Big Brother 17 Live Feeds: Da’Vonne Brings The House Down

Today we were reminded of the best thing about Big Brother: Live Feeds. Oh yes, we just had a fantastic blow out on the Feeds and the Big Brother 17 house is reeling from Da’Vonne Rogers taking on Audrey Middleton and all her drama.

Da'Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS All Access
Da’Vonne Rogers on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Things were still boiling from last night’s revelations as the final dominoes fell against Audrey when Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole were convinced of the manipulation used against them. Da’Vonne had heard enough things about her that had supposedly come from Audrey to push her over the line.

Flashback to 1:30PM BBT, Cams 3/4, and you’ll find Vanessa Rousso, Audrey, and Da’Vonne. They’re trying to sort out a rumor started that there was an alliance of the ladies who were all wearing black. Vanessa was crying earlier that she had been accused of things along this line.

Day challenges Audrey on whether or not she’s been spreading anything negative about her. Audrey denies and Day presses again. Audrey continues to deny so Day leaves to find Jason in the Lounge. She updates him and says it’s “Game On!”

Soon the Have-Not room is filled with Houseguests as they file in thanks to Da’Vonne gathering up the interested parties. Flashback to 1:38PM BBT Cams 3/4. Sparks fly and Day does not hold back. She goes around the room getting examples from everyone on what they’ve heard and who told them. All roads lead to Audrey.

Audrey tries to deny, deflect, and defend but it isn’t work. She tells the Houseguests, “you’re all pathological!” Jason shouts back, “YOU are pathological!” The game is up for Audrey.

Unfortunately for the pre-existing plan to target Audrey for eviction next week, they cover is blown and there’s no way Audrey will be relaxed going in to any upcoming comps. She knows she’s likely playing for her Big Brother life from here on out.

You have got to start watching this on the Live Feeds. You can rewind to anything you missed and be ready for anything yet to come. It’s $5.99/month and has a 1-week Free Trial. It’s awesome. Join us!


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  1. Thanks Matt, I just started watching it…OMG! DavOn!.is ON…#Game on!! lol

  2. Then again?…How can you evict such a trouble maker like Audrey in BB. She so polarizing, it’s hilarious!..sorry, but she needs to stay a bit longer in the house. lol

  3. I’d keep her if I was them. Everyone knows to stay away from her and not listen to anything she says anymore, so she can’t continue turning people against each other. Plus no one will vote for her in the end.

    • I agree, I’d keep her too. Who would you want out? Break up Jeff/Jackie, Clay/Shelli? If anyone is buying Jeff & Jackie aren’t a pair, c’mon.

    • It’s still so early in the game—I mean, they haven’t even had their first eviction yet for goodness’ sake!—Audrey could still very well turn things around (it’s happened before) if they keep her around (so dangerous). She just needs to be more stealthy, but that doesn’t seem like something she’s capable of—obviously.

    • I would keep Audrey too. One of the most underrated moves in the game is to keep a bigger target in the house to take all the heat. But if Audrey was in the final 2, she will win because she had an uphill battle in the BB house.

  4. I don’t think Audrey will leave soon. Not because of her winning comps, but because of this Takeover twist set by BB this year that will definitely be an advantage to her game.

      • Dan’s funeral was masterful, genius, and perfectly played. What’s not to like?

      • True. It only solidified his villain status as the player who must not win.

        But it was fun to watch still.

      • Dude, don’t be upset because Dan was and always will be a superior player to you.

      • That was one of the best moments on BB. Sounds to me like you’re jealous since your only big move was….oh that’s right you made no moves except float to the power.

      • No, Adam. Just…no.

        Dan’s Funeral is one of the greatest nights of feed viewing I have ever seen. Sheer, pure brilliance. I watch BB for big moves like that.

  5. Everytime I’m not watching the feeds, something good happens. I had to rewatch this house meeting. This is Day 13, and there has been enough drama and entertainment to make up for BB16.

  6. Too funny that Audrey calls everyone else pathological and Jason setting her straight—don’t get it twisted! Hope they air that part. Classic.

  7. I don’t want Jake to leave just yet. Aaron was right when he said they will play last years boring game all over again this year.

  8. I don’t want Jace to leave, Austin is right, we don’t need last years boring game all over again.

  9. Clay and Shelli finally comparing notes and finding out Aud was trying to turn them against each other. Aud’s last pool of trust just evaporated.

  10. WARNING…. DANGER AHEAD… WARNING….Honestly, I do not think we have seen what Audrey is capable of. I think if the HGs do not get her out soon, there will be a hurricane in the middle of the BB house.Do not say I didn’t WARN you. LOL

  11. Look at this. This is so funny:
    facebook dot com/photo.php?fbid=1004883446223028&set=gm.1084227704939034&type=1&theater

  12. All I can say is the feeds are sure worth every penny this season! People if you don’t have them you really need to get them. CBS will never be able to air all the drama thats happened the first week.

  13. I need some clarification so that when I am watching these feeds..I am not so confused that my head is spinning! First off, I don’t like it when players threaten physical violence the way Da’Vonne did with Audrey today, saying that she was going to crack her need for that..I can tell that Day is a hothead who you for sure do not want to piss I am sure other players will be on the receiving end of her wrath later. My question is this: who are the REAL it both Day and Audrey? Is it just it just Audrey? Who actually spoke the words about the all girl alliance since everyone was wearing black? Anyone out there who could clarify..I thank you!!!

  14. So I am just seeing Jace’s conversation with Steve… Jace is a PSYCHO!! He was saying soo many horrible things to him! Such a bully. I wanted to jump through my phone and defend the poor guy… Not ok :(

    • Hi TiffyMac … Definitely not Ok ~~ ((see my comments about this on the next thread above)) Jace’s commando tactics were unnecessary and uncalled for.

      • I just saw them:) i didnt realize I was commenting on the older thread… But ya, all bad :( Steve needs a real friend in there quick

      • It seems Matt has been spitting out new threads several times a day ((thanx Matt)) constantly updating us on the hgs activities so it’s hard to keep up.

        I hope Steve doesn’t internalize the bullying for too long and opens up to someone he can trust. That may just be the DR. I feel so badly for him.

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