Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It’s Day 3 of flip-flopping on who will go home this week in the Big Brother 17 house and it’s gotten so bad that the idea of deciding who goes based on the game Rock-Paper-Scissors was brought up. And yes, they were serious.

Vanessa discusses deciding this week’s vote by rock-paper-scissors – Source: CBS All Access

Talk later turned to just letting everyone vote how they want and not even tell anyone how they’re voting. This is my favorite idea, but with Vanessa in the house, this could never happen. It’s anyone’s guess who will be walking out the door Thursday night.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 26, 2015:

9:30 AM BBT – Feeds are up and so are a few HGs. John is hanging around in the backyard.

11:45 AM BBT – BB calls a lockdown. HGs head inside. They’ll be there until after Thursday’s show.

12:10 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa his idea about having the eviction decided live on Thursday by having the noms play Rock Paper Scissors on the spot. Austin doesn’t think production could stop them from it if they decided that’s what they’d do during the live show.

12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa, Austin, and Meg continue to discuss the eviction vote and how they could do it. They consider just having everyone vote how they want instead of playing RPS. Vanessa then suggests maybe they should vote to keep whoever says they’ll throw the HoH comp. Of course Vanessa knows that would be John. Meg says Steve told her he would not throw the HoH comp.

12:50 PM BBT – Vanessa suggests whoever is evicted on Thursday night will be the one to return. (It hasn’t worked out like that the past few seasons though.)

1:40 PM BBT – Vanessa questions Steve and wants to know if she would have been the evicted HG last week if Becky had won the Veto. Steve says he doesn’t know. Vanessa leaves.

2:18 PM BBT – Meg tells James she’s not into the RPS voting idea. She says it will make them look like bullies. Meg is talking about how this could be a real vote (referring to the discussion that everyone should just secretly vote how they want).

2:36 PM BBT – Meg, James and John talk about what happened to the Takeover twist and wonder if it was dropped because America didn’t like it.

2:56 PM BBT – Vanessa still coming up with conspiracy theories. She wonders if Jackie and Jeff were actually married.

3:14 PM BBT – Liz and Austin talking about making sure Steve is cool with them in case he wins the next HOH. Austin also talks about how to make sure John will be OK with them if he gets evicted then wins the competition to come back in the game and then wins HOH. Liz doesn’t think John or Steve would win because they’d be too flustered after what had just gone down.

3:35 PM BBT – Meg and Vanessa are now discussing the vote. Meg says Steve might be harder to get out later because he’s been pretty good at fighting his way off the block. She says this might be their chance to get him out. Vanessa says she’s fine with with that and fine with either going. Meg wants to know if anyone feels strongly one way or the other Vanessa says just her because of her fight with Steve (so she prefers Steve to go). Vanessa is always up to something the past two days so she’s working on something to use against Meg here, surely.

3:37 PM BBT – Vanessa and Meg agree that Steve is very fake in the game and that neither of them have that skill like he does.

3:46 PM BBT – Vanessa is still bored so she goes to Austin and Liz to talk about whether or not Johnny Mac threw the POV. Austin says he’s not sure but maybe. Vanessa says it doesn’t make sense that JMac would’ve thrown the veto being up next to Becky (she has a feeling she was an actual backdoor plan, it seems). She wants to know if Steve is still not being honest with her.

3:48 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa that they need to come up with something to make sure John is OK with them if he gets evicted and then wins the comeback competition and HOH and comes after him. Vanessa is still wondering if Steve is still just being fake about everything. Vanessa can’t shake her Steve doubts.

3:50 PM BBT – Austin says it’ll be easy to get John out next week unless Becky comes back and makes them a strong duo. They are starting to annoy themselves and production with all the flip-flopping. Vanessa orders them to make up their mind and stop changing it.

3:57 PM BBT – It’s yoga time in the living room.

I still can’t conclude as to what’s going to happen tomorrow night. It always seems like Johnny Mac has the most potential to be evicted, but Vanessa is still pretty upset with Steve. But then she turns and contradicts herself, so we’re left scratching our heads.

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  1. V’messa is doing everything and action to find out info to use against everybody. Just questioning Meg will be used against Meg in a week or two. Her attacks on Steve are calculated to see how others react. She doesn’t really care as long as SHE doesn’t go. The Austwins are doing the right thing making sure V’messa does not return from the Jury. She is aggravating.

  2. I can’t believe how they know things but forget. I sure hope their DR gives some kind of explanation as to why they seem to keep trusting Vanessa and letting her get her way. good to read James is having thoughts about splitting Austin and the twins.

    • It’s about friggin time!
      Now as far as Austin & his harem……. Please-uh get those three-uh out-uh already-uh!! I CAN’T STAND THEM!! Like, really can’t stand them.
      He’s full of himself or ‘judas’ or whoever he thinks he wants to be & the twins…. They’re just ‘mean girls!’ Biatches! Mom & dad must be very proud of 2 of their kids, fer sure der!
      Yes, BB you sure do know how to pick’em!! But then you had Frankie on last year so what the hell was I thinking…?…. that normal, descent people would actually be on the show representing the average joe?? Ha!! I laugh at myself!! Foolish!! Haha!!

      • I am so tired of listening to the twins repeating the end of everyones sentences! And to see Austin putting his hands on Liz under the covers makes me puke! Get them out!!!!! I consider them floaters. They just got lucky at the right time. But they all floated there on Venessas back.

      • yea, they did ride the wave until the last 2 weeks, but liz has won when she needed to on the BOB

    • I wish we were but it seems every time I get my hopes up that something big will happen or something good, like evicting Vanessa or Vanessa turning on Austwins, my hopes are dashed by more stupid game play.

      Today both Vanessa called this season’s HGs “wimps. JMac said everyone is playing cowardly. Except for James the rest are afraid of their shadows. The paranoia is a foot deep and they are afraid of the dumbest things.

      Its time for someone, anyone, to do something bold. Hopefully James will win HoH next and follow through on his thought to Meg that he will put up Austin and Liz.

      • James has played with emotion or just followed the pack. His game play is non-existent! They all suck but Jonny-Mac!
        I’d like to see Vanessa & Jonny-Mac work with Meg & James tho! For a week or 2!!

  3. Honestly I think Steve will go home. Meg is starting to catch on to him of how shady he is.

  4. The good side of keep safe Vanessa, Austin, Julia & Liz this week is that if some of them go to the jury house the next week that houseguest can’t return; I don’t have nothing against Steve, but I prefer that JMac continue in the game, and I hope see Becky, Jackie or Steve (if he’s evicted) returning to the game and winning the next HoH comp (of they three I think that Becky could win the next HoH comp) for send Vanessa or one of the twins out of the game.

    • But don’t you get the feeling that Steve will just put Meg and James on the block, like he put Jackie and Meg up?

      These people just disappoint week after week – except James and Becky who both made bold moves or at least tried to. But even then they messed it up.

      • Please refresh of what James did? The shelli clay thing? Aweee bold?? I’m not sure. Wasn’t the house pretty even then?? Can’t remember…. Lol

      • That’s the bad side, if Steve continue in the game and wants to go with the “strong” alliance he can put James and Meg, but for his gameplay go with Van & Austwins could be a bad move, he can compete for the 5th place or 4th place. I hope that if he continue he work with James & Meg.

  5. Seriously contemplating using Rock, Paper, Scissors to choose who goes home? That is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is Austin going about saying he’s had his TV time so he’s content. Ugh, he irks me so bad because Jason/Da’vonne/Audrey/Shelli/Jackie would do anything to be there right now for the game!!!

  6. You may not like Vanessa but she is the only one playing the game. I think she is doing a great job and hope she takes it to the end.

    • I can see why people think that. But I wonder if she really is playing that well. She overplays the game sometimes and if not for the lack of courage of the people in the house she would be gone already.

      She is constantly coming up with conspiracy theories that are wrong. She has only managed to escape eviction because Austin is a big wimp. He doesn’t want to make any moves that might upset somebody. Even now he thinks he can evict JMac and do it in a way where JMac will work with him if he’s the one who comes back into the house. It is really bizarre.

      • I think that is what Austin wants to believe, but even jmac told him he would, or anyone in the jury house would come after them when someone comes back. Jackie is the one that scares me if she comes back. She is not strong enough or plays the games hard enough to do amything. She will just get sent right back out.

  7. Whoa at that picture of Meg. No wonder she usually wears the red lipstick, it makes a big difference on her.

  8. I’m waiting until right before live show starts as that’s when I’ll have a better idea who will be evicted! This bunch is just soo chicken sh** and indecisive to put a stamp on anything.

  9. I think John will be voted out. I think Shelli or Jackie will win the competition to come back into the house. Vanessa would be thrilled to work with Shelli again. James and meg would be very happy if Jackie returned.

      • Only if Steve is evicted tomorrow. IMO if Steve stays and Jackie comes back in she will target Steve for getting her out.

      • Read above… G-Man. Jackie talked getting Vanessa, she thinks Steve evicting her was a miscommunication, it really wasn’t but she thinks it was.

      • From the last we saw of Jury House, Jackie would go for Vanessa and she may have Shelli leaning that way too. Becky told Julie, she’d probably go for Liz. I’m sure the 3 gals in Jury have talked it out & shared notes so with the Return and HoH next week could be really excited if the twins or Vanessa doesn’t win HoH.

      • I could see Jackie gunning for Vanessa. Yes Becky will go for Liz. Shelli may gun for Vanessa too, but I have to think James is still in her crosshairs for getting Clay out, after telling her they were safe that week.

      • You guys that are saying Shelli will go for James could be right… problem is we won’t find out if she doesn’t return… if Shelli plans on winning BB then she needs to set sights on Austwins & Vanessa. Think about it, if she aligns w/Austwins & Vanessa at BEST she’s F4 maybe only F5… that don’t pay no money. If she says SHOW ME THE MONEY that means aligning with other side of House and that includes James/Meg, on that side she’s got a shot at F3, maybe F2 or F1.

  10. The way things have been going so far I guess its already arranged that shelling is coming back

  11. I first week I’m not sure who will be evicted but I don’t care. Never guy lived my to their potential as players. They let the women push them around. All the guys this season were so weak and the females dominated. As a female I’m all for a woman winning but I hate all of them except Meg (who is weak) and Jackie (who is gone)

    • It is so true. The way Austin, Steve, James and JMac cower to Vanessa is pretty enbarrassing.

  12. Vanessa’s POV victory was SO SKETCH! 2 minutes plus over everyone? Me thinks I smell the same rat I have smelled all summer – production.

    • IDK. She was practically in everyone’s faces for lengthy moments at a time. She could easily have memorized the memory board too! Others didn’t spend that much time with it as she did.

      • Joni I have always loved your input all summer. You are one of the smartest contributors to this blog. Please recognize what is happening, the production end is fighting tooth and nail to keep Vanessa in the BB house.

    • I don’t think so. Vanessa was never really a back door threat, so production has no reason to help her. Vanessa is also very intelligent and is used to reading people’s faces. I’m not surprised at her quick time.

  13. I think Van Van really wants Lil Stevie gone. She doesn’t really push the idea for Vampire Dentist to stay, so the three urghhh-uhhhhh won’t get pissed with her.
    His Royal Pansiness is being pansy and flip-floping, two things he does best.

    • Yeah, Vanessa is doing an old end around to get Steve out, forcing Austin or Austwins hand on this one. What did he say at the beginning of his HoH, Vanessa not going to run my HoH… yeah, right big boy. He is a pansy. Anyone think like me that Austin thinks he’s America’s Favorite?

      • Yes, Austins opinion of himself is way off. And also yes, he is a huge pansy.

        I don’t understand why he was so afraid to put Vanessa on the block last week or this week? The entire house wanted her gone so its not like she could come back into the house and align with anyone to take him down. If she came back the entire house would have just put her up and voted her out again. :Like James and Meg,he will regret not getting her out when he had the chance.

      • Maybe he knows Vanessa’s game is 10 times stronger than his even though he outnumbers her, he an effing wimp, she does more alone then he does with the twins & goblins behind him in my opinion. Totally agree on a Vanessa eviction, return & evicted again. The wait until next week (Steve’s big revelation) so once she’s gone she won’t be returning was a POOR EXCUSE not to BD her when she was in position, which is mot since she won VETO anyway but you should have been willing/wanting to do it.

  14. I read transcripts on The Joker and who do (the Austwins and Vanessa) think they are? They act like they are in high school or even junior high. Such shallow, self important idiots!

  15. Bye Johnny Mac.
    Anyone of the three could come back in and I know they will go after Austin and his girls, except Shelli. I don’t care for Shelli to win at all.

    • Shelli WILL def be going for the Austwins….. The evicted house guests have been chatting it up in the jury house & this next evicted person will share what went on as well.
      I’d say shelli would work with Vanessa & hopefully JMac & get those 3 idiots out!!

  16. What I find odd in all this is how calmly Vanessa took the news that everyone in the house wanted her out this week. When JMac told her the plan was to get her out and it included a 5 person alliance of Austwins Steve and JMac, she made it clear how angry she was with Steve but showed no anger whatsoever at Austwins. Is she hiding her real intentions? Is she waiting for Shelli to come back so she can align with her to take out Austwins?

    Maybe it means all of her previous acts of crying and wimpering around the house when she thought she was going on the block was just that, acts. I guess we will see, but I am hoping JMac comes back and aligns with James because someone needs to take down the Austwins soon before they run away with the game.

    • I think you’re right about Vanessa and a possible double-cross…when she confronted the Austwins she played it down with them saying she understood why they did what they did…but blew up on Steve being a back stabber…although she wanted to blow up on Austin she held her composure or otherwise she’d be the target for sure next week.

      • Anyone else up for a Triple Eviction next week? All three Austwins or just THE twins and Vanmessa out the door?

  17. I can’t stand Vanessa, or her racoon eye shadow!
    She can’t stand people having fun in the house, she’s gotta be talking game 24-7

    • I think Steve will put up Meg and James if he stays. But then again he seems really angry with Vanessa right now so even if he stays he may put her up too. Frankly, I think Austwins need to win HoH again this week or this may be the week one of them goes home.

  18. I’m so glad it’s only one more week of this jury member to come bsck, and please don’t let it be Shelli. Even though vanessa is the only one playing this game like she wants to win. I really would like to see the look on her face when James or Meg votes her out. Oh how I would love to see sweet little Meg take that know it all out. I can’t stand her and the way she thinks she is so much smarter than everyone else. But, then again, I would love to see Steve take her out as well. Just because of the way she talked to him. Not to mention steve promises austin if they didn’t vote him out he would (if he won HOH) put up the returning HG but would not comment on who the second mom would be. I’m pretty sure he meant vanessa. Then next it’s time to start working on the twins, then Austin. Austin was not so bad until between Liz and Austin winning back to back HOH they have let this power go to their big ol fat heads. Don’t even get me started on the other reasons I can’t stand to look at them. Greeeerooose!!!!

  19. I really hate that Jmac is leaving this week. I hated when Jason left, now Steve or Jmac. UGH!!! All the people I hate are staying.

    So James and Meg need to win some HOH and Veto’s and who ever comes back in to take these a-holes out.

    Truthfully I just think jmac is sick of the process and just wants to get it overwith. Austin and liz are just playing house and Julia is just riding whatever free rides she can jump on. She talk allot of crap, but what has she done…. NOTHING!!! I love the way she hates austin, but if it was not for him and your sister you would be nothing.

  20. I don’t think you can make this stuff up. Are these people really that out of touch with life or are they just that stupid?

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