Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 1: Monday Night Highlights

Audrey has calmed down a bit on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds, but it’s almost like she passed the torch to Jeff, as he spent the evening going from houseguest to houseguest declaring war against Audrey.

Jeff spent the evening rounding up troops to go after Audrey. Source: CBS All Access

Jeff’s quest was seemingly successful, too, as he managed to get most of the house on board. OK, they were already on board because they’re tiring of Audrey pulling everyone’s strings. But Jeff was definitely the star of the Live Feeds for most of the evening.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, June 29, 2015:

4:17 PM BBT – James and Meg no longer trust Audrey and agree to not tell her any real information.

4:28 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are talking about laying low and not playing so hard. Austin says he doesn’t trust James.

4:51PM BBT – Meg comes up with a plan to handle Audrey.

4:53 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells James and Meg that Vanessa is a professional poker player.

5:30 PM BBT – House is mostly quiet.

7:40 PM BBT – HGs bring up an interesting point that Vanessa hasn’t been up to the HOH room and Liz has only been up there once or twice.

7:59 PM BBT – Jeff working to distance himself from Jackie. He even tells some of the others that he wishes someone else from The Amazing Race was there. When he says  her name, feeds cut to fish.

9:17 PM BBT – Da’Vonne tells Jeff that Audrey is coming for him. Day tells him that Audrey tried to plant the seed that Jeff and Meg are in a showmance and that they’re making her nervous. Jeff says Audrey is crazy and says he thinks they’re all on the same page now that they have to get Audrey out of there.

9:27 PM BBT – Jeff, fuming from what he learned from Day, tells Austin that he’s targeting Audrey. He says he’s given her multiple chances and he’s done. He tells Austin that he knows they had a shaky start, but he’d never put him up now because he’s after Audrey. Austin says not to worry because there’s an “underground movement” to get her out. Austin also tells Jeff not to involve Clay because he’s too close with Audrey.

9:40 PM BBT – Jeff is making his rounds Audrey-style. Now he’s talking to Liz about how Audrey has to go because she’s telling people lies like he and Meg are in a showmance and are collaborating to get Audrey out.

9:49 PM BBT – Jeff catches John and Becky to throw in an “Audrey is f-ing crazy” moment, but unlike most of the house, those two just take the information in and continue laying low as they should be in week one.

9:52 PM BBT – Jeff does what Austin and Jason have told him not to do and goes to Clay about Audrey. He tells Clay that she’s been acting weird and trying to stir stuff up against himself. Jeff then tells Clay that there’s a rumor that Meg and himself are scheming to target people in their alliance.

10:54 PM BBT – Clay tells Audrey and Shelli that Jeff told him someone is making up rumors that Jeff and Meg are collaborating to get people in their group out. Jason walks away and Audrey says she doesn’t trust him.

11:04 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Jeff are talking about ways to target Audrey. They agree she has to be backdoored so she can’t win her way off the block. Day tells Jeff that the reason why they are on Audrey’s radar is because they have her figured out.

11:28 PM BBT – Audrey tells Meg about what Clay told her Jeff said about her and Jeff rumored to be collaborating. Audrey says it’s annoying though because Clay doesn’t know who Jeff heard the rumor from. Audrey then asks Meg how much she trusts Jason on a scale of 1-10. Meg says she trusts him. Audrey says if she wins HOH she would backdoor Da’Vonne because she and Jason make her nervous. Meg asks “don’t you think other people in the game are more of a threat?” and asks who else she’d put up. But Audrey is really focused on Day.

12:18 AM BBT – Audrey tells Jeff that Clay told her about the rumor from earlier. She asks him where he heard it and he says Jace.

12:25 AM BBT – Jace campaigns to Jeff, asking him to vote out Jackie.

12:51 AM BBT – Jeff pulls Clay aside and lets him know the entire house is out against Audrey. He explains what she’s been doing. Jeff doesn’t want Clay to tell Shelli and especially not to tell Audrey.

1:05 AM BBT – Clay tells Jeff he’s on board and to let the evict-Audrey movement know he’s with them.

1:20 AM BBT – Audrey and Shelli have found Clay and are interrogating him on his long talk with Jeff. Clay didn’t come prepared for that.

1:45 AM BBT – Clay is pushing back on Audrey saying he trusts her and yet she keeps going at him like this.

1:55 AM BBT – Audrey wants Jeff there to tell his side of things. Jeff is handling it better (lying) than Clay was. Jeff shifts things to the topic of Austin.

2:15 AM BBT – Jeff & Clay pull Shelli in to the Lounge and tell her the deal about Audrey lying and causing the problems. Jeff says Audrey is going down and taking them with her if they don’t get away.

2:25 AM BBT – Audrey just busted in to the Lounge and caught Clay, Shelli, and Jeff talking. Uh oh.

2:55 AM BBT – Audrey went up to HoH to wake up James and is trying to cast blame on Da’Vonne and Jeff.

3:05 AM BBT – Jeff lets Da’Vonne know everyone is learning about Audrey. Jason joins them and finds out as well.

3:25 AM BBT – Backyard plotting ends when Audrey walks out. Audrey and Jace start going at it.

3:30 AM BBT – Clay tells James he and Shelli are on board with going after Audrey.

3:35 AM BBT – Audrey and Jace are shouting. She tells him his renom wasn’t last minute and the whole house knew.

3:45 AM BBT – Jace really, really wants to call a House Meeting. Jeff walks him back saying it won’t change the votes. Earlier James promised Jace he can have the HM tomorrow.

So we and the house got a reprieve from Audrey’s rounds, but Jeff definitely picked up the slack. It’s shaping up to be an all-out war between Audrey and Jeff, but then again, Audrey’s sights seem to go from person to person, so we could have a house vs. Audrey war on our hands soon. It’s definitely going to be a crazy week next week.

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    • Someone needed to put Aud on blast, but he needs to be careful and not go too aggressively at it because it could backfire. Hope he tones it down a little, but yes, go Jeff!

      • Jeff is way too aggressive..I don’t really care for him. He’s loud on the feeds and he just irritates me!

      • Hey, Lynn, in your opinion, is he more irritating on the feeds than Aud has been so far?

      • They both irritate me! Audrey messed up for sure..Jeff, I think, has a temper..I saw a little of that last night..I would love to see that House Meeting..I wish people would stop telling Jace not to do it!!

      • What is everyone afraid of, confronting Aud? I don’t understand why NO one seems to want a HM unless they are each as guilty as the next.

      • Maybe they are afraid of exposing all their various alliances. Audrey has had more than anyone, but most of the house has had at least two separate alliances.

      • Hey there, FLdreaming, nice to see you. I can’t and am not even trying to keep up with all of those alliances. I don’t know how Audrey is managing that.

      • I also watched him on the amazing race..i thought a few times he was condescending and disrespectful to Jackie..and when he was..she jumped his butt!

      • Agreed! I don’t like him either. I like Jackie much better than I like Jeff.

  1. Ah so it begins… the secret that nobody can keep to get out the obvious houseguest that somebody will inevitably want to keep… I’m starting to see that Big Brother really doesn’t start happening until the 3rd or 4th week of each season when we have characters who show their true alliances and strengths.

    • On Thursday it will be 2 weeks since these HGs walk into the house. So 3rd week IS next week.

      • Very true, so at some point next week I anticipate the early signs of actual character revelation… It makes sense if you think about it – people need time to stop ”playing to the cameras” and reveal their true identity… :)

        Mind you I do think it will only be the early signs of character revelation. Heck I remember everyone thinking that Aaryn was America’s sweetheart when she first walked into the house for the first couple weeks… then once she got comfortable with Gina Marie woah that changed! ;)

      • Yes. You have to get to know everyone. A mean person can ACT nice only so long. And, so long, Audrey!

  2. Well, that’s a lot of actions. Great job Branden.
    Wonder if the Jeff and Jackie are still just hiding their tie.

  3. I am glad I bought the feeds this season for the first time. Usually I rely on updates or use a website that streams the feeds. It’s only week 1 and it’s already awesome.

  4. Watched some of BBAD last nite/this morning. Drum roll: The ants have been spotted (in droves)!!! Eeeeeeekkk!

  5. Jeff can not keep his trap shut. He tells everyone everything. So mad he told Clay about the backdoor plan. Glad the JohnnyMac is still under the radar.

    • I was mad too but now Clay and Shelli are apparently on board to target Audrey also so maybe it was a good idea to get everyone talking.

  6. Hi everyone! I’ve been away since Thursday night. I’ve watched the shows and read all of the blog posts, but not much of the comments, yet. OK, so I know the game spoilers, Audrey backlash, and as usual can’t keep up with the initial multitude of alliances and their silly names … what I want to know is the real dirt. Anyone care to recap for me, please?

    PS: Wil Hueser’s video recap is as hilarious as past years! Check out youtube dot com/watch?v=73Zr45d9n5I

    • Hey red and same here ive caught up by reading the posts on here but I believe most of what was written on the blog posts are what went down in the house….that’s what I assume ^_^

    • Hey, redroses. Happy you made it back safe and sound. It won’t take long to catch up. Think fire coming out of Aud’s eyes, lies, deception and throwing everyone else under the bus and you have the makings of the last few days of Audville. LOL

    • I’m gonna miss Wil’s parody of BB16 housemates but I’m excited how this new batch of Wil characters plays out.

      He already nailed Meg to a tee. Bwahahaha!

      • It’s too bad that Jace is on his way out, because I think he nailed him, too!

      • Hopefully his exit is as memorable as Joey was last year (on BB17 Saga that is).

        Hi I’m Joey, and I’m a liberal! (throws bottle into a trashcan)”

  7. Hopefully Clay and Shelli are truly on board and won’t go back on their word because I’m pretty sure the whole house will be gunning after them if they some how manage to find a way to save Audrey

  8. Thanks for the update Brandon. I had problems with the feeds last night and opted for sleep (silly me). Now, Jeff is the one I thought would be the one to play too hard, too fast. Will he crash and burn??? we shall see.

  9. At first it seemed like John, Becky and Steve would be left out in the cold this season, because they played like most play in other seasons, just lay back and wait for a natural alliance to form. Now I would argue to say that those 3 are in the best position in the house. None have been guilty of plotting or planning against anyone and they are still open votes for a future alliance to gather up.

      • I hope they don’t do the same pawns for BotB, like last year. Seeing the same 3-4 people over and over grew really tiresome. I love a good backdoor as much as the next fan, but I really want them to mix it up and have some “real” battles this year!

      • I don’t think they would find too many people willing to throw a BOTB this season. Anyone doing so would be foolish. I agree about wanting to see more real battles this season than we got last season.

      • There was one immunity challenge I saw last week on an international BB version that I thought would make a good fit as a potential BOB comp, just to make it creative:

        Two teams of two will each need to score a point by throwing tennis balls to three holes on a structure installed on top of an inclined platform filled with slippery sand while they are attached to a strap connected to a pole. Each of the three holes correspond to a random number of points (1st hole=7, 2nd hole=3, 3rd hole=8).

        The team with the most points scored within the allotted time will be safe for the week. Loses stay on as nominees.

      • One of the conversations I heard (I think it was from here) is to simply get a target like Audrey put on the block right away and have a pawn throw the comp so they would lose so that they only have to worry about POV.

        Similar to the failed attempt to get Frankie out when he rode solo as Caleb sat out and managed to caught up with Zach and Donny who somehow came up short before losing out although hopefully this time, whoever is on the other side of the block should make sure they manage to actually win BOB.

      • Hahahaha Caleb couldn’t even throw a competition successfully, I don’t miss BM for a minute.

  10. So, why doesn’t the house just go against what audrey and clay have been plotting and vote to keep jace in the house? Hate it for Jackie, but, she really is a non-player..keeping Jace would be much more entertaining! I hope he gets the votes to say..seeing him and audrey go after each other for a couple of weeks would be great feed watching!!

    • As useful as Jace has been in exposing Audrey, the HGs know that he can do the same to them. The moment he gets nominated, he’s going to ruin the game of whoever put him up. James, Jason and co. want non-players like Jackie to stay because they can control her. Jace is a double-edged sword.

    • I think Clay wants Jace to stay. It was James and Jason that really wanted him out. Clay was in the dark about Audrey until last night. He thought he could trust her but now he’s seen the light. Lol

  11. NEWS: Aud knows about the twin twist. Her “dreams” keep coming true. Shelli thinks production is feeding Aud info on twists and comps. 4:30am convo, cam 1. Aud’s position in the house may be fixed by production. Oy.

    • Just the thoughts of production interference in any way irks me. I’m sure they do small things that help blow up ratings, but does anyone think it is possible that the HGs know this and have to sign contracts that make them aware of possible interference that could negatively affect their game?

      • There’s always going to be ways that production protects themselves ”legally” while at the same time protecting their most important asset…ratings! (E.g. you come into the diary room, and I’m asking you a series of questions to get your best captions…totally legit right? …but what if some of those questions are ”leading” like: ”How do you feel about this season’s Big Twist? Give me some examples of how things could be twisted this season… Of the following twists which would really surprise you – A twin entering the house, a past houseguest coming back, a famous actor being your coach…etc”) something like that…

      • Well I somewhat empathize because although we don’t get ”reality” from our reality shows (people shouldn’t expect that was the case to begin with), we do get producers who focus on product more than integrity. Good for viewers, bad for society. ;)

  12. I hate Audrey’s glasses. Where did she get them? They need to be bigger, right? Calling Dr. Will!!!!

    • I don’t know who I hate more. It’s a toss up between Audrey and that dumb blonde Gina Marie from the previous season. There is no room for bigotry and racism. Damn Mormons.

  13. See, I’m thinking this is the season where it’s gonna be stupid to try and plan ahead. Sure, we always get the “here’s what we’re gonna do next week, but it comes down to the HOH” plans, but now they’re gonna have to deal with the BB Takeover twist, which is going to change the game every single week. What may seem like an absolute certainty can always end up turned on it’s head by the time the Takeover Twist actually plays out. Granted, that only makes the game more fun for us, provided that the twist goes the way we want so our own individual favorites don’t get evicted too soon.

  14. Are Clay and Shelli truly on board with the plan? Haven’t been watching lately so I really don’t know

  15. Quote from James: “This house is The Brady Bunch through the day and the Manson Family at night.”

  16. Great job Branden! A lot going on to try and catch it all. I think we may have a good cast this year to keep it from being boring.

  17. Please get that Audrey dude out that house. She or he is a disgrace and a liability to the LGBT community.

    • Why are you calling her a dude? Especially if you are concerned about LGBT issues. BB15 was two years ago; leave your bigotry in the past.

  18. Shelli was spilling some truth tea about production last night! She was telling Meg/James/Jeff/Day/Jason) about how Audrey’s “dreams” about the BOTB competition came true, as though Audrey was being fed tips by production. Jason mentioned something about a folder in the DR the first week, Shelli said Audrey was the first person sniffing around about a twin, and they either think production is playing favorites with her, or she’s some sort of America’s Player/Mole.

    I think that’s the jist of it, but the feeds were cutting in and out, trying to block what they were saying.

    Crazy. Even though the whole house is against her at this point she’s probably not going home. Or if she gets the twins exposed there is most likely going to be a buy back so there’s also that if production can’t help her from getting evicted.

  19. I need to quit going to bed so early. I watched some of the drama with Jeff running around talking to everyone. Then it got quiet so I went to bed. And it wasn’t that early my time. (1am). But BB time it’s only 10. I’m taking a nap and staying up all night so I don’t miss all the drama. Lol. Glad for the flashback. Now to catch up.

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