Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Friday Night Highlights

What looked like it could be a slow, uneventful week in the Big Brother house has suddenly gained potential and drama as the surviving HoH is considering a big target after all.

John McGuire isn't worried on Big Brother
John McGuire isn’t worried on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Sure, sure. We know how this goes. Big talk followed by small plays, but at least we’re getting the drama and chaos of confusion over next steps as Audrey could be in trouble yet again on Big Brother. Rinse and repeat, right?

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 17, 2015:

5:09 PM BBT – Audrey tells Vanessa she has a feeling that Liz is targeting her.

5:15 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the competition.

7:10 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Battle of the Block. James & Jackie have won their safety for the week.

7:30 PM BBT – John plans to lay low and let Jason implode. Becky promises John her vote to stay.

8:05 PM BBT – James talks with Clay and Shelli in HoH. Tells them that Audrey has been talking poorly about them and how upset she was over Shelli telling Jason about what she had said. This sets off a long firestorm by Shelli. Shelli is ready to BD Audrey, or so she says.

8:25 PM BBT – Vanessa has joined the HoH room. She warns Shelli that Austin’s girl-craze is distracting him from the game. Funny considering Vanessa is the one that has fanned those flames.

8:40 PM BBT – Austin came up, talked game, talked about his challenge of being separated from Liz, and leaves. Shelli is convinced Austin was sent up by Audrey. She doesn’t trust him anymore.

8:45 PM BBT – Clay inadvertently confirms to Audrey that Liz has a twin playing the game. D’oh.

9:15 PM BBT – Vanessa and Shelli are still going at their rant over Audrey. Vanessa says that she’s okay with BD’ing Audrey, but to be ready for Sleeper Cell to be exposed. Shelli doesn’t mind since she doesn’t want to work with Austin anymore.

9:25 PM BBT – Shelli, Clay and Vanessa talking about John. Shelli says she trusts John and wants Vanessa to as well. She agrees and says she already trusts him more than she does Steve. Talk turns to getting Audrey out again and Vanessa says she will get Liz and Austin board too.

10:00 PM BBT – Jason tells Jackie he thinks he’s the target this week and that he has to win the Power of Veto. James thinks Jason will be ok.

12:00 AM BBT – Power went out in the Big Brother house.

12:20 AM BBT – Clay encourages Shelli that they should backdoor Audrey this week. She says they’ll need to see.

1:00 AM BBT – Clay thinks if they save Jason to Backdoor Audrey then he’ll be indebted to them.

3:05 AM BBT – Audrey goes to HoH room and breaks up talk as they try to figure out the votes and if she’s AP.

3:55 AM BBT – Steve pacing in the Storage room talking out his idea to win Veto and save Jason while making the case that he wants Audrey gone. Then he’d follow her the rest of the week to keep her from talking game.

4:20 AM BBT – Jason has left the HoH room leaving Clay and Shelli to discuss. Clay believes Jason is alone in the game and could be an asset to them.

4:30 AM BBT – Audrey comes up and tells Shelli she’ll keep the noms the same if she wins the Veto.

4:45 AM BBT – Shelli reveals to James that Jackie was the real target and not him.

5:25 AM BBT – Shelli tells Clay this might not be the week to BD Audrey. Clay says if he’s HoH then he’s putting her up.

5:30 AM BBT – Shelli wonders if maybe they should target Austin this week instead. She wants to talk with Vanessa and get her read on that idea. Clay says he’d still go after Audrey over Austin.

5:50 AM BBT – Vanessa has updated Liz on the Audrey situation. Liz is on board with getting Audrey out. Austin arrives & gets the same info. He’s panicked that if it’s not Audrey then maybe he’ll get BD’d.

So the whole BD-Audrey plan lasted all of a few hours. Shelli talks a big game, but I don’t think any of us really thought she’d have the guts to do it. Maybe she’ll surprise us, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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  1. Gonna be interesting as to who will win the POV. John wins’s, then it wouldn’t matter who goes up since Shelli’s main target is Jason. Jason win’s, then that is where the fun come’s in. Steve, Becky, Audrey or Austin could find themselve’s in the hot seat on Thursday night. Of course all of this could go out the window if Vanessa finds out it was Liz who threw that hinky vote to try and save Jeff.

    • I hope John wins. Rooting for John and Steve. I think they can provide huge surprises if given a chance in the game. The easiest thing is to hide behind an alliance and float.

    • i actually want jason to win it so the house can scramble for noms, and shelli shows her true allegiance to the houseguests. should be interesting.

  2. I don’t understand why Shelli is so afraid to BD Audrey. Just pull the trigger already and get it over with. She will defiantly go home over anyone that she is up against.

    • I can think of 2 reasons, Shelli is either worried that she or Clay will be the next target after Audrey or she is afraid of the backlash of getting rid of the transgender contestant.

      • If Shelli gets rid of Audrey no one in the house will be angry with her. If she gets rid of Jason or Becky, the rest of the house will know for certain that their is a core alliance against the rest of them. Then Shelli and Clay will be targets. If that happens, Austin and Vanessa will not protect them.

        Shelli and Clay need to have a backup plan especially now that Shelli is figuring out Austin cannot be trusted. Taking out Audrey puts them in a perfect position to switch alliances if necessary next week.

      • The rest of the house should have figured out by now that there is a core alliance making these moves and evicting people. Obviously, a big clue is some people have never been put on the block. Red flag, red flag! If those not in the alliance cannot figure that out now, by the time they figure it out—-they could be on the hot seat about to be voted out. Why is it that Steve, John, James, Jackie, Meg have wound up on the block over and over again? That is another clue. If those guys had any sense, forming an alliance amongst themselves would make perfect sense. They are the expendables and the targets of the alliance. Who are the past HOHs, James, Shelli (twice now) and Vanessa. Guess who is part of the alliance? Obviously, Vanessa and Shelli even if they do not tell you.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks Shelli IS going to bd Audrey? She seemed really annoyed by Audrey yesterday

    • Earlier last night, all Audrey had to do was turn on the waterworks and Shelli backed off (Clay didn’t). Shelli actually scolded Clay for telling Audrey that he didn’t trust her, it was kind of hilarious to watch.

      Shelli is so easily manipulated, people just have to cry and she’ll do what they want.

  4. So I am confused, is Jason the target or does Shelli has another houseguest in mind to get rid of.

  5. Early this AM, Audrey asked to speak to Shelli alone and Clay refused to leave and told Audrey that “Talking to me is like talking to her.”. LOLOLOL Come on Shelli, take charge. Vanessa and Audrey may be a little nutso, but Shelli and Clay together do not have the strategic ability, wiliness, or brain power as either of them in my opinion. Can’t wait to see how “their” HOH plays out.

    • I’m glad Clay did that, Audrey’s entire game is based off of isolating people, telling them false information and letting them panic. Clay knew full well what she was trying to pull. I don’t think Clay is a good game player by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought him shutting her down like that was hilarious.

      • LOL, Clay sure let Audrey know who was really in charge, or so he thinks. We’ll see what Vanessa has to say about that. Shelli didn’t have the guts to take Audrey on alone and Clay knew Shelli wouldn’t be able to handle her. Poor Shelli.

      • I never said that he showed her “who’s in charge”, I’m just saying that I liked seeing someone not accept Audrey’s nonsense.

      • I agree. Shelli knows what she’s doing. Nobody wants to be alone with Audrey because everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. I don’t blame them. At least with 2 people you have someone to back you up when she twists things.

    • Seems to be working so far for them. And Shelli already told Clay and Vanessa she doesn’t want to be trapped alone with Audrey because of how she lies and twists things.

      • You’re an uber fan of Shelli’s

        If she wins I hope she shares her prize with you but she’s so greedy she probably won’t.

      • Actually JohnnyMac is my favorite. Don’t you have a favorite? Just because I comment on her game play doesn’t mean I want her to win. I just dislike a lot of other people over her. So she can share her money with you!

      • yea, right. Your post defend Shelli a lot, so if you don’t like her then you have a weird way of showing it. But There’s no way John is winning big brother so he won’t share his money with you either.

      • Well I’m glad you know me so well. Are you a psychic like Audrey? I didn’t say I didn’t like her, I said she wasn’t my favorite. And I don’t defend her I comment on her. JMO. Which everyone has a right to.

      • I don’t believe in psychics but I guess you do. However, I’m very perceptive. And your posts litter this forum so yeah I can see you like shelli.

      • On this forum we respect other people right to their opinion and other people right to contribute. If you can’t argue your opinion without using insults, move on, otherwise you will be very miserable here.

      • I’m already miserable on this forum because of the company. (Some folks on this board have a bad reputation on a few other BB forums, so I have no idea why I can on here) And no you don’t respect other people’s opinions.

      • rudeness isn’t accepted on the forum, especially if you blatantly argue with someone over a person in the game. if you don’t stop this, me, captain, and lavendar will report you to matt. please stop.

      • Sounds like you came here just to criticize everyone else’s comments. If your so miserable then goodbye.

      • And I see you have a problem with that. Don’t worry about who I like or don’t like. I could care less who you like so just move on troll.

      • Hey hey, I actually DO like Shelli & Clay, but sadly I don’t think they’ll share their money with me (sigh)… I agree that JMac is this season’s fave player in my books though. I like Becky also, but she’s on the wrong side of any alliance…

      • Most people don’t like Shelli and Clay, though because we can see they don’t have many redeeming qualities. But they both seem to like men so maybe they would share their money with you.

      • How do you know they don’t have any redeeming qualities. I have never once seen them blow up at people, be nasty to people. They’re playing a game and they have each other to try to make it to the end. That’s why people are saying such negative comments because they’re playing as a duo. Well there’s been a lot of people that team up with another person to go far in the game. Almost every season. And anyone that can put up with Audrey this long and try to help her deserves more than 500,000

      • They haven’t had a reason to blow up at anyone but they’ve played a vey dirty game like making John throw comps, picking on Da’vonne, wanting Jason out who’s a non threat, and Clay running Shelli and everyone else’s HoH, clay gossiping about people and causing trouble, voting out his once friend in Jeff, and clay starts arguments like the one he started with Davonne. Why couldn’t she walk around in the BB house? He has a real control problem. And Shelli is very immature she’s 33 and she acts 15! With her baby talk and going out with a man about 10 years younger than her. Shelli and Clay are ridiculous.

      • Wow you sure have some hatred built up. Poor DaVonne they were picking on her. Haha they are playing a game. All they did was evict her which is part of the game. DaVonne was after Shelli and that’s why she’s gone. But if DaVonne won and evicted Shelli that would be okay right? And Jeff what a joke. How was Jeff a friend when he threw Clay and Shelli under the bus every chance he got. We must not be watching the same show and you must not be watching the feeds. How are they playing dirty? Because they win and evict someone that’s after them? How is Clay causing trouble? Like I said were watching different shows. Big Brother is on CBS.

      • Pretty girl, nice smile, nice figure…..doesn’t seem to be controversial enough for people to vote for her as fan fave, nor disliked enough by fellow houseguests to be considered in plans. ;)

      • I love JMac. I kinda hope he doesn’t win veto this week so he doesn’t put to big of a target on his back. Best case scenario, imo, Jason wins and Shelli BD’s Austin!

  6. The way that Shelli keeps protecting Audrey and coming up with excuses not to backdoor her are getting to the point of being ridiculous. Shelli puts on a good show to make someone think she is so mad at Audrey, she has no intention at all of putting Audrey up if it comes to that. I am so tired of them protecting Audrey.

    • What’s more amazing is that Clay called Shelli out for going after Jeff who she thought would target her while not going after Audrey who would be targeting Clay. Its true.

      • Audrey wants Clay gone and if Shelli doesn’t wise up..Clay will be heading for the front door sooner rather than later. Shelli is really starting to annoy me.

  7. I have to say that if Shelli is unwilling to put Audrey up because of her story then Shelli deserves to go home. Why not just give Audrey the $500k and end the game so the rest of us don;t waste 90+ days what morons pretend to play Big Brother? Da has a little baby to take care of. That’s a story too but Shelli had no problem evicting Da.

    Aynoe in the house should be fair game. If you are not willing to put yourself before the other HGs then don’t play. Just go home.

    • Well said, Prince! Listening to Shelli more or less say that she doesn’t want to be the one to evict the transgender is pathetic and cowardly game play. Too bad Liz/Julia didn’t retain HOH..she would have no problem BD’ing Audrey. Tired of listenting to Shelli and her reasons not to do it.

      • Can someone say when it was that Shelli said she didn’t want to back door Audrey because she was transgender? Because I know Vanessa said that last week, but as far as Im aware Shellis reasoning was about being good friends with her and thus feeling bad about being the one to end her game, even if she doesnt trust her anymore.

      • She didn’t say it exactly. She insinuated in the last time she was HOH and the house wanted Audrey to go home. She eluded to Audrey’s “story”.

        I think its obvious by now there is that sentiment among some of the house guests and Da mentioned it when she was evicted that people were afraid to evict Audrey because they were afraid of how it would look.

      • I guess I just didnt remember Shelli referring to Audrey’s “story” when specifically talking about evicting someone in the first week.

        And when it comes to Day, he was known for making things up as excuses for why things were happening in the house and I’m not sure this sentiment existed when she was there it only first surfaced when Vanessa was HOH to my knowledge

      • Even though it hasn’t been said openly, I think it has crossed everyone’s minds at least once. They don’t want to be the one to target her so no one can accuse them of being biased.
        That being said, accusing them of something like that isn’t really valid anymore. Audrey has caused a mess in that house. No one can honestly say she hasn’t made herself a target purely from the way she plays the game. All it is now is a cowardly excuse.

      • I think it was Vanessa that said she didn’t want to evict Audrey because of being transgender.

  8. I think that this is the perfect time to get rid of Audrey.

    *Puts on tin foil hat*

    Let’s be honest, if she gets past jury, production is going to do everything they can to ensure that she gets as far as possible. Before you know it, there’s going to be a magical diamond POV coming from pandora’s box when she’s up on the block. Get rid of her now and you might be able to avoid that.

    • That’s what people thought when Elissa’s back was against the wall during her last days in the house in BB15. There was even a speculation of her somehow getting some production “help” by discovering a diamond POV in the extra-room next to the HOH room. As it turns out, nothing really happened and she became a casualty of a DE.

      • Key thing in what you just said, she was taken out in a DE. Best time to evict a CBS favorite is during the double eviction because they can’t do anything about it, no preparation. And let’s not forget, Elissa was essentially handed a free nomination every week all the way to jury, so it’s not like she wasn’t shown any favoritism, everybody knew how that was going to end up.

        Furthermore, multiple times I’ve heard Shelli come out of DR telling people that production is trying to influence her to keep Audrey (as well as Jeff) in the game.

      • Before getting nominated herself by the twist that supposedly benefited her. Although, in my eyes, Elissa earned her being AFP because of the gains she did manage to make without relying on those twists like breaking up the 3AM alliance who grew out from the coup that threw Helen away to jury.

      • People would be definitely be fooled into believing that production doesn’t have influence over the contestants and the outcome – but to what degree that influence happens…? I guess only the people who’ve been in the house (and signed non-disclosure contracts) will ultimately know…

      • I saw that part. (trying to influence, hinting, etc) They do that. (subject to players interpretation) At the end of the day, You, the player have the last say. They’re not under duress. They have a choice.

    • I think CBS is trying to capitalise on Ms Jenner. Last year it was Frankie/Ariana.

  9. It is not that Shelli is afraid of the gay, lesbian, transgender backlash, it is that she thinks Audrey is America’s player and it would be like Donny being voted out last session. Frankie was hated for sending Donny packing.

  10. I am hoping Jason wins the POV and chaos will erupt when they scramble for a target. Nobody wants to send Johnny Mac home.

  11. Hoping Audrey does a few more stupid things to piss off Shelli then I think she just might backdoor her. But if Audrey goes who is everyone going to talk about?

    • We manage to always find something & someone to yap about… I have no worries in terms of people being entertained. ;) So I’d say let’s finally see some action in getting Audrey out the door – she’s overstayed her welcome with most houseguests anyways.

    • Her head is spinning right now, always thinking of ways to wiggle and squirm out of the situation. She’ll probably wiggle herself out of the situation…..She’s not even in the situation, she’s wiggling and squirming. lol…she’s crazy as hell.

  12. “Austin talked about his challenge of being separated from Liz”?!?!?!? This is incredibly creepy and add that to the fact that he’s possessive towards Liz and rubs her back whenever he’s sitting near her. I feel for his “princess” as he called her in a pre-season interview back home.

    • His DR is definitely cringe worthy. Unless you’re in to Romance literature.

    • When they were in the same bed, Liz was sleeping with her back to him and I thought I saw him stroke her back. That seems creepy. He looks like he is a stalker. And he was so pissed at Liz flirting with Jeff before he got evicted.

      • Yeah, they showed the part when Steve walked in as Austin was putting his arm on her and he moved his hand away quickly lol. There was a time when Steve was talking to Liz in the HOH and Austin was rubbing her back the entire time like he was marking his territory. It’s sickening!

  13. OK, I don’t watch Live Feed, and only manage to stay awake once in a while to watch BBAD on the West coast, but does Liz really like Austin, or is she just game-playing him? Wasn’t she cuddled up in bed strategizing with the other guy? Austin is truly creeping me out – does he think a pretty girl like Liz would be interested in his hairy self outside the BB house? I can see him freaking out when he realizes Liz isn’t going to be Mrs. Austin Matelson – he’s a loose cannon when it comes to her, and it’s going to ruin his game. I think it would be a blessing for all concerned to send him home soon and let him get his head back together. They definitely don’t need to be stuck in the Jury House together.

    • I agree, he is wired, he puts on a hat and turns into somebody else. I guess if he thinks he is two people then he needs twins, one for each of him. Heaven help us!

    • What happened to the girl back home who he was supposedly madly in love with?
      Yes Lurch, you are “all together ookie!”

  14. How about they have a Celebrity Big Brother, with all proceeds being donated to charity? I know everyone thinks they knew everything about each other, but everyone has a private persona as opposed to what the public sees. It would be fascinating to have people like Bruce/Caitlynn, Kathy Griffin, Snooki, the chick who doesn’t want to be called African-American (Raven-Simone), and others like that. People with strong personalities. Pay them well for their time, and let them go at it. I know there are many reasons why this will never happen, but it sound like a lot of fun to me. This season is finally getting more interesting, but they need to make major changes in how they choose their HG’s – more diversity in age and background.

  15. Why do you talk about Shelli like she’s some kind of coward? She made the big move of getting rid of Da’vonne when she could have easily “gone with the house” and targetted Audrey. She’s playing the game for herself and isn’t afraid – isn’t that what we want in our HGs?

  16. Going by what I have seen in past Big Brother seasons as well as Survivor, those who talk a big game and making big moves, NEVER make a big move. So, this is all hot air. What everyone should watch out for are the quiet ones who do not make outward threats. If anyone is more likely to make any big moves in this game given the chance, my monies are on Steve or John. I know if I was in their place, if I were to become HOH, I will strike the first blow because I know I am already in the bullseye of the alliances. I would go with them with a gusto like Danielle Donato style of take no prisoners type. They would rather be on my side than on the other side because they would know that they could be next. They will atleast, fear you. And sometimes, that is all it takes to win. When you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, it should make you more brave!

  17. I’m getting so sick of these people putting the same people up every week, this game is getting so boring, nobody is brave enough to make a big move, getting Da and Jeff out were not big moves, back dooring Audrey would be big, they better leave Johnny Mack alone.

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