Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Tuesday Night Highlights

The mood in the Big Brother 17 house was less sombre Tuesday night, but not a lot of game was being played as Jason hasn’t launched his campaign to stay yet and Shelli and Clay are worried their game has been blown up.

Jason Roy says he's not giving up yet, but he's laying pretty low - Source: CBS All Access
Jason Roy says he’s not giving up yet, but he’s laying pretty low – Source: CBS All Access

Jason is still poised to go home this week and he hasn’t seen much hope for a chance to change that around yet.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 28, 2015:

4:50 PM BBT – Clay wants to target Jackie. He thinks she’s their biggest threat.

5:00 PM BBT – Jackie, James, Jason, and Meg are working through what went wrong. They want to figure things out.

5:10 PM BBT – Talks continue and they’re confident Clay and Shelli have been running the show. Meg says she’s ready to make a big move and go after the leaders.

5:40 PM BBT – Meg questions if any alliances were real. Jackie suggests none that involved Shelli and Clay.

5:50 PM BBT – Jason asks for wine from Big Brother so he can get drunk and go off on Shelli. He says he’ll pull a Jeremy and steal the entire bottle for him and his friends.

7:15 PM BBT – Clay tells Jason that him going wasn’t best for their game but there was nothing they could do.

7:42 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli think Jackie will be coming for them.

7:45 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa she’s not happy that everyone things she and Clay are responsible for Jason going up on the block. Vanessa says that’s not true that she made sure to tell everyone it was the majority of the house.

8:07 PM BBT – Vanessa thinks Becky needs to go next (after Jason even though it would be easy for her to go now). But Shelli thinks Jackie needs to go first. Vanessa says she’s smoothed things over with Jackie, though.

9:25 PM BBT – James and Jackie talking about Clay and Shelli running the house and says they need to get more people on their side. They know John has been working with them to throw competitions.

9:40 PM BBT – Jackie is so mad that Vanessa has put her in the position she’s in now.

9:52 PM BBT – Becky sort of selling out James, Jackie and Meg to Shelli.

10:05 PM BBT – Jason and James going over the veto ceremony and how Vanessa made it sound like she was going to name Austin as the replacement nominee all the way up until she said Jason’s name.

10:30 PM BBT – Becky tells Jackie that Steve would be a good target next week.

10:40 PM BBT – Vanessa thanks Jason for being so mature over all of this.

11:10 PM BBT – Meg says she finds John really hot sometimes.

11:17 PM BBT – HGs get some beer.

11:30 PM BBT – Some of the HGs are drinking and having fun in the kitchen. The mood is a lot lighter than it has been.

12:12 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay say they’d evict John before they would Steve. They think he and Becky are dangerous because they’re flying under the radar.

12:15 AM BBT – HGs are a bit tipsy and telling stories around the hot tub.

1:10 AM BBT – Jackie, Jason, and Meg are plotting. He suggests they try to make a deal with Clay & Shelli for the endurance competition.

1:40 AM BBT – Operation Save Jason. They want to convince Chelli the upcoming HoH comp is endurance and they’ll need Jason. Jackie agrees to vote for Jason if he can get two more votes.

1:45 AM BBT – Jason tries to think of ways to scare HGs about Becky. He remembers she said she’d be coming after Austin if she stayed.

4:00 AM BBT – Meg is working on Clay trying to Save Jason. She says they could still do their 5-HG alliance.

4:30 AM BBT – Clay goes to wake up Shelli and tell her what they’ve been discussing. Meg takes over and Clay leaves so they can discuss.

Operation Save Jason will not be easy and it’s a long shot but it’s so much better to have Jason and his allies fight and try anything instead of just walking out the door.

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      • Vanessa, Clay, Shelli and Austin won’t let it happen. Vanessa couldn’t do that alone, even if she’s HoH.

  1. Shelli and Clay saving Jason would be beyond idiotic. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but wow would that be stupid.

    • I hope it happens for their game saving Jason would be dumb. If Jason were to stay he should still target Clelli.

      • It would be funny, but very silly. I think all of them at this point would target Clelli, but Becky is the least likely to do anything big. Keep Becky and get out the more dangerous player.

      • I would rather see Jason stay as a viewer but man it sure would be a bad move for Clay and Shelli to keep him.

      • Why would it be stupid? Becky has already made it clear who she would target and that is part of the so-called alliance Clay/Shelli are in. Not to mention Becky has proven herself to be more of a beast at comps than Jason. Also, must I remind you that Meg/Jason/Shelli/Clay did have a F4 alliance at one time. It is Clay that needs to put on his Man Shorts and grow a pair–stand up to his Mother and tell her this is the way it is going to be.. Shelli is the snake behind all of this and Shelli can be convinced otherwise if the right person does the talking to her.

      • By all you mean Meg, Jackie, and possibly James. Everyone else would put up the outsiders.

  2. Could someone explain why Jackie would vote against Jason and why none of the “loser squad” have figured out that Vanessa has as much control and influence as she does? I’m surprised I can’t see Jackie’s blonde roots yet and Vanessa in real life has to be like the sirens because she does not play well on this side of the TV.

    • Becky is Jackies closest ally in the house. And Vanessa is very good at deflecting and distracting. She is almost like a magician.

      • That might have been true last week, but I’m not so sure anymore. I feel like Jackie is more with Jason, Meg and James than she is with Becky.

      • Agreed. She’s all-in on the plan to keep Jason & sacrifice Becky probably b/c she knows that Becky also has JMac while Jackie has no one. I think they decided to plant some info with Becky to try to trap her, too, which they would then use against her. Praying that it all works! #Team3JM

      • Exactly. Jackie can’t stand talking to Becky…believes she’s all talk and no action.

      • Like when they were talking yesterday and Becky was saying not to go for a big target right now…and Matt said Jackie turned and looked away.. She may like Becky outside the house but right now, Jackie knows the heat is on. I hope she is one of the HoHs next. Just to drive Vanessa crazy. Watch Vanessa make deals (try to) promising safety, etc. Maybe she can have a “Come to J” meeting with Shelli/Clay and ask why she should not put them on the block; then see if they reveal to her that Vanessa considered turning on their deal this week and putting up Jackie. I would LOVE that. Then to see Jackie let that drop to Vanessa when Vanessa comes to kiss the ring and promise Jackie safety “next week”. THAT would certainly cause Vanessa to, in turn, spill on Shelli/Clay, to Jackie, wouldn’t it? More intel and math (house division) to use. lovelovelovelove

      • Definitely! I hope this is her strategy if she does get HoH secured. She needs to have either Meg or James alongside her too before that occurs! James will be more than happy to share that spot with her and want to hand it to her too in order to keep him from having to “get blood on his hands” at this particular time in the game. I really want to see Vanessa and Shelli on the block at the same time.

      • And if THEIR BoB plan fails, James isn’t afraid to put up a big target. The lines are clearly drawn so what’s he got to lose? If anything, he can make a deal for a week’s safety (til he can compete for HoH again)? He said W1 (re: Jace) that he’s there to get blood on his hands. That made me like him right then & there! Lol.

      • I think Becky might be her closest friend…but not her biggest ally since Becky wants to go after easy targets and Jackie can’t seem to get her on the same page…although it seems like Meg may be her closest friend and ally now. ..

      • Can’t be that close when she told Jason if he could get two more votes she would vote Becky out. Some friend.

      • Jackie was told by Jeff not to trust anyone in the house except Jackie herself! hahaha

    • Jackie still has no clue. She is now left to making deals with Shelli and Clay? Seriously? On the target list, Jackie is number 1. If she does not win HOH, she could be the next one out after Jason. Her focus should only be on winning HOH first, putting up Shelli and Clay on the block with Vanessa as replacement nominee. That should be simple enough if she uses her head. The problem is she has not even figured out that she needs to take out Clay, Shelli and Vanessa because her head is on the chopping block and she has nothing to lose!

  3. John, hot? eh! John Jack Frost McGuire, hot? Humph! I guess a scream-talk rocking dentist can be hot.

    Operation Save Jason is a long shot but it can happen. Becky is the safe choice to stay but Jason is better for television.

    • Based on that … should have kept both Da and Audrey, for better television … Ha !! :)

      As others have said, a bit surprised with Jason’s play this season .. Take away his unfiltered mouth, and constant smoking and talking while eating … what has he actually done this season ??

      As for Becky, based on my limited AD morning viewing, she sure is acting like Shelli’s BFF .. so, wondering .. who is playing who .. or is Becky getting a false sense of security, believing that she is in the Big Alliance ??

      • Becky has puckered up to Shelli BIG TIME because they “brought her into” the Big Alliance (prompting Derrick to tweet along the lines of, “If you’re brought into the alliance 5 weeks into the game, you’re DEFINITELY on the bottom of it!”). She was told about the backdoor Jason plan late Sunday night & was promised safety this week, so she’s been scurrying around like the little rat she is, gathering info & taking it back to Shelli. Too bad that Jason figured her out & Jason/Meg/James/Jackie have been planting info FOR her to take back to Shelli so they can use it against her Thursday.

      • I could be wrong But I think I heard Beckey tell Shelli last night on BBAD that Jason was telling her not to go to the other side and Becky’s comment was I have a first class ticket

      • Could be one of Jason’s seeds that he planted….Becky saying that to Shelli shows an arrogance that I can’t imagine Shelli would appreciate, especially since they JUST brought her in & likely only for 1-2 weeks. What a dummy she is!!

      • she should go back to tinder was starting to like her. when you go into an alliance after it has been going for a while you are the most expendable. para phrasing derrick

      • Agreed with the exception of Audrey. She needed to go.

        Jason’s “game play” is disappointing, was expecting more from a “super fan”. On the shows, you rarely see Becky. Until now, all I remember about her is that she is/was a “train wreck”. False sense of security!

    • Can you imagine 24 hour feeds of ChellI cuddling, Austin rubbing on liz, Becky cleaning, and vanessa talking nonstop. This has been the season of vote out those with a personality. It might be considered good game play but honestly what threat is jason? He hasn’t won anything. He gossips 24/7 so u know everything he knows. And he doesn’t seem interested in going any further than jury. Becky, they are finding out, may be easy to manipulate but she is smart and can win comps. She has held a lot of info in and stays to herself. If she grew a pair she could be a real threat.

      • I have a feeling Jason has learned to watch with whom he shares all that info now. At least now the “other” side (Jason, James, Meg, Jackie) now realize they HAVE to have “a pair”; they no longer have the luxury of not. The veil has been lifted. Regardless of what happens, I think going forward the only possible floaters (those lying low is what I mean) will be Becky, Steve and Jmac. If it’s safe, Becky would make a move, as she said. I think it’s getting interesting now. :)

  4. Seriously? I’ll own up to having my moments of being a horn dog but if $500,000 was on the line that would be the LAST thing on my mind. Meg thinks Johnny Mac is hot. Austin’s lost his mind over Liz. Shelli and Clay reminding each other of their mother’s and brothers and sleeping in the same bed…What exactly was Big Brother going for by picking these people?

    • Jason need to pull a Survivor move. If he cant get an immunity idol he need to make a fake one… i.e.. fake a twist. This paranoid house would beleive it. Put out there he was called to DR and America has been voting all week and he won something similar to the coup etat and gets to take himself off and name the replacement nom. Can you imagine how that would play out. Vanessa brain would explode.

    • That’s what happens when they cast people that never heard of Big Brother before. Clay honestly thought he was recruited for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Becky was recruited off of Tinder. At this point, after so many seasons, casting should not have to explain what Big Brother is to any potential cast member. This is why we end up with useless players that make the game boring.

      • I can see why BB tried it after so many years, as an experiment (before) to see if newbs could beat out fanboys/girls…or if newbs would be automatically targeted/taken out first. But now that we’ve had our experiment, let’s go the other way and cast ONLY BB fanboys/girls and see how that works.

      • Yeah, but, ironically, it’s these ones who are surviving so far, this season, and the BBFanBoys/Girls, that are getting evicted .. Ha !!! :)

      • Well Vanessa is a big brother fan and she’s the one making all the moves. I just wish she didn’t over think everything. If she didn’t she would be another Derrick and I would like her more gameplay wise.

  5. If Shelli and Clay do flip and vote to keep Jason, which would be stupid, and Vanessa figures out the votes….don’t think if I were Shelli or Clay I would want to be in Vanessa’s line of fire!

  6. Clay and Shelli are not stupid, so it won’t happen. ..if they do Vanessa will be mad at them…and they already managed to piss off the other side already…

  7. Vanessa can talk her way out of anything. She’s the female Derrick. She’s been covering her tracks with Jackie and putting all the blame on Shelli and Clay. Then when Shelli was telling Vanessa that she wanted Jackie to go next Vanessa says no Becky has to go I talked to Jackie and she’s fine with you guys. Yep she’s fine with you Vanessa not them.

    • Female Derrick? Lets not get ahead of ourselves and compare her to one of the best players ever.

  8. Umm.. hello.. production.. thank you for planting the correct seeds in these oh-so-stupid HG’s… if you have any faith in Jason staying around then the play is to convince Shelli and Clay which will in turn have Jackie, James and Meg–enough to keep him.. we do like drama and this is EXACTLY what the house needs and oh “umm” as Moronic Vanessa continues to say because she is in an endless loop of counting the numbers, etc.. It would truly be sweet justice considering just how cocky Austin and Liz are now that (they think) Jason is going home this week.

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