Big Brother 17 Live Feeds: Jace Sings A Song & Audrey Gets Busted

Things continue to get a little worse for Audrey Middleton’s game on Big Brother 17, but is anyone really surprised when she’s been overplaying and forming new alliances by the handful? All day yesterday HGs were comparing notes on Audrey’s game but it wasn’t until last night that the pieces really came together.

Audrey is just a bystander on Big Brother 17
Audrey is “just a bystander” on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Part of James’s plan to renom Jace at the Veto Ceremony involved a short song about his long hair, but he ended up not using it as you’d expect. So later when Jace sang that very same song the House started to wonder how he had found out. Hmm.

Last night the mega-alliance’s members James, Meg, and Audrey were up in the HoH room, Flashback 6/28 11:51PM BBT Cams 3/4, when the issue was raised about Jace having the lyrics to James’s song that supposedly hadn’t been shared outside of their alliance. James is very concerned about this and wants to investigate.

Audrey starts throwing out every name possible including Clay who she surprisingly tries to blame as well. James soon brings Clay and Da’Vonne up but there still aren’t any answers.

Now for the fun part. Flashback to 12:41AM BBT 6/29 Cams 1/2. Jason, Meg, and James gather in the open bedroom and confirm what they’re all thinking. It’s Audrey. They excitedly share details and theories on how Audrey is the one running these leaks. It’s definitely worth listening to as each share their parts of the puzzle to put it all together.

Later Jason talks with Clay, ohh bad idea, about his Audrey concerns and of course Clay runs that back to Audrey. She says she’s going to drop off the social scene for awhile and try to law low. Then she tasks Clay with staying close to Jace to avoid any more issues and Clay runs off to do as he’s been told.

Jump to 3:25 AM BBT to find Meg, James, and Jeff in the hammock sharing their latest updates on the Audrey situation. Jeff has already warned Jackie to stay away from Audrey so the House awareness rate continues to grow. As James puts it, so what do they do now about it?

Audrey’s trust factor in the house is sunk except with probably Clay and Shelli. Clay has so far refused to accept details that Audrey can’t be trusted and Shelli seems to follow Clay’s lead on the alliance front. As for the rest of the house, I’d expect them to work with her as they need in the moment, but when drama breaks and the source is a mystery, it won’t take long for them to start blaming Audrey.

We’ve got four days until Jace faces eviction so you never know, but we can expect more drama courtesy of Audrey pursuing unnecessary conflicts when her security was already well established.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification, Matt. I couldnt figure out last night what was going on about that song. Aud is cray cray. And Thursday is forever away. This narrative can take a big turn yet. But will the house really evict on week 1 the first ever TG? That would take huge bad gay play by the TG, which is what we may be seeing.

    • Won’t happen this week though since Veto Ceremony is already over and I’m not convinced it’ll happen next week either. They know Audrey is a competitor so they’ll downplay her for now and then when there’s a BD chance, she’ll be gone.

      • Oh, right. I forget how trippy it is to follow the show and spoilers at the same time. We keep getting yanked forward and back in time. Haha.

      • Sorry to see Jace go because he is quirky, harmless and entertaining. But “loving to hate” is entertaining, too. Play on Aud!

      • WOW, bigotry and improper use of the English language…It’s a “twofer” of stupidity.

      • There is always at least one through the whole season. I try to ignore them, but sometimes they keep on if nobody responds.

      • Yes “it” is rude. Her name is Audrey and she’s a woman. Deal with it. I don’t care for her because of gameplay. That’s all these opinions should be based on

      • This is why I hope she is evicted soon. I really do not want this show to devolve into the same politically correct mess everything else in this country has become. Is there no respite for the weary?

      • Queen…Cause I disagree with you I’m a bigotry I think you need a dictionary..Audrey game play sucks..that is why she need to go….Belle I would rather you shut the hell up ..Now neither one of us is going to get what we want are we.

      • I don’t like her gameplay either. I can’t respect that kind of gameplay. If she wants to say something, say it, be done. Don’t just stir for the heck of it. She loves the sound of her own voice

      • Every transwoman I know is a major stunt queen. Not surprised at all that Audrey is bringing drama unnecessarily.

      • From Websters Dictionary… bigot: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person;especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group). By referring Audrey as an “IT” you are showing your true colors. Actually I don’t disagree that she is playing a bad game, but bringing her gender change into it is beyond the pale.

      • Me too. I don’t find her entertaining or interesting. BB will do everything possible to keep her

      • Hi James ~ what week was Devin evicted? I seem to remember him lasting quite awhile but then my memory hasn’t been that good lately.

      • Pretty much. Feeds were golden thanks to him from the first night until his implosion before he left.

        And you’re welcome. :D

      • She’s in a bad spot right now. Everyone is on to her, even Clay and Shelli. Clay for some odd reason, keeps his wagon hitched to Audrey, and Shelli does whatever Clay does. She’s only interested in Clay

      • Matt, do you ever read Bitchy Big Brother? It’s just parody of the houseguests. Her description of each HG is hysterical. Not promoting another site. That one is weekly and just for laughs about the houseguests

      • Hey Matt do you happen to know what the lyrics of the song Jace sanged was about?

      • You really believe that?The first chance for a BD, Audrey will be gone? I hope you’re right.

      • All that bouncing and a bottle of water calls for sudden departure from tractor duty.Sometimes, not often, though, I wish I were a man. Headin’ back out before the showers hit. Peace!

      • I wish it were that easy. We’re suppose to be getting storms almost everyday for a few. I’d “shower” if I could. :)

      • I think the majority is tired of her. She cross-examines everyone constantly. It goes on forever, and when she’s getting nowhere, she ends with well, I’ll find out and let you know where this started. Everything starts with her! It’s just bizarre. She tried it yesterday with Vanessa, who was not backing down, so Audrey left

      • That’s one of the reasons that I voted for Van as my fan fav this week. She’s coming around, it seems. I hope she stays strong and doesn’t find the need to ask for Aud’s advice or approval

      • I think it will be BD as well. That’s the only way to get her out. I saw on the live feed chat,I think, James is considering getting Jsckie out instead of Jace, as a result of the song. Did you hear that

      • I think it’s a done deal this week, right Matt? Even though they know its Audrey, she told Clay to say it was Vanessa

    • It was only a matter of time before they started comparing notes. We’ve said she’s played too hard, too fast. She’s everywhere and saying anything and everything. I’m convinced she loves the sound of her own voice. Every single day she says she’s going to lay low “today,” and never does it. I hope she’s gone soon

    • I hope Jace raps his goodbye song like he plans! It’s pretty good. He’s going to tweak it a bit. Hysterical

  2. I’m surprised Production would even let James (not me) attempt to sing a song in the first place, even if it’s an original and unlicensed composition in a melodic tune (I know rapping is an exception but yeah).

    • Actually CBS owns the copyright to anything original that comes out of this, so yeah, its allowed.

      • I hope that means CBS still has the rights to BB1’s theme so when I get into BB myself (in my dreams), I get to sing it. :D

  3. I’m starting to think that Audrey’s best move now, is to try and keep Jace. I don’t know if she would have the votes, but my guess is she would have Austin, Clay, Shelli, Liz and possibly Steve. With Steve’s vote, she really only needs one more to keep Jace. That vote could easily come from Becky or John, since neither seems to be aligned with anyone yet.

    • James wants to keep Jace now, and get rid of Jackie. Bad news for Jackie if that happens. We’ll see

      • Just to put a kink in the stink, I hope James can pull that off, if that’s the case. We may find out if James has the ability to rally the troops.

      • I think he was mad at Audrey about it and it made him look bad after he told jace he just decided. I don’t know if it will really play out, because that means Jackie goes

      • I didn’t see it, because i stopped watching live feeds about 11. But I read in the comments. People had been up all night

      • I know. I think he was ticked off because he didn’t do it because I think he thought it was mean or something. Then Jace hears about it. Clay, of course, runs to tell Audrey, who said tell James it was Vanessa who told him. I can’t stand Audrey

        They all laughed when Jace was nominated. That’s really bad. No reason to do that

  4. Your goose is cooked Audrey ~ too late to start laying low. Clay needs to stop being a yes man. James is too passive/indecisive.

  5. She’s in an alliance with everyone in the house, and EVERYBODY KNOWS she’s in an alliance with everybody. I want to say she’s dumb, but it’s really the entire house that’s dumb as they CONTINUE TO WORK WITH HER!

      • I think they just don’t want to get into it with her. It lasts hours with her going in circles. It’s exhausting

      • Maybe they’re hesitant because they don’t want to be perceived as the new Aaryn and have the audience thinking they’re bullying Audrey.

      • Okay that’s not bullying to call out her gameplay. If that’s the reason, then they really are stupid

      • Each conversation ends with Audrey saying well, I’m going to go back to my source and find out whose lying. Nobody is telling her, I swear she just makes stuff up to confront somebody. I just don’t like that gameplay. People talk and compare notes, and it’s wk 2, and they’re all onto her

      • It’s not looking good for Audrey BH! She’s working overtime with her made up ‘facts’ and screwing herself in the process ~ she’ll be on the block next week.

      • I wish someone would tell Clay how Audrey tried to throw even him under the bus earlier.

      • I do, too, Foxfire. Clay would probably just run and tell Aud, who would, in turn, give him instructions which he would follow to the letter.

    • Seriously, there needs to be some fun stuff. Not drama all the time. Things we can make fun of and laugh about

  6. I wonder if anyone else has noticed that, along with Audrey, Clay is stirring up a lot of animosity and is trying to control what happens in the house. For example, on the live feeds he said that “Jace was going up and that’s that” he also said something along the lines that Jace was going to have to get over it and that it’s “just a game.” I have a feeling if Clay had been nominated he would not view it as “just a game”.

    Also, on the very first episode in the diary room, he said he didn’t care for Steve (because he reminded him of Ian). So, who goes up this week but Steve?

    And his apparent dislike for Da’vonne really seems unfounded but it was clear to me from the beginning that he really didn’t like her and Audrey only made it worse by talking about both of them to each other back and forth.

    I normally would respect a game play like Clay’s but I feel like his “strategy” is not based on intelligence but rather because he is very shallow and egotistical. He is basing a lot of his decisions based on preconceived notions about others. I also think that he wants to be the only dominate male in the house and have the ladies swoon over him.

    So far I am rooting for Steve. I feel like because of a few misconceptions about him he hasn’t really been able to play the game. He seems nice and trustworthy.

    • I hope Clay and Shelli start distancing from Audrey. Then she would be on a raft by herself. I really don’t care Jace, he seemed a bit self centered last week. I kinda hope he stays. I thunk he will become a bull in a china shop trying to get to Audrey

  7. I felt bad for shelli last night. She was trying to have a convo with Audrey, where else but the how room, and Audrey wouldn’t let her talk. She was begging for 5 minutes to talk.

    • Shelli or somebody needs to be more assertive. I think Aud came in with the preconceived notion that the backstory would keep a lot of confrontation from occurring because HGs are afraid of being labeled as bigots. Audrey knows that and is using that and the intimidating behavior to keep the pressure on.

  8. Still no feeds for Canada? I can’t watch the broadcast without feeds. They just work in tandem. So I have not seen any episodes yet.

  9. Targeting Audrey, I think, is going to be impossible for a while. Knowing how BB production likes to get involved with this game and the fate of it’s HGs, I honestly think that they’ll try to keep Audrey around for as long as possible in order to avoid bad publicity (given her backstory, her eviction this soon in the game may have people crying out prejudice, and though I’d hope people would understand that it’s because she’s a dangerous player for the other HGs, I don’t have high hopes for those who like to make a fuss where there’s none to be made). That being said, there’s no way they’re gonna be able to protect her forever. And now that she’s not the first HG going out the door, they might feel more comfortable in letting the chips fall where they may.

    • James: “We’ve backdoored Audrey and we have the votes. She’s as good as gone.”


  10. Hi Gang! Kinda off-topic, but it’s good to be back to chat about BB again. Looking forward to it!

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