Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 2: Saturday Highlights

After a few crazy days of Big Brother we had a nice, relaxed Fourth of July with little game talk mixed in along the way. Looks like everyone was ready for a little rest from the rush. Phew!

Big Brother 17 Houseguests & wildlife
Big Brother 17 Houseguests & wildlife – Source: CBS All Access

By the end of the night we had yet another alliance form, but how many hours will that one last? Meanwhile the late night crew (2.0) stayed up past sunrise talking about targets and next best moves.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, July 4, 2015:

9:30 AM BBT – Houseguests starting to get up for the day.

10:15 AM BBT – John tells Steve that he did not throw the Battle of the Block.

11:30 AM BBT – Quiet morning so far as John and Jason chat in the backyard. Houseguests milling around.

1:00 PM BBT – Jason warns Meg that Audrey isn’t going up even though that’s what she is hoping to see happen.

2:00 PM BBT – Big Brother calls an indoor lockdown. 4th of July festivities on the CBS lot.

3:10 PM BBT – Austin working on Shelli to get Meg up on the Block instead of Liz. Shelli comes around to the idea.

5:25 PM BBT – Ladies discussing plastic surgery, if you’re wondering who has had what done & what sizes…

6:30 PM BBT – HGs hanging around having a makeshift 4th of July party in HoH room.

8:55 PM BBT – Jeff and Clay discuss their F2 deal.

9:30 PM BBT – Shelli joins Jeff and Clay. Jackie and John soon join them as well.

10:00 PM BBT – New alliance forming between John, Jackie, Jeff, Shelli, and Clay. They’re working on an alliance name. John wants to add Meg and Becky while Shelli doesn’t trust James enough to bring him in.

10:20 PM BBT – Backyard is finally open again. HGs start heading outside.

11:00 PM BBT – Shelli and Audrey discussing getting Da’Vonne out and how she’s going to handle it the rest of this week. They start running through more game talk. They like Vanessa and Austin. Audrey thinks Jason will be a free agent once Da’Vonne is gone.

1:00 AM BBT – Houseguests doing a “Sexual Healing” talk show in the backyard. HGs taking turns calling in to talk.

5:30 AM BBT – Jason, James, Meg, and Jeff hanging out in backyard talking targets and strategy. They say it’s easier/safer to talk game this late at night without having to hide things. “After Dark Crew” (ADC) is formed and kinda, sorta an alliance.

5:45 AM BBT – Jason says their ideal targets for next evictions are Audrey, Austin, Steve, and Vanessa. They want to split up the Austin and Vanessa targets between them.

Listening to this 5AM crew it sounds like they’re well prepared for Da’Vonne to go this week and have moved on to planning for the rounds ahead. We’ll have to see what this Last Laugh twist does to impact the upcoming eviction.

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    • It’s fun to know that whoever gets that seventh phone call could end up controlling who gets evicted this week. If Meg goes up, I’d want to see her leave, but if Liz goes up, I’d want Day out instead.

      • Right if Meg goes up as renom I think everyone here is fine to see her leave since DA brings more to the table…plus it would make good TV to see her gp against Shelli

      • I honestly thought Meg has been the most annoying houseguest so far, although it takes a lot to remind myself Jackie is a houseguest! Audrey, Austin, Liz/Julia, John, Vanessa, Becky and Steve are the ones I like most at this point. I like Audrey simply because it’d be quite the show to see the person that falls from top to bottom find their footing again, but it hasn’t worked out in the past. (Willie, Nick, Devin as the most recent ones.) Plus, I enjoy that Audrey isn’t as psychotic as Willie or Devin, and is trying to work with the houseguests I like more :).

      • Yeah I just want Day to stay because she brings the right amount of Drama in the house

      • Meg won’t go. Everyone in the house loves her. Da is just a controlling drama queen. She’s got a nasty attitude and needs to learn how to speak to people. I’m praying she walks out that door this week.

  1. Jeff is the best actor in the house. Playing both sides..I think he is really with Meg and that crew..not with Shelli, Clay, John and Jackie at all. He was in the HOH room last night basically saying how HE wanted the game to go going forward. He is laying in the HOH room bed with Clay,(no spooning this time!) talking about things, Becky comes in and says she doesn’t like those two talking do they really have a F2 or is that another Jeff lie? Then, out of nowhere, Jackie and John come in..then Jeff basically tells Clay and Shelli..this is our core alliance. They both look a little confused. Jeff is Shelly from season 13..he is all over the place, but, I don’t trust the guy at all…he is “slithering” right through this game…and if he says “Dude” one more time..I will reach through my computer and smack him!

    • I can’t figure out if Jeff is BSing Clay or Clay is BSing Jeff or Clay is BSing Shelli about this Jeff/Clay final 2 thing.

      • Did you see them make a F2..I didn’t. Usually when I am gone, I will read Matt’s column and I never saw anything about those two making a F2, plus I have heard no name for it. Unless, I missed it. I don’t like the way Jeff is always throwing Austin under the bus, either, I really like Austin and Liz..I hope Shelli puts Meg up, then let that 5AM crew decide on who they want to leave..but, then again, we have this twist with the phone coming up!

      • I would like to see Austin and Clay on the same side instead of Jeff.
        Does anyone know why Clay and Austin aren’t working together?

      • I honestly don’t know. I think I’m correct to say Jeff wants Austin gone. That may have something to do with it. Not sure, though.

      • They’ve made a final two a few times. But it never sounds serious to me. They’ll be talking game and say I have your back all the way to the end. Jeff asked Clay do you have my back over Shelli and Clay said yes final 2. They have never shaken hands on it or named it. I think Clay will stay with Shelli. I want Clay and Shelli to find out about Jeff and his 5 million alliances!

    • Once again I totally agree. He’s got an alliance with everyone in the house and it’s going to bite him. (I hope). Austin is on to him though. He’s the one I would like to see get HOH next. Just to see him shake up the house.

      • Good to know someone isn’t fooled by Jeff.
        Maybe Audrey can bring Clay and Austin together.

  2. HM this new alliance could be quite good or could fail who knows?
    Clay and Jeff both like each other. Shelli and jackie are both kind of there boys puppets. Lastly john just happy to be included i think.

    Also looks like the austin vannessa liz audrey steve core will be danger next week

    • LOL they should call that last alliance the “Targets”, because I think most of them are high on the radar.

  3. When they were talking before forming the latest alliance, Jeff told Shelli he wanted to work with Jason and James and that he does not trust Audrey and Austin. John wants to work with Meg and Becky.
    I don’t know how they each remember who trusts whom and which alliances are legit.

    • I agree..the game strategy of HG’s forming alliances has been horrible this’s like they didn’t know how to form them at all. I don’t believe this last one between clay, jeff, shelli, jackie at john at all. Jeff is my least favorite HG.

      • They had just revealed mistrust and/or trust in HGs that the other disagrees with, then out of the blue, there is yet another alliance formed…Dude??? hehe

      • My 10 yr old grandson started that habit last year during the school season. I asked him why. He said his best friend says it a lot. So I assume they were duding each other, a lot. UGH! He loves Pokemon cards and I’m the one who indulges that. I told him every time he says dude, I get to keep one of his cards, but if he had broken the habit by the end of school, he got them back. He got them back, thank God..

      • DUD!!! He and Jackie were tolerable on TAR, but far from my favs. I’m not a fan of Jeff at all on BB.

      • I agree! I want Aud out the most, followed by both Clay & Jeff. They’ve got too many HGs that are so full of themselves!

      • Wow, how’d that happen? I agree 100% as of today, but who knows what other dastardly villain might come to the forefront in the near future. LOL
        Mornin’ sweet thang!

      • Liz had another tiny slip up, but reading about it sounds like she covered it up well. Not sure who she was speaking to and if they had a second thought about it. Jokers just made mention of it. She said her Mom waited until later in life to have us, she then paused and said me and my older sister.
        I don’t know how the twins do it!

      • And you add ‘dud’ to my name??? Humpffff, lotsa difference between ‘sweet thang’ and ‘dud’! I’m taking my crayons and drawing on the wall!

      • No more dud, Cuddles. Happy? But it was seriously a term of endearment. I own quite a few pieces of clothing called Cuddlduds. They are absolutely some of my favorite ever. I see how you were viewing it but it had not entered my mind.:)

      • Only you would know the label name in your favorite clothing. I didn’t see ‘dud’ as a term of endearment or friendliness. Yes, I’m happy now.

      • Jackie is just looking for some group to she bounces around the house with her long flowing black hair and cleavage just trying to find a group that will take her! Jeff was worse than she was on TAR. He treated her like crap. Talked down to her alot. She gave it right back to him.

      • I would love to have seen him and Hayley paired up? Wonder what the outcome of that would have been?

      • and every now and then he’ll throw in a Bro! hahaha…It’s getting a bit nauseating! :-)

      • Personal immaturity is running rampant, and, in some cases, a real lack of knowledge of how the game is REALLY played.

  4. i just read that Austin was talking to Liz & he said he wanted Da then James then Audrey gone. then he said Jackie was shady. so basically he doesn’t trust all the minorities in the house.

    im white even i can see what’s going on! still this season is nothing on BB 15. there are still plenty of players worthy of rooting for.

    • Ummm I think he’s playing the game and not worried about what color they are, what religion they are, what their sexual preferences are. Why is it every time someone that isn’t white or straight and they’re a target people have to bring up that people are being prejudice.

      • Hello everyone! Long time BB network reader and first time poster here :-) I usually don’t comment on things like this but this time I feel I should. I don’t think it’s a witch hunt or anyone being sensitive when they mention whether someone’s remarks or actions are racists etc. It’s their opinion and interpretation. This is America and we are all entitled to our own opinions despite opposing views or feelings.

        What I do think is a witch hunt is when everyone basically says your opinion doesn’t matter, and other people here don’t think as you do. Opposing view points don’t equal brainwashing. :)

        Personally, I don’t think anyone has the right to tell anyone what they should or should not feel offended about.

        As for Austin, is he prejudice? Who knows? He could be he could not be. Susie maybe right or wrong. Maybe Austin is making these decisions that have racial undertones to them subconsciously.

      • What do you think I was doing? Voicing my opinion. Did I tell anyone what to say, do or feel? Sounds like you’re acting just the opposite by addressing this comment to me! JMO

      • Hey Dude! Have you been watching the feeds? Austin just placed a hex on Becky and her face is now covered with warts.
        Thought you might want to know so you could also censure him as a possible witch as well as a possible racist.
        At this rate he could even reach the trifecta of Witch, Racist and Commie!!! A reality show first!

  5. I’m surprised that there is still no major alliance with a silly name at this point of the game, heck “High Rollers” was barely mentioned on the show.

    However, I do see signs of an ongoing power struggle which is what matters most if you’re playing Big Brother.

    • I was leaning toward the BADA$$ Five name last night but I’m not sure if that alliance is still in existence.

  6. As of this moment, this early in the season, I don’t much care who goes. What I DO want is for this last laugh phone call to actually mean something to the game. I don’t want it to be a wasted twist. I am really hoping for it to be the deciding factor in who goes next. I want to see their faces drop and see them scrambling to makes amends with whoever they had been against.

    • Exactly! If Meg goes up and DA happens to get the Last Phone call well last just hope that all hell will break loose and Shelli would be pissing her pants ^_^

      • Urinary incontinence at this young age? Let’s hope they have some Poise in the house. haha

      • It doesn’t matter if Da gets the phone call or not. She would only eliminate 3 votes. If Meg is up everyone loves her they will all vote Da out. (Except maybe Jason). That’s why Shelli is thinking of changing it from Liz to Meg. She thinks Liz might be too much of a risk.

  7. I hate the twists that equate directly to production meddling. Pandora’s box always favors someone who would otherwise be in a terrible spot. I don’t doubt production is gonna make 6 calls and then sit around until Davonne is standing by the phone before they call again. Too many ridiculous twists ruins the integrity of the game in my opinion. This season the “takeover” twist basically gives them carte blanche

    • Usually I would agree but if the ‘twists’ prevent another season of BB like last season I’m all for it.

    • Well I am not in favor of production influencing the game at all. I don’t want a boring game either but twists can be done without making them ones that production has influence over the result.

      • Yes! This is external, but the call from Kathy is completely random. Depending on who gets it, and how it’s going to be used. Unlike the “the America Vote twist” this is better.

      • I am not sure that anything is completely random. Production can very easily wait until some people are outside for instance and then tell Kathy to call. Is it random then?

      • Sure can do anything. Just don’t make it too obvious… I still like the twist. If it’s gonna affect my fav, I probably would hate it lol, but no favs yet, so I’m cool.

      • I dont have a fave yet either. And I do want a fun season. I think its just my pet peeve about the show. I want production to stay out of it more and just see how it plays out.

  8. If I was in the house, I would hate this twist, It takes too much control, but as a fan, I’m all for it. When you want to flip the house, sometimes you’re a few votes short. 3 votes is good. Is it enough to make a great impact? It’s not something that is insurmountable.

    • Not for Shellis game. And she is the HOH. Why would Shelli target someone who’s not after her? Da is after her and Shelli is smart to try and get her out. Go back to last night on the feeds and listen to Shelli and Audrey talking in the HOH. Shelli is a smart player and wants to play the game. She’s not going to play someone else’s game.

      • from wat i seen, audrey is playing everyone. she will try to manipulate whoever is hoh

      • Not since she got busted. And Audrey and Shelli have had a friendship since day one. Audrey won’t go after Shelli. But now Da is a different story. She’s flat out told people she would go after Shelli and Clay. Like I said smart move on Shellis part.

      • heres my argument for target aud…
        1. doesnt create new enemies
        2. aud has already shown she has no loyalty to any1
        3. aud is a competition beast and has a good understanding of how to play the game

        i didnt think momma da was gunning directly for shelli till she made the move to put her up.
        i dont watch the live feeds so i might not know everything…. lol

      • I think Shelli is all for getting Audrey out but just not this week. Da told Jason and James several days ago she wanted Shelli, Clay and Jeff gone. But you know what happens the longer someone stays. They lay low and people forget what they did. So who knows when she’ll go. But I love watching the drama. Lol

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