Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

It was an exciting and crazy day in the Big Brother 17 house as Becky tanned and Johnny Mac flossed his teeth.

Clay & Shelli cheers to their morning
Clay & Shelli cheers to their morning – Source: CBS All Access

But on a serious note, Clay and Shelli are no longer sitting pretty as at least half the house now knows they aren’t playing as honest a game as they have been letting on.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 28, 2015:

8:50 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay are up. Rest of the house is sleeping.

9:40 AM BBT – Chelli relaxing in backyard telling stories about their parents. Clay’s story about his mom inspires Shelli to proclaim she is so much like his mom.

10:45 AM BBT – Clay doesn’t think anyone would put them up together on the Block besides maybe Jackie. Shelli is worried about something going wrong at a Double Eviction for them.

11:30 AM BBT – Becky is tanning by the pool. Yep, it’s that slow right now.

11:35 AM BBT – Wait, it gets better: Johnny Mac is washing dishes.

12:05 PM BBT – Johnny Mac flosses his teeth. He is a dentist after all.

12:10 PM BBT – Vanessa has the HOH camera but no one wants to get up and take pictures. She starts taking photos of people sleeping.

1:02 PM BBT – Austin tells John that Liz and Julia switch out again on Thursday.

1:22 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg playing in the pool.

2:30 PM BBT – Most HGs in or around the pool. It’s a hot day, they say.

3:10 PM BBT – GAME TALK ALERT: Becky and John talk about her votes. He tells her she has nothing to worry about and doesn’t really have to campaign.

3:15 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg think that Clay and Shelli are to blame for Jason going on the block. They agree they want Shelli out before Clay.

3:30 PM BBT – Meg tells Jason he’s not going to pull an Audrey and wear a cloak and sunglasses and he needs to get up.

3:34 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli don’t trust Jackie and think she’s playing them. Shelli talks about how Vanessa thinks they don’t have to worry about Jackie but they don’t believe her.

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  1. ….. And welcome to the house without Jason…. Gonna be a boring rest of the season.

    • There is still plenty of time for something interesting to happen, but yeah some interesting people have already left, I’ll be sure to leave too. if it becomes the Clay and Shelli show for the next month, I actually enjoy the Austin and Liz show, its funny.

      • Haha she is pretty whiny, but the voice not withstanding, I like the awkward dynamics they make together, Austin is such a caveman and she is such a snake, I honestly feel like they deserve each other. lol

      • Yes they do!! And I am a tad curious to see how Julia fits in with this gruesome twosome!!!

      • Jiz both drive me crazy. They whine and then Liz has tarted up with a complete toad. Yick. Ive no respect for that.

      • If he wasn’t so ewwww to look at from the front, he at least has a plump fine arse! :-)

      • Good eye, Joni, I’ll have to check that out. I must be losing my touch – I usually notice things like that, but the rest of him is so gross, I guess it put me off my game.

      • I don’t like Austin and liz’s (or is it Julia or both) new attitude of being hateful and attempting to intimidate. I don’t know what their interactions are really like but that Austin talks about being in Jason’s face and glaring at him and lizia talks about hating the other side of the house and how they are evil really puts me off about all 3 of them. Since the twins were found out they couldn’t pull off tricking the house, it is such a joke that they are allowed to enter as separate players. I used to feel sorry for Austin being played by liz, looking like an idiot, but not anymore.

      • With Julia coming in soon after Thursday’s eviction, the sixth sense alliance would be even stronger. So, it will be a matter of evicting Becky, Steve, John, Meg and James, one by one. How exciting would that be?

      • Ah, that just means more people will be turning on each other, as the game progresses and it should be quite entertaining, I’m hoping anyway. otherwise if they are all smiles and still thinking they are an alliance in the jury house, I’d be very disappointed and may stop watching, so unless these house guests aren’t completely brainwashed or brain-dead, there is plenty of drama and twists yet to come. hoping! ;)

  2. Even if Jason decides he has no shot at staying I hope he stirs the pot, causes some trouble. Plant some ideas in people’s heads. Do Something!

  3. With Jason leaving… I quit. I absolutely hate this season, and especially the way the entire house is playing.

      • Its pretty dull. The double HOHs and BOTB have sapped all the drama out. Its tiresome watching the two HOHs make their decisions in tandem. Yawn.

      • Yeah the BOTB isn’t great, but I am enjoying this season to be honest. It is one of the better ones we have seen in a while. The HOHs make decisions together but 2 out of 5 times we have seen those deals broken.

    • Don’t give up on it that easily, Briana. There’s still good stuff to come – hang around until the people you hate are given the boot – that’s always fun.

  4. Time to rename the show “Summer Camp for adults who still think they’re in Middle School! “

      • That fact your mind went to a place anyone was going to take that seriously cracks me up. I’ll explain it for you. It was a humorous account of the actions of these “contestants” who are acting like immature individuals rather than competing for the money. Expand your mind…

    • I have a 9 yr old grand daughter who clearly thinks better than most of these house guests and could probably play the game better.

  5. 9:40 AM BBT – Chelli relaxing in backyard telling stories about their
    parents. Clay’s story about his mom inspires Shelli to proclaim she is
    so much like his mom.

    Dearest Shelli,

    I can pretty much guarantee you this is not a sexy pick up line for dudes when you’re already 10 years older.

      • She’s 10 years older so she’s probably got the “Older woman” thing working in her favor. (He’s so young she’s definitely considered an older woman and that’s definitely a lure for guys at that age.)

        But associating herself with being just like his Mom?

        Not the way you wanna go.

      • Don’t suppose he wants to visualize his mom when he swoops in for a kiss lol!!!

      • Clay is using Shelli. He’s done just as much cuddling with Jeff and look how that alliance turned out.

        Besides, Shelli said if he liked her he’d love her brother, so I don’t think he’s too concerned about Shelli being like his Mother.

        Plus Clays main goal is to promote himself and his modeling career.

      • Oh for sure!! Just like when he told her she was “his girl” then corrected himself and added “in the house”

      • Would creep me out and I don’t have to be a guy to see that. She’s one of those I warn my son and brothers to look out for and stay away from! :-)

    • Well, she has also said that Clay reminds her of her brother. They actuallay look alike. Ewwww.

    • I get the strongest feeling that for Clay it’s just a convenience hooking up with Shelli – someone to cuddle with and have your back, but she seems to have taken it much farther than that (in her own mind, at least).

  6. But wait there is more!!!! A dentist who knows how to floss his own teeth. The sound of air blowing through HG’s heads because their heads are so hollow. GET OUT OF BED JASON!!!!!! take back this game and convince Shay to keep you over Becky.

  7. Why couldn’t James, Johnny mc, Mag, Jackie, and Steve be smart keep Jason they have the #, but now we know Johnny Mc not going to vote Becky out he seems to like her. Last season BB all over again.

    • Johnny, even though he is incredibly likeable, he does what he is told to do without question. He doesn’t seem to be playing his own game but plays the pawn for everyone else’s.

  8. I love it!!! Jason just told Jackie, Meg and James that Liz was a half million dollar prostitute for her relationship with Austin!!!

    • Waitaminnute…Are you sure you heard that correctly? I don’t have the feeds but the idea of an out and proud gay man making such a catty remark about a woman seems a bit outlandish.

      (He was probably praising her and you just heard it incorrectly.)

      • That’s exactly what she’s doing!! She admitted she didn’t like him but continues to prostitute herself to him to get farther in the game….

      • I think a prostitute does more then hang out. So she’s flirting with him. They’re not having sex!

      • So true. Why doesn’t Austin get that she’s not really into him? If she was a prostitute, he’d have gotten a whole lot more out of the deal than he has so far. The way she keeps putting him off should have sunk into his inflated head by now.

  9. The last two seasons with dual HOHs and BOTB have shown that you need to start a huge alliance right away, that way you are almost assured of having one of the HOH spots, if not both. So, little alliances don’t work anymore. Remember, last season there was a big alliance of everyone from Frankie and Caleb to Derrick, etc. This year, another huge alliance controls things. Huge alliances used to be stupid, now they are necessary. That is why BOTB sucks. It used to be that one person winning HOH could make a huge move against enemies…now, everyone is afraid to do that because they could lose BOTB. CBS needs to wake up.

    • True. But with BOTB at least there is a meaningful competition on Sunday. Those episodes where all that happened was a have-not or luxury comp were kind of boring.

      • If the house cant be shaken up, its boring anyway. Lets just say JUST Jackie won HOH this week….She could have targeted Shelli and Clay, or Austin and the Twins.

      • I’m with you on most of this but we’re (those of us who are) mostly tired of these Seasons being so lopsided from Day 1.

        Sure, there are mini-dramas happening but most of it has been an overwhelming onslaught from TSS running everything.

        In an alternate universe if the members of TSS had been weaker in comps it could be a whole different outcome with 4 Noms and BotB comps.

        It just sucks because the strength is so lopsided and seemingly has been since the beginning.

        Now that we’ve seen the power of large alliances displayed (and with the success it had through S16 and so far into 17) it doesn’t look like this is ever going to go away. There’s power in numbers.

        But I think CBS/the BB Prods. are going to HAVE to do something because two Seasons of things unfolding the same way are going to start to hurt them after awhile.

        I know I’m not as involved/invested this year because of the imbalance.

      • I see the similarities between this season and last as you point out. The only thing I’d add is that there were a few more gamers this season compared to last season. Not all were particularly good at the gaming aspect (Dayvonne and Audrey) but no one can accuse them of not playing the game. And at least half of TSS is playing hard. Last season had Derrick and everyone not named Frankie just rolling over and playing dead.

      • Fair enough. Great points. I’ll give you that. But part of the reason they COULD lay back last year was because they had the security of knowing they had numbers.

        I have issues with Superfans like Steve and Jason not lining up a Super Group after they’d been in the house for 3 minutes.

        ESPECIALLY because the first group had been in however much longer it was.

      • I think being a superfan doesn’t take you too far in this game. The game requires a few skills, most notably social skills, where Steve is lacking. I haven’t fully given up hope on him yet. It’ll be interesting to see if his side deal with Vanessa is in fact real. That would be a really hilarious final 2 alliance that I would greatly approve of.
        You’re right though. Jason should have done better than he did. The writing was so very much on the wall what was happening and he chose to do nothing.

      • I think we’re on the same page. Apologies for not clarifying…I agree with you 100% that the game requires social strengths more than “SuperFan” strength. What I meant by that is that anyone who considers themself a SuperFan should have basic knowledge of things required to succeed. (Such as forming a numbers alliance quickly.)

        Whether it’s 9 people or 4, you need to start with more than 1 friend otherwise you’re ganked.

      • What’s your take on Vanessa? I think she’s playing a pretty awesome game thus far and is drawing upon her career to do so. That being said, she’s not too popular here.

      • I don’t subscribe to the feeds so I only know what I read here and on another board I follow and what I see in the show.

        I, like a lot of others, am not a big fan of hers but that’s because of the distaste I have for the overwhelming power TSS has and continues to have.

        So I’m not sure I’m able to stay neutral on her.

        It’s easy to dislike her for putting Jason up because people don’t like Austin and that was her original plan. But as a player, keeping Austin and keeping your numbers strong can’t be faulted from a practical standpoint.

        Jason is part of The Backyard Crew (or whatever they were called) and is definitely the strongest personality in that group (meaning he isn’t afraid to rattle feathers and make noise) so it’s not a bad idea to cut the head of the snake off.

        Sorry if that’s vague. I don’t like her but I kind of respect her a small bit. And that’s all you can really ask for I guess.

        I just really wish TSS was taken out of power. I think Vanessa will very easily paint herself as a victim when the tide finally does turn though.

      • I’d be fine with TSS taken out of power if there was another interesting power alliance to do so. Instead, we have Becky, Meg, James, John and Jackie. If that’s the alternative, I’ll take TSS I guess?

      • I hear you and you’re 100% right. Blehcky, Meg, “Country Boy” James and Jackie don’t offer much. And once Jason leaves Meg’s gonna be a very sad woman without her co-hort. They’re all so lackluster. (I think Johnny “Bill S. Preston” Mac is funny in sound bites but kind of useless as a strategist thus far. He’s kind of the SuperFloater SuperFan.)

        We may have to just sit around and hope for the Back Yard Crew to deliver one big fracture and watch TSS split into two fractions and attack each other that way.

        That’s the only thing I see coming eventually.

        But things can change in an instant. Can’t they?

        It’s easy to BP&M as fans but in reality no one knows how they’d do until they were in there. It’s easy to have opinions at home in our underwear while watching edited TV shows and live feeds.

        But I guess that’s the fun of it all, isn’t it? Playing Monday Morning Quarterback.

        Thanks for the fun discussion!

      • I bet you anything we see a fracture coming with whatever two are remaining (some combo of Steve, Becky and John) where Vanessa recruits their votes to either attack Shelli and Clay or the twins. Vanessa has the long con in mind, whereas I think the other 5 in TSS are only thinking final 6. I think that might be the shakeup everyone is waiting for?

      • There are so many ways it could go I won’t hazard a guess.

        I don’t want to sound all “Conspiracy Theory” but I’m hoping that Production pays attention to some of these recap boards to see where audience feelings/problems are and throw in some sort of competition to potentially cause a dramatic shift. But keep in mind one VERY important thing: I just looked up Sunday’s ratings and according to them the show pulled in 6m viewers Sunday night.

        I’m willing to bet that those of us who take part here are in the very small minority. So maybe we don’t mean a thing to CBS. If only 5% of viewers are posting comments that’s 300k people and even THAT number seems very unlikely. It’s a TV Show. It’s on to generate ad dollars. Maybe those of us who’re so involved with it don’t reflect the ideas in the heads of “normal” people who only watch it three times per week as a summer time killer because nothing else new is on.

        I have no idea.

        I will say that your opinion of Shelli vs Vanessa sounds incredibly likely. They’re both Alpha females and Shelli’s got a soldier in Clay and you can’t have two Queens of the Castle forever.

        But I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

        I guess I DID hazard a guess. Apologies.

      • Vanessa looks pretty good game wise as well as Clay and Shelli as they are the only ones playing the game. All the other stragglers have been left to snitch and report on each other and if they won HOH will evict each other in the process. With that kind of mentality, it becomes a cake walk for Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. Jackie wasted her HOH chance as she should have put up Shelli and Austin. Anything is possible and Becky and Clay could have won BOB and Jackie would have had the power to evict one of the real threats. If one got off, put Vanessa on the block. One of the big threats would have been on the chopping block instead.

      • Vanessa and 6th Sense got so incredibly lucky that James wasn’t successful throwing that comp. The game would be very different now had James not corrected the spelling on “Christine.” It blows my mind how they’re just now figuring out who the threats are.

      • Ian was socially awkward but, won Big Brother. In Survivor, another socially awkward nerd named Cochran won Survivor on his 2nd try. Being socially awkward is not a big deal. Steve still interacts with the other house guests. What is surprising for someone who is supposed to be a super fan, he could have made bolder moves like form an alliance of 5 or 6 people and he should have figured out not to trust the sixth sense alliance as he has been put on the block as well more than once. Instead, he turns to being a snitch reporting on his fellow stragglers with a goal of voting out his fellow stragglers?

      • But if just Vanessa won nothing would be different. I think the idea of BotB is to provide the possibility of upsets.

        In fairness, after last Season if people didn’t come in and immediately form a 9 person alliance from Day 1 they’d be stupid. We saw how it worked last Season so now that’s “Part of the Culture.”

        The Superfans should have known this and made a plan from the beginning. But they didn’t. That’s their fault.

      • They should just mske both hohs safe regardless, then they would make more moves

  10. When the twins are both in the house, I hope they’re not on the same page. lol. Maybe, Julia will look at the alliance differently. I don’t think she likes Judas.

    • I am hoping the same, Julia with Triple J. M and Liz stays with Lurch and company. Julia already doesn’t like being near Lurch.

    • I wonder how close they are outside the house? It would be interesting if they ended up wanting totally different alliances.

  11. Originally I thought the final 3 would be Vanessa, Clay, and Jason. Not Shelli because people don’t seem to trust her as much as they do Clay.

    • Well he just might be starting. He was just telling Clay that Vanessa told him that him (Clay) and Shelli were the ones that wanted him up on the block. Keep talking Jason. Let Clay know how Vanessa was throwing them under the bus. That’s two more votes you could get. Then all you need is one more.

  12. “Meg tells Jason he’s not going to pull an Audrey and wear a cloak and sunglasses and he needs to get up.”

    Thank you, Meg!!! It didn’t save the feeds today, but at least with Jason awake there was the potential for action.

    • He can lie in darkness and shades all day…he’s has to smoke his pack a cigs for the day….lol

  13. For Jason being such a big fan you’d think he would of played. Then he says to Steve not many people watch BB. Guess you’re really not the fan you say you are. There’s a reason BB has been on for 17 seasons. and Jackie cracks me up saying all these people do is lay around. This coming from the girl nobody knows.

      • I know right. What’s with these people this year that are supposed to be such big fans and are doing absolutely nothing? But there’s still a little hope for Jason. Have you watched the feeds lately? Jason was telling Clay that Vanessa said it was Clay and Shelli that wanted him nominated. He needs to keep working that.

      • I don’t subscribe to them, no, but I saw that comment from another who does! Good for Him!!! Bout time!

      • Oh you should. They’re cheap. The only bad thing is lack of sleep. Lol It really takes up too much of my time. They are so hard to turn off when there’s drama. Sometimes I hope not much is going on so I can go to bed. Thank goodness I’m retired!

      • Maybe after I get my discharge papers from PT this Thursday I will exchange one monthly fee I’ve been paying for with little justification for having it (a wait and see for something big that’s yet to arrive) with this one…much more fun for sure. I’m semi-retired right now needing a diversion from applying for jobs that don’t seem to pan out.

      • He called Liz a $500k prostitute which means he must believe she is playing Austin. Why not tell Austin? That may create some major problems for the alliance since they are all aware how Liz really feels!

  14. I can’t. believe that everybody can’t see Vanessas lies..She has told so many she can’t keep up with them.

    • But she’s so good at talking her way out of them so fast that no one catches on!

    • She certainly does tell a lot of lies for someone who claims she doesn’t like people lying to her. She also said her word is everything, but I guess her word and a handshake doesn;t mean much at all!

      • The thing is she’s caught Austin in a lie, but put Jason up instead! Geesh!

      • Now Austin owes her big time and jason, who is expendable, will be one less person she needs to worry about winning hoh. It is a good move on her part but her ultimate screw up is attempting to justify the move and try to claim it is what the house wants or by attempting to show that jason somehow wronged her. This idea that she is playing a clean game with integrity is going to be her downfall because that isn’t the game she is playing. I am not saying I want jason to go home but it honestly is a better move for her.

      • She’s thinking only of yourself…Austin is a weekly target with the barbie twins….Jason is only a sacrifice to the BB gods.

      • No personal attack intended at all but I’m always surprised whenever I read/hear comments like this.

        The Evil Dr. Will is viewed by many to be the greatest player ever because he reveled in his Evilness and we as an audience loved him for it because he did it with a smile and a sense of humor.

        These people are competing for a half million dollars. They don’t know each other,

        If you spent time in a house with 15 other people you didn’t know in any way and knew that it was either you walking away with $500,000.00 or keeping your word to some person you’ve known for a month, which way would you go?

        I’m not talking about the “Real World” here. No one wants anyone to stomp on a senior citizen in the middle of the street trying to get to a Black Friday Sale.

        It’s a TV Game show where people are competing to win a lot of dough. Expecting these people to live to “Honor Codes” we want our heroes of fiction to live to isn’t fair I don’t think.

        And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you, Prince ARE a person like that. If so I apologize for insulting you. That wasn’t/isn’t my intention.

        I’m just saying it’s a TV Game show and WITHOUT betrayal and upheavals how many of us would return three times per week to watch?

        It might get pretty boring if all it was were individual physical and mental challenges each week with no other drama, right?

      • I loved will and he is my favorite player and the best player ever by a sizable margin, but his game was completely different from Vanessa. Vanessa can lie, cheat, and steal her way though the game and I love people who do that. However, Will did it in such a funny way and he was 100% confident in every move he made. When he wanted to make a move he had no fear and made the move. “We need to get rid of Kaysar. I will get the HOH to nominate Kaysar.” Vanessa wanders back and forth “I want to do this, no that, maybe this, nevermind I will do this instead. O woe is me is everyone ok with this plan let me ask the house.” Will was confident Vanessa is a pussy.

      • John, I tried to make a somewhat neutral case arguing the merits of using deception in the game but you blew me out of the water with 9 sentences.


        John – 1
        AIG – 0


        (Well done, sir. Well done!)

      • In your defense, I agree with what you said. Those statements about disliking someone for lying make no sense. That is what makes this show so great and why we watch.

      • You misunderstood my point. I do not think lying as game play is a bad thing. However being an arrogant a-hole that goes off on people who lie to her while telling lies herself is not a likable trait. Neither is running around claiming her word is everything then breaking handshake deals she had with the people in the house.

        But worse for me is how Vanessa claims to be so intelligent while Shelli and Austin/Liz are just manipulating her all over the place.

      • You’ve got me there. I obviously did misinterpret your comment. Thanks for clarifying it for me. I agree with you completely.

      • I haven’t seen Austin, Liz, or Shelli manipulate Vanessa. I’ve seen Vanessa allow Austin, Liz and Shelli to believe they are manipulating her, while Vanessa is giggling silently to herself.

      • That’s who she is…we can see this from the outside…problem is the people in there don’t and if they don’t exposed her or are afraid to exposed her then they can kiss the money good bye bye !!!!

      • I don’t know about any one else but my complaint is own up to what you do and quit whining. Van was playing a good game but she has let crazyness take over. Now she suspects everyone and whines constantly. I am still waiting to see something out of JMac and Steve.

      • And to your point….that is the more reason that all the chatter must be digested before you do or say something…these people aren’t your friends or family…they are there for the same reason you are.

      • And that’s why these people don’t realize she is the most dangerous one in there…they have to start gunning for her.Take her out the Chelli’s are lost.

    • Even after this week she still trusts Shelli and Clay. If she thinks she can be one of them she should take a closer look at what is going on this week.

    • She isn’t stupid. She guessed correctly 3 of the 4 votes for Jeff (Jackie was the only obvious one, she guessed Liz and Steve) and didn’t take a guess at the 4th (John). She also knew Da’Vonne had the phone booth power.

      Meanwhile Vanessa, who everybody thinks is so smart, is convinced that Meg and Jason voted to keep Jeff, and to quote Vanessa directly, “I know for a fact Day didn’t have it” (the phone booth power).

  15. Looks like we have another boring season. And Big Brother started the season with atleast, some promise. They added Big Brother Takeover but, now decided to remove it. The last one of Gronkoski was pretty lame of giving a boat cruise. It should have been a twist that affected the game play directly. How hard is that? These house guests need to be pushed to move because other than Vanessa, Shelli and Clay, nobody else is even playing to win it. Everyone else is taking a vacation of sorts. And the stragglers have no clue on how to play the game. A couple of them are supposed to be big fans yet, do not know how to play the game? They should have invited Kim Spradlin, Survivor winner to play Big Brother. She could have showed these guys how to play both a good social game and be a beast in competitions as well! I think she would have been a good match against Vanessa, Clay and Shelli.

  16. Just watching BBAD on West coast – can’t believe how many cigarettes Jason smokes.That boy’s going to have emphysema by his early 40’s and he’ll be very lucky to be alive after his 50’s. Jason, Jason, Jason, please slow down. I had a son-in-law who did exactly what you’re doing and he dropped dead on the job of a heart attack when he was 42. If it’s just the stress of being in the house that’s making you smoke so much, I hope you do go home soon. Weird comment, I know, but something just brought out the grandmotherly side of me.

  17. Since I have the feeds and the boards I DVR Sunday and Wednesday and watch all 3 on Thursday night….. Wish CBS would just take after another (nameless) reality show and show them all on the same night anyway….

  18. I would rather see Becky leave over Jason. However if he is just going to give up and not even atpemt to campaign I guess he deserves to go home. You’d think a Super Fan would give it all they’ve got to stay.

    • Has Jason ever spoke a string of sentences without cursing? While watching the last hour or so of AD this morning, I swear, every other sentence from him, between chewing his apple while talking, included some sort of profanity …

      Speaking of which, anyone saw the aftermath, of Meg’s reaction, when she found James’ little present that he left for her under her pillow? Something to do with a condom on a cucumber ??

      And, yes, apparently, James had a pocket full of condoms? I guess Big Brother is supplying the HG’s with condoms these days ?? Ha !!!

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