Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 5 [POLL]

Another week, another Backdoor on Big Brother 17. What used to be a special treat has become as ordinary and mundane as a scripted, shouting Diary Room session.

Vanessa counting the votes on Big Brother
Vanessa counting the votes on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Monday’s Power of Veto Ceremony left little doubt over who was the real target this week and despite there being an opportunity to flip the vote, albeit a very small one, there may be little effort to remain in the game.

After Shelli freaked out and Vanessa capitalized on the opportunity to keep her ally Austin we saw Jason go up on the Block in a surprise move for him and his allies. Those allies make up a short list of Jackie, James, and Meg. With 9 votes out there this week you don’t want to only have 3 allies.

Jason will face off with Becky in a race to get 5 votes against the other to secure eviction. Unless Becky can join the Have-Not group late this week then eat a pizza, omelette, and an apple to earn herself a penalty vote then Jason is in trouble.

Voting against Jason will be Austin, Clay, John, Liz, Shelli, and Steve. Voting against Becky would be James and Meg as they’ve both promised Jason their support. That leaves Jackie in the middle and I’ve heard HGs speculate her vote could go either way.

Even if Jackie voted to keep Jason he’d end up evicted at 6-3 so he’ll need two more votes to flip so he could stay. That wouldn’t be easy.

Shelli expressed regret over Jason going up even before the Veto Ceremony and she even lied that she didn’t know about it after the meeting. But getting her vote flipped would mean she’d have to convince Vanessa as well since I don’t see her doing it without Van’s blessing. Moving on.

Liz and Austin will vote together and both are anxious to see Jason gone. They don’t like him. Austin has been staring Jason down since the ceremony in his overly dramatic ways just to drive that point home. Plus remember that Jason is up as the alternative to Austin getting the Backdoor so there’s no way Austin would mistreat this gift.

John and Steve are the non-pair votes left. John is doing whatever Vanessa tells him and Steve is basically in the same situation. Neither are going to flip.

Looping around I see one path to safety for Jason and that’s through Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay. He’d need to orchestrate some grand scheme that Becky is pissed about how things went this week and is seeking revenge. Alas, Jason has already said he doesn’t think any elaborate plans are worth his while and he won’t pursue them. He’s probably right, but I’d still enjoy watching him try something versus nothing.

How do you think the votes will go on Thursday? Does Jason have any shot surviving against Becky or are we in store for more #BeckyUpdates? Vote in our poll below & share your thoughts.


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  1. I thought Jason was supposed to be a super fan. Why is he just giving up? Fight to flip the house or at least cause havoc. He has no clue hoe to play this game. Good riddance.

    • Agreed, if your going home anyways, why not cause some f’in chaos. Its not like your gonna hurt your allies (they are sitting ducks already).

    • I agree. He’s just going to sit in his favorite spot and smoke until Thursday. You can’t be much of a fan if you’re going to just give up.

    • my hope is that he is waiting until thursday to attack and try to force players to make a quick decision instead of being able to think it over.

      • I think he’ll do an Audrey sort of exit…not fight since he knows it would be a waste with these particular houseguests.

      • I see him finally snapping into it either tomorrow night or Early Thursday. As a last ditch effort.
        I think he’s in the mourning phase of the renom and his superfan brain will kick in soon.
        At least I’m hoping.

    • I find it ironic that he would sit there after Audrey did nearly the same thing! Didn’t they all say you can’t just “hide” out…wtf? Ugh…he has lost me as a fan if he does nothing.

      • Yes he did and he’s doing the same…super fan my ass…mess up the house at least…throw out all the info you know of everyone…and see what happens…looks like this season these hg’s are lazy…ah not point to fight..I’ll just go home and try to get some media gig from this.

    • Exactly. Play the game and stop bitching about everyone during the pity party! I really wish he would have a better attitude towards this and try to get the house to flip on Becky. She has done little in the house so it could be done.

    • He could try and make a plea with the others on the fringe like John and Steve. It may be a longshot but, he should tell them that Shelli and Clay wants them out next and promise them safety if he won HOH! Tell Austin and Liz that Vanessa, Shelli and Clay are planning to evict them but, tell Austin and Liz not to quote him but, keep the info to themselves. If you are able to tell a convincing lie on Big Brother, you win! Last season, Derrick told everyone Nicole was a liar when she was telling the truth. Her big mistake is trusting Derrick and his alliance. Seriously, if you still cannot figure out the alliance members this late in the game, you do not have a clue. The stragglers still have no clue.

  2. Jason, you’ve got to try and get those votes. Don’t just accept your fate. Leave the house knowing that you played the game up until the very last minute.

      • I know what you mean.and he’ll get to read your comment when he’s out of the house. They read BBN

      • Then he’ll do an SMH, regretting that he didn’t do what the viewers expected of him.

      • I do the same thing sometimes. Lol. What’s even worse I talk to the TV like they can hear me.

      • I talk to the tv or even scream at shelli and vanessa how much i hate them. They cant hear me, but it sure makes me feel better.

      • Tell her to shake things up. Everyone in the house thinks Vanessa is the greatest now. They think she’s all alone. Well no duh after she threw everyone in her alliance under the bus in the last 24hrs.

  3. Jason’s biggest fault is that he spent too much time hanging around with Meg and not enough time building other relationships in the house. No way Steve or John are going to flip because they have no relationship with Jason. His best bet is through Shelli and Clay and Jackie, but I don’t see them flipping at this point. He needs some kind of Zach like flip in the votes, but Derrick and Cody had a reason to keep Zach in that they could influence him, whereas people are probably thinking they can influence Becky more than Jason. Really don’t see how he can get to 5, but we’ve seen miracle flips before.

    • steve and jason talk past seasons of big brother some times and not like steve has anything with becky.

      • But the problem with getting Steves vote is he is working with Vanessa. He thinks he has a final 2 with her. So unless Vanessa changes her mind Steve will vote to keep Becky.

      • Right! But remember Steve threw that one hinky vote to evict James over Jeff and Steve heard Becky talking garbage about him a week ago or so and he was mad about it, I think he could potentially switch or just throw a hinky vote.

      • I love it that they’ve yet to figure out who did that…they’ve not ever mentioned Steve’s name at all. Pretty good on Steve to do that!

      • Haha, yeah! Austin was found out but Steve has hidden it and it’s great! Vanessa seems to trust him a lot more than Austin!

      • But sure as God made green grass, there will be another hinky vote this week. I just hope like hell there are two of them just so I can see the blood drain from Austin and Liz’s faces Thursday night. If I was Jason, I would make a deal with Clay and Shelli (to not put them up) for their vote’s this week. Do the same with Jackie and hopefully Shelli will finally tell him she didn’t want him up and that she want’s Becky gone.

  4. Everyone complains when production interferes, but they do it anyway. Why do they do it for players that most of social media don’t like, but not for players that social media likes? Makes no sense to me. There were no twists last week. Production please throw in a last minute surprise twist this week to help Jason!!!

  5. Reposting this:

    I honestly think jason could easily stay in a landslide vote if he just played his cards right.

    He already easily has meg and james.
    He could just tell steve that becky wants him out and get him pretty easily, would also force john to ally with steve.

    He could tell shelli/Clay that becky is looking to target them next week and he would just go after austin

    Similarly he could tell Austin liz becky is planning to target liz next week and he would just target shelli/clay

    Jackie he would just have to convince he has better shot at winning hoh next week then becky and he could better protect her.

    The only one almost definitely keeping becky is john.

    Sadly he just seems to be laying down and dying atm.

    • I don’t see any of those arguments working. First Becky isn’t targeting Clay and Shelli, second Jason doesn’t talk to Becky about game so it doesn’t make sense. He might try the argument with Steve, but why would Steve choose that route over his alignment with Vanessa. The Meg/James side of the house offers little protection.

      Same thing with Austin and Liz – they are in an alliance that definitely wants Jason out, especially with how this has gone down and how Vanessa has made a point to draw the line. It’s Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Liz, Julia, and Austin (with Becky/Steve/John on the side) vs. James, Meg, Jason. And with John definitely voting to keep Becky, there’s not really a good argument to save Jason at this point for anyone on the other side.

      • All of those arguments could work. They are unlikely, but certainly possible and he doesn’t even need them all to work.

      • I’d add Jackie to James, Meg and Jason at this point. Last night Jason and Becky had a long talk about game. She immediately ran and told Shelli everything. :(

  6. Production for sure had a hand in getting jason nominated, they did everything they could to make sure vanessa couldn’t talk to jason before the ceremony. On top of that I heard shelli make a comment about how production asked her if she was scared the “other side” of the house was going to flip on clay, and that’s how this whole jason plan started. They have a huge influence,and I get it, dramatic, blindside, ratings boost, but they probably cost jason his game. I think it’s terrible. I think the only way to flip the votes in Jason’s favor is if he,James and meg go up and offer a deal to vanessa, clay and shelli for safety for couple weeks, and that way if either side of house wins vanessa,clay and shelli are safe. And that way James, jason, meg can put up the people that v, c, s aren’t willing to put up due to loyalty. But v,c,s know they have to get rid of austin,Liz and Julia but can’t do it themselves. And James,jason and meg can say they are still fair game next week, giving v,s,c permission to put them on block. It’s Jason’s best chance imo. . #savejason

  7. come on Jason, look what Dan did, he was a for sure gonner, or so they thought, get in there and fight!

  8. I’m glad Jason is going but disappointed that he isn’t at least trying to flip the house. I know I’m in the minority in not liking Jason. Like Austin gone next.

    • I don’t like Jason either, so high five. He’s done nothing and people act like the game is losing some awesome player this week. It makes no sense. I’ve also lost whatever respect I had left for him as a supposed super-fan, crying that he was unable to take advantage of an opportunity to change his life, and with that he’s not even fighting right now. Get lost then, punk. Take your judgmental attitude with you too.

  9. Jason is not good at this game. He really has not doing anything productive to set up any sort of position in the game. BB17 will not lose much from the game when he leaves. But maybe him leaving will awaken Meg and James into actually playing the game. Because the three of them (along with complete floaters John/Becky) have been there this season to hang out, and it’s biting them in the butt now.

    But glad to see Jackie is stepping up the gameplay. She looks like a solid player now.

  10. Let him go he’s like a squirrel and sometimes they get run over and he can go back home, live in his mom’s basement, and go back to his grocery store bagging which isn’t a bad thing it’s good honest work

  11. It’s really lame to know that Jason is a super fan and it looks like he is just giving up. If he really wanted to stay he should go and try to make deals with everyone or try to make everyone paranoid enough to keep him over Becky.

  12. Becky is a worthless piece (as far as gameplay), jason hasnt really played well either though

  13. Vanessa (L) is instrumental in getting out Jason (G) and Audrey (T). Now she just has to find out who is bi (B), and she will have personally decimated the LGBT out of the house. Clay looks like the best possibility of being bi.

  14. Becky has been useless so far in this game. At the very least Jason keeps it interesting. Becky would not be missed but I don’t see it happening unless something drastic happens.

  15. Remember on Big Brother Canada season 3 when Jordan was blindsided by a 5-4 vote. Why Can’t that happen this week!!!? Why is nobody doing anything to campaign and blindside the HOH by sending Becky packing!? These houseguests need to make moves. If Jason is the superfan he says he is then he needs to try and fight to stay in the house. If something crazy doesn’t happen soon to change this game up then CBS better make up some sort of twist because I cannot take any more of this predictable and boring season.

      • It was amazing. Great TV, and so nice to see the outsiders fight back! Unlike this season, the outsiders are doing nothing.

    • Maybe if CBS would get players who were not brain dead they might have a good show but like u said this season is predictable but its because most of the players are brain dead or so it seems.

    • It is insurmountable, but I expect a super fan like him to at least try. I think he will. A lot of deals were made hours before ceremony in BB. He said it on feeds btw, that he feels like he won’t get the Clelli votes, he would put them on blast on his speech….lol

  16. May I ask why Clay’s pic is in the NOM block (above)? Shouldn’t it be Jason’s pic? Am I missing something??

    • I would have to assume, its probably because this site wants Clay gone that much. naturally, I would have to agree with the masses on this one.

      • They won’t change it until after Wed show because all the masses that don’t have live feeds or access sites like this don’t know the veto results.

  17. Jason seems to be giving up as of now but hopefully in the days to come he realizes he still has fight in him. Going for Shelli and telling them that Becky is going to go after Clay would probably be the smartest move. Shelli flipped the Austin backdoor to Jason because she thought no one was happy that Clay won the veto which meant they wanted to target him, she said seeing Clay on the nomination board made her sick to her stomach, and did you see her face after Clay/Becky lost BOTB? So using that could work.

  18. Jason going to miss you, he was funny and loved his spunk. but the house this season prefers boredom and paranoia over actual strategy, shame. I can’t wait til they start to look for reasons to turn on each other, once the pawns are gone. :D

    • Spunk?Spirit, courage, bravery, determination? Please don’t get me wrong, I like Jason. But spunk doesn’t come to m ind for a description of Jason. I think he is honest, blunt, and witty. Maybe you have feeds and see something I’m not privy to. So far, he has disappointed me with his less than spunky attitude and reaction(basically no actions) since being BD’d. I’m hoping he is strategizing quietly and is going to bust a move soon, because if he goes out without a fight, what a waste.

      • He has said things just like Da’vonne used to, which is probably why he isn’t well liked. I felt he had some potential, considering his ‘superfan’ status but like all interesting personalities this season it seems, it looks like another one is going home. I can see why a few show followers have already opted out, its so easy to see where the house is at, when you’re stuck with ass kissers and floaters. but I have hope, I have hope that it will be chaotic and cutthroat once again, I’m going to bide my time and wait, I figure if there is no actual strategy involved. it might as well be dramatic, oh at the very least.

      • In the beginning, I thought he was going to be more involved. I give him a lot of credit for recognizing the existence of the twin twist early on. At least it proves that not all of the time he spent sitting on the BY couch smoking was a waste. I was wishing he would kick it in gear but he kept idling.

      • That seems to be the story of the entire house this season, idling and never making any moves, so those that are barely making the moves are the ones shifting into gear. I had high hopes for a few as well, but since strategy isn’t a companion of really anyone this year, I am counting on drama to keep me tuned in, I want the six sense alliance to fall apart with a passion.

  19. Actually if Jason is smart he will wait till late Wednesday or early morning Thursday to tell Van that Becky is going to target Steve. Then tell Steve and Shellie. You don’t want to give Becky time to counter attack.

  20. Jason needs to put on his big boy pants and at least try to flip the house.if not then blow up the six sense alliance even though the others Meg,James and Jackie already know there something going on with them !

  21. Jason is a classy guy and a true BB fan. Early this morning, talking to us feeders and later on, to James, he expressed great gratitude for even being chosen and is going to enjoy the time he has remaining. He also mentioned if there is going to be any potential flipping then it would need to be very late Wednesday, as close as possible for any change of mind once he managed to do the convincing. As he pointed out, the only times this ever worked was when the person was the last one to speak to the people in charge of making it even possible–so that they don’t have time to reflect and converse with others. This is his only chance of staying around in his opinion, unless production believes he is worthy of making the numbers for the season better than sending him home pre-jury.

    • Didn’t seem very classy when he referred to Julia as “the Fat Beth twin” and his constant portrayal of Clay as an airheaded jock. I hope Jason is gone this week so we can stop hearing about him, just like we can stop hearing about Audrey after that eviction as well.

      • Yes you are quite right. That way we can sit around and watch Steve apologize and ask for a hug.

      • Better than listening to and watching judgmental Jason smack excessively on an apple with his mouth open when he knows he’s hooked up to a microphone.

  22. I think the smartest move for HGs is to evict Jason. I think he’s great and adds all kinds of spark the house will be sorely lacking if he leaves but as a HG with the two options to evict, comparing going against him to going against Becky, who would you rather compete against? Becky is a floater who got recruited off of a dating app. She has no history with the game…No care for the game…No one’s going to give her a check for $500k. She’s a speed-bump.

    And while Jason hasn’t made any particularly bold moves he’s twice the player Blehcky is.

    I’m just counting the moments until TSS starts eating itself from within. Like last Season with the Super Alliance that ran the house all the way through I’m bored to tears with that happening again.

    It’s not as much fun when you have weak players who know nothing and won’t make bold moves facing off against a power alliance who control everything.

    5 weeks is a looooong time to see things so one-sided (power-wise.)

  23. Come on Jason ! Cause drama, fight , do something. Expose Chelli, and Vanessa to the house. Tell Austin that they were planning to backdoor him

  24. Shame on Jason if he goes down without putting up a fight. Being the super fan he claims to be, he should know that there’s ALWAYS a chance, even if it seems like it’s less than 1%. Imagine if Dan just threw in the towel on season 14 when Jen won the veto. He was all but dead in the game but did he quit? No. He found a way out.

    Jason’s best chance at survival is through Shelli and Clay. Those two genuinely did not want him to go up as the replacement nom. Shelli has expressed her remorse to him and Jason needs to capitalize on that. Instead of being pissed at the two of em and thinking they were the reason for his demise, he needs to try and flip their vote.

    Their final 4 deal (Shelli/Clay and Jason/Meg) seemed somewhat legit. Jason should call upon that and let em know that if they keep him in the game, it’s virtually those 4, James, and Jackie vs John, Austin, the twins, and Steve in the next HOH (use the numbers argument). Odds are Jason’s side will at least win one HOH.

    He HAS a chance, I’m just not sure he realizes it. Plant some seeds of doubt to Shay about Vanessa/Austin/Liz and anybody else he needs to. I’m not a huge Jason fan, but there’s hope. Hopefully he gets over himself and gets to work!

  25. Please let the power shift, I am sick, and tired of listening to Vanessa, shelly, and the rest of their boring friends!

  26. Yo……does Vanessa EVER SHUT UP?? I watched after Dark last night and this girl does not even take a breath….and Shelli just sits there…yes mm hmm yup…..she is so annoying I cant understand why everybody listens to her…

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