Big Brother 17: Becky Shuts Down Vanessa In Veto Face Off

When the Veto Ceremony ended the Live Feeds returned to Vanessa sniffling in her bed and accusing Shelli of betraying her trust, but she didn’t stay there long.

Big Brother 17's Becky Burgess takes on Vanessa Rousso
Big Brother 17’s Becky Burgess takes on Vanessa Rousso – Source: CBS All Access

Soon after Vanessa was done declaring Becky an “evil” betrayer and liar she was out on a mission to find her and get the answers she needed to why this all went down.

Flashback to 11:52AM BBT 8/10 as Vanessa finds Becky outside by the pool and goes to sit down with her. The conversation doesn’t last long and that’s exactly what Becky had in mind and needed to do to keep in control of this one.

“Those were some pretty harsh words, especially for someone like me. So I’d love it if you could explain them,” says Vanessa after she gets Becky’s attention with a “yo!”

Becky starts off asking why Vanessa was paranoid just because Becky won HoH. Vanessa says it’s because Becky is friendly with JMac (and they fought on Thursday). Vanessa rambles that she had her reasons to do what she did, but Becky doesn’t have a good reason to have done that.

Vanessa wants to know why Becky made a “deal if you can’t do it.” She wants to know why Becky created a “pissed off Jury member.” Psst, voting isn’t for about 6 weeks. You’ll have calmed down, Vanessa. Anyway, Vanessa says she could have respected Becky’s decision if she had told her beforehand. Ehhh. I think we would have just seen this convo two days sooner.

Becky waits for Vanessa to finish before explaining her side of things. Becky reminds Vanessa about that 8-HG agreement (“the deal”) that they’d go after remaining half of Chelli plus JMac. Vanessa immediately goes on the defensive saying she was the last one in the room. “I was the last one up there,” says Vanessa over and over and over and over. Becky isn’t going to bother. “Okay,” says Becky.

Becky asks Vanessa how did she react to having Vanessa point at everyone and demand their loyalty to the plan on the spot without debate. “I was pissed off.” Becky says Vanessa was demanding “your word” but she didn’t give Vanessa her word, she was forced.

Vanessa continues to pick at details of Becky’s explanation so Becky moves to shut it down. “Okay, this is how I feel and then I’m going to end it here.” Becky reminds Vanessa how she went around the room pointing at HGs and demanded they agree to the deal. Vanessa wants to know why Becky didn’t contest it in the moment. Come on Van. Group of 8 HGs and you think someone is going to say no with all that pressure? Sure, and next thing they’ll be your target.

Becky says “that’s all I’m going to give you” and then gets up and walks away. Vanessa talks to Becky’s back, “I don’t know why you’re being so venomous.” She’s really not. It was very mild from Becky. “There’s no reason to get upset,” says Vanessa as Becky continues to walk away. “You’re a cold hearted person. You really are,” says Vanessa as she starts to choke up. Vanessa sits there and then eventually gets up “what the hell? I didn’t even say anything.”

I’d say this was a smart way for Becky to handle Vanessa. We know Vanessa is very good at manipulating HGs and things spoken especially in private. So why stay there and let Vanessa collect ammo or have any chance to make things up later? There’s nothing Becky needs to tell Vanessa and she’s best off just avoiding her for the next few days until it’s all calm and done. Becky can gain nothing from engaging Vanessa and only risk helping Vanessa’s position.

Should be an interesting few days, but don’t look for Vanessa to get too many more opportunities with Becky unless she manages to corner her somewhere hard to escape.


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  1. With the vague possibility that Vanessa could just maybe possibly stay (if people think long and hard about Shelli’s physical abilities in comps) lthe next few days are going to take forever.

    • If she ends up going (let’s pray she does!) and if she ends up coming back (let’s pray she doesn’t!), she will probably be targeted right away again.

    • That has never gone well, though. The ones who come back always get thrown back pretty quick. But I guess there’s always a first.

    • Anyone coming back will be evicted soon after like Judd and Nicole. Vanessa even if she comes back will be joining her former alliance mates whose loyalties have long moved somewhere else!

      • Amy Crews was evicted the 4th week and came back to come in 4th place. Sharon Obermueller was evicted the first week and came back to come in 4th place as well. I’m not trying to argue or anything but just throwing out examples that it is possible to come back and make it far as it has been done previously.


  2. Vanessa apparently can’t cope unless she has leverage over people. She ran to the have not room after this and received zero sympathy from James, Meg, and Jackie…while gushing crocodile tears. She was lost at sea……

  3. The simple truth is that Vanessa is completely unlikable. She reminds me a bit of that Rachael creature we had to watch for two seasons. Someone needs to put duct tape over her mouth while she sleeps.

  4. and after her laying low in obscurity for a few weeks, my respect for Becky skyrocketed!

    • That’s what I was thinking…… the first time she won co-HOH with Shelli I was like, how is this girl such a terrible player?
      And then BOOM… Comes the queen B of BB17

  5. Thursday will not come soon enough! Hope Shelli and the Evil Twins go directly behind her!!!

  6. How is Van’s game different from Sithe Lord Aud’s? It’s not. She’s all about I am not the liar you seek. So she as become Sithe Lord Crazy Train! May the Force be with the Rebel Alliance

  7. Thursday is my favorite day to watch BB. I can’t wait to see who wins the next HOH and if it is not James or his alliance of girls, then I hope floater Meg goes up with Becky and not Jackie or James.

  8. Boring feeds right now. Austin giving them some exercise lesson in the BY…Come on BB…Give them some alcohol!

    • Interesting point…I’ve been watching since Season 1 but have a bad memory…I seem to remember them having a lot more booze back in the day. Not Last Season though. – When did they start having them be more sober?

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Shelli go to jury as the second person this week. She wouldn’t have to worry about her stuff because her bag will already be packed.

  9. The twins are really getting on my nerves every time they open their mouth they make me despise them that much more

      • They speak a lot of words that doesn’t mean anything. They speak just to hear themselves speak! It needs to be noted that they are there so they must make some type of sound all the time – just watch when they are in a room together – even it its just a long moan – it’ll be a loud and followed by oh my gaawwd! It’s becoming more and more irritating – I hope they go next!

  10. #TeamBecky B| After this week I really believe that she’s the good player that she said she is.

  11. Vanessa has conducted herself like a bully. How on earth does she think treating the other house guests like that is going to show her favor? Karma can be a sobering reality. lol

  12. Vanessa is digging her own grave by blowing up but i guess that wouldn’t matter. Since Becky was gonna target her anyway ! Becky should get a prize for being brave enough to renom Van !

    • Seriously, I respect Becky so much as a player for being the one to go after Vanessa! She and James have been the only ones not afraid to make big moves so far, in my opinion.

      • Well considering that the 6th sense has been having all the power for weeks.. I don’t know how anyone else could make big moves lol. Plus, I wouldn’t say Day, Jeff, Audrey and Jason were weak moves. They were all strong players but played way too hard too soon. And the fact that none of them could keep their mouths closed for two seconds.

      • They were weak moves.. no one wanted to get the transgender out?? why isn’t she just a girl.. she was a trouble maker.. kick her out.. but the six sense used her.. and lied to the rest of the house..

      • Plus she was in the 6th sense originally. It was only after Julia confirmed the twin twist that Audrey was considered a liability and was sent packing.

      • No one in the house has been able to keep their traps closed. They run the second that they hear anything. …soooooooo stupid. They all deserve what they get. Lol

  13. Vanessa: *whining* it’s EVERYBODY else’s fault! *snif* You people LIED to me! *cry* Nobody should EVER lie to me! *snif* I’M the only one who gets to lie! *WHINE* You people ALL suck at BB because you didn’t do what I TOLD you to do! *cry*snif*whine*

    • And…”your game play sucks because you’re targeting me and not doing what I told you.” A-ma-zing. Put that with Austin calling them cowards for ummm, I don’t know winning HOH, putting people on the block per the rules of the games, discussing votes, trying to get people on the same page. Yes that’s truly what I’d call cowards.

      • Yeah I caught him calling them cowards as well. Like what the heck has HE done besides follow liz and cry to Vanessa. He can’t win ANYTHING.

      • Neither can the twins. I hope Shelli and Steve aren’t seriously considering aligning themselves with the three of them–they’ll become the top targets of James’ side. Not to mention they’ll be tossed out the next HOH they lose. Frankly, both of them would be better off aligning themselves with JMac and creating their own alliance to help knock out the twins and Austin. Everyone should know they all have to go, so they should band together. Then break up into pairs or whatever and settle it that way. I don’t see how trying to take command of a ship that can’t currently defend itself makes sense–especially when you need to sink said ship to win!

      • Like I said before, they need to win this week (James gang) and send Shelli to jury as well. Her stuff is already packed and it will be just as easy to send her home too.

    • Let’s be fair here. She was compassionate with Jason, heard him out, and treated him like a human. Becky is not doing the same.

      • Honest question cause I don’t have feeds: Did Jason come at Vanessa like V came at Becky? And specifically lying from the gecko about an 8 person alliance she started but saying she was the last one up there. I mean I’d be immediately put off with the conversation.

      • Vanessa’s tone was definitely sharper than Jason’s, but now they’re sitting around giggling about Vanessa’s misfortune. These are your “heroes” people. Heroes my rear.

      • They are giggling at her misfortune because she has been absolutely awful to everyone who has crossed her path. She threw Jeff out via a power trip and via deception (how dare you lie to me and cal me out on my word while I am HOH) and completely lied about backdooring Austin to instead backdoor Jason. Vanessa’s misfortune? Ha! Vanessa’s just dessert.

      • You’re missing my point. When she backdoored Jason, it was a game move, not anything against him as a person. They never sat around giggling saying “boo hoo, so glad that little man is going because I hate him” like they’re doing right now with Vanessa.

      • You know your right, they didn’t sit around and make fun of Jason after he was put on the block. They made fun of him BEFORE the rest of the house knew he was going on the block. Vanessa blindsided the rest of the house about Jason and Becky didn’t do that because she let the rest of the house in on the plan right before she did it. Not to mention how Vanessa and Julia was making fun of Becky the night before she was put up on the block

      • Wrong. Austin and the twins were not in on the plan. That renders most of your response moot.
        It’s the same exact situation, except in this situation, the HoH is being really nasty about it as are her minions. And they were up in the HoH giggling about it before too. Nice attempt at a revisionist history of what actually happened though. I give you points for creativity.

      • Austin was let in on the secret before the VETO ceremony. Austin then let Liz and Julia in on it as well. I agree that Becky didn’t tell the twins but they knew because of Austin. Now do we want to get into about who has lied the most in this game? I don’t think you would want that because Vanessa would win that contest hands down. Getting rid of Vanessa or Shelli is a BIG GAME MOVE. Sending Jason or Jeff out the door was just pure evil from evil people Vanessa). I understand she wants to protect her group and get rid of someone that is a number for the other side (That is what this game is about), Becky putting Vanessa and Shelli on the block together whether we like it or not is a VERY BIG GAME MOVE. Anyone that stands up to Vanessa is the one she target’s the most and that is called BULLYING.

      • “Sending Jason or Jeff out the door was just pure evil from evil people Vanessa”
        You’re putting your bias on full display.
        Interesting definition of bullying. I can’t say most people who know what that word means would agree, but it’s interesting.

      • It is apparent that you are a Vanessa fan and I am a James gang fan. It also appears that neither of us will ever agree on any issue or topic about this since we are who we are. With that said, sit back and enjoy the shw as it plays out just as I will do.

      • This is big brother people. it is what it is, it is not like they tarred and feathered her

      • Jason was out of gas at one point and no matter what he did, no one was going to keep him because of Vanessa’s bullying everyone. Now Vanessa is in the same spot – it’s true women whine more cuz Jason let it go rather quickly! Vanessa will probably be whining the next few days!

      • The use of the word “bullying” is getting silly here. She bullied no one. Please provide your evidence. Liz/Julia wanted to keep Austin, and Clay and Shelli wanted to keep Austin, as did Steve. The majority of the house wanted it. How is that bullying?
        Now Vanessa is not in the same spot. No one from Sixth Sense was being rude to Jason despite him calling all the women the C word among other horrible things he said.
        And you must not have been watching the feeds. Jason was crying for days.

  14. Steve just had to lie to Vanessa’s face that he didn’t know about her being backdoored. It was gold. He had to run to his cocoon afterwards. Vanessa is acting worse than Audrey right now.

  15. OMG! She’s bawling her eyes out while lying. lol All she wants is a “reason”……Whack!

  16. Do you guys remember when Becky was playing hide and seek??? And was no where to be found??? Well you guys found her… And so far best move of the season…she did something James should have done to begin with and put the two headed snake on the block…. best hoh thus far.,,all while managing to keep it all under control… Now that takes some serious skill…

  17. If you watch Vanessa on the night cam “LIVE FEED” (right now) it really looks like she could be suffering a “nervous breakdown”……….REAL TALK..
    On a “lighter note” how many of you (all) believe that “TWIN EVIL” really went to “college”? Julia maybe, but Liz……………….I’m having a hard time with……………… I the only one? Nobody 4 REAL!!!

    • I agree with you -they don’t act like educated women -don’t even really seem smart enough to go to college.

    • Far too many intellectually incapable people are getting college degrees these days. The dumb twin is a prime example.

  18. I think it’s awesome that no one likes Vanessa and when they finish the game they will all find out she didn’t need the money anyways! Then they will hate her and be jealous at the same time, yay! Like no matter who wins, Vanessa wins overall.

  19. I think James could have kicked Clays butt but I’m glad he kept his head together so he got to stay in the game. I was impressed at how he walked right up into Clays face like that. His character showed how he had the
    b@!!$ to break up a power team and I hope he wins the next HOH just to see what he does with it.

    • You’ve gotta be kidding me. James, in a game of Big Brother, told Clay to “keep my name out of your mouth”. Again, this is Big Brother. Talking about others is basically a massive part of the game. If anybody else does this they’d be a bully, but if James does it it’s cool? James is also a false tough guy, he acts tough but when others confront him, he turtles and becomes basically a rambling idiot. I have no idea how you don’t see this. He doesn’t even make sense. James: “At least I don’t have to frickin lie”, Clay: “Oh really?” and Clay was right, James lied on that wall for the HoH competition. He didn’t need to make that deal but he did, just to break it. He even boasted about “bouncing checks in this house” and then he accuses Clay of “having to lie”. Finally, it was Clay who got up and got into James’ face, and you’re crediting James with getting in Clay’s face? Did you watch properly? Clay was in bed, got up and walked up to James and you literally just said “I was impressed at how he walked right up into Clay’s face like that”. I’m not sure why you think James would kick Clay’s butt, but that’s irrelevant, neither of them were going to throw a punch. James knew this, and he wouldn’t have even said anything if he thought he might be hit for it. “Yea, that’s right, how about that” after Clay’s “Oh really?” also made absolutely no coherent sense. Just like at his nomination ceremony “That deal was up to my discretion and isn’t up for appeal”. What the hell does that even mean in this context?

    • No way, little james would of been smashed by Clay and he looked shook when Clay got in his face

  20. James, Jackie and Meg need to be very careful…Becky is not going to align herself with them….I see her with Shelli…

  21. I know we all want Vanessa’s crazy behind to go. But how good would it be for drama if Vanessa flips James and Shelli ends up going? That would make for great TV.

  22. Am I the only one seeing Austin’s infatuation with Liz beginning to dim just a tad? He’s not all over her anymore, he’s much sharper speaking to her, he doesn’t follow her around as much and finally…he’s been spending a lot of time looking at Jackie…. And touching her during the yoga session. Hmmm…. Also the talk he had with JMac about not being a good day to day BF…

    • Didn’t Clellie tell him Liz didn’t really like him? Also, Liz offended him about his body yesterday.

    • Think it had something to do with the events that happened during the weekend on one of the BBAD episodes, where Liz told Austin that she did not like his pony-tail beard, etc .. and, Austin suggested/contemplated, to prove to her that he would chop it off .. but, ONLY if Liz, in turn makes her own commitment .. etc …
      This went on for quite a bit, and in the end .. both Austin and Liz agreed that both were not really committed to make that next move, inside of the House and also, realized that there may not be much of a future of them together outside of the House … So, Austin gets to keep his pony-tail beard .. but, as a compromise … would only clean it up a bit … ??

  23. OMG! That’s just too dang funny. Vanessa is so funny! How dare Becky BS Vanessa while Vanessa’s BSing her?! She can’t handle that, she’s in disbelief and shock.

    • It’s really not about the money? ???? Its about the people. Really, she is delusional, more so than Shellie. LOL

      • Shelli is beginning to show her true colors too after taking a couple of days off. She is just an nasty witch with a fake smile. Watching Jackie, Becky, James and Meg compared to Vanessa, Shelli and the twins really is like the light side and the dark side.

  24. Still my fave is Clay pouting in DR saying about James putting Chelli up..”I guess we can’t expect everyone to play an honest game like we are.” the week after lying to everyone about the Jason backdoor. Oh and lying to hide the 6th sense alliance.

  25. as you are going away, we made you this very special “slop” pudding cake…
    now Blow out the candle’s….Make a wish before you go out the door.

  26. I cannot believe what huge hypocrites Vanessa, Shelli and the twins are. Vanessa calls James the bully when it is Vanessa who bullies. Shelli claims James made it personal when he put her and Clay on the block then she starts talking about James in a personal way and steals the shirt he was wearing and hides it because it was Clay’s. The twins complain because James bullied them into a vote when they agreed to vote as he wanted in return for him keeping them safe. Vanessa is whining about how Becky didn’t keep her word when it was Vanessa who started this “war” by putting up Jason after making a hand-shake deal with Jason, James and Meg to get Austin out of the house.

    I could go on and on but remember the smug attitude Vanessa and the twins had when Jason was blindsided? Give me a break. These people are horrible.

  27. Now she’s telling Steve and Shellie that she thinks they are going to win……Uggghhh

  28. If I hear the “F” word one more time I am going to scream. Totally unnecessary. WTF

  29. Austin: I am sick of being yelled at (by Vanessa)

    Will someone please explain to me why people are so intimidated by Vanessa? I mean Austin, really? Why take anything from that crazy woman? She rants at everyone around her and accuses them of things they didn’t do. Why do they let her get away with it?

  30. Vanessa forgot the pact she made with Dark Moon. She is giving me a headache with all of the lies she plays. I hope Big Brother plays back everyone at the finale.

    Shellie is sickening trying to give Vanessa Becky s reasoning for nominating her.

    • “I would even get a Dark Moon tattoo after this is all over” – Vanessa. Super awkward even at the time she said it.

  31. Meg really annoys me. She’s back in the HN room in her chiar ready to nap and for the 3rd of 4th time Becky complained to Meg about sleeping and not being out in the house with her. Meg says, I just got here! True, but you slept all day Meg! Some team mate!

    Meg needs to get her ass out of bed and get in this game full time.

    • I read only “Meg really annoys me” and I wanted to shout “Yes! Finally!” I started to wonder if I was actually, somehow, some way, the only one who thought so. I find it ironic her favourite phrase is “I can’t stand you”. I’d be saying that to her if I was in the house, only little would she know, I would genuinely mean it.

      • I have never seen a person who sleeps or wants to sleep as much as Meg. If she was in my alliance I would be ready to evict her and replace her anyone else in the house!

  32. Now everyone feels they have to pamper Vanessa because she has been acting like a lunatic.

  33. James said a couple of times, “its going to be tough to get Shelli out of the house”. Is it possible James will fall for Vanessa’s ruse and vote out Shelli instead of Vanessa?

    Personally, I can stand either one of them so whichever one goes this week is fine with me. But if he doesn’t vote out Vanessa, Becky, Jackie and Meg are going to be three angry people.

    On the other hand, Austin and the twins are going to vote out Vanessa I think. They want to show Shelli they are on her side now.

    • I disagree with James’ assessment here. After having been the queen of the house for the first ½ of the season, I honestly do believe Shelli will be nothing more than a glorified floater. Her two henchmen (Clay and Vanessa) will have been sent packing in just as many weeks, and she is in limbo. Who she will solidly align herself with is still up in the air, but I honestly think she’ll be easy to pick off. Even if she wins HOH a couple times, they can send her packing during one of her off weeks.

      • She has not won a comp the last few weeks too. If its a questions comp, I think Jackie has a good chance of winning. I think we are underestimating Jackie and Meg a bit because they did nothing the first 6 weeks.

      • True. I was about to say “I don’t think we’re underestimating Meg” because she has been pretty awful but she does come in second place in the comic book/zip line veto comp whereas Shelli comes in last. Whereas I certainly wouldn’t underestimate Shelli’s competition abilities, you may be right and her threat level has very much diminished.

      • Jackie FTW! With the way things are going now I do believe Jackie would make a “kick – ass” HoH next week by openly going after her target (similar to James), but who would she target………….”Ass – tin”, “Twin Evil”, or (former “Queen B”) Shelli? Nobody 4 EVER!!!

  34. People in the house that I do not like:

    Vanessa – her arrogance is just too hard to take even in small doses. But her arrogance is only surpassed by her hypocrisy

    Shelli – is there anyone on this planet who feels more entitled than Shelli. She is fake and the only reason Clay is no longer in the house is because Shelli refused to turn on Vanessa. In other words, Shelli chose Vanessa over Clay.

    Julia – I started out liking her but now I see what Jason was saying. Julia is nasty and mean. The two sisters together can be entertaining but alone Julia is not a nice person.

  35. Becky and James killin’ it right now. Which of the Austwins do you think will be evicted first?

  36. This was a great move on Becky’s part. I wish I could like Becky. But frankly what with the way she treats Steve most of the time, the bitch needs a reality check. Guess that train to the face didn’t really do it for her.

  37. Oh no no no no no NO!

    From Jokers:

    Tue 1:59 AM BBT James: I hate to do this to the HOH but plans always change at the last second. NT – PowerofVito
    Tue 1:58 AM BBT Meg: Wait, Steve likes Van. We could get him to keep Van and vote out Shelli. NT – PowerofVito
    Tue 1:57 AM BBT Meg: JMac will vote Van out. We still need 5 votes! James: We have to get the twins on board to keep Van. NT – PowerofVito
    Tue 1:55 AM BBT James, Meg and Jackie have decided to keep Van and vote Shelli out. They’re trying to come up with the votes to do so. NT – PowerofVito

    Can someone please tell me 1) HOW Vanessa’s constant totally fake freaking out is actually possibly working?? And 2) How the HGs can be so clueless?

    • It has to do with the shirt Clay gave James (it shrunk) and Shelly (or Julia on Clay’s behalf) stealing it back,

    • Hmmmm. Well, let’s think about this. Vanessa’s game has been exposed, which presumably (you would hope) makes other players immune to her machinations. So getting Shelli out, who is likely to win comps, makes some sense. However, Vanessa is no slouch in comps either and other players could still be sucked in by her machinations if she works it right.

      James, Meg and Jackie would be making enemies out of JMac and Becky. And I don’t believe this would necessarily put them onside with the Austwins. Who knows about Steve. Are they hoping this would bring Shelli onside with them? Hmmmmmm.

      I don’t see the greater advantage to them of keeping Vanessa. Why the hell are they thinking this way? Is this Vanessa working them, and it’s working?

  38. Kids, I think we might be in trouble if we are hoping for Vanessa to be
    gone. Especially if people are thinking more about who they want to be with in the jury house rather than who they want to be with in the BB house.

    “3:43 AM
    Meg says she’d rather keep Vanessa and take the risk of Becky getting
    mad. Jackie says she’d rather be in jury house with Shelli rather than
    Vanessa.” (from Joker’s Update)

    Playing to win ….. yikes

    • Just as a side note, I don’t respect players who think like this. Play to win or don’t play at all.

    • That is dumb how this people are always talking about the jury house. How about who will vote me out for sure if I keep them in this game. The goal should be for them to want to stay until the end, not when I go to the jury house. Clay and Shelli started that. I hope next year BB decide to change the entire game and stop doing things in the same order so the HG will be more surprised.

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