Big Brother 17: Audrey & Jace Face-Off While Jeff Knocks Out Her Last Support

The Big Brother 17 comes alive at night, late late at night, and last night was no different as Jace Agolli faced off against Audrey Middleton while Jeff Weldon worked to eliminate the last of her support.

Jace Agolli goes at Audrey Middleton on Big Brother - Source: CBS All Access
Jace Agolli goes at Audrey Middleton on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Jace is looking like a lock for eviction on Thursday, but that hasn’t stopped him for campaigning for votes and including a lot of his focus on Audrey for the games she’s been playing. Of course the other Houseguests have become away of what’s she’s doing but that isn’t likely to stop Jace from going. Nor is it going to stop the drama. Excellent.

Flashback to 6/30 3:25AM BBT Cams 3/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now to watch). Audrey has been alerted to Jace and heads out to the backyard to shut him down. She says she doesn’t think it’s fair for James to take all the blame for Jace’s renom. Then she says she’s tired of taking the blame for the renom. I dunno.

Audrey reveals to Jace that every knew he was going up, which is true, but Jace says it’s a lie. He is still believing James’s story that someone got in his ear just before this week’s Veto Ceremony. Jace pushes back saying Audrey fills the house with her lies. She demands examples but he doesn’t give them.

Voices are raised as the two begin to yell at each other. Jace says she’s the next target and is going home next week. (Shh, Jace. Shh.) Audrey denies this and tells him no one is coming after her.

They continue on for five minutes going back and forth as the rest of the present HGs do their best to stay out of it. So what about Jace’s claims that she’s next? At the moment he’s right on the money, $500K worth of money.

Jump back that night to 12:51AM BBT Cams 3/4. Clay starts out saying how much he trusts Audrey for what she’s told him. Jeff breaks it down with examples of all her lies. Soon Clay realizes Jeff is right and Audrey is the troublemaker. He sees this could easily pull his game down with hers and promises he’s with Jeff and now against Audrey.

Time to pull in Shelli. Go to 2:15AM BBT Cams 3/4. Jeff was worried to tell her since he expected Shelli to want to run it back to Audrey. Luckily for Jeff, Clay convinces Shelli with more examples and is soon in agreement.

Adding to the excitement their hidden whisper fest, at 2:19AM BBT, Audrey walks in to the Lounge and catches all three together. Cover story time! Jeff quickly shifts to be about Jace planning a big move to try and stay. We’re at full circle as Audrey is ramping up to shut down Jace’s plans.

By the end of the night Audrey seems worried, but continues to believe Clay & Shelli have her back. She’s promised to lay low for the next two days and stop talking game, but the last time she made that promise it lasted a few mins. Get ready for more wild & crazy today on the Big Brother Feeds!


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  1. When will these houseguests ever learn? Every year there is someone who comes in playing way too hard the first week and they always end up being sent home within the next couple of weeks.

    • It makes for good TV, though! If they were all excellent game players, it’d be like watching a game of chess—all strategic and lots of niceties to go around (aka not good TV)

      • Sure it makes for good tv but if I was a houseguest I would rather be the last person out of the house with 500k in my bank account instead of being evicted the second week.

  2. I think we need to give props to Robyn Kass and her team for the sixteen she wrangled up this year. After two years of racists, faux-celebrities, and wimps, she’s given us a cast that — at least at this early stage — has been very entertaining. There isn’t a single HG that I can stay I haven’t enjoyed watching on the feeds. I hope this batch can keep it up.

    • I’m not going to get into Bb15. But I think the only casting mistakes last year were Frankie and Derrick. Frankie for obvious reasons and Derrick for squashing all the drama and intelligence out of the houseguests to the point that the whole season was boring

      • There was no intelligence to squash out of the Detonators. Christine was a self-righteous idiot, Cody was all bark but no bite and would have been dead meat without Derrick, Caleb was a nutjob who only survived to the final four because Derrick switched targets, Victoria was worthless, and Zack, while entertaining, was too scatterbrained to do any good strategy. Then there’s Jocasta and all the other women except Nicole, who were absolute pushovers.

        Don’t blame Derrick for taking advantage of the cards he was dealt. BB needs more people who understand the game and who aren’t afraid to play it, and Derrick fit into that category.

      • Didn’t mean to offend anyone…. I think most ppl would agree that Derrick played a game that deserved to win, but most ppl would also agree his gameplay involved controlling all the hgs to follow his orders, which was not particularly fun to watch. Maybe “intelligence” is not the right word for this, but what I meant to say is the other hgs seemed to be his puppets

      • I don’t think you offended anyone, Brys. Speaking for myself, I like reading opinions that differ from mine. Sometimes they have made me rethink my own and resulted in me altering mine. Say what you feel and don’t worry about who disagrees.

      • I couldn’t disagree more about your assessment of Derrick, if anything, we need more Derricks. The problem was that he was surrounded by a bunch of followers and he was the only leader. If they gave Derrick some competition, the season would have been much more interesting.

        By that same logic, they shouldn’t cast people like Dr. Will and Dan for trying to control everyone as well. It’s just a matter of the resistance they faced.

      • BB15 is the only season that I haven’t seen because my parents both had drawn-out serious medical issues and there was no question about what was priority. Last year was my first to post on BBN and I took the advice of the majority not to waste my time to watch it, and people still talk about how bad it was. I think I got great advice. Thanks,BBNers.

      • You are so right about Derrick. With his background he had them so dumbed down that there was no play to the game. Never any action always pulled them in and said lets talk about it or let’s think about it. Was so glad when it ended tho BB is one of the best shows.

      • I’ll agree with you on Frankie.

        But Derrick played a heck of a game. The problem wasn’t that they casted a Derrick, the problem was that they didn’t cast 2 or 3 of them. That would have made last season a whole lot more entertaining.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. For the first time, “live feeds” became so difficult to watch because there’s so much information to tackle in one week.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I love the cast this year. Probably more brain wattage alone than the last three seasons combined. Extremely diverse too. WTG BB!!

  3. I’m torn…I want Audrey to go next but I LOVE the drama she brings with her. Might be boring after she goes!

  4. Doesn’t Audrey remind you of Amanda from the previous season. They even look a bit alike as well.

    • I was thinking the same thing! I’m just waiting for her to blow a gasket rather than staying calm-headed as she has been up to now.

      • Once she catches whiff that the rest of the house is onto her, she’ll definitely flip—can’t wait! So far she still thinks she’s the smartest (lol) and is outwitting everyone.

      • Yes! But she’s a bit diva, so her game play would quickly fall apart the second she hits the sand. Lack of shelter and food will do that.

      • I was not serious at all. You used the word “outwit” and I thought Survivor. Aud would NEVER even try to get on Survivor.

      • That gets wild sometimes, especially the families or the one with the football guys. Some of those answers are absolutely ridiculous and hilarious. Good entertainment.

      • Part of Audrey’s personality seems to be that she stays calm in the moment when she’s being confronted. I would guess she is a drama queen outside of the house and being calm when she is found out is part of her way to try to lend credibility to her troublemaking. Just a guess, but I’ve met folks who do exactly that. The angry accuser comes off looking like the lunatic….

      • Otherwise known as “gaslighting” from the old movie Gaslight. The Gaslighter can be extremely frustrating to deal with as you have described above.

  5. I’m with Marcus. Aud (great nickname) is just a negative Nellie. Just playing games and, I’ll call it what it is, Aud, being untrustworthy.

    • Audrey just can’t seem to help herself can she? She seems to be a very impulsive person and just can’t quit playing games with everyone.

  6. Jeff better be really careful too on who he wants to convince in getting Aud out of the house.

  7. So glad to see Clay finally waking up and able to see the real Audrey.
    He might be just a little too gullible to be able to last long in the BB house.

    • I bet his Mom was about ready to disown that boy, not seriously. I hope Aud can’t persuade him to start doubting the others, as I agree, Foxfire, he seems to tend to be a wee bit gullible.

      • Some people are just too nice to be able to play BB. I’m hoping Clay will find another alliance and stick around awhile.

      • Yesterday, I was ready to give up on him having any common sense. Today, I’m keeping my eyes and ears open, and hopefully, he won’t disappoint.

      • Definitely, not too late tho’. This is my early to bed night, by 9:00 I hope to be having a nice dream.

      • Yes, I am in bed and ready for the sandman. I take a pill to help me sleep a couple of times a week and tonight I’m sleeping!

      • It does. My husband has had very many laughs at my expense, believe me. I really shouldn’t be online after I take it. I am not responsible for my actions or words. LOL

      • I sure found that out ~~ I got kinda scared. Didn’t know what was happening to you and I had no way to notify anyone of your whereabouts.

      • I’m going to have to go back to see what I said. I hope you are messing with me, Cuddledud.

      • Karen dear ~ I would never mess with your mind and feelings. You were seriously out of it K~

      • Ok, better get off of here, don’t want that happening again. I’ll have to check what I said tomorrow. You’ve got me worried. Night, Cuddledud.

      • The only other things that I really enjoy except for Survivor, BB, TAR, are shows like Life Below Zero, Mountain Men, shows about Alaskan adventures. If I feel like a laugh, Impractical Jokers can’t be beat.

      • K, so we’ve got Surv, BB and TAR in common. What about the Bravo Housewives shows?

      • I use to watch them, but I had to stop. So much negativity and crooks. But it was entertaining.

      • I watch NY cause I’m a NYer .. especially when they film scenes on Long Island.

      • I moved to NH in 2003 ~~ I was born and raised on Long Island and have strong ties to NY. Wish we had speakers so we could share more easily.

      • So you gravitate towards shows that take place in cold weather and have macho men. Interesting. I like Ninja Warriors, America’s Got Talent, The Fosters, The Good Wife, anything Jane Lynch or Wanda Sykes is on, etc. Yes, I’m a senior cit, worked hard to get to where I can watch TV as much or as little as I want. later K-deer

    • Respecting your opinion, I don’t think Clay is that gullible. I think he’s rather unintelligent but very wily. I think he is kind of wants Audrey to stay so that he won’t be exposed for also being a trouble maker. I also think Shelli needs to think about herself in the game because if not she’ll end up in just another showmance as Clay is clearly using her.

      • I don’t have the feeds and so far this season of BB has been so crazy I don’t know what to think or who’s even in what alliance. I believe Clay is more gullible than unintelligent though. He’s a good person who is going to have difficulty recognizing liars since these are not the type of people he’s been around for most of his life in Texas. I do hope Clay is wily enough to play with the others but not having the feeds I’m not able to judge whether he’s either gullible or wily. By trusting Audrey I suspect he’s gullible.

  8. everybody can say what they want about BB15 having racist and whatever but it was fun to watch, last year was the most boring ever

  9. the reason that BB had to change after season 1 was because the audience voted all the drama people out right away and then it wasnt worth watching

  10. i think a all star next year would be good but have only one person from every season so far, either all the winners or ones that havent been on again…and please no chicken george

  11. John is doing exactly what he’s supposed to do. Go to sleep for a month!. You can not win this early of the game, you can only lose.

    • Liz has a twin sister Julia. We call them Juliz. They have switch many times so far.

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