Big Brother 17: Johnny Mac Ready “To Do Bad Things” But Who Will Be Blindsided?

John McGuire holds a lot of power today inside the Big Brother 17 house and he’s got the other Houseguests scrambling to convince him which side to take during the upcoming eviction. So what is he going to do?

John McGuire could turn BB17 upside down
John McGuire could turn BB17 upside down – Source: CBS All Access

There are only three options: give Austin/Liz what they want, give Steve what he wants, or give Vanessa what she wants. Well, two of those overlap, but which two and has he really set a plan? So far we’ve heard promises from John to go in both directions, but he’s going to have to make a big choice real soon.

We can capture an interesting story arc from Johnny in less than 24 hours starting at 12:46 AM BBT 9/13. Flashback to find John speaking with Austin where he tells him “it’s time for me to do bad things.”

Remember that there are only two votes leaving Vanessa with the chance of a tiebreaker. Now that Austin and Steve are on the Block, if John votes with Liz then Steve goes and Vanessa’s tie-breaker is bypassed. But that’d be kinda crazy to stick with a showmance, or is it just me? John tells Austin that he spoke with Vanessa and she told him he’d be crazy to bring a showmance to F3. Oh, okay, yeah, it’s not just me then.

John has promised Austin he’d make the surprising move of voting to keep him and working with Liz as a threesome to get Vanessa out in F4. With Vanessa unable to compete in the next HoH she’d have only the Veto as a means of survival if all sides were sincere.

Earlier in the night John took his turn talking with Vanessa once the Veto results made it clear she’d have to set a renom of either Austin or Liz. Flashback to 10:20 PM BBT 9/12. At this point Vanessa was looking to split up the showmance, or at least that’s what she was telling John. Meanwhile John was advocating the opposite and spoke of getting rid of Steve instead.

That conversation set Vanessa off on a mission as she had previously promised Steve he’d be safe and while Vanessa was crazy enough to keep the showmance intact this long I can’t help but hope she’s truly wanting to split them up since it’s no mystery who either Austin or Liz would take to F2 if they won the last HoH comp.

Vanessa spoke with Steve on Sunday morning, Flashback to 8:57 AM BBT 9/13, where she told him he needed to work on John’s vote. She didn’t explicitly state that John was planning to vote Steve out, but she made it clear Steve should be worried.

Move forward to 3:15 PM BBT that afternoon as Steve and John talk in private. John tells Steve he’s been telling Vanessa he is really considering voting Steve out. Steve sounds a little shocked and starts to worry. John explains he’s tired of their alleged F2 hanging overhead like an albatross.

Steve starts to ask for details, but John resists sharing what deals he’s made with Austin and Liz to vote out Steve. Steve starts to remind John that his “incentives” (which he jokes is Vanessa’s obsession) are lacking for keeping Austin since that’d pit John against the showmance and Vanessa. They continue their discussions for awhile and you can tell Steve is nervous.

Jump ahead to 3:28 PM BBT. Steve says he’s worried and asks if he really does have John’s vote or not. John tells Steve he needs to get Vanessa to convince him to keep Steve. John explains “if I go up and try to convince her, she’s going to say we’re together again and she’s not going to do it anyway.” Ah hah!

John promises Steve his vote if he knows it’ll make a difference and Steve could stay. Otherwise there’s no point in pissing off Austin and Liz and he’ll just go ahead and vote Steve out anyway. So it’s up to Vanessa and Steve needs her to make this idea her own if he wants to stay. Does it work? Read on for Vanessa’s talk later with John. It’s a big one.



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  1. Good move on John’s part if he pulls it off flawlessly. If it succeeds, this could be John’s best case to present to jury if he ends up being on the final 2.

    • The man has won 4 vetos. 4! Why does noone see that as an accomplishment?? If he wins this next one he ties a record. He’s already tied one for the most vetos a male houseguest has won.

      • Check your facts. Dani and Janelle are tied with 5. (for a single season) they have more than that but they’ve played in multiple seasons. For men… James BB6 and Shane BB14 have 4! Johnny knows when to throw comps and when he needs to win.

      • He should have 6 or 7 vetos and a few HOH’s if he did not thrown them and took second place each time! He also won a BOTB! He is way better at comps than people realize! He can turn that around with Austin going and even 1 HOH!!!! Go Jmac! He is ready to win this game! As for he indecisiveness some people think he has a different strategy than most and it is all part of a master plan which hopefully we shall see in 21 hours! Lets see how this last week plays out! It would be smart to get rid of showmance now! Goodbye Austin I hope!

      • Oh, the shark, babe, has such teeth, dear
        And it shows them pearly white
        Just a jackknife has old MacHeath, babe?
        And he keeps it out of sight

        You know when that shark bites with his teeth, babe
        Scarlet billows start to spread
        Fancy gloves, though wears old MacHeath, babe
        So there’s never, never a trace of red

        You go, Johnny Mac!

  2. If it worked in Steve’s favor to vote to keep him then yeah it would be great, but I don’t think for a second Vanessa would actually evict Austin to his face so to piss off less people John needs to vote out Steve himself since he’s going anyway. Vanessa is such a dirty bitchy player.

      • The worst player ever??? She is a great liar. A great manipulator. She fakes cry. OK let’s take you statement as true. Name two players from past BB’S that were great?

      • the worst? that’s laughable when she has made it to final 5 even though people have tried to get her out the whole time( and failed) and some have just been plain OL too scared of how good she is to even try to take her out knowing if they don’t succeed she will get them gone one way or another

  3. John did say in the DR on yestetdaycs show that the only thing that really works with Vanessa is reverse reverse reverse psychology. This was a pretty smart move on his part.

    • yes. I was glad to hear DR comments showing he isn’t as dumb as it seems, coming from feed comments.

    • Exactly and he’s been playing smart the entire game. If he makes it to final 2 he deserves the win.

      • However, he was evicted because he chose to stay with Klelli when their ship started sinking. He didn’t have a back up plan. I’m glad he made it back in!

  4. I hope steve leaves he is a descrase to the super fan community. He has done nothing this whole game. He has let everyone control him and stomp all over him. Austin and Vanessa are the only ones that deserve the big money the rest of the final 5 are trash

    • Austin deserving? I respectfully disagree.
      At this point, I think Vamessa is the deserving one.
      I like Steve, and his lay low strategy to some is brilliant, to me is way too passive. No social game.
      John is awesome, but he was evicted already, and if ok F2 with him, that’s the final point I make in my speech.
      Liz’s social game is garbage. Her Julia and Austin are the cheerleaders and QB of a
      High school football team and that’s how they’ve acted all summer.
      Vamessa has been manipulative all summer and has found her way out of her own created lies. Real or calculated crying and lies have worked well to her favor – although she needs a reality check.

      • Best post by far. Vanessa has played a brilliant game. People will admire her game play for years. Just like Dan’s and Will’s. People will say how brilliant Dan was. Let me tell you he lied just as much as Vanessa if not more. Will told you to your face he was lying. This whole good person bad person is crap. If you ever watched season 2 people were saying how evil Will was when it turn out they were all evil.does anyone remember how Dan lied to Danielle in season 14. The game is about lying and manipulation to get ahead. When people complain about Vanessa fake crying, I say good for her. This beautiful, intelligent woman is simply great in playing the game. Why I love BB it is the closest reality show to real life. Most successful people lie, cheat and manipulate to get ahead. For all you Vanessa haters why do you hate her? Is it because she lies? Or is it because of her lifestyle. I just can’t believe those who love Dan so much. He lied just as much as Vanessa. Get real people Vanessa has this game won because of the stupidity of others. Just like how stupid Danielle was in believing Dan, another great player.

      • well said! As far as I’m concerned she’s up there with Dan and Will. She’s my new favorite game player. She’s playing brilliantly. and yes. Dan was full of lies. I love it!

      • Never heard Dan or Will or Derrick cry about getting “blood on my hands” or constantly whining to people about their “integrity” or that they’re a “fair” person. They owned their behaviour and I admire that. Someone who tries to deny their behaviour is laughable. She is smart and can think strategically, would rate her higher if she cut out all the melodramatics.

      • That’s the other thing that makes me crazy. I can deal with lying but swearing to everyone that you’ve never lied and forcing others to swear on things really bugs me.

      • Just because it’s working on the morons in that house doesn’t mean I have to like it.

      • Agreed. But just like last year the other houseguest were dumb. I don’t think Derrick would have won in a house with smarter players. Nor would Vanessa. I’d love to see them in an all stars. You have to adjust your strategy when you see who you have to work with. Luckily for them… they had a house full of lemmings. And to have won so many HOH’s and only be nominated once… She’s doing pretty well.

      • I think beautiful and intelligent is going a little far.
        And I dislike her for many reasons, but mostly for being a bully and quoting the bible to people. That makes me sick.

        And for the record, I don’t like Dan.

      • The problem with vanessa is that she is full blown NPD.
        Go to you tube and search for narcissism and watch some of the vids that will pop up. None of her behavior is put on. NPD folks don’t think like normal people. Your parents told you, when you were young, that monsters don’t exist………..your parents lied, they do exist…..

      • I think Vanessa played brilliant . It is good it’s almost over though. I do worry about her having issues keeping up with all her lies. There are so many she is getting a little caught up. I think she is a amazing player. And the only reason I am rooting for John over her is…..well he is freaking funny. I mean if not for him I would have lost interest. He always makes me smile. Nothing against Vanessa. Just darn John cracks me up.

      • But is it really her game play or are the others just able to be manipulated and/or not able to recognize this until it is too late. Most of the players were not great.

    • All Vanessa does is bully everyone and all Austin does is get his rocks off with Liz. Steve is the one that split up the Austwins. JMac has played the smartest game. Don’t know what show you’re watching.

      • Vanessa was the one that split up the Austwins she told Steve what to do.Don’t know what show you’re watching.

      • Actually she said to put up Austin and Liz instead of Steve’s plan to nominate Liz and Julia, In the end Liz and Julia on the block. Would say that Steve split up the twins.

      • And if Steve didn’t follow Vanessa’s advice, all three Austwins would still be in the game.

        And that makes the point as to why Vanessa will win this game. She has been behind a majority of the moves.

      • It all looks good now because Austin won the veto. That could have went so many ways. Easy up on giving Vanessa so much credit. Steve split them. You want to give Vanessa some credit. How about those big moves she made like getting out Meg and then playing too hard and having to vote out Julia over Liz. But in some moronic reality it makes sense to keep a showmance and take out the two worst people. She didn’t save herself from the block either, that was James’ fear of Shelli. Just saying. She is an awful awful player and just playing with really dumb nieve people.

      • There have been many dumb players. Do you think Danielle from season 14 was smart when she believe everything Dan said. The game is like life. You have stupid people that go no where in life because they believe everything they hear. It is smart people like Vanessa who get ahead. She is going to win this game.

      • No he told Vanessa he was targeting them. She just said what the best way to get one out would work. Just like he targeted the Gremlins without telling her.

      • Last week during Steve’s HOH he originally wanted to nominate Liz and Julia. VANESSA talked him out of it, explaining that you want the WEAKEST Austwin off the block (Julia).

        Steve’s biggest threat to his HOH was to not have an Austwin eliminated. As the veto played out AUSTIN won. Had Steve went with his original nomination plan, all three Austwins would still be in the game today.

        Did Steve make the right play, yes. buy only with Vanessa’s help.

      • Are you kidding? You must not watch the feeds. If you did he talks to himself all the time and he’s been targeting them for the last few weeks. When he won HOH he told Vanessa he was targeting the twins. When he said he was putting them both on the block all Vanessa did was talk to him about how it would be better to get one of them out if they’re both not on the block together. Leave the weaker player off so they don’t win POV. He’s been wanting them out.

      • Are you watching cartoons instead of BB? The show is on CBS not the Cartoon Network. Steve did what he wanted and one of them was evicted. Just because they discussed how to go about it doesn’t mean he didn’t do what he wanted.

      • Rather than waste my time responding to each of your inanities individually, I will respond to all of the ones I can make sense of here.

        First, no need to watch the feeds to know that Steve wanted to nominate Liz and Julia, it was on all the forums AND it was on the CBS show.

        If Steve followed through with his original plan, all of the Austwins would still be in the game. This isn’t up for debate, you know if no secret Steve plan, point blank he was going to nominate the twins straight up.

        Vanessa explained why he shouldn’t do that and like the good mamas boy that he is, Steve obeyed mama Vanessa (which by the way was the right move).

        Now on to the more ridiculous parts of your posts. You want to give the players information that they do not have the means of obtaining. Then you permit them to make decisions based not even on ALL of the info from the feeds, but on the selected bits of info that favor the players that you are rooting for.

        It’s a ridiculous exercise to debate strategy with someone like you. You aren’t interested in strategy, you’re interested in rooting for your favorites.

        That’s obviously your prorogetive, but I will not be wasting anymore time or effort to respond to someone that is clearly viewing a different event than I am.

        It’s a shame, because you do express yourself well in this forum.

        Good luck with the rest of the show. I hope you enjoy the conclusion.

      • Sorry just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m rooting based on favoritism. Do I like JMac yes. Do I think he’s playing the best game yes. I didn’t like Derrick last year but thought he played the best game. So much for your theory. Also I never said Steve didn’t want to put the twins up together. Read my posts. I said he wanted to split these three up. He flat out told Vanessa I’m targeting the twins. It was what HE wanted to do. Vanessa just suggested a better way to get one of them out. Most people in an alliance bounce ideas off each other. Just because I don’t agree with you “I’m not interested in strategy” okay whatever you say. Maybe you should just comment to people that agree with you. Have a nice life. Oh and maybe you should read Matts latest thread. I’m not the only one that thinks JMac has been playing a good game.

    • Austin don’t deserve squat, he rode all they using the twins, they kept him safe not the other way around. He just talks a big game. He sold his soul to the wicked witch he hasn’t done anything but ruin Liz reputation.

      • There’s a part of me that would love to visit this forum a day after an Austin JMac finale, just to see all of the crying wailing and gnashing of teeth after Austin has been voted the winner.

        To this point Austin has played the vastly superior game.

        And as far as “riding” the twins, while what you say may be true (from my perspective as a rational person who doesn’t hate any of the house guests, I disagree), AUSTIN was the one person in the house that was SMART enough to figure out how to use the twins. Just sayin’

      • Austin & JMac F2 oh i hope not bcuz i want Vanessa there. But i see Aus making his move If he makes through this week. I’m not watching feeds so all info i take from BB boards/threads. i like that you can be fair, and very accurate.

      • No. Shellie and Vanessa figured out how to use the twinsame lmao. Austin had been flirting with them for over 3 weeks and didn’t even realize they were twins until he was told. They even said. Didn’t you realize one was into you and one wasnt. Yes he is a master mind. Lmao

      • Yes Shelli figured out how to use the twins. That’s why she’s in the final five! And her alliance with them was called the Shelltwins.

        Oh, wait. Never mind.


    • What has Austin done to deserve to win. He just latched on to the right people. … he hasn’t won much at all. And what big move has he made. At least Steve had three sack to break up the trio. No one else did. I want John to win. If. It Steve or Vanessa. They have played a much better game than Austin.

  5. John needs this HOH, chances are Vanessa would still be the target if she’s sitting by him, which she would be if Liztin wins HOH, and in the event Vanessa won veto and the other half of Liztin sat next to John he might still be able to get by because that would leave Vanessa the only casting vote and I do think she would knock out the Liztin on the block but it’s not worth the risk. He needs to win, put up Liz and Vanessa, Vanessa win veto and then Vanessa chose who leaves out of Liz and Austin!

  6. JMac virtually guarantees himself a spot in final 3 if he votes out Steve, yet you think he’s going to vote out Austin? JMacs “big moves” are going to be conspiring to get Vanessa out of the house and for his sake hopefully winning the last two HOHs.

    IF he wins the last two HOHs AND is sitting next to Liz or Austin he has a chance to win. He has ZERO chance to win the game sitting next to Vanessa and an extremely small chance to win (even with the final two HOH wins) sitting next to Steve.

    I posted this in the previous thread.

    Breaking down the final four for JMac (with Steve evicted).

    JMac safe by winning HOH or veto.

    Austin/Liz win HOH and veto. (this is where the trust comes in). The veto winner picks between JMac and Vanessa. This is the PERFECT opportunity to take out Vanessa. Quite honestly I think this play (taking JMac to final 3) gives Austin or Liz a great chance to win the game.

    To use a “Vanessa term”, Austin or Liz have incentive to take JMac to the final three.

    Austin/Liz win HOH, Vanessa wins veto. Are Vanessa’s odds better taking a showmance to the finals or breaking up the showmance by taking JMac?

    I think (and I think Vanessa thinks this also) if Vanessa is in F2, she wins. If she doesn’t win the final HOH, Vanessa has a chance of being pulled to final two by Liz if Austin has been evicted, she has no chance of final two if Austin or Liz win the final HOH.

    Breaking down these scenarios for JMac, it would seem that he almost certainly will make final three IF he evicts Steve.

    • If the Final 4 are John, Vanessa, Liz and Austin, John has a 66% chance of being on the block, Vanessa has a 100% chance.

      If the Final 4 are John, Steve, Liz and Vanessa, John might have as low as a 0% of being on the block, depending on if Steve wins HoH and puts up Vanessa and Liz.

      • Being on the block is completely irrelevant in final four. It’s all about winning the veto.

        From a strict odds percentage, JMac has the same chance to win HOH with either grouping of people. One in three. He has the same chance of being on the block, two in three.

        You can’t (I guess you can and you can be incorrect) base your argument on percentages AND personal preferences at the same time in order to come to your desired result.

        The person that wins the veto decides who is safe. For JMac, trusting that Austin and Liz will take JMac over Vanessa is his better play. If Vanessa wins veto I think she takes JMac over keeping a showmance together in final three.

        By eliminating Austin you open up Liz to be a free agent. If she wins veto and the choice is JMac or Vanessa, I thinks she takes Vanessa.

      • Yes it’s the POV winner that controls everything. So if he votes Steve out then if Austin, Liz or Vanessa win POV he’s gone. If he votes Austin out and Liz wins POV she sends Steve out. If Vanessa wins POV she probably sends Steve out. If Steve wins POV he sends Vanessa out. Why would he keep a couple in the game when he can keep someone that’s working with him and would keep him safe? That would be stupid. You can’t get to final 2 if your evicted in final 4.

      • Very good LG. I always thought keeping Austin is good for Vanessa and keeping Steve is better for JMac. With all your scenarios, you made it clear…..oh David said hi.

      • I completely disagree!

        If Austin, Liz OR Vanessa win POV they ALL vote to keep JMac!

        Austin/Liz would rather take JMac to the finals than Vanessa. Vanessa would rather not have to deal with a showmance.

        And quite frankly, despite all of the JMac love on this forum, JMac is the easiest to beat in F2.

      • And I don’t think you watch the feeds. Austin, Liz will keep their deal with Vanessa and vote out John. You need to listen to Austin and Liz talking about what their going to do. They will keep Vanessa. Austin wants JMac gone, Liz wants Steve gone. Therefor it’s better to get rid of Austin then JMac has Steve and Liz that won’t target him. Why the heck would he get rid of someone that he’s worked with and is on his side versus someone that’s been trying to get him out? It makes no sense.

      • By the way, if Liz wins POV and she sends Steve out, that means that JMac already won HOH. Why would he care what Liz does at that point?

        JMac’s bigger worry if he keeps Steve is that Steve wins HOH and Liz wins veto. Vanessa MAY be able to influence Liz to vote out JMac.

        If Vanessa wins POV, who gets sent out very much depends on who has won HOH. A Liz HOH win probably has Vanessa eliminating Steve. A Steve HOH has Vanessa eliminating JMac.

        Steve can’t keep JMac safe! Only winning HOH or POV will keep JMac safe.

      • I agree. Why the hell would you keep a couple in the game. Especially when him and Steve are working together. Would be stupid to vote out someone that wants to take you to final 2.

      • but dont forget Steve also has a deal with Vanessa to take her to final 2. He may think he can win if he takes Vanessa since she has convinced him that she has “a lot of blood on her hands in the jury”

      • If you watched the feeds last night Steve always talks to himself about his plans and he was saying I can’t wait to evict Vanessa. I’ll just say sorry this is better for my game. Then he was planning what he would say to jury against John. He plans to take John to the final 2 if he has the chance.

    • It may be a guarantee but would it help increase his odds on getting to final 2? If either LIz or Austin wins part 1 or 2 and have to face John in Part 3, given how those two fare so well in Q&A comps, John won’t stand a chance.

      • Well let’s take that one step further. Who does JMac have a chance to win against in F2?

        No chance with Vanessa.

        Almost zero chance with Steve.

        He could beat Liz with one HOH win in the last two comps. He will beat Liz with two HOH wins. He may also beat Austin with two HOH wins, but it won’t get to that point because JMac will pick Liz for F2 if he wins the final HOH.

        Ultimately, if he wants to win the game, he needs at least the final HOH. He virtually guarantees himself a chance to play in the final HOH by evicting Steve.

      • But the odds of winning final HOH is not in his favor because everyone else left have good track record of acing Q&A’s. Unless he can pull it off by the skin of his dental board-approved teeth.

      • So you’re saying he’s playing for second?

        I think that if I were this close to $500,000, I’d be playing for the win! I would try to put myself in the best position to win the game. Getting to final three against Austin and Liz is his better option.

        If I’m going to lose anyway, (your opinion of JMac’s odds) why not take a shot where I may luck into a win? Maybe Austin or Liz choke on the final questions.

        All I know is that if I were JMac, I would be trying to win! Improving my odds to get to F3 and getting the players that I can beat there with me improves my chances of winning $500,000.

      • Potentially unless the jury chooses likeability over game play (aka bitterness over rational thinking among other synonymous descriptions).

      • What is JMac going to present to the jury?

        Let’s see, I slept most of the summer away. I wasn’t involved in any of the planning during the summer. I threw a lot of early competitions. And, oh yeah, I let Vanessa shave my back hair!

        Seriously, his only claim to fame to this point is that he MAY be manipulating Vanessa. Other than that what has he done? A couple of thrown veto wins?

        That’s just not enough.

        If he sits with Steve, Steve will also be able to say he had a hand in eliminating Vanessa AND he has two HOH wins to this point. If he is sitting in final two, he may very well have another.

      • He got back in the game after being evicted and he’s still there. That’s something in my opinion.

      • That’s not the important part. Usually the person who comes back goes right back out the door at the first opportunity. But he’s still there now.

      • I agree. Those in jury play more with their feelings than strategically and they are all mad at Vanessa and disgusted that they have left Austin and Vanessa in there. And they think of Steve as Vanessa pawn and not a game player.

      • You are confusing YOUR thoughts with the thoughts of the jury.

        YOU may be disgusted with the fact that Austin and Vanessa are still in the game, I very much doubt that your feelings are shared by the jury.

        JMac claimed that Becky, the person who has the most beef against Vanessa, would vote for her to win if Vanessa is in F2.

        Vanessa against Steve? Vanessa has at least three votes off the top in the Austwins. Ultimately James will vote for the best player, that’s four and we already talked about Becky, that’s five. Vanessa wins.

        And quite honestly if she can beat Steve, she will certainly beat JMac. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

    • The 1st 2 paragraphs says it all, though I’d give JMac better than a 0% chance next to Van. I know you’re a proponent of game play & give the nod to her but I still tend to think her methods may not sit well with the Jury. So could go either way IMO.

      I do actually think like you that the 1st scenario is best for JMac, get him F3 almost w/o doubt and any wins in Final plus ouster of Van on his resume bodes good for him or actually anyone who gets to F2.

  7. I wonder if Liz was on the block instead of Austin, would it have made John’s decision who to evict any easier?

  8. If this works, it is a genius piece of manipulation by John.
    I really hope that Vanessa watches the shows when she gets out of the house to see that (a) she’s not as brilliant as she thinks she is, and (b) she should find a good psychiatrist.

      • Respectfully disagree. She’s made a lot of unnecessary moves/conversations that with better players, would have got her bounced a lot earlier. No way she’s top five. She’s a notch below Dr. Will, Dan, Danielle Reyes, Derrick, Janelle, etc.

      • Will and Dan she’s below for sure. As far as Janelle goes, We’ll have to see where she places to determine that. and I’m sorry. Derrick was not as interesting to watch. I do wish Vanessa would own it more in the DR. That’s what i loved about Dan and Will.

      • Being interesting and being a good player are two different things. You may not think Derrick was interesting, but he was by far a better player than Vanessa. Also, what you call interesting, others, myself included, find extremely unbecoming of Vanessa (constant paranoia, constant crying, talking down to people, not owning any of her actions, etc. etc.).

      • I’m saying that Dan and Will were both. Can you honestly say last season was better than this one? Derrick was boring. At least Vanessa is giving us some drama.

    • I’m glad to see this context for John’s statement to Steve, to get Vanessa to convince him to keep him this week. Before, that is all I heard (don’t have the feeds) so it sounded odd. But this context – brilliant! Love where it is coming from and the exponential benefits of it. Well said, Jmac!

      • Yup, John is totally onto her game and know how it’s gotten spin in order for Vanessa to think it came from … or at least not from him. He is much smarter than people have been giving him credit for lately. And he has done a beautiful job of stringing Vanessa along in the last while.

  9. Can you imagine how their families and loved ones feel about this delay and not knowing until tomorrow night!! They must be going crazy!!

  10. These last 5 house guests lie so much, they say yes to everyone no matter what the person asks them.So is Austin really going? (I hope he is).

    I don’t remember so many people agreeing/lying so much in any other season.

    • This happens when ppl that have been working together get to the end. They’ve all pretty much been together the whole game. I mean obviously Austin, Liz, and Vanessa. But they used Steve and John alot. So they weren’t all directly together but for the most part they haven’t been against each other either.

  11. I’d love to see Johnny FORCE blood on Vanessa’s hands and have her decide who goes to Jury. Vanessa will have no choice she will freak out cry go ballistic and totally loose her mind because she would have had no time to concoct a “reason” she voted who she did out.

    • A few weeks ago maybe but at this point in the game, I wouldn’t count on just that, I don’t think. Then Vanessa has a pass where she “proved” her loyalty to either Steve or Liztin. I’m scared of that. Lol.

  12. Johns family should feel horrible for sabotaging his game in the video. They completely gave away is allaince with Steve and now he is on Vanessa’s radar. Good job guys way to ruin his game.

    Never seen such a stupid family video ever on a reality show

    • Oh I think Vanessa would have found “a sign” in the way the sox came out of the laundry. Lol. That was just “easy” for her.
      He came on and Julie has described him in speaking with the guests as a “rock star dentist”. No one read anything into that but Vanessa and Vanessa could have done that with anyone else who she so desired. She saw “a sign” in one of Austin’s family pictures when he was HoH. The girl is good. She can make anything out of nothing. :)

    • John plays guitar. On his bio on cbs .com they call him the rockstar dentist. So Vanessa running with that meaning that he and Steve are in an alliance is just her being Vanessa. So looks like you’ve fallen victim to her as well. Girl is good.

  13. I hope John keeps his word and votes out Steve and rhen Austin Liz and Jmac get Vanessa out…That witch with a b has been there two long and needs to go….man listening to her go around in circles if maddening

      • well i said i hope…i was all for them working with her till she stated she would scumbag Austin, everybody on here has been hating on Austin and Liz for no reason, they have survived and i think deserve at least final three, but i hopeLiz wins, she was my pregame pick

    • Keeping Austin would be extremely bad for John considering Liztin won’t betray Vanessa. You may think they might but i doubt it.

      • Steve will never betray Vanessa though. Steve wants the F3 to be him and Johnny and Vanessa, which is absurd! He won’t go after Vanessa this week or ever, therefore he needs to go home today.

      • Wow. just wow. How exactly does John get to final 3 with Vanessa Liz and Austin unless he wins veto? seriously??? At least steve’s final 3 includes Johnny.

        The only reason John should not vote out Austin is if he feels Vanessa is playing him. Which is likely. Even in that case, I think it’s better for him to take the risk of keeping Steve. bc odds are he’s not part of Austin’s final 3.

      • He either wins HOH or veto. However I have a tad more faith in Liztin voting out Vanessa than Steve would. I think if Liz or Austin win HOH they’ll nominate John and Vanessa of course and in the event noms stay the same I think the remaining half of Liztin would vote out Vanessa as they don’t stand a chance beating her in F2. Also I think of Vanessa were to win veto and the remaining half of Liztin is forced on the block that Vanessa would also vote out that person instead of John since taking a showmance to F3 is ridiculous.

      • I feel likes he’s doomed regardless what happens unless he wins HOH or veto, if Steve or Austin stay and they win HOH John is going on the block either beside Liz or Vanessa so he would still need the veto to not go home.

  14. Number of nominations
    This shows who is most and least deserving
    Who ever has won the lest amount of hohs in the case of a tie is above the other one
    Vanessa 1
    Austin 2 (2 hohs)
    Liz 2 (3 hohs)
    Steve 5
    Jmac 8

    • Some might argue that making it through the game with that many nominations is a sign of a good player.

  15. (Vanessa Last night’s episode) She was depicted as the most insane as she’s ever been depicted. They showed her intense interrogation and cross-interrogation….crazy!

  16. I am trying to think of a legitimate reason to keep Austin this week. Austin & Liz have a showmance which I believe they feel will carry over outside of the house. And they certainly think that they will be asked to do appearances together. Although I can’t imagine anyone interested in seeing them, their expectation can happen only if they stay together. If either one has an overt hand in evicting the other, the showmance will end. No appearances.
    Also, if they go to F2 together, they earn $550K. If only one goes to F2, one probably ends up with $50K. Where’s the incentive to take VAnessa or JMac to F2? I think Vanessa has finally worked this out in her mind.

    • I can see why Vanessa would definitely want Austin out but I think it’s best for John to get Steve out. I don’t think for a second Vanessa would actually evict Austin to his face in the scenario the vote was split so I believe regardless what John votes Steve is out so he should make friends with the showmance and work his magic to get Vanessa out next. Steve wants F3 to be him and Vanessa and John, which is absurd! He won’t go after her this week or ever, he’s set on Liz and Austin going. No, Vanessa needs to go and Steve doesn’t have the guts to do it, so he needs to go today.

    • The only “incentive” I see for John keeping Austin, is if John thinks he can beat Austin more easily than Steve IF he ends up in F2 with either of them.

    • John needs this HOH, chances are Vanessa would still be the target if she’s sitting by him, which she would be if Liztin wins HOH, and in the event Vanessa won veto and the other half of Liztin sat next to John he might still be able to get by because that would leave Vanessa the only casting vote and I do think she would knock out the Liztin on the block but it’s not worth the risk. He needs to win, put up Liz and Vanessa, Vanessa win veto and then Vanessa chose who leaves out of Liz and Austin.

  17. If you go to F4 with a showmance, you’ve significantly decreased your odds to get to F2 and I’m shocked this crew didn’t think of that WAY earlier. Always break up a showmance, like they did Clelli.

    • Exactly why Austin needs to go over Steve this week. If Austin/Liz were to both make F3 & 1 of them wins Part 3, they’re taking each other to F2 no matter what they may say. It makes more sense IMO to break up a legit duo then take out someone like Steve who doesn’t really have anyone. You always break up a duo.

      • I agree a duo needs to break up but when Steve swears on his mother’s life he’s taking Vanessa to F2 that’s a solid duo to me just as strong as a showmance, I really don’t think he was lying or would ever betray her.

      • Steve also said on live feeds that he can’t wait to see the look on Vanessa’s face when he votes her out. I tend to believe what he says to the cams on live feeds. 2 weeks ago he said he would put up Liz n Austin if he won HoH the next week, and he did just that. He and JMac are both onto Vanessas game, and I think they would like to be final 2

      • I agree. Steve will evict Vanessa when the time is right. As the numbers have dwindled, it is now safer for him to do so. Steve is not stupid, he’s just been very cautious. How many times has Vanessa shown him that she considers him to be expendable by putting him on the block rather than the Austwins. He and Johnny Mac have been the ones she targets rather than them. When they do win HoH or POV, then she’s on their side. They’re both smart and I think know exactly where they stand with her. They’ll get her out next.

      • Don’t get me wrong I would love that but I personally don’t see Steve ever having the guts to go against Vanessa, he’s a lot of talk and no game. I think it’s the most beneficial for John to make pals with Austin and then the three of them go after Vanessa this week. Even if Vanessa were to win veto I think she’ll keep John for F3 since taking a showmance to F3 is absurd. Steve doesn’t seem to have that logic.

  18. Who knows what John is going to do at this point. He needs to win HOH or veto to guarantee his safety anyways. I don’t really care who goes between Steve and Austin. They both annoy me in different ways.

    For entertainment purposes, it’s probably better to get rid of Austin though, the look on his face will be priceless. Hehe

  19. So all you people that don’t think John deserves the win obviously don’t watch the feeds but you do read so here you go. He’s playing a brilliant game. He knows exactly how to work Vanessa and he’s playing her like a fiddle.

    • Eh….I don’t know if he’s playing her like a fiddle. But I’m glad he is finally putting in work with his social game.

      • I hate you more. Quit hanging out at the bars with David and Jasmine. They’re a bad influence on you.

    • Playing Vanessa like a fiddle might make him popular here, but it won’t get him the win in F2. Sorry.

      • Where did I say you couldn’t have an opinion? I’m just stating mine and pointing out this article. Maybe you need to read my comment again.

  20. I think John has a better chance of getting Austin and Liz to flip on Vanessa than he ever would Steve. Steve is basically attached to Vanessa like she’s his mommy or something disgusting.

    • You may be right. Steve talks a good game with himself about betraying Vanessa, but when he actually had a chance he folded.

      • Hypothetically speaking that Austin goes home and Liz wins HOH, she nominates John and Steve. If Steve won veto and Vanessa was renommed that would leave Steve the single vote to evict, he would evict John, hence why John needs to vote out Steve today.

    • Think that, unless Vanessa wins HoH or POV next week, she’s gone regardless of who is left in the house. But I hope its Steve and JMac and Liz (only because that would mean Austin is gone). Austin being evicted is something I will watch and rewind and watch and rewind and……

      • I believe that if Austin goes today and Liz wins HOH then nominates Steve and John, which she would, then Steve won veto and Vanessa was renominated that Steve would be the only vote to evict that week and he would vote out John.

      • There’s one probability. Never hang up on one, that’s why you need M&Ms and skittles.
        At this stage, he only needs to think how to win the HoH and fight for the PoV.

  21. I don’t know if this has been brought up already, but if I was a jury member…I would have very hard time voting for John over anyone because he’s already been evicted once…I don’t believe anyone who is evicted and came back deserves to win simply because they didn’t really last the whole way through…

    • JMac was evicted and out of the house for what 15 minutes? I’d say that it is harder to last once you have been evicted. He has made it further than any evicted HG ever.

    • Yes he did, he was evicted for all of 10 minutes. Maybe he derives it more because he fought his way back.

      • Other people have tried to used that argument before and it doesn’t work with the people you are playing against…

      • I think jurors are more forgiving than that.

        They all know going in that someone coming back is a possibility. They’d all take advantage of it if it happened for them.

        If you get back in and they (HGs) don’t boot you pretty quickly I think the slate’s wiped clean.

        I understand your position but since that loophole’s one that everyone potentially benefits from I think as a jury member I’d think: “Player X got booted then got back in, lasted Y more weeks and still managed to make the Final 2? – Impressive.”

    • Really? I believe him being an evicted house guest and coming back to make it to the finale shows even more he deserves to win!

      • He also had the same chance not to get evicted…but he did…there is no way past the fact he was evicted or very little at least…

    • Completely agree. I don’t care who he’s up against in Final 2, he got voted out and his opponent didn’t. Unless he were up against someone like Victoria from Season 16, someone who did absolutely nothing all season, I couldn’t vote for him. This season that’s not the case though.

      John got evicted. It’s that simple. And I really like John. I hope he makes it to the final 2. But he can’t win. He wasn’t good enough and because of that he got evicted.

    • But they all know going in that someone coming back is a possibility. In JMac’s case he was gone for what, 30 minutes maybe?

      If you get back in and they (HGs) don’t boot you pretty quickly I think the slate’s wiped clean.

    • Three of the jurors wanted to get back in and would have thought they deserved to win, so I expect him to get their votes. Who knows if they’ll rub off on Meg and James.

  22. Hypothetically speaking that Austin goes home and Liz wins HOH, she nominates John and Steve. If Steve won veto and Vanessa was renommed that would leave Steve the single vote to evict, he would evict John, hence why John needs to vote out Steve today.

    • I feel like they would all vote out John if given the chance. Had he not won veto this week he would be gone. The showmance has to go.

      and John needs to win veto and tie Danielle and Janelle’s record. That would look good in final 2. He’s already tied for the most for a male houseguest.

      • I disagree. I thinks it’s in John’s best interest to evict Steve. He will make a slight friendship with Austin and in the event Austin or Liz win HOH they’ll obviously put up John and Vanessa. I have a small amount of faith the remaining half of Liztin will evict Vanessa if noms stay the same, Steve would never vote out Vanessa. And in the event Vanessa wins veto and the other half of Liztin is renommed I think Vanessa would evict that person since taking a showmance to F3 is ridiculous on all levels.

  23. Oh JMac! If only you would have gotten out of bed and played the 1st part of the season! We wouldn’t have had to endure the mind numbing Crazy Train and the blinding Austwuss/Liz Ho “interactions”.

    • He was out of bed the first part of the season. He just chose to spend it sucking the teet of Clelli. Those two had to go for him to come alive.

  24. I hope I’m wrong but I think Vanessa is playing Jmac. She wants him to vote Austin out so him and Liz will be gunning for him. If he votes with Liz they will not have a “reason” to target him but if he doesn’t they do and Vanessa ends up being the good guy for keeping Austin. Should Austin or Liz win Hoh and veto next she guarantees her spot in final 3. That plan only backfires if Jmac wins but the odds are against him winning and Vanessa is a gambler and likes those odds.

    • Since so many think production is helping Vanessa, I wonder if its possible they have nudged Vanessa to consider evicting Austin. Can’t believe that production wants Liztin in the F3, so perhaps suggesting to Vanessa why now would be the opportune time to get Austin out and make a splash at the same time is making her reconsider?

    • For Vanessa, who never wants blood on her hands, breaking a tie and getting rid of Austin will be very bloody, but necessary if she wants to move forward. I think she would give up Austin’s jury vote IF she breaks the tie and IF she were to make it to F2.

      • Vanessa wanting to be the tie breaker does sound rather fishy though. I hope she isn’t just trying to set Jmac up.

  25. I think Mack is way smarter than anyone gives him credit, he may act a little goofy but don’t let that fool you. He is using reverse psychology on Vanessa, and it’s kinda fun to watch. Hope he pulls it off and wins next HOH.

  26. If they keep Austin they are stupid because if Austin or Liz win HoH they will take each other to final 2, if Austin goes Liz will know it was Vanessa who did it so she will side with JMACK and get Vanessa out next.

    • But Vanessa won’t send Austin home, she’ll send home Steve and then Vanessa Liz and Austin are all pissed at John which is exactly why Vanessa wants John to vote out Austin so they have him as a target. It’s all for her gain not his, she’s a snake. He needs to send home Steve and align with Austin.

      • Yeah but Vanessa is a liar, the only reason she would want John to vote out Austin is to get Austin and Liz pissed at him.

      • You’re missing what I said…Vanessa told John to vote out Steve and she would break the tie by voting out Austin so she would be the bad guy which would even out the blood letting. That seems reasonable to me because both Johnny and Vanessa have the same capability of turning people’s heads around.

      • Don’t get me wrong that would be awesome, I just don’t believe what she’s saying. I think it’s all a ploy for John to vote out Austin for her to have the decision to keep Austin and that way Liz and Austin are both gunning for John instead of her this week.

      • She told JMac to keep Steve though. I don’t think she really believes that JMac is in her pocket. That last conversation they had kind of exposed JMac as being a player as well.

      • If he feels she’s being honest then yeah it’d be cool to keep Steve I just for some reason don’t buy what she’s saying. Plus if Steve won HOH he’d nominate John and Liz bc he would feel he owed Vanessa something, I think it’s best for Steve just to go home now!

  27. John make a big move? Hasn’t so far, why change. His big bad move will be to evict the opposite of what Vanessa wants. About time he played his own game and not what the snake wants. He needs to realize that if he gets to F2, Vanessa is not the one he wants to sit across from.

    • Why do you think JMac is being manipulated, because he nods and doesn’t antagonize her? He has played her much more than the other way around. If all goes to plan, as we’ve seen it so far, JMac gets the least amount of blood on his hands all around by getting out his ultimate target…Austin!! I’m tired of repeating myself so will just leave it at that.

  28. IMO Jmac should go ahead and vote Austin out.

    There’s no chance Liztin is choosing him over each other. If Van is telling the truth and Steve stays – and wins HOH – there is a chance he will keep Jmac off the block, and safe if he wins POV.

    In Steve’s crazy conversation with himself it sounds like he’s planning on flipping on Van. So maybe there is some loyalty to Jmac there.

    • I wish he would flip on Vanessa but I think it will snow in hell before that happens. I think it’s best for John to vote out Steve since he’s leaving regardless. Vanessa would never evict Austin to his face, ever. So make pals with Austin and then the three of them can go against Vanessa. Even if she were to win veto I think she would evict whichever Liztin is on the block since talking a showmance to F3 is ridiculous.

      • Maybe her skittles talked to her and made her realize taking a showmance any farther is pretty stupid – she will always be the third wheel. Plus she wants to “make a bold move”.

        At this point I’m rooting for Jmac cause he’s the underdog but the whole season has been one of terrible play so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more.

      • Remember, Steve accidentally (maybe) scattered her skittles.

        JMac has never been the underdog…he’s been the fox in sheep’s clothing. How is that not obvious to everyone? It doesn’t mean he will win but he’s played an awesome game.

      • Love JMac and I also love how he’s played – by underdog I mean playing pretty much the whole season on his own. Honestly if I were on bb I could picture myself playing this same way. Quiet – play nice – then come on strong at the end.

      • Oh, you mean low key, under the radar. I wish I would be smart enough to have played like him but I’m impulsive and I know I couldn’t have pulled it off. Sitting here, taking it all in, I can see how smart he is playing but in the heat of the moment I would have screwed it up, I’m sure of it. I would never have made it to jury…lol.

      • lol I’m sure being in the “real” situation we all would act a little differently than our norm. I think what we see from the HG are for the most part their real personalities but completely intensified.

  29. JMAC should do alot of things,but like Steve…they don’t have the guts to make big moves. Sadly,if he didn’t get it when Vanessa put him and Steve up. You don’t get it. There should be no question to vote Austin out..but he still probably won’t do that. It amazes me how Vanessa controls this house

    • I think it’s best to vote out Steve bc regardless Steve is leaving. Vanessa would never vote Austin out to his face so John should make pals with Austin and they all gang up on Vanessa this week. Even if Vanessa wins veto she would probably evict the Liztin on the block instead of John.

      • If Vanessa votes out Austin on the premise of saving Liz down the road, which is how she will swing it, she only has one person mad at her and that’s Austin. Keeping everyone happy will not get her the big bucks…or any bucks for that matter. Why would anyone think bringing a sexmance to the F4 is anything but asinine? I think Vanessa hedged her bets and put Steve and JMac on the block hoping that one of them or even herself would win veto and get Austin on the block. She doesn’t tell anyone her entire game plan. She’s been delaying getting that icky blood on her hands but there comes a point when you have to show your cards. This is it baby.

      • That’s possible but I think it’s all a scam and she plans on sending Steve home regardless and just wants John to get blood on his hands by trying to send out Austin that way Liz and Austin go after him and not her next week.

      • I think that would be a risky move on her part now that she sees how shrewd Johnny is and that she still can’t read him…she knows he capable of winning it out to the end…but you never know. Anything is possible…we will know tomorrow night (at least part of it).

      • I hope she’s being honest bc getting Austin out would be great but I just don’t buy it and don’t think it’s worth the risk. We shall see!

      • I think the bigger risk is alienating Johnny for nothing and keeping Liztin. If she wanted Steve out she should have just gone with that and not add the drama and putting herself more at risk because she can’t play in the HOH. It would be stupid, but we’ve seen a lot of stupid…lol. The “good tv” is Austin’s bag, not hers…she’s a gamer.

      • If he feels she’s being honest then yeah it’d be cool to keep Steve I just for some reason don’t buy what she’s saying. Plus if Steve won HOH he’d nominate John and Liz bc he would feel he owed Vanessa something, I think it’s best for Steve just to go home now.

    • JMac had the guts to make huge moves by strategically throwing competitions which have been game changing. The competition he threw to Steve in the previous HOH was so obvious and it paved the way to where he is now. It amazes me how viewers really don’t grasp the intricacies of the game after 17 seasons.

      • That was a common sense move,and doesn’t prove he isn’t a floater. Actually supports it. The plan was for Steve to win. A power move would’ve been if he went against Vanessa’s plan. Or if he actually would’ve won this last HoH.

      • If he won the last HOH he can’t play the next one. I really can’t continue this because you either get it or you don’t. I will end up stabbing myself in the head with a fork if I keep this up with you. I’ve explained my position very clearly and we can both think what we think.

      • That’s common sense again,the point is …neither thing happened. He’s not HoH now,either. He’s still the same
        Ole Floater. We wouldn’t want you stabbing yourself….

      • I agree. Floating is to be used as a strategy. But it’s not respected when you float the whole game. JMAC has made no power move. Give me something…jeesh. Anything but another Steve. I need more than “we could..” To be shut down by Vanessa. If he’s to earn favor in my book,he needs to do something but talk. Though funny,it’s not relevant

      • Well, Whoever ends up in the F2 deserves to win, and the Jury will decide the winner. For now, we have no idea.

      • Wait,didn’t you say the conversation was over? So you just basically mean,you’d like to make your comments. Okay,I’ll wait…

  30. Finally, John shows his hand and begins to play the game. I’m sure he thought he was saving the best for last – but I hope it’s just not too late. You go, Johnny!

  31. Apologies for the off topic question but since we have a lot of down time I figure it might be okay to throw this out there.

    Does anyone have any official answer (not internet/board rumor) as to what happened to Team America this year?

    We had the whole “Overheard James DR Audio” thing months back where we heard something about James getting a card in the DR or something then we heard nothing more.

    Maybe I’m remembering the James thing incorrectly (apologies if so) but did we ever get an official answer regarding the absence of Team America this year?

    Seems it would have made a very interesting way to co-mingle the two separate cliques in the house early on.

    (Or did I just completely miss something?)

  32. My Opinion: John made this deal with Austin and Liz just so Vanessa would go against it and say Austin needed to go

  33. It’s up to Johnny now and not Vanessa. Johnny wanted to keep the power out of Vanessa’s hands and now he’s done it. He is the key to the lock. Unless things change between now and then Vanessa will not steer Johnny in the wrong direction and get him to vote Steve out without her following through to get Austin out. It would be not be in her best interests to do that because Johnny has proven himself a formidable opponent so she can’t alienate him at this point…he could very well win the next HOH and she can’t even play. That is, unless she’s reading her ouiji candy wrong.

    Besides, Johnny told her that he wanted to vote Steve out (as if) and she convinced him otherwise (as if) so Johnny could throw that to Austin and Liz as a bone to gnaw on if she screws him. All he has to tell them is that Vanessa assured him he was keeping Austin and to give Steve a sympathy vote. If Vanessa does vote to oust Austin Johnny can also use that same scenario to endear the emotional Liz and turn her against Vanessa. Either way Johnny comes out ahead. I think he’s had the best strategy all along.

      • No, i loved reading it. You’re like me, trying to figure it all out. JMac saved himself with Veto win this week and i love that he’s not eating out of Vanessa’s hand.

      • I feel like it’s Christmas Eve and can’t wait to unwrap my presents. Can only imagine how those houseguests feel…of course it’s being taped so they may already know.

    • You’re a real Jmac supporter. Always enjoy reading your perspective in the game. (of course I’m bias lol)

      • I was actually getting under certain people’s skin when I really thought I was being quite reserved so I deleted my account and reopened it with the same name (as if that would make a difference…lol). That was my strategy…lol.

      • Love your humor. Do you always slam or stab your head on the wall when they don’t get your comment? lol Slam or stab?

  34. If vanessa makes it to F2 she wins. steve wins over austin/liz/jmac. jmac wins over austin/liz and austin wins with liz. vansessa is playing the correct odds.

    F4 with her Liztin and JMac means JMac is out of F3 unless he wins HOH or Veto. If he wins HOH or veto, Vanessa is gone. Liz won’t win HOH F3 and JMac can beat Austin. Sorry Steve Vanessa will take you out.

    • Too many assumptions and “if’s” in your theory. Best case scenario for all of them (even Liz to get that monkey off her back) is to eliminate Austin to break up that pair. Those F4 could go any which way because there are both HOHs as well as vetoes to be won. You can’t say someone will win one for sure or lose one for all depends on what the order of the comps are as well as a ton of other factors. Get Austin out for everyone’s sake. Liz should also be relieved by not being such a target…it’s true and Vanessa will pound that into her head in about 5 seconds.

      • YOU are spot on!,in everyone’s interest to evict Austin period,then it becomes a new game at this point leaving the door open will several different outcomes,his exit would level the playing field and that is a good news for anyone in the F4.

      • This gives JMac the opportunity to take Liz to the final 2 and win. If he does get rid of Vanessa he should be able to win.

      • I think Steve and JMac need to take Liz to F3 and duke it out. I doubt Liz will beat anyone in F2 if JMac and Steve are up against her. I’ve been a JMac fan from day one but if Steve gets it over him then I won’t be too disappointed. He’s been abused because of his personality disorder and maybe it would be justice.

      • Absolutely! I think the majority of fans will be happy with that trio as long as Liz doesn’t win.
        Enough of nice guys finishing last. The fact that JMac and Steve have remained decent human’s during their stay are aren’t compelled by greed to behave in a schizoid manner should be rewarded.

      • I believe anyone will win against Liz! Haha. The order of the other 3, imo, is Van > John > Steve. The jury does not appear to be bitter and they all have given Van props for evicting them.

      • Actually think anyone of the F4 will be making mistake by not to taking Vanessa with them,by far the most polarizing player of this season,some feelings may still run deep with the jury over her “rein of terror” are kind of odds anyone could exploit right before the final vote.

      • In any game where the jury votes you get some people who will vote one way because they like or hate one of the people, and those who respect the game play (remember the jury hasn’t seen all the slime that we have) so it’s really a crap shoot at the F2. That’s why it’s good that there is a decent second place prize. They got there and both get something regardless of the personality types in the jury. Sometimes the finalists focus too much on being liked and with this jury it might be a smart move but it only takes a couple convincing jury members to lead the sheep down the path (either way). I think that this time, with the mix of players remaining, their speeches will impact at least a couple of the jury members.

      • There are a few things to consider though by taking Vanessa to the F2.
        I’m sure the jurors dislike her and wouldn’t want her to win deep down in their hearts but when production brings in Dr. Will, Dan or Derrick to rig the jury and tells the jurors they are sore losers and not as cool as they are by depriving Vanessa of the win as they did during Andy’s season the reality is a little bit different. Otherwise common sense would dictate taking the unlikable Van to the end and win the prize money.
        Unless this jury (please James!) has a backbone of steel and doesn’t reward the odious Vanessa with the win – the same way Russell Hantz was denied on Survivor – I think the best bet is to get rid of her pronto.

      • Still think Vanessa’s speech would have a bigger hurdle to make and that gives the other finalist a slight edge going into that final jury vote..

      • True, the jurors could be so sick of her voice that they totally shut her out and I wouldn’t blame them. If there is no producer interference at all in their decision then you could be right. Since they haven’t had a female winner in years I’m not very confident that will happen though.
        Prepare yourself for the inevitable future of Vanessa being proclaimed the greatest BB player of all time and her frequent return on future BB seasons.
        Being cautious in this instance by not taking her to the finale would be the best bet.

      • Ye but people Vanessa is bigger threat than A. John needs austins help to get her out. John tell him eat she said the burn her next week and it’s John vs Liz and A instead of John Vs Vanessa and Steve which is terrifying. I think you are both tilted on this one.

      • That’s not in Macs best interest to level the field. He needs Liztin and the 66% to burn vanessa next week. Not the 33% with steve. Besides he KNOWS Steve and Vanessa have a final 2. It’d in the fans best interest because they hate Austin clearly.

      • Hmmm…would you rather have Liz Austin and yourself against a powerless Vanessa with the biggest threat to win in jury already gone? Or just Stwve who sucks at physical comps and you who has a poor record at straight up physical.comps. against Liz and Vanessa whom between the 2 have like 20 hoh’s? Serious question gents.

    • How does Steve win over anyone? I’m not challenging you, I’m sincerely asking about the votes you think he’ll get. I don’t watch the feeds, I just follow on this site and Twitter. Does anyone in the jury respect Steve’s game? What’s his argument to win?

      • not sure many in the jury will vote for austin or liz. I still think he beat jmac because of hoh wins and loses to vanessa because even though they hate her, she will win votes in the house for being the best player.

      • Steve will get Clay’s girlfriends vote. If he wins last comp or does power move like bounce Vanessa that could help him as well

      • Good point about the Austwins. As closely as I’ve followed this season, I honestly can’t tell if he’s loved by everyone; I got the impression that they pity/tolerate him. If you’ve been watching feeds you certainly know better than I do.

  35. Vans best move in my estimation is to bounce Steve. The best move for the rest of the house is to go after van next as she is best competitor and most persuasive. Van will talk about how the jury hates her and how Austliz is a bigger threat but this is bull. Of course whomever wins next veto except for HOH will have all of the power as the sole voter and that could easily be van.

  36. When Mac says he’s ready to do bad things to Austin while explaining he wants the 3 of them to power blast Vanessa next week, I believe hes expressing going against his make shift partner Steve.

  37. It was interesting watching BBAD this morning, between Vanessa and JMac for sure .. She is spinning her head about whom to keep, the pros and cons, and numbers/percentages of the remaining couple etc.

    One minute realizing this outcome is good for her game, then JMac nods in agreement with his screeching laughter, then Vanessa head spinning again, then suddenly suggest that outcome B with so and some may be a better option, etc and JMac repeats above with a nod … Etc going on and on and on … Ha!!!

    Having said that in last nights episode, it was quite revealing with the conversation between Vanessa and Austin on her F2 pact from Day 2 … As well as their discussion where Austin swears on everything that he would not betray Vanessa and bring her to at least F3 and possibly F3 .. While, she offers none such in reciprocating!! Well, I guess she would be the tiebreaker vote if it came to that??

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