Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Saturday Highlights

It was Veto Day on Big Brother 17 as the Houseguests prepared for both the players pick and the competition later that day. Shelli threw a wrench in the plan when she panicked, or so she said, and introduced a big obstacle that kept everyone inside and out of the house on their toes.

Big Brother 17 voodoo doll is watching you
Big Brother 17 voodoo doll is watching you – Source: CBS All Access

By the end of the night the Veto holder was known and the plan was set with a big surprise in store for this week’s next Backdoor victim. Another day and a half now to keep it together.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 8, 2015:

8:20 AM BBT – HGs are getting up. Steve and Shelli talk and realize that Vanessa has promised both of them that she’d save them with the Veto.

8:25 AM BBT – Steve considers maybe he should just pick Vanessa with HG Choice.

8:30 AM BBT – Vanessa again promises Steve she’ll save him with the Veto.

10:45 AM BBT – Veto players have been selected. Vanessa was chosen by Shelli as HG Choice. Austin and Meg’s chips were pulled.

11:00 AM BBT – Shelli tells John she panicked when she pulled the HG Choice chip so she said Vanessa to keep her from freaking out.

11:45 AM BBT – Preparing for the worst, Becky has a plan to pressure Vanessa not to use the Veto if she wins it. She’ll pit the Austwins against Vanessa by saying one of them will have to go up as the renom.

11:55 AM BBT – Austin tells Steve he’ll throw it to him if he can since he’s worried about having to use it and the twins being punished for that.

12:08 PM BBT – Jeff Loops arrive for the Veto competition. They go on for nearly 5.5 hours.

5:35 PM BBT – Feeds return. It was the same comic themed comp that took 5 hours last season. Steve has won the Power of Veto.

5:40 PM BBT – James and Becky celebrating in the HN room. They say that’s it and Vanessa is done.

6:15 PM BBT – Vanessa has begun to worry. She asks Meg if the plan is still in effect to go after Shelli. Meg says she hasn’t heard anything.

6:30 PM BBT – Liz notes she was portrayed as the evil twin in the comics while Julia was the good twin.

7:00 PM BBT – Houseguests playing with a tinfoil voodoo doll and accessorizing it.

7:30 PM BBT – Becky tells Meg and Jackie that Vanessa was acting very worried before the Veto comp about everyone sticking to the plan.

7:45 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg say “Operation Best Friends with Shelli” is on.

8:20 PM BBT – Vanessa blames production on giving her her medicine at the wrong time and says that messed up her ability to perform well in the competition.

9:40 PM BBT – Backyard opens up and the HGs can finally stretch their legs outside.

9:50 PM BBT – Austin is worried about Liz speaking poorly about his beard.

10:00 PM BBT – Twins feel bad if they hurt Austin’s feelings, but they really don’t like his ponytail beard.

10:30 PM BBT – Johnny Mac running negotiations between Liz and Austin. She agrees to have a hammock date with him later.

11:15 PM BBT – Austin and Liz’s hammock date commences. Julia covers Liz’s bikini up with a towel.

11:25 PM BBT – Vanessa fretting. Tells James she’s worried Becky won’t keep the deal to put up JMac. James encourages Vanessa to go talk with Becky.

11:40 PM BBT – Becky talking with Shelli and reassuring her that Vanessa is the target because she’s less trustworthy.

11:50 PM BBT – James promised Vanessa if she does end up on the Block then he’ll vote to keep her.

11:55 PM BBT – Vanessa goes up to HoH to talk with Becky. Becky does a lot of smiling and nodding. Promises Vanessa she’s sticking with the plan.

12:30 AM BBT – John confirms to Steve that Vanessa will be the renom.

12:45 AM BBT – Becky’s talk worked on Vanessa. She’s downstairs telling HGs that Becky is sticking to the plan and they should vote out Shelli.

2:10 AM BBT – Jackie promises Becky they will help back her up if/when Vanessa goes wild following the Veto meeting. Becky practices her Veto speech for Vanessa renom.

2:50 AM BBT – Meg and Jackie worry about Shelli winning going in to a DE this week. They’re concerned James could become a target if it’s a DE.

3:10 AM BBT – James, Jackie, and Meg discuss Vanessa using questionable methods during the HoH comp saying she tried to shove her whole hand in the bowl and tried using some of the Crisco before production intervened.

3:30 AM BBT – Shelli and Steve are still up and chatting about the house as big fans. Shelli warns Steve that she doesn’t think Julia is sincere in her flirting with him.

4:20 AM BBT – Steve suggests Becky is now with Meg, James, and Jackie and would not put up one of those three.

5:15 AM BBT – Steve finally goes to bed and everyone is down for the night.

Vanessa might feel good about Becky sticking to the plan, but you know she’ll continue to be paranoid and we’ll see a renewed attempt to verify, re-verify, and double it all over on Sunday. Monday should be a wild ride on the Feeds.

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    • THANK YOU! I have been wondering the EXACT same thing.
      I remember a lot of the HG’s saying they are taking meds for ADD…but I doubt that would affect any sort of game play.

    • Adderall is my guess. She’s ADHD most of the time anyway, and when I took Adderall, doing something like the comic book cover competition would have been so much easier on it than not on it.

      • Surely BB would not intentionally mess with meds to disadvantage a player, but having just finished Unreal, I am feeling a bit cynical. I would think production is loving Vanessa right now because she is creating so much drama.

      • I think she was just making an excuse for her poor performance. BB production has to diligent about anything medical.

      • Just another bad card Vanessa is trying to play. She’s in desperation mode. She tried to cheat in the HOH comp from what I read on Jokers. Makes me wonder how much of her poker winnings she made dishonestly. Just an observation not an accusation.

      • I think it is hard to cheat at poker with a dealer handling the cards. She might be good at bluffing people because she is good in manipulation. Her time might be up though.

      • There’s more bluffing than cheating involved! She can’t bluff as well in the BB house.

      • bluffing is a huge part of Poker! cheating is not!
        she is a professional at what she does and she does not cheat. just sayin :-)

      • not impossible! But as people are referring to bluffing as cheating in poker then they don’t know the game! Bluffing is a huge part of Poker
        :) just saying

      • she’s not a good manipulator, she is a good poker player! Two very different things.

      • Production would not dare mess with medication. Just as Vanessa would not dare ever assume responsibility for anything she has ever done. Take credit, maybe. Take blame, never.

      • Probably paracetamol if she gets constant migraines from hearing herself yapping every hour without stopping.

        I took one from a generic drug store once while I was commuting back home from school one day and just minutes later, it got me all doozy and nearly KO’d while on the road.

      • And it depends on dosage. She could be on a higher dosage than others might require and some are more time released than others. So timing is probably the issue here than the dosage dispensed.

      • Not sure. I know acne problems require having to swallow pills to regulate it or just use some prescribed cream from a dermatologist.

        Perhaps anything that requires swallowing for such treatment would affect your mood to some extent.

      • Ain’t Will’s expertise more centered on tattoo removal? Although it wouldn’t totally surprise me when I learned he has a line of beauty products in his name.

      • He is the world leading authority on laser tattoo removal, but he is also highly regarded in skin care. It is always surprising to me seeing the goofy Will in season 2 and 7 and knowing that he is actually one of the worlds top doctors.

      • she does not normally have all this acne on her face. I’m not saying she has the best skin but the acne is clearly due to stress!

      • She should just sleep more often then. Her sebaceous gland must have been on overdrive since she entered the house.

      • Yes, but it’s not medication based. I’m thinking the meds she’s on could be causing an elevated level of acne, so that’s why she’s needing an all-natural mask product to combat that.

      • possibly for ADHD, she is a little up and down but being a fan of hers for years and years and years, I have never seen this side of her. I think she is just so used to being in control playing poker that this game is getting the best of her and she is coming across as very paranoid and talking way too much! I am sad to see the side of her because she is a very good person! her and her husband divorced a few years ago and shortly after that he was diagnosed with cancer and died quite quickly.that messed with her head quite a bit, she is now dating a woman and very much in love.
        I don’t find it cool when some of the people on here are making fun of her acne, it’s due to stress! And people just making fun of her looks all together is totally rude! But, there are always going to be haters! this house just got the best of her! this is not the Vanessa I know & I think she is just having a very difficult time because in poker you are very in control but in the big brother house, you rely on so many different people so this is not her game clearly

    • nothing confirmed, but obviously a junkie is blaming her dealer for not getting her a fix before a comp. Really tired of players on ADHD drugs every season, would love to see a non-medicated cast one season

  1. Love it when a shaky plan actually works out perfectly for the ones I’m rooting for! Go, underdogs!

    At least going into the 2nd half of DE, the numbers will be more even. James Gang vs. Shelli + Austwins w/ Steve and JMac as wildcards. James gang has 3 with HoH wins and what’s left of the 6th Snake has 3 with HoH wins. I could see JMac or Steve stepping it up and trying to win HoH, too. Should be a toss up for DE part 2! Even with Becky not playing, I think that the odds are still against 4 remaining 6th Snake.

    • Who do you think JMac would target for eviction if he won HOH? I kind of wish he, James and Meg would team up.

      • I have no clue who JMac or Steve would target once Van is out of the house. They could decide to go after Austwins or James Gang (except Becky) or they may surprise us all and target Shelli, if they’re still ticked off about her picking Van.

        “Operation Best Friend Shelli” could have a major impact on who either one would target. If they are still backing Shelli and they see the James Gang befriending her, it could persuade them to target Austin.

      • I’m kind of hoping for a JMac win, just because it is so uncertain. I love that kind of suspense.

  2. I have an uneasy feeling regarding Becky. I think she will gravitate towards the power in the house, even if it means going against James Gang. If Shelli wins HOH, I can see Becky becoming her rat again.

    • Karen!! WB! That could be, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt right now. Since she proclaimed her allegiance to J/J/M she’s stuck by it. Also, I think she’s still really ticked off @ Shelli. Is she in on the “operation befriend Shelli” plan?

      • I’m “shocked” that Shockwave hasn’t crashed on my husbands computer yet this AM. I don’t know how long this will last, it was bad yesterday, but only when on BBN threads. My NEW computer seems to be in sleep mode and refuses to wake up. Lenova said it was a hardwire issue so back to Office Max tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’m dealing with lots of same old Shockwave crashes on husbands computer, which he is not fond of me using.

      • I’m just glad that you’re here now! You did miss a lively conversation last night. Lots of old friends and new faces all debating. It was hard to keep up with it all! At least you should be all set in time for the fireworks after Monday’s PoV ceremony. :)

      • Which thread is it on? Maybe I canread it without having to reload umpteen times. I couldn’t stay online long enough yesterday to read anything so I haven’t read any threads since Fri PM.

      • It was the Veto results. It and the Pre-Veto plans both have hundreds of comments. I’m hoping that the large number doesn’t cause a crash.

      • So hated missing that last night. I was on the road heading home and didn’t arrive til really late!

      • Had to go to my MIL in York, PA then on to Hershey, PA to watch my granddaughter while my daughter competed in a 10k and son-in-law competed in their 100 mile bike race. So was there all day before heading back to my MIL’s to pick up my daughter’s 2 dogs along with our 2 dogs. It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive from there to home.

      • So I wasn’t able to comment or respond last night like I am able to now! hahaha

      • I have…no convos from last night were on it from what you all were talking about! I just stated that I’m glad Shelli and Steve were chosen to be on the block and that Steve won Veto! So is Becky really going to try and backdoor Van?

      • Found it..poopie. Wished I’d known. Left my reply to you on Disqus. So you can delete your message now. Small world, eh?

      • My shockwave crashed a lot of times this weekend. All of them while on this board if that helps either of you out.

      • You should need Shockwave, not too many website use it anymore. You should desintall it.

      • Only on BBN, I still get occasional glitches when it’s heavy traffic here, and I multi-task on my PC. I get loading problems, plug ins etc…

      • It definitely does make a difference(at times) if I have other things loaded. But the problems are associated with BBN for some reason. The other day, it took me over 40 mins to complete a post. I would type 3 letters, at the most before it would freeze up, then I had to reload, even completely back out and restart everything. It was crazy bad.

      • Increase in RAM helps solve that problem too! I have 16gb in RAM and it works lovely with Adobe Flashplayer!

      • Try to delete some files you no longer have a need for in your computer. Make sure if they are ever important to have them archived to a CD, hard drive or the ever reliable diskette. :D

      • I got a new computer a week ago and after removing Adobe, it worked beautifully until yesterday AM when it wouldn’t power up. Called Lenova and they ran me through a few possible fixes but none worked. It seems to be in sleep mode and won’t wake up. He said it had to be a hardwire issue.

      • I started to have lots of problem using Chrome with any Disqus board last year. Switch to a Firefox based browser, and choose a 64-bit one. Waterfox, Cyberfox, IceDragon and Pale Moon are the better one. Personnaly I use Cyberfox now and it works great.

      • Taking the new computer to Office Max tomorrow. At present, I’m using my husbands computer. Not an option to change anything. But I’ll try that with my new one once I get it running. Thanks, Capt.

      • Firefox crashes on me more than Chrome since I have a cloud-based operating system 8.1 now than say Windows Vista or Windows 7 and prior systems.

      • For your Lenovo, just hold the power button down for at least 6-7 seconds. That will kill the sleep mode. It should restart after that.

      • The customer service Lenova guy had me to try that(for 20 secs) and a few other things, but none worked. When the power botton is pressed, it just blinks constantly.

      • That was one option, but it has an internal battery, which is probably not a good thing. When I go to Office Max, maybe I should opt for a different computer entirely, with a removable battery. What do you think?

      • Which model did you get ? the B50? G500 ?
        Lenovo have the Cadillac of laptop but not in the low end one. For a $100-150 more you can get a Thinkpad E550 or E555. Since they are business laptop, they come with Windows 7 Pro. And try to stay away from Windows 10, it’s not ready for primetime.

      • I’m glad I didn’t get Windows 10 when they asked if I wanted to upgrade from 8.1, even though it’s free right now. I’m still trying to get used to 8.1 since I bought my desktop computer a year ago! :-) My scanner and old printer still work with it, but had to do some wireless configuring for that. The disk they provided didn’t…I did a BB backdoor compatibility change! hahaha Yeh, so I’m a geek but don’t work on the geek squad! Never took a computer class ever either. Hubby who’s a computer engineer said I was a natural he doesn’t do Windows (he designs software for the Navy) but has problems figuring out Windows based systems. That’s where I come in! :-)

      • To make it easy, google “Classic shell” and install it. It will give you a Win 7 type of menu. Makes 8.1 more bearable.
        One of the thing MS did with Win 10 is to force any update without giving the choice. So any time MS want to fix something, they push a fix and you have no choice but to reboot. So anybody that update to 10 right now, need to accept that they will be guinea pigs. Should be ok by october, november.

      • It’s the Lenova Flex 2 -15, Mod. # 20405 and they upgraded it from Windows 8.1 to 10 in the store.

    • Highly unlikely. Putting up Vanessa as the renom and sending her out puts a pretty clear line in the sand. If James’ crew can win one more HOH round on Thu and toss up Austin and Shelli, Sixth Sense will be officially dead. Assuming it isn’t already

      • I think the 6th Sense is a dead alliance.

        James winning the HoH a week ago was the moment that destroyed it.

        I’m loving the game play of both James and Johnny Mac. Seeing them go all the way to the end would mean that for the 2nd year in a row…I take the time to watch the finale of Big Brother USA.

      • Basically agree. The James winning moment was critical, but not the defining one. It turned the tides. When Becky won HOH and followed thru with what looks like is happening, that was/is the mortal wound.

    • That’s what I hate about Becky the most. But she’s playing BB the way most do. Always have a stronger alliance behind you before making big moves.

  3. I have not owned a television since 2011, yet…I see every minute of entertainment I want without paying for anything except for my Internet connection. Sunday nights have been wonderful lately…with BB17, True Detective, and the British show Humans (which wrapped up last week.)

    True Detective wraps up tonight…and The Walking Dead does not premiere until October…leaving a BIG HOLE in the shows I like watching on Monday once they are uploaded to the Internet.

    However…the NFL returns tonight…which must be watched LIVE. Wiziwig died on January 1, 2015…and for the past couple of weeks..I have been researching other ways to access streaming video of American football…both college and professional.

    Tonight is a big night for me. Hopefully, I have been successful in my preparations to stream the HoF game between the Steelers and Vikings.

    Tomorrow morning, I’ll watch the BB17 broadcast and anything else that was uploaded if it piques my interest.

    Are you still tied to a television and satellite / cable subscription? Too bad. With only my smart phone hotspot (Foxfi) pumping out my Verizon Wireless unlimited data account and my laptop, I can watch my shows anywhere…at any time (thanks to cache loading.)

    If you don’t know how to do any of this, you should learn. After years of practical experience, I am an expert at it now…and over the course of four years, I have probably saved in excess of $5000.

    Johnny Mac FTW

    BTW: I hate porn and viruses! The method I use avoids both! :D

    • AWESOME!: I have found a flawless, virus-free stream of “Terminator Genisys!” I’ve already seen the movie in a theater, and I liked it so much, I want to see it again! It’s loading in my cache as I type!

  4. The good thing if Vanessa is evicted is that the alliances have to re-align. Right now, we have James, Jackie, Meg. Austin, Shelli, Liz, Julia. John, Shelli, Steve. Becky, I do not really know which alliance she is with but, seems tight with John. It probably will make the succeeding weeks more exciting. Looking forward to seeing who the next HOH is and the nominations being a double eviction week. We need more excitement this season considering the past 2 seasons have been pretty boring.

    • Double eviction weeks are nerve racking for me if I have favorites. I can’t remember who it was last year…but one of my favorites got taken out on a double eviction night. I’ll Google it…(pause)…yeah…it was Christine that got booted. :( That made me sad.

    • It should be pretty clear who the various noms would be for most of the HG’s–except Steve. I have absolutely no idea who he would put up, and it would be fascinating to see what he does. Especially in a super compressed time frame like next Thursday night will be.

      • That would be a fairly safe choice for Steve. I wonder if he has his eye on something much more heavy hitting although given what we have now among the remaining players, J and B might just be it for him.

      • Although James and Becky would be safe do you think he could go for Austin the only person he really hates in the house?

      • Strategically, it would benefit him to get Austin out but with all his camtalking (on the feed highlights I can manage to catch on Youtube), it’s hard to pinpoint where his head is truly at.

      • I’m sure Steve thinks if he talks to the cameras then that somehow endears him to the live feeders. I noticed this years BB cast seems more concerned with public opinion than seasons past.

      • After the events of BB15 and 16, being self-aware is probably what’s needed to make sure they come out of the house without a mad mob with pitch forks and axes waiting to greet them, especially when the insults become a little too personal directed towards past and present BB alumni.

      • I agree! Between the hatred and racism on BB15 and the lesbian bashing and rape jokes on BB16, the masses were angry @ certain HGs.

      • I’m still pissed that Frankie was able to get away with those nasty rape jokes!

      • His reputation as a houseguest is already tainted to us BB viewers so it’s not something he’s gonna get away from for a very long time.

      • Sharona posted that he has a show starting on Oxygen Network. To avoid any accidental sightings, I removed that channel from my programming.

      • I guess you should also block MTV as well. He’s one of the new judges of ABDC’s upcoming season.

      • Steve is the remaining wildcard indeed. It’d be interesting how he’s going to either blossom or deflate in this game once his only ally is gone and the Students of Sound go mute.

      • I think he’ll stick with his ally, JMac, after Van leaves. Last night he was up in the HoH and getting along really well with the James Gang. He also had fun in the hottub with the twins. And he had a long talk with Shelli about personal stuff. He made a LOT of headway last night socially.

      • Nice to hear that. Possibly going the Ian Terry route where Ian actually managed to befriend much of the potential jurors, could set him up on a path towards the end.

      • He would likely stay with JMac like you said. But he could go with anyone but Austin since he hates him because Austin treats him so badly.

      • Wait Austin is mean to Steve? That’s so incredibly uncalled for. Steve does nothing in the house. Austin and Jace are such jerk faces.

      • Austin treats him like dirt. They don’t show it on the show, but you can see it on the feeds. I think Austin thinks Steve is competition for Liz, so he tries to intimidate him. He had a talk with James (the late night talk when James was HOH and steve was talking about James’s goals) and he said, “You see how Austin treats me.” James said how he knows. Steve is awkward, but everyone treats him well except for Austin.

      • As much as I can’t stand Vanevil and I want her evicted, part of me hopes (but doesn’t think it will happen) that Steve doesn’t use Veto and he’s sent straight the the jury house!

      • Lol

        Who do you think will win Hoh next week? I have a feeling it will be one of the twins.

      • Noooooooooooah, not a twincompoop. LOL Could you imagine if Liz won? Would she let Julia or Austin sleep in the HOH bed with her….or both?

  5. I just love the 6th sense is still making plans like they are the ones in the HOH room every week. Funny thing is, hardly any of their plans ever worked out like they wanted them too but the James gang plans have worked too damned near perfection each time. Maybe because James and his gang can stay focused on the main prize while Van and co kept bouncing off the walls everyday.

    • It’s fun to watch the James Gang interact, even when the odds are against them. It’s downright depressing to watch SS.

    • They came up with what I think are 2 brilliant plans, in addition to their successes!

      1) Keep Van in the dark by pretending to either not know or that the original DE deal is on. This keeps peace in the house until it’s too late for Van to not be nominated.

      2) Operation Best Friend Shelli sets them up for the DE. First, it keeps Shelli calm. Second, if Van targets Shelli and gets the Austwins to back her, Shelli may turn on the Austwins, since her new “best friends” are being so nice to her. Third, it may convince Steve & JMac to target the Austwins, if they are still with Shelli.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say James’ plan worked, otherwise Shelli would be gone. Instead, nobody even voted to evict her. But Clay is gone, so you could call it a success.

      However, this week, is not really James’ doing. That’s all Becky :P

      • Becky is part of the James Gang. Willie said “James and his gang,” which includes her.

      • True about his week but it was James that got the ball rolling. Even though James target was Shelli, his main objective was to break up the power couple and I call that a success.

    • It has nothing to do with focus or plans not working out. In fact, you could argue that Van has done way too much planning and been WAY too focused on playing the game to win the prize.

      No — It’s all about winning comps. 6th sense hasn’t won one in a while since Clay won POV. That is why they are falling apart.

      Had Shelli stayed on that wall, it would have been a radically different game. Planning had nothing to do with it. Winning comps does.

  6. I can’t wait to hear Becky’s Veto ceremony speech From what I’ve heard it will be “no holds barred” all directed to Vanessa. They should give her, her medication before the ceremony. Time it right this time. lol

    • No, at least not in full detail. What certain is they know her other occupation, as a disc jockey.

    • She confided in Da that she’s a poker player. (Da didn’t tell her about being a poker dealer.) I’m not sure if Da told anyone.

      • And surprisingly, Da didn’t connect the dots on Van right away being a rich and supposedly well-known poker player in their industry.

      • Van isn’t that big a player anymore (even though CBS tries to pretend she is), so it is likely Da has no idea who she is. Vanessa is ranked something like 8000th in the world currently and hasn’t won any serious money since 2011.

      • Plus her mansion has been on the market for well over a year now. She may have come on the show, thinking it would be an easy $500K, to get out of financial problems. Lots of rich people blow through the money and try to keep pretending they have still have it.

      • Not sure if it is true, but I heard she has a lot of financial problems. She went from making around 500k a year to losing money each year and still spending like she was making 500k a year thinking her play will turn around and it has not for 4 years. When she was married her husband was also successful (more than her), but after her divorce from him and his death that income is also not going to her. So she went from a household making likely over a million a year and spending apparently most of it. To for 4 years losing money and still spending like she made a million a year.

      • ROFL! She was wearing a white fedora yesterday. Cyril quipped that her green hat was going to be jealous.

    • She has told everyone she is a EDM DJ at a club in Las Vegas, but she did say in a conversation about Steve that she had played poker in the past.

    • I want to know what they think when she is constantly calculating the odds and using cards in her analogies.

  7. Question, why is Steve calling James, Meg and Jackie the Goblins?

    Does he not realize that he fits that description most of all?

    I used to like Steve but now I can’t stand him. He’s a big time floater I don’t care how many comps he’s won, Vanevil has protected him through half of this game and now Johns doing it.

    • John came up with the moniker when he was trying to convince Steve to form a new 4-HG alliance (Becky, JMac, Shelli, Steve.) Steve said he liked that name and asked if he could use it.

      • Thank you, redroses.

        Why would John call them the Goblins? They’ve done nothing to him.

      • John is the epitome of the guy who wants to be cool. Shelli and Clay were his “in” to the cool crowd. Since the other side was against them, John automatically doesn’t like them.

      • I’ve yet to figure that out, but cutesmartdarling and a couple of others probably have it right. Weeks ago I saw JMac in the BY. The BY crew were all laughing and joking. JMac was slouched down and mopey. I kept wondering if something was wrong with him.

  8. Come on, Matt, (if you haven’t already) give James credit for making that adorable voodoo doll and putting it in Austin’s bed. It’s so cute!

    • Hey you!
      I’m spending wkd with friends in lower TN (almost AL) but I’m catching up here.
      I’m cautiously optimistic. Love “what could be” with V going up and Stevie coming down. If they haven’t yet, I’d stay close to Steve to be sure he saves himself. He has enough game knowledge to know better but V is a killer so I’d just invest the time. Plus it’s a good time for JJM to make inroads with him, develop relationship. With fewer people in the house, should be less anxiety for Steve to branch out socially. I’d play games with him, talk personally, get to know him. Then watch V pop a squat! Ha!
      I HOPE HOPE HOPE Becky & Jmac see thru Shellis bs now with her picking V for POV. With DE coming up and Shelli being here still, they need to be aware how quickly the tide can turn (fortune is fickle) and strike deadly while they can. With V out this week, I’m glad Becky can’t be HoH next week. I worry about her girl crush on Shelli. Hope that ended with the POV comp.
      Shaping up to be another exciting week of BB!

  9. Becky also sad she was getting liquid on her hands and arm then pushing it down into jar as Jackie said she saw becky doing and started copying. Yes Vanessa was pushing crisco instead of liquid down off her after falls but Becky never fell. So really was same thing just thicker substance lol. BTW Vanessa isn’t only one in house on adderol I remember someone else mentioning being on it. Could been one the ones been evicted already. But someone else did mention it. Think her times per day was more often at 3 though as I do remember the Saturday of her first HOH the last dose had worn off right middle of all the drama in her own admission and she said what she took and how many times to Austin.

    • If you go in the house knowing you need Adderol, then you have to accept that there may be times you won’t be at your best. It’s not the fault of Production or the other HG’s – it’s just the way it is. Don’t complain – you know you have to take your meds at certain times and you chose to participate with that “handicap”.

  10. If Vanessa go home maybe the alliance’s could be the next?

    • I hope so – for game balance sake.

      It’s Shelli’s only hope to go with JMac & Steve. Allies that actually win non-luck comps – would be new for her. She can talk a good game with Austwins, but if anyone else wants to take them out, then let it happen.

      J/J/M are a rock.

      You put Becky in 2 alliances. I think that is about right. She would retake her rat status after her week off since she won HOH.

      The Austwins are useless, but their numbers are dangerous. The other 2 alliances can likely start to pick them off, but they have to be careful of jury deliberations. Whoever gets out the Austwins will have a lot of hate in jury.

      • I really hope that Becky doesn’t return to be the Shelli’s rat, I think that she could play a really interesting game.

      • That’s truth, but I think that if Shelli want go far, taking her alliance with Austwins couldn’t be the best move, maybe they could take out Becky, John, Steve, James, Jackie, and Meg, but after Shelli could be the main target of Austin and the twins.

      • Agreed, but I think she’s going to cling to the remnants of the 6th Snake as long as she can. She’s already shown that she only wants to lie to and get information from everyone else.

      • That’s the biggest Shelli’s mistake, still try to work with the remaining members of the 6th sense; she could play a good game, but well, only we can wait to see how she gonna try to play her game. If Austin, Liz, and Julia vote to evict she, maybe she could wake up, but I don’t know.

  11. Shellie is the biggest whoremonger. Did you see how fast she made a beeline to Liz to reveal Judas’ beard cutting challenge to Liz?????

  12. Vanessa’s worried that Becky won’t keep the deal to put up John! OF COURSE SHE WON’T!!! Becky & John are allies! They’re tight! She’ll never put him up! Vanessa’s just wasting her time! She knows she’s going up & wants to come up with an excuse to get out of it! Won’t work! Can’t wait to see you go to jury, Miss Poker!

  13. I missed the whole thing with the voodoo doll. They put it in
    Austin’s bed? How did he react? Hilarious………….

  14. outside of the Big Brother house, Vanessa is a very different person. she is a really good poker player and she is very nice!she is a big part of charitable poker events! The way she is talking so much and acting out with desperation it is a very strange behavior of her that I never knew of. I guess big brother does really screw with your head and make you paranoid! I like Vanessa and just because she is paranoid, does not make her a bad person.
    a lot of people don’t realize, or I guess a lot of people don’t know her obviously but she has had a bad couple of years. she and her husband got a divorce and shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away pretty quick. I know a lot of people have personal issues outside of the house, but I’m just saying! I think the house is not good for her, it’s too hard for her because its making her paranoid. I really do like her and don’t necessarily think it’s fair people are saying mean things about her. there have been a lot of previous Big Brother players who have done a lot worse! I think she’s just so wrapped up in it that it’s getting the best of her and she’s not enjoying the game! I think her intentions going in we’e a lot different then what’s going on now. and I don’t think she likes the way its making her feel. plus being a pro poker player she has her own control and is not used to play a game not being in control therefore she doesn’t know how to act and is becoming way too paranoid! I think when she sees her actions after the show she is going to be embarrassed! She is an extremely intelligent person with a very big heart! Just a lot of fans don’t know that. I am fully team Vanessa.

  15. TEAM VANESSA….. outside of the house she is a completely different person! she is used to playing her own game and being in control and I just don’t think she is dealing with everything probably!
    I fully respect people not being team Vanessa because of how she is portraying herself on Big Brother right now butI don’t think it’s cool that some of these people on here commenting are making fun of her acne (which is due to stress! she is a very pretty girl!) and on top of that some comments about how she’s ugly! what’s the point on saying that? regardless if you think she’s ugly or pretty, how does that at all have to do with the game?
    I think Shellie has done a lot worse in the house in regards to lying to people and manipulating them, and I think Vanessa is taking the brunt of that because of how she talks a lot but her whole alliance she was never the “captain.” she made the right moves but I believe her Alliance especially Shelly and clay threw her under the bus!

  16. just another point, and keep in mind I am NOT totally following all the feeds and comments on here. I do understand that Vanessa is paranoid, talks too much, is an emotional player and can say one thing and do another but she’s entertaining! And that’s what this season needs!everyone is always sleeping, or they’re just boring! Johnny Mac is hilarious but they rarely show him in any of the episodes, and even the twins haven’t been on any of the episodes since Julia came into the game. there is just so much more we need as viewers! it’s finally getting good! I did like the Alliance but mainly because at least they were playing the game and not just sleeping and doing what they were told to do! Vanessa obviously gets on peoples nerves… :( the viewers nerves I mean but, she’s just playing the game at least! But playing it too hard and she is an emotional person so she’s just playing paranoid but keep in mind, she should be paranoid! Right?

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