Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 1: Monday Daytime Highlights

It’s been a somewhat mild day in the Big Brother 17 house. The Live Feeds have mostly included lounging, swimming and eating. In other words, Audrey slept late and hasn’t started making her rounds yet. So let’s appreciate the quiet day, because it surely won’t be a quiet night as the houseguests start getting bored and start thinking about what’s going to happen in the game next week.

Liz — or Julia? — lounges by the pool on a quiet Big Brother 17 Day. Source: CBS All Access

As for Jace, the campaign to stay in the house has slowed down as he spent most of Sunday blowing up and basically securing himself as the first person evicted from Big Brother 17.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, June 29, 2015:

9:30 AM BBT – HGs finally getting up for the day after staying up all night again.

10:10 AM BBT – Jason and some others are talking about the Live Feeds. Jason thinks they’re boring and he doesn’t want to sleep late because he wants to enjoy the experience.

10:45 AM BBT – Clay tells Austin to be careful around Liz because she has said she’s trying to distance herself from Austin. They also talk about making sure they keep Vanessa close and keep that alliance with her strong.

11:00 AM BBT – Vanessa asks Becky if she knows of anyone who doesn’t trust her. Vanessa wants to build trust with everyone. They agree that Austin is pretty hard to read. Vanessa says he’s clearly a good actor since that’s half of what his wrestling career entails.

12:30 PM BBT – General chit-chat going on. Steve talking about past seasons of Big Brother.

12:40 PM BBT – Austin says he’s going to begin campaigning for Jace and that he should lay low from now on. Jace says he thinks the producers want him to stay.

1:30 PM BBT – HGs are just enjoying the day. Not much game talk is going on at the moment.

2:15 PM BBT – Jace is seemingly bummed that he’s getting evicted. Da’Vonne tells him that the season is so long that he might get a chance to come back to the game.

2:29 PM BBT – Shelli tells Jace about the Season 5 Twin Twist. She explains how Natalie and Adria would trade places in the Diary Room. Liz, unfortunately, was no where around.

3:02 PM BBT – Jace and Vanessa talking game. She says she’s the last to know everything. Jace tells her that’s not a bad thing. He also says being nominated outright is better than not being nominated at because you can win Battle of the Block and save yourself. He says if he stays this week, he’s going to volunteer to go up every week.

3:04 PM BBT – Jace tells Audrey and Meg he had a dream last night that was a message from God telling him who backstabbed him. He won’t tell them who it was, though. Audrey tells them about a similar prophetic dream.

3:07 PM BBT – Jace tells Audrey he’s done fighting with her. They agree to not confront each other any more. Jace says he’s not going to blow up anyone’s game when he gets evicted.

3:13 PM BBT – Audrey and Meg are talking about scenarios. They’re wondering who would nominate whom next week. Audrey doesn’t feel safe if Da’Vonne and Jason win HOH.

It sounds like Jace has decided to lay low and accept his fate, but he’s not exactly giving up. He’s still tossing in a few quiet campaign points here and there. But unless the HGs get super bored, I think Jace will be the first evicted.

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  1. “Jace says he thinks the producers want him to stay” … Frankie all over again!!! Ughhh.. Why do some of these houseguests feel they are so loved by America?!? If you think that highly of yourself I definitely wont..

  2. Alrighty folks I’m caught up in the shows (finally) and reading through what Matt and all of you have had to say… It’s interesting… I have to say based on what I’m seeing & hearing I hope that Audrey & Jason are gonners (they strike me as far too weasel-like)… Da’Vonne was one of my early faves but now she’s not really the fan fave I was hoping for either…

    • Yeah Davonne was my favorite to win but she kind of went down on mylist. She’s still pretty high though so maybe she might get back up to the top ^_^

      • You never know… but the way she quickly sells out her alliances will not only lead to ruin, it also shows that what I thought was ”cunning” is really just somebody who is always against the people around her. It’s a hard balance in this game (to trust while not trusting) but both sides are needed.

    • No way I can catch up with everything that was written today. I would have to spend the whole night up. This site is a lot more busy than it was a few years ago. Plus there is so much more on twitter and facebook. I’m doing my best, but it ain’t enough.
      I think Audrey is entertaining. Kind of in the same way Amanda was.

      • I told my wife she reminds me of Amanda the first night I saw her. She even hangs out in the HoH bed all the time like Amanda. But she is no Amanda. I think Audrey is more nuts than Amanda at this stage of the game.

  3. I saw where Vanessa revealed to Day that she was a pro poker player. I don’t know just how much she revealed. Maybe she was afraid she would accidentally let it slip so it would be better to come clean. Not sure of her intention but she must have felt it was a bigger gamble not to tell. If it was suppose to be kept between her and Day, too bad, because Day told Meg and James. ???

    • She should have said, “you need to perfect your poker face if you’re going to lie like that!” hahaha Something I’ve told my son whenever he lied! :-)

      • You know, Deb,I’m not sure. I remember reading where Day told Austin and Austin told someone(I don”t remember who) that Day was a poker dealer. I’ll see if I can find that if no one else answers your question.

      • I went back to Jokers and found where it said:
        “Austin has figured out that Day is a poker dealer.”6/26 @ 10:50 PM
        ” Austin (about Da’Vonne): She’s not even a schoolteacher. She’s a poker player or something.”6/26@ 5:32 PM….There was no indication who he said it to.

  4. All of these alliance may have me confused.but, I do know one thing…Jeff is very loud on these feeds!!

  5. I think Jace had a plan coming into this house. I think he wanted to obtain some fame and turn it into a career. For a few days he seemed to be asking every two minutes if whatever stunt he pulled would make TV. What a hot dog!

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