Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 1: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

It was a crazy day in the Big Brother 17 house. The Live Feeds were possibly more exciting in one day than they may have been all of last season. And that’s because Audrey has been playing a whole season’s worth of Big Brother in one week and the rest of the houseguests have caught on.

Audrey Middleton finds herself cornered by the rest of the house. Source: CBS All Access

The invisible house meeting went down a little after mid-day Big Brother time and Audrey found herself cornered and without a single solid ally in the end. Clay and Shelli are still quietly showing her support, but they know they can’t stick their necks out for her without risking their own game.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, June 30, 2015:

10:05 AM BBT – Wakeup time.

10:22 AM BBT – HGs are up getting ready/lowering the outside awnings.

10:35 AM BBT – Jeff tells Austin about everything that went down last night/early this morning with Audrey. They talk about still going with the house to vote out Jace.

10:45 AM BBT – Liz and Jeff in the kitchen talking about how Audrey is the clear target next week. Steven comes in and realizes he’s interrupted a private conversation.

10:50 AM BBT – Austin stressing that they can’t let Audrey think they’re all after her just in case she wins Head of Household.

10:57 AM BBT – Jeff tells Liz they bought themselves another week in the house because Audrey will be going home next.

11:06 AM BBT – John and Vanessa agree to keep each other safe in the game. Vanessa also says she has no actual reason to vote out Jace.

11:28 AM BBT – Vanessa and John are still talking. John tells her he thinks Audrey was the one causing all the problems, but he doesn’t want to know. He thinks knowing will make him too involved.

11:56 AM BBT – Austin and Clay are talking about Audrey and how she’s been playing everyone.

12:30 PM BBT – James gets his HOH camera. Game talk pauses as they all pose for photos.

1:10 PM BBT – The HGs all pose for a group photo with the HOH camera.

1:30 PM BBT – Da’Vonne, Audrey and Vanessa start talking about all the rumors going around, which results in a house meeting that leaves Audrey cornered.

1:38 PM BBT – HGs start filing into the the Have-Not Room to confront Audrey. Da’Vonne calls out Audrey starting the rumor that Vanessa started an all-girl alliance. Vanessa calls Audrey a “f-ing two-face.” Vanessa explains the absurdity that Audrey was starting that rumor. Audrey calls Jason pathological and Jason turns it back onto her. Jason tells her that all the mistrust in the house has all been started by Audrey. Day says her problem is that Audrey preyed on her personally and tricked Day into thinking Audrey was closer to her than she is. Everyone is going at Audrey, so you just need to go to 1:38 PM BBT and watch. It’s worth it.

1:46 PM BBT – Audrey turns on the waterworks for Vanessa and Shelli after everyone else leaves the room, but they’re not buying what she’s selling. Shelli tells her that she loves her and wants to trust her but she doesn’t see how she can trust her at the moment.

1:48 PM BBT – Jace fills Steve in on all the things that have been going on involving Audrey.

1:49 PM BBT – Clay tells Audrey that they have been trying to keep people off Audrey, but they can only do so much. Vanessa says that she feels so stabbed in the back. Vanessa says anyone thinking she’s some mastermind of an all girl’s alliance is just insane. Shelli, who has been one of Audrey’s biggest allies, can’t even come up with and defense for Audrey.

1:51 PM BBT – Audrey tells Shelli and Vanessa that Da’Vonne is feeling threatened so she’s trying to put everything she’s said and done back on Audrey. Again, neither Shelli nor Vanessa are buying it.

1:53 PM BBT – Audrey says she feels like everyone is blaming her for everyone else’s actions. She says she feels like a “martyr.” No, seriously. She said that. Then she says that Da’Vonne and Jason are opportunists and are using Audrey to further their games.

2:04 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay tell Audrey their loyalty has been with her and that they do not want to win HOH next week and that she needs to. Clay tells her that she needs to let everything settle down and to slowly do major damage control. Clay tells her they aren’t against her, but they can’t jeopardize their game for her and that she has to fix this herself.

2:11 PM BBT – Audrey tells Clay that she’s already lost.

2:37 PM BBT – Jeff tells Clay that Shelli needs to stop talking to Audrey before she gets a target on her back as well.

2:39 PM BBT – Clay pulls Shelli out of the room.

2:45 PM BBT – Da’Vonne says Jace still needs to go this week because he’s so desperate that he’d make a deal with Audrey.

2:49 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli she left the room with her and Audrey when she realized that what everyone has said about Audrey is true. She said that was the final nail in the coffin.

3:00 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Vanessa that she knows the game is going to get dramatic and crazy, but not this early. She says it’s just way too early for all of this.

3:14 PM BBT – Things have quieted down a bit, but chit-chat here and there about Audrey continues. Jace tells people that if they keep him he will definitely go after Audrey for them.

3:33 PM BBT – Clay checks on Audrey who has retreated to a bed. He tells her that he’s her friend and that she has a lot of time to fix things. Audrey is still too upset to listen to his advice so he leaves her alone.

3:45 PM BBT – Shelli tells Clay about Audrey trying to set up a reason to pit Clay and Jeff against each other. Clay tells Shelli that he knows Audrey is playing her own game, but he thinks she has at least been the most loyal to them. They also compare notes about who Audrey says she wants to go to the end with – she’s told them both that. Clay also finally budges on Da’Vonne. He says he knows they’ve had their differences, but they now need Day and Jason. Clay says all the drama has brought them together. Clay and Shelli agree they need to stay close with that group even though they’re all anti-Audrey now.

3:54 PM BBT – Jace goes into talk to Clay and Shelli and asks if they’re in an 8-person alliance. He says he needs their votes and is wondering if what Audrey said about the whole house wanting him out was true. Jace says he thinks there’s been a plan to get him out (there has been).  Jace says he has several votes but he can’t tell them who. Jace isn’t great at campaigning.

4:10 PM BBT – Jace continues his campaign pitch and continues to fail at it. He tells Clay and Shelli that if they want to start a revolution, he can get it going. Clay keeps telling him they can’t risk his game for Jace even though he wants him to stay. Jace, feels defeated and leaves the room. After he leaves Clay says he’s pissed and to never question his integrity.

Things chilled a bit in the Big Brother house and Audrey has been advised by Clay and Shelli to lay low and let things calm down before trying to dig herself out of the hole she’s in. Whether or not that happens is anyone’s guess. But something tells me, we can expecting more fireworks on the Live Feeds tonight, so if you haven’t gotten your Free Trial yet, do so now.

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      • The HG’s seemed to nicer this season, don’t you think so? Because if it was Amanda or Gina Marie, they will probably drag her in the pool and drown her. lol

      • I think we’ve only seen a little piece of DaVonne. I also think Jason will get fired up. All I know is the feeds have been on fire.

      • Thank god, I was so bored with BB CAN this winter that I didn’t even finish it. I’m dying for a good season!

      • BB Canada definitely reflects Canadian culture (through the good and bad of it all)… Less entertaining but more civil… Meh, 6 of one, half-dozen of the other… ;)

      • The one good thing about all the drama being over Audrey is helping DaVonne keep their suspicions off her…she’s the one that really started all the drama and Audrey took it steps further to keep it going…while Day took steps back to watch it all unfold. Day’s a sneaky little biatch! I like how she works though..not mean…just sneaky.

      • If it was GM or Amanda they’d do something for sure… If it was Aaryn or Elissa, they’d try to criticize her until she has a nervous breakdown… ;)

    • Physically she’s been laying low every time I see her ~~ laying on the bed, on the sofa ~~ she’s making me yawn.

      • What are they doing now?,,if there’s anything exciting, give us a buzz…please.

      • What am I the feed police? Lol. I have them off now. I check Jokers every once in awhile and if anything exciting is going on I turn them on. I usually don’t watch during the day but today was an exception. So much drama! I don’t have to get up tomorrow so I’m definitely staying up late tonight.

      • lol We’re doing the same then. On/off/Jokers/BBN,,damn I thought I could depend on you’re watching tonight..good.!

      • Should we take turns? I have no life when BB comes on. I go on vacation the beginning of August and I’m going to have withdrawals. I’ll DVR the show but won’t have time to watch the feeds.

  1. Audrey is conniving and manipulative. She is planning something. I hope not to have to add maniacal or diabolical to that. To be determined…

  2. LMAO..Audrey told Clay to go to people and tell them that Day is crazy.
    Kudos to Clay for saying ” Your word to me is s**t”.
    There is seriously something disturbing about Audrey, and I wonder if anyone is a little bit scared to be in that house with her.

      • Clay’s a sweetheart. I hope he wakes up soon as to who’s doing all the lieing ~ personally, I don’t tolerate liars (never have, never will).

      • I’m sure there are former hgs that played the game (and not floated) without resorting to lies/deceit and cheating. My memory is not good enough to come up with any names myself ~ but if you bring up a name, it’ll trigger my decaying memory.

      • I finally figured out who Clay reminds me of..Mark Paul Gossaler (however you spell it) from Saved by the Bell!!

      • It’s Gosselaar. I thought so too. Never saw Saved by the Bell, but like him a lot when he was NYPD Blue.

      • Sorry Lynn, I don’t watch that show. Reminds you of Clay in what way ~ physically? mentally? personality? ~~ inquiring minds want to know.

      • Here’s a pic of Gosselaar, compare that with Clay’s pic on this site. There’s a resemblance. They could pass for brother.

        vignette1.wikia.nocookie dot net/savedbythebell/images/7/72/Mark-Paul_Gosselaar.png/revision/latest?cb=20130226060759

      • Sorry, I don’t know how to get to what you want me to see ~ If I can’t “click” on it, I don’t know how to display it. Thanx Captain, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

      • Copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser. Then look for the “dot”. Replace that ” dot ” and the space before and after by a real “.”. Then press enter.

  3. Something is going on in the house. The scheming hasn’t stopped. Audrey is talking to Jace right now, A lot of whispering What the hell is going on?

    • Austin and Jace are trying to flip the votes to evict Jackie and go after the High Rollers. They are trying to get Audrey, Liz, Becky, John, Steve, and Vanessa.

  4. Seems like audrey has joined up with Jace Vanessa liz and austin. Plan is to get steve, becky and john together then evict jackie. Oddly enough becky kind of likes jackie. Who knew becky would hold all the power this week?

    • I don’t think John or Becky will flip. Steve once told the viewers that he would like to see Jace stay, so who knows.

      • john and becky don’t really have a side tho. so it wouldn’t be a flip but picking a side. Imo being at the bottom of an 8 person alliance and not a pawn is better then being at the bottom of 10 person alliance that uses you as a pawn.

  5. BBAD is pissing me off right now. Poor Steve, Audrey sent Jace in there to attack him. That’s a s*itty move on both of their parts.

    • Yeah, but Jace didn’t have to bully and use commando tactics on Steve. ((see my comment above about this bullying confrontation))

    • I just saw that too! It made me so uncomfortable:( How he spoke to Steve was soo horrible and unnecessary!! I was hoping production would call one of them to diary room so poor Steve could escape.

    • I turned off BBAD when I saw that. I was feeling a little bit sorry for Jace, until he attacked poor Steve. It looked like Steve was standing his ground, but dissolving on the inside.

      • GM redroses ~ I was ready to yank Jace out of my TV screen. ((check out my extensive comments on Jace’s bullying tirade on 2 threads)) ~~ and aren’t you looking bright and bushy tailed so early this morning!!!

      • GM Cuddles! Yeah, I read your comments on the bullying and agree wholeheartedly! I hate bullying!!! You’re bright and and bushy tailed this morning, too! :)

      • I was surprised I got a good night’s sleep after Jace’s mean tirade. R U usually up this early?

      • I usually wake up between 6-7 AM. I’ve been up for about an hour, catching up on youtube videos of yesterday’s feeds. If I can stay awake for all of BBAD, it’ll be later! LOL

        Check out youtube dot com/channel/UCJZqmWl2PhHm0r7OcDovK9w

      • Last nite I was flipping channels after 11 pm, and there was BBAD ~~ guess they changed the time to 11 to 2am. So I watched until 12 then went to bed. I’m usually up this early to take glipizide for diabetes and then have to wait at least 30 min. b4 I can eat breakfast ~~ so I come here to see what I missed overnight.

      • I take meds at 7 AM, too. I noticed the change to 11 PM Monday night. I’ve only had BBAD Monday and last night, because I was away before that. I haven’t been able to stay awake for the whole thing, yet.

      • I don’t watch all 3 hours either. I need my precious sleep. Are you a senior citizen too?

  6. And we thought BB16 was the season of alliances? None of the HGs have even been evicted yet, and I’m pretty sure we have just as many alliances now as there were by the END of last season!

  7. Not sure I like this style of play where they confront the player who is the next target. These big meetings to gang up on one person are unfortunate. I prefer the silent assassin style of play where players are picked off with little or no warning.

    • I don’t like this pack mentality but I also don’t like audry playing the game the way he is playing, too hard too fast

    • I’m on the same page with u, I actually think this isn’t a smart move on Davonnes part since Audrey is already everyone’s target regardless

  8. “Never be bulled into silence” ~ Jace not only bulled Steve into silence, he told him he had a ‘character flaw’. Even tho Steve apologized several times, Jace wouldn’t let up on him and kept up the commando tactics. Not cool Jace, definitely NOT cool!

    • not cool at all but audrey put him up to it, and steve is probably the weakest one to do this too

      • I understand the confrontation, but this was pure bullying, and degrading. I hope and pray that this is NOT how Audrey expected Jace to treat Steve. So to me, this was Jace’s true, unadulterated character in full blown attack mode.

      • I’m sure it is, you saw they way audry talked to jace and worked him up, she knew he would jump on him

      • Oh, and did Audrey put all those cruel, insulting, degrading, bullying words into Jace’s mouth. I think NOT. bye~~

      • Not her words, but her intent. You can’t defend her horrible over reach in week one, I hope her poor game play catches up to her fast. I see her being another Amanda but worse.

      • no more than you cuddles…what difference does it make, we all have our opinions of the show cast

      • But didn’t he failed miserably? The whole conversation Steve’s face was unresistant. His answer to Jace was all “I don’t know” lol

      • Steve apologized more than 3x, but Jace would have none of it. I’m on BBAD, so went to commercial overload and when BB came back on they had the cameras on another area. So I didn’t see the rest of Jace’s manachial bullying and how it ended. Did you see/hear it?

      • I wished I’d seen the rest of it…but to put Steve in that position was uncalled for…wished Steve had someone in there with him giving Jace a smackdown. I hope Steve can redeem what Jace said about the others using him soon, something that just was not true…that was just Jace feeling his oats about Steve. Jace hasn’t liked anyone in the house other than Austin since day 1 and now his doom will be because of how he’s treating everyone now than what could have been had he been a bit nicer. Can’t wait to see his butt walk out the door now.

      • Jace needed Steve ALONE, he would NOT have bullied Steve with another hg present. Jace doesn’t know how to act ‘nice’ ~ just boisterous and mean.

      • I watched it on Feed. It lasted for at least 30 minutes. Jace had this evil disgusted look in his eyes and would not turn away from Steve. He kept repeating the same horrible things over and over driving the comments down Steve’s throat. At the end Jace made him shake on it that Steve would never repeat the conversation..

      • I didn’t see the last part. I just couldn’t watch it through. Jace telling Steve in an intimidating way to look at him if Steve wasn’t. The whole thing was a perfect example of bullying. I wish Steve would have just gotten up and walked out. I can’t comprehend sitting there and allowing that to happen. Of course, it isn’t Steve’s fault, but why would he feel he had to stay and keep listening to someone degrading him? :(

      • Then Jace made him shake his hand at the wnd!? IMO Steve left that situation looking like one hell of a guy!! I wished more than anything I could hug him and tell him how strong he is cause he needs to hear that..

      • WOW Tiffy ~ 30 min.? I saw about the first 4 min. of his tirade ~~ it actually lasted 30 min.??!!! Jace is a very sick troubled out-of-his-mind maniac to make Steve promise not to repeat the conversation. Fortunately it’s on tape, and could be reviewed by the powers that be at CBS. He’s dangerous and should be evicted immediately.

      • It felt like 30 min but I saw that someone watched it on YouTube and it was a 20 min video so close enough.. Still too ling for sure!!

      • It is very disgusting that anybody would speak to another human being in the manner Jace spoke to Steve. I wanted Steve to leave because he obviously doesn’t have the tools he needs to defend himself when put in such a position and Jace knew this. No person with any integrity and good character would do what Jace did to Steve. It made me sick and sad and angry all at the same time. Aud didn’t put the words in his mouth, but if she had been watching it all go down, she would have been so ecstatic.

      • sorry to disagree ~ I don’t think Audrey would have been ecstatic, she would have been horrified, I agree with the rest of your comment above.

      • I can’t see her being horrified. I think she would have jumped on the band wagon. She’s been saying anything and everything, completely disregarding how it makes anyone else feel. If she thinks it will get her ahead, she’ll say it.

      • really? I haven’t watched as much of BBAD as you redroses. I’ve been reading other posters’ comments but thought ‘well, Audrey is a very strong player’ ~~ Guess I didn’t want to accept reality. Sorry

      • I haven’t watched much BBAD, but I’ve been watching the youtube videos from the feeds. Big Brother 17 Highlights channel has the best ones posted.

        Check out youtube dot com/channel/UCJZqmWl2PhHm0r7OcDovK9w

      • Let me write that down and check it out. I didn’t know about BB utube videos and BB17 highlights. Thanx … It’s definitely a way to avoid all those long and boring commercials.

      • just copy and paste ~~~ what??? that’s beyond my computer knowledge scope. YIKES

      • Mouse over from where I posted youtube to the end of the w. Press the Ctrl and C keys at the same time. Go to a new tab. Click in the address area at the top and press the Ctrl and V keys. Delete the space dot space and type a . Hit enter.

      • OMG!!! you’re a puter whiz~~ thanx so much ~~ will have to do it later when I can concentrate. Hey red, you’re a fast typer ~~ did u take typing in HS?

      • Yes, and I have a computer science degree and worked in that field for 25+ years.

      • LOL! Don’t be. My knowledge is old school and most of it is irrelevant now.

      • some stuff may not be relevant now, but your extensive knowledge is priceless and invaluable. take a bow ~

      • Amen, redroses, and GM to you, also. Nice to see you up and ready to tackle the day.

      • No need to be sorry, Cuddledud. At this point, I believe Audrey is almost void of a conscience. That’s my opinion and I am not sorry for it.

      • Karen-deer!!!! GM ~~~ did u have a good night’s sleep ~~ any bed bug bites??? LOL. Hey, I value your opinion as well as redroses. Between the two of you, I am now convinced about Audrey’s lack of conscience.

      • GM to you, too. I slept like a baby. Watched the first part of BBAD and that didn’t start my day off in a positive way so off the TV went. But I’m glad I saw it and now realize just what a complete nincompoop Jace is. I’ll be happy to see him gone for sure.

      • Yes, I watched the 1st hour of BBAD and was so upset, I turned it off. Seeing someone act that way brought back some horrid moments. Better not to dwell. Looking forward to him being kicked out that door Thurs nite.

      • She’s so self-centered that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she’s narcissistic. The word “diva” comes to mind, because she comes across as feeling entitled.

      • Yeah red. When I think of diva, glitz and glamour come to mind, and she’s got neither. But I understand what you’re saying about her feeling entitled.

    • Jace is now disgusting to me. No love lost on his eviction. I really hope Steve opens up to Vanessa or Shelli or one of the girls abouy this (not Audrey or Da) and they can help build him up cause how Jace just tore him down will probably play over and over again in his head…

      • Gotcha TiffyMac ~~ Mean psychological degrading bullying can be/is more damaging than a physical blow to, let’s say, the gut. I agree that Steve needs to open up to
        someone. The DR might be a place where he could regain some sense of his worth. I feel sorry for Steve. I wanted to reach into my TV and yank Jace out of that house last night.

      • I agree! Steve looked like he was disintegrating on the inside. He was probably bullied in High School and Jace’s attack would bring all that back. He needs someone to bolster his self worth and his worth in the game. If it festers, it’s going to take too long for him to regain on his own.

      • I agree…but I think he’ll open up to Johnny Mac if no one else. That smackdown triggered what I’d gone through in grade school from many bullies. I just took it from them, and although they felt they’d conquered my self-esteem, I learned to payback than get angry. I sicced my dog on one bully…my dog bit his ear and broke a blood vessel in his arm…another bully I burnt her buns in homeec and let the iron fall onto her style-show skirt…she couldn’t attend the style-show and placed fire crackers on the ground near two other bullies at lunch time, knowing they would see them and wouldn’t be able to resist setting them off…they ended up being suspended two days..hahaha I never had witnesses and never kiss and told either.

      • I’m with you on that too! I so wanted to kick Jace in the balls and leave him in agony while I took Steve away and comforted him.

    • It was a very sad long-ace moment for Steve to just take what Jace was throwing at him. Steve knows Jace was never his friend as he claims or stood up for him either. So this was not a complete slam dunk as Jace is hoping for. The house isn’t going to flip their decision to keep him…the only thing I did agree on was that Steve does listen in silence wherever he goes on what others talk about with little input from him! haha Sort of what Andy did the season before last! :-)

  9. I haven’t been tuned into BBAD at midnight since the 1st nite. Tonite I was flipping channels and lo and behold there was BBAD. It started at 11pm not midnite. Sorry I didn’t know b4, I would have tuned in. Beddy bye ~~~

    • I have it set as a priority on my DVR and when I saw it started earlier, I was a happy camper…and waited until an hour’s worth was recorded before I started watching. I was just beside myself after seeing that smackdown from Jace of Steve!

  10. I am really not sure I like this cast. Seems many players have been done before and better. But Big Brother still has me watching after all these years. It seems summer is incomplete without it. Production probably wants Audrey to stay a while longer, but they could try and fail. She’s playing too hard too fast. Every house has to have power players, but she needs to lay low more than she has.

  11. it sucks taht they didnt show the house vs. audrey drama :( It makes no sense they wouldn’t air that… when it’s … a pretty important piece of the game? no? I mean, it was a lot more interesting than Jace blowing off on Audrey in the backyard, imo.

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