Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 3: Saturday Highlights

Saturday was a mess in the Big Brother house. A hot, hot mess. All the better for us as we enjoyed Veto panic with a Head of Household that can’t help but overthink every move of every day.

Audrey Middleton swears on her Big Brother life
Audrey Middleton swears on her Big Brother life – Source: CBS All Access

Instead of tackling each problem as it arises and using prerogative of HoH as justification we watched as a potential renom decision became a fight spawning cluster. It was pretty great. Oh, and the HoH becomes convinced, convinced that Clay is a twin.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 11, 2015:

9:40 AM BBT – HGs getting up and Austin is upset that they may be protecting Liz/Julia at risk of their own games. Austin goes on for 20+ mins that Liz hurt his feelings by sleeping downstairs with another guy instead of upstairs with him.

10:30 AM BBT – Liz comes up and sees that Austin is upset with her. She gets worried and tries to explain she didn’t want to put a third person in that small bed. He tells Liz it made him “feel dirty” and “very angry” that she would share a bed with another guy.

11:05 AM BBT – Audrey swearing to Vanessa and Austin that she did not promise Da’Vonne her vote last week (she did) and she did not vote to keep Da’Vonne (she did).

11:25 AM BBT – Julia is back in the house. She’s flustered about everyone knowing and starts cleaning off nail polish to match her sister.

12:10 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa celebrating the Veto players pick. Audrey, Shelli, and Austin were drawn/picked to play in the comp. James is up against tough odds.

12:20 PM BBT – John is relieved with the Veto players list. He’s told Austin/Vanessa/Shelli will all save him if they win. They won’t. Their plan is to throw it to Audrey so they don’t have the pressure to use it.

12:41 PM BBT – Clay asks James why the show is called “Big Brother.” James tries to explain, but Clay clearly has no idea. Sigh.

1:10 PM BBT – Drama! Audrey brings Meg up to HoH room. Vanessa wants to stage a fight to create justification that Audrey shouldn’t go up as renom by “exposing” lies that Audrey was trying to flip the vote last week. (Audrey actually was.)

1:15 PM BBT – Things are getting very heated and Meg is yelling at Audrey that Audrey is lying (she is). Audrey starts yelling back. It’s very tense. Vanessa keeps trying to make excuses for Audrey. The whole thing is transparent, but Meg might be too distracted by Audrey to notice what Vanessa is trying to do.

1:35 PM BBT – Back downstairs and Meg is pissed at what just happened. They’ve figured out Vanessa has no plans to renom Audrey. (Correct.) Upstairs Vanessa claiming Meg yelled at her and slammed the HoH door. (Well, you can’t.) Vanessa questions why Meg would feel so safe this week. (She is safe this week. She won Battle of the Block.)

1:45 PM BBT – Vanessa thinks Jeff is a twin and has been switching out. Austin tries to explain fraternal twins. (They’re non-identical.)

5:20 PM BBT – Feeds return and John has won the Power of Veto. Vanessa is very flustered and upset with Austin. She feels he let John win and didn’t try hard enough in the last round.

5:40 PM BBT – Vanessa is stressing her renom since she knows John will use the PoV. She’s determined to create any justification, true or not, to get support on Jeff going up instead of Audrey.

6:10 PM BBT – James, Jackie, Jason, and Meg have all mentioned expecting Audrey to go up against James.

6:45 PM BBT – Audrey swears on her “Big Brother game” to Vanessa that she didn’t vote for Day to stay this past week.

7:00 PM BBT – Audrey is getting emotional that no one wants to be around her or talk to her. She’s asking if they can pretend like she’s in the house again.

7:10 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli she is convinced, completely convinced, that Clay is a twin. Shelli feels hurt that she’s possibly being played by twins. Shelli says Clay has been acting weird and not taking his medicine that she finds all over the house. Thinks maybe the other twin takes it so one of them doesn’t. Vanessa says his hair changes from day to day and one has a scratch on his knee.

7:30 PM BBT – Shelli advises Vanessa to just toughen up and renom Jeff if that’s what she wants to do instead of worrying about justifications.

8:35 PM BBT – Gronk is back with his part of the BB Takeover. They’ll have mini parties and have to do what he says or they’ll become Have-Nots.

8:55 PM BBT – HGs instructed to run to the shower and everyone has to get in.

10:20 PM BBT – Vanessa working on her renom speech. Wonders if they should like to Jeff about being the new target.

11:40 PM BBT – Another Gronk Party. They have to make togas and dance around in the living room.

12:25 AM BBT – Audrey working on Vanessa, telling her she deserves to stay and she’s being truthful with her.

2:45 AM BBT – Gronk Party. Limbo time in the backyard.

4:25 AM BBT – Austin working on a deal with James. Says he wants to save him this week.

4:30 AM BBT – Austin confronts Jeff that he’s been telling HGs that Austin is his target. Next Jeff goes to talk to Clay and Shelli. They’ve been told Jeff wanted to split them up. Jeff is denying it.

4:35 AM BBT – Jeff turns it around and starts blaming James as the one who is questioning Austin.

4:40 AM BBT – Vanessa joined the group meeting and is getting heated. She’s in Jeff’s face yelling at him that he tried to start an alliance with her but then didn’t. Vanessa is doing this to shore up support for a Jeff renom.

4:45 AM BBT – Jeff, Clay, and Shelli stay in the bathroom and Jeff is trying to patch things up with them.

The Houseguests are still up right now at 6AM and working through lots of drama. They’re waiting for the next Gronk Party which has kept them up and moving around. I can only see this drama growing for the next several days.

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  1. ROFL @ Gronk parties creating more sleep deprivation, thereby adding to the paranoia. Fun week ahead! Go Gronk!!

  2. Vanessa is a mess, she’s overthinking all of this. I hate to say, but Jeff is coming off as the rational one here and that’s really bad for Van. Austin did a terrible job acting.

    If they actually wanted to go through with this convoluted plan, they should have waited until the people they actually wanted to hear it were awake.

    Just poor planning, execution and aftermath. Jeff is probably going home this week, but Vanessa probably just made her position in the house much worse by overthinking her renom.

    • and it seems the twin twist has infected her brain, is she the only one who is not a twin? Or does she have a twin she doesn’t know about? :)

  3. I have not enjoyed the Van that I have watched the past couple of days. The extent to which she has gone to cover her patootie and garner support for noming Jeff instead of Aud hasn’t sat well with me.She is using an emotional/genuinely nice person(Meg) and took it too far in my opinion.

    • Van is really screwed up in her thinking. Her first mistake is believing everything that Audrey is feeding her. She’s not even questioning it! Her second mistake is overthinking every little thing and turning molehills into mountains. Her third mistake is her paranoia. I thought Audrey was cray-cray, but Van is on a whole other level of crazy!

      • The sad part is that her overall strategy should be sound. She’s aligning herself with a bb expert and brain, Steve, a physical threat, Austin, a meat shield, Shay, and a bigger target, that isn’t a threat, Liz/Julia.

      • I agree , and who knows which of these will be the target when and if the” other side” ever gets a chance to aim at one.

      • If it happens before Liz/Julia joins the game, I would target them, one less person on the other side (voting wise) and one less person gunning for the $500,000. Put them up against Clay and Shelli.

      • Vanessa is terrified of the repercussions of not putting up Audrey. So instead she decided to come up with this overly complicated plan to save her butt. The irony is that all this has done is hurt her even more.

      • Exactly! Its ruining her game and for what to evict James or Jeff?? Is that even her game move or someone else’s?

    • I totally agree with you. Vanessa is not good at playing this game. Her paranoia will be her downfall. She overthinks just about every aspect of the game..she rambles on and on and on..I like Vanessa and don’t want her gone..but, if she keeps this crazy behavior up..she will be evicted sooner rather than later.

      • Couldn’t agree more her HOH is getting way into her head that it’s making her delusional and could possibly cost her her game

    • My hubby, who doesn’t watch the game in its entirety, told me Van is way too talkative and needs a chill pill! I tried to explain to him that HoHs have to talk a lot. But he just did an SMH and went upstairs to bed! I’m beginning to believe him now after a few hours sleep myself! :-) She talked way too much and now the house is in an uproar over her indecisiveness.

      • Although I don’t like the way it all went down, that gal can talk and she is very persuasive. Whew!

      • Me either. Even if it kept me glued to watching it til POP had to stop rolling.

  4. Furthermore, everyone who heard the fight knows that Vanessa is looking for an excuse to put up Jeff. So what took like 12 hours of planning was a complete waste. Terrible gameplay haha.

  5. If Audrey was smart, all she has to do is sit and watch them crumble. Vanessa is buying her another week, maybe two if she keeps up with her crazy antics. Over playing and thinking can put you on the chopping block.

    • …and that is exactly what Audrey is doing. I think she is one of the best liars this game has ever seen..she doesn’t flinch when she tells them..but, yet when she’s the rest of the house that seems to get into trouble for them! It’s crazy!

      • It’s kinda scary to see how good she is at flat out lying. Let’s hope “game” Audrey is nothing like Audrey outside of the game. She may lose alot of friends!!

      • Wow didn’t think of that until now…but I’m sure they’re completely different people both inside and out of the house ^__^

      • It may be just as hard for some to play the good guy part as it is for others to be the bad guy, if that’s makes sense.

      • Yeah that makes sense….I guess in Audrey’s case its easier to play the bad guy in every scenario

      • Or either she is a very good actor. I bet she will get a call from Hollywood very quickly after BB .

      • Haha yes! I can imagine her now! Audrey (forgot her last name) gets her big break and a chance at stardom all thanks to CBS and Big Brother! :)

      • Right, Coco, one name is all she will need. She’ll be joining the ranks of Beyonce, Cher, Madonna, Usher, Prince, Elvis. And she won’t even have to sing for it! haha

      • Lol she doesn’t even need a celebrity sibling to get her to the top like Frankie from BB16….Nope she has her crazy yet entertaining personality to thank for that! ^__^ And they say its impossible to become famous overnight Well Audrey is living Proof y’all! Haha jk! :D

      • OMGosh, Frankie, what a nightmare! I’m sure you’ve seen the latest on Ariana. But she has apologized twice, so that makes everything AOK. Lee Greenwood said he was a fan but felt it would be a great idea for her to go entertain the troops somewhere. IDK

      • Haha yes I’ve heard about Arianna and her latest mischief… According to her The doughnuts are evil!

      • Haha Boston Crèmes are my guilty pleasures! :'( does that mean they’re evil also? They can’t be! They’re crème filled with love! ^__^

      • I know she used the excuse that she was only 22 and still learning..give me a break…that gives you the right to go into a bakery and lick donuts..she has such diva behavior and I really hope this hurts her career.

      • Exactly! Just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she should get away with that! I’d probably be ridiculed if I walked up in there the way she did and started liking all the Boston Crèmes! (Myfavs) ^_^

      • One good way to look at it is, she could use a little sugar to sweeten up that sailor-talk spouting mouth of hers, and no offence to sailors.

      • Oh, I’s just that the lying part of her game comes so easy for her..and the paranoia and manipulation is easy for her to stir up too.

      • I really don’t think she is that kind of person outside of BB…seriously? If anyone knows what it feels like to be bullied, lied to and manipulated, it would be her and wouldn’t do that except in BB.

      • She’s the best liar and manipulator that I can think of! I’m loving it!

      • Yep, even when caught in a lie, she continues to lie, make one wonder what is true.

  6. Nerve of Austin being mad at Liz. He feels dirty, really? Did I read somewhere that he has a girlfriend? Didn’t he kiss what’s her name (or accepted a kiss from her). Humph! Who is he to be mad?

    • I agree! During his interview he said that he didn’t have to worry about a showmance, because he’s so committed to his g/f. Then he turns around and acts like he owns Liz and he’s trying to showmance Jackie, too! I think he’s insecure.

    • I was thinking the same while reading it…why would u get mad that a girl in the house whom u are very close to sleeping with another guy when u supposedly have a girlfriend?? That’s just nonsense Austin!

    • But, when he got mad last night..isn’t Julia the one in the house right now..was he around other HG’s and couldn’t let on that he knows about the twins? I thought he was in HOH room with just Vanessa and Julia.

  7. Poor Audrey is just wanting to be taken back in to the fold. Tell me secrets. I will keep my mouth shut, I will have your back, and I will be honest..I am trustworthy.TRUST ME, DAMN IT!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • ROFL! Did you see on Joker’s where she called herself a “f-ing truth cannon!” I about fell out of my chair from laughing so hard!!

      • I love the Amish and I really enjoy the shows about their lives.
        I don’t think Audrey is being shunned. People just know they are unable to trust her with any information, plus she is always trying to stir the pot between people. They are catching on.

  8. Vanessa=crazy and now much less likeable. Audrey=still a bit strange. Clay=not bright. Gronk=not interesting.

    • Oh come on, Gronk is adding to the sleep deprivation! That’s lots of fun!

      ETA: It’s almost 7 AM and all HGs are sleeping … time for another Gronk party!!

  9. Most of these HGs are bonkers.. and I love it. The overthinking, the paranoia, the lies is going to make for a fun season.

  10. I hate to say it, but I am hoping Audrey stays just a little longer. She IS definitely a little nutso. But her strategy of keeping the confusion rampant and being a huge factor in all the paranoia is creating a whole lot of entertainment. No one, even us, has absolutely no idea of what she would do if she ever has the opportunity to be HOH. I would like to see that just for the heck of it.

  11. 12:41 PM BBT – Clay asks James why the show is called “Big Brother.” James tries to explain, but Clay clearly has no idea. Sigh.
    Someone need to buy this guy the George Orwell book.

  12. Whew these people are here to play! I don’t care for Sheli and Clay so I hate that Vanessa aligned with them. I’m really hoping after John finds out Vanessa lied, he will be done with them…

  13. VANESSA is great. How do you think she got to be a pro poker player? She Is HOH. And making her big play. She has to -roll the dice-always count the #.Going after the big fish. And always staying 2 steps ahead. Do not let her overthinking fool you! She is a pro….

      • I really believe if you are paranoid of who you put up,as Van is, you are playing the game. I also admire the first 2 possibly the first 3 HOHs. They went after their target and went through with it. They weren’t talked out of it. Again playing the game

    • Vanessa seems to be making up time in the BB house by talking a blue streak ~ When playing poker, I believe there’s a lot less talk and much more game.

  14. Referring to the pic above…Audrey looks like she just got caught taking a bite out of an apple she forgot to pay for. I didn’t do it! I swear! LOL

    • Lol I was actually looking at the picture and thinking how much of a compulsive liar it portrays her! It fits her personality to a T! ^__^

  15. So happy Clay doesn’t have a twin ~ the world is a better place without 2 Clay’s.

  16. Haha OK guys correct me if I’m wrong but am I the only one who’ve heard that Jeff supposedly masturbated while in bed with Liz beside him and later wiped the residue on her back?

      • But yeah no one knows…he might of been able to get away with that stuff on TAR but certainly not on BB come one there’s cameras everywhere watching your every move….you are bound to get caught!

      • From what I have heard of Jeff from other posters, he isn’t the most tactful person in the world. It probably doesn’t take them long to figure out where the cams are and the small areas not filmed. Something like that would probably not be that hard to spot.

      • Yeah I agree but I mean you never know with Jeff?! Haha imagine if it is true and Vanessa some how finds out! That would be a great reason for her to put him up and evict him. ^_^

      • Well, she is using something similar to try to get James evicted, supposedly he has demeaned women or something to that effect.

      • The was an article about it and thy showed the video. It looks like he does from one angle. But, from the other camera angle it proves he didn’t and there was already a stain on Liz’s shirt that he was pointing out.

      • So I’ve heard…she said the same about James but I have yet to see that from him

      • Ive been watching the feeds pretty constantly and I haven’t seen him say anything demeaning. He is kind of gross and has some weird stories with women, but none of it is in a hurtful or demeaning way. It reminds me of Audrey going around saying Becky is racist even though she is not. In the house you can come up with anything to try to sway people one way or another.

      • Haha not according to Vanessa! According to her he is a major threat that has got to go

      • He’s permanently attached to a dental chair in the Have Not room. Laying with sunglasses on, we can’t see if he’s awake or sleeping ~~ listening to what’s going on around him. He’s scary ~~ always in stealth mode.

      • Haha right like at any moment he’ll pull a Diamond veto from his rear and prove all of her accusations! ^_^

      • Yeah, I don’t have feeds but I really would like to know if it is true that James speaks offensively toward or about women. I haven’t seen it either. But neither have I seen Jeff.

      • I have the feeds James and Jeff are kind of gross and do talk about women a lot, but I haven’t seen anything that I would consider demeaning or offensive and I watch hours of feeds a day (yes I have no life haha)

      • Haha your not the only one! Speaking of that my stomach has been growling for the past hour now which reminds me that I haven’t eaten! Lol this happens everytime I come on here! ^__^

      • glad im not the only one (im talking about watching the feeds and not eating haha)

      • TAR is a completely different ball game. They’re not confined in a house with all the other contestants. There is constant movement from one country to another, etc. etc. BB has its’ weaknesses. I hope if it is true, there will be consequences for Jeff’s squeamish behavior.

      • Oh I completely agree and I really think there will be consequences. Jeff better just hope that those consequences doesnt lead him to an instant eviction because that is what I’m assuming would be the case if this is true

  17. Why in the world is Vanessa trying to save Audrey if it’s just ruining her game. This is a horrible move and it will be her demise!

    Also, I thought Austin had a GF so why is he so obsessed with Liz?

  18. Vanessa was straight up cracking me up with thinking Clay was a twin. Her confronting him and saying she knows and it’s okay…he doesn’t have to hide it…ROFL….I was balling until the point where I shed tears. She sounded so convinced! OMG! She is hilarious. This Liz/Julia twin thing really got her paranoid! Literally the funniest 20 minutes of Live Feeds so far…a close second is when Shelli and Clay were arguing about the faces Clay were making to Shelli and she got mad about it…

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