Big Brother 17: Can Twin Twist Survive This Week’s Eviction? – Update

We only just officially met the Big Brother 17 secret Twin Twist, but they’re already in danger thanks to a turn of events in a whirlwind Friday filled with nominations, Battle of the Block, and even the Veto competition.

Liz Nolan could be in trouble on Big Brother 17
Liz Nolan could be in trouble on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Now in the fallout from the results, check our spoilers for details, the remaining Head of Household must seek out a new plan as she hopes to keep control and evict her target from Big Brother 17.

With Becky Burgess banished from the HoH suite her target of Audrey Middleton is falling to the wayside as Shelli Poole, the surviving Head of Household, is looking for options to insure her target, Da’Vonne Rogers, is sent packing. Of course no one wants to be the pawn to make that happen.

Thinking she had just a short time before the Veto Ceremony last night we watched as Shelli quickly pulled Houseguests in to her room and looked for a way to keep Da’Vonne in danger. Her first plan was to get John McGuire to not use the Veto he just won. Not a bad plan… if he wasn’t on the Block! Next option: Meg Maley as a renom, since Shelli won’t put up Jackie, Becky, James, blah, blah, blah.

Meg wasn’t having anything to do with that and shifted Shelli to consider Liz, earning the approval of Clay and John. After breaking the news to Liz, who took it surprisingly well at the time, things later broke down for her.

Crying to Becky, Liz feared she didn’t have the votes to stay and while she couldn’t say it to HGs, we can’t help but think the pressure of playing for two is weighing heavily in her concerns. But does she need to be that worried?

As far as the Houseguests know there are going to be twelve votes but this Last Laugh twist from Kathy Griffin is going to knock out three of those putting us down to nine. Five votes is all it takes to evict, a much easier goal to achieve especially for a group looking to go against the evict-Da’Vonne plan.

Liz is closely aligned with Austin and also has a shaky alliance with Shelli, Clay, and Audrey. Apparently it’s really shaky if Shelli is willing to send her to the block, but she should still have those three votes.

Becky and Jackie agreed that if Shelli wants Da’Vonne gone this week then they’ll support her in that mission, so tack on another two votes getting us up to five. Another three votes and they can overcome the Last Laugh twist. That shouldn’t be tough.

We don’t know how the twist will play out and who can say what to rally support. If someone could say, “hey I basically have an extra three votes,” then Houseguests might not be so afraid to “go against the House.” Since we haven’t seen a single phone call and CBS hasn’t released detailed rules it’s hard to see how this could impact vote plans.

Production can’t control the votes, but we’ve heard they sometimes apply a little pressure to influence in the DR, so should Liz and Julia’s Twin Twist really hit the danger zone then maybe a little nudging could keep their new toy rolling.

Personally, I think we’ll get a lot more mileage out of Da’Vonne staying in the game than Liz who is doing her best to keep her head down and be a non-factor so she and her sister can reach Week 6. I’m worried for our Feeds, but Liz/Julia fans can probably not stress too much. Well, not yet at least.

Update: Now after much debate Shelli is leaning back to the Meg renom option. I was surprised she ever left this idea, but Meg smooth talked her way out of it. Looks like Meg will need to do it again if she doesn’t want to be on the block against Day.

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  1. I wonder if the winner of the last laugh twist can tell the other houseguest. If not than it won’t save Day unless Jason or James gets it.

  2. Has anyone considered that the Dr is telling Shelli to not put up Audrey? CBS did so much to promote her that they don’t want her to leave in the first few weeks

    • Maybe, but if Shelli knows Audrey would be a target next week while she can go ahead and get out someone she thinks is coming after her closest ally, Clay, then this makes sense in her mind.

  3. Shelli doesn’t have a vote this week so wouldn’t they only be up to 5 votes?

  4. Liz appears to me to be about 5 to 10 pounds heavier than Julia. Liz has a much bigger butt. Liz face has a round shape whereas Julia face is less round more angular. I think some house guests might start to notice the differences.

    • It’s not that much and unless they are not side by side, I’m sure it most be hard to notice.

  5. I’m sure CBS/BB is counting on Julia joining the game as a solo player. So if by any chance Juliz get voted out, I have a feeling CBS will have to come up with a twist to bring somebody back in the house. More than likely a comp between the 1st five jury members. Now that Jace is definitely not eligible to come back, jury member would be plan B.

    • I think that if Liz or Julia get voted out before the fifth eviction, then the twin twist is over and they are both out of the house.

      • That’s what I’m saying. That’s 2 players out at the same. It’s like a double eviction a week that suppose to be a single. So in the way they schedule their eviction (single or double), they will be missing a player somewhere. Of course they can cancel a double eviction, but then viewers like double eviction, so to not have to do that, they will need to bring back a player.

      • Season 5, Adria was on the brink of getting evicted against Holly, but was saved, but I heard that if Adria was voted out, Natalie would get to come in and play the game, with Adria gone, and the twin twist was over, so I am guessing that will happen with Julia and Liz! They have the weeks planned out, so evicting both would mess up the timing, so they will get Liz out and Julia will come in and play a solo game at the time, if they are copying season 5’s twin twist!

    • For the sake of those who have to do all the commentaries, I take that back. I hope you all have a nice holiday weekend.

  6. Wait, I am confused about the twist. The way Kathy explained it, the phone is going to ring in the house and whoever picks up the phone the 7th time it rings will get to pick 3 people who will not vote this week. Is that right?

    • I believe they will pick 3 ppl who’s votes will not count. I don’t think the other HG’s will know about it until after eviction. If they know beforehand then they could just vote opposite which would defeat the twist…

  7. I find Liz/Julia vapid, and i thought the twin twist was much more exciting during BB5. I hope Da can somehow make it through the week, but at this point that doesn’t seem likely.

    • They are prob just laying low until they both enter the house then they will really let their personalities out.. At least thats what i am thinking… They are afraid to make waves out of fear of getting evicted too early…

      • I was thinking the same thing. They don’t want to get discovered so they’re playing under the radar.

  8. Is the twist that three people can’t vote, or three people’s vote will be nullified?

    • Whoever win the twist, will choose 3 HGs that won’t get to vote. So instead of 12, only 9 will vote.

  9. Wouldn’t you need more than 5 votes? I mean what happens if the 3 votes that are thrown out happen to be votes against Da? This twist could really have a significant impact on things unless the house holds hands and agrees to a unanimous vote. Which is probably the likely outcome anyway….

  10. Da’Vonne was talking about someone saying that he had been musty for 16 days, that he had only had 4 baths. Jokers didn’t make it clear who she was referring to.

      • LOL…Yes, Walt, I read that, also. He told her to kiss him a couple of times and she was mumbling no, then he said he wasn’t asking her, he was telling her to. Maybe he doesn’t brush his teeth either, I don’t know. But ain’t no smelly man going to be in my bed.

      • The amount of bed swapping with have/have nots, HOH’s in and out, there is always bed sharing. hygiene is important. He wasn’t asking he was telling her to? red flag…dump his douchey ass, imagine the look on his face if he went next week. asshole!

      • Maybe he was teasing Shelli? I don’t have the feeds so I’m only guessing here.

      • He had already thought he was the cats meow, didn’t he? He just rubs me the wrong way.

      • I see. There are always RS contestants that can cause that for no discernible reason. I will have to see more of Clay before I can decide what to think of him.

      • Since Clay has been a football star since puberty, in the south this gives him a good reason to think he’s too cool for school. I guess I’m used to seeing jocks behave like this.

      • No, I live in way out in the country which I prefer to city life since I’m a nature lover and all that.

      • I’m jealous. I’d much prefer to be down in the Franklin area. More open space.

      • Save up your money and buy a trailer home hehehe (just kidding you). I grew up a city girl so I can really appreciate country living.

      • He was joking. That’s how rumors get started and spread and twisted and everything else.

      • You need to go to Jokers and read it all for yourself. Don’t take any ones word for any of it. I put the times on the post to Captain555..

      • I’ve been meaning to go over there all day and see for myself what’s going on – where does the time go?
        The daily recaps here are very helpful too.

      • Are you being sarcastic? ..LOL I can’ t tell.
        But there was a long exchange posted between them on Jokers. It wasn’t anything serious, but it made me pause when I read it.

      • I don’t know what to tell you. It’s on my screen plain as day. I’m on the Quick Update Forum. Could that be the difference?

      • Ohhhh, lol…My “who’s on first” was me being silly about your back and forth with captain555. Abbott & Costello reference.

      • I knew exactly what you meant. I’m still confused, does Clay shower or what is it Day trying to put him down ?

      • Clay certainly looks well groomed on camera! Of course I’m not able to smell him…

      • He does look well groomed. I wish he would let Austin borrow some shirts, poor guy must not own any.

      • Exactly and he spends most time on hoh, room he could be showering there twice a day for All davone knows, that is stuff you just dont say without being sure

      • I guess Da’ was running out of things to count in the BB house so now it’s Clay’s showers :D

      • I knew that, I was just having a little fun. That’s just me.I have a very corny nature.

      • No. World Series champs in 04, 07, 13. They signed some big free agents. Not expected to be in the cellar.

      • I agree about the red flag, although it doesn’t surprise me about him because of the way he has acted like he was “in charge”. Even though they were both giggling about it.
        If I were in that house, I wouldn’t last long. I don’t want other people lounging around on my bed and I would most likely have a few HGs upset with me.

      • Isn’t that the truth!!!
        Somebody putting their shoes on my sheets would drive me insane even if I could tolerate the other filth.

      • lol. I’d be evicted quite early. Not so much to do with the bed, I have a limit on listening to primadonnas, bullying types and would call them out on their crap. You think Jason is snarky, i’d pull no punches.

      • I can see it now,Walt, and I believe it. So I’m gonna’ try and stay on your good side. HaHa

      • lol. certainly not unless provoked. I was always my Moms most verbal child. I just wouldn’t tolerate things like if i was witnessing how Jace was with Steve. I’d probably be kicked out, lol

      • I know they were “Bros”, but I so wish Austin walked in. I know a bit of his history and a letter he wrote to WWE corporate about the abuse & bullying that was going on with their former trainer.

      • I don’t think Jace would have continued that conversation even in front of his buddy, Austin.

      • I’m Austin/Vanessa all the way. I’d like to see them pull in Steve.

      • I’m still making up my mind about a few people. It’s going to take me a little longer to get a good read on some of them.

      • I also think Austin could be a good influence, take Steve under his wing kind of thing.

      • Not showers, Foxfire, baths. LOL..She says he doesn’t take showers. And I thought the same thing.Maybe she’s just counting the days she can smell him between baths. hehe

      • They had such a busy day Thursday; the live show, the HOH comp and BOTB due to the holiday. I can see why some of them haven’t had time to shower yet or why the deodorant might have given out.

      • Me too. I just love posting these silly things they do and say as I read them on Jokers. It can lead to some very entertaining conversations. Clay sure doesn’t look like he stinks. Whew!!

      • Don’t be burning anyone tonight down in the Bayou. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I was crying laughing.

      • Just having a little fun :D. One of my other favorite BB recaps has been taken over by the PC crowd and all they want to discuss is who is the homophobe, racist and transgenderphobe. So glad this site can find other BB things to talk about.
        Enjoy your holiday KSJB :D

      • I couldn’t agree more. I’m really disappointed that the BB recap has gone in this direction. There are a lot of nutty people and stalkers over there too. Be very careful.

      • Sorry to butt in,I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Is it some kind of site like this?

      • I just remembered, we talked about Frankie’s tour cancellation at this site remember?

      • Yes, I didn’t even know he had a tour until I accidentally came across it and saw where it had been cancelled…..because he was too busy.

      • Some Frankie fans had a fit over there. But he sold out his previous NY shows, ummm he sold out a tiny supper club, not Madison Square Garden. lol

      • Oh yes, I remember talking to you about Frankie there too. It seemed as if Frankie’s entourage might have been making most of the pro Frankie comments. Frankie’s parents must have gone overboard making sure he had an adequate amount of self esteem. Frankie could be the poster child for all spoiled brats.

      • Frankie’s mother raised him (and is still alive) along with her father, Frankie’s grandfather. Remember his death during BB last year?

      • Both Frankie and Ariana took their grandfather’s last name (their mom’s maiden name) ~~ Grande.

      • So his grandfather was his father figure? I’m trying to forget last season but I do vaguely recall his GF’s death.

      • They are experiencing quite a conundrum over there trying to figure out which one has the right to be more entitled than the other; Da’, Jason, or Audrey. The Da’ fans are furious at the Audrey fans and the Audrey fans think that she has the right to be more entitled than the other 2. This season of BB has the PC crowd in a real tizzy, that’s for sure.

      • I don’t say much over there. I read certain recaps and maybe a few comments here and there.

      • Lol, thats not my real name. Its a character in Gran Torino. I love that movie.

      • I just wanna know how old your avatar pic is??? inquiring old minds and all that.

      • Aha !! You were such a cute little tyke. So that pic is very very old huh? LOL!

      • LOL ~~ sorry Walt ~~ I had a wonderful dear friend Vincent Kowalski on Long Island. … i’m a bit older and don’t know GranTorino…i’m sure it was a great movie if you liked it.

      • OH, I love going up to the mountains. Clark’s Trading Post and all that ~~ used to go there at least once a year from 1970 to 2002. I’m a native Long Islander, but summered in NH on Horace Lake since 1970. Where were you in NE?

      • Aha, I have relatives in Attleboro. So what made you move and go to Nashville?

      • I resigned from my job in December and then decided to relocate, all my family now resides in TN.

      • That’s wonderful Walt that you’re with your family in TN. What kind of work do you do?

      • Sales & Marketing. I had lived all over the country from 97-07 and was back in MA from 07-through this past Feb. Lived in PA, FL & CA

      • Wow, so you’ve seen quite a bit of the country. I was born and raised on Long Island, lived in Hawaii in the 60’s and Cali in the 70’s ~~ back to LI, then VA in the 90’s til 2003 when I moved here to NH.

      • Me too Walt. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I was living on Oahu when Don Ho was very popular. Me and Susan spent countless nites into the wee hours getting to know him. We’re part of the crowd singing on two of his albums … “Ain’t no big thing” (one of Don’s song titles). Are you too young to know of Don Ho?

      • I always look forward to your comments over there but I can see why you might prefer other sites better.

      • I comment some on Masterchef, BB and some random things. Not to the extent some others do.

      • ohhhh UGH! GIANT UGH! what a dirty mind you have. ~~~ time to go fly my kite.

      • I’ve never in my entire life smelled up men~ get that dirty smelly thought out of your mind ~~ and I’ve certainly not, under any circumstances, nor would I ever want to smell David ~ He’s my friend, my mentor, my BB conspirator.

      • I love to smell the different colognes men wear. Some you walk the other way from, some you just want to get a little closer to. I asked a man at church once what he was wearing because he smelled so nice and clean. He told me “Grey Flannel”. I bought some for my husband and he did not like it at all. So I kept it for a while and took a little whiff of it every now and then.

      • I took offense to you saying I was ‘smelling up (another man’). ‘Smelling up’ and smelling a man’s cologne, in my eyes, are 2 different things. One is nasty, the other is, as you put it, ‘nice and clean’.

      • What does “smelling up ” mean? I’ve never heard it used in my neck of the woods, or on TV, that I remember, so I certainly meant no offense.

      • i only heard it come out of your mouth, and it was offensive to me ~~ don’tcha know how sensitive I am. K: add ‘bian’ to my name and figure out who i am.

      • My husband doesn’t like for me to wear any cologne. He has allergies. I only wear it when I’m going somewhere without him. I love Estee Lauder Beautiful.

      • David understands my personality and knows I’d never do anything to make him feel jealous!

      • for a future comp! wasn’t she the one counting things when she got into that exchange with Jeff/Clay…lol

      • It could be, I guess. I say it to my grandsons when they are being mischievous. They aren’t brats. They’re just normal little rotten, cute boys.

      • I have a son that is 38, an Engineer with TVA. He was a stinkpot when he was young and still is. Now I have 6 more little stinkpots. I love cute,rotten, little children, as long as they learn to be respectful.

      • stinkpots are just made to be cuddled ~~ and then there’s those natural born flirts that just get everyone wound around their little fingers.

      • HA! I was called a stinkpot earlier…cuddle type, yup, flirt, yup…lol

      • Lmao. I just took the dog out, its thundering, dark clouds above. I’m thinking downpour shortly

      • Not that familiar with the area although I loved my Smoky Mtn. vacation years ago. Beautiful place to live.

      • Although we’re not that far away, we go every year for a little vacation. It’s just a beautiful place, although the outskirts of Gatlinburg and the foothills have grown immensely.

      • I hope it hasn’t become overdeveloped. Lovely area, I wouldn’t mind living there but the prices must be astronomical.

      • It’s not, really.There is a Walmart right in the middle of everything, There are very nice places to eat that will not cost you an arm and a leg. The Tanger Mall is there and my granddaughter loves it. We can shop two days and come home with really fantastic deals. She and I both love the sales racks.It really is not bad.

      • As long as there’s a Walmart I’d feel right at home. I did live in Georgia once and the allergies were horrific. Are the allergies bad in your area?
        I was thinking the price of property might be prohibitive.

      • I’m sorry Foxfire, I didn’t know you were thinking about property. It isn’t that bad on the outskirts of the foothills. We live about 45 mins from the foothills and prices are what I would call very good. BUT:
        Allergies are terrible. My husband is a sufferer and East Tn. is in the upper index counts a lot of the time.

      • I was afraid of that, the further east you go the worst the air quality becomes. I thought maybe mountain air would be healthier but since I would be encountering new things to be allergic to it’s probably not a good idea at all. Oh well, there’s still the Ozarks to consider.

      • You must have some very severe allergies. Oh, can that ever make your life miserable. Sorry.

      • Thanks KSJB, I would hate to leave the south but the allergies here are awful and I’m allergic to almost everything.

      • It has to be miserable. My husband is stuffy or his nose is running constantly. He gets sinus infections that do not smell good. I feel so bad for him.

      • He is so independent. He’ll work 12 hr night shift with a severe allergy problem . Come home and sleep 2 hours and get right out there on that bike of his for 3 hours.

      • Southern men certainly aren’t wussy are they? If they didn’t have wives to take care of them I doubt many would survive to old age :D

      • Thanks Cuddles, but something tells me a southern gal might not fit in up there- but I’m sure it’s a beautiful place. I heard something about acid rain being a problem in the N.E..

      • acid rain = not true We are a real melting pot here in “Live Free or Die” NH. Southern gals fit in just like anyone else.

      • That’s good to know but there’s one more little problem, I’ve never driven in snow and the thought terrifies me.

      • Sorry to hear you’ve never experienced the thrills (and spills) of driving in the snow. Growing up on Long Island, I learned how to navigate my Dad’s pickup when I was 16 and got my license. But I understand what you’re saying. I feel safer with you not on MY roads~ LOL!

      • HA! I completely understand Cuddles. It sounds like you are enjoying life in small town N.H.

      • Yes I am Foxfire ~ Actually I’m in the City of Manchester but out in the country part of the City. This was my location of choice for my retirement. From 1970 to 2003, I spent 2-3 weeks every summer in our family cabin on Horace Lake in Weare. Did a lot of exploring and sightseeing over the years and knew this was where I wanted to lay my head.

      • I’m glad that you were able to realize your dream. As soon as I win the lottery I might buy a summer cabin up there too to escape this heat :D

      • In 1969 my Dad bought property and had a ‘cabin’ (3 good sized bedrooms, very large dining area and living area, small walk-in kitchen, reg. size bathroom) on Horace Lake in Weare. From 1970 (to 2000 or so), my 4 siblings (and all our children), each spent 2-3 weeks every summer at the cabin. My dad incorporated us: LILORTONKA ~ never told us. Our corporate name was added on a sign leading to the cabin. LILOR etc. represents us 5 in age order using at least 2 letters of each of our names. I’m ‘LOR’. Yes, he was quite clever (and funny). I’m getting long winded, I know ~~ that said, Horace Lake is beautiful and quite large but hardly has any traffic on it during the week. Weekends are busy. There are mountains in the background on one side. We’d sit on our deck and watch the sun go down on the lake as well as rise early just to watch the sun coming up. Hope you do get to visit someday. Weare is still country and Horace Lake would be a lake to check out cabins (if you’re so inclined).

      • I’ve enjoyed learning about this little piece of paradise that your family discovered. Summertime would be wonderful, but what about the winters?

      • There is snow. This past winter was the worst in many years. Other than cars for transportation, we have buses and cabs. People are friendly, so you might ask a neighbor for a car ride now and again. Snow removal is efficient and thorough. If you’re off a dirt road in a lake cabin, snow would be lovely to play in, but the dirt roads wouldn’t be plowed as quickly as paved roads. Hey Foxfire, this is not the wilderness. There may be some minor inconveniences. It all depends on what makes you happy (year round).

      • There are a few counties northwest of Knoxville that I’ve hear didn’t have near the problems as we do in our area. If you’d really like some info, I’d be happy to get that together for you.

      • I would love that but I don’t want to put you to all that trouble since you’re always so busy.

      • I’m never too busy to help a friend. I’d love to find some information for you. We just need to figure how to get it to you and exactly what you are interested in.

      • Perhaps you could direct me to a site that would have this information? I’m not all that computer savvy I’m afraid. Or you could reply to me on one of the older threads here that is no longer active?

      • We’ll figure it out next time. It’s past my bedtime and my little pill that helps me sleep is doing it’s job. If you are here tomorrow, we’ll get a clearer picture of what type land and what size house, and I can check for some web sites that you might want to view. This pill is getting the best of me. I hope I’ve made some sense.

      • After stuffing my face with BBQ I’m about ready for bed too.
        I’m most curious about retirement communities, condo’s or maybe a small home in the country. I need to downsize. Thanks for any help and good night KSJB. :D

      • retirement communities? look no further … lovely condo’s right here in sunny, carefree Manchester NH ~~ prices? from about 60 to 125,000. Not too shabby.

      • Taxes are horrendous in Mass, NH is just the opposite. MA is worse than LI (where I owned a house til 1992) and the RE taxes on LI were bad but not as high as MA. NH’s real estate taxes are less than half of what I was paying on Long Island. If I were moving again (not likely), I’d use my search engine (i.e. Google) to find states that have no sales tax. I believe Maryland is sales tax free. I think RE taxes are less in sales tax free states (I could be wrong) ~~ it’s worth checking out.

      • The Southern states have the lowest taxes last I heard due to being largely a rural area. In fact, a lot of people from the north are moving south to escape them. I really want to visit N.H. and Maine someday as they both sound so beautiful.

      • I understand what u’re saying about the Southern states being rural ~~~ there are other states just as rural or more rural, like Maine, NH and Vermont. I mentioned MD as a sales tax free state above. I went to bed and almost got up to edit it ~~ it’s Delaware not MD. I checked it out about 14 years ago b4 I made the move from VA to NH. As a retiree, you have to cut costs wherever possible. You mentioned people moving from the North and moving South ~~ about half the people on Long Island now own a home in FL and live there full time or split their time between the two. My parents did that ~ between FL and NH, with 3-day layovers on LI. If you ever get up this way, I’d be happy to hear from you (maybe show you around a bit).

      • You bet Cuddles! That would be a lot of fun having you as my official tour guide. Is the climate very anti-Christian up there?

      • Pro is the word ~ churches of all denominations abound. Would really like to be your tour guide. So when r u retiring and when r u coming???

      • I’m still in the “musing and thinking it over” stage at present. I realize at some point this will need to happen but not sure exactly when. I’m 58 now but my husband is 8 years older than me. He will not be able to keep up our property someday and we’ll have to hire someone eventually to do this. I’m thinking it might be better to just sell and move to another, more healthy place. Not sure if he’s onboard with this idea yet but at least he listens when I bring the subject up. I’d be ready to move tomorrow but this is the area where he grew up and he’s much more fond of it than I am.
        So presently I’m trying to find a healthy place to live. The air out west is so much better than in the east but the winters are so harsh and I’m afraid of wildfires. Who knew it would be so difficult to find a healthy place to live these days? Coeur D’Alene, Idaho is another place I’m looking into.

      • Look up Crossville, Tn. online and see if that looks interesting. The people are friendly, nice city, beautiful countryside, better air quality than further east. It is between Knoxville and Nashville.

      • Thanks K, that’s a good place to start. Are you familiar with Cleveland, TN? So many beautiful small towns in TN.

      • I have been there several times but years ago. I’m not familiar enough with it to really comment. I know for sure that the rural Crossville area is more beautiful but it is also at a higher elevation therefore more prone to have a few laying snowfalls, but still infrequently. If you like a small town, with a homey, welcoming feel, lots of churches, nice wholesome people, check out Kingston. Two rivers meet, one running around the town, setting a beautiful landscape. It’s about halfway between Knoxville and Crossville.

      • About how close is the Oak Ridge facility to where you live? Does that make you nervous?

      • Sorry, I’m just getting back to you. I have two of my grandsons all week and they think I’m here solely to feed and entertain them. If I’m not cooking, I’m playing ping-pong, outside with them, playing board games or trying my best to get my daily chores done. What a difference two little rambunctious boys can make! I probably will not get to post or even read much this week. I might not even get to watch the shows until the weekend. They definitely are my priority for now.
        Now to answer your question. There are politicians in office that cause me much more fear than Oak Ridge. Truthfully, if it’s my time to go, I’d rather be blown to smithereens than a slow dying process. We are not far at all if you are measuring as the crow flies. LOL.I never think about it really.

      • Hello KSJB, it’s certainly refreshing to hear that there are still kids that like to play ping pong and badminton nowadays instead of staying glued to the TV. Sounds like y’all are having a great time over there.
        I can see why you are desensitized to Oak Ridge as I’m almost desensitized to tornadoes. You are probably right about this being a relatively quick and painless event should it happen. Other than Oak Ridge TN would be a veritable paradise. I’m very keen on Crossville and the Cumberland Gap state park area. It’s not perfect but I don’t think a perfect place to live exists these days.
        I’m going to miss you at the recaps but of course your family takes first priority although you will be greatly missed. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself and your grandsons sound adorable.

      • We got our big waterguns out today and for some reason, I am their favorite target. They are not little long enough for my liking.
        I can’t imagine being desensitized to tornadoes. Never been in one or really very close to one. I hope I never am, although I absolutely love storms.

      • I love storms too even though they do bring tornadoes. I’ve been in 2 tornadoes and survived so the odds are I won’t be in another one.
        How old did you say you grandsons were?

      • OMGosh, Foxfire! The good Lord isn’t finished with you for sure! I have 6 GC, 4 boys, 2 girls. The two boys that I have this week are 10 & 11. They do have those game machines, but the time they can play is limited. They would rather hit a baseball any time. Do you have GC?

      • 10 and 11 is certainly a very active age! You’ll definitely get a workout this week. No I don’t have any grandchildren.
        At least it’s safe for them to play outside still. I remember hearing about a woman’s neighbor calling the police because her kids were playing outside unsupervised by an adult even though they were old enough to not need an adult. The world is certainly changing.
        I hope nobody else is accusing you of “LIES” anymore hehehehe.

      • I’m really liking Crossville so far! I’ve always wanted to visit the Cumberland Gap state park area too.

      • I haven’t been there in a few years, but my son went to college in that area and I always enjoyed the drive. I’m sure it has changed a lot. My sister-in-law has a camper parked in one of the campgrounds up there and loves to go visit the area a few times a year.It is scenic and not that expensive. Sounds like you have some convincing(husband) to do before you get serious about it. Good luck with that. Men can be hard-headed. Ahem.

      • He certainly hates cold weather so I have my work cut out for me.
        What is the name of the college that your son went to?

      • I’m not fond of the cold either. I’d much rather be hot, unless it is time to sleep. Then I crank up the cool air.
        He went to Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville. He then went to work at TVA with an engineering degree and got his Masters while working. He’s a good egg. hehe

      • I imagine it’s difficult to drive where you live when there’s ice on the roads. I can see why you’re proud of your son and he certainly does sound like a good egg :D

      • That’s good to know. I watch the weather channel a lot to see what the weather is like in other parts of the country and I thought the Smoky Mtns. did get snow in the winter. That would be so scary driving on icy, snowy mountain roads.
        My in-laws moved to Boone, N.C. are were very unhappy there, even though they thought the area was beautiful. They’re well to do snobs though so that might account for their “attitude”. I can’t stand to be around them personally as my husband’s sister is extremely nouveau riche since she married a wealthy Dr.

      • I wonder what happened to Judd’s article he used to write here? I’m a big Judd fan.

      • Adam is..ok. maybe Derrick will bring us a little pizazz. But, yes, Judd would be good.

      • I appreciated his tactics ~ he is a mastermind at this game. But his personality was greatly lacking, well, ah, personality

      • What was so frustrating for me was that everybody just rolled over and played dead and let Derrick win. Derrick got the big head but with a different cast I doubt he would have won so easily.

      • I loved how he played as well, but I agree they rolled over. It made for a boring season

      • Aha, the miracle of casting! Production certainly did a great job last year, didn’t they? This year they did an equally great job at casting lotsa young, impressionable, scattered people.

      • It has started to rain here as well. Some of my neighbors are shooting off fireworks. My poor dogs are so afraid between the thunder and fireworks.

      • bbadboy,You must not be far from Eagleville. I have a good friend who lives there.

      • GM, Cuddles. How are things in old New H.? Still raining here. Time for hubby to come home and I’ve been cooking breakfast. Ready for a big BB day.

      • Sunshine keeps falling on my head … la de dah~ Today’s a big BB day?? how come?

      • I only meant that there is an actual program on tonight.
        Hopefully we’ll be getting some of that sun tomorrow. I’ll have two of my grandson’s for the next 5 days, M-F, then taking 3 grandkids the next week up to the mountains. Fun times. Gotta’ go get my biscuits out of oven. Gravy, eggs, bacon, grits all done.Later…

      • Wow, I don’t believe I forgot ~~ need to get a bit more sleep and get off my tired swollen feet. I envy you having a relationship with your grandkids. Enjoy!!!

      • Hangin’ out on Gossip Cop ~~ Chelsea Handler water skiid topless 7/4 ~~ killer body!

      • I’ve been wanting a Pom to spoil to death for awhile now, they’re so adorable – Corgi’s are adorable too.

      • I’m sure he’s more comfortable with a short coat. Fleas and ticks are so horrible here do you keep him indoors?

      • definitely indoors. ticks are horrible. His normal coat isn’t meant for the heat either

      • She won’t be preparing for any future comps because the whites are getting her out.

      • Why would Da’Vonne lie about that, she is living with him. He might be stinky and she can smell it.

      • She was being a smart a$$ like always. I watch the feeds and they hang out on that seating area in the bathroom and I’ve seen him numerous times in the shower. Just like she was calling them tweedledee and tweedledumb. She’s just a miserable person.

      • Well she can smell Clay and maybe Clay smells like butt. That doesn’t mean she is lying about that.

      • She was miserable before she was nominated. The only person that wants to work with her is Jason. Everyone has said she’s a bossy drama queen. And like I said before she was being a smart a$$. So lying was the wrong choice of words about Clay. But she lies about everything else.

      • Just like you do here you ебат скандалозна кучка. što odvratno pička…

  11. I am so confused why everyone wants Dae gone?? Audrey is way worst! I mean I know she the only black person this season. Maybe that’s why? It seems that way.

    • Audrey is way worse. Since she is black, they feel threatened and intimidated by her. Oh the BB racial stereotypes started by Shelli and Clay

      • Are you scared racists?? Name one black person in the past 17 years on BB that you supported and cheered upon gracefully. I’m waiting for that twat Lavandergal to add her meaningless two cents to this convo.

      • I get it. I’m starting to think Jeff is messing up. He trying to control Shelly’s eviction nominations. I’m watching after dark now.

    • Shelli and Clay are allies with Audrey. If it’s a race thing, we would have known about it already but it’s not.

  12. I’m reading on twitter than Juliz took a shower and just got called to the DR. She come out and she went for the shower. Seems like Clay notice and ask her “Didn’t you just shower ?”. Oups !

      • All of you ignorant crackers came from the continent of Africa and it breaks your cold and forgetful Caucasian hearts to hear that truth. We became pale and Snow Whitish when our ancestors wandered aimlessly up north and failed to utilize our melanin production. The sun is not our friend. Except for me and a handful of others, you douches dislike people because of their skin color or ethnicity. Shame. You need to be burned and tossed in the gas chamber with the insolent Hassadic Jews and KKK. Cleanse the igoranance in this world and I strongly support the Mexicans.

  13. Shelli needs to renom Meg as she is a vote, I think, for Day to stay. Make that side of the house choose who they want to keep.

      • I believe so..but Shelli is HOH, so I guess she can do whatever she wants! Putting Liz/Julia up there takes away a vote for their side. I really believe that Meg is with James, Jason and Day.

      • All I know is that I did read where Shelli brought it up to Meg and Meg nipped it very quickly.

  14. im PRAYING someone else gets on the block and production saves the twins AND davonne. think and say what u want, but for me, they have been my highlights this season.

  15. I’m watching Unreal. Pretty interesting show. Wonder if it was influenced by Big Brother. Lifetime has some interesting shows and movies. Deadly Adoption with Will Ferrell should win some awards with the actors and production.

  16. Hey, has anyone been keeping an eye on James today? I know Caleb had it rough in the house around the 4th of July and 9/11, being a military guy and James is in the same position.

  17. Shelli changed her mind and is having Meg be the renom. Good thing because I don’t want to risk losing any twists just because of the possibility. In my opinion, there are no pawns this week with the last laugh twist because the vote can go either way (just off the idea of 3 votes being taken out of play, who knows what could happen when they go into detail on how it works).

    • Right. I personally want the “twin twist” to succeed, at least passed the 5th eviction. Depending on the result of “the last laugh twist” ..Meg could be in danger…too bad.

      • So you’re ‘digging it’ huh? Were you a teen/young adult in the 60’s? “Let the sun shine … Let the sun shine in … “

  18. I hope Shelli goes through with nominating Meg, I think she reminds me a lot of Christine from last season…the difference being Meg is actually better at the game of course!

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