Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Monday Night Highlights

The fallout from today’s veto ceremony continued throughout the day and night as Vanessa spent all of her time in bed crying, reading The Bible and trying to figure out why she’s on the block.

Vanessa Rousso is upset on Big Brother
Vanessa slams her friends for not checking on her after she was nominated – Source: CBS All Access

And Becky and the other side of the house spent the night rejoicing and thinking about their next moves after they send Vanessa home this week. Or maybe not.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 10, 2015:

4:15 PM BBT – The Austwins tell Shelli they’re not afraid to target the Goblins side of the house. Julia is most worried about James.

4:45 PM BBT – Julia complains that James was pressuring them to vote how he wanted during his HoH stay.

5:15 PM BBT – Julia tells Shelli they won’t waste an HoH getting out JMac or Steve. She wants to go for a Goblin, specifically James.

5:30 PM BBT – Shelli wants to get Clay’s t-shirts back from James. Shades of GinaMarie here. She says she’ll wear one of them when she wins HoH and noms James.

6:10 PM BBT – Twins are back with Shelli trying to steal shirts from James. Shelli is very upset because it doesn’t smell like Clay anymore.

7:52 PM BBT – Vanessa is crying and telling Austin that no one has checked on her and people are treating her like Audrey. She says her friends suck. Austin tells her that he thought she was sleeping.

7:59 PM BBT – Steve and Julia go in to check on Vanessa after Austin tells them what she said. She is crying and tells them that no one has checked on her in 7 hours. They apologize and tell her they thought she wanted to be alone. Time for Vanessa to go through everything once again (she doesn’t know why she’s on the block or why Becky lied to her and then says Becky yelled at her outside).

8:03 PM BBT – Vanessa’s retelling of her “argument” with  Becky has evolved even more. She now says Becky was so mad her voice was quaking. She then says no one hugged her after she was nominated.

8:05 PM BBT – Now Vanessa is accusing Steve of knowing that she was going to be blindsided and not telling her. He tells her he had suspicions but did not know. She keeps telling him to stop compromising his integrity and just tell her that he knew. He maintains that he did not know.

8:09 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Julia and Steve she’s going back to bed so the leave. Under the covers she says “I hate these fake motherf***ers.” She continues sobbing to herself.

8:12 PM BBT – John tells Steve and the twins that Vanessa is dealing with what he and many others in the house have had to deal with being on the block.

8:15 PM BBT – Austin telling Liz about Vanessa going off on him. He’s not happy with how she treated him. He says he’s not sleeping in that room with her. He says she’s acting like Audrey.

8:18 PM BBT – Johnny Mac goes in to give Vanessa a hug. She’s still crying.

8:30 PM BBT – Several HGs outside discussing Vanessa. Jackie says she’s playing the victim right now. Johnny Mac says that’s what she always does. Shelli joins them and Becky explains to Shelli that she was not yelling or mean to Vanessa earlier.

8:45 PM BBT – Becky tells the other that the problem with Vanessa is that she seems to believe her own lies. Elsewhere, Austin says he’s tired of Vanessa thinking everyone owes her something in the game.

9:20 PM BBT – Vanessa is up making food and no one is talking. A lot of awkwardness going on.

9:42 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg talk about how Vanessa picks at your insecurities and tries to break you down. Meg says Vanessa is crazy. They talk about the poor person who will follow her to jury and be alone with her for a week.

9:57 PM BBT – Steve goes to check on Vanessa who has calmed down. Oh wait, she’s crying again. She tells Steve that she’s an idiot. Shelli comes in and Vanesa repeats that she’s an idiot. Shell tells her that she disagrees.

10:03 PM BBT – Vanessa is back into complete sob mode. She’s inaudible.

10:10 PM BBT – Vanessa is stressing she’s not upset because she’s going to lose this game. She tells Shelli and Steve she’s played games for a living before so that’s not what matters. She says she’s upset because of how she’s been treated in the game.

10:20 PM BBT – Steve apologizes to Vanessa for not coming in to check on her.

10:27 PM BBT – Vanessa is back on who knew about her going up. She again asks Shelli and Steve if they knew she was going up.

10:57 PM BBT – Vanessa is now talking about things from The Bible.

11:18 PM BBT – Johnny Mac and Steve talk about which side they should pick (Austwins or The Goblins). John tells Steve that they can get Becky in with them (which includes Shelli).

11:24 PM BBT – Steve and John are still talking game, but Steve isn’t good at talking game, so the conversation goes basically no where.

11:25 PM BBT – John tells Steve that Vanessa will never have his vote to stay this week.

11:50 PM BBT – Vanessa proposes the “Nice Kids” alliance to Julia and Steve because the other Houseguests are mean.

12:15 AM BBT – Austin trying to prepare for Double Eviction. He thinks about putting up JMac, but won’t put up Shelli or Steve.

1:40 AM BBT – Goblins are now debating keeping Vanessa to evict Shelli. Seriously. Jackie thinks the whole house will go after Vanessa if they keep her around. Meg thinks Vanessa will be easier than Shelli to evict during a DE.

1:50 AM BBT – Becky is promising Shelli she’ll be safe this week.

2:30 AM BBT – Meg thinks if they keep Vanessa then the Austwins will go after Vanessa before them.

2:35 AM BBT – Liz wants to Backdoor James next by using Jackie and JMac as pawns.

2:50 AM BBT – Meg is worried Shelli will be too bitter over Clay to make a deal with them so they should vote her out now.

3:30 AM BBT – James talking with Becky. She warns him that Vanessa is holding the other side together and has deals with so many HGs.

Since Vanessa spent the evening sad and angry, when she goes into her next phase of mourning, we’re going to be in for even more drama. Now the bigger mystery is what will happen with this Vanessa or Shelli decision. We’re still several days away from eviction and a lot can change.

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  1. Yeah, it was sad watching the latter half of BBAD this morning with Shelli and Steve trying to calm Vanessa down .. She was wearing her sunglasses again, and yapping away about being such an “idiot” over and over again … Similar to here breakdown in week 1 … Saw and heard a lot of puttering but not much in the tears, however ??
    Also, think that Steve had an actual conversation with her, or was it that he just wanted to get a hug from her ?
    Both Shelli and Steve appeared to offer a bit of support, but did notice that Shelli rolling her eyes a few times, but Steve seemed pretty authentic ??

  2. So, who would be shocked even more on Thursday ??
    Shelli – gets a double-blindside and gets evicted ??
    Vanessa – gets a reprieve and is saved ??

      • They’re just too stupid to even think that the twins coming in is one more person trying to win the prize!

      • agreed. i am getting to the point that maybe i should just watch the shows and forget about the live feeds and blogs. they are making my head spin with all their wishy washyness. lol

  3. You can make a case for James, Meg and Jackie to keep Vanessa over Shelli, but the one they are making is idiotic. On what planet will Austin and the twins target Vanessa before them? They still have a fundamental misunderstanding of how close Vanessa is to that side. Shelli did herself no favors with her hissy fit over Clay’s shirt though. Becky seems to be the only one on that side who is aware of how dangerous Vanessa is, so I would expect her to pushback on this plan. Will probably change four times before Thursday.

    • Doesn’t seem like they’re telling Becky.
      God, they’re so dumb. I was never a big fan of J/J/M, but I started to like them after they decided to make some big moves last week. Then they failed to get rid of Shelli and now they’re actually betraying Becky to get rid of Shelli when Vanessa is obviously the bigger threat. They’re so freaking dumb!

      • If they wanted Shelli out instead of Vanessa then they should have expressed that to Becky before she went through with the backdoor plan for Vanessa but no, they said they were all on board. Becky is supposed to be in their alliance and they are completely screwing her over if they don’t follow through and evict Vanessa. Becky completely showed her hand this week and picked a side of the house (PICKED THEIR SIDE), and now they are looking to be selfish and go against her when she cant play in the double eviction HOH and has 4 people that would essentially come after her if Vanessa stays

      • Lol! I’ve never liked them because they’ve been so dumb and clueless the whole time. Like yeah I understand the whole putting up Clelli was a big move but it wasn’t necessarily a great one, especially for James game. If he’s truly playing to win (for his daughter) then that’s not a move you make this early in the game WITHOUT the numbers. It’s a good game move if all your purpose is in the game is to stir the pot, but not if you’re playing to win. I hope one of the other HG wins HoH and puts them up!

      • Exactly! The outcome of James’s “big” move was to evict Clay… I want to see Jackie sitting next to Meg on the block, and James shown the backdoor!

      • I totally agree. I think James may be playing a little bit better game now, but Jackie has proven nothing to me. This conversation with Meg just highlights that point. They’re totally clueless and are going to do nothing but screw up other peoples’ games.

        I hope this was just a “what if” type conversation and nothing that has any legs.

      • But like I’ve said before, we still have 3 more days left so plans can change another six times before they settle on the plan Becky initiated.

      • Regardless of who left, targeting Shelli & Clay was a good move. It breaks up a couple. Now, Shelli may still have allies in the house, but none as strong as Clay. She can start to play the game as an individual now.

    • James, Jackie & Meg are absolutely clueless in every way! I mean come on they think Steve & Johnny Mac are on their side…. LMAO! Hopefully they can do one thing right and evict Vanessa.
      Shelli did no harm with the shirt thing. She hates the Goblins, more so James, and they hate her. So no difference there. Becky will hopefully smack some sense in them long enough for them to evict Vanessa. After that they’ll go back to being clueless.

      • The right thing for them would be to evict Shelli. Shelli is 100% going after them. Why would they keep Shelli in the game knowing that they struck at her first and knowing that she is capable of winning competitions. Just because you want to see Vanessa go home doesn’t make keeping Vanessa a stupid move. I think they should just keep Vanessa and evict Shelli. They can take out Vanessa another week.

      • They can get both out on Thursday in a 1-2 punch. Shelli, Van. Van would be an easy target for the 2nd eviction.

      • Exactly, they should evict Shelli (only because she will come after them) than during the DE, take out Vanessa.

      • Although I agree on the front that Shelli wins comps but so does Vanessa. They’re both threats with many allies but I think Shelli has less people wrapped around her finger. Vanessa has too many possible allies left making her more dangerous. Even if Shelli wins next HOH, you’ll have to take it at a loss but at least you have a chance to work that same win against her for the following week and convince the house (Austwins) she needs to go OR an even bigger/smarter game move….you help her get James out which is what a scorn woman will want, and then convince her that Austwins will never take her to end due to threat level so it’s time for her to move on to your side for her own game. Now she’s free of Clay/James revenge clouding her mind and you gained a fierce ally (for now). Oh and she’s the bigger target left in the game, shielding you. Maybe Becky isn’t so dumb afterall, hopefully this is her plan.

      • I totally agree. Shelli is a threat that is playing alone. Vanessa is a threat who can pull the strings on numerous others in the house.

        Get her out and you could really send the other side of the house scrambling. Yeah, Shelli might want to take James out, but you’re changing the entire vibe and relationship network of the house by getting Vanessa out.

      • That’s right, Vanessa don’t have to win and she’ll still be safe as long as her strong allies are winning the hoh

      • I get your point that Vanessa is running her alliance but Shelli is a strong competitor and will 100% go after James or Jackie. Why do James, Meg, and Jackie run that risk of Shelli winning HOH when they would have better odds of staying as a trio with Vanessa winning HOH.

      • But they can’t trust Vanessa’s word, obviously, so how could they trust that she really was putting up Johnny Mac or Steve? They knew she was trying to keep Shelli so how is keeping Vanessa any better than keeping Shelli? Vanessa is the one causing all the problems in the house and who’s to say she wouldn’t put up any of the Goblins?

      • But based on conversations that Vanessa had, John and Becky will be Vanessa’s target. Also if James cuts a deal with Vanessa, I am sure Vanessa won’t go after them.

      • If they wanted Shelli out the whole time then they should have let Becky before she went through with the backdoor plan with Vanessa. Becky completely showed her hand and now they are going to screw her over if they keep Vanessa. My problem with this is that they are supposed to be in an alliance with Becky and they all said they were on board with the BD Vanessa plan and now they are pulling the rug out from under Becky

      • imo shelli is acting like a junior high schooler over this shirt thing. maybe she will make a shrine ala Gina Marie

    • They should evict Shelli only because Shelli will come after them, while Vanessa will target John and Becky.

      • Vanessa is not a dummy like them. She would target the biggest threats which would be Becky and James. Take the better competitors out and the other side would have a hard time winning HOH and POV. Vanessa can care less whether Becky or James goes first but, if allowed to stay will wipe out the other side meaning James, Jackie and Meg and Johnny Mac. Vanessa would have Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve still on her side. People easily forget when Clay got evicted, it was a unanimous decision. Vanessa is a bigger threat because she is able to manipulate the weak minded house guests like James, Jackie and Meg. Becky knows more because of being a snitch so, knows Vanessa is going to do whatever it takes to win!

      • Taking out Shelli now is the smarter move. Vanessa may be a manipulator but Vanessa is going after Becky first. If not Becky than John. They (the Goblins) should evict the person who is the biggest threat to THEIR game. That person is Shelli. Shelli is WAY more capable of winning HOH and taking out a goblin. They don’t have to take Vanessa to the final 2, they can & should evict Vanessa the following week, but J/J/M should evict Shelli only because Shelli will come after them given the chance.

      • What makes them sure they will win the next HOH? Vanessa is able to win HOH just as much as Shelli but, she controls the Sixth Sense alliance. She saved Austin and Shelli and the other side James, Jackie and Meg are still clueless. The Sixth Sense alliance is still intact even though, it has been weakened. Shelli is nowhere near as dangerous as Vanessa. And if they betray Becky who was supporting them against Vanessa, Becky might decide she is going to go it alone with Johnny Mac. She will also, probably decide to just vote out whoever Vanessa targets among James, Jackie and Meg. After all, they cannot be trusted as allies!

      • But, if they get Van out on Thursday after evicting Shelli, Becky would be fine with that.

      • You make too many assumptions like it is true. It isn’t. It is going to be Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve versus Johnny Mac, James, Jackie and Meg. It is like 5 versus 4 for the crucial HOH. Odds wise, the Sixth Sense have more than 55% chance to win HOH, just based on the number of players. Becky, of course cannot play.

      • Steve has already said he’s going to throw it. Van will be an emotional mess. Austin, Liz & Julia have already proved that they aren’t good at memory comps. So, that reduces their odds significantly.

      • The problem it is not Vanessa going home if the Goblins have their way. You are right, it is the Fourth Sense after the next eviction!

      • We still have 3 days left, so plans will more than likely change 6 more times before they settle on who goes and who stays.

      • Yes! But don’t count Meg, she can’t win anything to save her life. So it’s basically 5 vs. 3 playing HoH if they keep Vanessa lol!

      • I don’t know… because they would be throwing Becky into the line of fire and gambling with her game. What if Vanessa wins that HOH?

      • I don’t see Van winning anything on Thursday, unless it is by luck. She is working herself up into a deep depression. You don’t just pull out of that in 5 minutes.

      • But Shelli is dangerous to THEIR game. Shelli is going after them. If Vanessa is in power, Becky and John are in trouble. Vanessa may be the best player, but Shelli will come after them. What is more important keeping someone who runs an alliance and who may not come after you or keeping someone who is gunning for you hardcore?

      • And Vanessa is not dangerous to James, Jackie and Meg? Austin wants to target James, Jackie and Meg and I am sure Vanessa will also, go after Becky and James as they are the toughest competitors. If the Sixth Sense alliance wins the next HOH, James, Jackie and Meg will be among the targets.

      • They will be targets regardless of whether it’s Shelli or Van. So, go after the one more likely to win the next HoH.

      • That could be anyone, though at this point. Did we ever think Becky would win the way she did? I think Van needs to go no matter what…but then I don’t live with her, so it’s anyone’s guess why the hgs would keep her over Shelli.

      • Both Vanessa and Shelli are dangerous to their game, but Shelli is more dangerous in the sense that Shelli WILL 100% no questions ask take out James or Jackie. Vanessa’s first target is BECKY, if not Becky I can see JOHN being a back up. James, Jackie and Meg should evict Shelli this week, than take out Vanessa the second chance they get. Shelli is too risky to have around. Austwins were going after James before this so it’s nothing new.

      • I’m confused, so you’re saying Vanessa will be coming after who then? If she’s running the 6th sense alliance and isn’t coming after them, then who is she going after if she wins HOH? My answer would be…the same people Vanessa was going after before. The difference now is Becky became her nemesis because she pulled a fast one on Vanessa by pretending V was safe and she had her “word”. And Vanessa can’t have her own reflection put her up on the block. So they let Vanessa stay , it’s possible she wins hoh. She puts up James/becky or becky/john. And then the following week another 6th sense wins HOH and Vanessa will dictate who goes up…and then we have another 3 wks of Vanessa running the entire season of BB 17. And I stop watching the massacre. Because it’s not really fun to watch innocent lambs being taken to the slaughterhouse. When 2 opposing sides are so unmatched, it’s just not fun to watch.

      • Vanessa will go after Becky and John first, because she knows that they are coming after her. Even before the veto ceremony Vanessa expressed her interest in going after Becky and John. I am not saying keep Vanessa until the final 2. If I was James or Meg & Jackie, I would evict Shelli, win the HOH during the DE and take out Vanessa.

      • Richie, I think the most dangerous player in the game is Shelli not Vanessa. If she escapes eviction this week, she will be tough to get out.

        Over the next few weeks, who other than James, is a threat to her? Meg?

        Who would Shelli lose to if she was on the block?

        Why did Shelli enlist Julia’s help to get clay’s shirt back? It wasn’t about the shirt!

        She’s pulling in allies.

        Why play the match maker game with Austin and Liz the other night?

        Why didn’t she spill the beans about Becky’s HOH plan?

        Becky and Johnny Mac want to work with Shelli.

        The twins would be happy working with her.

        If Vanessa does leave, Austin will fall into her camp.

        So again I ask, who is going to put her up? And more importantly, will that person have the votes to get her evicted?

      • I view Shelli as the more dangerous, too. I thought that Shelli and Van were pretty equal on the danger meter, until Van’s meltdown, which gave everyone a chance to air their grievances against Van.

      • James/Meg/Jackie should evict Shelli. Especially with a DE coming up. Shelli is coming after them. If Vanessa wins HOH she will target Becky during the DE.

      • Taking out Shelli is better for JAMES, at least in the short run.

        The more interesting thought, is James smart enough to see an end game?

        Circumstances have allowed him to completely cover up not getting Shelli out last week AND open up a path to final two.

        He ALONE should go to Vanessa and cut a final two deal in exchange for her safety this week.

        The first part of the plan is easy enough, the Goblins and Vanessa and the Austwins target Becky and Johnny Mac during double eviction and the ensuing HOH (Becky going first because she can’t play in the first HOH.

        After eliminating Becky and Johnny Mac, James should suggest that they each guide their sides to get out members of the opposing camp while secretly keeping each other safe.

        And before you say that isn’t possible, think of who we’re talking about, (Austwins, Meg, Jackie).
        Jackie, by the way, thinks one of the reasons to get Shelli out is because she would rather be in jury with Shelli instead of Vanessa!

        I’m not a James fan and I don’t think he is smart enough to see the play, this is just an interesting idea I thought I would throw out there.

      • That sounds like a brilliant plan until Vanessa evicts James, Jackie and Meg, one after the other. Vanessa would have Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve on her side. Getting rid of Becky and Johnny Mac makes it a slamdunk for the Sixth Sense alliance to finish off James, Jackie and Meg. And if I was Vanessa and thinking of who to take to Final 2, such a difficult choice, I will take Meg who has done nothing in the game. Vanessa wins easily against Meg.

      • Vanessa is going to NEED someone from the other side to get rid of some of her team members. She personally can’t get rid of Austin OR Liz without losing both jury votes and probably Julia’s as well. At this point Vanessa or James would be happy to carry Meg to the finals.

        I’m not proposing Vanessa or James do anything as stupid as what Cody did last year.

        You make a final two deal and hope you win the final HOH and get to pick the WEAKEST player left in the game to take to final two.

        James doesn’t have many options left. Would YOU want to put your trust in Meg and Jackie? The final two deal with Vanessa should buy him at least a couple of weeks. The chess pieces will be positioned on the board differently at that point. He may be in a better position than he is now.

        Currently he’s a GIANT target for the next two evictions..

      • Wait, aren’t they aligned with Becky? Didn’t Becky do a very honorable thing by taking sole responsibility for Vanessa being on the block now? So now they want to use that against Becky?

        If they do not back up Becky this week and evict Vanessa then they will be putting a nail in their own coffins. Austin and the twins – and Vanessa, are not going to just let the Goblins off the hook. It will push Becky away and into JMac’s alliance. They will have the entire house coming after them with a reason.

        Once they are down to three, they are vulnerable.

      • That’s why I keep saying that evicting Shelli first should only be considered after they get Becky’s support. If they try it on their own, A they don’t have the numbers and B they’d mess up their new alliance with Becky.

      • I think if Shelli stays, it will be her, Becky, and JMac together, nitwit and the twincompoops together, and James gang….3/3/3…and Steve would probably go with JMac, just not sure.

      • I agree… and this is what I’m really hoping for! I’d love to see Vanessa go and then we kind of have the house split into 3 different groups. This, to me, is even better to watch than 2 groups taking shots back and forth.

        Granted it will only last a week or 2 until one of the groups is decimated and has to pick a side, but it makes for a good game.

  4. Man, this season went from “meh” to AWESOME once BB got rid of that damned Battle of the Block. Now the pack mentality has been broken and alliances are fracturing all over the place. Love it!

    • I always thought this season was awesome. Even with the battle of the block in play, I thought it was a great season.

      • That’s cool. They had a good cast, but truthfully I was beyond done with watching people make plans on how to throw the BotB. If it hadn’t ended when it did, I was dangerously close to bailing on this season. So glad I didn’t because all this drama now is golden!

  5. I love how Vanessa is getting a dose of her own medicine and she can’t handle it but expected everyone else to…

    • That whole alliance is the same way. They forget they threw the first punch by breaking the deal to evict Austin when they took out Jason. The “Goblins” weren’t even playing the game before that happened and they certainly weren’t in a strong alliance.

      So they awoke the other side and got counter-punched. Now they are complaining as if the other side didn’t have a right to hit back!

      It makes all of them very unlikable. I know when they put Jackie and James up we won;t see the kind of histrionics we have seen from the 6th Sense. The Goblins own what they have done and expect to be put up next.

  6. I’m amazed that JJM didn’t learn from their own recent history. They are actually considering committing the same mistake 6S made with Jason…flipping the script unnecessarily. All sides and in betweeners will be after them if they flip. In BB you have to pick your target, then see it through (unless something outlandish occurs). Look what not following through on Austin fiasco did for Vanessa’s game. Learn from your own history JJM or be prepared to meet the same fate.

    • If they betray Becky, they will be headed out the door soon enough. James, Jackie and Meg will not last against Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve. Even Becky and Johnny Mac will target them if they save Vanessa!

      • Richie, why do you think that they’d betray Becky, instead of getting her support first? James already went to her once to try and talk this out. I think that if all 3 of them talk to her, they have a chance of winning her support on this. I don’t think they’re out to betray Becky. If they were, James wouldn’t have made the effort to talk to her.

  7. Now that the HGs know Vanessa isn’t stable and know her MO, it might be smarter to get Shelli out now. Although, I don’t think that the Austwins would go after Van first (Austin maybe), Van is such a mess that she’d have a hard time recovering fast enough to win the 1st DE HoH. Shelli is getting very rested this week. Plus if Shelli mends some relationships this week, the vote might go her way, if she’s on the block for the 2nd vote. If Van is OTB for the 2nd vote, she’d be voted out.

    If J/J/M can quietly pull this off, get Shelli out first. They’d have to be sneaky, though. That’s not their forte.

  8. If they do keep Vanessa I hope they all have the good sense to NEVER be alone with her. If Vanessa is really this upset I can see her accusing someone in the house of something much more serious than finger pointing and yelling and production actually stepping in to show recordings to calm house guests…..I really don’t think it’s a stretch for Vanessa to go full on vindictive…

  9. Vanessa is being so pathetic right now, (jackie mode here I go) Like… grow up and Like own up to you actions, and Like suck it up! ugh, shes behaving like such a brat, and the scary part of it all is that she doesnt know why shes on the block!?? I feel so sorry for her Partner (Mel), I wonder if shes watching the show having flashbacks to all her arguments with Van….

    She has become my all time favorite WORST player of BBhistory.

    • Vanessa isn’t the worst player. She was playing a pretty good game so far. It’s just her paranoia that makes people think she is playing a horrible game.

      • You’re right. I didn’t mean her strategy but more her attitude. I can’t stand how much shes crying…

      • But she has played a horrible game since the Jason eviction. She made a huge mistake there and it is going to cost her alliance at least 2 members – 3 if Shelli does hook up with JMac and Steve.

        She got caught scheming last week multiple times when she didn’t have to do anything. The fight with JMac and Clay was over nothing really and that got her put up on the block.

        For the last 3 weeks, Vanessa has been playing like Shelli.

  10. Ugh! Audrey part deux. Vanessa is ridiculous . That ugly hat and shades inside, the sad sobbing face. And the Bible? Really? Did she quote the Bible when she was being Judas-tacia (Judas’ sister)? Big Ole baby!

  11. 1:45 AM BBT – Goblins are now debating keeping Vanessa to evict Shelli. Seriously. Jackie thinks the whole house will go after Vanessa if they keep her around. Meg thinks Vanessa will be easier than Shelli to evict during a DE.

    Are these guys serious? The Sixth Sense alliance is still very much intact. If they send Shelli home, Vanessa will come back at James, Jackie and Meg for revenge if they are stupid enough to save Vanessa. And if Vanessa wins HOH if she is still in the house, James and Jackie will be on the chopping block.

    • If Van keeps acting like Audrey, she’s not going to have enough time to recover for the 1st HoH comp or the PoV on Thursday. They have a good shot at sending her home in the 2nd vote.

      • Hasn’t it occured to you that Vanessa is really just acting? She is a poker player after all who has won millions. If she is still in the Big Brother House and wins HOH, we will see who she puts up. My money is on Becky and James. It will be over before they know it because Vanessa will exact revenge on all of them. Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve will support Vanessa 100%. They are very much united. The other side would not be united because Becky would have a hard time ever trusting James, Jackie and Meg again. These guys are absolutely, clueless!

      • She could be acting or she could be in major depression mode. I thought she was acting during the premiere when she had a meltdown over being homesick and missing her g/f. There were no tears and it started & ended with the live cameras that night. This time she is sobbing uncontrollably. That’s awfully hard to fake.

      • Shelli will do the same thing if she wins HoH. Probably not Becky; but she’ll 100% put up James. I just hope either Shelli or Van that stay will win the next HoH.

      • Shelli has a better chance of winning the next HoH. I want them both gone this week. So, I’m hoping that they evict Shelli first and Van 2nd during DE.

      • Vanessa has won HOH more than once too. And she does not even have to win HOH as Austin, Liz, Julia or Steve can win HOH and the Sixth Sense alliance will still control the game. James and Becky probably will be on the chopping block if they win HOH. Becky stuck her neck out this week for them and if they betray her, she will come after James, Jackie and Meg if she survives this week. Johnny Mac is also, on Becky’s side.

      • I don’t think that the shock, after 4 days of stressing, would wear off of Van in time for the HoH & PoV on Thursday. Austwins will not try to win, if Van is there. Steve might, but who knows what he would do. The rest have a better shot at staying in power through the DE with Van, than they do with a rested Shelli.

      • Austwins will not try to win? Really? They have been talking about targeting James, Jackie and Meg. Why would anyone deliberately not try to win HOH at this very crucial part of the game? If you have HOH, you can remove threats from the other side. Who is foolish enough to do that? And no matter what they say, the Austwins are still in an alliance with Vanessa. And if they win HOH, Vanessa will still be calling the shots on who to target. Remember too, Vanessa saved Austin and Shelli so, they owe her.

      • Because they think this is summer camp. They have been fine with letting their team mates make the moves. If Van is playing, they will throw it again. There isn’t a lot of game smarts in that threesome.

      • I totally hope not! Cuz then we’d be left with people like Jackie and Meg and Austwins who’d bore me to death…

  12. For the Goblins, keeping Vanessa is smart. But NOT for the reasons they stated. If Vanessa were to stay, Vanessa would targeting Becky and John. She was going after them before the veto ceremony. With Shelli in the house she can win HOH since she is a strong competitor and WILL 100% target James or Jackie. I think they should just take the risk & vote off Shelli, and take out Vanessa another week. They should have voted Shelli off last week.

  13. I deleted a comment because this “character” Vanessa really seems to push my buttons. She can’t stand not being the center of attention, maturity level keeps dropping, trying to punish the whole house, acting like everyone owes here….just a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum trying to drive everyone crazy to get her way. Anyone who’s foolish enough to be alone with her from here on out deserves the accusations and lies she’s going to spread about them…

  14. I can see that how Shelli is a bigger threat than Vanessa to their game, especially she feels so vindictive towards James. However, you are the good guys, guys … would you do something that happened to you with Jason to Becky (and Vampire Dentist)?

    • Jason was a blindside, they are planning on telling Becky and convincing her to keep Vanessa. Even though it won’t happen.

      • I think they’d only try it if they get Becky’s support. If not, the idea is dead. They’d have to convince a 4th person + have Becky break the tie. Or convince a 4th & 5th person.

  15. If J/J/M believe that the Austwins are going to vote to keep Van, they may be able to pull off evicting Shelli. Otherwise, their idea is dead. If they do manage to evict Shelli and then Van all in the same week, Becky would forgive them since Van would still be gone.

    If Van does manage to stay, the 5 minutes between eviction and the 1st HoH comp is not enough time for Van to pull herself together for a win. Her brain would still be reeling from what had just happened.

  16. I love how Jackie and Meg always complain about keeping to a plan and here they are ready to stab Becky in the back by flipping on another plan. They need Becky in their alliance but now they are basically going to cut her loose and then will will be 3 of them against Vanessa, Austin and the twins.

    Do they really think Vanessa is not going to target them? Once they cut Becky loose, she is no longer a threat, except to them!

    I thought Jackie was the smarter on in this group but they are all idiots. They think with the mental comps coming up that keeping Vanessa is a better idea? All they will do is prove they are not loyal to anyone and they will get picked off by the entire house the next 3 weeks.

    What’s worse is they are not even talking to Becky about the idea. They are conspiring behind her back. The plan is dumb, dumb and dumber.

    • They’re not going to do it without getting Becky’s support first. If they convince Becky that Van will be an easier target during DE, they have a shot at pulling it off with her support.

    • Becky will see that James, Jackie and Meg is more trouble than is worth it, soon enough. You do not need allies like that. Had Becky not flipped, it would have been James and Jackie on the chopping block this week and Vanessa would have been more than happy to evict James then, Jackie next! There is just three of them against Vanessa, Austin, LIz, Julia and Steve. Without Becky and Johnny Mac, they haven’t got a chance!

      • The only thing I agree with in that comment is that J/J/M need Becky & by extension, JMac. They need to work on getting their support before executing the idea.

      • It is still a game of numbers as house guests are voted out. If you are in the minority, chances are pretty good, you will lose assuming the majority sticks together and goes after you, picking you apart one by one! If they betray Becky and Johnny Mac, the Goblins will not survive for long.

      • I don’t think they’ll betray Becky, though. That’s where you and I disagree. You assume they’re ready to back stab Becky and I assume they aren’t. I think they’re smart enough to realize that they need Becky.

      • It really irks me that they sleep all day missing everything that goes on in the house then come up with a dumb plan like this. I get James. Vanessa planted a lie in his head and he is worried. Rather than talking to Becky about what Vanessa said he is keeping it to himself. He should talk to Becky before assuming what Vanessa said is true. Wh would he believe the “enemy” before someone in his own alliance has a chance to speak?

  17. If Vanessa is evicted, there’ll be 3 fighting alliances in the house:
    – the Austwins aka Austwhateva (Judas, Judas-lite, Judas-ish)
    – the Goblins or (I prefer) JCrew (James, Jackie & Crazy Meg)
    – the 3sum (Becky, Shelli & Vampire Dentist)
    with Lil Stevie the outsider after losing his big Momma.

    If Shelli is evicted, there’ll be a chaos in the house:
    – the whatever left from the Sense (Judas, Judas-lite, Judas-ish, Queen Van and her Lil Stevie)
    – the Goblins (Crazy Jackie, Crazier James, Super Crazier Meg)
    and a scared twosum (Becky and Vampire Dentist)

    So I prefer a fair fight between 3 strong fractions instead of a chaos where Queen Van will rule with her mind games.

    • I think Shelli goes back with Austwins but may also have alliance with Jmac, Steve and Becky. They just won’t know she’s really with her original posse.
      BUT – keep in mind – whether it’s V or Shelli, that the 2nd eviction will NOT be a tie; you’ll need a majority to evict the other one IF you win power. So if James wins HoH, he can put up Shelli against Liz (to ensure Austin/Julia vote out Shelli and Shelli can’t change their minds no matter what. That’s 2 votes to evict Shelli along with Jackie & Meg. It won’t matter if Jmac, Becky & Steve want to keep Shelli.
      POV can change things but if Liz is saved by Austin, then throw Julia up there or vice versa. But if it’s Austin vs Shelli, I’m afraid the twins might vote out Austin to save Shelli as well as Becky and Steve or Jmac. If it’s Julia vs Shelli, Liz will vote to evict Shelli along with Jackie, Meg. Not sure that Becky, Jmac and Steve will. Austin would also probably evict Julia but ??? So Shelli stays and James can’t be HoH for the next week.
      If Van is the one to put up in the 2nd of the DE, against Liz (same scenario), again you have the same 4 votes to evict her regardless: Austin, Julia, Jackie, Meg.
      But if the POV is won and used and it’s Julia vs Van, then Liz, Jackie, Meg & Jmac will evict Van easily.
      If it comes down to Austin vs Van OTB, then to evict Van, we’d have Jackie, Meg, Jmac. I think Shelli, Steve and the twins might keep Van over Austin.
      What do you think?
      Have to consider the 2nd DE before settling on this week’s target 100%. Becky, Jackie, James, Meg have to do that. And they HAVE to persuade Becky that Shelli is aligned with Austwins forevuh – only Becky when it’s convenient, as she’s shown.

  18. I think a Becky, Steve, and JMac alliance could make it to the final three easily. All three are generally under the radar of the other HG’s and all three are good at comps. Austin can’t win a comp and the twins are not that much better. Meg is useless in comps as well. JMac shouldn’t be trying to decide which side of the house to pick, they should create their own side. If they could persuade Shelli into their alliance they could rule the house until the end!

    • I saw that! I think Van is more delusional than Audrey was. At least Audrey owned up to her pot stirring during DR sessions. I feel like Van truly believes that she hasn’t lied or done anything wrong against anybody.

      • I know, she was serious. I mean, good gracious, Shelli and Steve both know how she has lied. Vanessa is a few cards short of a deck.

      • Odd wasn’t delusional at all, at least in the “Vanessa” sense. She knew exactly what she was doing… the problem was, her lies conflicted with each other. Instead of a coherent story, her story was a complete mess that made zero sense when taken as a whole.

    • which is why I think Vanessa is not just playing the game. She is a pathological liar. She believes the lies she tells are actually the truth. Look at how she recounts stories. She twists them into something close to the truth but with just a few minor changes that make it seem like its something other than it really was.

      You see how she lies to people that know she is lying yet it does’t faze her? What I don’t understand is why people fear her.

      • The person who you just described is dangerous. I’d fear her because of what she is capable of doing without any concern of others.

  19. Mon 10:15 PM BBT Shelli: for some reason nobody wants to leave this crazy house, I mean how great will jury be when we’re all together

  20. Off subject just a little, but JMac was talking to Steve about Kevin Spacey movies last night, and they didn’t mention “The Usual Suspects”, IMO one of his best movies. Gotta’ watch it if you haven’t seen it.

    • I’ll have to rewatch it. One of my faves of KS was The Negotiator..gotta see that one too if you haven’t!

    • I recently saw “The Usual Suspects” for the first time and I loved it too, right up there with “Hollywood Confidential”.
      Who do you want to leave – Shelli or Vanessa?

      • As much as Vanessa irritates me, but I think she does have some mental health issues, personally, I’d rather see Shelli leave. Then I would hope Vanessa would be gone in the DE. I think if Shelli stays, Becky will gravitate towards aligning with her, JMac, and Steve. If Vanessa stays, Austin is scared of her, and although she stresses everyone out, Austin and the twins will align with her for numbers sakes. Becky would have to stay with James gang. So that would be (2) 4 person alliances with JMac and Steve left to decide, and that may have a lot to do with who wins HOH. That’s all opinion, of course. What are you thinking, Foxfire?
        Oh, and “Hollywood Confidential ” was a very good movie, also.

      • Just when I thought the Goblins were onto the evil genius Vanessa they suddenly think Shelli is a more dangerous person to keep in the house. I think keeping Shelli would be good for Becky and JMac down the road and since I like those 3 I’d like to see this happen.
        If the Goblins go against Becky’s wishes I hope they realize they’d be outnumbered so why in the world would they want to make Becky mad at them?
        Plus, Vanessa is getting on my nerves, but you’re certainly right about Vanessa making good TV, so I won’t be horribly upset if she stays.
        This would isolate Becky and JMac in the BB house though and I don’t want to see that happen.
        There’s always the chance Vanessa can make a deal with Becky/JMac to get the Goblins out of the house.
        One thing about it, I’m enjoying this week of BB.

  21. If they save Vanessa…I’m no longer rooting for such terrible BB players. They are STARTING to turn things around , they’re not out of the woods just yet and they want to take a step in the wrong direction. Why would Austwins go after their ally Vanessa? Why do they keep thinking that the alliance of 6, they have discovered, will be turning on each other when they (James, etc)are still in there and have had power for the last 2 weeks? What part of “revenge” don’t you get? What compells you to believe that that side of the house are not just saying whatever you want to hear when you’re in power that week? Of course they’re bashing whoever is on the block (aka Vanessa). Does that mean she’s their new target? Get the f’outta here!!!! Jesus Christ. I know they’re just talking/mulling over the option of voting out Shelli but if no one steps in there before convo gets too far and hits their foreheads and says DUH! I fear the worst.

  22. The worst part of this week is that if the surviving houseguest doesn’t go out the door in the 2nd part of DE they’ll be around for a long time after that.

  23. In some ways this is the best cast in a while. In others, its the worst.

    Aside from Meg and Jackie complaining about sticking to a plan, then changing it themselves, how about Becky sticking her neck out by putting up Vanessa and telling everyone it was her idea and she is the one to blame for it letting the Goblins off the hook. Then the Goblins decide to flip on Becky’s plan using Becky’s admirable strategy to accept blame alone against her?

    The reason they think Vanessa will target Becky is because she deflected blame off the Goblins! How can they turn around and stab her in the back after she did that?

    That is more despicable than anything Vanessa has done so far – Shelli too for that matter. Becky has done nothing to deserve that kind of treatment from her own team. Even uttering the words about evicting Shelli over Vanessa should never have crossed their lips without Becky in the room.

    • Totally agree with your post but do have one bone to pick with Becky,think she would have been better served keeping her cards this week a little more hidden,throwing them down on the table for all to see just opens the BB house to more plotting.

  24. I can’t stand all this flip flop BS, why is James the only one in this house that knows how to stick to a plan. I guess production has decided to keep Vanessa and trying to figure a way for either her or Shellie to win. I hate the way BB is going this season.

  25. Both James and Becky are smart and effective. It didn’t matter if it was Shelli or Clay went home last week; it only mattered that one of them did. It doesn’t matter if Shelli or Vanessa goes home this week; it only matters that one of them does.

    Obviously, the critical point is who wins the next HoH. James and Jackie have both proven that they can win. Come on James!

  26. Does anyone know if Vanessa should actually be in the game she seems unstable. I feel like she has left reality and gone into her own world which is either causing some mental problems or due to some. Production should probably have someone look at her.

  27. They need to stick with their plans,flip flopping is what doomed Vanessa and possibly the whole sixth sense alliance,I do not feel any sympathy for Vanessa,she could have been in the final two and maybe even win this but allowed her game and emotions get the best of her,never good..way too much talking about what cards they are going to play,at this point better to keep certain ones you might use under the table and not out in the open for all to see,not smart game to do Becky and the move she is making this week but she talks way too much,may end up backfiring on her.

  28. Did anyone see Shellie sitting with Jackie and Johnny mac and while she is shaking her head in agreement, you can actually see her thoughts, ” hmmm, how can I spin this?” LOL

  29. OMG!! Vanessa if you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen! IMO they will be sorry if the keep her. I hope they both go, supposed to be DE this week. Maybe they should all go, no one seems to know how to stick to a plan. Geez!

  30. Exactly why I have said since Thursday night when Becky won HOH that she needed to have Vanessa up there next to one of the twins. Vanessa has too many votes and if anyone waivers she is staying. They are about to screw Becky over so bad..

    • Either one of them going would be fine by me! I think Shelli would be the smarter choice because everyone knows Van is crazy, bu tShelli is much more tricky and friendly.

  31. Wahh, she sounds like a big baby. No one was mean to her. Did she care in the least when others were nominated or how they felt? I hope she doesn’t act like that in the poker world.

  32. Omg omg omg Vanessa still knows how to suck people in no matter what. She must be the voodoo queen lol some tears some idiotic words and she sucks them in to her world that’s it I am done with BB too much stupidity for me!!!!

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