Tonight On Big Brother 17: Live Eviction & HoH Competition

Tonight on Big Brother the Twin Twist hits the house when Julia Nolan becomes her own official Houseguest as another player walks out the door.

Big Brother 17 - Live Eviction tonight
Big Brother 17 – Live Eviction tonight – Source: CBS

Capping off a dramatic week that mostly escaped the broadcast edits we’re about to see a blindside that surprised its own blindside as the targets shifted and the power alliance strengthened its hold on the game.

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Yes, Jason Roy looks about as much of a lock for eviction as we can expect at this point. He and his allies put together a good plan and faced a hefty obstacle through Chelli, but just as his fans feared it didn’t pan out. A final push overnight to Shelli & Clay left them unmoved and determined to evict.

We can expect either a 7-2 or 6-3 vote tonight depending on which way Jackie decides to go but Becky isn’t going to be surprised either way and will be grateful to stay. She might think twice about volunteering to be a nominee again next time though.

I’m expecting Julia to enter the game before the Head of Household competition which would give the Sixth Sense alliance an extra kick to their chances. Despite CBS suggesting HGs might be surprised there will be zero shock with Julia’s arrival. In fact they’ll all be able to greet her by name. It’s all out there already and the only mystery is the “when” though HGs are expecting it soon.

Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS at 9/8c and we’ll be here live recapping the show as it happens. Keep your fingers crossed for a power shift so we can make sure to get some battle action next week instead of a massacre. Then again, with Liz promising Austin a kiss, a “good kiss,” if he wins HoH there may be nothing to stop the lovelorn wrestler. This should get interesting!


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  1. Well, lets hope that Jackie and Meg/James win the HOH (which they won’t)

    • Even if they do, I have a feeling that somehow they will blow it. The problem is they do not realize there is a real alliance in the house and that 5 (now 6) people are working together. Knowing them they will settle for taking out Steve or Julia which would be a total waste of an HOH.

  2. Both the twins in the house may cause drama etc, but, I’ve grown to hate Liz and her whiny voice. The way she leads on Austin is also pretty disgusting.

    • I don’t think they’ll cause that much drama. There isn’t going to be any more drama this season until we’re down to Austin/Liz/Julia vs. Clay/Shelli/Van. Even then, I don’t think that Austin & the twins are a match for the other 3.

      • A twin would definitely have to go first in the scenario or I think one of them will end up winning.

      • Yeah but sometimes you get lucky. By that time, if someone hasn’t taken out Vanessa, she is in within distance of winning. Hopefully Julia is a sparkplug and convinces Liz/Austin to keep Jackie longer, to take out Vanessa/Clay/Shelli, before they get rid of her. THEN when time is right, Liz/Julia can use Jackie to take out Austin.

      • This is brilliant. I doubt Jackie will ever be able to beat Austin in a challenge but never say never.

        I like the way you think!

    • Then you will love Julia’s addition to the house, she hate Austin and I could see her briefly joining the outsiders to get rid of him even though her real loyalty is to her sister and Vanessa. But she could take the girl power idea that Vanessa and Shelli seem to be plugging to her and bring it to the other side to carry through the Austin eviction plan and then just return to the 6th Sense. Though, I think, like Vanessa, her real loyalty is to the other parts of the Freaks & Geeks besides Austin.

      • I do prefer Julia better. If I had my way though, Vanessa would be the next to go, with Austin. I can dream, anyway.

      • For drama – How about Julia enters with a game plan and sends Clay home which will make Shelli flip her extensions? Dawns on Shelli that she embraced another competitor for the half mil who is gloves off right away and sent home Shelli’s closest confidante and most trusted advisor – and will Shelli be far behind? Because Austin and Liz are not going to just “let” Shelli send home Julia. Austin may later but for now, he will protect Julia. Shelli may fall asleep counting “Y’s”: Why didn’t we send Austin home instead of Jason since the other side never wins anyway? Why did I think another competitor would be good and not a problem for me? Y. O. Y.

      • I think Shelli is actually controlled by Clay, or controlled by her yearning for Clay. The one who cares less is the more powerful.
        But, sounds good. Any sort of fun from here on out would be appreciated.

      • Its too bad we can see these things while Meg, Becky, Jackie and James can’t come up with a plan. he non-alliance needs to start planting rumors to get Shelli all riled up. She is so paranoid this can’t be that hard.

      • I understand the Vanessa dislike. She has an arrogance about her that is pretty hard to overlook. I mean she claims she can tell if people are lying by their pulse? And when Austin, LiZ and Steve lie to her she is clueless? And When Becky, John and Jason tell her Da had the Last Laugh power she tells them she is wrong? Ugh, she needs something to take her down a peg.

        Having said that, she is the smartest person in the house by far. If she were to be evicted that alliance would crumble. Too bad the non-alliance people don;t realize that. I think the only way to save the rest of them is to evict Vanessa and then let Clay/Shelli and Austin and the twins fight it out with each other.

      • What irks me about Vanessa is, she will take lying against someone (real or imagined or made-up or instigated) but yet she lies herself…so, that makes her a hypocrite. You can’t play BB without lying, but.
        Agree with everything else you said, that is how I wish it would go down. But, as my grandpa used to say, wish in one hand, crap in the other….

  3. This season is an epic fail!!
    1. All major twists have failed. BoB, Twins, Last Laugh, AR team, etc.
    2. The best personalities and drama stirrers are gone (or almost gone) and we’re left with paranoia and a lovesick, lame mountain.

    3. They dropped what could have made this season great, BB Takeover.

    • Yep, the takeover twists went down with the SS Audrey. I feel the powers that be created those twists to protect their prize and when they saw it was a lost cause, they pulled the plug and the twists went down the drain.

    • 1 & 3 agree. 2 disagree. We’ve seen go out the door: the moronic surfer boy loudmouth, the I’m-right-you’re-wrong-because-I-shout-louder-than-you biatch, the clueless dumbfuck, and the lying-liar-liar-pants-on-fire doofus liar.

    • My enthusiasm has waned considerably since the start of the season. Although the thought of Shelli, Clay, or Vanessa winning this season makes me cringe, the reason for my lull in enthusiasm is due to the HGs who are so dang clueless, lazy, and seemingly disinterested in playing.

    • Well at least there are players left. Get rid of James, Meg and Jackie since all they do is sit around, then we’ll see some game playing.

      • I’d rather see Vanessa go and they watch the power struggle between the two showmances.

      • But with Meg gone who would we constantly laugh with? I’ve never seen anyone laugh so hard and for so long.

  4. I’d like next year to NOT have BoB. Try that again and see what happens, esp’ly if you keep bringing in half newbs who may be expecting it.

      • They need to penalize the players for any shout outs about their websites, twitter accounts, etc. Find players who are in it to win it and not use it as a platform for a career afterwards. Stop promoting past players a celebrities. Only promote the winners.

        End the HOHs being allowed to talk about who they are nominating. Do not allow HOHs to tell anyone who will go up. They need to make sure there is not comfort in this house even within alliances.

    • That would have been interesting …. Austin has a crush on Liz, Liz had a crush on Jace and Jace had a bromance with Austin.

    • Back then James targeted Jace but also considered Austin and said he’d like to work with Clay but Shelli had to go/break them up first.

  5. Hmmmm….I just wonder if Julia will bust Liz over Austin. She doesn’t like Austin but she comes off like she doesn’t approve of Liz’s manipulation either…a twin turning on the other would be interesting

    • I’ve been rooting for the same thing for a few weeks now.

      Julia feels very “Bad Twin” to me.

      This season has been so one-sided and frustrating (due to the drastic uninvolvement of the younger players) that I’m desperately hoping for a “Bad Twin” story to unfold.

      In it Julia eats a bunch to gain some weight, pretends to be Liz and steps into the shower with Austin only to have Liz walk in and be horrified. As Liz runs out crying we zoom in to a close-up of Julia throwing her head back and cackling evilly…

      “There’s a NEW twin in town, Liz and this one reigns supreme!!!”

      “HAAAA! HA! HA! HA! HA!”

      (Jesus…I really need to find a new hobby.)

    • I thought that I had read somewhere that this will be the Twins Take Over Twist this week … Seeing that, they both have successfully survived the 5 weeks / eviction, they will get a one week immunity, and become the next HOH’s … :)

    • Could you imagine the Twins sharing the HOH bed, then suddenly Austin/Judas jumps in, between them ?? Oiya !!! :)

  6. I don’t wanna make this comparison, if this season is like last season (which it is looking like), Vanessa might actually turn out to be the female Derrick…lots of game to go though…

    • If this is the last season I would understand. The show has been going down hill lately and the fans have not been getting what we have always loved about BB. There are too many people in the game who are disinterested and only want to get to jury. There are not enough people who understand the game and know how to play. This is why the lats couple of seasons have shaped up as they have. The alliance has players who want to win every week. The non alliance is a bunch of floaters who don;t talk game and lounge around all day doing nothing. They may be good TV personalities but they make for boring BB play.

      I think BB has chosen to pick people who look and act a certain way. They are filling the house with characters not players. I also wonder if they like have the “bad guys” win because it create more emotion and reaction among viewers.

      • I miss the good ole’ BB days of DPOV, Pandora’s Box, comps for Have-Nots. BotB has got to go if this show comes back for a season is a waste..they could put more interesting things in its place like what I stated above. All of this throwing of BotB has gotten ridiculous. Recruits are ruining the game..Clay thinking that he was going on a show about “Big Brothers and Sisters,” was it for me.

    • She is the female Derrick, except she has a few people to compete with this year. Derrick rode to the finale unopposed. I’d have loved to have seen Derrick play with this crew. His game would have had to be different.

  7. Did anybody hear the train sound when Becky was talking about “road kill?” They did it again. CBS is relentless on this one. The show is treating it like it’s somewhat silly. lol….I get it though.

    • You wore it “out”, now you’re wearing it “in”. Might take some time getting use to.

  8. What are the chances of the rewind happening tonight so that Jason isn’t actually evicted? I’m holding out hope!

    • Either that or a Fast Forward about 5 weeks after all the “floaters” are evicted and the real power struggle begins.

      I like to root for the underdogs but I am realistic. They have no chance and watching them picked off one by one will be about as boring as watching Becky and Steve play BB.

    • Bet yet is a BB Takeover flip and American can put up two nominees in place of Becky and Jason!

      We can dream, but that’s all it is.

  9. would be interesting if a hg couldn’t win the game if they had never been on the block. the added strategy of determining the safest time to get someone they “trust” to put them up would be fun to watch

  10. I was VERY disappointed that the big 6 alliance didn’t go through with the plan to backdoor Judas…he is dangerous to BOTH sides of the house. Dangerous because he’s smart and deceitful! They are going to regret it. Or, they should have gotten Liz out BEFORE her blood came in to stay…even more dangerous!

  11. So annoyed with these HG’s, the only reason people keep watching is like NASCAR we’re waiting for the big wreck or fight. But so far it’s boring and no one is up for the fight. I don’t believe they would even get out of bed for Armageddon.

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