Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 12

What a mess of a night in the Big Brother 17 house as the new HoH went on a nine-hour streak of running laps through her head and the house desperately searching for her latest “reason!” before sending two Houseguests to the Block.

Vanessa assumes the Victim role on Big Brother 17
Vanessa assumes the Victim role on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

How do you break down nine hours of circular logic? Well I won’t because I think we’d both go mad, but I’ll give you the latest on the plans for today’s nominations which are coming up rapidly thanks to the fast forward week on its way to the house.

When Feeds returned last night Vanessa wasted no time going in to overdrive. She visited with all four remaining Houseguests and interrogated all of them in less than thirty minutes of the HoH comp ending and Feeds resuming. Vanessa was on the hunt for her much needed “reason!”

Vanessa went to Austin and asked what he thought other HGs were going to do if they had won HoH. She poses the same question to Liz, then to Steve, and then to John. Everyone says the other side said they’d target someone else. Vanessa excitedly proclaims each instance as support to her cause of generating valid claims for nominees.

Here’s the problem with her circular logic. Five HGs remain including two pairs, more or less, and one third wheel (Vanessa) on each. If, for example, Austin talked to Steve he’d say he’d target John and Vanessa then John would have to tell Austin he’d target Liz and Vanessa. You can’t say you’re going to target your own ally or the person you’re talking to. It’s all been bull passed around, but Vanessa would like to use it as legitimate conspiring. Come on now.

Initially we heard Vanessa tell Steve that Austin was her target and she told Austin that Liz was her target for making a deal with Steve to break a tie in Steve’s favor. Again, that was a bogus discussion where Liz was trapped in to agreeing with Steve so he’d vote how she wanted.

Eventually Vanessa talks to Austin long enough to get to the point of explaining why he should fear Liz being there before circling around to making John and Steve the noms if Austin and Liz promise to throw round one of the final HoH to her. Seriously? Of course Austin agrees and later so does Liz.

Oh, Vanessa also got Austin to promise to throw this Veto and said she might test that promise with her noms, implying that Liz would go up. Vanessa was getting Austin to agree to every possible scenario so she could do whatever she wanted. It was absolutely exhausting listening to her spastic conversations.


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  1. Is anyone left in the house ever going to start seeing Vanessa for the nutcase she is? I’m really beginning to think she’s making Audrey look sane.

  2. This season has to be scripted, there’s no logical reason why any of them do the things they do. Real players wouldn’t play like this.

    • Who on earth would write something like this? They’d think” Nobody is gonna believe this” and throw it away.

      • Because for whatever stupid reason they want Vanessa to win it all, so anything she tells people the automatically believe as truth, no logic there. Her getting out the person who isn’t gunning for her is beyond me, there’s no reason at all why she shouldn’t break up Austin and Liz.

      • Agreed, I can see Steve as a target cuz he would be the best in mental comps, and to keep Liz, Austin and Julia happy, but I’d say Austin is the biggest threat, and getting Liz out just makes him more loyal to her. So basically anyone except JMac could/should be a target.

      • I think that is why she wants to keep Steve, she can’t play next HOH and is expecting it to be mental and thinks Steve would do better than JMac, but she is MENTAL to think if Austin or Liz won it they wouldn’t put her and Steve up. Liz has been good at mental type comps and I think Vanessa thinks if Liz wins she can use the whole Austin gave me a final 2 deal (I think that is why she has never let this secret out previously) and get her to put him up. What she isn’t thinking is all Austin has to do is remind Liz how pushy Vanessa is and that he only said it to save Liz in the past.

      • I know right?!?! He’s the last person I thought any of them would go after! I swear they’re all either really really really stupid or are being told what to do by cbs.

    • Who are the ”real players” you’re talking about? Seems to me most of these people are ”real” enough (even if they don’t represent the common person with most of them coming from upper income class and/or desirable lifestyles)… I’d like to see them return to the show’s roots where everyday people who actually need this money get a shot at being on the show. :)

      • Real meaning they’re deciding game moves for themselves not what cbs is “directing” them to do. None of them think for themselves, there’s no way they would makes the decisions they have. They’re not there to “play” the game like past seasons, they’re there to make Vanessa win. I don’t understand why cbs would want such an awful person to represent and win but that’s their call.

      • Most people don’t have the live feeds or come to these message boards and just watch the “edited version” of each episode they (CBS) put out there, so they most likely have no idea what Vanessa is really like. CBS is just feeding them the kool-aid!

      • Vanessa has a new show coming to cbs called “poker face” lol some say they’re fixing her to win to promote it. Who knows really..

      • So you really feel like they’re just choosing what will help Vanessa win? And you’ve seen and heard them say this on the live feeds? Wow, pretty shocking stuff….

      • Obviously they’re not going to outright say it on tv, I’m sure they’re under some contract with CBS not to leak it.

      • I continue to like the show, but it’s the casting & contestants that disappoint in my opinion… I’d just like to see more ”Donny & Jason types” (the people who cut our lawns, bag our groceries…etc) In short, people who actually need (and sometimes) deserve the money.

    • Agreed, I have my suspicions that the DR sessions might involve some “direction”. But, IF the producers enforce that clause of the contract…..none of the HGs will dare reveal if that is the case.

  3. At this point, do you really need “reasons”? You’re setting yourself up to win…your end game…That’s reason enough. They can respect that.

  4. F4 is the best HoH to win. She can’t play next week, and she’s definitely one of the three people eligible for eviction, and if she doesn’t win the Veto, I think she’s gone. She put all her chips on the table. It’s a blunder on her part, straight up…”I just wanna get letter from Mel” lol

  5. Vanessa is really annoying. Getting down to who wins $500,000 and she’s demanding people throw comps and give her say so on who is evicted. If they had a pair, t hey would tell her to shove it. I mean who died and made her boss. Really fed up with this scripted-to-win snake.

    • She’s the current HoH. Now isn’t the time for them to get mouthy, lol. After Veto, maybe. Depends on who is on the block at the time and whether it’ll hurt their alliance’s game.

      They should have struck sooner. Her demands are just crazy with a capital “F”, and I wonder if she actually expects them to honor them, lol.

      • Her demands come down to: if I do this for you, you have to let me win the game lol. And why wouldn’t she expect them to honor it, and why wouldn’t they honor it? They have followed her blindly all season, no reason for them to stop now.

      • Well, my main reason is because they should at least NOW see the crazy demands she has, and once next HoH comes around, realize that she is defenseless and has to get the boot. She’s played a great game amongst puppies with their tails between their legs, but it’s about time one of them starts tugging on that leash before it’s too late.

  6. Vanessa is definitely in tough, split between two pairs. If she chooses a side, then she has a better chance of making final 3 but then not the final 2. She really should stay “neutral” by putting one of each pair up, then throw the POV comp and even tell everyone she’s throwing it. The POV winner seals the fate of one pair. Then next week, make the final 2 deal with the surviving member citing that “hey I didn’t target a side last week and I left it up to you guys to battle it out in POV, lets join up”. This gives her the best chance imo.

  7. The smart move IMO would be for her to target Austin and Steve. The best physical player and the best mental player(not including herself). She should want to be by Liz and JMac in the F3 cuz I don’t see anyway either of them beat her. She will most likely put up JMac and Steve with Austin as the replacement. I don’t see any reason to target JMac, and she could target Liz cuz Liz doesn’t have that F2 deal with her everyone else does.

    • Or I can continue to sit at work in an empty building, with no assignment to do like I have for the past month with limited Internet access. this is one of like 3 websites I can access lol.

      But ya, any scenario ends up like this: Everyone does what Vanessa says, she wins the money lol

    • For this week, there will only be 2 votes cast so if there is a tie, Vanessa will be the decider.

      But POV is yet to be played. That will be important. All the players have a shot to win it. But will it or won’t it be used?

      If final nominees for eviction are:
      – Liz & Austin – Who do Steve/Jmac vote out?
      Do they gun for Liz or will the fear of Austin teaming up with Vanessa after Liz leaves override? Of course Austin will team up with Vanessa after Liz leaves, and so will Liz.

      – Steve & Jmac – Who do Liz/Austin vote out?
      I think Steve but Austin may trust Steve more than Jmac to battle Vanessa and want to keep him – or will he?

      – Liz & Steve – Who does Vanessa evict?

      – Liz & Jmac – Who does Vanessa evict?

      – Austin & Steve – Who does Vanessa evict?

      – Austin & Jmac – Who does Vanessa evict?

      • Should be ‘Who does Vanessa Evict?’ for every situation cuz they will just what she tells them lol.

        But for real, it should be a vote of 2-0 with whoever goes cuz they wont want to piss Vanessa off by voting to save the other person and then making her decide cuz that will, say it with me everyone ‘Get More Blood On Her Hands’ lol.

  8. I don’t think anyone that’s made it this far in the game is sane. They are all a bit nuts – the others just haven’t been in power long enough for us to truly see it.

  9. CBS really needs to do some work to get this show turned around. Production all needs to be fired. Why are Canadian & European editions more popular? Better HG’s! First thing I would do next year is make a rule that if ANYONE is caught throwing a comp, they will be automatically evicted and the previous person would come back in. I quit watching full time about 4 weeks ago. It is just boring. I now watch about 5 mins and read the spoilers.

    • I agree and disagree. Completely agree that better house guests are needed, but CBS knows this and has said how disappointing the house guests were this year. I could not disagree more on throwing comps. When used as strategy throwing comps is a great way to play the game. House guests this season have made it look bad, but it can be a great strategy when used properly. Dr. Will for example would have been automatically evicted at least 29 times (just counting the HOH and vetos he threw and season 2 didn’t even have vetos) for throwing comps however he is the best to ever play.

    • If they get rid of BoB you get rid of having people throw comps. And if they really want to make it interesting Start Enforcing The Rules!! If someone talks about buying another HG something or “staking them” or start up money, etc they go up on the block even if HOH. Other seasons had 3 on the block so no big change. And enforce other rules as well like if you have to be called to DR a 3rd time you get a penalty of being in the parlor alone for 24 hours…bet they start getting their lazy asses to DR when called. So many things could make it a game if they just enforced the rules with real penalties.

  10. Vanessa is by far one of the best big brother players I have ever seen,,, she literally had her say in EVERY eviction.. I hope she makes it to the end I haven’t seen a player this great in a while!

      • I agree, she has bullied her way into where she is now. If she did it without the “Are you kidding me right now?” and the “Don’t ever lie to me” and the “WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I’m only looking out for you” bullsh!t Amazing player. But bulling your way to the end isn’t something I can respect at all. She could never play another season, it wouldn’t fly.

    • she has played easily the best of anyone this season, but it has not been a while since you’ve seen a player this great. Derrick played last season.

    • Not even close. Vanessa is surrounded by a bunch of morons. Look at how Julia took her advice and picked Austin to play against in the veto comp. Would any player with half a brain fall for that? Not only that, who would listen to Vanessa give that advice and not immediately realize Vanessa was trying to play her?

      Vanessa is the only player playing for herself in the game this year. The rest had no idea what they were doing.

      Derrick set the bar for game play in BB and Vanessa is not even close to Derrick.

      The fact that she spins around in circles then evicts nobodies in her HoH turns takes away from her game play. She has evicted Jeff, Jason and Meg as HoH. Not exactly bold decisions that she had to deal with the aftermath.

  11. This need to have make-up and hair done for every DR session, etc., has to be exhausting for the crew. What is the big deal about going make-up free with hair not fixed just so-so? Anyone remember any gals that have been on BB who weren’t so particular? I wish they could be more natural sometimes. Putting on all of that outward fakeness does nothing to cover the ugly inside anyway.

  12. round and round she goes….when she stops her head will explode… how much longer til she finally blows? for the love of God I hope she goes next week….

  13. Whenever Van wins HOH we’re reminded that she isn’t this amazing player everyone makes her out to be… If Liz or Austin don’t end up being the target, this crazy lady is playing for third place at best, most likely 4th.

    • It made me sick last night seeing how much production has pushed her storyline as a great player. They removed everything she did wrong and exaggerated any little thing that went right for her.

    • In any other house Vanessa would be long gone and she might be gone next eviction anyway because she is overplaying the game now. People have figured her out but they need the opportunity to do something about it. If she gets Steve evicted this week then Austin and Liz have no other target except Vanessa, John too.

      But the fact is, she will be everyone’s target no matter who she nominates this week and no matter who goes home. Her only chance to stay is to win veto and everyone will be trying hard to win it too.

  14. Vanessa doesn’t sleep she is always playing the game and how stupid that no one has figured out that she is playing everyone…If she goes to the end with Austin and Liz she will loose…no one had the guts to make a big move but James and Steve. James is out so Steve should win and John stopped playing the game some time ago but I don’t know why. Vanessa is nuts and should put up Austin and LIz but why won’t she? What is she afraid of?

    • I think this is just over my head. IDK. I. don’t. know.
      Maybe she will. We just don’t know for sure with her either way.

      • This is the first season ever where I couldn’t keep up with all the scheming – perhaps because so little of it made sense. Vanessa’s craziness has driven the house this year, and not in a good way.

  15. Vanessa is stupid if she puts up John and Steve. She knows Austin and Liz will take each other and if she thinks they won’t then I have a bridge to sell her. Austin will also agree to anything she says but won’t honor any of it.

  16. Of the seasons I have watched, this season hasn’t been one of the better ones. Two reasons are the lack of contestants I like as well as the questionable strategies used by those not named Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa. It seemed that the only ones wanting to form alliances were the previously mentioned four and the web of alliances formed through them. Meg and James should have been more aggressive and tried to include more people earlier. The others should have formed alliances that didn’t include A, L, J, and V. Perhaps I missed something, but that is the impression I got this season.
    Vanessa said the relationship between Meg and James was the major reason for their evictions. Yet she has kept Austin, Liz, and Julia in the house with the knowledge they would never vote against each other unless two of them were the nominations. I cannot foresee any argument that could persuade Austin or Liz to turn against each other unless either of those two are willing to destroy their ‘relationship.’
    I agree with the others that have labeled Vanessa a bully. The way she has spoken to Steve this season makes me angry. When ordered out of the room after the most recent veto competition, Steve should have told them not to talk to him that way, if they want time to themselves just say so and not scream. I also didn’t like it when V called Steve a liar not too long ago about the whole vote V out of house when John, Steve, and the twins were in the HoH room. Steve should have told her she can believe whatever she wants, I am telling the truth, and she’ll look stupid after the season ends and she watches the show. She will then realize that the twins were the ones talking about how V cannot be trusted, should be evicted, etc.

  17. At what point is it unethical for CBS to use Vanessa’s obvious mental instability for their show. The only reason she has gotten this far is because everyone is afraid of setting off one of her manic episodes. Personally, I think she should have either never been cast or taken out of the game.

  18. I gave up on all this merry-go-round at what must have been the halfway mark of Vanessa’s chats. Lucky me.

  19. One theory is that Vanessa is going to be on a new show called poker face they want to premier after BB17 is done.

  20. Oh Matt! How did you manage to watch that all? I got through the 1st half hour and had to stop. Head, stomach even eyes hurt. Thank you for enduring when those of us just can’t take anymore.

  21. I hadn’t watched Big Brother back in the beginning shows. Have been watching now tho for past several seasons. Unsure that I will tune in next year. This Vanessa person makes it so painful to sit through an entire show. talk about verbal diarrhea ! Yes it is a game and I guess anything goes but in spite of the game plays you still get to know the people. People are either nice or theyre not. This year is an all time low. Its beyond me how a person like Vanessa could get so far. Doesn’t make sense . There has to something we are not seeing or bring told

    • Vanessa is the only one who brought a gun to a knife fight, that’s how she’s gotten so far, oh and the casting was horrible.

    • On bbad last night when Vanessa was scampering with Austin & Liz to tell them what they were going to do for her HAHA! The only words she seems to have in her vocabulary is the word F%$# & the word Like ,you know like you r going to like do what like I like say or like u will like be gone. It really makes my stomach hurt when I hear her or see her so like please like Get Her Out! This season sucks ,they r all so ball-less so it has been boring

  22. Oh my, my, my, my, my. I can’t follow the logic any longer. What’s that, you say? There haven’t been any logical moves this season? Well, that explains my confusion then. Oh my, my, my, my, my.

    • So she puts up Steve and JMac. JMac wins Veto bc Austin agreed to throw it, he comes down, Austin goes up. Oops…why did Austin agree to this? He goes home! Next night, Liz gets evicted and there you have the F3…JMac, Steve and Vanessa, just what she wanted anyway!

      • Joni, this is how confused I am….What I just read in your comment was: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..” THAT’S how confused I am. Could be my medications—but I STILL don’t get it. Just kidding. :) I simply cannot believe the power Vanessa has over these HG’s. Either she’s an evil genius (well, that’s a given) or this cast is one of the ‘slowest’ I’ve ever seen on BB (which could very well be true).

      • Yep…that’s what I was thinking the whole time writing it..blah, blah, if you did the math, there’s no way Steve would be in F3…it would be Austeenuh because Liz would vote him to stay! hahaha JMac needs to win next 2 vetos if he’s still being put on the block and that’s how he’ll be a sure bet to making it in F3 or F2! I could care less who wins at this point, as long as it’s not Liz or Austeenuh! hahaha But Van is the one CBS wants to win!

      • Wait…I thought we decided that the only thing CBS rigged, is my spine fracture. Last year, I really thought the golden child, Frankie, was who CBS wanted to win. I refuse to believe that the season is rigged. Honestly…do YOU think it’s rigged?!

      • IMO, if anything, CBS might do a little maneuvering to assure people like Frankie and Vanessa, stay in the house long enough to be known better by the public. That is, if they really have something to gain from it outside of BB. Of course, I’m speculating, but I do think Frankie was there to bring attention to Ariana. Was it coincidence that her album was about to be released and her name, once mentioned, was repeatedly dropped? I’m not sure, but it is suspect. I don’t know about this rumored show involving Vanessa, but if true, that is a little suspect also. But I don’t think CBS would go so far as to rig it for them to win.JMO

      • K, you know how I feel about last season–with the ‘coincidental’ dropping of Ariana’s album and Frankie being cast as an HG. If he WASN’T used to promote the album (don’t forget Les Moonves owns stock in her record company) then I’ll eat my hat. I don’t know about Vanessa—but I have heard things about her that others have read on the internet—so it MUST be true! Seriously, I wouldn’t put it past the Network to find their favorite player and fudge the comps and rules to keep them playing. I mean, V DID make monetary deals with the other HG’s—which is ABSOLUTELY against the rules, and she’s still here. So…who knows? Certainly not I. But, I don’t think they’d actually ‘rig’ the show.

      • Thanks gal! There’s nothing that can be done for a compression fracture, except rest and pain control. It’s my own stupid fault…I was trying to do too many things at once and fell right on my tail bone. Ugh…I can be an idiot to the nth degree (and more often than not, AM). How’s the hubby? I’m thinking about you, and hoping you’re able to juggle everything. Take care of YOU, too!

      • Just got through washing his cracks and crevices in the shower for him. hehe He’s doing better. Thanks for asking.

      • She’s got a stress fracture, I re injured my herniated discs laughing at some of the most brilliant comments here.

        I even had to stop watching BBAD because could not stand seeing luz/austin and hearing Vanessa ‘ s ranting.

      • lol! I can’t tell if you’re kidding! Did you really re-injure your discs from laughing too hard? I had to stop watching BBAD, too…but only because it was so boring (that was a while ago, though). Hope your back is better soon! :) BTW, you have some of THE best comments…

      • Thank you. When I was rolling on the bed laughing I bent the wrong way and it becomes very painful to walk. Had to stay in bed three days before it worked itself out. I get severe spasms from arthritis in my lumbar and sacralititis.

      • Oh, you’renot, an idiot, sh*t happens. You were being the super woman that you are! Have a geeat, restful night. Until Sunday evening, check you later.

      • Thank you! I don’t know about being a ‘super woman’…but thanks! I’m taking a muscle relaxer right now and going back to sleep! See you Sunday.

      • Yepper, as I said two months ago. The are trying to emulate the new show on lifetime, Unreal, where the production team control every aspect of the show. Unbelievable

      • I haven’t seen the show, but I read an article in Entertainment Weekly about it. It’s already been approved for another season.

      • I wonder if Austin will honor that if it looks like there is a large possibility of JMac or Steve winning veto. Is that a really dumb question?

      • Austin is not going to throw nothing and Van can’t do a thing about it because JMac will win it fair and square (think endurance). Steve will be okay going to jury!

      • With Vanessa’s demands to Austin & Liz Why Don’t They Just Quit And Give Her The Game? From Austins comments throughout the game all he has been worried about is how much TV time he has gotten,and I heard or I read that Van was bribing the other houseguest promising them some COINS if she could just win the bid brother title how screwed up is she? She admitted that she doesn’t need the money ,she just wants the title.Then u have someone like James who made it a point to say he was there for his little girl This season has sucked and Van should have been disqualified.Why don’t they put people in there that really need the money,b/c I also heard on bbad that the twins got boob jobs for graduation so they don’t need the money .They need to get people in the house that work payday to payday now that would be something to watch.

      • I like the idea of finding people who need the money, but they also would have to look like super models, because it’s all about the eye candy to casting directors. Now if CBS can just find people who truly need the money, are smart and not dumb as rocks and who look like models, we’re golden.

      • Austin yelled out as BB was going off on CBS at the end: “Please put me on The Bold & The Beautiful” or something to that effect. He def has an eye to the stars.

  23. i think if Vanessa runs around the tree much faster – she’ll turn in to butter and the rest of the house guests can have her on pancakes for breakfast….

  24. It just seems like Vanessa is mentally incapable of being the one to fire a shot at the Austwins, and it could very well be her downfall in the game. I think she may truly believe in “the jury hates me” stuff and is afraid if she turns on them as well that’s another 2 or 3 votes she can’t get at the end. The logic in keeping Steve is that he is a bigger threat to win that F4 HOH than John, and between him and her they are threats to win the POV. This gives her the best chance of getting rid of Liz with the least possible amount of blood on her hands. But this is too much to count on when the opportunity to do it herself is right in front of her. Really seems like she is going to regret not taking this moment to take out Liz, she can’t believe in the moment that either will throw something to her.

    • I absolutely agree with you on all the points you have made. You have no idea how unusual it is for me to agree on everything…I say we go to the F2.

      • As long as you agree to throw the 1st and 3rd part of the HOH to me, and agree to tell the jury to vote for me. You don’t understand how hard this is for me, the jury hates me because I’m too good at this game and they’re going to take it out on me and it’s so unfair. You should be happy letting a person like me win, I am honest and full of integrity and everyone else is a horrible person. In a way, you’re winning as well if I win. LOL

      • Did you read a previous post of mine where I promoted myself as AFP (America’s Favorite Poster)?…much the same idea…lol. lol.

  25. Am I the only one that heard Van tell Austin she was fine with the 50k second prize last night and Austin promptly responded he was still in for the Vegas gambling deal they had made if they won together?
    Makes this whole taking the showmance to F3 seem a lot more “incentivized” to me.

    • The only one I can keep track of is Johnny and he’s been on the receiving end vs the deal initiating end of the cavorting. This makes him the safest bet and conversely most dangerous bet going forward depending on what you are thinking at any particular moment.

      • I would give anything if Jmac could pull a win out of this season at this point and take it away from the other four!!

      • I hope JMac doesn’t make it to F2 so he can win that America’s favorite prize money, bc let’s be real, he won’t win the 500k even if he makes it to F2.

        And I don’t want James to win any money, he doesn’t deserve it :D

      • Second place wins 50k… America’s player only 25k… He’d be better off in second place if I am understanding you correctly.

    • Can’t you just see Austin wanting to hang out In Las Vegas with Vanessa and imagining people will be all over him? With Liz on his arm? He probably thinks they’ll become “stars” like Scott Disick and people will hire them to attend events.

      • I believe that’s been his only “incentive”…I think he sees Liz being dragged behind on the ground hanging onto his ankle more than on his arm.

        It should be a no brainer that this guy isn’t going to make it any further than the back burner of a wrestling arena, he isn’t a hero and he isn’t a villain and he has no talent…he’s dead air. However stranger things have happened I suppose.

        As far as Liz goes…just go.

      • People who don’t really follow, but only watch the regular 3 weekly one hour shows ,haven’t a clue about what is really going on. I used to do that and didn’t want to know in advance of the shows what had happened until I started Jokers. Now it almost seems stupid to watch this show unless you see how it unfolds on an hourly basis. Doesn’t take much effort to read through Jokers. I tell my friends that they don’t know what they are missing. This show is much more strategic than the part time viewers think. It’s cool but thankfully it’s almost over!

  26. I see two couples and one solo as well…but I see Steve and Vanessa as a couple and Johnny on the outside. If she keeps the Austwins and ends up winning I will sell my tv.

  27. Can anyone who is a longtime diehard fan pls tell me when “throwing comps” became a strategic move. Was it always like this from the beginning or did it become a game plan after a certain season? TIA.

    • Haven’t watched it from the beginning but I would bet that it was always a strategy but maybe not played up or talked about as much. I don’t see how it could not be a strategy for at least some of the initial players. You don’t just go in there and see what happens, you have to decide the best time to be HOH. Perhaps it just wasn’t as in your face as it is now. It’s a good move if you’ve thought it out and know the other players well enough. Watch and learn, then act. Only my guess of course.

      • Thx Murphy. Haven’t watched all seasons and have been wondering about this. What you posted made a lot of sense.

    • Sometimes, if one keeps on winning comps, either HoH or PoV, than that person can be seen as “strong” and might be targeted. Although, if you are in a strong alliance and you keep winning, then you can also be protected until your alliance turns on you. Think of it as trying to spread the wealth around, you want to be able to win when it can possibly favor you and not win it when you don’t have to, if that makes any sense.

      • I understand your explanation…thank you…it cleared something else up for me. Now it seems that throwing comps has become pretty common. I was wondering if this occurred in the first couple of seasons or more likely in later seasons.

      • This is on point. Also, throwing comps has become MUCH more regular since the stupid battle of the block was invented. Not only is it becoming common practice, now it’s being used as a manipulation tool. And in this season a sign of loyalty (?!?!@@?!?!). It’s also interesting bc the BoB made throwing comps part of the strategy discussion where it NEVER was before. No one ever admitted throwing a comp in the past. It was always just part of personal strategy.

  28. This is the order of who I want to win
    1. Jmac
    2. Austin
    3. Liz
    4. Steve
    5. Nobody

    I can’t stand van but she is playing a good game. I don’t think she cares who goes this week and she is simply working on the jury vote from the next evicted hg. John will be next to go IMO, then Liz will win hoh and nominate Steve and van and evict Steve. Then Vanessa wins endurance part and Austin throws 2nd part to Liz. Then an epic faceoff between Liz and Vanessa. Hopefully Liz wins and then she’ll evict Vanessa. Liz should win in this scenario. Austin will get 2nd either way. Jmac wins America’s favorite.

    I wish next season could be either all stars or all previous winners faceoff because I’m sick of the smartest hg running circles around everyone else…

    • I like what someone said about having a “Favorite HGs” redemption season. But I’m trying to think of 16 of them who’d be willing to return to the confines for another summer. Hmm.

      Donnie didn’t win but I’d like to see him read a new house and coach a team. :)

  29. I know people seem to think Steve has kind of redeemed himself, but watching him barge into Liz and Austin’s room last night and talk seriously about his teddy bear was painful to watch. He truly seems as though he is on the autism spectrum – complete lack of social skills and inability to recognize when he’s not wanted. But then sometimes he sits and talks very intelligently. I’ll have to see something really startling to believe that this is all an act. Johnny Mac occasionally talks a good game but never seems to carry through with any real game play. Austin? Yuck-ah! Liz? Triple yuck-ah! Vanessa – scarily manipulative and focused – the kind of person who’d stalk someone she was pissed off at and ruin their life. We’re supposed to want one of these to win? It’s more a matter of whom we don’t want to win. I just know that if Austin or Liz gets the $500,000, I’m going to be very, very upset.

  30. Winning this HOH was the worst move Vanessa’s made in the game. She has to pick. She can’t talk her way out of a brown paper bag or pretend she aligned with someone after she puts them on the block. These players know her, and each other, too well now. It might have worked previously but not now. Whoever she puts up will be going after her full steam ahead.

    No one believes anything anyone says except perhaps the Liztins (75%) with each other. Van’s incentives approach is a very good one but can she see what they actually are? Calling John and Steve a couple really? Will they even see each other again after the show? The incentive is a Liztin relationship after the show with the first and second prize money in their underwear.

    She will never pull those two apart because even when she royally screwed them at the ballerina thing they ended up under the covers again. If they can get past that they will take each other to the end…at least till the end of the game…I don’t see them going much further in a personal relationship especially since Liz’s nana will probably send her to a convent.

    • Somehow I see Vanessa, turning a possible negative, winning this week’s HoH, into a positive. She can step in dog crap and come out smelling like roses. No matter what she does and/or doesn’t do this week, she already has backup plans to her backup plans.

      • Of course she does but I think at this stage of the game, after winning this HOH, luck will play into it more than strategy. Everyone knows her strategy now and I think it’s anyone’s game.

      • There is no backup plan at this point. Winning vetoes and HOHs is the only way to stay safe. Next week’s POV is almost as big as the HOH. Vanessa knows that. If she wins that she makes it to final 3 and she gets to choose at least one of the people who makes final 3 with her.

      • But she’s making two people who have the power to get her there as arch enemies whichever way she decides to go. Liz and Austin won’t take her if she puts them up because Liz is an emotional player and Austin is her sidekick. Since she’s taken the HOH route she needs to get Austin out…Liz as second choice.

    • Winning this week is a good move by Vanessa because next week the HoH is meaningless. She can’t play in the HoH next week but she can play for the veto. The veto holder next week will be the only one voting and she can vote out anyone but the HoH. So her game comes down to next POV. If she does not win the next POV after the one played today, she will be going home for certain. No one in this house wants to go final 2 with her. They have a better chance with anyone in the house except her and I think they all realize it.

      • She’s been playing everyone and now she has to pick a side…that goes against everything she’s worked for.

      • If she didn’t win HOH this week she could wind up on the block and going home. That would ruin her game too.

      • She would have time to manipulate and turn it around…isn’t that what everyone is giving her credit for? She is stabbing everyone in the back and telling them how great she is for giving them a bandage. She can’t so that as HOH.

      • Going to F2 with Liz is more dangerous in my opinion. She has Austin and Julia voting for her for sure and considering that she made it to the F2 despite being in the game with a twin AND a showmance is a compelling argument for her game.
        Add the fact that she acted way weaker than she actually was and convinced people that she was no threat until the comps really mattered, I think she might be a hot contender for the victory if she was in the F2.
        I don’t like her, but I’d vote for her over anybody except for maybe Vanessa.

  31. Thank goodness for the recaps on here cuz I just can’t watch or listen to Vanessa’s martyr like ramblings anymore. It’s got to be exhausting to be Vanessa’s friend/family, I would suspect everyone in her life is allowed to be only on condition. I thought Evil Dick was the most disgusting player ever, and still do, but Vanessa is catching up.

    • She needs a reason…why do you want to be my friend? I don’t have to be your friend anymore because I saw you talking with your other friend…kind of thing.

    • I agree. I cannot watch her anymore. I record the show and fast forward past her and anything where Austin and Liz are touching each other.

  32. I think that Vanessa is a bully but the only person that she has bullied is Steve. From the get go Steve shared some personal information with her and that was his first mistake (on a personal level that is…he may still win the game). It is clear that he has some social challenges and he would be the first to admit it. I think he is brave to come on a show like this.

    I think Vanessa has used his vulnerability and his misplaced trust in her as a weapon. Steve is smart and I believe he is aware of her game play but under these circumstances he can’t get a break from it and it must be wearing heavy.

    This is a game after all but Vanessa’s tactics with Steve (and only Steve in my opinion) have gone beyond bullying to borderline abusive. As I said, Steve is smart and is going along with this but I’m afraid that he feels stuck and can’t shake it. A shame really and I hope it has no lasting affect on him beyond the game. He’s brave and deserves more credit than people are giving him.

    Win or lose I hope Steve comes out stronger and that Vanessa takes a long, hard look at herself and does some self reflection….she’s a pro at reflection already. (The self entitled twins however who have also done their share of bullying have no self awareness whatsoever and I doubt they ever will. Sad.)

    • She has definitely intimidated Steve, Austin and James. She uses her emotions to bully people. They have admitted they are afraid to put her up because they don;t want to deal with her antics.

      • We’re you surprised that Julia was, not booed. I think she gained sympathy for all the crying she and Liz did.

  33. Vanessa should target Austin, therefore isolating Liz and leaving a bigger target for John and Steve. If Austin is out, John and Steve would be insane to take Liz to F3 where she might win HOH and get to F2 where she would have at least 2 100% votes in her favour. If Liz is in F2, she has a good chance of winning.
    If I was Vanessa, I’d put up Austin and Steve, tell Austin and Liz that Steve is the target and wait how the POV goes. If Austin wins, put up Liz so it will be a tie and she gets to decide; If Steve wins, put up John so she gets to decide with a tie; If Liz wins and she uses POV, she can only put JMac up, but they would probably evict Steve; If John wins I doubt he would use PoV.

  34. Don’t people know,blood is thicker than water,if they do not get Liz out before final 2 and then Austin,that is 2 votes for which ever one is left,then steve and John can try to get out Vanessa.Either thry don’t know or they are maybe too close to the situation.

  35. The show this year is a joke. But we are not laughing. Get some class or you will not have anymore shows. Trash can be found in our garbage cans.not on our tv where we go to enjoy other peoples’s ups and downs and it is done with integrity . get rid of all the low lives. Please

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