Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Wednesday Highlights

It was an unusually quiet day in the Big Brother 17 house considering that it’s an eviction eve and a mouthy Bostonian gay kid is on the block.

Jason Roy enjoys what will likely be his last full night in the BB17 house: Source: CBS All Access
Jason Roy enjoys what will likely be his last full night in the BB17 house: Source: CBS All Access

Jason has shocked houseguests and fans with his quiet, almost-non-existent campaign to stay. But he promises he has some last-minute tricks up his sleeve, even though there’s no budging Vanessa on her decision this week.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 29, 2015:

10:15 AM BBT – HGs got their wake up call and start the day.

10:55 AM BBT – Shelli is upstairs talking with Vanessa about the plan Meg brought to her and Clay last night to save Jason.

11:10 AM BBT – Clay arrives and joins the talk. The decision is that Jason is too much of a threat and must go.

11:30 AM BBT – Clay details his eviction order hit list: Jackie, James, Becky, and John. Vanessa and Shelli want to reorder Becky and John. Clay isn’t worried about Meg.

12:20 PM BBT – Jason is sleeping away his opportunity to campaign.

12:40 PM BBT – Liz and Austin are up in the HoH room with Vanessa. Liz says she is not swapping today and doesn’t know if she will tomorrow either. (Probably no swap until Julia arrives on Thursday.)

12:55 PM BBT – Liz promises Austin a “good kiss” if he wins HoH or pushes her or her sister to the win on Thursday. Austin is all wound up at this idea.

1:04 PM BBT – Austin and Liz talking about who needs to go and when. Liz says she hates James.

1:50 PM BBT – Jason, Meg, James and Jackie still sleeping.

2:30 PM BBT – Meg and Jackie finally wake up.

3:30 PM BBT – Most HGs are still either sleeping or just lounging around. No game talk is going on.

4:10 PM BBT – Austin and Liz cuddling and spooning (for someone who claims to not be into him she sure doesn’t act like it).

6:05 PM BBT – John and Clay are playing chess and they have an audience. That’s the most exciting thing going on in the house at the moment.

6:24 PM BBT – Shelli and Vanessa practicing for any competitions involving dates like Before or After.

6:25 PM BBT – Steve doesn’t think the next HOH will be endurance because Battle of the Block. He thinks they won’t have one until BOB is over.

7:15 PM BBT – Jason, who should be campaigning, is sleeping along with Meg, James and Jackie.

8:35 PM BBT – James, Meg, Jackie and Jason talking about what needs to happen. James says they have to win HOH so they can shift the power. Meg says she’s going for the big targets outright if she wins Head of Household. She says there’s no light-hitting next week.

8:55 PM BBT – Becky says she’ll check on her votes at the last minute. She says she doesn’t want to annoy or worry anyone by asking them too much.

9:01 PM BBT – Becky tells Shelli, Clay and Vanessa that it would be best for her to win HOH this week so that they can all play in the double eviction the following week. They’re all pretty sure the following week will be a double eviction.

9:10 PM BBT – Jason says he wants to see if there’s any chance he can get Shelli and Clay on board with keeping him but he thinks the diary room has them too scared to make a flip. Meg is encouraging him to try, but he’s feeling pretty defeated. She tells him it’s now or never.

10:16 PM BBT – Jason telling Jackie and Vanessa that he’s really sad to go. Vanessa tells him not to give up but also not be crushed if he goes. OK, Vanessa.

10:20 PM BBT – Becky talking to Shelli about Clay. She thinks he doesn’t want to work with her or doesn’t trust her. Shelli tells her not to worry that Clay’s target is Jackie.

10:25 PM BBT – Becky tells Shelli that James might be a better target since Becky can influence Jackie and Clay can influence Meg. Becky tells Shelli she is loyal to her, Clay and Vanessa.

10:50 PM BBT – Austin says his main target after this week is 100 percent Jackie.

10:55 PM BBT – Austin talking about how he thinks America doesn’t like Jason (wrong: Jason is at the top of many polls, while Austin is at the bottom).

11:10 PM BBT – Vanessa and Shelli don’t understand why Jason isn’t campaigning. They think it’s odd for a superfan to not even be trying. They agree that they’d be fighting all the way up until the vote.

11:26 PM BBT – Steve asks Liz about Austin touching her all the time. She tells Steve she doesn’t even like Austin that way. She tells him not to tell anyone that.

11:50 PM BBT – Clay questions whether or not Becky is really solid with them. Vanessa and Shelli are confident she is.

1:15 AM BBT – Austin and Jackie have a private talk. She’s trying to smooth things over.

1:55 AM BBT – Jason has begun to work on Shelli. He tells her Becky wants to send them up and out in a DE.

2:05 AM BBT – Clay has joined the discussion. Jason is pushing that they are his only chance.

2:20 AM BBT – Jason offers Chelli his vote in Jury if either of them makes it to F2.

2:30 AM BBT – Jason reminds Shelli & Clay that he would be a bigger target to keep in the game. He suggests a F5 with them, Meg, and Vanessa.

2:40 AM BBT – Jason suggests no one would be upset at them for voting out Becky. There’d be no backlash since she has no allies.

3:10 AM BBT – Vanessa warns Steve that John told them he has a F2 with Steve.

3:15 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay discuss Jason’s offer and agree it’s a no for them. Shelli wants to tell Becky what Jason said about her DE plans.

Jason finally got moving overnight on his campaign efforts after sleeping the day away. Unfortunately his long shot remained just that as Shelli and Clay won’t be voting for him to stay over Becky. Now we’ll have to get ready to see if anything last minute comes up, but Jason seems to have played all the cards he has.

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  1. Let’s hope either James, Meg, or Jackie can win HOH so we can have a power shift.

    • fingers and toes cross. perfect nominees shelli and liz on one side austin and clay on the other vanessa the BD

      • Perfect nominees would be Shelli & Liz and Clay & Julia to get either Shelli or Clay evicted.

      • perfect! but we need Jackie and meg or Jackie and james as HOH , They need big game play

    • It will be Meg as HOH BUT Vanessa will convince Meg (by saying “I am so sad Jason left” or “I’ll make a final 10 deal with you”) to put up James (who will be the “pawn” and James will readily agree because Meg thinks nothing could go wrong) and John (who will throw the competition). After the BOB, James and Meg will get angry and blame Clay and Shelli.

    • Or…you know…we can just go ahead and get those 3 out and have a blood bath between Team Vanessa and Team Shelli.

    • Half the house is playing Big Brother and the other half think they won a vacation to some Island somewhere for the summer!

    • if one of them doesn’t win I’m no longer watching the show…. this season sucks with Vanessa, Clay, Shelli and Austin… they all need to get a reality check!

      • I think the season is good, but fans hate to see people target their favorites. So that’s why people are hating on this season.

    • you got your wish :-) I just really really really hope the twins and Vanessa are safe this week! this season is so boring and predictable! and having the twins there together at least will add a little bit of excitement, and Vanessa is a great game player so I could see her flipping on her alliance, at least slipping on clay and Shelly! so I hope they keep her around!

  2. I was building hope until you ended with that 3:45am kicker.

    Here’s hoping Jason pulls a rabbit out of a hat tonight.

  3. Does anyone really believe that Jason would keep his word to Shelli, Clay, Vanessa … should they flip the votes and save his sorry @$$ this week?
    Not that it would really matter … has anyone in that Alliance of 8, mentioned to Liz/Austin that they were also this weeks targets, at one point? Then again, Vanessa would have just lied by saying that it was a ploy to misdirect them, in order to protect Liz/Austin .. Ha !!! :)

  4. It was hard watching BBAD last night. Jason was so sad when he was explaining his goal in life was to be on BB to Vanessa. That woman has a heart of stone.

    The worst part was watching Becky. I didn’t mind her when she was quiet and non-existent. Her attempts at trying to join in by whining last night really got to me. I found her to be extremely annoying! I just wanted her to shut up and go back to not talking at all.

    I truly wish it was Becky going home tonight. I changed the channel so often last night just to avoid her whining, that I might go to just reading the blogs and watching the show.

    • Watching the tail end of AD, Jason was continuing moaning and groaning that as a SuperFan, it really sucked more that he could even make it to Jury, possibly ….

      I guess, with up to $1,000/wk stipend being on BB this summer, it sure was a lot better than going back to his mother’s basement and being unemployed, eh !!!!

      That, and, not sure if he has made any impact for possible opportunities post-BB, like past HG’s have made ? Unless, there is a Peewee Herman Audition in the near future ?? Ha !! :)

    • lol. While I had the Wednesday show on tv in the background, I was so bored I muted it and started watching past youtube videos of other seasons as I seriously declared this season being THE WORST.

    • Becky is not at all annoying and she needs to stay in the game on other hand Jason need to go home he is so Annoying and worse player if he really wants to stay in this game he should make some deals with strong players in this game and damn win some HoH

      • Jason is not annoying he is great. There is a reason he is americas favorite housguest.

      • He should have kept his knowledge about Big Brother to himself. Shared some information based on emotions not in a calculated strategy. Well liked by America, but to me, horrible player of the game.

      • I totally agree with you! Jason shouldn’t have been put on the block in the first place! Should have been Austin still to back door! Another mistake made by Vanessa!!! How stupid, how dumb is she! I hope people sway til the voting and help keep Jason in and put out Becky!! Becky does nothing anyway, she is a floater… get her out,, jason yes is smart.. Now that they wouldn’t listen to Jason (Clay and Vanessa) I hope they are next to go home.. would serve them right, maybe then they will see they should have listened to Jason!! Jason hopefully will get votes to stay Lets see, theres John, Meg, Jackie, Perhaps James seeing how Vanessa didn’t go with her plan and literally screwed the game, she can’t be trusted and sways back to Jason side…….. I hope they are lying when they told clay and vanessa and shelli that they were voting jason out… hopefully til that vote, hope something goes wrong and jason stays

      • Becky wasn’t so much annoying as I thought it was just sad. Here she is kissing ass and pretending to be part of the decision making process, but she is just an alliance of convenience for Shelli, Clay and Vanessa. When Clay asked her if she would consider backdooring Jackie if she were HOH, that should have been a huge red flag.

    • And I even mentioned once that I wish Becky would consider dating JMac after BBAD, because I thought JMac was interested and they would make a cute couple. I deeply , sincerely apologize to JMac.
      .I still DVR it but I haven’t watched an episode in at least three weeks. I go to BBN and Jokers every AM to get updates and if there is something mentioned along the timeline of BBAD that was epic, I might take the time to search for it.

      • Yeah, I was with you on thinking they’d make a cute couple. So glad they’re not!

      • Ha! I do the same thing. I still don’t get Pop since I have AT&T, but my parents do, and I’ve flooded their DVR until I visit them. I forgot how little personality you see of the HGs on BB, especially now with so many comps because of BOB. Much of it is dribble, but Jason has been entertaining to watch with his humorous one-liners. I’ve rarely seen Becky and Johnny Mac interacting, but while they look cute together, I think he can do better. She’s actually not that bright from what I’ve seen, but it turns out Jackie is.

      • Didn’t like her much on TAR, or the first few weeks in BB. It seems like this week she’s finally woken up and realized she’s playing a game. Hope she keeps this up. Would like to see her win the next HOH.

      • Jason has had some good one-liners. Not everyone likes that kind of dry wit, but I get it and enjoy it.

  5. Had to admit, however, that Judas, sure put one over on Vanessa with his acting and begging for forgiveness to not be put on the block as a replacement ..

    All his experience in acting in the Wrestling ring may have paid off …
    As far as him stealing a kiss from Liz in the episode .. hard to say whether or not Liz was really disgusted and/or just acting and/or annoyed … ’cause even after that incident, she still has been pretty flirty with him ??

  6. “She tells Steve she doesn’t even like Austin that way. She tells him not to tell anyone that.” Another not so secret, secret.

    • you are right this season every one telling secret to others and sharing information like they are in their home and they are watching BB as a fans and then say keep it secret :)

      • Maybe to see if it got back to anyone. Then she would know who Steve is possibly in cahoots with.

      • Does she know that Van and Steve are “close”? That’s who I was thinking about. If Steve told Van and Van told Liz, it might make her a little suspicious. It would me if I were in her shoes.

  7. I hope Austin gets HOH and puts Vanessa up, but he’ll be too loyal to his so- called friend.

    • Austin will put up Jackie, because she came after him and Steve, because he is a guy and could interfere with his love for Liz (even a look or a simple hello is a threat to their “luv”).

  8. So far, still no one to cheer for, a few dislikes but no one that I want to win really bad. Humph, maybe Julia. It is going to be interesting how Austin, Julia, and Liz interacts with each other.

      • And she doesn’t even know that they kept Austin this week. Last Julia knew, they were targeting him. It should be interesting to watch Vanessa try to pull Julia back in.

      • And Julia seems to gravitate more toward Johnny and Steve. Here’s hoping that she can pull some people together for an alliance of her own.

      • Just thought Julia was more disgusted with Austin … she and Steve may have their own showmance, if Steve has anything to say about it … Now, that 4-Some Alliance would be unbeatable … especially, if they add in James and Meg … Ha !!! :)

      • But Steve likes one of the other girls, Meg? (can’t remember who). Julia and James, lol. Just a house full of fauxmance.

      • I hope so! As it stands now, I actually like Julia but can’t stand Liz. I second her distaste for Austin. Yuck. But I don’t blame him, because Liz is seriously leading him on.

  9. Alright! We got to see a new showmance of this season..”Steve and the camera”

    • And there go my Cheerios…down the drain. I don’t know if I have the intestinal fortitude to finish this season but I’ll try! Ha!
      I do like all this year’s HGs. I like Steve and had hope for him early on but I have just never really bought into him. Not yet. He may have a method at work but still, I don’t get it. He could have been in big time with J/J/J/M if he wanted, instead of a sketchy prospect in the eyes of 6S. Don’t get it.

      • I am SO out of the game this year. I’ve got to get the feeds. I feel like I don’t even remember who’s who. I like Steve too…from what I remember. Is he getting more screen time? Is that what Cyril is talking about?

      • IDK, did you see his overnight creepy mirror moves? Check out BBN’s recent twitter.

  10. Jason is still a longshot to stay, but putting it in Shelli’s head that Becky wants to backdoor Clay and Shelli and Shelli saying she is going to talk to Becky about it could cause an issue if Shelli thinks Becky is lying to her.

  11. I think Jason is targeting the wrong people to try and get the votes. He really should pull as many people that were part of the Dark Moon alliance in and let Austin know that Vanessa was the one leading the charge to back door him, because he lied to her. And if she gets the idea that he will lie again, she will do the same thing. I would also make sure Steve is a part of that conversation to let him know that he was the back up plan. If either one of them go to Vanessa, make sure that you are in the room, so she can’t use any of her mind games. It has just as much of a shot at working as trying to get Shelli and Clay to vote for him.

    • There is no way that Austin would go against Vanessa and there is no way that Austin would keep Jason. Plus Vanessa could have put up Austin but she didn’t. She had the power to. Austin will be indebted to her and he knows he can trust her. Jason’s only real chance is to tell John and Steve to stop being idiots and realie that a big ass alliance is going to steam roll them if they don’t keep him but it’s not gonna happen.

      • I don’t think John would vote out Becky and he seems to think he is in an alliance with Clay and Shelli. I want to like John, but as a player he isn’t doing enough. He had two weeks that they asked him to throw a BOB, but he didn’t turn that into a solid alliance. I made the analogy the other day, Clay and Shelli are the cool kids and John is the kid they pretend to be friends with so he will do their homework.
        About Austin, maybe Jason should teach him the “Helen rule” of BB, strike first or you will go before you get another chance.

      • I hope that John lasts until the alliance turns on itself. I think if he could get to a final 5 situation, he could win enough comps to make it to the finals.

    • He needs to call a house meeting, thank them and then tell everything. He wasted too much time being defeated.

  12. This is what I’m thinking…
    Liz, Shelli, Clay, and John will be definites to vote out Jason.
    Meg, James, Jackie will be definites to vote out Becky.
    The 2 people that can be misleading are Steve and Austin.
    If I had to guess listening to Steve talk about Becky they way he did on last nights episode and not really having an interaction with Becky, I would guess he would vote to keep Jason. So now it’s tied votes. And then there’s Austin. You never know what he will do because of his two personalities. Maybe “Austin” will vote tonight to keep Jason. Or maybe “Judas” will vote out Jason. So Austin would be the tie breaker.

    • Maybe Meg and James should roll the dice and tell Austin and Steve that they know the house isn’t going to keep Jason, so they are voting him out too. Both Austin and Steve love to throw a rogue vote in there to cast doubt on other players. Maybe they could trick them into doing that this week. I know its a long shot, but it looks like it might be the only chance at getting two more votes.

      • I may be the only one but I think they would be better of with Becky in their alliance than Jason. Jason has been pretty worthless and he talks too much. He sent this game into a spiral when Da told him about the twins and he immediately blabbed it to the entire house. Like all of the non-alliance people her never learned that knowledge is power in the house if you know how to use it,

        Unfortunately, in trying to save Jason they are alienating Becky. Dumb move. They need to break up the other alliance, not their own!

    • I don’t think we’ll see Judas voting this week. Austin really hates Jason now.

  13. I’m going to adjust my tin foil hat right now, but does anyone else think it is strange that Julia went out before BOB and hasn’t switched back in yet? They have been switching in and out every couple days except for this week. I would imagine that if Julia were in the house, there is a good chance that Austin would have been nominated. And we all know that BB loves a showmance.

    • Besides not being able to keep her mouth shut, I think DR put a bug in Van’s ear to tell Liz about Austin being the BD before PoV meeting. They most likely wanted her to do it before PoV comp.

    • I think that’s weird too! I cannot wait for Julia to join hopefully she will spice things up a bit.

  14. It’s too bad there wasn’t a big brother takeover where America voted on hoh.. Who was on the block… Who the replacement nominee would be… And who would go home… That would definitely shake up the house!

    • America takes over for one week. I like it!! America’s vote during season one didn’t work, but there’s enough of a following now that they could do it.

      • That’s what I was thinking. And this season definitely needs a shake up and who better than us fans to deliver☺

      • Just give us the Diamond power of veto and let us replace the two nominees any week going forward.

      • Oh, man…I loved the Diamond POV. I vote to bring that back, and get rid of America’s ‘favorite’, ‘Battle of the stupid Block.’

  15. Since production thinks that BoB is a fan favorite, what if they think that a huge power alliance that steamrolls the rest of the house is a fan favorite, too? They’ve certainly been doing all that they can to keep the 6th sense rolling along. ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • The next few weeks are going to be awful I am afraid. The alliance will go down their list evicting one person after another until the Clay/Shelli Duo and Austin/Liz/Julia trio decide they cannot trust each other and this is the seed I would plant in that alliance to break them up. Whoever acts first is going to win. Whoever waits to act against the other showmance is going to be the loser.

      The non-alliance team is playing defense. They need to go on offense to split up the Sixth Sense alliance – but first, they have to accept the fact that there is an alliance that is after ALL OF THEM.

  16. You can see why the non-alliance group is going to lose and get sent home quickly. They way they go to Shelli and Clay and throw each other under the bus is astonishing for its stupidity. Why do they think they can trust anyone in the alliance after they alliance has made promises before and has broken all of them?

    This plan of Meg’s is the final nail in their coffin. They need to cut Jason loose. They cannot save him. In trying to do so they are separating Becky further. After tonight’s eviction of Jason they will be down Jason and Becky because of their stupidity,

    They need to stop giving Shelli and Clay information. They need to stick together and form a tight trusting bond to protect each other instead of turning on each other every 5 minutes in the hopes of gaining trust with the alliance – which they should know by now is not possible.

  17. At least Jason tried, but he waited too long. You want to be the last person in their ear, but you have to lay some groundwork before that, Also by offering everything including his future children to stay, he just came off as desperate and not believable. If you have nothing to lose, you’ll offer anything and worry about it later. I don’t understand why he didn’t at least try to swing either Steve or JMac…probably wasn’t going to happen but you have to at least try.

  18. Wish one of the season’s twist is the Coupe d’état. If Jason stays, hopefully he’ll or Johnny Mac wins it and change the game. It’s about time someone rattle the ‘Sixth Sense’ alliance’s cage

  19. OK, I’ve been out of the loop, but last I heard, Liz doesn’t ‘Liiiiike Austin’…so what’s up with the coziness? Will someone help me out here, please? Is Liz just using her feminine wiles on poor Austin? (Those tats are kinda cute…but c’mon!) Can’t wait for the show tonight. Hopefully I’ll catch up on everything.

    • Welcome back Sharona ~~ Liz (supposedly) is playing Austin. Julia is entering the house tonight (during the live show). Looks like Jason will be sent packin’ (sigh). Tonite should be a doozy of a show~

  20. I hope Meg can win HOH tonight and stay in power and get rid of the the lying spineless Vanessa, she will try and convince people she is so sad for getting rid of Jason but she’s a lier,James, Meg and Jackie need to start winning and shaking up the game.

  21. I am so praying for Jackie and James to win hoh. . . That way shelli can cry to clay that they should have kept jason. . . It would be one of the most rewarding moments in bb history for me. I have that warm feeling about shelli and clays reaction to being on the bottom of fan rankings, they think people love them, they are the “Jeff and Jordan” of this season, America’s Ken and Barbie. . . .ha! I know that is going to crush her. I almost wish that bb would tell them the fan rankings every once in awhile because shallow people like shelli would switch up their game if they knew How the majority perceives them. . . Can we get the 2 biggest traitors in history out please and I’m not referring to “Judas and Benedict (hey-Arnold)!!!! Lol

  22. How did Clay become the self appointed king of the house? It would be to everyone’s advantage to get rid of him and let shelli fall apart. Why do they have to be in jury together? These house guests are kind of stupid this year, if you ask me.all they are concerned about,and delusional about, is how much America likes them. GET RID OF CLAY YOU MORONS!

  23. I don’t know how I feel about Jason being up, they should have realized there was an alliance going on to begin with. I can’t stand the sixth sense. I want Shelli and Clay gone because they are so annoying. Vanessa gone, Judas/Austin gone as well. The problem I have is why no one has picked up on those who has power in the house. They should have been playing the game not sleeping their way through, you can’t sleep while some are plotting. James, Jackie and Meg need to step it up, particularly Meg and James who are sleeping real hard in this game. I wanna shake them. This is what happens when you sleep and had they not been sleeping and letting things slide their alliance would have been the ones to take over but sadly my boy Jason is probably going to get eliminated because he has been sleeping through it as well. So unfortunate.

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