Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 1: Tuesday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 house and the Live Feeds seriously only slowed down for maybe 25 minutes total today. After yesterday’s house meeting, the HGs spent the rest of the day and evening shuffling and reshuffling alliances and plans in the upcoming weeks.

Clay asks Vanessa if she's seen his shirt
Clay asks Vanessa if she’s seen his shirt – Source: CBS All Access

We’re talking non-stop action. We’ve got Jace campaigning in very unorthodox ways. We’ve got Audrey trying to convince people she’s not behind any of the mess that’s been going on. We’ve got Vanessa and Audrey forming a secret deal. And we’ve got good ole Johnny Mac just laying low watching everyone else implode.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, June 30, 2015:

4:50PM BBT – Jeff suggests Audrey just own up to her actions, but she continues to deny wrong doing. Audrey starts to blame Day again.

5:00PM BBT – Austin takes a turn sitting with Audrey as she remains tucked away in bed. Audrey keeps playing the victim and trying to make HGs uncertain about what’s been said.

5:05 PM BBT – Austin presses for information and Audrey confirms there was an 8-person alliance. He wants her to name them, but she says they’ll know it came from her. He tells her that she doesn’t have anyone anyway.

5:26 PM BBT – Becky and Jackie are talking about how right now it’s a numbers game and they have to make sure they have numbers on their side.

5:40 PM BBT – Jason tells Jace that he thinks someone will come back this season, so if he gets evicted this week, he could have a chance to return.

5:55 PM BBT – Audrey tells Shelli and Clay that she will target Day, Jason and Meg for pretending to be her friend and turning on her. Audrey suggests she, Clay and Shelli team up with Austin, Vanessa and Jackie to take over the house.

6:00 PM BBT – Clay is getting irritated with Audrey. Things start to get a little heated. He tells her that she’s only thinking of herself. Audrey asks why she would even want to work with him since he’s acting like that. He says “fine, don’t work with me.” He tells her what’s best for her right now is not best for him and Shelli. Clay and Shelli start pointing out lies that Audrey told them. Audrey says they were honest misunderstandings.

6:08 PM BBT – Jace goes into the room with Clay, Shelli and Audrey and tells them that he’s done, he’s given up and that he doesn’t want their votes. He said he doesn’t care anymore and leaves.

6:15 PM BBT – Shelli tells Audrey that she feels like Audrey is trying to make her remember things differently. Clay has had enough and leaves the room.

6:21 PM BBT – Jace and Liz are talking and she is upset about Jace leaving. He tells her not to worry, that he has a plan to flip the house. He tells her he’s already acting like he’s given up but he actually hasn’t.

6:35 PM BBT – Audrey is now talking to Austin. He’s giving her advice on how to turn things around. Austin says there’s a chance that Jace might stay and that there’s a way Audrey could turn things around by working with them and Vanessa.

6:40 PM BBT – Vanessa joins the conversation and Audrey promises her that if she stays in the game she will have her back 100 percent.

7:11 PM BBT – Vanessa tells the backyard gang that Audrey is really good at lying.

7:25 PM BBT – Clay and Vanessa are talking. She says she doesn’t know who to trust. He tells her that he has her back.

7:27 PM BBT – Audrey tells Jace that he was the backdoor plan all along and that it was all James’ doing. Audrey tells Jace to figure out how to upset Day to deflect negative attention onto her.

8:06 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa discuss what would be the best move to make. Austin is torn on whether or not Jace should stay in the game. Vanessa says she’s considering giving her loyalty to Audrey.

8:17 PM BBT – HGs in the HOH room are talking about Audrey. Clay doesn’t want to even sleep in the same room as her because he doesn’t want to have to talk game with her.

8:13 PM BBT – Vanessa is trying to make Jace feel better. She tells him she’d rather be him right now than be the “evil douchebag” who got him into this situation. She then asks him if she helps him flip the house can he promise her a final 3 with him and Austin. Vanessa tells Jace to lay low and that they will be gunning for James, who is the person who put him in this position, not Audrey.

8:18 PM BBT – Vanessa goes to talk to Audrey. She tells Audrey that they need to act like they hate each other if they’re going to work together. “Call me a bitch or something,” Vanessa suggests. Vanessa asks Audrey about the alliance of eight and Audrey tells Vanessa everything. Vanessa asks her that she has to know that Audrey will be her No. 1. Audrey promises.

8:21 PM BBT – Jace comes into the room so Audrey and Vanessa put on a show for the other HGs. They act like they’re still at odds and Vanessa asks Audrey why she targeted her. Audrey tells her that she feels like she’s been emotionally manipulating people.

8:27 PM BBT – Audrey is talking to Jace now, asking why he’s acting like he’s given up. Jace asks what she and Vanessa were talking about. Audrey said it didn’t go well. Jace says they all need each other, though. Audrey says she agrees, but she doesn’t think Vanessa wants to talk to her.

8:41 PM BBT – Jace gets Steve in the lounge room and tells him that he’s the next target. He says they’ve all been playing him and that he’s screwed. Jace starts saying really read stuff and using silly analogies. It’s all pretty ridiculous. Then it turns to what some might call “bullying” but I’m just going to call it insanity. He tells Steve he should feel like a terrible person. Jace tells him people make fun of him every time he leaves the room and says that he is a giant joke to everyone else.  Jace also tells Steve that everyone calls him Geek Squad McGee and four-eyes.

8:50 PM BBT – Whatever Jace was doing with Steve is still going on. He’s not calling him a p*ssy and asking him if he wants American to think of him like that. Steve says he’s sorry if he hurt him.

9:00 PM BBT – After all that, Jace ends the conversation by telling Steve his plan to stay is big and that if he doesn’t want to go home next, he needs to be a part of it.

9:30 PM BBT – Jeff and Austin are talking about what they need to do next. Austin doesn’t know if he can trust Clay and Jeff doesn’t know if he can trust James.

10:04 PM BBT – Steve asks James exactly what has gone down with Audrey. James tells him that Audrey has just been lying a lot and starting rumors.

10:37 PM BBT – Vanessa and Day are talking. Day tells Vanessa that no one is coming for her. Vanessa says she doesn’t know who to trust and says if Day knows of any group looking for a member to let her know.

11:20 PM BBT- Steve is checking in on Audrey who has buried herself away in bed. He’s offering to bring her things so she can stay there.

12:00 AM BBT – Clay and Shelli with Jeff agree on making a serious alliance, but Clay wants at least another three people in on it.

12:05 AM BBT – Steve back to talking with Audrey. He asks if she wants to flip the vote. Yes. She tells him about the 8-person alliance.

12:30 AM BBT – James questioning Audrey on what went wrong. He thought all was well and he was taking the blame for Jace then things went nuts. They have a long, long talk while HGs gather in the living room to listen in from a distance.

1:15 AM BBT – Jace tells HGs in the backyard that their alliances with each other are fake.

1:20 AM BBT – Audrey telling Vanessa that she wasn’t very public before this and stayed in her parents’ house.

1:35 AM BBT – Audrey suggests to James that Becky has made racial slurs. James doubts it. (Few days ago, Audrey accused Steve of making homophobic slurs. Hmm.)

3:10 AM BBT – Jace is apologizing to Jason about his outburst earlier regarding the alliances. He says he woke up to Audrey & James throwing his name around and he wanted to get it off his chest.

So Jace got close to safety a couple of times throughout the day, but it seems like his fate is sealed. Audrey’s fate, however, is still up in the air as she has found a few new opportunities. One thing is certain, though, and that’s that Week 2 is going to be one crazy week.

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  1. it’s all intense, game-wise, until when Audrey accused Steve had made homophobic statements and Becky made racial slurs. I mean, this is really unnecessary and flat-out absurd.

      • Audrey’s already told Nessa she didn’t trust her, so why does Nessa keep going back to her? Just to make her think she’s on her side when she’s not?

      • I think in case she gets HOH. Same as other people talking to Audrey. She’s still in the house and gets to compete so there covering themselves in case.

    • From what I read, Becky’s “racial slurs” came from her talking about Aaryn.

  2. What’s with all the slinky games? What Jace did to Steve was uncalled for, but then he is trying desperately to get the house to flip. Sad he had to go to these extremes, though. I wish him all the luck come Thursday, but I have a feeling it won’t work. Why is Audrey staying in her bed most of the time instead of at least joining the others instead of them always coming to her?

    • Why would Steve want Jace to stay after that interaction? Audrey is staying in bed because everyone has confronted her and she is probably exhausted from lying for almost 3 straight weeks.

      • It’s what is best for his game. He hasn’t been told anything, except for by Jace. If they can flip the house, Steve will have some power.

    • I guess we should note that around 3:30 AM, Jace and Steve reconciled, and Jace said to Meg that he’s starting to feel bad if him brandishing a Bible and yelling at people with it ends up being his legacy.

      IOW, Jace actually shows some remorse once all the feed watchers go to sleep.

      • Remorse??? A person that did what he did to Steve, will do it to someone in the future and most likely has done it to someone in the past. Jace is a straight-up bully and he made it look natural for him to act that way. No gameplay requires bullying tactics such as what was used to badger and demean Steve. No amount of remorse can change the harm caused to a person that has been treated with such disrespect or can remove the disgust that I feel for Jace.

      • If he “harmed” Steve, he sure has hid it well. Steve is acting like it’s all water off the back. I think his fans are more angry about the incident than he is.

        And even though I agree with you that using bullying as gameplay is BS, we have to accept that there is precedent for it working, considering how Dick Donato bullied his way to a half-million while viewers cheered him on.

      • Honestly, I think Steve is the kind of person who wouldn’t go around upset about it to other people but you can tell it hurt. I have social anxiety and I saw myself in Steve’s shoes, the way he was acting, repeating the same apology, picking at his skin etc and then not telling anyone about it. What Jace did literally made me so uncomfortable. He prayed on all his insecurities and it was just insane to be honest. He also made it out like absolutely no one likes him at all so obviously now Steve who’s already insecure around everyone must feel even worse.

      • Thanks, I wanted to give Steve a huge hug. It’ll be great to see Jace evicted first tonight though.

      • thanx latifah for clarifying what I tried to say. I know what you mean about seeing yourself in Steve’s shoes. Internalizing is not the answer. I hope the DR is helping Steve deal with the repercussions of Jace’s cruel bullying tirade.

      • No problem! I think more people understand than don’t though, which is good. I hope they are too! I guess we’ll see if they even show it on the episode.

      • Supposedly Steve didn’t tell other hgs about Jace’s bullying. If they don’t know, that wouldn’t enter into their decision making as to who to evict. But since we’re not hgs and have no part in who will be evicted, I think CBS will show us a small snippet of Jace’s tirade.

      • Yeah, he didn’t say anything so you’re right I think we’ll definitely see a snippet.

      • Evil Dick made me not watch Big Brother for the next 5 seasons. For real. He was despicable, and CBS ate it up and loved it.

      • Evel Dick killed my love for Big Brother. A year later, Renny, Keesha, and The Renegades resurrected it.

  3. May the kitchen ants find a cozy warm home in Jace’s clothes and on his body.

  4. The interrogation that Jace put Steve through last night was painful to watch. Jace was totally out of line with this..the horrible name calling..the bullying..there for a second, I was hoping they could pull this plan off for Jace to stay..but, after watching that..Jace needs to go..he’s a punk. I know Audrey is putting lies out there everywhere, but, when Day told her yesterday she had to leave the room before she “cracked Audrey’s face,” was ridiculous. There is no need for any HG to threaten physical violence on anyone. I don’t care for Day..she has a temper..other HG’s will eventually be on the receiving end of what Audrey got yesterday.

    • I had to FF through a lot of the Jace and Steve conversation. My heart went out to Steve. I think Steve is trying to convince people he isn’t smart, which is just making him seem shady instead. It rarely works for a whole season that someone can pretend to be something they are not, Derrick from last season is an exception.

    • The last thing Day has is a temper. Trust. You will know when the sista has a temper. She has been lied on constantly.

      • I disagree..she has a temper. She has to learn to try and control it in the BB house..lying and backstabbing is what goes on everyday.

      • It’s funny because they all got emotional but Audrey. She kept going with her Audrey is like “Storm” from X-Men She can create avalanche, tornadoes, lightning, heatwaves..etc..she controls the weather. lol

      • And she’s not the slightest bit worried she’ll be a target…geesh.

      • I don’t think she has a temper. The way she talks may seem like it but it’s not a temper. She was actually very calm during the fight and even took herself away from the situation when she was getting angry which she had a right to.

  5. Such a dark dreary rainy day here in Manchester NH ~~ anyone want to play Scrabble? ~~ Just washed bully Jace outa my hair from last nite ~~ game on!

  6. Alright here is my attempt to map out where the house is at now:

    HighRollers: Clay, Shelli, Davonne, Jason, James, Jeff, Meg. Audrey was part of this, but went crazy and was kicked out so they sort of took in Jackie but she is prob bottom of alliance. Shelli+clay make some of alliance nervous

    On the other side of the house we have Liz, Austin, and Jace. Audrey is trying to join up with this group because the other group kicked her out. Vanessa is also trying to make inroads here.

    Steve, Becky, and Jmac lack any solid alliance.

    Becky and Jmac don’t know about high rollers

    Smaller groups:




    Clay+Shelli (Audrey used to be in this too)



    Alliances I’m not sure how serious they are:





    Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa

    Jeff, Austin Liz

    Clay Shelli Jeff

    Not an allaince but becky and jackie are good friends

    Doesn’t trust each other:

    Any1 doesn’t trust Audrey

    Liz, Jace, Austin, and Jeff don’t trust James

    Austin doesn’t trust Clay

    Steve is currently leaning towards Jace’s group.

    Becky and Jmac leaning toward Davone and Becky’s group.

    Where the votes lie this week:

    Evict Jace: Jeff Davonne Jason Meg

    Evict Jackie: Liz, Austin, Vanessa Audrey

    Toss ups: Clay and Shelli both used to be friends with Audrey and kind of have a deal with Liz but will likely evict jace as they are pretty solid in highrollers.

    Steve probably wants to keep jace as he is a huge target and would give him an alliance.

    becky likes jackie so will probably keep her

    Jmac? who knows where is head is at.

    Imo JMAC, Steve, and becky should join up with vanessa, audrey, jace, liz, and austin.


    If they side with high rollers they would be at the bottom of an 8 person alliance and likley targets after vanessa, audrey, jace, liz, and austin leave. Also they would likley be put up as pawns by their own side as they already have been.

    If they go with the other side they wouldn’t be targets, have an alliance , not be put up with pawns either.

    Being 6th in an 8 person alliance seems better then 9th in a 11person alliance.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • Yes it has. I don’t watch the feeds. Thanks Mike. Looks like a mess and first eviction hasn’t even happened yet. Each side has it’s douche, cannot stand Jeff & Jace.

    • Amazing work, Mike. Only question I have is whether Jackie was in the High Rollers from the beginning. I thought she was. I cant imagine an alliance Jeff is in without Jackie.

      • Actually yes because Jeff and Jackie are trying to keep their distance so they won’t be targeted.

    • Morty’s page seems to have the same listing, so yeah, this is definitely the most accurate list of what’s what in the BB17 house.

  7. Can’t wait to get PT over with and come back here to catch up! hahaha

  8. Didn’t we all see this coming with Audrey? Her lies and playing all sides of the house were completely unnecessary this early in the game. She basically wasted a season’s worth of backstabbing and lies on 3 weeks. Even is she escapes eviction for a couple weeks, she will continue with all the double talk and eventually the whole house will agree that she is the main target.

    • The thing is that I actually had high hopes for Audrey making it far. She said she wanted to play like Dexter Morgan, I’ve actually never watched the show but I’m pretty sure this is not how Dexter Morgan would approach this game.

      And even when Clay and Shelli have already given her advice on how to finally play it right she still continues with her crazy gameplay of constant lies!

      • I’m feelin’ u Brys ~~ I had high hopes for Audrey as well. I’m so disappointed.

      • I watched all seasons of Dexter Morgan..he was much more careful and hid his dirty deeds extremely well. Audrey is no Dexter Morgan!

  9. I don’t trust Jeff and Clay to bring in Meg. I think she will go back and tell James and Day everything she hears from the other side.

    • I think Jeff and Clay want to work together but they also realize that with the exception of Austin (and Jace who is probably leaving BB) they are each other’s biggest competition. I think eventually they will fully realize that they are both too alike to remain in the game together and one will evict the other. On the live feeds Jeff, said he wanted to go to the final 2 with Clay but I think that’s just wishful thinking. I don’t think either one of them ultimately wants to come up against the other. I think Clay wants to take Shelli to the end and Jeff wants to take Jackie to the end so they are basically just using the two women as pawns, at this point.

      As for Meg, I want to like her but she seems to have two sides to her. One is very bubbly and sweet and the other seems to be a bit crafty and egotistical. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

  10. Johnny Mac’s Flawless Plan For Big Brother Glory

    1.) Eat
    2.) Sleep
    3.) Floss
    4.) Wait for the idiots to evict each other
    5.) Come out guns blazing in Week 6

    • Well that plan definitely worked out for Jocasta…. Who was evicted week 6
      It also worked for Victoria… Who was hit mans little sister

      I really like Johnny Mac and want him to go far in this game. Sooner or later floaters r going to be in a really bad position and I don’t want Johnny Mac to be in that position. So I think Johnny Mac should try to be in an alliance

      • Lest you forget, it worked for Ian Terry.

        He spent six weeks eating slop and DiGiornos pizza while throwing comps and looking like a harmless little nerd that Frank and Boogie could take under their wing for a vote and then cut when needed. Then Ian manipulated Shane and Britney into blindsiding Boogie, won comp after comp to ensure his safety, and went on to win the whole thing.

        The difference between Ian and Jocasta is that Ian knew exactly what he was doing, and so does Johnny Mac. He doesn’t need to find an alliance at this very moment. No one has even been evicted yet, and aside from a few pairs, there are no solid alliances yet beyond Operation Boot Audrey.

      • Agree totally with your take on Ian Terry. I’ve mentioned it before. Johnny Mac is doing what he’s supposed to be doing. Remain calm,don’t make too many waves, and make sure the other HG’s are comfortable with you…

      • That’s the way to come into the house..not with guns blazing! Lay low for the first couple of weeks, get a good read on the HG’s..then pick your side.

      • Might take another 2 weeks for JohnnyMac seeing as a majority are going a bit strong still!

      • Very true. This cast came in and started playing from day one..pick a side, get off of that side, pick an alliance..get booted from that alliance.get back in the alliance.The feeds this season have driven me nuts! I have never been this confused!

      • I haven’t started watching the feeds yet; I’ve been relying on these updates. Too many people for me to keep track of so early. I’ll get on the feeds when the group is down to 10 or 12, and then be addicted to them all summer.

  11. I doubt this will happen, but I would to see Steve, John, Becky, Jason, and maybe Da’vonne in an alliance together. Not only because I like these houseguests the best, but because I think Steve is smart and observant, Becky is a very quiet and (I think) a strategic player, John doesn’t appear to care to be involved in the drama so much: he’s seems trustworthy, Jason is great at challenges and speaks his mind and Da’vonne is very loyal but she’s a bit all over the place!

    I would include James but I think James really doesn’t think for himself and thus is very easily manipulated.

  12. One huge question I have is whether those stories about Steve & Becky are true. I didn’t watch the early feeds & don’t know if Steve actually made an inadvertent homophobic slur. But it seems pretty universally assumed that Becky would definitely not use a “passive aggressive racial slur”… So Audrey is telling people that Day influenced Becky’s nomination because of this alleged slur. But if I remember correctly, she kept saying Day told James, but Jason was the one that nominated Becky. Are either of these true? Or is Audrey just stirring sh*t up STILL. One of the people she told this to was Shelli, & she also told her that Vanessa wanted to stage a fight to appear cut off from each other. The Vanessa thing was true, so is there truth to the rest, or is she just so pathological that she needs to invent stuff?

    • I haven’t been watching the feeds yet, but from everything I’ve read, neither accusation was true (regarding Steve and Becky).

      • Actually, a bunch of people were in HOH room about an hour ago & they explained how the Becky thing went down. Basically, Becky found out Audrey was spreading the rumors & realized that she exploited like the one convo they had. It had something to do with the “black alliance” that Audrey completely made up. & stemmed from Becky just discussing how things can get edited to create characters & things can get completely out out of context by splicing sentences. Audrey used the example Becky gave (Becky doesn’t want to repeat it bc of the fact that it could be aired out of context) to say she was a racist bigot. The most ridiculous part is that Day was in the room for the whole thing, so Audrey made up the rumor & told people she heard it from Day. It’s sad about Steve bc he keeps getting lured into her web of lies & doesn’t realize she lies about him as well.

  13. Wow, this is confusing. Let me guess if I’ve got the basics:

    – Jace is campaigning by being a dick to Steve, and then pretending (badly) that he doesn’t care anymore.
    – Audrey is a mess.

    Is that about it?

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