The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 3

Week 3 was the Vanessa and Austin show in the Big Brother 17 house as Vanessa shifted into hyperdrive and Austin decided he’s God’s gift to all women.

Vanessa Rousso argues against Jeff Weldon

So basically what I’m saying is that this week’s Ewws and Ahhs are going to be a lot of fun! So let’s get down to what I thought were the best and worst moments of Big Brother 17 Week 3!

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber)

Eww. Vanessa’s HOH Reign. Vanessa is still a popular houseguest, but the way she handled her HOH reign lost a lot of fans for her. She dipped in a lot of popularity polls and was the center of a lot of social media frustration. Not only did she lack the bravery needed to just nominate who she wanted to nominate, she was totally had by her closest ally Austin.

Ahh. Vanessa and Audrey the New Chilltown? It was exciting to hear Vanessa propose a final two deal with Audrey and liken it to a female version of Chilltown. I could really get behind a female power duo on Big Brother.

Eww. Never mind (see above). Now Vanessa thinks Audrey is Team America and should go. That duo didn’t last long. But that’s how Vanessa’s HOH went. She was so all over the place.


Ahh. Meg and Jason Win Battle of The Block. I can’t help but get excited anytime someone from the other side of the house wins a competition simply because I’m not here for another alliance steamrolling the entire season.



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  1. Steve has been a floater the entire game. All he has done is suck up to whomever is in power each week. And he always seems to relish in voting people out. He never even pretends to be sad. and going up as a nominee has been a joke to him because he’s been secure in thinking he’s just a pawn or that he’ll win BotB or Veto. I’d love to see him back door’d and or nominated this week and not win veto or Botb and see him scurry for votes!

    • Steve a floater? Steve saved himself from the block on multiple occasions, he’s in an alliance and he talks game. An example of a floater is Jackie. She has no alliances, no real connections in the house and she barely talks game. I sometimes forget that she’s in the house. Steve is by no way a floater. He has had to depend on himself on occasion to stay in the house and that’s way more admirable than someone like Jackie who is an actual floater who’s done absolutely nothing.

      You’re dislike for Steve is fine but I don’t think it’s okay to call him a floater when he’s been playing the game since day one.

      • Totally agree with you. The big floater is Audrey. I think they just let her slide bc they always have a fall back eviction. I like James. He’s not afraid to get blood on his hands.

      • Audrey is a floater in the sense that she hasn’t won anything but at least she’s talking game to people unlike Jackie and Becky. I like James also, his sexist comments aside, I would have loved to see him as HOH again.

  2. No offense, but I kind of chuckled at the thought that Vanessa and Audrey fancy themselves “the next Chilltown”. Audrey is a pathological liar who has made multiple attempts at defaming people’s character that could affect them outside of the house (alleging Becky a racist and Steve a homophobe). Honestly, I’m kind of disgusted with her on a human level. I can’t believe I’m saying that about a Big Brother contestant because I value deception and strategy above all else in this game, but she takes it to a personal level that’s kind of sickening and flat out irresponsible.

    Van is a hyper-paranoid control freak who tries to intimidate anyone who goes against what she thinks is right. Hard to take her seriously after her HOH reign.

  3. Ewwwws! Boos! and Phews! to Queen Vanessa. The iron fist tactics by which she ruled and manipulated were tyrannical and disgusting. The dethroning of Van only left us with her loyal servants who have all seemingly been dipped in the stench of the castle cesspool. I hope someone takes a shower and soon.

  4. I was originally a Vanessa fan but after the HOH reign I have changed my mind like many. Also, I find Austin creepy so I find him laughable. My vote is for Johhny Mac, Steve or Jason to win HOH next week and make some changes in the one-sided house.

  5. I still LOVE Vanessa! I pegged her as one to watch and I really want her to win! She is a little crazy but it’s hilarious to me.

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