cowardly way for people like Shelli to backdoor people

      • I know, production needs to add a new rule, where if the HOH asks a nominated player to throw the BotB, there needs to be a penalty assessed.

      • Hopefully, like they were talking LATE last night, they start nominating pawns to backdoor someone and their pawns start going home.

      • I think the way to fix it is to not have immunity for the two who win the Botb (in other words, they can be back doored). That at least would add a new dimension to all the botb negotiating and appeasing.

      • The only sense it would make is it would force the player’s to actually play the game in a way that everyone tries to lose. Heck even that didn’t make any sense so I don’t get it either. Maybe calling out the HOH that tries to have the BOB thrown so they could stay in power, therefore forfeiting their rein automatically to the other HOH.

      • It makes as much sense as the whole botb concept in general…or the gronk parties…or the last laugh…or plopping two new players into the game out of nowhere….or making them sleep in dental chairs…or any of the other crazy stuff their going to do to them in the next couple of months. I was just trying to figure out a way to invigor a clearly broken concept without having to dump the whole thing (right now way too many ppl have immunity imho). /shrug

      • I agree I don’t think any of those other stupid twists are any good. But my point is you don’t get nominated and fight to win just to get nominated again. What’s the point in that? Who would care who wins then?

      • I hear what u r saying. But it doesn’t make sense to me that the HOH that is overthrown can be BD after fighting hard to win HOH either. HG also throw HOH an VETO competitions. Need to add rules to reduce HG throwing any of these competitions. BB always add other powers to where individual cannot be nominated. But I do like the idea of having the BOTB after the VETO so the overthrown HOH cannot be BD, and to ensure the 2 HOH will less likely work together, and the chances of throwing completions are slim.

      • A way they can fix battle of the block is if the hoh who nominated the winners of BOB should automatically be a nominee. It’s not perfect solution but I think it’s better than this format.

      • Production needs to throw a curve ball and make a BOTB that can be won by one person on the team. That could throw a wrench in people throwing the comp.

      • Yeah, maybe it could be a scored comp with a pair’s scores combined so it would be at least a little harder to throw.

      • Actually this is exactly the way it was being ran last season. The only difference is they actually have a pawn who is willing to throw competitions (most of them weren’t that dumb last season).

      • The only one to throw a comp last year was Caleb or am I wrong on that one? I can’t remember anymore.

      • All it has accomplished so far this season is give the power to one group to nom 4 people therefore insuring we are sorely lacking drama, fun, and surprises regarding anything to do with eliminations.

      • I agree about shelli. Someone better get her and her little follower clay either split or evicted

    • I think the intention was to have an HOH wind up on the bloc and the HOHs not to work together. Instead it has turned out the opposite. I would like to see opposing HOHs though. But I think they need HGs who are more gutsy and smart than the current crew.

      Maybe BB needs to offer incentives for shaking things up.

      • Only one HOH was back doored last year, it was Nicole. I agree, that was the intention of BB to have the HOH’s go against each other so one could be back doored but it was not to be.

  3. Funny how all the nominees are “J” names. The HoH’s must have said “Let’s make this easy and just nominate all the J’s so we don’t have to really think for ourselves!” lol

  4. Maybe the BotB would be more interesting if they had it after the Veto Challenge?

      • Why? The Veto would work the same, but just be used before the BotB. Then the BotB would be played and the losers would be on the block. It would not only deter the throwing of the BotB, but would also mess up some backdoor plans.

      • Backdooring is good for the players but bad for the fans so any way to stop a backdoor would be in cbs’s interests

  5. I wonder if John now realizes that he’s expendable to clay and shelli? And I really dislike Clay. once again he’s running things. Jason? A threat? I think Clay is a coward hiding behind others to do what he’s too afraid to do. He’s no puppet master he’s just a wuss who in reality probably genuinely sucks at competitions. Yeah, he may have played football in college but he wasn’t drafted. He’s nothing but a bully who’s hiding behind a girl.

  6. Sounds like Audrey threw Jason under the bus to Shelli, hence why he’s up and the most likely target at the moment.

  7. I just thought of something, maybe when the house guests found out that Jeff and Jackie were on the amazing race maybe this encouraged Shelli and Clay to stick together? Perhaps they are hoping that like Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel they will be asked to be on the amazing race too but it depends if their showmance stays in tact.

    • I thought Hayden has his choice of either Big Brother or Survivor? I must have missed something along the way.

    • I totally agree. They seem so fake. Everything about Shelli is fake. Her hair, teeth, etc, etc! Lol

    • It surely doesn’t seem to be a fan fav on BBN, I’m not sure about the majority of BB audience. But I also think CBS can call anything a fan fav if they want to use it bad enough.

      • Jackie was married to David, divorced him to be with Jeff. Jeff left her high and dry after TAR. They came together just because BB insisted they be hgs this season. Jeff betrayed Jackie (yet again) with his wild and crazy thoughts about Liz/Julia. And then we all know what happened to Bro/Dude Jeff. Jackie is trying to lure a new suitor by constantly flipping and caressing her long flowing hair. The saga continues …

  8. ugh Johnny Mac getting caught up in it AGAIN. Hasn’t he fought himself a free week at least :/ stupid idiots

  9. I feel like Big Brother is running out of competition ideas because of the BOTB. That’s why they reused that dice competition from just last year! BOTB needs to go!!

  10. Really?.JMac again?! He’s becoming the ultimate pawn. I would personally call Allison Grodner today and tell her to give JMac the power to re-nom….just gonna eat my lunch..brb lol

  11. If Clay ever needs dental work, I hope his dentist saw the show. When Clay is in the chair and his feeling starts coming back in the middle of a root canal, his dentist needs to say” Just keep calm, it won’t hurt much. You trust me, don’t you? I’ll keep you safe. ;)

    • I think BB is sooo hoping that Shelli and Clay will turn into another Jeff’/Jordan cash cow for them, lol. News flash CBS…not going to happen. There isn’t much endearing about Shelli and Clay at all. lol

      • I don’t think that will hold together after the show and may not last until the end of the show.

  12. Like how I said MVP would of been better if they treated the power like HOH, I feel like BotB would be better if each of the 4 nominees fought it out on their own and the HOH’s fought it out on their own.

  13. The only reason BotB has sucked so much is because two people from the same side of the house keep winning. It’s a great twist if separate sides of the house are the two HoHs. Bad luck has definitely been the main contributing factor to BotB being boring.

  14. This is the dumbest group of house guests yet. How dumb is James not to realize he was a target last week. How come John didn’t tell Shelli to put someone else up, like Clay or Austin to be the pawn? There are basically 4 people running the house of 13. If the other 9 ban together then can put a stop to this nonsense. If the entire house tells Shelli they will come after her I am sure she will do what they want – some with Liz who is in a very precarious position this week. Instead, they all think they are part of the clique while they get picked off one by one.

  15. So Austin slept in the HOH bed with Liz. If the twins remain HOH, and Julia is there, will Austin sleep with Julia? Or will Judas sleep with Julia?

    • Ahemmm ~~ no one sleeps in the HOH bed, they just talk the night/morning/day away!

      • That would be a one-way conversation. As much as V likes to hear herself talk, Julia wouldn’t get a word in because it takes her three times as long to say the same word, bless her heart.

  16. I can’t even remember the last time any HoH nominated their intended target with everyone in the house knowing what was up. This constant “back door” bs is for the birds. I say man up and own your game moves!

  17. yeah BOTB is getting old ,i would prefer a dif twist nominate 3 hg of the 3 1 wins safety other wins pov

    • The one thing that would change the game and negate this BotB crap is if they everyone play for the POV and made it a Diamond POV power where the winner gets to take someone off the block and make the replacement nomination rather than the HOH. That would be priceless at this point in the game. lol

  18. I agree.. go back to being big brother without the additional twist. Battle of the block sucks!!

  19. It’s getting a little boring with the same people being nominated every week, they need to grow a pair and put Audrey up, I dont believe she is a trans gender at all I believe she’s fool of crap.

  20. Next season they should have a twist that if you win the power of veto you get to chose the renom

  21. The diversity in the Big Brother House or lack there of is so annoying and makes the show sooo boring. Every year we get the same characters same type of (no offense) white people(the surfer,the nerd,the super fan,the all american white heart throb, the all American white gir next door) l they tried to mix it up with Day and James but day is gone and James is just blah switch it up already this show is so washed.

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